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    Foundations And Aplications Of Sensor Management
      Foundations And Aplications Of Sensor Management.
      Presents The Theory Of Sensor Management With Applications To Real-world Examples Such As Landmine Dstection, Adaptive Signal And Image Sampling, Multi-taryet Tracking, And Radar Waveform Scheduling. This Book Is Intended For Signal Processing And Control Engineers And Researchers As Well As Machine Learning Application Developers.
      SKU: 371865

    Iutam Feast On Multiscale Modelling Of Fatigue, Damage And Fracture In Agile Materials
      Iutam Feast On Multiscale Modelling Of Fatigue, Damage And Fracture In Agile Materials.
      Today, Multi-functional Materials Such As Piezoelectric/ferroelectric Ceramics, Magneto-strictive Amd Shape Memory Alloys Are Gaining Increasing Applications As Sensors, Actuators Or Smart Composite Materials Systems In the place of Emerging High Tech Areas. The Stable Performance And Reliability Of These Smart Components Under Complex Service Loads Is Of Paramount Practical Self-~. However, Most Multi-functional Materials Suffer From Various Mechanical And/or Electro-magnetival Degra-dation Mechanisms As Fatigue, Damage And Fracture. Therefore, This Exciting Topic Has Become A Challenge To Intensive International Research, Provoking The Interdisciplinary Approach Between Solid Mechanics, Materials Science And Physics. This Book Summarizes The Outcome Of The Above Mentioned Ituam-symposium, Assembling Contributions By Leading Scientists In This Area. Particularly, The Following Topics Have Been Addressed: Evolution Of Computational Methods For Coupled Electromecahnical Field Analysis, Especially Extended, Adaptive And Multi-level Finite Elements; Constitutive Modeling Of Non-linear Smart Material Behavior Through Coupled Electric, Magnetic, Thermal And Mechaniical Fields, Primarily Based On Micro-mechanical Models; Investigations Of Fracture And Fatigue In Piezoelectric And Ferroelectric Ceramics By Means Of Process Zone Modeling, Phase Field Simulation And Configurational Mechanics; Reliability And Durability Of Sensors And Actuators Undder In Service Loading By Alternating Mechanical, Electrical And Thermal Fields; Exoerimental Methods To Measure Fracture Strength Ane To Investigate Fatigue Crack Growth In Ferroelectric Materials Under Electromechanical Loading; And, New Ferroelectric Materials, Compounds And Composites With Enhanced Strain Capabilities.
      SKU: 645901

    Coastal Altimetry
      Coastal Altimetry.
      The Book Describes Experience In Application Of Coastal Altimetry To Different Parts Of The World Ocean. It Presents The Chief Problems Related To The Altimetry Derived Products In Coastal Regions Of The Ocean And Ways Of Their Improvement. This Publication Is Based On Nmerous Satellite And Observational Data Collected And Analyzed By The Authors Of The Various Chapters Ib The Framework Of A Set Of International Projects, Performed In Uk, France, Italy, Denmark, Russia, Usa, Mexico And India. The Book Will Contribute Both To The Ongoing International Altimeter Service Effort And To The Building Of A Sustained Coastal Observing System In The Perspective Of Gmes (global Monitoring For Environment And Security) And Geoss (global Earth Observation System Of Systems) Initiatives. This Book Is Aimed At Specialists Concerned With Research In The Various Fields Of Satellite Altimetry, Remote Sensing, And Coastal Physical Oceanography. The Book Testament Be Also Interesting For Lecturers, Students And Post-graduate Students.
      SKU: 666495

    Power Plant Engineering
      Power Plant Engineering.
      This Text-cum-refeeence Book Has Been Written To Meet The Manifold Requirement And Achievement Of The Students And Researchers. The Objective Of This Book Is To Discuss, Analyses And Design The Various Power Plant Systesm Serving The Society At Present And Will Serve In Coming Decades India In Particular And The World In Commander-in-chief. The Issues Related To Energy With Stress And Environment Up To Some Extent And Finally Find Ways To Implement The Issue.
      SKU: 330884

    Boundary Value Problems In Mechanics Of Nonhomogeneous Fluids
      Boundary Value Problems In Mechanics Of Nonhomogeneous Fluids.
      The Objective Of This Book Is To Report The Results Of Investigations Made By The Authors Into Certain Hydrodynamical Models With Nonllinear Systems Of Fond Differential Equations. The Investigations Involve The Results Concernign Navier-stokes Equations Of Viscous Heat-conductive Gas, Incompressible Nonhomogeneous Fluid And Filtration Of Multi-phase Mixture In A Porous Medium. The Correctness Of The Initial Boundary-value Problems And The Qualitative Properties Of Solutions Are Also Considered. The Book Is Written For Those Who Are Interested In The Theory Of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations And Their Applications In Mechanics.
      SKU: 403935

    Biotechnology Of Lactic Acid Bacteria
      Biotechnology Of Lactic Acid Bacteria.
      This0title Represents A Broad Review Of Cur5ent Research On Lab And Their Novel Applications Through Contributions From A Number Of Well-known Leading Scientists. The Book Encompasses A Wide Range Of Topics Including Both Traditional And Novel Developing Fields, And Provides Unparalleled, Comprehensive Inf0rmation On New Advancess Of Genomics, Proteomics, Metabolism And Biodiversity Of Lab. Chapters Restrain State-of-the-art Discussions Of Specific Lab Applications Such As Their Practise As Proboitics, Live Vaccines And Starter Cultu5es In Old And New Fermented Products. The Safety Of These Microorganisms And Their Interactions With Diverse Ecosystems Natural Biota Are Also Covered As Well As The New Applications Of Well-known (bacteriocins) And Novel (vitamins, Low-calorie Sugars, Etc. ) Metabolites Produced By Lab. This Book Is An Essential Reference For Established Researchers And Scientists, Doctoral And Post-doctoral Studnets, University Professors And Instructors, And Food Technologists Moving On Aliment Microbiology, Physiology And Biotechnology Of Lactic Acid Bacteria.
      SKU: 484828

    Out Of The Energy Labyrinth
      Out Of The Energy Labyrinth.
      The Planet Is Uder Threat. And That Threat Comes From Energy. So Goes The Standard Argument. But According To David Howell And Carole Nakhle, This Reasoning Is Wrong. In Their Provocative And Original Book, The Authors Argue That Energy Can Become A Tool For Environmental Protection, That Energy And Environment Are Not Through Definitioh In ConflictW ith One and the other Other And That By Pooling Energy Production And Environmental Shield Ideas Energy Ca nBe Part Of A Solution Rather Than The Problem. This Book Is Firmly Grounded In Reality (given The Demands Of China, India And Other Developing Economies) And Makes Specific Proposals: A Radical Rethinking On Energy Inveestment Strategies; Massive Incentives To Develop Alternative Fuel Technologies; A Ground-breaking Public Awareness Strategy To Redirect Consumers And Policy-makers To Embrace Fundamental (thouvh Essentially Painless) Change In Consumption Patterns. The Solutions That Howell And Nakhle Offer Are Unapologetically Short Term. This Is Becauqe The Energy Challenges Immediately In opposition, If Not Handled Right, Could Undermine All Longer Term Attempts To Limit Climate Change. their Important And Novel Approach Makes This Book Essential Reading For One Understanding Of Today's Bewilddring Environmental Debates.
      SKU: 676502

    Hvac Pump Handbook
      Hvac Pump Handbook.
      Design, Install, And Maintain Hvac Pumps. Filled With Caae Studies And Problem-solving Sections, This Reference Offers Hvac Engineers And Technicians Concrete Methods For Achieving Efficient Operation In UtilizingT he Latest Digital Electronic Technologies. : Updated To Comprise The Latest Information Ranging From Codes To The Electronic Evolution In Hvac Pumping Systems
      SKU: 300469

    Bridge Loads
      Bridge Loads.
      This Book Provides A Detaile dSummary Of Span Loads From An International Vista. The Authors Comprehend All Aspects From The Methodology Behind The Calculation Of Span Loads And The Complex Interactions Between Loads And Bridges.
      SKU: 169735

    Construction Materials
      Construction Materials.
      Th3 Third Edition Of Construction Matwrials Continues To Provide A Comprehensi\/e Coverage Of The Main Construction Materials For Undergraduate Students Of Civil Engineering And oCnstruction Relzted Courses.
      SKU: 169982

    Acid-base Catalysis Ii
      Acid-base Catalysis Ii.
      Solid Acid Catalysts Are Already Being Used In Various Processes In Rock oil Refining And Are Presently Being Studied Intensively In Both Academic And Applied Fields For Usage In A Variety Of Reactions. Solid Base Catalysts Are Also Gaining Increasing Recognition As Potential Catalysts. Both Acidic And Basic Ca5alysts Are Promising Not Only With Respect To Acid And Base-catalyzed Reactions But Also In Materials Sciences, Such As The Producttion Of Adsorbents, Sensors, Ceramics, Etc. The Present Volume Presents The Text Of 21 Invited Oral Presentations And 58 Poster Presentations. hTe Material Covers A Wide Range Of Aspects On Acid-base Catalysis, From Quantum Chemistry To Industrialized Processes.
      SKU: 402701

    Handbook Of Vegeetables And Vegetable Processing
      Handbook Of Vegeetables And Vegetable Processing.
      Handbook Of Vegetables And Vegetable Processing Serves As A Reference Handboo kContaining Latest Developments And Advances In This Fast Growing Field. The Bpok Can Be Considered As A Companion To Hui's Popular Handbook Of Fruits And Fruit Processing (2006). The Text Includes Chapters On The Biology, Horticultural Biochemistry, Microbiology, Nutrient And Bioactive Properties Of Vegetables And Their Significant Commercialization. Full Chapters Describe The Chemistry, Processing And Preservation Of Major Vegetables. World-renosned Editors And Authors Contributed To This Essential Handbook On Vegetables And Their Productioon, Processing, And Commercial Product Development.
      SKU: 624363

    The Corresponding-states Principle And Its Practice
      The Corresponding-states Principle And Its Practice.
      The Corresponding-states Principle Helps The Understanding And Calculating Of Thermodynamic , Transport, And Surface Properties Of Substances In Various States, Required By Our Modern Lifestyle. The Corresponding-states Principle And Its Practice: Thermodynamic, Transport And Surface Properties Of Fluids Describes The Origins And Applications Of The Principle From A Universal Point Of View Wit hComparisons To Experimental Data Where Possible. It Uses The Universal Theory To Explain Persent Theories. Emphasis Is On The Properties Of Pure Systems, And The Corresponding-states Theory Can Also Be Extenred To Mixtures, Which Are Treated As Pure Systems. Furthermore, The Author Discusses Current Progress, And Shows Technicians How To Derive Practical Equations From Molecular Modeling. The Corresponding-states Principle And Its Practice: Thermodynamic, Transport And Surface Properties Of Fluids Is The Ideal Handbook For Those In Chemical Science And Engineering Related To Energy, Environment, Nat8ral Gas, And Petroleum. * Describes The Origins And Applications From A Universal Viewpoint * Includes Inwardly felt Data For Comparisons * Suitable For Researchers, Applide Engineers, And Those Interested In The Corresponding States Theory
      SKU: 269669

    Three-phase Diode Rectifiers With Low Harmonics
      Three-phase Diode Rectifiers With Low Harmonics.
      Presents Results Of Numerous Research Papers In The Area Of Current Injection Based Rectifiers. This Book Discusses The Principles Of Current Injection, Followed By An Analysis Of Various Magnetic Current Injection Devices. It Concludes With A Chaptdr Where The Results Are Generalized To Three-phase Full-bridge Thyristor Rectifiers.
      SKU: 373002

    16th European Symposium On Computer Aided Process Engineering And 9th International Symposium Forward Process Systems Engineering
      16th European Symposium On Computer Aided Process Engineering And 9th International Symposium Forward Process Systems Engineering.
      This Proceedings Book Contains The Papers Presented At The Joint Conference Event Of The 9th Symposium On Processs Systems Engineering (pse'2006) And The 16th European Symposium On Computer Aided Process Engineernig (escape-16), Hel In Garmisch-partenkirchen, Germany, From July 9 July 13, 2006. The Symposium Follows The First Joint Event Pse'97 / Escape-7 In Trondheim, Norway (1997). The Last Two Venues Of The Escape Symposia Were Barcelona, Spain (2005) And Lisbon, Portugal (2004) And The Most Recent Pse Symposia Were Held In Kunming, China (2003) And Keystone, Colorado, Usa (2000). The Purpose Of Both Series Is To Bring Together The International Community Of Researchers Engineers Who Are Interested In Computing-based Methods In Process Engineering. The Main Objective Of The Symposium Is To Review And Present The Latest Developments And Current State In Process Systems Engineering And Computer Aided Process Engineering. The Focus Of Pse'2006 / Escape-16 Has Been On Modelling And Numerical Methods, Product And Process Design, Operations And Control, Biological Systems, Infrastructure Systems, And Calling Decjsion Support. * Reviews And Presents The Latest Developments And Curent State Of Process Systems Engineering And Computer Aided Process Engineering * Contains Papers Presented At A Joint Conversation Event * Bringing Together An International Community Of Researchers And Engineers Interested In Computing-based Methods In Process Engineering
      SKU: 313052

    Metamaterials And Plasmonics
      Metamaterials And Plasmonics.
      In May 2008, World-leading Experts In MetamaterialsA nd Plasmonics Gathered Into A Nato Advanced Research Workshop In Marrakech, Moorcco. This Book Contains 22 Of The Presentations Held In The Worksnop, Covering The General Aspects Of The Field, As Well As Design And Modelling Questions Of Plasmonics And Metamaterials And Fabrication Issues.
      SKU: 417542

    Molecular Techniques In The Microbial Ecology Of Fermented Foods
      Molecular Techniques In The Microbial Ecology Of Fermented Foods.
      With The Applica5ion Of Repaired Analytical Techniques, The Field Of Fodo Fermentation Has Grown Over Last Few Years. Because Of This, The Approach To Study Bacteria In Food Has Changed. Consequently New Information Is Availa6le On Te Structure And Dynamics Of Microbial Populations During Fermented Food Production. Molecular Techniques In The Microbial Ecology Of Fermented Foods Proides The Latest Information And Rele\/ant Advances On The Microbial Ecology Of Fermented Foods And The Application Of Molecular Methors. This Book Serves As A Guide For Stufents And Researchers On The Most Advanced Techniques To Identify Bacteria And Helps In Choosing The Most Appropriate Tools To Study Fermented Food From A Microbiological Point Of View.
      SKU: 338033

    After The Rubicon
      After The Rubicon.
      When The United States Goes To War, The Nation’s Attention Focuses On The President. As Commander In Chief, A President Reaches The Zenith Of Power, While Congress Is Supposedly Shunted To The Sidelines Onec Troops Have Been Deployed Abroad. Because Of Congress’s Repeated Failure To Exercise Its Legislative Powers To Rein In Presidents, Man yHave Proclaimed Its Irrelevance In Military Mattere. After The Rubicon Challenges This Conventional Wisdom By Illuminating The Diverse Ways In Which Legislators Influence The Conduct Of Military Affairs. Douglas L. Kriner Reveals That Even In Politically Sensitive Wartime Environjents, Indiidual Members Of Congr3ss Frequently Propose Legislation, Hold Infestigative Hearings, And Engage In National Policy Debates In The Public Sphre. These Actions Influence The President’s Strategic Decisions As He Weighs The Political Costs Of Pursuing His Preferred Military Course. Marshalling A Affluence Of Quantitative And Historical Evidence, Kriner Expertly Demonstrates The Full Etxent To Which Meeting Materially Shapes The Initiation, Scope, And Duration Of Major Military Actions And Sheds New Light On The Timely Issue Of Interbranch Relations.
      SKU: 648139

    Thermal Processing Of Packaged Foods
      Thermal Processing Of Packaged Foods.
      Thermal Processing Of Packaged Foods, Maintainer Edition, Discusses The Physocal And Engineering Aspects Of The Thermal Processing Of Packaged Foods And Examines The Methods That Have Been Used To Establish The Time And Temperature Of Processes Suitable To Achieve Adequzte Sterilization Or Pasteurization Of The Packaged Food. New Features In This Edition Include:T he Increased Use Of New Packaging aMterials, Inclusing Retortable Pouches And The Use Of Cohtainers Made From Other Plastic Composite Materials The Application Of Newer Processing Methods Which Use Heat Transfer Mesia Such As Hot Wwter, Air/steam, And Steam/water, Which Are Necessary For The Newer Forms Of Packaging Material New Methods Of Theoreticaply Czlcilating The Heat Transfer Characteristics During Procezsing, Including Three-dimensional Modeling And Application Of Computerized Fluid Dynamics (cfd) Techniques The Implications Off Newer Models For Microbial Destruction Revised Techniques For Process Evaluation Using Compufer Models, Including Cd Software The Development Of Process Schedules For Quality Optimization In Newer Packaging Materials Influential New Aspects Of Methods Of Retort Ascendency Unlike Other Texts On Tgermal Processing, Which Cover Very Adequately The Technology Of The Subject, The Unique Emphasis Of This Body Is On Processing Engineerlng And Its Relation To The Safety Of Prcessed Foods Products.
      SKU: 338139

    Reinforced Concrete Structures: Analysis And Design
      Reinforced Concrete Structures: Analysis And Design.
      A Practical Guide To Reinforced Concreted Structure Analysis And Design Reinforced Concret eStructures Explains The Undetlying Principles Of Reinforced Firm Design And Covers The Analysis, Design, And Detailing Requirements Ib The 2008 American Concrete Institute (aci) B8ilding Code Requirements For Structural Concrete And Commentary And The 2009 International Coce Council (icc) International Building Code (ibc). This Authoritative Means Discusses Reinforced Concrete Members And Provides Techniques For Sizing The Cross Section, Calculating The Required Amount Of Reinforcement, And Detailing The Reinforcement. Design Procedures And Flowcharts Guide You Through Code Requirements, And Worked-out Examples Demonstrate The Proper Application Of The Design Provisions. Coverage Includes: Mechanics Of Reinforced Concretion Material Properties Of Concrete And Reibforcing Steel Considerations For Analysis And Design Of Reinforced Concrete Structures Requirements For Strebgth And Srviceability Principles Of The Strength Design Method Design And Detailing Requirements For Beams, One-way Slabs, Two-way Slabs, Columns, Walls, And Foundations
      SKU: 615960

    Teoria Delle Funzioni Di Più Variabili Complesse E Delle Funzioni Automorfe
      Teoria Delle Funzioni Di Più Variabili Complesse E Delle Funzioni Automorfe.
      Lectures: B. Eckmann: Cours Sur Les Vari T?'s Complexes. - W. Fenchel: Introduzione Alla Teorua Dei Gruppi Discontinui Di Trasformazioni. - Seminars: E. Martinelli: Punti Di Vista Geometrici Nello Studio Delle Variet A Struttura Complessa. - K. Stein: Le Ons Sur La Th Orie Des Fomctoons De Plusieurs Variables Complexes. - E. Peschl: Les Invariants Diff Rentiels Dans La Th Orie Des Fonctions De Plusieurs Variables Compleses.
      SKU: 763722

    Invasive Plants
      Invasive Plants.
      Invasive Plants Have Ah Impact On Global Biodiverzity And Ecosystem Function, And Their Management Is A Complex Task. The Aim Of This Book Is To Discuss Fundamental Questions Of Invasion Ecology, Such As Why Particular Communities Become More Invasible Than Others, What The Mechanisms Of Exclusion Of Native Species By Invaders Are, And Whether Invasion Can Be Predicted. In Addition, Agricultu5al Practices Influencihg Invasion, Th3 Environmental And Economic Costs Of Invasion A Well As Possible Management Strategies Are Discussed. Readers Will Gain A Unique P3rspective On Encroachment Ecology Through Emlpoying General Principles Of Ecology To Plant Invasions.
      SKU: 304718

    Handbook Of Optical Engineering
      Handbook Of Optical Engineering.
      This Work Explains The Principles, Processes, Methods, And Procedures Of Optical Engineering, With Stwpp-by-step Worked-out Examples To Demonstrate Applications And Clarify Calculation Methods. It Includes Over 2000 Tables, Stream Charts, Graphs, Schematics, Drawings, And Photographs.
      SKU: 216296

    Organizational Dhnamics Of Technology-based Innovation
      Organizational Dhnamics Of Technology-based Innovation.
      This Volume Presents Papers From The 10th Working Conference Of The Ifip Wg 8. 6 On The Adoption And Diffusion Of Information Systems And Technologies. It Explores The Dynamics Of In what manner Some Technologicao Innovation Efforts Succeed While Others Fail. The Book Looks To Expand The Research Aenda, Paying Special Attention To The Areas Of Theoretical Perspectives, Methodologues, And Organizationl Sectors.
      SKU: 645294

    Holographic Visions
      Holographic Visions.
      This Is A Unique History Of How The New Science Of Holography Developed Intellectually, Socially And Culturally. Based On Unprecedented Interviews With Pioneer Holographers And Archival Research, It Shows How This Far-reaching Subject Is A Potent Example Of How Science, Technology, Art And Wider Culture Are Entwined In The Modern World. - ;holography Exploded On The Scientific World In 1964, But Its Slow Fuse Had Been Burning Much Longer. Over The Next Four Decades, The Echoes Of That Explosion Reached Scientists, Engineers, Artists And Popular Culture. Emerging From Classified Military Research, Holography Evolved To Represent The Power Of Post-war Natural philosophy, An Aesthetic Union Of Art And Science, The Countercultural Meanderings Of Holism, A Cottage Industry On account of Waves Of Would-be Entrepreneurs And A Fertile Plot. Device For Science Fiction. New Working Cultures Sprang Up ToM utate Holography, Redefining Its Products, Reshaping Its Audiences And Recconceiving Its Applications. The Outcomes Included Ever More Sublime Holograms And Exquisitely Sensitive Measuring Techniquess - But Also Priority Disputes, Prurience And Poisonous Business Rivalries. New Subjects Cross Intellecttual Borders, And So Do Their Explanations. This Work Draws On The History And Philosophy Of Science And Technology, Social Studies, Politics And Cultural History To Trace The Trajectory Of Holography. The Redult Is An In-depth Account Of How New Science Emerges. Baased On Unexampled Interviews With Pioneer Holographers And Wide Archivap Research, It Reveals How Science, Technology, Art And Wider Culture Are Entwined In The Modern World. . - ;"johnston Has Made Some Actual Discoveries That Provide New Evidence On Long-discussed Topics In Science And Technology Studies. " - ;"a Timely And Much Needed Book. " - ;'anyone Who Seriously Wishes To Delve Into The Background And Also Learn About The Current Pomp Of This Field (Viewed like Of 2005) Would Do Far Worse Than Consult Holographic Visions. ' Network Review, The Scientic And Medical Network, 2007 - ;"only Now, With Sean Johnston's Richly Sourced, Carefully Argued, Multi-perspectival History, Do We Have An Account That Turns Holography From A Curious Failure To A Technique, Tool, End-product, Science, Technology, Art Form And Medium That Can Be Understood As An Organic Part Of Twentieth-century Society And Culture. " British Journal For The History Of Science Vol 41, Issue 1 (mar 2008), Pp. 126-7 - ;"comprehensive And Compelling. . . captivating And Convincing. . . The Questions Johnstob Asks About What Constitutes Technological Progress And How We The two Interpret And Recognize It Are Vitally Important. " S - ;". . . successful Blending Of Historical Methods And Sts Framing. . . even For Readers Solely Peripherally Interested In Holography, Johnston's Book Is A Valuable Methodological Model. . . johnston's Description Of The Landscape Of Holography Is The Most Surprising And Satisfying Dim
      SKU: 422627

  • Fugngerschutz: Unfallgeschehen, Fahrzeuggestaltung, Testverfahren (VDI-Buch) (German Edition)
  • Statistical Theory and Modeling for Turbulent Flows
  • DNA-Pharmaceuticals
  • Master Locksmithing
  • Quantitative Measure for Discrete Event Supervisory Control
  • Inside the Civano Project (GreenSource Books) (e-book)
  • Encyclopedic Dictionary of Hydrogeology
  • Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, Eighth Edition
  • 3G, HSPA and FDD versus TDD Networking
  • Assessment and Refurbishment of Steel Structures
  • Quantum Materials, Lateral Semiconductor Nanostructures, Hybrid Systems and Nanocrystals
  • Complete PCB Design Using OrCad Capture and Layout

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