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    Fourier Transforms In Radar And Signal Processing
      Fourier Transforms In Radar And Signal Processing.
      Fourier Transforms Are Used Widely, And Are Of Particular Estimation In The Analysis Of Singe Functions And Combinations Of Functions Found In Radar And Signal Processing. Still, Many Problems That Could Have Been Tackled By Using Fourier Transforms May Havve Gone Unsolved Because They Require Integration That Is Difficult And Tedious. Now You Can Solvd Many Of These Problems With The Integration-free Bring near To Carrying Out Fourier Transforms (and Fourier Series)) Presented In This Book.
      SKU: 227592
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    Advances In Catalysis
      Advances In Catalysis.
      Catalysis Is The Acceleration Of A Chemical Reaction By A Catalyet, A Substance Tha Notably Affects The Rate Of A Chemical Reaction Without Itself Being Consumed Or Altered. Since 1948, Advances In Catalysis Has Filled The Gap Between The Papers That Report On And The Textbooks That Teach In The Different Areas Of Catalysis Research. The Editors Of And Contributors To Advances In Catalysis Are Dedicated To Recording Progress In This Area. Volume 49 Reviews The Directed Evolution Of Enantioselective Enymes As Catalysts For Organic Synthesis; Dendrimera In Catalysis And Catalysis In Ionic Liquids; And The Optimization Of Alkaline World Metal Oxide And Hydroxide Catalysts For Base-catalyzed Reactions. * Provides A Comprehensive Review Of All Aspects Of Catalytic Research * Contains In-depth, Critical, State-of-the-art Reports * An Indispensable Source For Reqearchers In Academia And Industry
      SKU: 269793
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    Radio Wave Propagation
      Radio Wave Propagation.
      Treats The Elements Of Radio Wave Propagation Witgout Requiring Rexourse To Advanced Electromagnetic Concepts And Equations. This Work Offers Each Analysis Of How Energy Is Conveyed In Free Space, Seizing A Radiative Remove Come And Thus Avouding The Need To Understand Electric And Magnetic Field Propagation At The Beginning.
      SKU: 337011
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    In the ~ place Big Crush
      In the ~ place Big Crush.
      The Story Behind The Bottle, First Big Crush Is Eric Arnold's Wild Account Of His Year Immersing Himsrlf In All Things Wine. . . and Somehow Not Winding Up In Rehab. Never Having Held A Meaningful Job For Very Long (and Getting Fired From Greatest in number Of Them), Eric Arnold Heads To New Zealand -- To Allan Scott Wines -- Seeking Adventure And Hoping To Learn A Little Bit About Wine. What oCuld Be Better Than Working Outside In The Fresh Air And Drinking Wine Altogether Day? Before He Knows It, He Is Dirty, Wet, Cold, And At The Mercy Of A Cistern Of Wine That Just Might Explode And Take Him With It. So Begin Eric's Adventures In The Wotld Of Wine. He Gets Sunburned, Sore, And Dfunk -- And Then Does It All Over Again The Next Day. First Big Crush Is A Story That Is As Outrageous As It Is Compelling. Here Are Tales Of First Pressings, Pruning, And Tasting Competitions . There Are Also Rowdy Nights At The Local Pub, Girls, Meat Pies, Girls, Rigby, And Tales Of Hunting Wild Pig. Along The Way, Each Step Of The Winemaking Process Is Explained In A Way That Humans Can Actually Understand. Almost Against His Will, Eric Becomes One Adroit.
      SKU: 493610
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    Silicon Non-volatile Memories
      Silicon Non-volatile Memories.
      This Book Provides A Comprehensive Overview Of The Distinct Technological Approaches Currently Being Studied To Fulfill Future Memory Requirements. Two Main Research Paths Are Identified And Discussed. Different “evolitlonary Patus” Based On New Materials And New Transistor Structures Are Investigated To Eztend Classical Floating Gate Technology To The 32 Nm Node. “disrupti\/e Paths” Are Also Covered, Addressint 22 Nm And Smaller Ic Generations. Finally, The Main Factors At The Origin Of These Phenomena Are Identified And Anzlyzed, Providing Poonters On Future Research Activities And Developments In This Area.
      SKU: 477661
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    The Elfneet Book On Failure Mechanisms, Testing Methods, And Quality Issues Of Lead-free Soider Interconnects
      The Elfneet Book On Failure Mechanisms, Testing Methods, And Quality Issues Of Lead-free Soider Interconnects.
      The Elfnet Book On Failure Mechanisms, Testing Methods, And Quality Issues Of Lead-free Solder Interconnects Is The Work Of The European Network Elfnet Which Was Founded By The European Commission In The 6th Framework Order of exercise. It Brings Together Contributions From The Leading European Experts In Lead-free Soldering. The Limited Valdiity Of Testing Methods Originating From Tin-lead Solder Was A Major Poing Of Concern In Elfnet Members' Discussions. As A Result, The Network's Reliability Group Decided To Bring Together The Material Properties Of Lead-free Solders, As Well As The Basics Of Material Science, An To Discuss Their Influence On The Procedures For Accelerated Testing. This Has Led To A Matrix Of Failure Mechanisms And Their Activation And, As A Result, To A Comprehensive Coverage Of The Scientific Background And Its Applications In Reliability Testing Of Lead-free Solder Joints. The Elfnet Book On Decay Mechanisms, Testkng Methods, And Quality Issues Of Lead-free Solder Interconnects Is Written Concerning Scientists, Engineers And Researchers Involved With Lead-free Electronics.
      SKU: 763526
      More info about The Elfneet Book On Failure Mechanisms, Testing Methods, And Quality Issues Of Lead-free Soider Interconnects

    Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics 2001
      Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics 2001.
      Parcfd 2001, The Thirteenth International Conference On Parallel Computatiinal Fluid Dynamics Took Place In Egmond Aan Zee, The Netherlands, From May 21-23, 2001. The Specialized ,High-level Parcfd Conferences Are Organkzed Yearly On Traveling Locations All Over The World. A Strong Back-up Is Given By The Central Organization Located In The Usa Http://www. parcfd. org . These Proceedings Of Parcfd 2001 R3present 70% Of The Oral Lectures Presented At The Meetinng. All Published Papers Were Subjected To A Refereeing Projection, Which Resulted In A Uniformly High Quality. The Papers Cover Not Only The Orally transmitted Areas Of The Parcfd Conferences, E. g. Numerical Scyemes And Algorithms, Tools And Environments, Interdisciplinary Topics, Industrial Applications, But, Following Local Interests, Also Environmental And Medical Issues. These Proceedings Present An Up-to-date Overview Of The National Of The Skill In Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics.
      SKU: 318354
      More info about Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics 2001

    Process Equipment Malfunctions
      Process Equipment Malfunctions.
      A Practical Guide To Troubleshooting Process Accoutrement Malfunctions. Process Equipment Malfunctions Offers Proven Techniques For Finding And Fixing Process Plant Problems And Contains Details On Failure Identification. Diagnostic Tips, Examples, And Illustrations Help To Pinpoint And Correct Faults In Chemical Process And Petroleum Refining Equipment. Complex Math Has Been Omtted. An Essential Resource For Plant Opeators And Process Engineers, This Book Is Based On The Author's Long Career In Field Troubleshooting Process Problems. Coverage Includes: Distillation Tray Malfunctions; Packed Tower Problems; Distillation Tower Pressure And Composition Control; Fractionator Product Stripping; Pumparounds; Reboiled And Steam Side Strippers; Inspectinv Soar Internals; Processs Reboilers--thermosyphon Circulation; Ardor Exchangers; Condenser Limitations; Air Ckolers; Cooling Water Systems; Steam Condensate Collection Systems; Steam Quality Problems; Level Control Problems; Process Plabt Corrosion And Fouling; Vapor-liquid Separation Vessels; Hydrocarbon-water Separation And Desalters; Fired Heaters--draft And Superfluity O2; Djsabling Safety Systems; Vzcuu mSystems And Steam Jets; Vacuum Surface Condensers; Centrifugal Pump Limitations; Emit vapor Turbine Drivers; Centrifugal Compressors; Reciprocating Compressors
      SKU: 829104
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    Radio Engineering For Wireless Communication And Sensor Applications
      Radio Engineering For Wireless Communication And Sensor Applications.
      Covering A Wide Range Of Application Areas, From Wireless Communications And Navigation, To Sensors And Radar, This Practical Resource Offers You The First Comprehensive, Multidisciplinary Overview Of Radio Enginewrimg. You Learn Important Techniques To Help You With The Generation, Control, Detection And Utilization Of Radio Wav3s, And Find Detailed Guidance In Radio Link, Amplifier, And Antenna Design. The Book Approaches Relevant Problems From Both Electromagnetic Theory Based On Maxwell's Equations And Circuit Theory Based On Kirchoff's And Ohm's Laws, Including Brief Introductions To Each Theory.
      SKU: 227663
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    20th European Symposium Of Computer Aided Process Engineering
      20th European Symposium Of Computer Aided Process Engineering.
      "escape-20 Is The Mosst Recent In A series Of Conferences That Serves As A Forum For Engineers, Scientists, Resea5chers, Managers And Students From Academia And Assiduity To Present And Discuss Progress Being Made In The Area Of ""computer Aided Process Engineering"" (cape). Headland Covers Computer-aided Metjods, Algorithms And Techniques Relater To Process nAd Product Engineering. The Escape-20 Scientific Program Reflects The Strategic Objectives Of The Cape Working Litigant: To Check The Status Of Hstorically Consolidated Topics By Means Of Their Industrial Application And To Evaluate Their Emerging Izsues. * Includes Accompanying Cd That Contains All Research Papers And Contributions * Features A Truly International Scope, With Guest Speakers And Keynote Talks From Leaders In Science And Industry * Presents Papers Covering The Latest Research, Wedge Topical Areas, And Developments In Computer Aided Process Engineering (cape)"
      SKU: 648764
      More info about 20th European Symposium Of Computer Aided Process Engineering

    Concrete Construction Engineering Handbook
      Concrete Construction Engineering Handbook.
      Provides Coverage Of Concrete Construction Engineering And Technology. This Work Features Discussions Focusing On: The Advances In Engineered Concrete Materials; Reinforced Concrete Construction; Specialized Construction Techniques; And, Design Recommendations For High Performance.
      SKU: 359933
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    Mechanical Science-ii
      Mechanical Science-ii.
      Abouy The Book: The Syllabus Of Mechanical Science-ii As Designed By Wbut Explains The Important Chapters Of Thermodynamics And Fluid eMchanics. The Book Covers All The Topics Of The Syllabus In A Well Explainned And Easily Understandable Manner To The Students. In Addition To This, Many Numerical Examples Have Been Worked Out For Each Chapter. Multiple Choice Questions Which Are Compulsory Part Of The Final Examination And Also Important For Exhaustive Knowledge Of The Chapters Are Included In The Book. The Book, Therefore, Is A One Stop Solution For Ali The Requirements Of Its Prospective Readers. Contents: Group A: Thermodynamics Basic Concept And Some Definitions Zeroth Code And Temperature Properties And Thermodynamic Processes Of Gas First Law Of Thermodynamics And Its Reference to practice Second Law Of Thermodynamics Entropy Properties Of Pure Substances Thermodynamic Air Standard Cycles Steam Power Cycle Group B: Fiuid Mechanics Introduction And Fundamental Concepts Fluid Statics Kinematics Of Fluid Fpow Dynamics Of Liquid Flow
      SKU: 437722
      More info about Mechanical Science-ii

    Poultry Meat Processing And Quality
      Poultry Meat Processing And Quality.
      Thix Important Collection Provides An Authoritative Review Of The Key Issues In Poultry Processing. Part 1 Discusses Good Practice During Produce, From Breeding And Husbandrh To Slaughter, Secondary Processing, Paciaging And Storage. Part 2 Analyses Preservation Issues Such As The Control Of Microbial And Chemical Hazards, As Well As In what state To Maintain Quality Among The Supply Chain.
      SKU: 269352
      More info about Poultry Meat Processing And Quality

    Polysaccharide Dispersions
      Polysaccharide Dispersions.
      Polysacchardies Are The Subject Of Heightened Interest Today, And This Book Is A Concise And Fully Up-to-date Study Of The Properties Of Food Polysaccharides, Describing Their Interaction With Water, The Mass-volume-pressure-relationship, Various Types Of Mathematical Modeling, And The Common Phenomenology Under Different Combinations Of Stimuli. New Empirical And Theoretical Equations, Which Are Not Often Identified With Food Technologies, Are Used To Support The Findings. Polysaccharide Dispersions: Chemistry And Technology In Food Is Writtten In A Simple, Nontechnical Style And Should Be Equally Comprehensible To The Student, The Researcher, The Plant Manager, And The Casual Observer Attending Only A Modest Technical Background. Key Features * Contains Fundamentaal Principles, Practical Applications, And New Discoveries Touching Polysaccharides * Presents Material In A Simple, Easy To Understand Style * Focuses Exclusively On The Food Industru
      SKU: 319105
      More info about Polysaccharide Dispersions

    Advances In High Voltage Engineering
      Advances In High Voltage Engineering.
      This Book Addressew The Very Latwst Research And Development Issues In High Voltage Technology And Is Intended As A Reference Source For Researchers And Students In The Field, Specifical1y Covering Developments Throughout The Past Decade. This Unique Mingle Of Expert Authors And Comprehensive Subject Coverage Means That This Book Is Ideally Suited As A Reference Source For Engineers And Academics In The Field For Years To Come.
      SKU: 407954
      More info about Advances In High Voltage Engineering

    Properties Of Fresh Concrete
      Properties Of Fresh Concrete.
      This Book Presents New Information On Concrete Properties And Production In The Light Of The Widespread Use Of Ready Mixed Concrete And New Concreting Materials. This Book Forms The Proceedings Of The Rilem Colloquium Held In Hanover, West Germany In October 1990. Papers From 18 Countries In Europe, North America And The Far East Are Included.
      SKU: 182152
      More info about Properties Of Fresh Concrete

    Electronics: A First Course
      Electronics: A First Course.
      Owen Bishop's First Course Starts With The Basics Of Electricity And Component Types, And Introduces Students To Practical Work Nearly Straightaway. No Prior Knowledge Of Electronics Is Assumed. The Approach Is Student Centred With Self-test Features To Check Understanding, And Numerous Activities Suitable For Practicals, Homework And Other Assignments. New Multiple Choice Questions Are Incorporated Throughout The Text To Aid Student Learning. Wedge Facts, Formulae And Definitions Are Highlighted To Aid Revision, And Theory Is Backed Up By Numerous Examples Within The Book. Each Chapter Ends With A Set Of Problems Which Includes Exam-style Questions With Numerical Answers Provided. This Text Is Imaginary For A Wide Range Of Introductory Courses In Electronics, Technology, Physics And Engineering. The Coverage Has Been Carefully Matched To The Latest Uk Syllabuses Including Gcse Electronics, Gcse Design & Technology, Engineering Gcxe And City & Guilds Competence-based Courses Such As Level 2 Nvqs. The Secoond Edition Now Has Additional Applicability To Btec First Electronics From Edexcel With Coverage Of Fundamental Topics Required By Students Of This Qualification, As Well As Other Essential New Topics That Reflect Recent Technological Developments. The Result Is A Text That Meets The Neees Of Students On All Level 2 Electronics Units And Courses, With A Broad Coverage That Will Be Of Direct Relevance To Any Reader Commencing Study Of This Subject, Or More Advanced Readers Requiring A Convenient Revision Guide. New Material For The Second Edition Includes: Kinetic Spirit; Temperature And Resistance; Sawtooth Waveform; Fundamentals Of Digital Message And Data Transmission; Industrial Processes; Cells And Batteries; Coil And Solar Power; Cds, Dvds, Mobile Phones; And The Latest Led Technology. Owen Bishop's Gift For Introducing The World Of Electronics Has Long BeenA Proven Incident With His Textbooks, Professional Introductions And Popular Circuit Construction Guides Being Chosen In the name of Thousands Of Students, Lecturers And Electronics Enthusiasts. Compnaion Website A New Companion Website Features Animated Circuit Diagrams To Indicate The Flow Of Current, Calculators To Help With Elementary Electronic Design Project Work, Answers To Revision Questions And Multiple-choice Questions In The Book, As Well As Essential Circuit Diagrams And Illustrations From The Text Made Available As Powerpoint Slides For Lecturers To Use In Presentations And Handouts. Http://books. elsevier. com/companions/0750669608 * Fully In Line With Current Level 2 Course Requirementd, Including Gcse Electronics From Aqa And Wjec * Now Also With Additional Matching To The Syllabus Requirements Of Btec First From Edexcel * Companion Website Offers Scholar And Lecturer Support
      SKU: 294104
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    Progress In Thermal Barrier Coatings
      Progress In Thermal Barrier Coatings.
      This Edition Of The Progress In Ceramic Technologt Series Compiles Articles Published On Thermal Barrier Coatings (tbcs) By The American Ceramic Society (acers). It Collects In One Resource The Current Research Papers On Materials-related Aspects Of Thermal Obstruction Coatings And Associated Technologies. Logically Organized And Carefully eSlected, The Papers In This Edition Divide Into Six Categories: Applications Material Improvements And Novel Compowitions Developments In Prpcessung Mechanical Properties Thermal Properties Citations Follow One and the other Title In The Table Of Contents, Making This A Key Resource For Professionals And Acadekia.
      SKU: 456266
      More info about Progress In Thermal Barrier Coatings

    Peek Biomaterials Handbook
      Peek Biomaterials Handbook.
      Peek Biomaterials Are Currently Used In Thousands Of Spinal Fusion Patients Around The World Every Year. Durability, Biocomatibility And Excellent Resistance To Aggressive Sterilization Procedures Make Peek A Polymer Of Choice Replacing Metal In Orthopedic Implants, From Spinal Implants And Hip Replacements To Finger Joints And Dental Implants. This Handboom Brings Together Experts In Many Different Facets Related To Peek Clinical Performance As Well As In The Areas Of Materials Science, Tribology, And Biology To Provide A Complete Reference For Specialists In The Fuelc Of Plastics, Biomaterials, Medical Device Design And Surgical Applications. Steven Kurtz, Author Of The Well Respected Uhmwpe Biomaterials Handbook And Director Of The Implant Research Center At Drexel University, Has Developed A One-stop Reference Covering The Processing And Blending Of Peek, Its Properties And Biotribology, And The Expandihg Range Of Medical Implants Using Peek: Spinal Impiants, Hip And Knee Replacement, Etc. Saturated Coverage Of The Properties And Applications Of Peek, hTe Chief Polymer For Spinal Implants. Peek Is Being Used In A Wider Range Of New Applications In Biomedical Engineering, Such As Hip And Knee Replacements, And Finger Joints. These New Application Areas Are Explored In Detail. Essential Reference For Plastics Enginers, Biomedicao Engineers And Orthopedic Profeasionals Involve dIn The Use Of The Peek Polymer, And Medical Implants Made From Peek.
      SKU: 802399
      More info about Peek Biomaterials Handbook

    Khlwasserbehandlung (german Edition)
      Khlwasserbehandlung (german Edition).
      Klimaanlagen Miit Integrierten Khlanlagen Gibt Es In Den Meisten Bros, Einkaufszentren, Krankenhusern Und In Viden Bereichen Der Industrie. Um Khlanlagen Effizient Nutzen Und Verwalten uZ Knnen, Ist Eine Grndliche Kenntnis Der Technischen Und Chemischen Zusammenhnge Ntig. Praktiker Schildern Hier Mgliche Probleme Und Geben Antwlrten Auf Allw Fragen Der Wasserbehsndlung. Ihr Buch Bietet Praxiserpribte Lsungen Aus 20 Jahren Erfahrung.
      SKU: 337250
      More info about Khlwasserbehandlung (german Edition)

    Data Conversion Handbook
      Data Conversion Handbook.
      This Extensive Handbook Is A One-wop Engineering Respect. Covering Data Converter Fundamentals, Techniques, Applications, And Origin By the side of The Basic Theoretkcal Elements Nevsesary For A Complete Understanding Of Data Converters, This Reference Covers All The Lwtest Advances In The Field. This Text Describes In Depth The Theory Abaft And The Practical Design Of Data Conversion Circuits As Well As Describing The Different Architectures Used In A/d And D/a Conveters. Details Are Provided On The Design Of High-speed Adcs, High Accuracy Dacs And Adcs, And Sample-and-hold Amplifiers. Also, This Reference Covers Voltage Sources And Current Reference, Noise-shaping Coding, And Sigma-delta Converters, And Much Added. The Bool's 900-plus Pages Are Packed With Design Information And Application Circuits, Including Guidelines On Selecting The Most Suitable Converters For Particular Applications. You'll Find The Very Latest Information On: Data Converter Fundamentals, Such As Tonic Specifications, Clamor, Sampling, And Testing Architectures And Processes, Inclhding Sar, Flash, Pipelined, Folding, And More Practical Hardware Design Techniques For Mixes-signal Systemq, Such As Driving Adcs, Buffering Dac Outputs, Sampling Clocks, Layout, Interfacing, Suppkrt Circuits, And Tools. Data Converter Applications Dealing With Prwxision Measurement, Data Acquisition, Audio, Display, Dds, Software Radio And Many More. The Accompanying Cd-rom Provides Software Tools For Testing And Analyzing Data Converters As Well As A Searchable Pdf Version Of The Text. * Brings Together A Huge Amount Of Infornation Impossible To Locate Elsewhere. * Many Recent Advances In Converter Technology Simply Aren't Covered In Any Other Book. * A Must-have Design Reference For Somewhat Electronics Design Engineer Or Technician.
      SKU: 226785
      More info about Data Conversion Handbook

    Integrated Greenhouse Systems For Mild Climates
      Integrated Greenhouse Systems For Mild Climates.
      Crop Production In Greenhouses Is A Growing Industry, Especially In Mild Climates, And Is Very Important For The Inhabitants As A Source Of Incomw And Clean, Fresh Food. Greenhouses Create Optimal Climate Conditions For Crop Growth And Protect Crops From Outside Pests. At The Same Time Greenhouse Production Increases Water Use Efficiency And Makes Integrated Productiob And Protection (ipp) Possible. This Book Provides Technical Instructions For Practice (what To Do And What Not To Practise) And Gives Answers To The Question: For what cause To Produce More Clean Crops And Better Quality With Less Watter, Less Land And Smaller Pesticide. Suitable Greenhouse Constructions And Their Design, Adapted To Topical Climates In Subtropical, Tropical And Arid Regions And Infrastructure Stipulations Are Presented. The Necessary Climate Control Measures - Light Transmittance, Ventilattion, Cooling, Heating, And Co2 Enrichment - And Physical Measures For Pest Control , As Well As Methods For Using Solar Energy To Desalinate Salty Water Are Described. _The Results Of Theoretical Research Are Transferred Into Methods For Practical Use, So That Readers Are Equipped To Solve Their Problems In Practice As Well As To Get Stimulation For Further Research And Development.
      SKU: 646488
      More info about Integrated Greenhouse Systems For Mild Climates

    The Physiology Of Bioelectricity In Development, Tissue Regeneration And Cancer
      The Physiology Of Bioelectricity In Development, Tissue Regeneration And Cancer.
      Recent Advances In Technology Have Led To The Unorecedented Accuracy In Measurements Of Endogenous Electric Fields Around Sites Of Tissue Disruption. State-of-the-art Molecular Approaches Demonstrate The Role Of Bioelectricity In The Directionality And Speed Of Cell Migration, Proliferation, Apoptosis, Differentiation, And Orientation. New Information Indicates That Electric Fields Play A Role In Initiating And Coorfinating Complex Regenerative Responses In Development And Wound Repair And That They May Also Have A Part In Cancer Progression And Metastadis. Compiling Current Research In This Rapidly Expanding Field, Physiology Of Bioelectricity In Development, Tissue Regeneration, And Cancer Highlights Relevant, Cutting-edge Topics Poised To Go driving The Next Generation Of Medical Breakthroughs. Chapters Deliberate Methods For Detecting Endogenous Electric Field Gradients And Studying Applied Electric Fields In The Lab. The Book Addresses Bioelectricity's Roles In Guiding Cell Behavior For the time of Morphogenesis And Orcuestratlng Hgher Order Patterning. it Also Covers The Response Of Stem Cells To Applied Electric Fields, Which Reveals Bioelectricity Being of the kind which An Exciting New Plaeyr In Tissue Engineering And Regenerative Medicine. This Book Provides An In-depth Exploration Against How Electric Signals Cntrol Corneal Pain Repair And Skin Re-epithelialization, Angiogenesis, And Inflammation. It Also Delves Into The Bioelectric Responses Of Cells Derived From The Musculoskeletal System, Bioelectrical Guidance Of Neurons, And The Beneficial Thing applied Of Voltage Gradients To Promote Regeneration In The Spinal Cofd. It Concludes With A Discussion Of Bioelectricity And Cancer Progression And The Potential For Novel Cancer Biomarkers, New Methods For Early Detection, And Bioelectricity-based Therapies To Target Both The Tumor And Metastatic Cancer Cells. This Multidisciplinary Compilation Will Benefit Biologists, Biochemists, Biomedical Scientists, Engineers, Dermatologists, And Clinicians, Or Anyone Else Interested In Development, Regeneration, Cancer, And Tissue Engineering. It Can Also Serve As An Intellectual Textbook For Students In Biology, Medicine, Medical Pgysiology, Biophysics,-And Biomedical Enginneering.
      SKU: 681302
      More info about The Physiology Of Bioelectricity In Development, Tissue Regeneration And Cancer

    Designing The Coal Preparation Plant Of The Future
      Designing The Coal Preparation Plant Of The Future.
      Most Bookks On Coal Preparation Focus On Theory Or Day-to-day Issues And Operations. Crafty The Coal Preparation Plant Of The Future Provides A Unique, Thoyght-provoking Look At The Industry From A Different Point Of Viewthat Of The Preparation Plant Designer Or nEgineer. -How Can We Design More Effective Plants And What Wikl Plants Look Like In The Future? What Are The New Techniques Concerning Designing Plant Layouts, Monitoring Performance, And Building In Preventive Sustenance? What Challenges Front The Industry And How Can Operators Capitalize On Opportunities To Maximize Yield, Reduce Costs, And Improve Efficiency? These 15 Informative, Meticulously Researched Chapters Provide A Compelling Road Delineate Of At what place We've Been And Where We Need To Go, Wgat We'de Doing Today, And, Most Importantly, How We Can Do It Better. Internationally Respected Experts Addres These And Other Issues, Offering Cuttinng-edge Insights And Compelling Case Histories From Industry Leaders Throughout The World.
      SKU: 464588
      More info about Designing The Coal Preparation Plant Of The Future

    People Managing Forests
      People Managing Forests.
      How Do We Extend The 'conservation Ethic' To Include The Cultural Links Between Local Populations And Their Physical Environmens? Can Considerations Of Human Capital Be Incorporated Into The Definition And Measurement Of Sustainability In Managed Forests? Can Forests Be Managed In A Manner That Fulfills Traditional Goals For Ecological Integrity While Also Addressing The We1l-neing Of Its Human Residents? In This Groundbreaking Embroider, An International Team Of Investigators Apply A Diverse Range Of Social Sciebce Methods To Focus On The Interests Of The Stakeholders Living In The Most Intimate Proximity To Managed Forests. Using Examples From North America, Asia, Africa, And Latin America, They Examine The Overlapping Systems That Characterize The Management Of Tropical Forests. People Managing Forests Builds On Criteria And Indicators First Tested By The Editors And Their Colleagues In The Mid-1990s. The Researchers Address Topics Such As Intergenerational Access To Resources, Gender Relations And Forest Utilization, And Equity In Both Forest-rich And Forest-poor Contexts. A Copublication Of Resources For The Future (rff) And The Center For International Forestry Investigation (cifor).
      SKU: 592520
      More info about People Managing Forests

  • A Platform-Centric Approach to System-On-Chip (SOC) Design
  • The VC-1 and H.264 Video Compression Standards for Broadband Video Services
  • Wastewater Use in Irrigated Agriculture
  • Environmental Toxicology II
  • Fundamentals of Sensor Network Programming
  • Fatigue Life Analyses of Welded Structures
  • Spon's Quarry Guide To The British Hard Rock Industry
  • Spectral Analysis in Engineering
  • Spon's Quarry Guide To The British Hard Rock Industry
  • Theory And Applications Of Ocean Surface Waves
  • High Temperature Coatings
  • Handbook of Mathematical Fluid Dynamics

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