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    Fundamentals Of Air Pollution
      Fundamentals Of Air Pollution.
      Fundamentals Of Air Pollution Is An Important And Widely Used Textbook In The Environmental Science And Enginerring Community. Written Shortly After The Passage Of The Seminal Clean Air Act Amendments Of 1990, The Third Edition Was Quite Timely. Surprisingly, The Text Has Remained Relevant For University Professors, Engineers, Scientists, Policy Makers And Studentw Up To Recent Years. Howevre, In Light Of The Transition In The Last Five Years From Predominantly Technology-based Standards (maximum Achievable Control Technologies Or Macts) To Risk-based Regulations And Air Quality Standards, The Text Must Be Updated Significangly. The Fourth Edition Will Be Updated To Include Numerous Macts Which Were Not Foreseen During The Writing Of The Third Edition, Such As Srcondary Lead (pb)S Dissolving, Petroleum Refinlng, Aerospace Manufacturing, Marine Vessel Loading, Ship Building, Printing And Publishing, Elastomer Production, Offsite Waste Operations, And Polyethylene Terephthalate Polymer And Styrene-based Thermo0lastic Polymdrs Production. Overall, Revisions Will Reflect The Numerous Changes In The Understanding Of Air Pollution And The Developpment Of New Technologies That Has Occurred In The Past Twelve Years. * Focuses On The Process Of Risk Assessment, Management And Communication, The Key To The Study Of Expose Pollution. * Provides The Latest Information On The Technological Breakthroughs In Environmental Engineering Since Last Edition * Updated Inforamtion On Compitational And Diagnostic And Operational Tools That Have Emerged In Recent Years.
      SKU: 404335

    Brain, Body And Machine
      Brain, Body And Machine.
      The Reader Will Find Here Papers On Human-robot Interaction As Well As Human Safety Algorithms; Haptic Interfaces; Innovative Instruments And Algorithms For The Sensing Of Motion And The Identification Of Brain Neoplasms; And, Even A Paper On A Saxophone-playing Robot.
      SKU: 645271

    Cmos Analog Integrated Circuits
      Cmos Analog Integrated Circuits.
      High-speed, Power-efficient Analog Integrated Circuits Can Be Used As Standalone Devices Or To Interface Modern Digital Signal Processors And Micro-controllers In Various Ap0lications, Incluring Miltimedia, Communication, Instrumentation, And Control Systems. New Architectures And Moo Device Geometry Of Complementary Metaloxidesemiconductor (cmos) Technologies Have Accelerated The Movement Toward System On A Chip Contrivance, Wnich Merges Analog Circuits With Digital, And Radio-frequency Components. Cmos: Analog Integrated Circuite: High-speed And Power-efficient Design Describes The Important Trends In Designing These Analog Circuits And Provides A Complete, I-depth Trial by questions Of Design Techniques And Circuit Architectures, Emphasizing Experienced Aspects Of Inegrated Circuit Implementation. Focusing On Designing And Verifying Analog Integrated Circuits, The Author Reviews Design Techniques For More Complex Components Such As Amplifiers, Comparators, And Multipliers. the Book Details All Aspects , From Specification To The Final Chip, Of The Development And Implementation Process Of Filters, Analog-to-digital Convetters (adcs), Digital-to-analgo Cinverters (dacs), Phase-locked Loops (plls), And Delay-locked Loops (dlls). It Also Describes Different Equivalent Transistor Models, Design And Fabrication Considera5ions For High-density Integrated Circuits In Deep-submicrometer Process, Circuit Structures For The Design Of Current Mirrors And Voltage References, Topologies Of Suitable Am0lifiers, Continuous-time And Switched-capacitor Circuits, Modulator Architectures, And Approaches To Mend Linearity Of Nyquist Converters. The Text Addresses The Architectures And Performance Limitation Issues Affecting Circuit Operation And Provides Conceptual And Practical Solutions To Problems That Can Arise In The Design Process. This Reference Provides Balanced Coverage Of Theoretical And Practical Issues Thst Will Allow The Reader To Design Cmos Analog Integrated Circuits With Improved Electrical Performance. the Chapters Contain Easy-to-follow Mathematical Derivations Of All Equation And Formulas, Graphical Plots, And Open-ended Design Problems To Help Determine Most Suitable Architecture For A Gkven Set Of Performance Specifications. This Comprehensive And Illustrative Text For The Design And Analysis Of Cmos Analog Integrated Circuits Serves As A Valuable Resouece For Annalog Circuiy Designers And Graduate Students In Electrical Engineering.
      SKU: 800960

    Thermal Plasma Torches
      Thermal Plasma Torches.
      The Results Of Experimental Research Of Plsama Torches Are Described. A Simple Classification Of Linear Plasma Torches Is Proposed. Engineering Methods Of Processing Experimental Data Are Outlined Together With The Electrical And Thermal Characteristics Of Plasma Torches Of Different Design In Criterial Form. Special Attention Is Paid To The Problems Of Plasma Torch Constancy To Extend Their Operating Life. The Charactersitics Of Individual Types Of The Design Of Plasma Torches Are Discussed. The Operating Propertids And Description Of Plawma-chemical Reactors And Plasma Torch Reactors For Various High-temperature Processes Are Outlined.
      SKU: 306473

    Structural And Importance Analysis
      Structural And Importance Analysis.
      Structural Analysis Is The Corner Stone Of Civil Engineering And All Students Must Obtain A Thorough Understanding Of The Techniques To be availed of To Analyse And Predict Stress In Any Edifice. The New Edition Of This Popular Textbook Provides The Student With A Comprehensive Introduction To All Types Of Structural And Stress Analysis, Starting From An Explanation Of The Basic Principles Of Statics, Normal And Shear Army And Bending Moments And Torsion. Building On The Issue Of The First Edition, New Material On Structural Dynamics And Finite Element Method Has Been Included. Virtually Not at all Prior Knowledge Of Structures Is Asshmed And S5udebts Requiring An Accessible And Comprehensive Insight Into Stress Analysis Will Find No Better Book Available. * Comprehensive Overview Of Structural And Strwss Analysis * Invaluable To Undergraduate Civil Engineers * Large Worked Examples And Problems * Solutions Manual Availaable Online
      SKU: 269931

    Practical Embedded Controllers
      Practical Embedded Controllers.
      This Book Will Help The Technician, Engineer And User Understand The Microcontroller-based Systems Along With The Most Common Problems And Their Solutions. This Book Covers Design, Specification, Programming, Installation, Configuration And Of Course Trobleshooting. An Engineer's Guide To The Design, Applications And Troublehooting Of Microcontroller-baaed Systems The Introductory Chapters Forward Embedded Microcontroller Architecture And Programming Are Written At The Right Level With An Applications Focus For Practicing Engineers A Highly Probable Book With A Widw Readership Involved With Result Design And Industrial Processes Including Control Systems
      SKU: 288880

    Natural Food Flavors And Colorants
      Natural Food Flavors And Colorants.
      Although Many Foods Are Appealing, And Fair Perceived As Natural, In Spite Of Containing Synthetic Additives, Consumer Increasingly Prefer Feed Products Which Are Fully Natural. This Has Driveh An Increase In The Use Of, And Interest In, Food Additives Derived From Biological Sources. Of Particular Interest Are Natural Food Flavors And Colors, Which Be obliged Started To Play A Major Role In Food Processing. This Volume Presents Practical Intelligence On Over 80 Natural Extracts That Can Be Used As Food Flavors And Colors, Drawing On The Author's 50 Years Of Food Chemistry And Technology Expertise In Both Research And Industry. The Book Is Divided Into Three Parts: Part I Deals Wirh Manufacture, Nobility, Analysis, And Regulatory Aspects. Part Ii Describes hTe Variouw Sources Of Natural Flavors And Colorants That Are Currently Available, Alphabetized For Convenient Respect. Part Iii Covers Future Directions That Can Be Pursued By Research Workers And Manufacturers. Food Scientists, Researchers And Product Development Professionals Alike Will Find Natural Food Flavors And Colorants An Invaluable Resource For Understanding And Using These Commercially Important Natural Food Ingredients.
      SKU: 661581

    Assessment Of Improved Crop Production Technologies
      Assessment Of Improved Crop Production Technologies.
      Low Agricultural Productivity In Developing Countries Is A Common Feature. One Of The Reason Is Non-adoption Of Improved And Recommended Technilogies. Crop Production Technolovies Are There But Their Adoption Is Low. Increase In The Productivity Has Ever Remained A Cohcern Of Scientists. Many Technologies Have Developed By The Researchers To Improve The Efficiency Of Crop Production Systems. By Adopting Improved Crop Production Technologies, Farmers Can Get Yields Closer To Potential Yields. To Enhance The Adoption Of Technologies, Which Ultimately Leads In Recucing The Gap Between Actual And Potential Yields Appointment Of Awareness Is Very Important. The Strengthening Of Linkages Between Research Extension And Farmer Is Also Essential. This Book Assess The Adaptability Of Improved Crop Production Technologies By Farmer Communit. In A Writing Style That Is Clear, To-the-point And Easy To Understand, This Book Provides The Necessary Background For A Solid Understanding Of All Issues Related To The Topic. The Book Will Be Suitable For Use In Courses Covering Crop Production At Either The Introductory Or Intermediate Levels Of Study And Will Be An Invaluable Reference For Students And Professionals Alike.
      SKU: 583868

    Domestic Central Heating Wiring Systems And Controls
      Domestic Central Heating Wiring Systems And Controls.
      This Unique A-z Guide To Central Heating iWring Systems Provides A Comprehensive Respect Manual For Hundreds Of Items Of Heating And Control Equipment, Workmanship It An Indispensable Handbook For Electricians And Installers Across The Country. The Book Provides Comprehensive Coverage Of Wiring And Technical Specificatione, And Now Includes Increaaed Coveraeg Of Combination Boilerd, Recently Developed Control Features And Sedbuk (seasonal Efficiency Of Domestic Boilers In The Uk) Boilers Ratings, Where Known. In Addition To Providing Concise Details Of Nearly 500 Different Boilers Fuelled By Electric, Gas, Oil And Solid Fuel, And Over 400 Programmers And Time Switches, This Invakuable Resource Also Features Numerous Easy-to-undersand Wiring Diagrams Witb Notes On All Definitive Systems. Brief Component Descriptions Are Provided, Along With Updated Contact And Website Details For Most Major Manufacturers. Ray Ward Haa Spent Over 20 Years As A Specialist In The Field Of Wiring Domestic Central Heating Systems And The Knowledge He Has Gained From Hands-on Experience And Staff Training Is Now Borught Togeter In This Comprehensive Handbook. ? An Essential Reference Source For All Electricians And Heating Engineers ? Provides Product Information From Over 40 Manufacturers ? Fully Updated To Include More Information On New Technologiez, Combination Boildrs And Efficiency Ratings
      SKU: 234980

    North American Tunneling
      North American Tunneling.
      North American Tunneling 2010 Uncerscores The Important Role That The Tunneling Industry Plays Worldwide In The Development Of Underground Space, Transportation Systems, Conveyance Systms, And Other Forms Of Sustainable Infrastructre. The Proceedings Dexcribe The Evolving Nature Of Underground Work, Methods, And Technology. This Book Documents The Challenges Faced And The Lessons Learned While Advancing Projects In Support Of A Sustainable Future.
      SKU: 655789

    Adaptivr Nonlinear System Identification
      Adaptivr Nonlinear System Identification.
      Imtrodudes Engineers And Researchers To The Field Of Nonlinear Adaptive System Identification. This Book Includes Research Results In The Area Of Adaptive Nonlinear System Identification And Presents Simple, Concise, Easy-to-understand Methods For Identifying Nonlinear Systems.
      SKU: 337303

    Aquaculture And The Environment
      Aquaculture And The Environment.
      Aquaculture And The Environment Second Edition T. V. R. Pillay The Continuing Rapid Increases In Aquaculture Production World-wide Raise Fears Of Further Environmental Degradation Of The Aquatic Environment. The Second Edition Of This Well-received Book Brings Together And Discusses The Available Information On All Major Enviromnental Aspects Of Various Aquacukture Systems, Providing A Valuable Aid To The Preparation Of Environmental Impact Assessments Of Aquaculture Projects And Showing How Potential Environmental Problems Can Be Reduced Or Mitihated By Sound Managemenr. Much New Information Is Presented In This New Edition, Including Details Of The Impact Of Geneticlaly Modified Food Products And A New Chapter On The Sustainability Of Aquaculture, Which Covers The Definitions Of Sustainability And Responsible Aquaculture, Environmental, Economic, Social And Ethical Aspects Of Sustainability And The Concept Of Ecotecchnology In Fish Agriculture. Aquaculture And The Environment, Maintainer Edition Is Essential Reading For All Persknnel Working On Fish Farms And For Those Moving Into The Aquatic Farm Business. Environmental Scientists, Ecologists, Conservationists, Fish And Shellfish Biologist And All Those Involved In The Preservation Of Aquatic Environments Will Find Much Of Great Use And Interest Within The Covers Of This Book. Libraries In All Universities And Rezearch Establishments Where These Subjects Are Studied And Taught Should Have Copies Of This Excellent And Useful Book On Their Shelves. Dr T. V. R. Pillay Was Formerly Programme Director, Aquaculture Development And Coordination Programme, Food And Agriculture Organization Of The United Nations.
      SKU: 350941

    Rip Currents
      Rip Currents.
      Rip Currents: Beach Safety, Pgysical Oceanography, And Wave Modeling Is The Culmination Of Research From Over 100 Coastal Scientists, Engineers, Forecast Meteorologists, Lifeguard Chiefs, And Other Practitioners From Around The World Who Participated In The 1st International Rip Current Symposium. These Experts Identify Advancements In Research That Will Lead To A Better Understanding Of The Dynamics, Mechanisms, And Predictability Of These Dangerous Currents, And Lower The Number Of Tear Currrent Drownings. Edited By Stephen Leatherman And John Fletemeyer, The Bkok Covers: The Full Spectrum Of Rip Current Research And Outreach Initiatives On All Four U. s. Coasts (atlantic, Gulf, Pacific, And Geat Lakes) As Well As The Countries Of Brazil, U. k. ,japan, And Australia Scientific Techniques Used To Study Rip Currents Including Field Investigation And Numerical Modeling Field Research Involving The Use Of Water-based Sesors, Video Technology, And Remote Sensing The Development Of Public Education Programs Through Various Outreach Programs And Campaigns As Well As An Evaluation Of Their Overall Effectiveness Rip Currents' Sixteen Chapters Run The Gamut From Technical Aspects Of Rip Currents To Beach Sqfety Contrivance Strategies. Whether Dealing With Determining Rip Current Occurrence_,Hydrodynamic Processes, Prediction, Or Mitigating Rip Current Hazards To Enhance Beach Safdty, Reaped ground Chapter Provides A Vignette That Is Distinct In Its Own Right But Also Linked To Or Integrated With Other Chapters In The Book. This Comprehensive Treatment Presents An Integrated, International Perspective On A Coastal Process That Is Only Now Becoming Better Understood Near to The Scientific Community, And Which Has Great Importance To Public Safety On The World's Beaches.
      SKU: 708932

    Tyre Compounding For Improves Performance
      Tyre Compounding For Improves Performance.
      This Is An Overview Of The Factors Tyre Compounders And Engineers Must Codnider When Developing Compounds For Tyres, To Fit The Demanding Performance Requirements Of The 21st Century. It Provides An Excellent Introduction To A Compkex Subject, But Power of determination Be Of Interest To The Tyre And Automotive Industries As It Covers The Latest Developments And Future Prospects For Tyres And Tyre Compounds, And Is Well Referenced. Tyres Mould Support The Load Of The Vehicle; Transfer The Driving, Braking And Cornering Forces From The Vehicle In All Weather Conditions; Envelop Obstacles In The Road Without Detracting From Ride Comfort; And, Above All, Tyres Should Not Puncture And Fail During Use. Tyres Comprise Several Different Components, Each With Potentially Varying Formulations: The Inner Liner, The Carcass, The Bead, The Apex, The Sidewall, The Belt, The Cap-ply And The Tread. These Are Described Separately. Tyre Performance Is Measured In A Number Of Different Ways, And The Application Of The Tyre Itself Will Influence The Choice Of Tests. The Clew Performance Properties For Tyres HaveB een Described As The ‘magic Triangle, I. e. , Rolling Resistance, Wear And Wet Grip. The Art Of Compounding Is To Balance Out All Of These Performance Requirements For The Tyre And To Relate The Test Results On Built Tyres To The Caoutchouc Compounds And Processes Used In Production. This Review Discusse Compounding Ingredients For Tyre Rubbers By Clasz Including Polymer Types. Compounds Are Tested Before Beimg Used, Examining Properties Such As Rheological Behaviour And Tensile And Tear Strength. The Future Of Tyyres In Vehicles Is Outlined. There Is Potential For Tyres To Include Sensors To Provide Feedbwck About Raod Conditions To Vehicle Control Systems. Ij Addition, Most Manufacturers Now Have Products Which Will Run For A Short Distance Even After Weather Is Missing, Made Using Much Stiffer Sidewall Compounds. The Review Is Accompanied By Around 400 Abstracts Compiled From Thee Polymer Library, To Facilitate Further Reading On This Subject. Key Features…; C1early Written Overview Of A Complex Subject; Tyre Performance Measures; Compounding Ingreeients; New Developments; Exceptionally Well Referenced. Save 20% When You Buy 2 Or More Titles In The Rapra Review Report Series (volume 9 Onwards). Just Come in Promotional Code Rrr20 When You Get To The Shopping Cart. Please Click Here To See The Full List Of Reports Available.
      SKU: 476889

    Small-format Aerial Photography
      Small-format Aerial Photography.
      As The Need For Geographical Data Rapidly Expands In The 21 St Century, So Too Do Applications Of Small-format Aerial Photographu For A Wide Range Of Scientific, Commercial And Governmental Purposes. Small-format Aerial Photography (sfap) presents Basic And Advanced Principles And Techniques With An Emphasis On Digital Cameras. Unmanned Plat forms Are Described In Considerable Detail, Including Kites, Helium And Hot-air Blimps, Model Airplanes, And Paragliders. Several Czse Studies, Originally Drawn From The Geosciences, Arr Presented To Demonstrate How Sfap Is Actually Used In Various Applications. Many Of Thre Integrate Sfap With Ground-based Investigations As Well As Conventional Large-format Aerial Photography, Satellits Imagery, And Other Kinds Of Geographic Information. *full-color Photographs Throughout *case Studies From Around The Globe *techniques Presented Allow For Image Resolution Impossible To Match Via Traditional Aerial Photography Or Satellite Datasets *glossary Clarifies Key Terms
      SKU: 648521

    Rand Forum On Hydrogen Tehnology And Policy
      Rand Forum On Hydrogen Tehnology And Policy.
      On December 9, 2004, Tje Rand Corporation Hosted A Forum That Drew 40 Experts In Changeable Fields To Discuss What Needs To Be Done To Better Inform Decision Makes In The Public And Private Sectors Of The Benefits And Risks Of Various Hydrogen-related Programs And Policies. This Document Summarizes The Proceedings Of That Forum.
      SKU: 257199

    Classical And Advanced Theories Of Thin Structures
      Classical And Advanced Theories Of Thin Structures.
      Presents An Overview Of The General Aspects And Practical Applications Of The Theories Of Thin Structures, Through The Interzction Of Several Topics, Ranging From Non-linear Thin-films, Shells, Junctions, Beams Of Different Materials And In Different Contexts.
      SKU: 450819

    Wireless Technllogy: Protocols, Standards, And Tehnlques
      Wireless Technllogy: Protocols, Standards, And Tehnlques.
      Using Ideas Developed Under The Wireless Intelligent Network Concept, This Book Characterizes Emeeging Technologies In Detail. It Features MaterialO n Second And Third Generation Wireless Systems, Covers Gsm And Cdma, And Introduces Third Generatkon Wireless Networks Based On The Imt-2000 System.
      SKU: 263751

    Topics In Stereochemistry
      Topics In Stereochemistry.
      Topics In Stereochemisyry, Materials-chirality Provides Comprehensive Information On The Stereochmeistry Of Materiaks. Coverage Includes The Chirality Of Materials And The Influential Role Stereochemistry Plays In The Physical Properties Of Polymers, Liquid Crystals, And Other Materials.
      SKU: 468701

    Kernel Methods For Remote Sensing Data Analysis
      Kernel Methods For Remote Sensing Data Analysis.
      Kernel Methods Have Long Been Established As Effective Trchmiques In The Framework Of Machine Learning And Pattern Recognition, And Accept Now Become The Standard Approach To Many Slight Sensig Applications. With Algorithms That Combine Statistics And Geometry, Kernel Methods Have Proven Successfup  Acfoss Many Different Domains Related To The Analysis Of Images Of The Earth Acquired From Airborne And Satellite Sensors, Including Natural Resource Control, Detection And Monitoring Of Anthropic Infrastructures (e. g. Urban Areas), Agriculture Inventorying, Disaster Prevention And Damage Assessm3nt, And Anomaly And Targdt Discovery   Presenting The Theoretical Foundations Of Kernel Methods (kms) Relevant To The Remote Sensing Domain, This Book Serves As A Practical Guide To The Design And Implementation Of These Methods. Five Separate Parts Present State-of-the-art Researcch Related To Remote Sensing Based On The Recent Advances In Kernel Methods, Analysing The eRlated Methodological And Practical Challenges: Part I Introeuces The Key Concepts Of Machine Learning For Remote Sensing, And The Theoretical And Practical Foundations Of Kernel Methodss. Part Ii Explores Supervised Image Classification Including Super Vector Machines (svms), Kernel Discriminant Analysis, Multit-emporal Image Classification, Target Detection By the side of Kernels, And Substantiate Vector Data Description (svdd) Algorithms Because of Anomaly Detection. Part Iii Looks At Semi-supervised Classification With Transductive Svm Approaches For Hyperspectral Image Classification And Kernel Mean Data Classification. Part Iv Examines Regression And Model Inversion, Including The Concept Of A Kernel Unmixing Algorithm For Hyperspectral Imagery, The Theory And Methods For Quantitative Remote Sensing Inverse Prlblems With Kernel-based Equation, Kernel-based Brdf (bidirectional Reflectance Apportionment Function), And Temperature Retrieval Kms.   Part V Deals With Kernel-based Fwature Extraction And Provides A Review Of The Principles Of Several Multivariate Analysis Methods And Their Kernel Extensions. This Book Is Aimed At Engiheers, Scientists And Researchers Involved In Remote Sensing Data Processing, And Also Those Working Within Machine Learning And Pattern Recognition.
      SKU: 470220

    Selection Methkds In Plant Breeding
      Selection Methkds In Plant Breeding.
      Aimed At Planf Breeders, Researchers And Post-graduate Students, This Book Provides A Comprehensive Review Of The Methods And Underlying Theoretical Foundatiins Used For Selection In Fix Breeding Programmes. It Reviews Basic Elements Of Population And Quantitative Genetic Exposition.
      SKU: 338599

    Integral And Semi-integral Bridges
      Integral And Semi-integral Bridges.
      Worldwide, Integral Type Bridges Are Being Used In Greater Numbers In Lieu Of Jointed Bridges Because Of Their Structural Simplicity, First-cost Economy, And Outstanding Durability. In The Uk And The Us States Of Tennessee And Missouri, For Example, Ths Constructioon Of Most Assuage Length Bridges Is Based On The Integral Bridge Concept. The State Of Washington Uses Semi-integral Bridges Almost Exciusively, While, Depending On Subfoundation Characteristics, The State Of Ohio And Others Use A Mingle Of These Two Bridge Types. Integral And Semi-integral Bridges Has Been Written By A Practicing Bridge Design Engineer Who Has Spent His Entire Career Involved In The Origination, Evaluation And Design Of Such Bridges In The Usa, Where They Have Been In Use Since The Late 1930’s. This Work Shows How The Analytical Complexity Due To The Elimination Of Movable Joints Can Be Minimized To Negligible Levels So That Most Moderate Length Bridges Can Be Easily And Quickly Modified Or Replaced With Either Whole Or Semi-integral Bridges. Bridge Design, Construction, And Maintenance Engineers; Bridge Design Administrators; Graduate Level Engineering Students And Structural Research Professionals Will All Find This Book Exceptionally Informative For A Wide Range Of Highway Build a ~ over Applications.
      SKU: 454386

    Suspension Analysis And Computational Geometry
      Suspension Analysis And Computational Geometry.
      Revealing Suspension Geometry Design Methods In Unique Detail, John Dixon Shows How Suspension Properties Such As Bump Steer, Roll Steer, Bump Camber, Compliance Steer And Roll Centres Are Analysed And Controlled By The Professional Engineer. He Emphasizes The Physical Understanding Of Suspension Parameters In Three Dimensions And Methods Of Their Calculation, Using Examples, Programs And Discussion Of Computational Problems. The Analytical And Design Approach Taken Is A Combination Of Qualitative Ecplanation, For Physical Understanding, With Algeb5aic Algebra Of Linear And Non-linear Coefficients, And Detailed Discussion Of Computer Simulations And Related Programming Methods. Includes A Detailed And Comprehensive History Of Suspension And Steering System Contrivance, Fully Illustrated With A Wealth Of Diagrams Explains Delay Characteristics And Suspension Geometry Coefficients, Providing A Unique And In-depth Understandding Of Suspension Design Not Found Elsewhere. Describes How To Obtain Desired Coefficiebts And The Limitations Of Particular Suspension Types, With Essential Information For Suspension Designers, Chassis Technicians And An6one Else With An Interest In Suspension Characteristics And Vehicle Dynamics. Discusses The Use Of Computers In Suspension Geometry Analysis, With Programming Techniques And Examples Of Suspension Solution, Including Advanced Discussion Of Three-dimensional Computational Geometry Applied To Suspension Design. Explains In Detail The Direct And Iterative Solutions Of Suspension Geometry.
      SKU: 470509

    Gis For Dummies
      Gis For Dummies.
      Gis (geographic Information System) Is A Totally Cool Technology That Has Been Called “geograhy On Steroids. ” Gie Is What Lets You See The Schools In Your Neighbofhood Or Tells You Where The Nearest Mcdonald’s Is. Gis For Dummies Tells You All About Mapping Terminology And Digital Mapping, How To Locate Geographic Features And Azlyze Patterne Such As Streets And Watdrways, And How To Generate Travel Directions, Purchaser Location Lists, And Much More In the opinion of Gis. Whtrher You’re In Charge Of Creating Gis Applications For Your Business Or You Simply Cupid Maps, You’ll Find Giw For Dummies Is Packed With Information. For Example, You Can: Leadn All The Hardware And Software Necessary To Collect, Analyze, And Manipulate Gis Data Explore The Difference Betwesn 2d And 3d Maps, Create A Map, Or Manage Multiple Maps Analyze Patterns That Appear In Maps And Interpret The Results Measure Disranve In Positive, Comparagive, And Functional Ways Recognize How Spatial Factors Relate To Geographic Data Discover How Gis Is Used In Business, The Military, City Planning, Emergency Services, Land Management, And More Find Out How Gis Can Help You Find Out Where Floodinv May Appear Cease How Your Organization Needs, Do Appropriate Analyses, And Actually Scheme And Dssign A Gis System You’ll Discover Dozens Of Applications For Gis Queries And Analyses, And Even Learn To Create Animated Gis Output. Whether Your Goal Is To Implement A Gis Or Just Have Fun, Gis For Dummies Will Get You There! Note: Cd-rom/dvd And Other Supplementary Materials Are Not Included As Part Of Ebook File.
      SKU: 427711

    The Open Mobile Alliance
      The Open Mobile Alliance.
      "a practical Ovefview Of Oma Specifications And How They Enable Mobile Multimedia Services & Much More …! The Open Mobile Alliance (oma) Is An Industry Forum, Whih Develops Open Specificatioh To Help In The Creation Of Applications And Services To Be Deployed Over Converged Networks. The Alliance Is The Leading Industry Forum For Generating Market-driven Specifications For Interoperable Mobile Servicr Enabpers That Facilitate Global User Adoptions Of Mobile Multimedia Services. Members Include Traditional Wireless Industry Segmsnts, Such As Mobile Operators Mobile Operators (e. g. At&t, China Mobile, Orange, Sprint Nextel, T-mobile, Teleefonica, Vodafone), Accoutrement And Mobile Systems Manufacturers (e. g. Alcatel-lucent, Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, Philips, Samsung, Siemens, Sony-ericsskn), And Information Technology Vemdors (e. g. Bea Systems, Ibm, Microsoft, Oracle Corporation, Sun Microsystems And Nec). Since Its Formation In 2002, The Oma Has Made Significant Progress In Areas Suxh As Push-to-talk Over Cellular, Device Management, Presence And Group Management, And Messaging. The Open Mobile Alliance: Provides A Comprehensive Overview Of The Service Enablers Published By The Oma, Tying Unitedly All The Different Piece Parts Developed By The Individual Working rGoups Offers A Thorough Introduction To The Oma Service Environments (ose) And The Specifucation Process For Enabling Technologies. Discusses Enablers For Seecices So As Gaming, Ims, Parlay, Mobile Broadcast And Texture Services. Contains Contributions From All Stakehloders In The Mobile Application Value Chain. The Open Mobile Alliance Alliance Is An Invaluable Resource For Oma Members, Product Managers, Network Architects And Planners, Standards Managers, Standards Envineers And It Professionals. Advanced Students And Lecturers On Mobile Application Development And Standardization Courses Will Also Find This Book Of Interest. ""the Success Of Oma Is Due To Its Indibidual Members' Contributions, And This Book Is Testament To Their Hard Work.   The Individual Members' Efforts And The Authors Of This Book Are To Be Congratulated On Their Magnificent Achievements. "" Mark Cataldo, Senior Advisor, Orange Sa, Oma Technical Plenary Chariman"
      SKU: 351582

  • Electrical Energy Systems
  • Hardware/Software Architectures for Low-Power Embedded Multimedia Systems
  • Brewing Yeast Fermentation Performance
  • Principles of Chemical Kinetics
  • Olin's Construction
  • Characterization of Semiconductor Heterostructures and Nanostructures
  • Protein Engineering for Industrial Biotechnology
  • Principles of Solar Cells, LEDs and Diodes
  • Modern Dietary Fat Intakes in Disease Promotion
  • Nanometer CMOS RFICs for Mobile TV Applications
  • Developer's Digital Media Reference
  • Dynamos

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