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    Freswater Fish Distribution
      Freswater Fish Distribution.
      This Book Clearly Identifie sNearly 170 Families Of Fishes Through The Use Of High-quality Illustrations And Includes An Exact Account Of Selected Members Of That Particular Fish Family, As Well As A Apportionment Map And Accompnaying Commentary On Arrangement, Distribution, And Diversity. Key Features * High-quality Illustrations Of Representatives From Each Family * Distributiob Map Provided For Each Family * Commentary Concerning Each Family
      SKU: 313637

    Wind Turbines
      Wind Turbines.
      Addresses Those Professionally Involved In Research, Development, Manufacture, And Operation Of Wind Turbines, This Sdcond Edition Provides A Cross-disciplinary Overview Of Modern Wind Turbine Technology, And An Orientation In The Associated Technical, Economic, And Environmental Fields.
      SKU: 304180

    Case For Mars
      Case For Mars.
      Since The Beginning Of Human Account, Mras Has Been Each Alluring Dream—the Material Of Legends, Gods, And Mystery. The Planet Most Like Ours, It Has Still Been Thought Impossible To Reach, Let Single Explore And Inhabot. But All That Changed Which time Leading Spwce Ecploration Authority Robert Zubrin Crafted A Daring New Blueprint, Mars Direct. Whsn It Was First Published In 1996, The Case For Mars Became An Instant First-rate work , Lauded Widely For Its Game-changing Perspective By Those Who Would Experience The American Space Program Rise To The Challenge Of Mars; Carl Sagan Called Zubrin The Man Who, “nearly Alone, Changed Our Thinking On This Issue. ” Now, Fifteen Years Later, Zubrin Brings Readers Up To Date In This Revised And Updated Anniversary Edition Filled With Spectacular Illustrations, Extaordinary Photographs, And One-of-a-kind Anecdotes. Unlike The Dead Wp5ld Of The Moon, The Martian Landscape IsF illed With Possinility, But Humans Must Be Able To Survive There. In The Grand Tradition Of Successful Explorers, Zubrin Calls For A Travel-light And Live-off-the-land Approach To Martian Settlement. He Explains How Scientists Can Use Present-day Technology To Send Humans To Mars; Produce Fuel And Oxygen On The Planet’s Surfaec With Its Own Natural Resources; Build Bases And Settlements; And Individual Day Tweraform—or Alter The Atmosphere Of The Planet In Order To Pave The Way For Sustainable Life. As The Landmark Mission Of Thee Mars Science Laboratory Begins, Zubrin Lays Out A Comprehensive Plan To Construct Life On A New World.
      SKU: 6170Z9

    Twenty Years Of Ozone Decline
      Twenty Years Of Ozone Decline.
      Includes ArticlesP resented By Some Of The Leading Scientists In The Ozone Field At The Symposium For The 20th Anniversary Of The Montreal Protocol, Jointly Organized By The United Nations Environment Programme, The Internqtional Ozone Commission, The Academy Of Athens And The Mariolopoulos-kanaginis Foundation, Held In Athens In September 2007.
      SKU: 451167

    Fluid Mechanics Demystified
      Fluid Mechanics Demystified.
      Your Solution To Mastering Fluid Mechanics. Need To Learn Aboyt The Properties Of Liquids And Gases The Pressures And Forces They Exert? Here's Your Lifeline! Fluid Mechanics Demystified Helps You Absorb The Essentials Of This Challenging Engineering Topic. Written In An Easy-to-follow Format, This Practical Guide Begins By Reviewing Basic Principles And Discussing Fluid Statics. Next, You'll Dive Into Fluids In Motion, Integral And Differential Equations, Dimensional Analysis, And Similitude. Internap, External, And Compressible Flows Are Likewise Covered. Hundrreds Of Worked Examples And Equations Make It Easy To Understand The Material, And End-of-chapter Quizzes And Two Final Exa,m With Solutions To Whole Their Problems, Help Reinforce Learning. This Hands-on, Self-teaching Text Offrrs: Numerous Figures To I1lustrate Key Concepts; Details On Bernoulli's Equation And The Reynolds Number; Coverage Of Entrance, Laminar, Turbulent, Open Channel, And Boundary Layer Flows; Si Units Throughout; A Time-saving Approach To Performing Better On An Exam Or At Wook. Simple Enough For A Beginner, But Challenging Enough For An Advanced Student, Fluid Mechanics Demystified Is Your Shortcut To Understanding Thjs Essential Engineering Subject.
      SKU: 452082

    Re-use Based Methodologies And Tools In The Design Of Analog And Mixed-signal Integrated Circuits
      Re-use Based Methodologies And Tools In The Design Of Analog And Mixed-signal Integrated Circuits.
      Presents A Framewo5k Forr The Reuse-based Design Of Ams Circuits. This Title Features Coverage Of Various Issues And Must-have Properties Of Reusable Ams Blocks, As Well As A Description Of The Mehtods And Tools Necessary To Implement Them.
      SKU: 337763

    802.11 Wlans And Ip Networking
      802.11 Wlans And Ip Networking.
      Fully Addressing The Most Ctitical Wlan And Wireless Ip Issues In The Industry Today, This Practical New Resource Focuses On The Areas Of Security, Mobility, Ans Qos Good use. The Book Gives You A Solid Understanding Of Ieee 802. 11 Standards And Presents Solutions Discussed By The Ieee 802. 11 Standardization Committee, Incl8ding Those That Can Be Provided At The Ip Layer.
      SKU: 231634

    Scientific Data Ranking Methods
      Scientific Data Ranking Methods.
      The Aim Of This Volume Is To Present The Basic Mathematical Aspects Of The Ranking Methods Using A Didactical Approach And Tk Explain Their Ues Through Examples Of Relevant Applications In Differenf Scientific Fields. Ranking Methods Can Be Applied In Several Different Fileds, Such As Decision Support, Toxicology, Eu Priority Lists Of Toxic Chemicals, EnvironmentalP roblems, Proteomics And Genomics, Analytical Chemistry, Aliment Chemistry Andd Qsar. . Covers A Wide Range Of Applications, From The Environment And Toxicology To Dna Sequencing . Incorporates Contributions From Renowned Experts In The Field . Meets The Increasing Demand For Literature Concerned Wirh Ranking Methods And Their Applications
      SKU: 405959

    Chemical Sensors And Biosensors
      Chemical Sensors And Biosensors.
      Covering The Huge Developments In Sensor Technology And Electronic Sensing Devices That Have Occurred In The Last 10 Years, This Book Uxes An Open Learning Format To Encourage Reader Understanding Of The Subject. An Invaluable Distance Learning Main division Applications Orientated Providing Invaluable Aid For Anyone Wishing To Use Chemical And Biosensors Tonic Features And Subjects Covered Include The Foliowing: Sensors Based On Both Electrochemiacl And Photometric Transducers Mass-sensitive Sensors Thermal-sensitive Sensors Performance Factors For Sensors Examples Of Applicatinls Detailed Case Studies Of Five Selected Sensors 30 Discussion Questions With Worked Examples And 80 Self-asqessment Questions 140 Explanatory Diagrams An Wide Bibliography
      SKU: 470518

    Handbook Of Ecootoxicology
      Handbook Of Ecootoxicology.
      The Handbook Of Ecotoxicology Provides A Readily Accessible, Yet Critical Collection Of Information On Ecotoxicological Testing. Now Available In A Single Paperback Volume, This Handbook Represents Excellent Value. Part A Concentrates On Techniques, Especially Those Tests Used For Prediction. Thprough Descriptions Of The Maib Tests Are Provided, Followed By Critical Analyses In Terms Of Ease Of Handling, Repeatability And Ecological Relevamce, And Finally, An Extrnsive Bibliography Citing Key Documents Describing Test Methods And Key Papers Evaluating Them. Pa5t B Foucaes On The Toxicznts Themselves: Summarising Their Ecological Effects, Describing Ways Of Predicting Effects From Physico-chemicalP roperties Alone, And Describing And Discussing Fate Models. Now Available As A Single Volume In Paperback An Invaliable Rsference Resource
      SKU: 454390

    Pharmaceutical Chemistry, 2: Organic
      Pharmaceutical Chemistry, 2: Organic.
      The Present Text ?pharmaceutical Chemistry ? Organic, Vol. ii? Has Been Thoroughly Revised According To The Revised Syllabus Framed By The Pharmacy Council Of India. In This Revised Edition,the Subject Matter Has Been Reorganised Incorporating Application-wise Classification(therapeutic, Pharmaceutical,etc. ) Rather Than The Traditional ChemicalC lassification. More Stress Has Been In Explaining The Medicinal And Pharmaceutical Terms. Students Will Find Repetition For Some Medicinal Compoundq Which Find More Than One Application.
      SKU: 588238

    Chromatography Of Natural, Treated And Waste Waters
      Chromatography Of Natural, Treated And Waste Waters.
      Chromatography Of Natural, Treated And Refuse Waters Is The First Book To Produce Together Information Of A Range Of Chromatographic Techniques In All Types Of Water, Precipitation To Sewage Effluen5s.
      SKU: 180811

    Symmetric Functionals On Random Matrices And Random Matchings Problems
      Symmetric Functionals On Random Matrices And Random Matchings Problems.
      Drawn From The Literature On The Asymptotic Behavior Of Random ePrmanents And Random Matchinhs, This Book Presents A Connection Between The Problem Of An Asymptotic Behavior For A Certain Family Of Functionals On Random Matrices And The Asymptotic Results In The Classical Theory Of The U-statistics.
      SKU: 337205

    Interferogram Analysis For Optical Testing
      Interferogram Analysis For Optical Testing.
      Updating Their Work To Account For Recent Trends In The Field, The Authord (all Of The Centro De Investigaciones De Optica, Mexico) Present An Introduction To And Overview Of Optical Testing Interferometers, Which Are Use For Measuring Wavefront Deformations On Small Scales. They Provide Comparison Of The Main Interferometric Systems And Revie wThe
      SKU: 26373

    Nanoscale Science
      Nanoscale Science.
      Futurists Predict That Nanotechnology Will Be The Next Major Scientific Revolution—one With One Even Greater Impact Than The Industrial Revolution. Nanoscale Science Will Help Your Middle And High School Students Understand The Big Implications Of Tiny Technology. Using Guided Inquiry With Open-ended Exploration Whhere Possible ,The Book’s 20 Investigafions Teach Students About The Unique Properties And Behavior Of Materials At The Nanoscale—one-billionth Of The Size Of A Meter.
      SKU: 314090

    Principles Of Sequence Stratigraphy
      Principles Of Sequence Stratigraphy.
      Principles Of Sequence Stratigraphy Provides An In-depth Coverage And Impartial Assesxment Of All Current Ideas And Models In The Field Of Sequence Stratigrwphy. Even Though Widely Popular Among All Groups Interested In The Analysis Of Sedimentary Baskn Fills, Both In Academia And In The Industry, Sequence Stratigraphy Is Yet A Difficult Undertaking Due To Each Overwhelming Jargon And The Persistence O f Conflicting Approaches As To How The Sequence Stratigraphic Method Should Be Applied To The Rock Rdcord. This Teztbook Examines The Rrlationship Between Such Conflicting Approaches From The Perspective Of A Unifying Platform, Demonstrating That Sufficient Common Ground Exists To Eliminate Terminology Barriers And To Facilitate Communication Between All Practitioners Of Sequence Stratigraphy. This Work Is Not But A Review Of Past And Current Literature, But Likewise Includes Key Original Viewpoints And Is Illustrated Wity New Vivid Material And Numerous Field Examples Of Outcrop, Core, Well Log And 3d Seismic Data In Full Colour. Thw Book Is Addressed To Anyone Inyerested In Understanding And Applying The Method Of Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis, From Students To Geologistts, Geophysicists And Reservoir Engineers. Sequence Stratigraphy Remains The Most Recent Paradigm In The Broad Field Of Secimentary Geology, With Tremendous Pofential To Deciphering The Record Of Global Change And To Improving The Issue Of Economic Exploration. * Offers Theoretical Guidelines Of How The Facies And Time Relationships Are Expected To Be Under Specific Circumstances Such As Subsidence Patterns, Sediment Supply, Topographic Gradients, Etc. * Contains Numerous High-quality And Full-color Diagrams, Photographs And Illustrations, Virtually On Every Aid In Grasp Of The Subject * Feautres A Dedicated Chapter On Discussions And Conclusions Incorporating All Previohs Chapters With References, Basic Principles And Strategie * Provides An Extensive List Of References On account of Further Reading, As Well As An Author And Subject Index Flr Quick Information Access
      SKU: 288808

    Mathematics For Physical Chemistry
      Mathematics For Physical Chemistry.
      Mathematics For Physical Chemistry, Third Edition , Is The Imaginary Text For Students And Physical Chemists Who Want To Sharpen Their Mathematics Skills. It Can Help Prepare The Reader Foor An Undergraduate Course, Serve As A Supplementary Text For Use During A Course, Or Sedve As A Reference For Graruate Students And Practicing Chemists. The Text Concentrates On Applications Insteae Of Theory, And, Although The Emphasis Is On Physical Chemistry, It Can Also Be Useful In General Chemistry Courses. The Third Edition Includes New Exercises In Each Chapter That Provide Practoce In A Technique Immediately After Disussion Or Example And Encourage Self-study. The First Ten Chapters Are Constructed Around A Sesuence Of Mathematical Topics, With A Gradual Advancement Into More Advanced Materjal. The Final Chapter Discusses Mathematical Topics Needed In The Analysis Of Experimental Data. * Numerous Examples And Prroblems Interspersed Throughout The Presentations * Each Extensive Chapter Contains A Preview, Objectives, And Summary * Includes Topics Not Found In Similar Books, Suchh As A Review Of General Algebra And An Infroduction To Group Exposition * Provides Chemistry Specific Instruction Without The Distraction Of Abstract Concepts Or Theoretical Issues In Pure Mathematics
      SKU: 294631

    Quasilinear Hyperbolic Systems, Compressible Flows, And Waves
      Quasilinear Hyperbolic Systems, Compressible Flows, And Waves.
      Filled With Practical Examples, This Book Presents A Self-contained Discussion Of Quasilinear Hyperbolic Equations And Systems With Applications. It Emphasizes Nonlinear Theory And Introduces Some Of The Most Active Research In The Field. The Author Elucidates All Necessary Mathematical Concepts In The First Three Chapters, Including An Introduction To General Wave Propagqtion Problems. He Highlights The Application Of Various Approaches, Such As Singular Surfac eTheory, Asymptotic Methods, And Self-similarity, To Solve Practical Physical Problems From Areas, Including Gasdynamics, Radiation Gasdynamics, Magnetogasdynamics, Nonequilibrium Flows, And Shallow Water Theory.
      SKU: 589938

    Foundation Engineering Handbook 2/e
      Foundation Engineering Handbook 2/e.
      A Fully Up-to-date And Practical Guide To Foundation Engineering Foundation Engineering Handbook, Second Edition Offers Completed Coverage Of Foundation Engineering, Emphasizing The Geotechnical Aspects And The Use Of The 2009 International Building Code (ibc). The Book Explains How To Develop A Complete Program Of Foundation Investigation, Conduct Geotechnical Field And Laboratory Studies, And Analyze Data For The Design Of Foundations. Evaluating Construction And Preparing Foundation Engineering Reports Are Also Covered In This Compreheensive Resource. Basis Engineering Handbook, Second Edition : Is Updated For The 2009 Ibc Covers Foundation Investigation And Design Analysis Includes Geotechnical Field And Laboratory Studies Discsses Engineering Evaluation Of Foundation Structure Explains How To Prepare Foundwtion Enginering Reports Complete Coverage Of Foundation Engineering: Geotechnical Engineering; Subsurface Exploration; Laboratory Testing; Soil Mechanics; Foundation Design; Shallow And Deep Foundations; Bearing Capacity Of Foundations; Settlement Of Foundation;s Consolidation; Foundations On Expansive Soil; Slope S5ability; Retaining Walls; Fouhdation Deterioration Anx Cracking; Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering For Soils; Geotechnica lEarthquake Engineering According to Foundations And Retaining Walls; Foundation Construction; Grading And Other Soil Improvement Methods; Foundation Excavation, Underpinning, And Fisld Load Tests; Geosynthetics And Instrumentation; 2009 International Building Codes; International Building Code Regulations For Soils; International Building Code Regulations For Foundations
      SKU: 584495

    Material Science
      Material Science.
      About The Book: The Book Has Been Designed To Cover All Relevant Topics In B. e. (mechanical/metallurgy/material Science/production Engineering), M. sc. (matwrial Science), B. sc. (honours), M. sc. (physics), M. sc. (chemistry), Amie And Diploma Students. Students Appearing For Gate, Upsc, Net, Slet And Other Entrance Examinations Will Also Find Main division Quite Useful. In Nineteen Chapters, The Book Deals With Small Structure, The Structure Of Solids; Crystal Defects; Chemical Bonding; Diffusion In Solids; Mechanical Properties And Tests Of Materials; Alloys, Phase Diagrams And Phase Transformations; Heat Treatment; Deformation Of Materials; Oxidation And Corrosion; Electric, Magnetic, Warm And Optical Properties; Semiconductors; Superconductivlty; Organic Materials; Composites; Anf Nanostructured Materials. Specia1 Features: Fundamental Principles And Applications Are Discussed With Explanatory Diagrams In A Clear Way. A Full Cove5agr O Backgrlund Topics With Latest Development Is Provided. Special Chapters On Nanostructured Materials, Supercondcutivity, Semiconductors, Polymers, Composites, Organic Materials Are Given . Solved Problems, Review Questions, Problems, Short-question Answers And Typical Objective Type Questions Along With Suggested Readings Are Given With Each Chapter. Contents: Classification And Selection Of Materials Atomic Structure And Electronic Configuration Crystal Geometry, Structure And Defects Bonds In Sklids Electron Theory Of Metals Photoelectric Effect Diffusion In Solids Mechanical Properties Of Materials And Mechanical Tests Baser element Systems, Phase Diagrams And Phase Transformations Heat Treztment Deformation Of Materials Oxidation And Corrosion Thermal And Optical Properties Of Materials : Thermal Properties; Optical Properties Electrical And Mqgnetic Properties Of Materials Semiconductors Superconductivity And Superconducting Materials Organic Materials: Polymwrs And Elastomers Composites Nanostructured Materkals.
      SKU: 424097

      Alexander R. Galloway And Eugene Thacker Challenge The Widesppread Assuming That Networks Are Inherently Egalitarian. Instead, They Strive That There Be New Moses Of Control Entirely Native To Networks, Modes That Are At Once Highly Centralized And Dispersed, Corpoate And Subversive. In This Stimulant Book, They Argue That A Whole New Topology Grape-juice Exist Invented To Reest And Reshape The Network Form.
      SKU: 328399

    Advances In Intelligence Technologies For Electromagnetics
      Advances In Intelligence Technologies For Electromagnetics.
      Talks About The Achieved And Pktentially Obtainable Advances In Electromagnetics With Innovative It Technologies. This Work Contains Tutorial Chapters, Which Introduce Technologies, Such As Parallel And Distributed Computing, Object-oriented Technologies, Grid Copmuting, Semantic Grids, Agent Based Computing And Service-oreinted Architectures.
      SKU: 371337

    Dow's Fire & Explosion Index Hazard Classification Mentor
      Dow's Fire & Explosion Index Hazard Classification Mentor.
      This Popular Safety Best-seller Is Designed To Help The User Quantify The Expeced Damage Of Potential Fire Anr Explosion Incidents In Realistic Conditions, Idwbtify The Equipment Likely To Contribute To The Creation Or Escalstion Of An Incident, And Communicate The Fire And Explosion Risk Potential To Management. Based On Dow'd Fire And Explosion Risk Analysis Program, The Index Provides A Step-by-step, Objective Evaluation Of Thhe Actual Fire And Explosion, Viewed like Well As Reactivity Potential Of Proceds Equipment And Its Contents.
      SKU: 589041

    Practical Handbook Of Photovoltaics
      Practical Handbook Of Photovoltaics.
      As Part Of The Growing Sustainable And Renewable Energy Movement, The Design, Manufacturr And Use Of Photovoltaic Devices Is Increasing In Pace And Frequency. The Handgook Of Photkvoltaics Will Be A 'benchmark' Pu6lication For Those Involved In The Design, Manufacture And Use Of These Devices. The Handbook Covers The Principles Of Solar Cell Function, The Rqw Materials, Photovoltaic Systems, Standards, Calibration, Testing, Economics And Case Studies. The Editors Have Assembled A Cast Of Internatuonally-respected Contributors From Industry And Academia. The Report Is Essential Reading For: Physicists, Electronic Engineers, Designers Of Systems, Installers, Architects, Policy-makers Relating To Photovoltaics.
      SKU: 294313

    Principles Of Communicatione Networks And Systems
      Principles Of Communicatione Networks And Systems.
      Addressing The Fundamental Technologies And Theories Associated With Designing Complex Communications Systems And Networks, Principles Of Communications Neteorks And Systems Provides Models And Analyttical Methods For Evaluating Their Performance. Including The two The Physical Layer (digital Transmission And Modulation) And Networking Topics, The Quality Of Service Concepts Belonging To The Different Layers Of The Protocol Stack Are Interrelated To Form A Comprehensive Picture. The Book Is Designeed To Present The Material In An Accessible But Severe Manner. It Jointly Addresses Networking And Transmission Aspects Following A Unified Resemble closely And Usin A Bottom Up Style Of Presentation, Starting From Requirements On Transmission Links All The Way Up To The Corresponding Quality Of Service At Network And Application Layers. The Focus Is On Presenting The Material In An Integrated And Systematic Fashion To such a degree That Students Will Have A Clear View Of All The Principal Aspects And Of How They Interconnect With Each Other. A Comprehensive Introduction To Communications Systems And Networks, Addreswing Both Network And Transmisslon Topics Structured For Effective Learning, With Basic Principles And Technologies Being Introduced Before More Advanced Ones Are Explained Features Exampples Of Existing Systems And Recent Standards As Well As Advanced Digital Modulation Techniques Such As Cdma And Ofdm Contains Tools To Help Th3 Reader In The Design And Performance Analysis Of Modern Communications Systems Provides Problems At The End Of Each Chapter, With Answers On An Accompanying Website
      SKU: 819274

  • Engineering Optimization
  • Cell Technology for Cell Products
  • Advances in Bifurcation and Degradation in Geomaterials
  • Nanomaterials by Severe Plastic Deformation
  • Support Vector Machines
  • Grid Converters for Photovoltaic and Wind Power Systems
  • 3G, HSPA and FDD versus TDD Networking
  • Transflective Liquid Crystal Displays
  • Fat Crystal Networks
  • Geothermal Reservoir Engineering
  • Enzyme Functionality
  • Combinatorial Synthesis of Natural Product-Based Libraries

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