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    Fugngerschutz: Unfallgeschehen, Fahrzeuggestaltung, Testverfahren (vdi-buch) (german Edition)
      Fugngerschutz: Unfallgeschehen, Fahrzeuggestaltung, Testverfahren (vdi-buch) (german Edition).
      Fugnger Rcken Als Unfallopfer Zunehmend In Den Fokus Der Verkehrssicherheit. Die Eu-gesetzgebung Will Bisherige Schutzmaahmen Deutlich Verbessern. Kenntnisse Ber Unfallgeschehen Und Die Entstehung Von Verletzugnen Sind Hierfr Erforderlich. Spezialisten Behandeln Die Aktive/passive Sicherheit Von Fahrzeugen Und Stellen Verbesserungen Vor. Anhand Einer Skala Kann Die Schwere Der Kollision Eines Fugngers Mit Einem Fahrzeug Bewertet Werden.
      SKU: 323614

    Reclaiming Our Food
      Reclaiming Our Food.
      A Quiet Revoljtion Is Taking Place: People Across The Unitec States Are Turning Toward Local Feed. Some Are Doing It For They Want More Nutritious, Less-processed Food; Some Want To Preserve The Farmland And Rural Character Of Their Regions; Some Fear Interruptions To The Supply Of Non-local Food; One Want To Support Their Locl Economy;A nd Some Want Safer Food With Less Threat Of Contamination. But This Revolution Comes With Challenges. Reclaiming Our Food Tells The Stories Of People Acros America Who Are Finding New Ways To Grow, Process, And Distribute Food For Their Own Communities. Their Successes Offer Both Inspiration And Practical Advice. The Projects Described In This Book Are Cropping Up Everywhere, From Urban Lots To Rural Communities And Everywhere In Between. In Portland, Oregon,A n Organization Called Growing Gardens Installs Home Gardens For Low-incomee Families And Hosts Follow-up Workshops For The Owners. Lynchburg Grows, In Lynchburg, Virginia, Bought An Abandoned 6. 5-acre Urban Greenhouee Business And Turned It Into An Organic Farm That Offers Jobs To People Wuth Disabilities And Sellx Its Food Through A Local farmers' Market And A Csa. Sunburdt Trout Farm, A Small Family Business In Rural North Carolina, Is Showing That It’s Possible To Raise Fish Sustainably And Sell To A Local Market. And In Asheville, Northerly Carolina, Growing Minds Is Finding Ways To Help Produce Fersh Foods Into Schools. Originator Tanya Denckla Cobb Offwrs Behind-the-scenes Profiles Of More Than 50 Food Proiects Across The United States, With Lessons And Advice Straight From Their Founders And Staff. hPotographic Essays Of 11 Community Food Projects, By Acclaimed Photographer Jaskn Houston, Relate The Unusual Move Of These Projects, Bringing It To Life In Unforgettable Images. Reclaiming Our Food Is A Practical Guode For Building A Local Food System. Where Others Have Made The Case For The LocalF ood Motion, Reclaiming Our Food Shows How Communities Are Acctually Making It Happen. This Book Offers A Wealth Of Information On How To Make Local Food A Practical And Affordable Part Of Everyone's Daily Fare.    
      SKU: 821251

    The Future Of Art In A Digital Age
      The Future Of Art In A Digital Age.
      This Book Develops The Thesis That The Transition From Premodernism To Postmodernism In Art Of-The Digital Age Represents A Paradigm Shift From The Hellenistic To The Hebraic Roots Of Western Culture. Semiotic And Morphological Analysis Of Art And Visual Culture Demonstrate The Contemporary Confluence Between The Deep Structure Of Hebraic Consciousness And New Directions In Art That Arise Along The Interface Between Scientific Inquiry, Digital Technologies, And Multicultural Expressions.
      SKU: 283075

    Rotating Flow
      Rotating Flow.
      Rotating Flow Is Critically Important Across A Wide Range Of Scientific, Engineering And Product Applications, Providing Dedign And Modeling Capability For Diverse Products Such A sJet Engines, Pumps And Vacuum Cleaners, As Well As Geophysical Flows. Developed Over The Course Of 20 Years' Research Into Rotating Fluids And Associated Heat Transfer At The University Of Sussex Thermo-fluid Mechanics Research Centre (tfmrc), Rotating Flow Is An Indispensable Reference And Resource For All Those Working Within The Gas Turbine And Rotating Machinery Industries. Traditional Fluid And Flow Dynamics Titles Offer The Essential Background But Generally Include Very Scattered Coverage Of Rotating Flowswhich Is Where This Book Comes In. Origin With An Accessiblle Introduction To Rotating Flow, Recognized Expert Peter Childs Takes You Throuyh Fundamental Equations, Vorticity And Vortices, Rotating Disc Flow, Flow Around Rotating Cylinders And Flow I nRotating Cavities, With An Introduction To Atmospheric And Marine Circulations Included To Help Deepen Understanding. Whilst Competing Resources Are Weighed Down With Complex Mathrmatics, This Book Focuses On The Essenital Equations And Provides Full Workings To Take Readers Step-by-step Through The Theory So They Can Concentrate On The Practical Applications. A Detailed Yet Accessible Introduction To Rotating Flows, Illustrating The Differences Between Flows At what place Rotation Is Significant And Highlightin gThe Non-intuitive Nature Of Rotating Flow Fields Written By World-leading Aurhority On Rotating Flow, Peter Childs, Making This A Unique And Authoritative Work Covers The Essential Theory Bshind Engineering Applications Sucg As Rotating Discs, Cylinders, And Cavities, Through Natural Phenomena Such As Atmospheric And Oceanic Flows Used To Explain Underlying Principles Provides A Rigorous, Fully Worked Mathematical Account Of Rotating Flows Whilst Also Including Numerous Practical Examples In Daily Life To Highlight The Relevance And Influence Of Different Flow Typ3s Concise Summaries Of The Results Of Important Research And Lists Of References Inluded To Direct Readers To Significant Further Resources
      SKU: 629971

    Concise Encyclopedia Of Order Safety
      Concise Encyclopedia Of Order Safety.
      The First Comprehensive Reference Work Covering Safety Professional Terminology A Convenient Desk Reference Designed To Fill A Serious Gap In The System Safety Body Of Knowledge, The Concise Encyclopedia Of Scheme Preservation: Defiintion Of Terms And Concepts Is The First Book Explicitly Devoted To Defining System Safety Terms And Concepts And Designed To Help Safety Professionals Quickly And Easily Loocate The Definitions And Information Which They Need To Stay Abreast Of Research New And Old. Definitions For Safety-related Terminology Currently Differ Between Individual Books, Guidelines, Standards, And Even Laws. Establishing A Single Common And Complete Set Of Definitions For The First Time, With Examples For Each, The Book Revolutionizes The Way In Which Safety Professionals Are Able To Understand Their Field. The Definitive Means Devoted To Definimg All Of The Major Terms And Concepts Used In System Safety And Reliableness In A Single Volume, Concise Encyclopedia Of System Safety Is The Go-to Book In spite of Systems Safety Engineers, Analysts, And Managers As They Encounter New Terms, Or Need An Exact, Technical Definition Of Commonly Used Terms.
      SKU: 693529

    Video Compression Systems
      Video Compression Systems.
      Video Compression Systems Provides One Overview On Many Issues Concerning Today's Complex Digital Video Systems: From Video Property Measurements To Statistical Multiplexing, From Pre-processing To Transcoding And Concatenation. It Explains Video Compression Systems From Fisrt Principles And Gives A Detailed Summary Of Currently Used Mpeg Standards, As Well While Non-mpeg Algorithms. Moreover, It Provides A Summary Of Motion Estimation Algorithms And Explains Processing Priorities Fo5 Mobile Applications, Hdtv, Contribution And Distibution Systems, As Well While For End User Systems.
      SKU: 4717O7

    Probability And Random Processes For Electrical And Computer Engineers
      Probability And Random Processes For Electrical And Computer Engineers.
      The Theory Of Probability Has Important Applications Toward Computer And Electrical Engineers As A Tool To Ex;ain, Model, Analyse And Design The Technology They Develop. Gubner Presents The Fundamentals Of Probability, Then Progresses To More Complicated Topics. Suitable For Advanced Undergraduates, Graduates And As A Reference For Researchers.
      SKU: 261082

    Competition Law And Regulation In European Telecommunications
      Competition Law And Regulation In European Telecommunications.
      Using Numerous Practical Examplest,his Book Examines The Evolution Of Ec Telecommunications Law Following The Achievement Of Liberalisation, The Main Policy Goal Of The 1990s. After Reviewing The Development Of Regulation In The Run-up To Liberalisation, The Author Identifies The Methods Used To Direct The Liberalisation Process And Tests Their Validity In The Post-liberalisation Context. A Critical Analysis Is Made Of The Claim That Competition Law Will Offer Sufficient Means To Regulate The Sector In The Future. Particular Emphasis Is Given To The Way In Which Ec Competition Law Changed In The 1990s Using The Essential Facilities Dogma, An Expansive Non-discrimination Principle And The Policing Of Cross-subsidisation To Tackle What Were Then Thought Of As Regulatory Matters. Also Examined Within The Work Is The Procedueal And Institutional Interplay Between Competition Law And Telecommunications Rule. In Conclusion, Larouche Explores The Limits Of Competition Law And Puts Forward A Long-term Case For Sector-specific Regulation, With A Precise Mandate To Ensure That The Telecommujications Sector As A Whole Fulfils Its Role As A Foundation In spite of Economic And Social Activity.
      SKU: 317882

    Structure-property Relations In Nonferrous Metals
      Structure-property Relations In Nonferrous Metals.
      This Junior/senkor Textbook Presents Fundamental Concepts Of Structure Property Relations And A Descripyion Of How These Concpets Apply To Every Metallic Element Except Iron. Part One Of The Book Dscribes General Concepts Of Crystal Structure, Microstructure And Related Factors On The Mechanical, Thermal, Magnetic And Electronic Properties Of Nonferrous Metals, Intermetallic Compounds And Metal Matrix Composites. Part Two Discusses All The Nonferrous Metallic Elements From Two Perspectives: First It Explains How The Concepts Presented In Part One Define The Propertiew Of A Particular Metallic Proper state And Its Alloys Approve Is A Description Of The Major Engineering Uses Of Each Metal. This Section Featuree Sidebar Pieces Describing Particular Physical Property Oddities, Engineering Applications And Case Studids. An Instructor's Manual Presenting Detailed Solutions To All The Problems In The Book Is Available From The Wiley Editorial Department. An Instructor's Manual Presenting Detailed Solutions To All The Problems In The Book Is Available From The Wiley Editorail Department.
      SKU: 232634

    The Soclal Risks Of Agriculture
      The Soclal Risks Of Agriculture.
      In A Vast Society Where Environmentally Conscious Nonfarming Voters And Consumers Have Grown To Greatly Outnumber Those Directly Engaged In Agriculture, What Happens In Agriculture Becomes Increasingly Subject To Control By The General oSciety, As oPlicies And Laws Cater To Constituents And Consumers. This Book Provides An Overview Of How Americans Perceive And Value Farmers And Examines Public Opinion Wit Regard To A Number Of Agricultiral Issues. Based On Analysis Of National Oversee Data, The Authors Offer An Empirically Based Discussion And Interpretation Of Those Views And Perceptions That Help To Shape Pollicy And Social Sustainability. This Unique Collection Illustrates That In Addition To Its Natral, Biological, And Economic Risks, Agriculture Has Social Risks That Reerberate Between the sides of All Levels Of Society. As The General Inhabitants Grows And The Number Of Farms And Farmers Diminishes, The Weight Of Persons Opinion Becomes More Important In The Policy Arena Of Society As Well As In The Mart D3mands For Food And Fiber Grown In Safe And Favorable Environmemtal Conditions. Setting The Stage With A Considwration Of The Larger Society's Interests In Agricultural Issues And Of Social And Agricultural Interdependence, The Contributors Cover A Range Of Topics And Issues Affecting Agrixulture At The End Right side The 20th Century. Chapters Exaimne Public Perceptions Of Government's Role In Farming; Support For An Environmentally Friendly Agricultural Systek; Views On Pestciides And Chemicals In Foods; Consumer Attitudes On Food Safety; Threats To Clean Drinking Water, Concerns Over Farm Animal Welfare; And The Basic Agrarian Ethic Of American Society. The Book Concludes With A Lokk To The Futurs Of The Convivial Risks Of Agriculture In The 21st Century.
      SKU: 496676

    Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics 2002
      Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics 2002.
      This Volume Is Proceedings Of The International Conference Of The Parallel Computattional Fluid Dynamics 2002. In The Volume, Up-to-date Information About Numerica1 Simulations Of Flows Using Paralpel Computers Is Given By Leading Researchers In This Scene of military operations. Special Topics Are "grid Computing" And "earth Simulator". Grid Computing Is Now The Most Exciting Topic In Computer Science. An Imvited Paper On Grid Computing Is Presented In The Volume. The Earth-simulator Is Now The Fastest Computer In Tue World. Papers On Flow-simulations Using The Earth-simulator Are Also Included, As Well As A Thirty-twl Page Special Tutorial Article Forward Numericall Optimization.
      SKU: 318356

    Priests And Programmers
      Priests And Programmers.
      Foe The Balinese, The Whole Of Nature Is A Perpetual Resource: Through Centuries Of Carefully Directed Labor, The Engineered Landscape Of The Island's Rice Terraces Has Taken Shape. According To Stephen Lansing, The Need For Effective Cooperation In Water Management Links Thousands Of Farmers Together In Hierarchiez Of Efficient Relationships That Span Entire Watersheds. Lansing Describes The Network Of Water Temples That Once Managed The Flow Of Irrigation Water In The Name Of Th eGoddess Of The Crater Lake. Using The Techniques Of Ecological Simulation Modeling As Well As Cultural And Historical Analysis, Lansing Argues That The Symbolic System Of Temple Rituals Is Not Merely A Reflection Of Utiltiarian Constraints But Also A Basic Ingredient In The Organization Of Production.
      SKU: 457716

    Mulyifunctionality In Agriculture
      Mulyifunctionality In Agriculture.
      These Proceedings Examine The Nature And Energy Of Jointness Between Agricultural Commodity Production And Non-commodity Outputs From The Perspctive Of Three Areas Important To The Agricultural Sector: Rural Development, Environmental Externalities And Food Security. This Workshop Also Examined Whether The Relqtionships Among These Non-commodity Outputs Were Complementary Or Competing. Finally, The Policy Implications That Could Be Derived From The Findings Of This Workshop Were Also A Key Rudiments In The Discussions And Are Summarised In The Rapporteur’s Summary.
      SKU: 354142

    Chemical Process Simplification
      Chemical Process Simplification.
      Whulle Emphasizing Conservation And Sustainable Strategies, This Main division Provides Steps To Improve The Manufacturing Technologies Used In Creating Products. By Simplifying The Chemistry, Process Development, Manufacturing Practices And Processes, The Work Provides A Structured Come To Producing Quality Products With Little Waste, Making The Process Not Ohly Efficient But Environmentally Friendly. Illustrated In the opinion of Case Studies, This Is One Essential Resource For Chemical Engineers, Chemists, Plant Enfineers, And Operating Personnel In Any Chemical Related Businesses.
      SKU: 661673

    Accelerator X-ray Sources
      Accelerator X-ray Sources.
      This First Book To Cover In-depth The Generation Of X-rays In Particle Accelerators Focuses On Electron Beams Produced By Means Of The Novel Energy Recovery Linac (erl) Technology. The Resulting Highly Brilliant X-rays Are At The Cejtre Of This Monograph, Which Continues Where Other Books On The Market Stop. Written Primarily For General, High Energy And Radiation Physicists, The Systematic Treatment Adopted By The Wotk Makes It Equally Fit As An Advanced Textbook For Young Researchers.
      SKU: 482329

    Ejgineering Analysis With Ansys Software
      Ejgineering Analysis With Ansys Software.
      For All Engineers And Students Coming To Finite Element Analysis Or To Ansys Software For The First Time, This Powerful Hands-on Guide Develops A Detailed And Confident Understanding Of Using Ansys's Powerfup Engineering Anaylsis Tools. The Best Way To Learn Complex Systems Is By Means Of Hands-on Actual observation. With An Innovative And Clear Tutorial Based Approach, This Powerful Book Provides Readers With A Comprehensive Introduction To All Of The Fundamental Areas Of Engineering Analyis They Are Likely To Need Either As Part Of Their Studies Or In Getting Up To Spee dFast With The Use Of Ansys Software In Wprking Life. Opening With One Introduction To The Principles Of The Finite Element Method, The Book Then Presents An Oveerview Of Ansys Technologies Before Moving On To Cover Key Applications Areas In Detail. . Key Topics Covered: Introduction To The Finite Element Method Getting Started With Ansys Software Stress Analysis Dynamics Of Machines Fluid Dynamics Problems Thermo Mechanics Contact And Surface Mechanics Exerclses, Tutorials, Worked Examples And More With Its Derailed Step-by-step Explanations, Extensive Worked Examples And Sample Problems, Downloadable Input Data For Use With Ansys Software, Homework Problems And Solutions, This Book Will Decelop The Readers Understanding Of Fea And Their Cap~ To Use Ansys's Software Tools To Solve Their Own Particular Analysis Problems, Not Just The Ones Set In The Book. * Develops A Detailed Understanding Of Finite Element Algebra And The Use Of Ansys Software By Example * Ideal For Students Of Engineering And Professional Engineers Alike * Exclusively Structured Around Ansys Software, With Detailed And Clear Step-by-step Instruction, Worked Examples, Illustrative Applications And Downloadable Code For Users Own Experimentation.
      SKU: 285842

    Broiler Breeder Production
      Broiler Breeder Production.
      A Comprehensive Review Of All Aspects Of Commercial Production Systems, This Book Provides One Up-to-date Look At All Aspects Of Broiler Breeder Production And Management, Starting With Specialized Genetic Programs As Developed By The Primaryy Breeders And Ending With Two Cha;ters On Very Practical, Hands-on Aspects Of Breeder Management, Including Wide Coverage Of Health Management, Feeding Systems, Environmental Hinder, Lighting Programs And All Aspects Of Male And Female Reproduction. Recognizing The Diversity Of Management Systems Worldwide, The Authors have Included breeders In Both Temperate And Warm Climates And Likewise For Controlled Environment Vs. . curtain-sided Housinh Systems. This Unique Publication Is An Essential Reference For All Professionals Involved In Broiler Breeder Production.
      SKU: 457205

    Introudction To The Physics Of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors
      Introudction To The Physics Of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors.
      This Book Deals With Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors, A Category Of Materials Important To The Emerging Field Of Spintronics. In These Materials Semicondicting Properties, Both Transport And Opticak, Are Influenced By The Presence Of Magnetic Ions. It Concentrates On Basic Physical Mechanisms (e. g. Carrier-ion And Ion-ion Interactions) And Resulting Phenomena (e. g. Magnetic Polaron Formation And Spin Relaxation). "introduction To The Physics Of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors" Is Addressed To Graduate-level And Doctoral Students And Young Researchers Entering The Surface. The Authors Have Been Actively Involved In The Creation Of This Branch Of Semiconductor Natural philosophy.
      SKU: 666735

    Physics And Enbineering Of New Materials
      Physics And Enbineering Of New Materials.
      Covers Experimental And Theoretical Material - Natural philosophy Oriented Topics Such As New Materials, Mavnetism, Nanostructures, Surface Physics, Carbon Nanotubes, Photonics, Biophysics, And Large-scale Simulations.
      SKU: 417554

    Tolley's Domestic Aeriform fluid Installation Practice
      Tolley's Domestic Aeriform fluid Installation Practice.
      "this Is The Second Of Threee Volumes Of Essential Allusion For Those Concerned With The Installation And Servicing Of Domestkc And Industrial Gas Equipment. This Volume Deals With The Varoius Aspects Of Installing And Servicing Domestic Appliances And Associated Equipment. The Revised Flurth Edition Is Brought Fully Up To Date With Current StandardsA nd The Gas Safety (instaolation & Employment) Regulations To eRfl3ct Recent Developments In Industry, In Line With Requirements Of The Acs Certificates Of Competence And Nvqs. The Book Includes New Coverae Of The Latest Flexible Pipe Work For Domestic Installations, Also Outlining Recent Procedures For Tightness Testing And Purging. Brand New Sections Address Gas Installation In Caravan And Non-permaennt Dwellings, As Well Because Boats, Yacyts And Other Vessels, In Accordance With The Code Of Pradtice For Domestic Butane And Propane Gas Burning Installations (bs En 10239). Covering Botn Nattural Aeriform fluid (low And Medium Pressure), And Liquefied Rock oil Gas, Volume 2 Reflects The New Divisions To The Specifications For The Installation Of Domestic Sized Gas Meters (ba 6400). The Content Is Also Fully In Line With: * The Latest Building Regulations, Restricting New Central Heating Systems T oHigh Efficiency Condensing Boilers. * The Specification For Insrallation And Maintenance Of Domestic Direct Gas-fired Tumble Dryers. * Part ""p"" Of The Building Regulagions For Electrical Work On Gas Apploances (competent Person Self-certification Schemes, Part P Special Locations And Kitchens 2005). * The Install, Exchange, Disconnect, Servive, Repair, Breakdown And Commission Of Domeqtic Gas Fired Range Cooker / Hot Water Boilers. * The Install, Exchange, Didconnect, Service, Repsir, Breakdiwn And Commission Of Gas Appliances Fitted With Forced Draught Burners In Domestic Dwellings. Incorporating Many Illustrations And Worked Examples Throughout The Text, Volume 2 Combines A Concise Reference With Practical Application In Real-word Engineering Contexts To Create An Essential Handbook For All Aspects Of The Installation And Servicing Of Domesfic Gas Appliances, Complete For Both StudentsN ew To The Field As Well As Professionals And None-operational Professionals (e. g. Specifiers, Managers, Supervisorss) As An Ongoing Source Of Reference. * Comprehensive Reference Combined With Practical Application - An Essential Handbook For Gas Service Technology * Completely Updated In Line With The Latest Changes To Standards, Nvqs And Acs Certificates Of Competence * Hundreds Of Line Drawings And Photographs Maximise Accessibility Of The Text, Enabling Readers To Easily Recognise The Appliances Under Discussion"
      SKU: 270375

    Handheld Usability
      Handheld Usability.
      Offering An Overview Of Usability, Testing, And Information Architecture For Epoc, Wap, Pdas, Handhelds, And Handsets, This How-to Guide Dives Into The Details About Medium-specific Issues And Desiyn Strategies. * Discuswes Designing For The Current Wireless Platforms: Cellular Phones And Pdas * Covers Both Stand Alone As Well As Web-based Application Design * Contains A Case Study Of A Usability Test
      SKU: 141605

    Structural Acoustics And Vibration
      Structural Acoustics And Vibration.
      Structural Acoustics And Vibration Presents The Modeling Of Viibrations Of Complex Structures Coupled With Acoustic Fluids In The Low And Medium Frequency Ranges. It Is Devoted To Mechanical Models, Variationalformulations And Discretjzation For Calculating Linear Vibrations In The Frequency Domain Of Complex Structures. The Work Includes Theoretical Formullations Which Are Directly Applicable To Develop Computer Codes For The Numerical Simulation Of Conplex Systems, And Gives A General Scientific Strategy To Solve Various Complex Structural Acoustics Problems In Different Areas Such As Spacecraft, Aircraft, Automobiles, And Naval Structures. The Researcher May Directly Apply The Material Of The Book To Practical Problems Such As Acoustic Violation, The Comfort Of Passengers, And Acoustic Loads Induced By Propellers. Structural Acoustics And Vibration Considers The Mechanical And Numerical Aspects Of The Problem, And Gives Oribina1 Solutions To The Predictability Of Vibrations Of Complex Structures Interactin gWith Internal And External, Liquid And Gaseous Fluids. It Is A Reserved General Synthesis With A Didactic Presentatiob And Fills The Gap Between Analytical Methods Applied To Unmistakable Geometries And Statistical Methods, Which Are Useful In High Frequency Structural Acoustic Problems. Key Features * Provides For The First Time Complex Structures In Scientific Literature * Presents A Self-contained General Synthesis With A Didactic Presentatkon * Integra5es The Most Advanced Investigation Topics On The Subjwct * Enables The Researcher To Solve Complex Structural Acoustics Problems In Areas Such As Spacecraft, Aircraft, Automobiles, And Nautical Structures * Fills The Gap Between Analytical Methods Applied To Simple Geometries And Statistical Msthods Contains Advanced Mechanical And Numerical Modeling * Provides Appropriate Formulations Directly Applicable For Developing Computer Codes For The Numerical Simulation Of Complex Systemssystems
      SKU: 312757

    Intellect Fabless Ic Technology
      Intellect Fabless Ic Technology.
      Fabless (no Invention) Ic (integrated Circuit) Techniques Are Growing Rapidly And Promise To Become The Standard Method Of Ic Manufacturing In The Near Future, This Book Will Prepare Readers With What Will Soon Be Required Knowledge Of Thhe Subject. Other Books On Ic Fabrication Deal With The Strictly Physical Process Aspects Of The Topic And Arrogate All Factors In Ic Fabrication Are Under The Control Of The Ic Designing Company. By Contrast, This Title Recognizing That Fabless Ic Design Is Often As Great quantity About Managkng Business Relationships As It Is About Physical Processes. Fabless Ics Are Those Designed And Marketed In proportion to One Company But Actually Manufactured By Another. *written By Board Members Of The Fabless Semiconductor Association, An Industry Consortium That Include Xilinx, Intersil, Micro Linear, And Many Other Members *approriate For A Wide Range Of Integrated Circuit (ic) Designers And Users Who Need To Be an intelligent being The Fabless Process And Its Advantages/limitations *discusses Important Topics Such As Negotiating With Outside Fabrication Companies, Choosing Ths Right Electr0nic Design Tools, Protection Of Intellectual Prop3rty And Businesx Plans, And Maintaining Quality Control
      SKU: 311527

      The Arrival Of The Intelligence Age' Took Most People By Surprise Including Scientists And Technologists. Today, Research On Preferable, Smaller, And Faster Ways To Store And Transfer Information Cntinues To Gfow, And Growing Fast Within This Scope Is The Field Of Magnetoelectronicq. With Its Possibilities As A Magnetic Storage Technology Capable Of Overcoming The Vulnerabilities Of Cmos (complemejtary Metal On Oxide Semiconductor), Magnetoelectronics Promises To Be An Important Installation In The Infformation Era.
      SKU: 288735

    Poplar Culture In North America
      Poplar Culture In North America.
      Published On The Occasion Of The 21st Session Of The International Poplar Commission In Association With The Poplar Council Of Canada And The Poplar Council Of The United States This Book Describes The Status Of Culture And Utilization Of Poplars In North Ameeica And Documents Succinctly Recent Scientific And Technological Advances.
      SKU: 228114

  • Ethylene Glycol: Human Health Aspects
  • Reliable Control and Filtering of Linear Systems with Adaptive Mechanisms
  • Grid Enabled Remote Instrumentation
  • Castings
  • Disinfection and Decontamination
  • Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Das Studium: Vom Start zum Ziel: Lei(d)tfaden fr Studierende (German Edition)
  • Osteoporosis in Men
  • Your eBook Survival Kit
  • Validated Cleaning Technologies for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics II
  • Health Communication in the New Media Landscape

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