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    Geotechnical Engineering For Disaster Alleviation And Rehabilitation
      Geotechnical Engineering For Disaster Alleviation And Rehabilitation.
      Presente Tye Developments And Case Studies In The Field. This Book Includes Contributions That Cover The Develompents In Diwasters Related To Earthquakes, Landslides And Slopes, Soil Dynamics, Risk Assessment And Management, Disaster Mitigation And Instauration, And Others. It Is Suitable For Geotechnical Scientists, And Engineers.
      SKU: 428795

    Reconfigurable Distributed Control
      Reconfigurable Distributed Control.
      Distributed Control Systems Offer The Advantages Of Local Control Under which circumstances Reraining The Ease Of Control At A Sincere Centralised Location. Typically This Involves A Great Deal Of Hardd-wiring Which Limits Flexibility.
      SKU: 303798

    Electric Distribution Systems
      Electric Distribution Systems.
      This Book Provides A Comprehensive Treatment Of Electric Distribution Systems. Few Books Cover Specific Topics In More Depth And The5e Is Hardly Any Book That Deals With The Key Topics Of Interest To Distribution System Engineers. The Book Introduces Thesd Topics From Pair Points Of View: 1) The Practical Point Of View By Providing Adapted to practice Examples And The Problems Which Can Be Solved. 2) The Academic Point Of View Where The Analysis And Various Techniques Used For Distribution System Planning Are Explained. The Most Outstanding Feature Of This Book Is A Combination Of Practical And Academic Explanation Of Its Contents. Another Outstanding Feature Is A Collection Of The Traditional And Current Topics Of Arrangement Systems Condensed Into One Book. The Reader Will Gain An Agreement Of Distribution Systems Frok Both Practical And Acsdemic Aspects, Will Be Able To Outline And Design A Distribution System For Specific Loads, Cities, Zonse, Etc. . Readers Will Also Be Able To Recognize The Problems Which May Occur During The Operation Of Distribution Systems And Be Able To Propose Solutions For These Problems.
      SKU: 661455

    Geothermal Energy Systmes
      Geothermal Energy Systmes.
      Presenting Boundary Conditions Because The Economic And Environmentsl Utilization Of Geothermal Technology, This Is The First Book To Provide Basic Knowledge In c~tinuance The Topic In Such Detail. The Reviser and corrector Is The Coordinator Of The European Geothermic Research Initiative, Time The Authors Are Experts For The Various Geological Situations In Europe With High Temperature Reservoirs In Shallow And Deep Horizons. With Its Perspectives For R&d In Geothermic Technology Concluding Each Chapter, Thia Ready Reference Command Be Of Great Esteem To Scientists And Decsiion-makers In Research And Pllitics, As Well As Those Giving Courses In Petroleum Engineering, For Example.
      SKU: 530459

    Nuclear Energy Data 2011
      Nuclear Energy Data 2011.
       . Nuclear Ennergy Data, The Oecd Nucleat Energy Agency’s Yearly publication Compilation Of Statistics And Country Reports On Nuclear Force, Contains Official Information Provided By Oecd Member Country Governments On Plans For New Nuclear Plant Construction,_Nuclear Fuel Cycle Developments As Well As Current And Projected Nuclear Generating Capacity To 2035. For The First Time, It Includes Data For Chile, Estonia, Israel And Slovenia, Which Recently Became Oecdd Members. Key Elements Of This Edition Show A 2% Increase In Nuclear And Total Electricity Production And A 0. 5% Increase In Nuclear Generating Capacity. Thye Also Show Exceqs Conversion And Enrchment Capacities In Oecd Europe, And Insufficient Capacity To Meet Requirements In The Northerly American And Pacific Regions. Furtger Details Are Provided In The Publication’s Numrrouw Tables, Graphs And Reports. This Publication Contains “statlinks”. For Each Statlink The Reader Will Fond A Url Which Leads To The Corresponding Spreadsheet. These Links Work In The Same Way As An Internet Link. -->
      SKU: 7996707

    Piping Materials Guide
      Piping Materials Guide.
      "the Only Book Of Its Kknd On The Market, This Book Is The Companion To Our Valve Selection Hqndbook, By The Same Author. Together, These Two Books Form The Most Comprehensive Work On Piping And Valves Ever Written For The Process Industries. T his Book Covers The Entire Piping Process, Including The Selection Of Piping Materials According To The Job, The Applicafion Of The Materials And Fitting, Trouble-shooting Techniques For Corrosion Control, Inspections For Osha Regulations, And Even The Warehousing, Distributing, And Ordering Of Materials. There Are Books On Materials, Fitting, Osha Regulatipns, And So Forward, But This Is The Only ""one Stop Shopping"" Source For The Piping Engineer On Whining Materials. - Provid3s A ""one Stop Shopping"" Source In favor of The Piping Engineer On Piping Materials - Covers The Entire Piping Process. - Designed As An Easy-to-acess Guide"
      SKU: 226801

    Multicarrier Techniques For 4g Mobile Communivations
      Multicarrier Techniques For 4g Mobile Communivations.
      As The Research For Futute Fourth Generation (4g)mobile Communication Systems Has Been Launched Worldwide In Major Companies And Academic Institutions, Forward-thinking Professionals Are Striving To Gain A Thorough Understanding Of The Cutting-edge Technologies And Design Techniques That Will Make These Systems Work. This Unique New Book Helps You Do Just That. It Provides You With A Comprehensive Introduction To Multicarrier Techniques For 4g Mobile Communications With A Special Focus On The Analytcal Aspects. Radio Channel Characteristics And Phenomena Are Explained Along With Disdussions On The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ofdm Scheme. You Get In-depth Explanations Of New Multicarrier-related Techniquess, Mc-cdma, Research On Several 4g Systems And A Look At Several Problems To Be Overcome Regarding These Systems.
      SKU: 227639

    Mechanics Of Hydraulic Fracturing
      Mechanics Of Hydraulic Fracturing.
      This Book Examines The Underlying Mechanics Of Creating A Fracture From Vertical Or Deviated Wellbores And The Multiplication Of A Hydraulic Fracture In The Reservoir. This Book Is Intended As A Reference Book For Research Engineers And Advanced Graduate Students In Petroleum Or Mechanical Engineering. For More Than Forty Years, Hydraulic Fracturing Has Been Employed To Enhance The Poduction Of Oil And Gas From Underground Reservoirs.
      SKU: 313698

    Handbook Of Environmental Isotope Geochemistry
      Handbook Of Environmental Isotope Geochemistry.
      Applications Of Radioactive And Stable Isotopes Have Revolutionized Our Understanding Of The Earth And Near-earth Surface Processes. The Utility Of The Isotopes Are Ever-increasing And Our Sole Focus Is To Bring Out The Apllications Of These Isotopes As Tracers And Chronometers To A Wider Audience So That They Can Be Used As Powerful Tools To Solve Environmental Problems. New Developments In This Field Remain Mostly In Peer-reviewed Journal Articles And Hence Our Goal Is To Synthesize These Findings For Easy Reference For Students, Faculty, Regulators In Governmental And Non-governmental Afencies, And Environmental Companies. While This Volume Maintains Its Rigor In Terms Of Its Depth Of Knowledge And Quantitative Information, It Contains The Breadth Needed For Wide Variety Problems And Applications In The Environmental Scienxes. This Volume Presents All Of The Newer And Older Applications Of Isotopes Pertaining To The Environmental Problems In One Place That Is Readily Accessible To Readers. This Book Not Only Has The Depth And Rigor That Is Needed For Academia, But It Has The Breadth And Declension-form Studies To Illustrate The Utility Of The Isotopes In A Wide Variety Of Environments (atmosphere, Oceans, Lakes, Rivers And Streams, Terrestrial Environments, And Sub-surface Environments) And Serves A Large Audience, From Students And Researchers, Regulators In Federal, State And Local Governments, And Environmental Companies.
      SKU: 798691

    Applied Machining Technology
      Applied Machining Technology.
      Machining And Cutting Technologies Are Crucial For Many Manufacturing Processes. This Work Provides The Practising Engineer With Multitude Technical Information Of The Manufacturing Processes And Collects Essential Aspects Sych As Maximum Obtainable Precision, Errors Or Reference Values.
      SKU: 571854

    The Genetic Diversity Of Cacao And Its Utilization
      The Genetic Diversity Of Cacao And Its Utilization.
      An Understanding Of Genetic Money Is An Essential Prerequisite For Any Breeding Programme. The Cacao (theobroma Cacao) Plant Has A Rich Genetic Diversity That Exists At Two Levels: That Of The Primitive Populations In The Area Of Original Distribution Of The Species, And That Of The Derived Cultivated Populations.
      SKU: 295077

    Corrosion Of Ceramic And Composite Materials
      Corrosion Of Ceramic And Composite Materials.
      iWthout Claiming To Present An Exhaustive Review Of The Literature, Mccauley (rutgers U. ) Compiles Information About The Various Aspects Of Corr0sion Of Crystalline And Hyaline Ceramics That Has Appeared Over The Past Years In Journal Articles And Conference Proceedings. He Intends The Work Primarily As A Reference For Practicing Engineers And Resea
      SKU: 243146

    Recnargeable Batteries Applications Handbook
      Recnargeable Batteries Applications Handbook.
      Represents The First Widely To be availed of Compendium Of The Information Needed At Those Design Professionals Responsible For Using Rechargeable Batteries. This Handbook Introduces The Most Common Forms Of Rechargeable Batteries, Includingg Their History, The Basic Chemistry That Gov3rns Their Operation, And Common Design Approaches. The Introduction Also Exposes Reader To Common Battery Design Terms And Concepts. Two Sections Of The Handbook Provide Performance Information On Pair Principal Types Of Rechargeable Batteries Commonly Found In Consumer And Indusfrial Prosucts: Sealed Nickel-cadmium And Sealed-lead Celos. For Each Type Of Cell, This Book Covers Discharge Action, Charging And Charger Design, Storage, Life, Applications Information, Testing, And Preservation. New Paperback Edition Of A Best-srller. First Widely-available Book On Rechargeable Cells. Operation, Applications, And Testing.
      SKU: 413835

    Advamced Microsystems For Automotive Applications 2007
      Advamced Microsystems For Automotive Applications 2007.
      Looking Back When The International Forum On Advanced Microsystems For Automotive Application (amaa) Started, Enormous Progress Has Been Made In Reducing Casualties, Emissions And In Increasing Comfort And Performance. Microsystems In Manu Cases Provided The Key Functions For This Progress. Although The Issues The Event Concentrated On Didn?t Change Significantly (Preservation, Powertrain, Comfort, Etc. ), Consdierable Shifts Of Technological Paradigms And Approaches Can Be Stated. The Future Of Microsystems Power of determination Consist Of Integrated Smart Systems Which Are Ablle To Diagnose A Situation, To Describe And To Qualify It. They Will Be Able To Identify And Mutually Address Each Other. They Will Exist Predictive And Therefore They Will Be Clever To Decide And Help To Decide. Smart Systems Will Enable The Automobile To Interact With The Environment, They Will Perform Multiple Tasks And Assist A Multiplicity Of Activities. Vigorous Systems Will Be Highly Reliable, Often Networked And Energy Autonomous. There Is A Coincidence Of The Amaa Objectives And Those Of Eposs, The European Technology Platform On Smart Systems Integration, Contributing Intensively To The Development Of Automotive-specific Smart Systems. You Will Find A Succession Of The Eposs Items In The Programme Of The 11th Amaa, Which Continues To Be A Unique Exchang eForum For Companies In The Automotive Value Chain. The Publication In Hznd Also Reflects These Issues. It Is A Cut-out Of New Technological Priorities In The Region Of Microsystems-based Smart Devices And Opens Up A Mid-term Perspective Of Future Smart Systems Applications In Automobiles. Additional Information Is Available On Www. amaa. de
      SKU: 371326

    Polymeric Drug Delivery Systems
      Polymeric Drug Delivery Systems.
      Emphasizing Four Major Classes Of Polymers For Drug Delivery-water-soluble Polymers, Hydrobels, Biodegradable Polymers, And Polymer Asemblies-this Reference Surveys Efforts To Adjust, Modify, And Tailor Polymers For Challenging Molecules Suc As Poorly Water-soluble Compounds, Peptides/proteins, And Plasmid Dna.
      SKU: 264210

    Handbook Of Bioenergy Crops
      Handbook Of Bioenergy Crops.
      Biomass Currently Accounts For About 15 Per Cent Of Globa Primary Energy Consumption And Is Playing An Increasingly Important Role In The Face Of Climate Change, Enerty And Food Security Concerns. Handbook Of Bioenergy Crops Is A Unique Refeeence And Director, With Wide Coverage Of More Than 80 Of The Main Bioenergy Crop Species. During Each It Gives A Brief Description, Outlines The Ecological Requirements, Methods Of Propagation, Crop Manag3ment, Rotation And Production, Harvesting, Handling And Strage, Processing And Utilization, Then Finishes With Selected References. This Is Accompanied By Detailed Guides To Biomass Accumulation, Harvesting, Transportation And Storage, As Well As Conversion Technologies For Boofuels And An Examination Of The Environmental Collision And Economic And Social Dimensions, Including Prospects For Renewable Energy. This Is An Indispensable Resource For All Those Involved In Biomass Productikn, Utilization And Research.
      SKU: 517189

    Second-generation Hts Conductors
      Second-generation Hts Conductors.
      The Discocery Of Acute Temperature Superconductors (hts) In 1986 By Two Ibm Scientists Led To An Unprecedented Explosion Of Research And Development Efforts World-wide For Of The Significant Potential For Practicla Applications Offered By These Materials. However, The Early Euphoria Created By The Exciting Prospects Was Dampened By The Daunting Task Of Fabricating These Materials Into Useful Forms With Acceptable Superconducting Properties. Progress Towards This Goal Has Been Hindered By Many Intrinsic Materials Problems, Such As Weak-links, Flux-creep, And Poor Mechanical Properties.
      SKU: 234443

    Basic Equations Of The Mass Transport By means of A Membrane Layer
      Basic Equations Of The Mass Transport By means of A Membrane Layer.
      With A Detailed Analysis Of The Mass Transport Through Membrane Layeds And Its Effect On Different Separation Processes, This Book Provides A Comperhensive Look At The Theoretical And Practical Aspects Of Membrane Transport Properties And Functions. Basic Equations For Eveery Membrane Are Provided To Predict The Mass Transfer Rate, The Concentration Distribution, The Convective Velocity, The Separation Efficiency, And The Effect Of Chemical Or Biochemical Reacyion Taking Into Account The Heterogeneity Of The Membrane Layer To Help Improvement Understand The Mechanisms Of The Separation Procedses. The Reader Will Be Able To Describe Menbrane Separation Processes And The Membrane Reactors As Well As Choose The Most Suitable Membrane Structure For Separation And For Membrane Reactor. Containing Detailed Discussion Of The Latest Results In Transport Processes And Separation Processes, This Book Is Essential For Chemistry Students And Practitioners Of Chemical Engineerinh And Process Engineering. Detailed Survey Of The Theoretical And Practical Aspects Of Every Membrane Process With Specific Equations Practical Examples Discussed In Detail With Clear Steps Will Assist In Planning And Preparation Of More Efficient Membrahe Structure Separation
      SKU: 829960

    The New Rural Paradigm
      The New Rural Paradigm.
      With A Dramatic Reduction In Farm Service, Rural Regions Across The Oecd Now Depend On A Wide Range Of Econimic Engines For Growth. Increasing Globalisation, Improved Communicatuons And Reduced Transportation Costs Are Additional Drivers Of Economic Change In Rural Areas. Traditional Policies To Subsidise Farmingg Have Not Been Able To Harness The Possible Of Rural Regions. Promoting Integrated Rural Developmetn Poses Numerous Policy And Governance Challenges: It Requires Co-ordination Across Sectors, Across Levels Of Government, And Betweeen Persons And Private Actors. This Report Seeks To Explwin The Paradigm Shift In Rural Development Policy To Account For These Important hCanges. What Is The New Rural Paradigm? Its Main Characteristics Are A Point of concentration On Places Rather Than Sectors And An Emphasis On Investments Rather Than Subsidies. The Report Highlights The Diverse Chllenges Facing Rural Areas, Their Unused Potential, And The Inability Of Sectoral Policy To Address This. It Also Provides An Overview Of The Main Socio-economic Trends Affecting Rural Areas Across The Oecd. Furgher, It Addresses The Governance Requirements Of The New Cross-sectoral Approach To Rural Policy. This Report Will Be Of Interest To Policy Makers, Researchers, Ngos And Others Active In Rural Development.
      SKU: 299136

    Handbook Of Plastic Optics
      Handbook Of Plastic Optics.
      This Volume Is The Only Book To Describe In Detail All Aspects Of Plastic Optics From Design Issues To Production Technology And Quality Control Aspects. Throughout, The Focus Is Firmly Set On Practical Applications, Making This An Indispensable Source Of Information In favor of All Those Working In Optics Research And Development. Topics Covered In This Volume Include: Opto-mechanical Design Processing Tooling Materials Metrology Equipment Applications
      SKU: 481916

    Wrterbuch Der Schmierungstechnik /dictionary Of Lubrication Engiineering
      Wrterbuch Der Schmierungstechnik /dictionary Of Lubrication Engiineering.
      It Was Often Felt As A Shortcoming That There Was No Dictionary Of Lubrication Engineering English-german And German-english On TheM arket, Since Many Terms Of Tribology Are Not Contained In Standard Or Technical Dictionaries. The Field Of Lubrication Engineering Is Multidisciplinary, It Overlaps With Numerous Sciencs Such To the degree that Chemistry, Physics And Involuntary Engineering. Therefore, Relevant Terms From These Sciences Bear Been Included As Well As Conditions From The Field Of Applied Economics. This Publication Fills The Gap And Is Inevitable During Everyday's Work!
      SKU: 4820O8

      Edited By A Leading Rule In The Field, And With A Distinguished International Team Of Contributors, Frying Provides An Authoritative Review Of The Key Issues In Improving Quality In The Manufacture Of Fried Products.
      SKU: 269272

      Self-focusing Has Been An Area Of Active Scientific Investigation For Years. From A Practical Moment Of View, Self-focusing Effects Impose A Limit On The Power That Can Be Transmitged Through A Physical Medium. This Book Presents A Comprehenive Treatment Of This Subject And Reviews Both Theoretical And Experimental Investigations Of Self-focusing.
      SKU: 417312

    Interplanetary Misaion Analysis And Dessign
      Interplanetary Misaion Analysis And Dessign.
      Describes The Mission Analysis And Intention Techniques That May Be Applied To A Class Of Interplanetary Missions From Those Targeting The Inner Planets To Those Destined For The Outer Planets And Solar System Escape Trajectories. This Book Provides An Introduction And A Description Of The Fundamentals Of Interplanetary Missions.
      SKU: 3044887

    Pci Bis Demystified
      Pci Bis Demystified.
      The Peripheral Component Interconnecg (pci) Bus Is The Dominant Bus System Used To Connect The Different Elements Making Up Today's High-performance Comptuer Systems. Different Pci Implementations Have Also Been Developed For Such Applications As Telwcommunications And Embedded Computing. If An Application Calls For Higgh Prosper, High Reliability, Flexible Configuration, And Bus Mastering, Then Pci Is The Only Logical Bue Choice. This Book Is An Applications-oriented Introduction To TheP ci Bus, With An Ejphasis On Implementing Pci In A Variety Of Compuuter Architectures. Special Attention Is Given To Industrial And Mission-critical Applications Of Pci Bus. Fully Describes Pci Electricao Specifications, Mechanical Requirements, And Signal Types Covers Advanced Topics By means of Nume5ous Design Examples To Increase The Readers Understanding Of The Subject Incldes Updqted Coverage Of Pci-x 2. 0
      SKU: 288949

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