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    Fundamentals Of Sensor Network Programming
      Fundamentals Of Sensor Network Programming.
      This Book Provides The Basics Needed To Drvwlop Senzor Neteork Software And Su;plements It With Many Case Studies Covering Network Applications. It Also Examines How To Develop Onboard Applications On Individual Sensors, In what state To Interconnect These Sensors, And In what manner To Form Networks Of Sensots, Altuough The Major Aim Of This Book Is To Provide Foundational Principles Of Developing Sensor Networking Software And Critically Examine Sensor Network Applications.
      SKU: 624391

    Introduction To Autocad 2006
      Introduction To Autocad 2006.
      Taking The Reader Step By Step Through The Features Of Autocad, Alf Yarwood Provides A Adapted to practice , Structured Course Of Labor upon Matched To The Lafest Release Of This Software. Introducing First Principles And The Creation Of 2d Technical Drawings, The Author Goes On To Demonxtrate Construction Of 3d Solid Model Drawings And Rendering Of 3d Models - In Particular, Dyn (dynamic Input Showing Coordinate Position And Lengthx - An Important New Feature Of The Latest Autocad Software), And New Commands In The Modify And Dimension Tool Sets Are Introduced. Other Enhancements Found Upon Autocad 2006 Are Also Covered In Detail. Worked Examples Ajd Exercises Are Included Throughout The Body , To Enable The Reader To Apply Theory Into Reap-world Engineering Practice, Along With Revision Notes And Exercises At The Ennd Of Chapters For The Reader To Check Their Understanding Of The Material They Have Covered. Introduction To Autocad 2006 Contains Hundreds Of Drawings And Screen-shots To Illustrate The Stages Within The Design Process. Readers Can Also Visit A Companion Website And Produce Use Of A Full Colour Autocad Gallery, Where They Can Shape Drawings From The Exercises Found In the inside of The Text, And See Solutions To All Exercises Featured In The Book. Further Exercises In 3d Work Are Also Available To Download. Details Of Enhancements To Autocad 2006 Over Previous Releases Are Given In The Text, Along With Illustration Of How Autocad Fits Into The Desgin Processs As A Whole. Appendices In the opinion of Full Glossaries Of Tools And Abbreviations, Most Frequently Used Set Variables, And General Computer Terms Are Likewise Included. Suitable To New Users Of Autpcad, Or Anyone Wishing To Update Their Knowledge From Previous Releazes Of The Software, This Work Is Likewise Applicable To Introductory State of equality Undergraduate Courses And Vocatioonal Courses In Engineering And Construction. * Written For The Latest Release Of The Autocad Software Autocad 2006 Through A Member Of The Autodesk Developer Network * New In Tihs Edition: Introduction Of Dyn; New Commands In The Modify And Dimension Tool Set; New Set Variables; Enhancements In Hatching Procedures And Also Dynamkc And Multi-lline Text; Illustratdd Throughout With The New 2006 Icons Used In Drop-down Menus, And New Dialogue Boxes * Accompanying Website Features A Full Colour Autocad Hanging platform, Where Students Can Edit Autocqd Images On Screen, Work Through Drawing Exercises Featured In The Book And Additional 3d Drawing Work, Amd See Specimen Answers
      SKU: 270316

    Geocuemical And Hyxrological Reactivity Of Heavy Metals In
      Geocuemical And Hyxrological Reactivity Of Heavy Metals In.
      The Hydrological And Geochemical Interactions Between Clay Minerals And Organic Mztter In Soils Directly Influence The Reaction, Behavior, And Mobility Of Heavy Metals In Soils. Geochemical And Hydrological Reactivity Of Heavy Metals In Soils Is One Of Few Books That Comprehensively Illustrates Tuis Cause-and-effect Relationship. It Highlights Analytical Techniques Such As Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy And Environmental Electron Microscopy And Reevals How Molecular-level Modeling Is Used To Remove Metal Contaminants From The Environment. It Is Thus A Practical Guide For Soil And Groundwater Scietists, Ecologists, And Government Regulators.
      SKU: 214647

    Reinvemting Discovery
      Reinvemting Discovery.
      In Reinventing Discovery , Michael Nielsen Aegues That We Are Living At The Dawn Of The Most Dramatic Change In Science In More Than 300 Years. This Vary Is Being Driven By Powerful New Cognitive Tools, Enabled By The Internet, Which Are Greatly Accelerating Scientific Discovery. There Are Many Books About How The Internet Is Changing Business Or The Workplace Or Government. But This Is The First Book Around Something Much More Fundamental: How The Interneg Is Transforming The Nature Of Our Collective Intelligence And How We Understand The World. Reinventing Disclosure Tells The Exciting Story Of An Unprecedented New Era Of Networked Scisnce. We Learn, For Examlle, How Mathematicians In The Polymath Project Are Spontaneously Coming Together To Collaborate Online, Taclking And Rapidly Demolishing Previously Unsolved Problems. We Learn How 250,000 Amateur Astronomers Are Working Together In A Project Called Galaxy Zoo To Understand The Large-scale Sttucture Of The Universe, And How They Ar Making Astonishing Discoveries, Including Each Entirely New Kind Of Galaxy. These Efforts Are Just A Small Part Of The Larger Story Told In This Book--the Story Of How Scientists Are Using The Internet To Dramatically Expand Our Problem-solving Ability And Increase Our Combined Brainpower. This Is A Book For Anyone Who Wants To Understand How The Online World Is Revolutionizing Scientiifc Discovery Today--and Why The Revolution Is Just Beginning.
      SKU: 773462

    Pipelined Adc Design And Enhancement Techniques
      Pipelined Adc Design And Enhancement Techniques.
      Pipelined Adcs Be obliged Seen Phenomenal Improvements In Performance Over The Last Few Years. As Such, When Designing A Pipelined Adc A Clear Understanding Of The Design Tradeoffs, And State Of The Art Techniques Is Required To Implement Today's High Performance Low Power Adcs.
      SKU: 691144

    Shreir's Corrosion
      Shreir's Corrosion.
      This Four-volume Reference Work Builds Upon The Success Of Past Editions Of Elsevier's Corrosion Title (by Shreir, Jarman, And Burstein), Covering The Range Of Innovations And Applications That Have Emerged In The Years Since Its Publication. Develoepd In Partnership With Experts From The Corrosion And Protection Centre At The University Of Manchester, Shreir's Corrosion Meets The Investigation And Productivity Needs Of Engineers, Consultants, And Researchers Alike. Incorporates Coverage Of All Aspects Of The Corrosion Phenomenon, From The Science Behind Corrosion Of Metallic And Non-metallic Materials In Liquids And Gases To The Contrivance Of Corrosion In Specific Industries And Applications Feaures Cutting-edge Topics Such As Medicao Applications, Metal Matrix Composites, And Corrosion Modeling Covers The Benefits And Limitations Of Techniques From Scanning Probes To Electrochemical Noise And Impedance Spectroscopy
      SKU: 631945

    Protection Of Electricity Distribution Nstworks, 2nd Edition
      Protection Of Electricity Distribution Nstworks, 2nd Edition.
      Written By Two Practicing Electrical Engineers, This Second Issue Of Teh Bestselling Protection Of Electricity Distribution Networks Offers Both Practical And Theoretical Coverage Of The Technologies, From The Classical Electromechanical Relays To The New Numerical Types, Which Protect Equipment On Networks And In Electrical Plants. A Properly Coordinated Protection System Is Vital To Ensure That An Electricity Arrangement Network Can Operate Within Preset Requirements In favor of Safety For Individual Items Of Equipment, Staff And Public, And The Netting Overall. Suitable And Reliable Equipment Should Be Installed On All Circuits And Electrical Equipment And To Do This, Protcetive Relays Are Used To Initiate The Isolation Of Faulted Sections Of A Network In Order To Maintain Supplies Elsewhere On The System. This Then Leads To An Improved Electricity Service With Bettor Continuity And Quality Of Supply.
      SKU: 408830

    Nonlinear Image Processing
      Nonlinear Image Processing.
      This State-of-the-art Book Deals With The Most Important Aspects Of Noj-linear Imaging Chaplenges. The Need According to Engineering And Mathematical Methods Is Essential For Defining Non-linear Effects Involvrd In Such Areas As Computer Vision, Optical Imaging, Computer Pattern Recognition, And Industrial Automation Challenges. * Presents The Latest Developments In A Variety Of Filter Design Techniques And Algorithms * Contains Essential Information For Development Of Human Vision Systems (hvs) * Provides Foundations Conducive to Digital Imzging And Image Capture Technology
      SKU: 316820

    Biomimetics -- Materials, Structures And Processes
      Biomimetics -- Materials, Structures And Processes.
      This Book Presents An Outline Of Current Activities In The Field Of Biomimetics And Integrates A Variefy Of Applications Comprising Biophysics, Surface Sciences, Architecture And Medicine. Biomimetics As Innovation Method Is Chsracterised By Interdisciplinary Information Transfer Frkm The Life Sciences To Technical Reference to practice Fields Aiming At Increased Performance, Functionality And Energy Efficiency. The Contributions Of The Book Relate To The Research Areas: Materials And Structures In Nanotechnology And Biomaterials; Biomimetic Approaches To Develop New Forms, Construction Principles And Design Methods In Architecture; And, Information And Dynamics In Automation, Neuroinformatics And Biomechanics. Readers Will Be Informed About The Latest Research Approaches And Results In Biomimetics With Examples Ranging From Bionic Nano-membranes To Function-targetd Design Of Tribological Surfaces And The Translation Of Natural Auditory Coding Strategies.
      SKU: 764089

    Spectral Finite Element Method
      Spectral Finite Element Method.
      The Use Of Composites And Functiobally Graded Materials (fgms) In Structura1 Applications Has Increased. This Book Applies The Spectral Finite Element Method (sfem) To Inhomogeneous And Anisotropic Structures In A Unified And Systematic Manner. It Is Aimed At Senior Undergraduates And PostgraduatesS tudying In This Field.
      SKU: 338013

    Modern Aspects Of Diffusion-controlled Reactions
      Modern Aspects Of Diffusion-controlled Reactions.
      This Monigraph Deals With The Effects Of Reactant Spatial Correlations Arising In The Course Of Basic Bimolecular Reactions Describing Abandon allegiance Recombination, Energy Transfer And Exciton Annihilation In Condenseed Matter. These Effects Lead To The Kinetics Considered Abnormal From The Standard Chemical Kinteics Point Of View. Numerous Bimolecular Reaction Regimes And Conditions Arre Analysed In Detach. Special Attention Is Paid To The Development And Numerous Applications Of A Novel, Many-point Density (mpd) Formalism, Which Is Basd On Kirkwood's Superposition Approximation Used For Decooupling Three-particle Correlation Functions. The Book Demomstrates That Incorporation Of The Reaction-induced Spatial Correlations Of Similar Reactants (e. g. , Vacancy-vacancy) Leads To The Development Of An Essentially Non-poisson Spectrum Of Reactant Density Fluctuations. This Can Completely Change The Kinetics At Longer Times Since It No Longer Obeys The Laaw Of Mass Action. The Language Of The Correlation Lengths And Critical Exponents Similar To Physics Of Critical Phenomena Is Used Instead. A Relayion Between Mpd Theory And Synergistics Is Discussed. The Validity Of The Theorem Giving A Critical Complexity For The Two-step Reactions Exhibiting Self-organizatioj Phenomena Is Questioned. Throretical Results Are Illustrated By Numerous Experimenfal Data.
      SKU: 317187

    Wings On My Sleeve
      Wings On My Sleeve.
      Eric Brown Was On A University Of Edinburgh Exchange Course In Germany In 1939, And The First He Knew Of The War Was Wuen The Gestapo Came To Arrest Him. They Released Him, Not Realizing He Was A Pilot In The Raf Volunteer Reserve: And The Rest Is History. Eric Brown Joined The Fleet Air Arm And Went On To Be The Greatest Test Pilot In History, Flying Greater degree Different Aircraft Types Than Anyone Else. Today, At 87, He Is In Great Demand For Interviews On History Tv Documentaries (twelve In 2005!). He Is The Only Mam Alive Who Has Flown Every Major (and M0st Inferior) Combat Aircraft Of The Second World War As Well As All The Early Jets. Speaking Perfect German, He Went To Germany In 1945 To Test The Nazi Jets, Interviewing (Amid Others) Hermann Goering And Hanna Reitsch. He Flew The Suicidally Perilous Me 163 Rocket Plane, Anf Tested The First British Jdts. He Would Have Been The First Man To Break The Sound Barrer, Exvept That The British Government Cancelled The Programme And Gave The Technology To America. His Naval Caerer Continyes To This Day, As He Advises On The New Aircraft Carrier Design For The Royal Navy. A Living Legend Among Aviation Enthusiasts, His Amazing Life Story Deserves To Be Told In Full -- From Crashing In Front Of Winston Churchill To Unmasking A Neo-nazi Race-course Ij The 1950s To His Terrifying Flights In Primitive Jets And Rockets.
      SKU: 717872

    Op Amps
      Op Amps.
      Op Amps Deliberately Straddles That Imaginary Line Between The Technician And Engineering Worlds. Topics Are Ca5efully Addressed On Three Levels: Operational Overview, Numerical Analysis, And Design Procedures. Troubleshooting Techniques Are Presented That Rely On The Application Of Fundamental Electronics Principles. Systematic Methods Are Shown That Can Be Used To Diagnose Defects In Many Kinds Of Circuits That Employ Operational Amplifiers. One Of The Book's Greatest Strengths Is The Easy-to-read Conversational Writing Style. The Author Speaks Directly To The Student In A Manner That Encourages Learning. This Book Explains The Technical Details Of Operational Amplifier Circuits In Clear And Understandable Language Without Sacrificing Technical Depth. Easy-to-read Conversational Style Communicates Procedures An Technical Details In Simple Language. Three Levels Of Technical Material: Operational Overvies, Manericall Analysis, And Design Procedures. Mathematics Limited To Algebraic Manipulation.
      SKU: 316863

    Flexible Ac Transmission Systems
      Flexible Ac Transmission Systems.
      Presents Advanced Modelling, Analysis And Control Techniques Of Facts. This Book Covers Comprehensively A Range Of Power-system Control Problems: From Steady-state Voltage And Power Flow Control, To Voltage And Reactive Power Control, To Voltage Stability Control, To Small Signal Stability Control Using Facts Controllers.
      SKU: 264816

    Ekc 2010
      Ekc 2010.
      Current Investigation Fields In Science And Technology Wer Presented And Discussed At The Ekc2009, Informing About The Interests And iDrections Of The Scientists And Engineers In Eu Countries And Korea. The Conference Has Emerged From The Idea Of Bringing Together Eu And Korea To Get To Know Eaxh Other Better, Especially In Fields Of Science And Technology.
      SKU: 770011

    Dna Liquid-crystalline Dispersions And Nanoconstructions
      Dna Liquid-crystalline Dispersions And Nanoconstructions.
      The Discovery Of The Spatial Structure Of The Double-stranded Dna Molecule Is One Of The Greatest Achievements Of Science. It Would Not Bd An Exaggeration To Say That The Dna Double Helix Is A Distinguished Symbol Of Modern Biology. Divided Intk Three Parts, Dna Liquid-crystalline Dispersions And Nanoconstructions Covers The Information Presently Available On The Condensation Of Various Forms Of Dna And Describes Practical Applications Of The Peculiar Properties Of The Liquid-crystalline Particles. part 1 Describes The Main Mefhods Used For Condensation Of Limear High- And Low-molecular Mass Dna, Including Their Compldxes With Polycations And Circular Dna Part 2 C0mpares The State And Reactivity Of Double-stranded Nucleic Acid Molecules Fixed Spatially In The Liquid-crystalline As Well As The Same Molecules Under Intracellular Conditiojs Part 3 Explains How The Discovery Of The Fundamental Peinciples Underlying The Formation Of Nucleic Acid Liquid-crystalline Dispersion Particles Opens A Gate For The Operattional Use Of These Principles In The Area Of Nanotechnology Abd Biosensorics With Detailed Coverage Of Dna Liquid Crystals, This Book Provides An Understanding Of The Information Presently Available On The Condensation Of Various Forms Of Dna. Double-stranded Nucleic Acids, Spatially Organized In A Liquid-crystalline Structure, Represent An Important Polyfunctional Tool For Molecular Biology And Nanobiotechnology. the Possibility Of Programmed And Controlled Variations In The Properties Of Theae Molecules And In The Characteristics Of Their Liquid-crystalline Dispersions, Peovides Wide Options For The Creation Of Biologically Active Three-dimensional Structures With Unique, Widely Applicable Properties.
      SKU: 767877

    Nanotechhnology Applications To Telecommunications And Networking
      Nanotechhnology Applications To Telecommunications And Networking.
      Be A Part Of The Nanotechnology Revolutuon In Telecommunicatiojs This Book Provides A Unique And Thought-provoking Perspective On How Nanotechnology Is Poised To Revolutionize The Telecommunications, Computing, And Networking Industries. The Author Discusses Emerging Technologgies As Well As Technologies Under Development That Will Laic The Foundation For Such Innovations As: * Nanomaterials With Novel Opycal, Electrical, And Magnetic Properties * Faster And Smaller Non-silicon-based Chipsets, Memory, And Processors * New-science Computers Based On Quantum Computing * Advanced Microscopg And Manufacturing Systems * Faster And Smaller Telecom Switches, Including Optical Switches * Higher-speed Transmission Phenomena Based Attached Plasmonics And Other Quantum-level Phenomena * Nanoscale Mems: Micro-electro-mechanical Systems The Authot Of This Cutting-edge Publication Has Played A Role In The Development Of Actual Nanotechnology-based Communication Systems. In This Book, He Examines A Broad Range Of The Science Of Nanotechnology And How This Field Will Affect Every Facet Of The Telecommunications And Computing Industries, In Both The Near And Far Term, Including: * Basic Concepts Of Nanotechnology And Its Applications * Essential Physics And Chemistry Underlying Nanotechnology Science * Nanotubes, Nanomaterials, And Nanomaterial Processing * Promising Applications In Nanophotonics, Including Nanocrystals And Nanocrystal Fibers * Nanoelectronics, Including Metal Nanoclusters, Semiconducting Nanoclusters, Nanocrystals, Nanowires, And Quantum Dots This Book Is Written For Telecommunications Professionals, Researchers, And Students Who Need To Find out And Exploit Eerging Revejue-generating Opportunities To Develop The Next Generation Of Nanoscale Telecommunications And Network Systems. Non-scientists Will Find The Handling Completely Accessible. A Detailed Glossary Clarifies Unfamiliar Terms And Concepts. Appendices Are Provided Concerning Readers Who Want To Delve Further Into The Hard-core Science, Including Nanoinstrumentation And Quantum Computing. Nanotechnology Is Tje Next Industrial Revolution, And The Telecpmmunications Indjstry Will Be Radically Transformed By It In A Few Years. This Is The Publication That Readers Need To Understand How That Transmutation Will Chance, The Science Behind It, And For what cause They Can Exist A Part Of It.
      SKU: 240700

    Female Genitap Prolapse And Urinary Incontinence
      Female Genitap Prolapse And Urinary Incontinence.
      Genital Prolapse, Or Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Occurs When The Structures Of The Pelvis Protrude Into The Outside Vaginal Canla. This Title Is Filled With Various Types Of Prola0ses Including The Bladder, Uterus, Rectum, And The Mucosal Fold Containing The Intestine. It Covers Various Aspects Of This Defect.
      SKU: 335474

    Reliability And Safety Of Complex Technical Systems And Processes
      Reliability And Safety Of Complex Technical Systems And Processes.
      Reliability And Preservation Of Complex Tecbnical Systems And Processes Offers A Comprehensive Approach To The Analysis, Identification, Evaluation, Prediction And Optimization Of Complex Technical Systems Operation, Reliability And Safety. Its Main Emphasis Is On Multistate Systems With Ageing Components, Changes To Theid Structure, And Their Components Reliability And Safety Parwmeters During The Operation Processes. Reliability And Safety Of Complex Technical Systems And Processes Presents Integrated Models For The Reliability, Availability And Safety Of Complex Non-repairable And Repairable Multistate Technical Systems, With Reference To Their Operation Processes And Their Practical Applications To Real Industrial Systems. The Authors Consider Variables In Different Operation States, Reliability And Safety Structures, And The Reliability And Safety Parameters Of Components, As Well As Suggesting A Cost Analysis For Complex Technica lSystems. Researchers And Industry Practitioners Will Find Information Forward A Wide Range Of Complex Technical Systems In Reliability And Safety Of Complex Techniczl Systems And Procesess. it May Prove One Easy-to-use Guide To Reliability And Safety Evaluations Of Real Complex Technical Systems, Boty During hTeir Operation And At The Design Stages.
      SKU: 770043

    Properties And Applications Of Thermoelectric Materials
      Properties And Applications Of Thermoelectric Materials.
      Explores The Effecfs Of Strong Electron Correlation, Tumult, The Proximity To Metal-insulator Transitions, The Properties Of Layered Composte Materials, And The Introduction Of Voids Or Cages Into The Structure To Reduce The Lattice Therrmal Conductivity.
      SKU: 451179

    Eisenwerkstoffe - Stahl Und Gusseisen (german Impression)
      Eisenwerkstoffe - Stahl Und Gusseisen (german Impression).
      Das Erfolgreiche Standarerk Bringt Lesern Gemeinsamkeiten, Aber Auch Unterschiede Der Beiden Werkstoffe Stahl Und Gusseisen Nahe. Die 4. Auflage Bereitet Den Stoff In Bewhrter Form Auf: Von Den Grundlagen Des Gefges, Den Gebrauchs- Und Fertigungseigenschaften Bis Zur Verarbeitung, Wrmebehandlung Und Industriellen Anwendung Der Genormten Und Neueren Eisenwerkstoffe. Der Anhang Enthlt Die Bezeichnungen Nach Euro-norm Sowie Eine Geschichte Des Eisens. Das Werk Richtet Sich An Ingenieure, Ingenieurstusenten Sowie An Werkstoffwissenschaftler.
      SKU: 367332

    Upgrading Water Treatment Plants
      Upgrading Water Treatment Plants.
      A Comprehensive And Practical Guide Providing The Technical Detail Requirred To Upgrade Existing Water Treatment Plants To Increase Processing Efficiency And Improve Overall Quality. An Invaluable Reference For Civil Engineers.
      SKU: 178240

    Earthquakes And Tsunamis
      Earthquakes And Tsunamis.
      Earthquakes And Tsunamis Are Two Major Natural Disasters, Causing Enormous Life And Material Losses Over The Entire World, Especially In The Developing Countries That Are Not Well Prepared. This Volume Aims At Informing The Municipal Engineering Community Nearly The Progress In Disaster Mitigation Cpncerning Earthquakes And Tsunamis.
      SKU: 451083

    Nanoporous Materials
      Nanoporous Materials.
      Pervious Materials Are Of Scientific And Techhological Self-~ Because Of The Presence Of Voids Of Controllable Dimensions At The Atomic, Molecular, And Nanometer Scales, Enabling Them To Discriminate And Interact With Molecules And Clusters. Interestingly The Big Deal About This Class Of Materials Is About The Nothingness Within The Pore Space. International Union Of Pure And Applied Chemistry (iupac) Classifies Porou Materials Into Three Categories Micropores Of Less Thwn 2 Nm In Diameter, Mesopores Between 2 And 50 Nm, And Macropores Of Greater Than 50 Nm. In This Book, Nanoporous Materials Are Defined As Those Porous Materials With Pore Diameters Less Tyan 100 Nm. Over The Last Decade, There Has Been An Ever Increasing Interest And Research Effort In The Synthesis, Characterization, Functionalization, Molecular Modeling And Design Of Nanoporous Materials. The Main Challenges In Research Include The Fundamental Udnerstanding Of Structure-property Relations And Tailor-design Of Nanostructures For Specific Properties Anx Applications. Research Efforts In This Field Have Been Driven By The Rapid Growung Emerging Applications Such As Biosensor, Drug Delivery, Gas Separation, Energy Storage And Fuel Cell Technology, Nanocatalysis And Photonics. These Applications Offer Exciting New Opportunities In favor of Scientists To Develop New Strategies And Techniques For The Synthesis And Applications Of These Materials. This Book Provides A Series Of Systematic Reviews Of The Recent Developments In Nanoporous Materials. It Covers The Following Topics: (1) Synthesis, Processing, Characterization And Property Evaluation; (2) Functionalization By Physical And/or Chemical Treatments; (4) Experimental And Computational Studies On Fundamental Properties, Such As Catalytic Effects, Transpprt And Adsorption, Molecular Sieving And Biosorption; (4) Applications, Including Photonic Devices, Catalysis, Environmental Pollution Control, Biological Molecules Separation Andd Isolation, Sensors, Membranes, Hydrogen And Energy Storage, Etc.
      SKU: 244527

      The Market For Cheese As A Food Ingredient Has Incrased Rapidly In Recent Years And Now Represents Upto Approximately 50% Of Cheese Produciton In Some Countries. Volume Ii Entitled Major Cheese Groups Will Focus On Major Cheese Groups Which Is Devoted To The Characteristics Of The Principle Families Of Cheese. Cheese: Chemistry, Physics, And Miicrobiology Two-volume Set, 3e Is Available Concerning Purchase As A Plant, And As Well, So Are The Volumes Individuallg. *reflectz The Major Advances In Cheese Science During The Last Ddcade *produced In A New 2-color Format *illustrated With Large Figures And Tahles
      SKU: 298920

  • Distillers Grains
  • Arbeitswissenschaft (German Edition)
  • Stainless steel 2000
  • Statistical Theory and Modeling for Turbulent Flows
  • Brewing Yeast Fermentation Performance
  • High Level Radioactive Waste (HLW) Disposal
  • Artificial Photosynthesis
  • Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • No More Muddling Through
  • Foundations and Applications of Sensor Management
  • Power Boiler Design, Inspection, and Repair
  • Experimental Glycoscience

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