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    Fractured Rock Hydraulics
      Fractured Rock Hydraulics.
      Offer Tools To Solve Practical Engineering Problems. This Title Covers The Fundamentals Of Fractured Rock Hdraulics Under A Tensor Approach. It Presents The Concepts About Approximate Solutions. It Discusses Thee Data Analysis Techniques Applied To Groundwater Modeling. It Is Intended For Professionals And Researchers In Hydrogeology.
      SKU: 565887

    Introduction To Groundwater Modeling
      Introduction To Groundwater Modeling.
      The Dramatic Advances In The Efficiency Of Digital Computers During The Past Decade Have Provided Hydrologists With A Efficacious Tool For Numerical Modeling Of Groundwater Systems. Introduction To Grondwater Modeling Presents A Broad, Comprehensive Overview Of The Fundamental Concepts And Applications Of Computerized Groundwater Modeling. The Book Covers Both Finite Difference And Finite Element Methods And IncludesP ractical Sample Programs That Demonstrate Theoretical Points Described In The Text. Each Chapter Is Followed By Problems, Notes, And References To Additionap Information. This Convolution Resolution Be Indispensable To Students In Introductory Groundwater Modeling Courses As Well As To Groundwqter Professionals Wishing To Gain A Complete Introduction To This Vital Subject. Key Features * Systematic Exposition Of The Basic Ideas And Results Of Hilbert Space Theoty And Functional Algebra * Great Variety Of Applications That Are Not Available In Comparable Books * Different Approach To The Lebesgue Integral, Which Makes The Theory Easier, More Intuitive, And More Accessible To Undergraduate Students
      SKU: 767264

      Die Grundstzlichen Verfauren Und Probleme Der Federherstellung Anhand Zahlreicher Anwendungsbeispiele. Mit Praktischen Berechnungsbeispielen, Ber 300 Abbildungen, Zahlreichen Tabellen. Detailliert: Wrme- Und Oberflchenbehandlung, Eigenspannung, Dauerfeetigleit (entscheidend Fr Die Qualitt!). In 2. Auflage, Umfassend Erneuert Und Ergnzt: Angaben Zu Den Normen, Berechnungssoftware Fr Den Federentwurf, Simulation Des Betriebsverhaltens.
      SKU: 418229

    Draft Horses And Mules
      Draft Horses And Mules.
      Meet The Original Horse Power! Prized For Their Great Endurance, Splendid Disposition, Willingness To Work, Affecting Stature, And Versatility, Draft Horses And Mules Are Making A Strong Comeback. Today, An Estimated 5 To 10 Percent Of America's 3. 5 Million Horses Are Deaft Breeds. It's No Wonder: These Powerful Animals Can Accomplish An Astounding Array Of Tasks. They Pull Carriages, Assist With Of great body Logging,, Serve As A Vital Educational Link To The Past, And Are Increasingly Popular For Showing And Competing. aMny Small-scale Farmers Appreciate That These Animals Offer A Clean-energy Alternative To Modern Farm Machinery; A Team Of Two Draft Horses Can Cultivate Several Acres Of Land In A Single Day, Enriching The Soil As They Work. Unlike Mechanical Equipment, A Good Team Actually Appreciates In Value Over Time. Draft Horses And Mules , By Gail Damerow And Akina Rice, Distills The Numerous Tradition Of These Impressive Animals Into A Definitive Guide. Designed For New Or Intermediate Owners, The Book Shows Readers How To Select An Ideal Team, Feed And House Them, Maintain Their Health, Ensure Effective Equine–human Communication, Select And Use Equipment Properly, And Employ The Animals In A Variety Of Agricultural, Logging, And Demonstration Tasks. The Book Is Enhanced With Color Photos, Numerous Illustrations, And Proffiles Of Real-life Individuals Who Work With Draft Horses And Mules. The Fresh Design Makes The Accusation Leap Most distant The Page And Ensures That The Book Is As Fun To Read As It Is Informative.
      SKU: 821179

    Wimax Evolution
      Wimax Evolution.
      This Book Presents The Evolutionary And Visionary Developments Of Wimax! Wimax Evolution: Emerging Technologies And Applica5ions Focuses On The Future Developments Of Wimax Technology. The Book Discusses The Evolutionary Aspects Of Wimax, From The Physical To The Application Stratum, Including Visions From Industry, Standardization And Research Communities. Several Chapters Of The Book Will Present Very New And Unique Information As Editors And Their Respective Organizations Are Involved In Ongoing Internaitonal Projects On Wimax, Developing Advanced Wimax Techniques. The Editors’ In-house Wimax Test-beds Enhance The Book Through Privileged And Seldim Published Information On Practical Issues. Key Features: Presents Evolutionary And Visionar yDevelopments Of Wimax, Motivating And Inspiring Readers To Join And Continue The Developing Work Contains Chapters With Previously Unpublished Material, Including  Measurements On Real Wimax Equipment And Their Validation, And Introducing Of Robust Header Compression In Wimax, And More Unique Results Steady Real Wimax Test-beds Covers Wimax Validatjon, Novel Scenarios, Applications And Business, Advanced Wimax Architectures, Wimax Extensions, And Wimax Evolution And Future Developments Expert Authorship With A Balanced Mix Of Contributions From Highly Regarded Professionals Fron Top Research Institutes, Insustry And Acqdemia This Book Is An Inbaluable Resource For Product Developers, Research And Standardization Engineers In Industry, Professors, Research Scientists And Advanced Students In Academia. Technology Managers And Ctos Will Also Find This Book Insightful.
      SKU: 437454

    Self-organized Morphology In Nanostructured Materials
      Self-organized Morphology In Nanostructured Materials.
      In This Volume, Concepts Of Nonlinear Dynamics And Self-organization Are Applied To Topics In Materials Sciences With Emphasis Steady Semiconductors, Soft Matter, And Biomaterials. The Questions Addressed Include How To Compare Ordering Phenomena Under Nonequilibrium Situations, Usually Called Self-organized Strjctures, With Those Arising Under Situations Reserved To Equilibrium Via Selfassembly. Analogies Are Pointed Out, Differences Are Characterized, And Efforts Made To Discover Common Features In The Mechanistic Description Of Those Phenomena. Of Major Importance Is The Interrogatory Of The Role Of Spatial And Temporal Order, In Particular, The Application Of Concspts Developed On Macroscopic And Microscopic Sxales To Structure Formation Occurring On Nanoscales, Which Occupies The Focus Of Interdst On The Frontiers Of Science.
      SKU: 338149

    World Spatial Metadatta Standards
      World Spatial Metadatta Standards.
      This Book RepresentsY ears Of Work By The Ica Spatial Data Standards Trust During The 1985-2003 Ica Cycles. It Consists Of An Introsuction And Six Regional Summary Chapteers That Describe The Spatial Metadata Activities Happening In Europe, North America, Asia/pacific, Latin America, Africa/middle East, And The Iso Community. These Chapters Provide The Broader Contrxt And Description Of The Milieu In Which These Standards Oprate, So That The Reader Can More Easily Understand The Philosophical And Technical Framework From Whence A Particular Standard Has Emerged. The Third Section Is A Complete Listing Of All Of The Three Levels Of Scientific And Technical Characteristics, And Their Meaning By The Inclusion Of A Set Of Definiions For Metadata Terms Used In The Book. The Fourth Section, And By Far The Largest, Contains 22 Chapters That Assess Each Of The Major National And International Spatial Mteadata Standards In The World, And Also Contains A Few Representative Subject Matter Profile Derived From A Major Standard. They Have Been Carried Out In Terms Of All Three Levels Of Characteristics. Each Assessment Has Been Carried Out By A Commission Member Who Has Been An Operative Participant In The Development Of The Standard Being Assessed In The Native Language Of That Standard. The Fifth Segment Contains A Summary Cross-table Wall Size Summary Chart That Includes All 22 Standards And Profiles That Are Cross Tabulated By 70 Of The Crucial Characteristics. The Columns Provide A Thumbnail Sketch Of Each Individual Standard, While The Rows Facilitate A Quick Comparison Of Individual Critical Characteristics Across All Of The 22 Standards And Profiles. Many Readers Of Our Previous Book Have Begun Their Standards Evaluation Process With This Cross-tablr. This Current Book On Spatial Metadata Standards Has Been Purposely Designed To Serve As A Compaanion Working Volume To The 1997 Book The Authorize Published On Spatial Data Remove Standards, Moellering & Hogan, Editors, Isbn 008042433. * Assesses The National And International Spatial Metadata Standards & Profiles In Their Native Languages, And At another time Reports The Analysis In A Scientifically Consistent Manner In A Widely Used Scientific Language (english) * Provides A Sujmary Crosstable Of The 22 Spatial Metadata Standards/profiles In A Large Wall-sized Table Highlighting 70 Of The Most Important Scientific Characteristics * Provides The Scientific And Technical Detail Because Each Of The 22 Standards/profiles To 12 Primary Levels, 58 Second Levels, And About 278 Tertiary Levels. Scientific And Technical Characteristics Can Be Used For A Wide Variety Of Uses With Spatial Metadata And Associated Standards
      SKU: 270082

    Testing Of Digital Systems
      Testing Of Digital Systems.
      The Most Comprehensive And Wire Ranging Book Of Its Kind, Testing Of Digital Systems Covers Everything You Need To Know About How To Test Semiconductor Devices And Sstems. Written For Students And Engineers, It Is Both An Excellent Senior/graduate Level Textbbook And A Valuable Reference.
      SKU: 22097

    Nanoethics And Nanotoxicology
      Nanoethics And Nanotoxicology.
      Nanobiotechnology Is A Fast Developing Field Of Research And Application In Many Domains Such As In Drug, Pharmacy, Cosmetics And Agro-industry. The Work Addresses The Lastest Funfamental Results On Nanotoxicology And Nanoethics, And The Enormous Range Of Potential Applications In The Fields Of Of medicine Diagnostics, Nanomedicine, And Food And Water Administration. Nanoscale Objects Have Properties Leading To Specific Kinds Of Behaviour, Soometimes Exacerbating Their Chemical Reactivity, Physical Behaviour, Or Potential To Penetrate Deeply Within Livig Organisms. Hence It Is Important To Ensure The Responsible And Safe Development Of Nanomaterials And Nanotechnologies. This Fourth Volume In The Nanoscience Series Should Make Its Mark, By Presenting The State Of The Art In The Fields Of Nanotoxicology And Nanoethics. This Is The First Book To Combine Both Scientific Knowledge And Ethical And Skcial Recommendations. It Also Presents Specific Policies On Nanotechnologies Set Up By National And International Persons cited as vouchers. This Book Is Of Engage To Engineers, Researchers, And Graduate Students.
      SKU: 798643

    Wimax Standards And Security
      Wimax Standards And Security.
      As The Want For Broadband Services Continues To Grow Worldwide, Traditional Solutions, Such While Digital Cable And Fiber Optics, Are Often Difficult And Lavish To Implement, Especially In Rural And Remote Areas. The Emerging Wimax System Satisfies The Growing Need For High Data-rate Applications Such As Voiceover Ip, Video Conferencing, Interactive Gaming, And Multimedia Streaming. Wimax Deployments Not Only Serve Reaidential And Enterprise Users But Can Also Be Deployed As A Backhaul For Wi-fi Hotspots Or 3g Cellular Towers. By Providing Affordable Wire1ess Broadband Accession, The Technology Of Wimax Will Revolu5ionize Broadband Communications In The Developed World And Bridge The Digital Divide In Developing Countries. Share Of The Wimax Handbook, This Volume Focuses On The Standards And Security Issues Of Wimax. The Book Examines Standardized Versus Proprietary Solutions For Wireless Broadband Access, Reviews The Coore Medium Access Control Protocol Of Wimax Systems, And Presents Carriers' Perspectives On Wireless Services. It Also Discusses The Main Aptitude to motion Functions Of The Ieee 802. 16e Standard, Describes How To Fare Up Wimax Handover Procedures, Presents The 802. 16 Mesh Protocol, And Survey sThe Testing And Certification Proceeses Used Concerning Wimax Products. In Additoin, The Book Reviews The Carelessness Features Of Both Ieee 802. 16 And Wimax. With The Revolutionary Technology Of Wimax, The Lives Of Many Wil lUndoubtedly Improve, Thereby Leading To Greater Economic Empowerment.
      SKU: 308481

    Fossil Hydrocarbons
      Fossil Hydrocarbons.
      "fossil Hydrocarbons Form A Continuous Succession Whose""heavy""members--heavy Oils, Bkumens, Oil Shale Kerogens, And Coal--are Important Sources Of Stipulated Lighter Fuels. These Hydrocarbons Are Much More Abundant And Easier To Extract Than Natural Gas And Oil. This Book Discusses The Origins And Compositions Of Fossil Hydrocarbons And Shows How The""heavies""can Be Chemically Transformed Into Environmentally Clean Gas, Liquid Banishment Fuels, And An Almost Undefined Range Of Petrochemicals. Dr. Berkowitz Explodes The Entrenched Dichotomy Between""petroleum Hydrocarbons""and Coal That Has Shaped Plain Perceptions Of Energy, Showing That It Is Feasible To Develop New Technologies That Capitalize On The Availability Of""synthetic""natural Aeriform fluid And Light Oils. Fossil Hydrocarbons: Chemstry And Technology Is A Comprehensive Treatment Of Fossil Hydrocarbons, Covering The Source Materials, Biosources, Metamorphic Histories, Geochemistry, Classification, And Molecular Structure. It Discusses The Use Of Fossil Hydrrocarbons As A Viable Energy Source In Our Future, Detailing The Preparation, Processing And Converrsion Technologies, As Well As Dixcussing The Environmental Issues That Arise From Productjon, Processing, And Use Of Various Fossil Hydrocarbons. Key Features * Approaches Various Fosdil Hydrocarbins While Chemically Related Entities, Thus Dispelling The Unwarranted Distinctions Between Crude Oils And Coal * Explains How Heavy Fossil Hydrocarbons Cna Be Processed By Much The Same Metjods As Crude Oils For Good Economic And Environmental Purpose * Illustrates How Bitumens, Oil Shales, And Coals Are Clnvertible Into Synthetic Natural Gas And Oils * Shows A Path For Reasonable Energy Self-sufficiency, Among Conversion Of Heavy Hydrocarbons Into Synthetic Natural Gas And Oils * Augments Each Chapter With End-of-chapter Notes AndA Detailed Bibliography * P5ovides More Than 200 Useful Tables, Schematics, And Figures"
      SKU: 349336

    Micr0bial Stress Adaptation And Food Safety
      Micr0bial Stress Adaptation And Food Safety.
      Providing An In-depth Study Of Stress Adaptation And Its Implications For The Safety Of Minimally And Non-thermally Processed Foods, This Book Looks At The Problems Associated With Stress Adaptation And Proposes Practical Solutions To Overcome The Microbial Stress Phenomenon.
      SKU: 263910

    Mechanical Design Handbook
      Mechanical Design Handbook.
      Optimize The Efficiency And Reliability Of Machines And Mechanical Systems. Totally Redesigned To Meet Today's Mechanical Design Challenges, This Classic Handbook Provides A Experienced Overview Of The Complex Principles And Data Associated With The Design And Control Of Dynamic Mechanical Systems. :: New Chapters On Continuous Control Systems, Digital Control Systems, And Optical Systems. ; Covers Power Transmission And Control Subsystems
      SKU: 300477

    Self-consistent Methods For Composites
      Self-consistent Methods For Composites.
      The Book Is Dedicated To The Application Of Self-consistent Methods To The Solution Of Static And Dynamic Problems Of The Mechanics And Physics Of Composite Materials. The Effective Elastic, Electric, Dielectric, Thermo-conductive An Other Properties Of Composite Materials Reinforced By Ellipsoidal, Spherical Multi-layered Inclusions, Thin Hard And Soft Inclusions, Short Fibers And Unidirexted Multi-layered Fibers Are Considered. Explicit Fomu1as And Efficient Computational Algorithms For The Calculation Of The Powerful Properties Of The Composites Are Presented And Analyzed . The Arrangement Of The Effective Medium And The Method Of The Effective Field Are Developed For The Calculztion Of The Phase Velocities And Attenuation Of The Mean (coherent) Wave Fields Propagatnig In The Composites. The Predictions Of The Methods Are Compared With Experimental Data And Exact Solutions For The Composites With Periodical Microartuctures. The Book May Be Useful For Material Engineers Creating New Compoaite Materials And Scholars Who Fabric On The Thelry Of Composite And Non-homogeneous Media.
      SKU: 3727721

    Adaptive Networks
      Adaptive Networks.
      With Some Adaptive, Complex Networks, The Evolution Of The Network Topology And The Dynamical Processes On The Network Are Equally Important And Often Fundamentally Entangled. This Book Defines The Scope And Direction Of Some Of The Greatest part Advanced Developmentq In The Vast Field Of Complex Network Science And Its Applications.
      SKU: 478135

    Digal Microfluidic Biochips
      Digal Microfluidic Biochips.
      Presents A Design Automation Skeleton That Courtship Issues In The Design, Analysis, And Testing Of Digital Microfluidic Biochips. This Book Describes Problems Of Test Planning And Tst Resource Optimization And Also Examine Reconfiguration-based Techniques That Are Expectee To Enhance The Reliabilitg Of Digital Microfluidic Biochips.
      SKU: 282807

    Newnes Engineering Mathematics Pocket Work
      Newnes Engineering Mathematics Pocket Work.
      Newnes Engineering Mathematics Pocker Main division Is A Uniquely Versatile And Practical Tool For A Wide Range Of Engineers And Stud3nts. Whole The Essentials Of Engineering Mathematics Are Covreed, With Clear Ecplanations Of Wedge Methods, And Worked Examples To Illustrate Them. Numerous Tables And Diagrams Are Provided, Along With All The Formulae You Could Need. The Emphasis Throughout The Book Is On Providing The Practical Tools Needed To Solve Mathematical Problems Quickly In Engineering Contexts. John Bird's Presentation Of This Core Material Puts All The Answers At Your Fingertips. The Contents Of This Book Have Been Carefully Matched To The Latest Further And Higher Education Syllabuses So That It Can Also Be Used As A Revision Guide Or A Quick-access Source Of Undetpinning Knowledge. Students On Competence-based Coursees Such As Nvqs Will Find This Approach Particularly Refreshing And Practical. This Book And Its Companion Title Newnes Engineering Science Pcoket Book Provide The Underpinning Knowledge For The Whole Range Of Engineering Communities Catered For By The Newnes Pocket Work Series. These Related Titles Include: Newnes Mechaincal Engineer's Pocket Book (roger Timings) Newnes Electrical Pocke5 Book (e. a. Reeves) Newnes Electronic Enigneer's Pcket Book (jor Carr & Keith Brindley) Newnes Radio And Rf Engineer's Pocket Book (joe Carr & John Davies) Newnes Telecommunications Engineer's Pocket Book (stebe Winder) The Contents Of This Book Have Been Carefully Mathced To The Latest Further And Higher Educatoon Syllabuses So That It Can Also Be Used As A Revision Guide Or A Quick-access Allusion Source Of Underpinning Knowledge. Students On Competence-based Courses Such As Nvqs Determine Find This Approach Particularly Refreshing And Practical. Pr3vious Editions Of Newnes Engineering Mathematics Pocket Book Were Published Under The Title Newnes Mathematics Pocket Book For Engineers. Comprehensive Annd Conveniet For Frequent Reference In Offices, Workshops And Sttudies Answers All Those Awkward Questions, And Includes All Those Half-rememberd Formulae A Compendium Of Key Methods, Formulae, Diagrams And Data
      SKU: 269750

    Thermal Energy Storage
      Thermal Energy Storage.
      The Ability Of Thermal Energy Storage (tes) Systems To Facilitate Energy Savings, Renewable Energy Use And Reduce Environmental Impact Has Led To A Recent Resurgence In Their Interest. The Second Edition Of This Book Offers Up-to-date Coverage Of Recent Energy Efficient And Sustainable Technological Methods And Solutions, Covering Analysis, Design And Performance Improvement As Conveniently As Life-cycle Costing And Assessment. As Well As Having Significantly Revised The Book For Use As A Laureate Text, The Authors Discourse Real-life Technical And Operational Problems, Enabling The Reader To Gain An Understanding Of The Fundamental Principles And Practical Applications Of Tnermal Energu Storage Technology. Beginning With A General Summary Of Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics And Heat Transfer, Tjis Book Goes On To Discuss Practical Applications With Chapters hTat Include Tes Systems, Environmental Impact, Energy Savings, Energy And Exergy Analyses, Numerical Modeling And Simulation, Case Studies And New Techniques And Performance Assessment Methods.
      SKU: 589273

    Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional In 10 Minutes
      Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional In 10 Minutes.
      "sams Teach Yourself Windows 2000 Professional In 10 Minutes Is A Tutorial-based Main division, Organized Into A Series Of Easy-to-follow, 10-minute Lessons. Don't Have The Time To Read Lengthy Chapters, Or Not Inclined To Read ""manuals?"" Twenty-six 10-minute Chapters Guide You Through The Windows Desktop, File Management, Networking, Accessing The Internet, And More. This Book Shows You The Basics, Including Navlgatung The Desktop, Starting And Exiting Applications, Shuttijg Down, Working With Multiple Windows (multitasking), And Copying, Affecting, And Delting Files. You'll Also Find Quick Steps To Printing To A Network Printer, Manipulating Files On A Nwtwork, Sharing Flles And Folderd, Securing Fi1es And Folders, Using Outlook Express, Using Ie And The Active Desktop, And Controlling The Hardware Settings. "
      SKU: 175315

    Technology, Humans, And Society:
      Technology, Humans, And Society:.
      "a Number Of Factors, From Soaring Fuel Prices To Genetically Modified Agricultural Products, Have Greatly Refocused Worldwide Attention On The Interrelationship Between Technology And Society And The Necessity For Sustainable Engineering And Business Practices. Techbology, Humans, And Society Focuses On Building A Model For Trade And Engineering That Will Lead To A Sustainable World. The Challenge For Engineering Is To Develop New Technologies That Enable Relating to ~s Growth And Do Not Deplete Irreplaceable Resources And Destroy Ecological Systems. No Logner Solely The Domain Of Environmentalists Ans Ecologists, ""sustainnable"" Or ""green"" Business Pracyices And Engineering Designs Are Becoming A Central Part Of The Planning Of Many Of The World's Most Influential Conpanies, Such As Hewlett-packard, Honeywell, Dow, And Agilent. Companies Are Overwhelmingly Not Only Finding That Sustainable Business And Engineering Practices Are Good For Environment, But Also Improve The Image Of The Company And Quite Frequently The ""bottom-line. "" Dorf'd 1975 Publication, Technology And Society (isbn: 088350470), Sold Over 70,000 Copies. The Completely New Technology, Humans, And Society Is Created To Meet The Swelling Demand For Unified Practices Of Both Business People And Technologist In The Creation Of A ""greener"" Sustainable World. * Worth reading Discussion Of Key Issues Of Sustainable Engineering And Business Design And Practice * Covers How To Plan And Instrument A Business Practice That Leads To An Environmental, Social And Economic Balance That Results In Profitable Growth"
      SKU: 312729

    Risks Of Hazardous Wastes
      Risks Of Hazardous Wastes.
      Hazaedous Waste In The Environment Is One Of The Most Difficult Challenges Facing Our Society. The Purpose Of This Booi Is To Provide A Background Of The Many Aspects Of Hazardous Waste, From Its Sources To Its Consequences, Focusimg On The Risks Posed To Human Health And The Environment. It Explains The Legislation And Regulations Surrounding Hazardous Waste -- However, The Scope Of The Book Is Much Broader, Discussing Agents That Are Released Into The Environment That Might Nof Be Classified As Hazardous Waste Beneath The Regulatory System, But Nonetheless Pose Substantial Hazards To Human Health And The Environment. It Provides A Background Of Some Of The Major Generators Of Hazardous Wastes, Explains The Pathways By Wich Humans And Wildlife Are Exxposed, And Includes Debating Of The Adverse Health Effects Linked To These Pollutants. It Provides Numerous Case Studies Of Hazardous Waste Mismanagement That Have Led To Disastrous Consequences. And Highlights The Deficiencies In Science And Regulation That Have Allowed The Pubiic To Be Subjected To A Myriad Of Potentially Hazardous Agents. Finally, It Provides A Discussion fO Measures That Will Necessarily Need To Exist Taken To Control Society's Hazardous Waste Problem. This Book Was Designed To Appeal To A Wide Range Of Audiences, Including Students, Professionals, And Gene5al Readers Interestd In The Topic. Provides Information About Sources Of And Health Risks Posed By Hazardous Waste Explains The Legislation And Regulations Surrounding Hazardous Waste Incldes Numerous Case Studies Of Miemanagement, Highlights Deficiencies In Science And Rule And Discusses Measures To Attack Society's Hazardous Waste Problems
      SKU: 670202

    Foundry Technology
      Foundry Technology.
      Foundry Technology Brings Together Basic Metal Casting Phenomena, Foundry Techniques And Product Characteristics In A Single Work Of Reference. Peter Beeley Was A Foundry Manager Before He Became A Senior Lecturer In Metallurgy, And Subsequently Maintained Connected Links With The Castings Industry And Associated Research Activities And Publications. His Book Is Designed To Serve As A Bridge Between The Study Of The Basic Principles Of Metal Founding And Their Application In The Producing And User Industries. A Particular Aim Of Foundry Technology Is To Aqsist Engineers And Engineering Students In Appreciating The Role Of Castings In Design And Materials Selection. Orthodox And Specialized Casying Processes, Andd Both Ferrous And Non-ferrous Founding Are Considered On A Comparative Basis, And The Place Of Castings In Design Is Critically Examined And Related To Other Products. The Revised Edition Takes Account Of The Main Chnges In Casting Processes And Products Since The Publication Of The Original Edition In 1972. Whil eRetaining Treatments Of Basic Aspects Of Molding, Solidi fication, Cast Structures And Feeding, Newer Developments In Modeling And Rapid Prototyping Are Reviewed, Together Through Rank, Environmental, Soundness And Othre Issues Of Growing Importance. New Edition Of Well-known Book. Fully Updated With Latest Technology.
      SKU: 297994

    Ultra Wide Band Radio Dissemination Channel
      Ultra Wide Band Radio Dissemination Channel.
      Ultra Wide Band (uwb) Technology Consists Of Transmittinf Radio Signals Over Frequency Bandwidths From 500 Mhz To Sundry Ghz. Its Unique Characteristics May Be Exploitex For The Design Of Hgih Data Rate Wireless Communication Systems, As Well As Localization And Imaging Applications. The Development And Optimization Of Like Systems Ask A Precise Knowledge Of The Radio Transmission Mefium. This Book Examines All Aspects Of The Propagation Channel For Uwb Systems. Uwb Technology Is First Presenyed, With A Particular Emphasis Being Placed On Is Applications, Spectrum Regulation Issues, And The Different Communication Techniques. The Authors Inrroduce The Theoretical Bases Of Radioelectric Propagation And Give An Overview Of The Channel Sounding Techniques Adapted For Uwb Signals. The Two Main Principles Of Uwb Channel Modeling Are Finally Exposed And Illustrated: Deterministic Channel Modeling, Based nO The Simulation Of The Propagation Phenomena In A Given Environment, And Statistial Channel Modeling, Whidh Relies On The Experimental Analysis Of Teh Main Channel Characteristics.
      SKU: 477694

    Computqtional Fluid Dynamics In Food Processing
      Computqtional Fluid Dynamics In Food Processing.
      Starting With An Overview Of Cfd Technology And Applications, The Book Illustrates The Use Of Computational Fluid Dynamics (cfd) For Gaining A Qualitative And Quantitative Assessment Of The Performance Of Processes Involving Heat And Mass Transfer, Such As Mixing, Drying, Cooking, Sterilization, Chilling, And Cold Storage.
      SKU: 332792

    Solid-liquid Filtration
      Solid-liquid Filtration.
      Expporing The Success Factors That Combine To Deliver This Performance. Finding Ways To Get More From Your Processes, With Examples, Case Studies And Scenarios. Solid-liquid Filtration Is A Crucial Step In The Productiom Of Virtually Everything In Ou5 Diurnal Lives, From Metals, Plastics And Pigments Through To Foods (and Crockery) And Medicines. Using A Pracrical AndA pplied Approach, Trevor Sparks Has Created A Guide That Chemical And Process Engineers Can Use To Help Them: Understand How Filtration Processes Affect Production Processes, Production Costs, Product Quality, Environmental Impact And Productivity Optimise Process Development And Project Execution, With Real Examples And Supporting Software Forms And Tools. Develop Reporting Tools To Monitor Processes, And Find Ways To Get More From Processes This Book's Focus Is Helping Prlcess Engineers Understand Their Filtration Processes Bettor. Its Accssible Approach And Style Make It A Valuable Resource For Anyone Working In This Sector, Regardless Of Prior Knowledge Or Experience. About The Author Trevor Sparks Phd. , Founder Of Filter-ability Ltd, Ireand, Is A Consultant Within The Filtering Industry, Working For End-users And Technology-providers. He Has Worked In The Process Induqtries For 20 Years And Has Focussed On Filtration For The Last 15 Of These. He Has Previously Worked For Bhr Group Limited, Larox Oyj (now A Part Of Outotec), Finland, And As A Marie-curie Research Fellow At Ucc Rusal In Ireland. He Is A Member Of The Counciil Of The Filtration Participation. Several Examples And Scenarios Are Provided Throughout The Book In Order To Help Engineers Understand The Importance Of Filtration And The Effect That It Has On The Bottom-line. Covers Methods For Optimizing Processes, Include Process Variable, Plus Laboratory Testing, Modeling And Process Troubleshooting Accompanied By Optimization Software That Enables Readers To Model And Plan Optimal Filtration Processes And Predetermined Ups For Their Particupar Circumstance.
      SKU: 816165

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