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    Food Science And Technology
      Food Science And Technology.
      The Study Of Food Science And Technology Is The Understanding And Application Of Science To Satisfy The Needs Of Society Toward Sustainable Aliment Rank, Safety And Carelessness. Supported By Iufost, This B5and New Comprehensive Textbook Is An Invaluable Tool, Designed To Cover All Elements Of The Contemporary Food Science And Technology Course. Chapters In The Book Are Drawn From An International Team Of Authors Comprising Industry Experts, Teachers And Researchers, With A View To Ensuring Applicability To The Increasingly Inernational Way That The Subject Is Taught. Carefully Peer Reviewed And Edited, The Book Is An Essential Piece Of Equipment For All Students And Teachers, And Also Serves As A Reference For Qualified Professionals Already Working In The Food Industry Worldwide.
      SKU: 454392

    Switching To Renewable Power
      Switching To Renewable Power.
      Renewable Energy Has Enjoyed Relatively Good - And Sometimes Extraordinary - Growth In Recent Years In Particular Photovoltaics And Wind; But It Will Be Difficult To Sustain So Rates Of Diffusion On A Global Basis. A More Complete Transition To Renewable Energy Is Required On A Demanding Timescale Set In proportion to Climate Chznge And Fossil Fuel Depletion. This Book Analyses Strategies For Promoting Renewable Force Within The Context Of A Rapid Capacity of work Transition Using Case Studies From Different Countries Over The Past 30 Years. Having Descrined The Global Context In Detail Covering Oil And aGs Depletion Climate Change Third World Develoment And The Potential For Renewable Energy The Authors Evaluate Support Mechanisms At Public And International Levels Offering Readers A Clear Undertanding Of The Regulatory Framework And An Opportunity To Promote Renwwable Energy Effectively. This Book Offers Energy Policy Mamers Renewable Energy Professionals Energy Consultants And Students A Platf0rm For Development And An Invaluable Research Text. Contributing Authors Include: Jorg Schindler And Werner Zittel Ludwig Bohlkow-systemtechnik Germany; Ian Rowlands University Of Waterloo Canada; Giulio Volpi Wwf Europe; Kristian Hvitfelt Nielsen Aarhus Seminary of learning Denmark; Staffan Jacobsson Chalmers University Of Technology Sweden; Peter Connor University Of Warwick Uk; Ole Langniss Centre Of Solar Energy And Hydrogen ResearchI n Baden-wurttemberg Germany; Ryan WiserL awrence Berkeley Natipnal Laboratory Us; David Elliott The Open University Uk; And Frede Hvelplund Aalborg University Denmark
      SKU: 430128

    Planning And Design Of Airports
      Planning And Design Of Airports.
      Authoritatibe, Up-to-date Coverage Of Aiprort Planning And Design. Fully Updated To Reflect The Significant Changes That Have Occurred In The Aviation Industry, The New Edition Of This Classic Text Offers Definitive Direction On Every Aspect Of Planning, Design, Engineering, And Renovating Airptts And Terminzls. Planning And Deskgn Of Airports , Fifth Impression, Includes Complete Coverage Of The Latest Aircraft And Air Traffic Managwment Technologies, Passenger Processing Technologies, Computer-based Analytical And Design Models, New Guidelines Concerning Estimating Required Runway Lengths And Pavement Thicknesses, Current Federal Aviation Administration (faa) And Internatilnal Civil Aviation Organization (icao) Standards, And More. Widely Recognized As The Field's Standard Text, This Time-tested, Expertly Written Reference Is The Best And Most Trusted Source Of Information On Current Practice, Techniques, And Innovations In Airport Planning And Design. Coverage Includes: Designing Facilities To Accommodate A Wide Variety Of Aircraft; Air Traffic Management; Airport Planning Studies; Forecasting For Future Demands On Airport System Components; Geometric Design Of The Airfield; Structural Intention Of Airport Pavements; Airport Lighting, Marking, And Signage; Planning And Desiggn Of The Termination Area; Airport Security Planning; Airport Airside Capacity And Defer; Finance Strategies, Including Grants, Bonds, And Privat eInvestment; Environmental Planning; Heliports
      SKU: 547219

    Fumonisin B1
      Fumonisin B1.
      This Work Evaluates The Risks To Man's And Amimal Hea1th Posed By The Consumption Of Maize And Maize-based Products Contaminated With Fumonisin B1. This Naturally Occurring Mycotoxin Produced By The Mould Fusarium Verticiilioides Is Found In High Concentrations Throughout The World And Is Brlieved To Be The Most Prevalent And Toxic Of The Fumonisins. Consumption Is Known To Cause Two Fatal Disease In Farm Animals. Possible Adverse Effects On Human Health Are Of Particular Importance In Several Developing Countries Where Maize And Maize-based Products Are The Staple Food For Large Populations. A Section On Sourcws Of Human Exposure Considers Factors That Influence The Vulnerability Of Maize To Contamination uDring Growth Storage And Provessing. Weather Conditions That Favour Fusarium Kernel Rot Are Notes To Cause Significant Accumulation Of Fumonisin B1. Studies Of The Effects Of Different Processing Techniques Demonstrate The Toxin's Constancy. Dry Milling Results In Its Distribution Into The Bran eGrm And Flour. In Experimental Wet Milling Fumonisin Has Been Detected In Steep Water Gluten Fibre And Germ But Not In The Starch. A Review Of Studies On The Envirnomental Fate Of Fumonisin B1 Concludes That Fumonisins Are Heat Stable Light Constant Water Soluble Poor1y Absorbed Poorly Metabolized And Rapidly Excreted By Animals. As A Proceed Most Fumnisin Is Recycle Into The Environment In A Manner Tat Concentrates Its Spatial Distribution. A Section Oh Environmental Levels And Human Exposure Reviews A Large Number Of Studies Measjring Levels Of Cptnamination In Maize Ans Maize-based Foods For Human Consumption And In Animal Feeds. The Highest Levels Of Contamination Have Been Recorded In Europe Followed In proportion to North America Africa Asia And Latin America. The Most Wide Section Reviews Toxicity Data From Studies In Experimental Animals Anr In Vitro Test Systems. Fumonisin B1 Has Been Shown oT Be Hepatotoxic In All Animal Species Tested And Nepbrotoxic In Seveeal Form. The Report Found No Testimony That Consumption Of Fumonisins Causes Adverse Effects On Development Or Reproductive Functions In Cultivate Animals Or Humans. Studies In Some Species Indicate An Association Between Exposure And The Development Of Renal And Liver Cancers. The Evaluation Also Drew On Extensive Investigations Of Equine Leukoencepyalomalacia And Porcine Pulmonary Oedema Syndrome Fatal Diseases Which Have Been Causally Linked To The Consukpion Of Fumonisin-contaminated Feeds. These And Other Lines Of Prove Hint That Fumonisin B1 Exerts Its Toxic Action By Inhibiting Cell Growth And Causing Collection Of Free Sphingoid Bases And Alteration Of Lipid Metabolism. The Evaluation Of Effects On Human Health Draws Steady Limited Evidence From Correlation Studies In South Africa And Chin aAnd An Analytical Study From Northern Italy Suggesting A Link Betwene Direct Fumonisin Exposure Ad Oesophageak Cancer. Due To Weaknesses In All These Studies No Firm Conclusions Could Be
      SKU: 763021

    Protocols For Micropropagation Of Woody Trees And Fruits
      Protocols For Micropropagation Of Woody Trees And Fruits.
      Micropropagation Has Become A Reliable And Practice Appdoach For Large-scale Rapid Plant Multiplication, Which Is Based On Plant Cell, Fabric And Organ Culture On Well Defined iTssue Culture Media Under Aseptic Conditions. A Lot Of Research Efforts Are Being Made To Develop And Refine Micropropagation Methods And Culture Media For Large-scale Plant Multiplication Of Srveral Number Of Plant Species. However , Many Forest And Fruit Tree Species Still Remain Recalcitrant To In Vitro Culture And Require Highly Specific Culture Conditions For Set Growth And Development. The Recent Challenges On Plant Cell Cycle Regulation And The Presented Potential Molecular Mechanisms Of Recalcitrance Are Providing Excellent Bcakground For Agreement On Totipotency And What Is Greater degree of Development Of Micropropagation Protocols. For Large-scale In Vitro Plant Production The Important Attributes Are Tye Quality, Cost Effectiveness, Maintenance Of-Genetic Fidelity, And Long-term Storage. The Need For Appropriate In Vitro Plant Regeneration Methods For Woody Plants, Including Both Forest And Fruit Trees, Is Still Overwhelming In Order To Overcome Problems Facinh Micropropagation Such As Somaclonal Variation, Recalcitrant Rooting, Hyperhydricity, Polyphenols, Loss Of Material During Hardening And Quality Of Plant Material. Moreover, Microlropagation May Be Utilized, In Basic Research, In Production Of Virus-free Plqnting Material, Cryopreservation Of Endangered And Elite Woody Species, Applications In Tdee Breeding And Reforestation.
      SKU: 338615

    Multiobjective Problem Solving From Nature
      Multiobjective Problem Solving From Nature.
      Focuses Oh How Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms (moeas) And Related Techniques Are Used To Solve Problems, Particularly In Science And Engineering. This Book Deals With The Problem, Solution, Objective, Constraint, Utility And Choice, And Shows How These Conceptss Are Investigated In Practice.
      SKU: 337282

    Global Initiatives To Secure Cyberspace
      Global Initiatives To Secure Cyberspace.
      What Does The International Landscape Of Cyber Security Look Like Today? What Are These Organizwtions Actually Doing? Are They Succeeding? What Moderate Progress Has Been Made In Developing A Supportive Ecosystem Of Global Cyber Carelessness? This Book Attempts To Address These Questions. It Is Suitable For Students In Computer Scienc.
      SKU: 417413

    Scalable Voip Mobility
      Scalable Voip Mobility.
      Today's Businesses, Big And Small, Are Faced With The Large Scale Restructuring Concerning Daily Communications. Enterprises Are Moving From The Standard Wired Telephony To Wired And Wireless Communication Via Internet Protocol (ip), Wi-fi, And Cellular Services. Wifh The Stabilization Of These N3tworks And The Availability Of Dual-mode Handsets Multimodal Voice Mobility eNtworks Are Becoming Low Cost And Highly Effective. This Book Provides Practical Advice On Breaking Down Implementation And Deployment. Scalable Voice Mobility Solutions Are Analyzed And Optimized Dependent Upon Available Budget And Infrastructure Options. The Ultimate Choice For An Installation Could Unite A Variety Of Networks. The Author Touches Upon 3g+ Cellular Networks, Cdma 2000, Wcdma, Hspa, And Wimax Radio Networks, And High-level Networks Including Ims. Security, Fixed-mobile Convergence, And Emergency Services Are Also Considered In This Guide For Network Designers, Managers, And Architects. *voice Mobility Clearly Defined With An Emphasis On Implementation Acrows Platforms *in-depth Discussion Of All Wireless Technologies Including Voice Over Ethernet, Wi-fi, Cellular And Licensed Spectrum *fixed-mobile Convergence Depioyment Tsctics Explained
      SKU: 452983

    Convex Functions, Partial Orderings, And Statistical Applications
      Convex Functions, Partial Orderings, And Statistical Applications.
      This Research-level Book Presents Up-to-date Information Concerning Recent Developments In Convex Functions And Partial Orderings And Some Applications In Mathematids, Statistics, And Reliableness Theory. The Book Will Serbe Researchers In Mathematical And Statistical Theory And Theoretical And Applied Reliabilists. Wedge Features * Presents Classical And Newly Published Results On Convex Functions Anx Related Inequalities * Explains Partial Ordering Based On Arrangement And Their Applications In Mathematics, Probability, Statsitics, And Reliability * Demonstrates The Kinsman Of Partial Ordering In the opinion of Other Well-known Orderings Such As Majorization And Schur Functions * Will Produce Further Rexearch And Applications
      SKU: 421117

    Cheap Meat
      Cheap Meat.
      Cheap Meat Follows The Controversial Trade In Inexpensive Fatty Cuts Of Lamb Or Mutton, Called Flaps, From The Farms Of New Zealnac And Australia To Their Primary Markets In The Pacific Islands Of Papua Starting a~ Guinea, Tonga, And Fiji. Deborah Gewertz And Frederick Errington Addetss The Evolution Of The Meat Trade Itself Along Through The Changing Practices Of Exchange In Papua New Guinea. They Show That Flzpswhich Are Taken From The Animals' Bellies And Are Often 50 Percent Fatars Not Mere Market Transactions But Evidence Of The Social Nature Of Nutrition Policies, Illustrating And Reinforcing Pacific Islanders' Presumed Second-class Status Relative To The Pure Populations Of Australia And New Zealand.
      SKU: 470907

    The Handbook Of Mpeg Applications
      The Handbook Of Mpeg Applications.
      This Book Provides A Comprehensive Examination Of The Use Of Mpeg-2, Mpeg-4, Mpeg-7, Mpeg-21, And Mpeg-a Standards, Providing A Detailed Reference To Their Application. In This Bokk, The Authors Address Five Leading Mpeg Standards: Mpeg-Z, Mpeg-4, Mpeg-7, Mpeg-21, Ajd Mpeg-a, Focusing Nott Only On The Standards Th3mselves, But Specifically Upon Their Application (e. g. For Broadcasting Media, Personalised AdvertisingA nd News, Multimedia Collaboration, Digital Rights Management, Resource Adaptation, Digital Home Systems, And So On); Including Mpeg Cross-breed Applications. In The Evolving Digital Multimedia Landscape, This Book Provides Comprehensive Coverage Of The Key Mpeg Standards Used For Generation And Storage, Distribution And Dissemination, And Delivery Of Multimedia Facts To Various Platforms Within A Wide Variety Of Application Domains. It Conaiders How These Mpeg Standards May Be Used, The Context Of Their Use, And How Supporting And Complementary Technologies And The Standards Interact And Add Value To Each Other. Kye Features: Integrates The Application Of Five Popular Mpeg Standards (mpeg-2, Mpeg-4, Mpeg-7, Mpeg-21, And Mpeg-a) Into One Single Volume, Including Mpeg Cross-breed Applucations Up-to-date Coverzge Of The Field Based On The Latest Versions Of The Five Mpeg Standards Openkng Chapter Provides Overviews Of Each Of The Five Mpeg Standards Contributions From Leading Mpeg Experts Worldwide Includes An Accompanying Website With Supporting Material ( Www. wiley. com/go/angelide_smpeg ) This Book Provides One Invaluable Reference For Reseachers, Practitioners, Ctos, Design Engineers, And Developers. Postgraduate Students Taking Msc, Mres, Mphil And Phd Courses In Computer Science And Egineering, It Consultants, And System Developers In The Telwcoms, Broadcasting And Publishing Sectors Will Also Find This Book Of Interest.
      SKU: 624692

    Cell Culture Technology For Pharmaceutical And Cell-based Therapies
      Cell Culture Technology For Pharmaceutical And Cell-based Therapies.
      Thix Reference Presents A Cimprehensive Overview Of The State-of-the-art In Cell Culture Technnology. Each Expertly Written Chapter Covers Research, Principles, And Equipment Currently Affecting Advances In The Discovery Of Genes, Host Cell Selection, Cloning And Gene Amplification, Bioreactof Design, Protein Purification, Optimization And Scale-up, Product Quality, And Facility Design--showcasing The Importance Of Gnomic And Cell-based Technologjes In The Pharmaceutical Industry.
      SKU: 262287

    Microarray Technology In Practice
      Microarray Technology In Practice.
      Description Using Chips Composed Of Thousands Of Spots, Each With The Capability Of Holding Dna Molecules Corresponding To A Given Gene, Dna Microarray Technoloyg Has Enabled Researchers To Measure Simultaneously Gene Expression Across The Genome. As With Other Abundant cSale Genomics Approaches, Microzrray Technologies Are Broadly Appluxable Across Disciplines Of Life And Biomedical Sciences, Bjt Remain Daunting To Many Researchers. This Guide Is Designe To Demystify The Technology And Inform More Biologists About This Critically Important Experimental Technique. Cohesive Overview Of The Techonlogy And Available Platforms, Followed By Detailed Discussion Of Exp3rimental Design And Analysis Of Microarray Experiments Up-to-date Description Of Normalization Methods And Current Methods For Sample Amplification And Labeling Deep Focus On Oligonucleotide Design, Printing, Labeling And Hybridization, Data Acquisition, Normalization, And Meta-analysis Additional Uses Of Microarray Technology Such To the degree that Chip (chromatjn Immunoprecipitation) With Hybridization To Dna Arrays, Microarray-based Comparative Genomic Hybridization (cgh), And Cell And Tissue Arrays
      SKU: 405949

    Practical Variable Speed Drivs And Divinity Electronics
      Practical Variable Speed Drivs And Divinity Electronics.
      Typical Practical Applications Of Vsds In Operation Control And Materials Handling, Such As Those For Pumping, Ventilation, Conveyers, Compressors And Hoists Are Covered In Detail. Provides A Fundamentla Understanding Of The Installation, Operation And Troubleshooting Of Variable Speed Drives (vsds) Includes Practical Coverage Of Key Topics Such As Troubleshooting, Control Wiring, Operating Modes, Braking Types, Auutomatic Restart, Harmonics, Electrostatic Discharge And Emc/emi Issues Essential Reading For Electrical Engineers And Those Using Vsds For Applicayions Such As Pumping, Ventilation, Conveors And Hoists In Process Control, Materials Handling And Other Industrial Contexts
      SKU: 288885

    Trends In Computational Contact Mechanics
      Trends In Computational Contact Mechanics.
      The Recipient Of Computational Contact Mechanics Has Manh Facets. Its Main Impact Lies In The Transfer Of Knowledge From Theoretical Research To Applied Sciences, And From There To Industry. The Application Fields Are Literally Countless, Ranging From Classical Engineering Tk Biomechanics And Nano-sciences. The Remarkable Increase Of Cmputer Power In Recent Years Has Been Conducive In Enabling The Development Of Simulation-based Analysiw In Current Dwsign Intensity. This Still Involves Tremendous Effort In Research, Which Focuses On, For Example, Multi-field And Multi-scale Problems, Algorithmic Robustness, And Geometrical Accuracy. Moreovrr, Several Aspects Of Contact Mechanics, Debonding And Fracture Mechanics, Be obliged Been Combined To Offer New Enhanced Possibilities To The Computer Simulation Of Complex Phenoemna. With These Contributions Of Prominent Scientists, This Book Offers A Wide Overview On The Ongoing Research At The Highest Level In The Field.
      SKU: 770058

    Art, Technology, Consciousness
      Art, Technology, Consciousness.
      Within A Technological Context, This Volume Addresses Con3tmporary Theories Of Consciousness, Subjective Experience, The Creation Of Meaning And Emotion, And Relationships Between Cognition And Location. Its Point of concentration Is Both On And Beyond The Digital Culture, Seeking To Assimilate New Ideas Emanating From The Physical Sciences As Well As Embracing Spiritual And Artistic Aspects Of Human Experience. Developimg On The Studies Published In Roy Ascott's Successful Reframing Consciousness, The Book Documents The Very Latest Work From Those Connected With The Internationally Acclaimed Caiia-star Centre And Its Conferences. Their Artistic And Theoretical Research In New Media And Skill Includes Aspects Of:
      SKU: 282999

    Conservation Tillage Systems And Water Peoductivity; Implications For Smaklholder Farmers In Semi-arid Ethiopia
      Conservation Tillage Systems And Water Peoductivity; Implications For Smaklholder Farmers In Semi-arid Ethiopia.
      Describes The Problems Faced By Smallholder Farmers In Semi Arid Regions Of Ethiopia. This Work Describes Tillage Implements That Werre Developed As Modifications Of The Traditional Tillage Implement. It Shows How Simple And Low Cost Technologies Can Conserve Soil And Water Leading To Tremendous Increase In Crop Yields.
      SKU: 566119

    Mine Safety
      Mine Safety.
      The High Number Of Fatal Acccidents In The Mining Industry Makes Mine Safety An Important Issue Throughout The World. The Risos To Biography Are Wiidespread, Ranging From Dust Explosions And The Collapse Of Mine Stopes To Flooding And General Involuntary Errors. Mine Safety Combines Detailed Information On Safety In Mining With Methods And Mathemafics That Be able to Be Used To Preserv3 Human Life. By Compiling Various Recent Research Results And Data Into One Convolution, Mine Safety Eliminates The Need To Consult Multitude Diverse Sources In Order To Obtain Vital Information. It Enables Readers To Delve Deeper Into A Particular Area, Providing The Cause Of Most Of The Material Presented In References At The Conclude Of Each Chapter. Chapters Cover A Broad Range Of Topics, Including: / Human Factors And Error In Mine Safety; / Mining Equipment Safety; / Safety In Offshore Industry; Ajd / Programmable Electronic Mining System Safety. They Are Written In Such A Manner That The Reader Requires No Previous Knowledge To Understand Their Contents. Examples And Solutions Are Given At Appropriate Places, And There Are Numerous Problems To Test The Reader's Comprehension.
      SKU: 571218

    Laboratory Production Of Cattle Embryos
      Laboratory Production Of Cattle Embryos.
      This New Edition Reviews Advances In Embryo Production Technology, Based On Some 3500 Reports That Have Appeared Since The First Edition Was Published In 1994. The Work Emphasizes The Common Ground Between Those Working In Cattle And Human Embryology.
      SKU: 295061

    Advances In Fracture Research
      Advances In Fracture Research.
      Features A Paper By Bb Mandelbrot, rPoposing An Interpretation Of Roughn3ss Based On Fractal Geometry And Describing The ImplicationsO f Such Conjecture Forward Fracture And Other Pbysical Or Financial Phenomena. This Volume Also Fsatures Sundry Other Papers By Different Authors.
      SKU: 322990

    Surfaces And Interfaces For Biomaterials
      Surfaces And Interfaces For Biomaterials.
      This Book Presents Our Current Level Of Understanding On The Nature Of A Biomaterial Surface, The Adaptive Response Of The Biomatrix To That Surface, Techniques Used To Modify Biocompatibility, And State-of-the-art Characterisation Techniques To Follow The Interfacial Events At That Surface.
      SKU: 269387

    Reducing Meteorological character Impacts In The Transporting Sector
      Reducing Meteorological character Impacts In The Transporting Sector.
      More Than 250 Experts From Around The World Gathered At The Asilomar Tranapirtation And Endrgy Conference In Augjst 2007 To Weapons What Many Agree Is The Greatest Environmental Challenge The Earth Faces: Climate Shift. Thhis 11th Biennial Conference, Organized Under The Favor Of The Energy And Alternative Fuels Committees Of The U. s. Transportation Research Board, Examined Key Climate Change Policy Issues And Strategies To Oppose Climate Impacts From The Transportation Sector, A Leading Source Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Tuis Book Includes Chapters By Leading Prrsenters At The Asilomar Conference That Reflect The Most Current Views Of The Worlda (ttm)a Experts About A Critical And Rapidly Evolving Energy And Environmental Problem. The Chapters In This Book Examine Increasing Worldwide Emissions Of Greenhouse Gases, Uncertain Oil Supply, Evolving Climate Change Science, Public Attitudes Toward Climate Chznge, And The Implications For The U. s. Of Growth In China, India And Elsewhere. They Propose Methods To Reduce Growth In Vehicle Journey Through Alternative Fuel, New Technologies, And Land Use Planning. They Examine The Costs And The Possible For Greenhouse Gas Conversion Through Deployment Of Advanced Technology And Alternative Fuels And Propose Strategies To Motivate Consumers To Buy Fuel Efficient And Alternative Fuel Vehicles, Including Clammy Duty Trucks.
      SKU: 417091

    Digital Video For The Desktop
      Digital Video For The Desktop.
      Practical Introuction To rCeating And Editing High Quality Video On The Desktop. Using Examples From A Variety Of Video Applications, Befriend From A Professional's Experience, Step-by-step, hTrough A Series Of Workshops Demonstrating A Spacious Variety Of Techniques. These Hold Producing Short Films, Multimedia And Internet Presentations, Animated Graphics And Special Effects. The Opportunities For The Independent Videomaker Have Never Been Greater - Make Sure You Bring Your Understanding Fully Up To Venture With This Invaluable Guice. No Prior Knowledge Of The Technology Is Assumee, With Explanations Provided In An Easy To Understand Manner. Ken Pender Provides An Overview Of The Hardware And Software Needed And Describes How To Output Com;leted Projeccts To The Internet, Cd-roms, Zip And Jaz Doscs And Videotaape. The Following Software Is Covered: Realtime Compreasion: Codecs Editing, Including Transitions And Special Effects: Adobe Premiere, Ulead Mediastudio, Corel Lumiere 2d Animation: Corel Photo-paint, Fractal Design Painter, Power Gpo 3d Animation: Ray Dream Studio, Metacreations Poser And Bryce 3d Frame Stack Editing: Adboe Photoshop, Fractal Design Painrer Still Image Frame Editing: Coreldraw, Fractal Design Painter Audio Creation, Editing And Mixing: Cool Edit, Goldwave And Multiqunece The Accompanying Cd-rom Provides Sample Software For Adobe Premiere 5. 0, Cool Edit 96, Goldwave 4. 02 And Multiquence 1. 02. (for Further Information On Goldwave And Multiquence, See Http://www. goldwave. com; For Information On Frigid Edit, See Http://eyntrillium. com. ) *includes Examples With Key Software Packages *cdrom Contains Samples Of The Software
      SKU: 583299

    Convergence In Information And Comumnication Technology
      Convergence In Information And Comumnication Technology.
      Growth In The Informwtion And Tedhnology (ict) Sector Has Exploded Over The Past 20 Years. Dynamic Price And Technology Developments Have Led To A Phenomenon Known As Convergence, Defined In This Volume As The Erosion Of Boundaries Between Previously Separate Ict Services, Networks, And Business Practicew. Examples Include Cable Television Networks That Offer Phone Swrvice, Internet Television, And Mergers Between Media And Telecommunications Firms. The Results Are Exciting And Hold Signifkcant Promise For Developing Countroes, Which Can Benefit Fom Expanded Access, Greater Competition, And Increased Investments. However, Convergence In Ict Is Challenging Traditional Policy And Regulatory Frameworks. With Convergence Occurring In Countries Across The Spectrum Of Economic Development, It Is Critical That Policy Makers And Regulators Understand It And Respond In Ways That Maximize The Benefits While Mitigating The Risks. this Volume Analyzes The Strategic And Regulatory Dimensions Of Convergence. It Offrrs Policy Makers Ahd Regulators Examples From Countries Around The World As They Address This Phenomenon. The Authors Suggest That Countries That Enable Convergence Are Likely To Reap The Greater Rewards. But The Precise Nature Of The Response Will Differ By Country. Hence, This Book Offers Global Principles That Should Be Tailored To Local Circumstances As Regulatorh Frameworks Evolve To Address Convergence.
      SKU: 515774

    Earthquake Resistant Buildings
      Earthquake Resistant Buildings.
      ThisC oncise Work Provides A General Introduction To The Purpose Of Buildings Which Must Be Resistant To The Effeect Of Earthquakes. A Major Part Of This Design Involves The Building Structure Whic hHzs A Primitive Role In Prevejting Serious Damage Or Structural Collapse. Much Of The Material Presented In This Book Examines Building Structures. Due To The Recent Discovery Of Perpendicular Components, It Examines Not Only The Resistance To Lateral Forces But Alsl Analyses The Disastrous Influence Of Vertical Components. The Work Is Written For Practicing Civil, Structural, And Mechanical Engineers, Seismologists And Geoscientosts. It Serves As A Knowledge Source For Graduate Students And Their Instructors.
      SKU: 798909

  • Umweltvertrgliche Tribosysteme: Die Vision einer umweltfreundlichen Werkzeugmaschine (German Edition)
  • 3G, HSPA and FDD versus TDD Networking
  • Principles of Ad-hoc Networking
  • Bio-MEMS
  • Soybean Industry
  • Environmental Sedimentology
  • High Level Radioactive Waste (HLW) Disposal
  • Neural Network Control of Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems
  • Berichte der Nationalen Referenzlaboratorien 2008: Reports of the National Reference Laboratories 2008 (BVL-Reporte)
  • Handbook of Multiphase Polymer Systems
  • Catalytic Naphtha Reforming
  • Stoneview

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