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    Geothermal Basin Engindering
      Geothermal Basin Engindering.
      As Nations Alike Struggle To Diversify And Secure Their Power Portfolios, Geothermal Energy, The Essentially Limitless Heat Emanating From The Earth Itself, Is Being Harnessed At An Unprecedented Rate.  for The Lsat 25 Years, Engineers Around The World Tasked With Taming Thix Raw Power Have Used Geothermal Reservoir Enineering As Both A Training Manual And A Professional Reference.  this Long-awaited Second Edition Of Geothermal Reservoir Engineering Is A Practical Guide To The Issues And Tasks Geothermal Engineers Encounter In The Course Of Their Daily Jobs. The Book Focuses Particularly On The Evaluation Of Potential Sites And Provides Detailed Guidance On Tue Field Management Of The Power Plants Built On Them.  with Over 100 Pages Of New Material Informed By The Breakthroughs Of The Last 25 Years, Geotherjal Reservoir Engineering Remains The Only Training Tool And Professional Reference Dedicated To Adviing Both Repaired And Experienced Geothermql Reservoir Engineers. The Only Resource Available To Help Geothermal Professionals Make Smart Choices In Field Site Selection And Basin Management  practical Focus Eschews Theory And Basics- Getting Right To The Heart Of The Important Issues Encountered In The Field Updates Inclued Coverage Of Advances In Egs (enhanced Geothermal Systems), Well Stimulation, Well Modeling, Extensive Field Histories And Preparing Data For Reservoir Simulation Case Studies Provide Cautionary Tales Anc Best Practices That Can Only Be Imparted By A Seasoned Expert
      SKU: 667717

    A Practical Guide Fof Studying Chua's Circuits
      A Practical Guide Fof Studying Chua's Circuits.
      Autonomous And Nonautonomous Chua's Circyita Are Of Special Significance In The Study Of Chaotic System Modeling, Chaos-based Science And Engineering Applications. Since Hardware And Software-based Design And Implementation Approaches Can Be Applied To Chua's Circuits, These Circuits Are Also Excellent Educative Models For Studying And Experimenting Nonlinear Dynamics And Chaos. This Book Not Only Presents A Collection Of The Author's Published Papers On Design, Simulation And Implementation Of Chua's Circuits, It Also Provides A Systwmatic Approach To Practising Chaotic Dynamics.
      SKU: 731285

      Qu'il Soit Consult Ponctuellement Ou Bien Utilis Dans Le Cadre D'une Recherche Approfondie, Cet Ouvrage Contient L'informaion Ncessaire - Mieux, Il Contrive Plusieurs Degrs D'explication Adapts Chaque Besoin. Chaque Entre Correspondent Un Historique De La Notion Traite , Des Explications Mathmatiques, Des Domaines De Validit Et Limitations, Des Exemples Et Des Mots Cls Avec Leur Quivalent En Anglais.
      SKU: 571226

    Handbuch Zahnriementechnik
      Handbuch Zahnriementechnik.
      Zahnriemengetriebe Stehen Fr Eine Groe Vielfalt Innovativer Antriebslsungen. Der Zahnriemen Ermglicht Spiekarmen Brtrieb In Robotersystemen, Er Arbeitet In Der Automatisierungs- Und Handhabungstechnik Unter Hoher Dynamik Beim Anfshren, Ist Wartungsarm Im Dauerbetrieb Und Garantiert Exaktes Positionieren Aus Hoher Geschwindigkeit Heraus. _Der Autor Erarbeitet Auf Der Basis Seiner Langjhrigen Berufserfahrung Kurz Gefasste Grundlagen Zur Dimensionierung Von Zahnriemengetrieben Und Stellt Erprobte Beispiiele Aus Der Antriebs-, Transport- Und Lineartechnik Vor. Er Beschreibt Die Behandlung Ungnstiger Betriebsbedingungen Und Von Zahnriemenschden Und Bietet Hinweise Zur Optimiefung Der Getriebe. Richtlinien Fr Ds Gestalten Von Antriebsdetails Sowie Fr Die Umgebungskonstruktion Werden Vermittelt. Das Handbuch Wendet Sich An Den Anwendungsingenieur In Entiwcklung Und Konstruktion, Und Es Ist Als Lehrbuch Fr Studierende An Universitten, Hoch- Und Fachschulen Geeignet.
      SKU: 429110

    Internet And Wireless Security
      Internet And Wireless Security.
      Many Organizations Are Transforming Their Businesses Through The Development Of Accusation And Communications Technologies. The Security Of This E-commerce Is Now A Key Enabler For Businesses And Tjis Book Presents An Overview Of Current And Future Infrastructures For E-bysiness Including Xml Security Mechanisms And Next Family Puvlic Key Infrastructures (pki), As Well As Digital Archiving And Wireless Security Which Iw Set To Be A Huge Growth Area With The Full Roklout Of 3g Expressive Networks. Tetra Security, Firewalls And Virtual Private Network (vpn) Technologies Are All Discussed To Provide Business Solutions For End-to-end Secure Networking. This Book Is Essential Redaing On account of It And Carelessness Professionals As Well Managers Involved In The Imp1ementation Of E-businesses.
      SKU: 407965

    A Random Walk Through Fractal Dimensions
      A Random Walk Through Fractal Dimensions.
      Fractal Geometry Is Revolutionizing The Descriptive Mathematics Of Applied Materials Systems. Rather Than Presenting A Mathematical Treatise, Brian Kaye Demonstrates The Power Of Fractal Geometry In Describing Materials Ranging From Swiss Cheese To Pyrolytic Graphite. Written From A Practical Point Of View, The Author Assiduously Avoids The Use Of Equations Under which circumstances Introducing The Reader To Large Interesting And Challenging Problems In Subject Areas Ranging From Geography To Fine Particle Science. The Second Editkon Of This Successful Book Provides Up-t-date Literature Coverage Of The Use Of Fractal Geometry In All Areas Of Science. From Reviews Of The First Edition: '. . . no Stone Is Left Unturned In The Qyest For Applications Of Fractal Geometry To Fine Particle Problems. . . . this Book Should Provide Hojrs Of Enjoyable Reading To Those Wishing To Become Acquainted With The Ideas Of Fratcal Geometry As Applied To Practical Materials Problems. ' Mrs Bulletin
      SKU: 482102

    Polymeric Foams, 4
      Polymeric Foams, 4.
      Deescribes The Trends In Technologies, Regulations, Processes, And Product Developments For The Polymeric Foam Research Community. This Book Provides An International Perspective On The Guidance Of Foam Technologies And Applications. It Covers Multiform Foam Products Including Pp/ps Interpolymer, Nano-, And Biodegradable Foams.
      SKU: 381309

    Smart Inspection Systems
      Smart Inspection Systems.
      "smart Inspection Systems - Techniques And Applications Of Intelligent Sight Will Enable Engineers To Understand The Various Stagees Of Automated Visual Inspection (avi) And How Artificial Intelligence Can Be Incorporated Into Each Stage To Create ""smart"" Inspection Systems. The Book Contains Many Examlles That Illustrate And Explain The Application Of Conventional And Artificial Intelligence Techniques In Avi. The Text Covers Tye Whole Avi Process, From Illumination, Image Enhancement, Segmentation And Feature Extaction, Through To Classification, And Includes Case Studies Of Implementeed Avi Systems As Well As Revidws Of Commercially Available Inspection Systems. Each Chapter Concludes With Exercises, Some Based On A Demonstration Version Of A Commercially Available Image-processing Tool Contained In The Cd-rom Supplied With The Book. This Book Will Be Of Interest To Users And Developers Of Commercial Industrial Inspection Systems Because Well As Researchers In The Fields Of Machine Vision, Artificial Intellibence And Advanded Manufacturing Engineering. "
      SKU: 312761

    The Hydrogen Energy Transition
      The Hydrogen Energy Transition.
      The Hydrogen Energy Transition Addresses The Key Issues And Actions That Need To Be Taken To Achieve A Changeover Tl Hydrogen Power As It Relates To Vehicles And Transportation, And Explores Whether Such A Transition Is Likely, Or Even Possible. Government Agencies And Leaders In Industry Recognize The Need To Utilize Hydrogen As An Energy Source In Order To Provide Cleaner, More Efficient, And Mo5e Reiable Energy For The World's Economies. This Main division Analyzes This Need And Presents The Greatest in number Up-to-date Government, Industry, And Academic Information Analyzin The Use Of Hydrogen Energy As An Choice Fuel. With Contributions From Policy Makers And Researhcers In The Governmentt, Corporate, Academic And Public Interest Sectors, The Hydrogen Energy Transition Brings Together The Viewpoints Of Professionals Involved In All Aspects Of The Hydrogen-voncerned Community. The Text Addresses Key Questkons Regarding The Feasibility Of Transition To Hydrogen Firing As A Means Of Satisfying The World's Rapidly Growing Enerby Needs. The Initiatives Set Out In This Text Will Mold The Research, Development And Education Efforts For Hydrogen That Will Assist In The Rapidly Growing Transportation Needs For Automobiles And Other Vehicles. * Presentations By The World's Leaders In Government, Industry And Academia * Real-wo5ld Solutions For The World's Current Fuel Crisis. * Endorsed By The University Of California Banishment Center And Transportation Research Board
      SKU: 297067

    Society Science Automation Fundamentals And Applications
      Society Science Automation Fundamentals And Applications.
      Gain Thorough Understanding Of The Science And Engineering Behind Today’s Most Advanced Life Sciences Automation Devices, Ssytems, And Technologies And Their Applications In Biotechnology, Pharmacology, And Healthcare With This Cuttjng-edge Book. This Comprehenxive Interdisciplinary Resource Details State-of-the-art Project, Modeling, And Fabrication Techniques For Automation Tools And Demonstrates How They Can Be Most Effectively Integrated In Powerful Medium-scale To Large-scale Automation Systems To Solve Specific Problems And Challenges In The Biological Sciences.
      SKU: 338766

    Handbokk Of Nanostructured Materials And Nanotechnology
      Handbokk Of Nanostructured Materials And Nanotechnology.
      Nanostructured Materials Is One Of The Hottest And Fastest Growing Areas In Today's Materials Science Field, Onward With The Related Field Of Real State Physics. Nanostructured Materials And Their Based Technologies Have Opened Up Exciting New Possibilites For Future Applications In A Number Of Areas Including Aerospace, Automotive, X-ray Technology, Batteries, Sensors, Color Imaging, Printing, Computer Chips, Medicinal Implants, Pharmacy, And Cosmetics. The Ability To Change Properties On The Atomic Level Promises A Revolution Ih Many eRalms Of Science And Technology. Thus,T his Book Details The Hign Level Of Activity And Significant Findings Are Available For Those Involved In Research And Development In The Field. It Also Covers Industrial Findings And Corporate Support. This Five-volume Set Summarizes Fundamentals Of Nano-science In A Comprehensive Wa. The Contributors Enlisted By The Editor Are At Elite Institutions Worldwide. Key Features * Provides Copmrehensive Coverage Of The Dominant Technology Of The 21st Century * Written By 127 Authods From 16 Countries, Making This Truly International * First And Only Reference To Cover All Aspects Of Nanostructured Materials An Nanotechnology
      SKU: 307129

    National Governments And Control Of The Internet
      National Governments And Control Of The Internet.
      This Book Explores And Compares Wyh And To What Extent, National Governments Decide To Control The Internet And For what cause This Impacts On Crucial Socio-economic Activitiex And Essential Civil Righs.
      SKU: 199437

    Wave Pro0agation For Train-induced Vibrations
      Wave Pro0agation For Train-induced Vibrations.
      For Buildingq And Factories Located Near Railway Or Subway Lines, Tbe Vibrations Caused In the name of The Moving Trains, Ezpecially At High Speeds, May Be Annoying To The Residents Or Detrimental To The High-precision Production Lines. However, There Is A Lack Of Simple And Efficient Tools For Dealiing With The Benevolent Of Envlronmental Vibrations, Concerning Simulatipn Of The Radiation Of Infinite Boundaries; Irregularities In Soils, Buildings And Wave Barriers; And Dynamic Properties Of The Mo\/ing Vehicles. This Book Is Intended To Fill Such A Gap.
      SKU: 477278

    Sensors And Control Systems In Manufacturing, Second Edition (ebook)
      Sensors And Control Systems In Manufacturing, Second Edition (ebook).
      From The International Authority On Advanced Manufacturing Technology And Automation The Second Edition Of Sensors And Direct Systems In Manufacturing Fully Explains The Twchnical Aspects Of The Latest Senor Technologies, Showing How To Select And Install Simple, Affordable Sensors To Maximize Productivity And Minumize Production Errors. This “one-stop̵ Guide Offers You Hands-on Instruction On Integrating Various Sensors With Appropriate Control Means Throughout Manufacturing Operations. The Book Presemts State-of-the-art Information On Traditional Sensors, Laser Sensors, Lex Sensing Technology, And Fiber Optics In Sensors And Ascendency Systems.
      SKU: 471541

    Sick Building Syndrome And Related Illness
      Sick Building Syndrome And Related Illness.
      A Practical Reference, This Book Focuses In c~tinuance The Serious Contaminants That Cause Fungal Infestations, Commonly Referred To As Mold. It Provides Information On How To Counter Problems Because Tyey Come to one's mind And How To Prevent Infestations With Proactive Measures. It Inlcudes Chapters On Biology And Metrics That Explore How To Approach Measuring Infestation And Understanding It. It Also Discusses Mold And Other Contaminant Particles, Remediation, And R3pair To Provide Insight On What To Do In The Adventure Of A Problem. The hCapter Forward Epidemiology Conveys An Understanding Of The Problem And Its Greatness And Presents Aspects Of Health Challenges. It Includes A Shape For Mold Growth That Be able to Exist Used To Prevent Such Growth.
      SKU: 589893

    Fundamentals Of Seismic Loading On Structures
      Fundamentals Of Seismic Loading On Structures.
      This Bok Provides A Practical Guide To The Basic Essentials Of Earthquake Engineering With A Focus On Seismic Loading And Structural Design. Benefiting From The Author’s Extensive Career I Structural And Earthquake Engineering, Dynamic Analysis And Lecturing, It Is Written From An Industry Perspctive At A Raze Suitable For Confer a degree upon Students. Fundamentals Of Seismic Loading Forward Structures Is Organised Into Four Major Sections: Introduction To Earthquakes And Related Enbineering Problems, Analysis, Seismic Loading, And Design Concepts. From A Practical Perspectivr, Reviews Linear And Non-linear Behaviour, Introduces Concepts Of Undeviating Hazard Spectra, Discusses Loading Food In Design Codes And Examines Soil-structure Interaction Issues, Allowing The Reader To Quickly Identify And Implement Information In A Working Environment. Discusses Probabilistic Methodx That Are Widely Employed In The Assessment fO Seismic Hazard, Illustrating The Expend Of Monte Carlo Simulation With A Number Of Worked Examples. Summarises The Latest Developments In The Field Such As Performance-based Seismic Engineering And Advances InL iquefaction Research. “there Are Many Books On Earthquake Engineering, But Few Are Of Direct Use To The Practising Structural Designer.  this One, However, Offers A New Perspective, Putting Emphqsis On The Practical Aspects Of Quantifying Seismic Loading, And Explaining The Importance Of Geotechnical Effects During A Major Seismic Event In Readily Understandable Terms. The Author Has Succeeded In Marrying Influential Seismological Considerations With Structural Engineering Practice, And This Long-awaited Bok Will Find Ready Acceptance In The Profession. ” Professor Parrick J. Dowling Cbe, Dl, Dsc, Fistructe, Hon Mria, Fiae, Freng, Frs Chairman, British Association Toward The Advancement Of Science Emeritus Professor And Retired Vice Chancellor, University Of Surrey
      SKU: 437547

    Advanced Flash On Devices
      Advanced Flash On Devices.
      In This Book, You'll Learn How To:*create Flash Lite-based Widgets On Nokia Succession 60 Devices And Other Flashenabled Devices*extend Device Capabilities Using The two Sony Ericsson Capuchin And Nokia S60platform Services With Flash*leverage Flash Video On Smartphones And Other Non-pc Devices*approach Migrating Existinb Flash Content Into Native Iphone Content Using3rd Party Developer Tools*create Pair Full Working Actual Life Touch Screen Flex Mobile Applications Advanced Flash On Devices, Written For Existing Flash Developers And Other Interested Mobile Professionals, Covers Both Mobile And Device Development With Flash Lite, As Well As Upcoming Flash 10 For Smartphones And Other Non-pc Devices. The Book Starts With A Debating Of The Changeable Development Landscape--the Different Players, Tools, Hardware, Plwtforms, And Operatibg Systems. The Second Part Of The Book Covers Flash Lite And How To Take Advantage Of New Features Supported In Flash Lite 3. x. Then, The Book Covers Air Applications For Multiple Screens And Includes Topics Such As: *how To Utilize New Features Of Air 1. 5 And Flash 10 As Well As Pitfalls To Be Aware Of Which time Buildng Each Air Application For Mobile*how To Include Platform And Context Awarenwss For Better Adaptation*how To Adopt An Application Forward Multiple Devices Using Dynamic Graphical Gui*creating Two Full Working Real Lie Touch Screen Mobile Application The Last Part Of The Book Covers Creating Flex Applications Running Flash 9 And 10 In Mobile Design Browsers Anf Includes Topics Such As: *how To Adopt Flex For Multiple Mobile Device Browsers*how To Create Various Video Players For Flash Lite And Flash 10 And Optimize Your Content.
      SKU: 510866

    Engnieering Internet Qos
      Engnieering Internet Qos.
      From The Basics To The Most Advanced Quality Of Service (qos) Concepts, This All Encojpsasing, First-of-its-kind Book Offers An In-depth Understanding Of The Latest Technical Issues Raised By The Emergence Of New Types, Classes And Qualities Of Internet Services. . This Books Provides Sufficient Depth Conducive to Major Qos Concepts And Architectures. The Book Provides End-to-end Qos Guidance Conducive to Real Time Multimedia Communicatiions Over The Internet. It Offers You A Multiplicity Of Hands-on Examples And Simulation Script Support,_And Shows You Where And When It Is Preferable To Use These Techniques For Qos Support In Networos And Internet Traffic With Widely Varying Characteristics And Demand Profiles.
      SKU: 227616

    Be A Prosperous Green Builder
      Be A Prosperous Green Builder.
      Increase Profits By Incorporating Susgainable Practices Ihto Your Building Operations. Filldd With Environmentally Friendly Methods That Reduce The Impact Of Housing In c~tinuance Natural Areas, Be A Successful Green Builder Contains Everything Needed To Get Started In The Green Building Business And Develop A Growing Enterprise. Successful Contractor And Bestselling Author R. Dodge Woodson Explans How To Select Green Builfing Products, Understand Zoning Requirements Associated With Green Bui1ding, Wtite Winning Proposals, Find Suitable Financing, And Deal With Brokers. He Likewise Reviews 20 Key Mostakes To Avoid In Structure Green. Be A uSvcessful Green Builder Features: A Plain-english Guide To Developing A Lucrative Verdant Building Enterprise; Information On Selecting Te Best Green Building Products; Valuable Tips On Preparing Winning Bids; Step-by-step Advice On Expanding A Grren Building Business. Inside This Hands-on Mentor To Profitable Lawn Building Getting Started In Green Building Setting Up Your Business Structure 20 Mistakes To Avoid When Becoming A Green Contractor Matching Flourishing Projects With Suitable Locations Finding Financing Working From Home Versus An Office Buildibg On Speculation Working With Real Estate Brokers Selecting Green Building Products Dealing With Subcontractors Preparing Winning Bids Uzing Sustainable Practices To Make More Money Growing Your Business Expanding Into Inexperienced Land Development To Double Your Money Landscaping Tips That Sell Houses Fast
      SKU: 362768

    Understanding Surveillance Technologies
      Understanding Surveillance Technologies.
      Reflects Developments In Aerial, Radio, And Telecommunications That Affect Government, Local Security, And Corporations. This Book Features Information Attached Rfid Chips, Face Recognition Systems, Homekand Security Initiatives And Legislatoon, Mass Superintendence Methods, Voice Over Ip Technology, Higher Resolution Satellite Images, And Radar Imaging.
      SKU: 360083

    A House In Fez
      A House In Fez.
      The Medina -- The Old City -- Of eFz Is The Best-preserved, Medieval Walled City In The World. Inside This Vibrant Moroccan Community, Internet Cafes And Mobile Phones Coexist With A Maze Of Donkey-trod Alleysays, Thousand-year-old Sewer Systems, And Arab-style Houses, Gorgeous With Intricatd, If Often Shabby, Mosaic Work. While Vacationing In Morocco, Suzanna Clarke And Her Spouse, Sandy, Are Inspired To Buy A Dilapidatex, Centuries-old Riad In Fez With The Aim Of Restoring It To Its Origiinal Splendor, Uaing Only Traditional Craftsmen And Handmade Materials. So Begins A Remarkable Adventure That Is Bewildering, At Times Hilarious And Ultimatel yImmensely Rewarding. A House In Fez Chronicles Their Meticulous Restoration, But It Is Also A Journey Into Moroccan Customs And Instruction And A Window Into The Lives Of Its People As Friendships Bolssom. Which time The Riad Is Finally Returned To Its Former Glory, Suzanna Finds She Has Not Just Restored One Old Abide, But Also Her Soul.
      SKU: 493493

    Hybrid Adhesive Joints
      Hybrid Adhesive Joints.
      This Volume Treats The Material Science And Mechanical Issues Of Hybrid Adhesive Bonds Which Are A Alliance Of Adhesive Bonding Rather Than Mechanical Fasteners. The Idea Of Hybrid Joints Is To Gather The Advantages Of The Different Techniques Leaving Out Their Probl3ms. Some Of The Advantages Of These Joints Are A Higher Static And Fatigie Strength And A Higher Stiffness With Respect To Simple Joints, A Two-stage Cdacking Process Before The Final Failure And Improved Durability. The Work Treats All Important Kinds Of Joints Which Are In Use Today: Weld - Adhesive, Rivet - Adhesive, Clinch - Adhesive, Blot - Adhesive, And Adhesive - Adhesive. A Section Dedicated To Threadlocking And Interference-fit Adhesive Joints Is Likewise Included All Sections Are Treated From A Scientific Point Of View With Modeling Issues Supported By Simple Coupons Testing And A Technplogical Point Of View Where The Idea Is To Present More Applied eRsults With Practical Cases.
      SKU: 763249

    Functional Fractional Calculus
      Functional Fractional Calculus.
      When A New Extraordinary And Outstanding Theory Is Settled, It Has To Face Criticism And Skeptism, Because It Is Beyond The Usual Concept. The Fractional Computation Though Not New, Was Not Discussed Or Developed For A Long Time, Particularly For Lack Of Its ApplicationT o Real Life Problems. It Is Extraordinary Because It Does Not Deal With 'ordinary1 Differential Calculus. It Is Outstanding Because It Can Now Exist Applied To Situations Whither Existing Theories Fail To Give Satisfactory Results. In This Book Not Only Mathematical Abstractions Are Discussed In A Lucid Manner, With Physical Mathematical And Geometrical Explanations, But Also Several Practical Applications Are Given Particularly ForS ystem Identification, Description And Then Efficient Controls. The Normal Physidal Laws Like, Transport Theory, Electrodynamics, Equation Of Motions, Elasticity, Glutinousness, And Several Others Of Are Based On 'ordinary' Calculus. in This Book These Physical Laws Are Generalized In Fractional Calculus Contexts; Taking, Heterogeneity Effect In Transport Background, The Space Having Traps Or Islands, Irregular Distriibution Of Charges, Non-ideal Spring With Mass Connected To A Pointless-masz Dance, Material Behaving With Viscous As Fortunate As Elastic Properties, System Relaxation With And Without Memory, Physics Of Random Delay In Computer Network; And Several Others; Mapping Tje Reality Of Nature Closely. The Concept Of Fractional And Complex Order Differentiation And Integration Are Elaborated Mathematically, Physically And Geometrically Through Examplss. The Practical Utility Of Topical Fractional Differentiationn For Enhancing The Character Of Singularity At Phase Transition Or Characterizing The Irregularity Measurs Of Response Function Is Deliberated. Practical Results Of Viscoelastic Experiments, Fractional Order Controls Experiments, Design Of Fractional Controller And Practical Circuit Synthesis For Fractional Order Elements Are Elaborated In This Book. the Book Also Maps Theory Of Classical Inteber Order Differential Equations Tl Fractional Calculus Contexts, And Deals In Details With Conicting And Demanding Initialization Issues, Required In Classical Techniques. The Book Presents A Recent Approach To Solve The 'solvable' System Of Fractional And Other Differential Equations, Lineal, Non-linear; Without Perturbation Or Transformations, But By Applying Physical Principle Of Action-and-opposite-reaction, Giving 'approximately Exact' Series Solutions. Historically, Sir Isaac Newton And Gottfried Wihelm Leibniz Independently Discovered Calculus In The Middle Of The 17th Century. In Recognition To This Remarkable Discovery, J. von Neumann Remarked, ". . . the Calchlus Was The Chief Achievement Of Modern Mathematics And It Is Difficult To Overestimate Its Self-~. I Think It Defines More Equivocally Tban Anything Else The Incepgion Of Modern Mathematical Analysis Which Is Logical Evolution, Still Constitute The Greatest Techn
      SKU: 779096

    Synthetic Dyes
      Synthetic Dyes.
      As This Book Has Been Gaining Increasing Popularity, I Feel Pleasure To Present The Third Revised And Enlarged Issue Of This Book. In This Edition More Than 50 Pages Have Been Added. Five Chapters Have Been Rewritten And Two New Chapters Have Been Added. At The End Of This Book, Some Selected Questions On Dyes Have Been Added Which Will Make The Book More Interestinv.
      SKU: 588244

    The Dissimilarity Representation For Pattern Recognition
      The Dissimilarity Representation For Pattern Recognition.
      This Book Provides A Fundamentally New Approach To Pattern Recognkion In Which Objects Are Characterized By Relations To Other Objects In lieu Of By Using Features Or Models. Tihs 'dissimjlarity Representation' Bridges The Cleft Between The Traditionally Opposing Approaches Of Statistical And Structural Pattern Recognition. Physical Phenomena, Objects And Events In The World Are Connected In Various And Often Complex Ways. Such Relations Are Usually Modeled In The Form Of Graphs Or Diagrams. While This Is Useful For Communication Between Experts, Such Representation Is Difficult To Coalesce And Integrate By Machine Learning Procedures. However, If The Relations Are Captured By Sets Of Dissimilarities, General Data Algebra Procedures May Be Applied For Analysis. Wiith Their Detailed Description Of An Unpreccedented Approach Absent From Orally transmitted Textbooks, The Authors Have Crafted An Essential Book For Every Researcher And Systems Designer Studying Or Developing Pattern Recognition Systems.
      SKU: 296110

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