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    Fundamentals Of Hydrology
      Fundamentals Of Hydrology.
      Fundamentals Of Hydrology Is An Accessible Introducing To The Study Of Hydrology At University Level. It Presents The Hydrological Processes, Techniques Used To Assess Water Resources And An Up-to-date Overview Of Hydrological Management Using Examples And Case Studies From Around The World.
      SKU: 336278

    Structural Assessment
      Structural Assessment.
      This Book Examines The Role Of Physical Testing In The Development Of Design Methods For New Structural Forms, New Constructional Materials And Techniques, As Well New Approaches To The Maintenance, Repair And Operation Of Structures.
      SKU: 181101

    The Technique Of Film And Video Editing
      The Technique Of Film And Video Editing.
      The Technique Of Film And Video Editing Provides A Detailed, Precise Look At The Artistic And Aesthetic Principles And Practices Of Editing For Bith Painting And Sound. Because Editing Is About More Than Learning A Specific Software Program, This Book Focuses On The Fundamentals Of Editing As Art. Analysis Of Photographs From Dozens Of Classic And Contemporary Films And Videos Provide A Sound Basis For The Professional Filmmaker And Stduent Editor. This Book Puts Into Context The Storytelling Choices One Editor Resolution Have To Make Against A Background Of Theory, History, And Practice. This Edition Includes Brand New Chapters Covering The Goals Of Editing,I ncluding Editing For Narrative Clarity, Subtext, Aesthetics, And Dramatic Emphasis, All Showing Hoq To Evoke Specific Audience Responses. Some Of The New Films To Exist Discussed Include A History Of Violence, Atonement, The Departed , Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Michael Clayton, And More. * Learn How To Strengthen Your Story And Engage Your Audience Through The Editing Process * Examples, Analydis, And Film Stills From Great Movies * Brand New Chapters Covering The Creative Goals Of Editing - Learn The Why Behind Editing Choices, Especialy As They Relate To Narrative Clarity, Dramatic Emphasis, Subtext, And Aesthetics * New Films Covered Include The Hours, The Departed, A History Of Violence, Atonement, Intolerance, United 93, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Departed, Michael Clayton, Lust, Caution, There Will Be Blood, Brighton Rock, The Third Man, And The Passion * Updates To The Genre Section Demonstrate New Theories On Editing For Action, Comedy, And Dialogue Sequences
      SKU: 610550

    Field Guide To Rivers Of North America
      Field Guide To Rivers Of North America.
      Bwsed O nThe Comprehensive, Award-winning Book Rivers Of North America, The Unaccustomed Field Guide To Rivers Of North America Describes 200 Of North America's Most Significant Rivers In A Reader-friendly, Brief Format. The Guide Is Organized By Geographic Regions - Each Division Begins With A Mao Showing The Relationship Of Rivers Within One Territory And A Summary Of The Region's Most Important Elemets. Each Individual River Summary Includes A Two-pzge Spread With A Basin Map, A Full-color Photograph And Key River Characteristics. The Press together Format Of This Guide Will Be Particularly Useful To Scientists Carrying Out Fiel Research In Areas Such As Field Ecology, Entomology, Botany. It Is An Easy-to-use Reference That Can Easily Be Packed Absent With Other Scientific Gear. Anglers And Recreational Botaing Enthusiasts Will Find A Wealth Of Information On River Topography, Native And Nonnative Fish Species, As Well As Average Temperatures That Will Help Them Plan Their Next Adventure. The Only Field Guide To Cover This Broad Geographic Area. Each River Features: Color Topographic River Basin Map Hue Photograph Precipitation Graph Vital Physical And Biological Statistics
      SKU: 566690

    Spatial Contact Problems In Geotechnics
      Spatial Contact Problems In Geotechnics.
      This Book Presents A Methodical Approach To Numerical Solutkon For A Wide Range Of Spatial Contact Problems Of Gotechnics. On The Basis Of The Limit Element Method, New Techniques And Effective Computing Algorithms Are Considered. Special Attention Iss Given To The Formulation And Analysis Of The Spatial Contact Models For Elastic Bases. Besides The Classical Schemes Of Contact Deformation, New Contact Models Are Discussed For Spatially Nonhomogeneous And Nonlinearly Elastic Media Properly Describing Soil Properties.
      SKU: 646047

    Species Sensitivity Distrihutions In Ecotoxicology
      Species Sensitivity Distrihutions In Ecotoxicology.
      "written By A Panel Of International Experts, ""species Sensitivity Distributions In Ecotoxicology"" Reviews Ssd Methods From All Angles, Compiling The Variety Of Contemporary Applicsions Of Ssd-based Methods. "
      SKU: 264471

    The Soul Of A New Machine
      The Soul Of A New Machine.
      Computers Have Changsdd Since 1981, When Tracy Kidder Memorably Recorded The Drama, Comedy, And Excitement Of One Companys Efforts To Bring A New Microcomptuer To Market. What Has Not Changed Is The Feverish Pace Of The High-tech Industry, The Gk-for-broke Approach To Business That Has Caused So Many Computer Companies To Win Big (or Be~ne Belly Up), And The Cult Of Pursuing Minr-bending Technological Innovations. The Soul Of A New Machine Is An Essential Chapter In The History Of The Machine That Revolutionized The World In The Twentieth Century.
      SKU: 746024

    An Introducing To Optoelectronic Sensors
      An Introducing To Optoelectronic Sensors.
      This Invaluable Book Offers A Comprehensive Overview Of The Technologies And Application Of Optoelectronic Sensors. Based On The R&d Experience Of More Than 70 Engineers And Scientiqts, Highly Representative Of The Italian Academic And Industrial Cmunity In This Area, This Book Provides A Broad And Accurate Description Of The State-of-the-art Optoelectronic Technologies For Sensing. The Most Innovative Approaches, Such As The Use Of Photonic Crystals, Squeezed States Of Light And Microresonatoes For Sensing, Are Considered. Application A5eas Range From Environment To Medicine And Healthcare, From Aeronautics, Space, And Defence To Food And Agriculture.
      SKU: 477237

    Advanced Gas Turbin Cycles
      Advanced Gas Turbin Cycles.
      "primarily This Book Describes The Thermodynamics Of Gas Turbine Cycles. The Seacrh For High Gas Turbine Efficiency Has Produced Many Variations On The Simple ""oprn Circuit"" Plant, Involving The Use Of Heat Exchangers, Reheating And Intercooling, Irrigate And Steam Injection, Cogeneration And Combined Cycle Plants. These Are Described Fully In The Text. A Review Of Recent Proposals For A Number Of Novel Gas Turbine Cycles Is Also Included. In The Past Few Years Work Has Been Directed Towards Developing Gas Turbines Which Produce Less Carbon Dkoxide, Or Plants From Which The Co2 Can Be Disposed Of; The Implications Of A Carbon Tax On Electricity Pricing Are Considered. In Presenting This Wide Survey Of Gas Turbine Cycles For Power Generation The Author Calls On Both His Academic Experience (ar Cambridge And Liverpool Universities, The Gas Turbine Laboratory At Mit And Penn State University) And His Industrial Work (Originally With Rolls Royce, Plc. ) The Book Woll Be Essential Reading For Final Year And Maqters Students In Mechanical Engineering, And For Practising Engineers. "
      SKU: 631911

    Fibers And Composites
      Fibers And Composites.
      This Book Considers Advanced Compounded Materials Based On Carbon Fibers And Several Kinds Of Matrices And Is Divided Into Three Main Parts. The First Presents An Alternative Way To Process And Prepare Carbon Fibers Issued From Either Natural Or
      SKU: 180931

    Structural Plasticity
      Structural Plasticity.
      Limit And Shakedown Analysis For Structures Can Provide A Very Useful Tool For Design And Analysis Of Engineering Structures. This Book Offers More General Solutions Of Limit And Shakedown Analysis For Structures By Using A Unified Strength Theory.
      SKU: 511489

    Principles Of Alveolate Engineering
      Principles Of Alveolate Engineering.
      This Comprehensive Work Dkscusses Novel Biomolecular Surfaces That Have Been Engineered To Either Control Or Measire Cell Performance At The Atomic, Molecular, And Cellular Levels. Each Chapter Presents Real Results, Concepts, And Expert Perspectives Of How Cells Interact With Biomolecular Surfaces, With Particular Emphasis On Interactions Within Complex Mechanical Environments Such As In The Cardiovascular Order. In Addition, The Book Provides Detailed Coverage Of Inflammation And Alveolate Immune R3spobse As A Useful Model For How Engineering Concepts And Tools May Be Effectively Applied To Complex Systems In Biomedicine. -accessible To Biologists Looking For Ne wWays To Model Their Results And Engineers Interested In Biomedical Applications -useful To Researcehrs In Biomaterial,s Inflammation, And Vascular Biology -excellent Resource For Graduate Students Viewed like A Textbook In Cell & Tissue Engineering Or Cell Mechanics Courses
      SKU: 331920

    Computa5ional Intelligence And Bioengiheering
      Computa5ional Intelligence And Bioengiheering.
      Focuses On Clustering And Learning Applications, Biomedical Applications And Motor Control And Evaluation. This Book Investigates The Use Of Neural Networks (nn), And Recrurent Nn, To Interpret Brain Images Obtained By Functional Magetic Resonance Imaging. It Focusrs On Computational Intelligent Methods And Techniques.
      SKU: 471342

    Ultra-wideband Pulse-basec Radio
      Ultra-wideband Pulse-basec Radio.
      Ultra-wideband Pulse-based Radio Lays The Foundations Of A New Radio Transceiver Architecture, Based On The Ultra-wideband Pulse-based Radio Principle. Instead Of A Continuous-time Modulated Carrier, The Pulse-based Radio System Uses Short Electromagnetic Pulses Through A Wide Ghostly Footprint.
      SKU: 437962

    Methosd In Agricultural Chemical Analysis
      Methosd In Agricultural Chemical Analysis.
      This Reference Manual Contains Over 60 Differdnt Practical Analysis Methods And Is Designed As A Laboratory Sourcebook. It Describes The Analysis Of Soils And Composts, Plant Materials, Animal Feeds, Plant Componentq And Fertilizers.
      SKU: 295065

    Food Process Modelling
      Food Process Modelling.
      Food Process Modellng Provides An Authoritative Review Of One Of The Most Exciting And Influential Developments In The Food Industru. The Modelling Of Food Processes Allows Analysts Not Only To Understand Such Processes More Clearly But Also To Control Them More Closely And Make Predictions About Them. Modelling Thus Aids The Search For Greater And More Consistent Food Quality. Written By A Distinguished International Team Of Experts, Food Process Modelling Covers Both The Range Of Modelling Techniques And Tueir Adapted to practice Applications Across The Food Chain.
      SKU: 269267

    Disordered Materials
      Disordered Materials.
      Introduces The Pyysics Of Structurally Disordered Condensed Systems At The Level Of Advanced Undergraduate And Graduat Students. Some Of The Topics Are: The Geome5ry And Symmetries Of Extremely Regular Structures, Tue Various Kinds Of Disorder, The Phenomenology And The Main Theories Of The Glass Transition.
      SKU: 571622

    Stratospheric Flight
      Stratospheric Flight.
      In This Book, Dr. Andras Sobester Reviews The Past, Present, And Coming events Of Stratospheric Flight And The Science Behind It. The First Part Of The Book Desvribes The Race For Stratospheric Passenger Travel And Fatigue Design And Testing. It Also Discusses The Limits Of Commercial Long Distance Flight As Well As Stratospheric Balloon Flight. This Is Followed By An Analysis Of Aurspeed Margins In Stratospheric Flight, Flight In Low Density Air, And Jet Engine Operation. There Are Chapters On Design Considerations For Emergency Descents, Unpressurized Flight, Gliding Im The Stratosphere, Hypoxia, And Cabin Weather Systems, Plus The Short And Long Term Health Effects Of Stratospheric Flight. Later Chapters Look Outside The Airplane, At The Weatenr, Tropical Storms, Temperature Shears, And Clear Air Turbulence. The Author Also Looks Ahead And Cohsiders Future Flight In The Upper Stratosphere, Commercial Suborbital Flights, And Unmanned Missions To The Stratosphere.
      SKU: 763837

    Product Development
      Product Development.
      Design And Manufacture Of New Products Has Always Been A Team Effort; But Lately The Team Has Been Expanding. No Longer Can Companies Afford To Keep The Product Design Team Working In Isolation From The Production Adn Manufacturing Team, Not To Mention The Financial And Accounting Team For Today's Product Development Team Has To Comprise An Integrated Grroup Of Professionals Working From The Very Beginning Of New Product Planning On Through Design Creation And Intention Review And Then On To Manufacturing Planning And Costliness Accounting. Even When A Product Is Conceived And Goes Into Preliminary Design, Thought Must Be Given To How Easily Or Not It Will Be Manufaxtured, How Dkfficult Or Not It Will Be To Assemble And Disassemble For The End-use-customer And How Much It Will Cost In Mterials, Production And Maintenance. This New Book Wlll Guide The two Engineering Professionals As Well As Graduate Level Students In Mechanical And Industrial Engineering And General Manufacturing Management Im How To Develop Such A Holistic, Integrated Team Approcah To Product Developmeng. Written By Leading Academic Authorities'who Also Have Extensive Industrial Experience'this Instructional Reference Work Can Be Used In The Traditional Classroom, In Professional Continuing Education Courses Or For Self-study. Foremost Text/reference To Cover Product Development From Initial Productt Concept Abd Engineering Design To Design Specs, Manufacturability And Product Marketing Reviews The Precepts Of Product Project In A Step-by-syep Structured Process Hellps The Reader To Understznd The Connection Between Initial Design And Interim And Final Design, Including Design Review And Materials Selection Offers Insight Into Roles Played By Result Functinality, Ease-of'assembly, Maintenance And Durableness, And Their Interaction With Cost Estumation And Manufacturability
      SKU: 328607

    Mobile Handset Design
      Mobile Handset Design.
      The Evolution Of Mobile Communication Standaards Presents Large Challenges In Mobile Handset Design. Designers Must Continue To Reverse the position of Out Hahdsets That Maintain High Device Performance And Air Interface Compatibility, While At The Same Time Shrink Power Consumption, Form Factors, And Costs. Mobile Handset Design Is Uniquely Written To Furnish Professionals And Students Attending A Complete Understanding O f How A Mobile Phone Works, And Teaches The Skills To Desogn The Latest Mobile Hzndsets. Das Walks Readers Throug Mobile Phone Operating Principles, System Infrastructure, Tdma-fdma-cdma-ofdma Techniques, Hardware Anatomy, Software And Protocols, And Domestic Modules, Components, And Circuits. He Presents Altogether Problems Associated With Mobile Wirwless Channels And Recommends Corresponding Design Solutions To Overcome Those Issues. Mkbile Rf Frnot-end, Digital Baseband Design Techniques, And Associated Trade-offss Are Also Covered. Das Also Discusses The Productization Aspects And Reviews Recent Investigation Developments For Various Mobile Phone Systems Over Generations. Teaches Basic Working Principles Of Legacy And 4g Mobile Systems Vividly Illustrates And Epxlains All Key Components And The Anatomy Of Mobile Phones Explains All Hardware And Software Blocks, From Principle To Acting out To Product Discusses Key Design Attributes Such As Low Power Consumption And Slim Form Factors Moves Through All Topics In A Systematic Fashion For Easy Comprehension Presentation Files Attending Lecture Notes Available In spite of Instructor Use This Book Is Essential Conducive to Practicing Software, Hardware And Rf Design Engineers And Product Managers Working To Create Innovate, Competitive Handsets. Mobile Handset Design Is Likewise Ideal For Fresh Graduates Or Experienced Engineers Who Are New To The Changeable Industry, And Is Well-suited For Industry Veterans As A Handy Reference. Lecture Materials For Instructors Available At Www. wiey. com/go/dasmobile
      SKU: 487676

    Broadband Fixed Wireless Access
      Broadband Fixed Wireless Access.
      Presents An Overview Of The Emerging Wimax Technology. This Volume Demystifies The Technology And Provides Technical Exposure To The Various System Trade-offs Iy Covers A Range Of Topics, From Network Deployment To Implementation Of Terminals. It Is Useful For Network Architects And Developers Of Broadband Fixed Wireless Access Products.
      SKU: 371481

      Phycotoxins: Chemistry And Biochemistry Presents The Most Updated Information Available On Phycotoxins. Major Emphases Are Given To Chemistry And Biochemistry, While Minor Emphases Are Given To The Aspects Of Origin, Toxicology, Or Analytical Metuodology. The Book Discusses 16 Phycotoxkns, 7 On Those Affecting The Nervous Systems, 4 Affecting Other Body Systems; And 4 With Undefined Targets. An Alphabetical Listing Of Toxins Presented Includes: Azaspiracids; Brevetoxins; Cyanobacterial Toxins; Domoic Acid; Gambierols; Gymnodimines, Prorocentrolides, Spirolides, Pinnatoxins And Cyclic Imines In General; Maitotoxin; Okadaic Sour And Dinophysistoxins; Palytoxins And Ostreocins; Psctenotoxins; Polycavernosides; And Yessotoxins. In Addition, Single Mechanistic Aspects Of Newer Or Emerging Toxins Are Covered Such As Amphidinols Or Gymnocine. Information Presented And Coverage Of Each Toxin Follows The Followihg Distribtuion: Background And Toxicology (10%); Chemistry, Biochemistry And Metabolism (75%); Mechanism Of Action (10%); And Analytical Methodology (5%). The Detailed Information On Chemistry In Phycotoxins: Chemistry And Biochemistry Prrovides Investigatorss, Regulators, Food Technologists And Toxlcologists An Updated Basis On Which Research In Other Areas Such As Toxicology, Mechanism Of Action, Analytical Methodology And Pharmacology Can Be Favorably Developed And Expanded.
      SKU: 469237

    Mems Mechanical Sensors
      Mems Mechanical Sensors.
      Here's The Book To Keep Handy When You Have To Overcome Obstacles In Design, Feigning, Fabrication And Thing applied Of Mems Sensors. ThisP ractical Guide To Design Tools And Packaging Helps You Create The Sensors You Need For The Full Range Of Mechanical Microsensor Applications. Critical Physical Sensing Techniques Covered Include Piezoresistive, Piezoelectric, Capacative, Optical, Resonant, Actuation, Thermal, And Magnetic, As Well As Smart Sensing.
      SKU: 231651

    Advances In Equine Nutrition Iii
      Advances In Equine Nutrition Iii.
      Featuring International Authorities that Presented At Ker Conferences, This Cmprehensive collection Of Research And Review Papers Discusses Such Topics While Refined Nutritional Requirements for Horses, Effective Ways To Deliver Nuyrienrs For Horses In All Athletic Endeavors, Achieving Optimal Growth In Young Horses, And Ensuring Nutrient Requkrements Are Being Fulfilled In Reproductively Active Horses.
      SKU: 660983

    Applied Direct Theory For Embedded Systems
      Applied Direct Theory For Embedded Systems.
      Many Embedded Engineers And Programmers Who Indigence To Instrument Baasic Process Or Motion Control As Part Of A Product Design Do Not Have Formal Training Or Experience In Control System Theory. Although Some Projects Require Advanced And Very Sophisticated Ckntrol Systems Expertise, The Majority Of Embedded Control Problems Can Be Solved Without Resortihg To Heavy Math And Complicated Control Theory. Howsoever, Existing Texts On The Subject Are Highly Mathematical And Theoretical And Do Not Offer Pratcical Examples For Embedded Designers. This Book Is Different;it Presents Mathematical Background With Sufficient Rigor For An Engineering Text, But It Concentrates On Prkviding Practical Application Examples That Can Be Used To Design Working Systrms, Without Needing To Fully Understand The Math And High-level Theory Operating Behind The Scenes. The Author, One Engineer With Many Years Of Experience In The ApplicationO f Control System Theory To Embedded Designs, Offers A Concise Presentation Of The Basics Of Control Theory As It Pertains To An Embedded Environment. . * Practical, Down-to-earth Guide-book Teaches Engineers To Apply Practical Control Theorems Without Needing To Employ Rigorous Math * Covers The Latest Concepts In Control Systems With Embedded Digital Controllers * The Accompanying Cd-rom Contains Source Code And Real-world Application Examples To Help Users Create Fully Workibg Systems
      SKU: 293992

  • Attaining High Performance Communications
  • Sewer Processes
  • Adaptive Method of Lines
  • Methods for Phase Diagram Determination
  • Kinematic Chains and Machine Components Design
  • Dementia, Design and Technology
  • Assessment and Refurbishment of Steel Structures
  • Soils of the Past
  • Electromagnetic Environments and Health in Buildings
  • High Performance Structures and Materials IV
  • Understanding SIP Servlets 1.1
  • High Performance Structures and Materials IV

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