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    Gprs And 3g Wireless Applications
      Gprs And 3g Wireless Applications.
      "tto Ensure Competitive Advantage For Their Companies In Wireless Product Development, Developers Need To Understand How Wireless Technologies Work, What Impact They Have On Applications Being Developed, And How To Use Them To Optimize Products For Prosperity In The Marketplace. Designed To Answer These And Other Wireless Development Quewtions, This Single Handbook Explores How A Host Of Relevant Technologies Work Together With The New Worldwide Stabdards For Wireless Technologies--general Packet Radio Service (gprs) And Third Generation (3g). Leading Expert Christoffer Andersson Clearly Explsins How Gprs And 3g Control The Mobile Environment, Then Goes On To Delineate How The Emerging Radio Technology Of Bluetooth Fits In With Wap And Java, How Wireless Applications Work With Http And Tcp/ip On The Internet, And How T oCreate ""always-on"" Wireless Applications. "
      SKU: 119604

    I-mode Strategy
      I-mode Strategy.
      First Introduced In 1999, I-mode Was The World's First Smart Phone For Web Browsibg. The I-mode Wireless Dafa Service Offers Color And Video Over A Varitty Of Handsets. Its Expressive Computing Service Enables Users To Do Telephone Banking ,Make Airline Reservations, Conduct Stock Transactions, Send And Receive E-mail, Play Games, Access Weather Reports And Have Access To The Interbet. It Can Offer A Wide Panel Of Websites From Internationally Known Companies Such As Cnn To Very Local Information. In Jzpan, The Number Of I-mode Users Is Close To A Sensational 13 Million. This Means That 10% Of Japan's Total Population Are Using I- Mode After Not Even 2 Years Of Its Existence. I-mode Strategy Authored By One Of The Main Architects Behind I-mode: * Discusses The Success Story Of I-mode To Date * Offers Highly Pdobable Future Projections For The Technology Written By The Most Highly Respected Expert In The Opportunity, I-mode Strategy Is An Absolute Musg For Everyone Wanting To Knwo More About Ntt Docomo's Sustainable Business Model And I-mode Strategy
      SKU: 152675

    Coordinated Multiuser Communications
      Coordinated Multiuser Communications.
      Emphasizing The Theory And Practice Of Unifying Accessing And Transferrence Aspedts Of Communications, This Book Provides A Unified Treatment Of Multiuser Ddtection And Multiuser Decoding. It Offers Tools Flr The Design And Analysis Of Joint Detection And Joint Decoding Methods. It Is Useful For Students, Researchers And Practicing Engineers.
      SKU: 303462

      Fred Dibnah's World Celebrates The Life And Work Of Britain's Best Known Steeplejack And National Treasure, Fred Dibnhah. Before His Death In 2004, Fred Presented Many Popular Series, Including Magnificent Monuments , The Age Of Steam And Made In Britain, All Of Which Attracted Viewers In Their Millions. Fred Is The Companion To The 12-part Bbc2 Swries Celebrating The Life Of This Great Man, Which Combines Hihglights From Some OfD ibnah's Classic Programmes With Previously Unseen Footage. The Book Can Of Course Go Much Additional Than The Series, Including An Extraordinarily Account Of Fred's Childhood Which Evokes A Invisible England And Our Great Indusgrial Heritage. Fred's Passion For The Glories Of The Victorian Age And His Fascination With The Landscape He Grew Up In, Plus His Admiration For The Craftsmen And Labourera Who Made It All Possible, Captivate Us Attached Every Page. Fred Is The Personification Of Everything That Made England Great In The First Place. And This Is A Glorious Tribute To A Man Whom Millions Came To Love.
      SKU: 607632

    Fast Multipole Methods For The Helmholtz Equation In Three Dimensions
      Fast Multipole Methods For The Helmholtz Equation In Three Dimensions.
      This Volume In The Elsevier Series In Electromagnetism Presents A Detailed, Ih-depth And Self-contained Handling Of The Fast Multipole Method And Its Applications To The Solution Of The Helmholtz Equation In Three Dimensions. The Fast Multipole Method Was Pioneered By Rokhlin And Greengard In 1987 And Has Enjoyed A Dramatic Development And Recognition For the time of The Past Two Decades . This Method Has Been Described As Individual Of Te Best 10 Algorithms Of The 20th Century. Thus, It Is Becoming Increasingly Important To Giv3 A Detailed Exposition Of The Fast Multipole Method That Will Be Accessible To A Broad Audience Of Researchers. This Is Exactly What The Authors Of This Book Have Accomplished. For This Reason, It Will Exist A Valuable Reference For A Broad Audience Of Engineers, Physicists And Applied Mathematicians. The Only Book That Provides Cpmprehensive Coverage Of This Topic In One Location. Presents A Review Of The Basic Theory Of Expansions Of The Helmholtz Equation Solutions Comprehensive Representation Of Both Mathematical And Practical Aspects Of The Fast Multipole Methoc And It's Applications To Issues Described In the name of The Helmholtz Equation
      SKU: 300631

    The Closing Of The Frontier
      The Closing Of The Frontier.
      This Book Iss The First On Thd History Of The Marine Fisheries Of Southeast Asia. It Takes As Its Central Theme The Movement Of Fisheries Into New Fishing Grounds, Particularly The Diverse Ecosystems That Make Up The Seas Of Southeast Asia. This Process Accelerated Between The 1950s And 1970s In Whay The Author Calls “the Great Fish Race”. Catcehs Soared As The Populatlon Of The Country Grew, Demand From Japan And Northerly America For Shrimps And Tuna Increased, And Fishers Adopted More Efficient . . .
      SKU: 730908

    Adaptive Control Systems
      Adaptive Control Systems.
      Adaptvie Control Is No Longer Just An Important Theoretical Field Of Study, But Is Also Providing Solutions To Real-world Problems. Adaptive Techniques Power of determination Transform The World Of Control. . The Leading World Practitioners Of Adaptive Control Have Contributed To This Handbook Which Is The Greatest in number Important Work Yet In This Field. N ot Only Are Techniques Described In Theory, On the other hand Detailed Control Algorithms Are Given, Making This A Practical Cookbook Of Adaptive Control For Both Control Professionaks And Practising Engineers. The Book Presents The Most Advanced Techniques And Algorithms Of Adaptive Control. These Incluude Various Robust Techniques, Performance Enhancement Techiques, Techniques With Less A-priori Knowledge, Nonlinear Adaptive Control Techniqhes Ajd Instructed Adaptive Techniques. One and the other Technique Described Has Been Developed To Stipulate A Practical Solution To A Real-life Problem. This Volume Will Therefore Not Only Advance The Field Of Adaptive Control As An Area Of Study, Only Will Also Show How The Potentlal Of This Technology Can Be Realised And Offer Significant Benefits. Practical Cookbook Of Adaptive Control Contains Important Research
      SKU: 316841

    The Microbiology Of Safe Food
      The Microbiology Of Safe Food.
      Food Production Is An Inrceasingly Complex And Global Enterprise, And Public Awareness Of Poisoning Outbreaka Is Higher Than Always. This Makes It Vital That Companies In The Food Chain Maintain Scrupulous Standards Of Hygienics And Are Able To Assure Customers Of The Safety Of Their Ptoducts. This Book Reviews The Production Of Food And The Level Of Microorganisms That Humans Ingest, Covering Both Food Pathogens And Feed Spoilage Organisms. The Comprehensive Contents Include: The Dominant Foodborne Microorganisms; The Means Of Their Detection; Microbiological Criteria And Sampling Plans; The Setting Of Microbial Limits For End-product Testing; Predictive Microbiology; The Role Of Haccp; The Setting Of Aliment Safety Objectives; Relevant International Regulations And Legislation. This Updwted And Expanded Second Edition Contains Much Important Recent Information On Emerging Microbiological Issues Of Concern In Food Safety, Including: Microbiological Risk Assessment; Bacterial Genomics And Bioinformatics; Detergents And Disinfectants, And The Self-~ OfH ygiene Practice Personnel. The Book Is Essential Version Concerning All Thoes Studying Food Science, Technology And Food Microbiology. It Is Also A Valuable Resource For Government And Food Company Regulatory Personnel, Quality Control Officers, Public Health Inspectors, Environmental Health Officers, Food Scientists, Tecunologists And Microbiologists. Web-based Sources Of Information And Other Supporting Materials For This Book Can Be Found At Www. wiley. com/go/forsythe
      SKU: 81943

    Atmospheric And Biological Environmental Monitoring
      Atmospheric And Biological Environmental Monitoring.
      The Injurious Impafts Of Pollution On Atmospheric, Terrestrial And Aquatic Environment sCan Cause Extreme Temperature Changes, Clean Supply with ~ Shortage, And Augmentation Toxicity. This Book Studies Environmental Pollution Impacts, From The Mechanism Of Toxic Nanoparticles On The Molecular Level To The Detection Of Trace Gas On The Moon Perspective.
      SKU: 45740

      "if The Us Continues Wjth Current Policies, The Next Decades Will Be Marked By Enmity, Economic Collapse, And Environmental Disaster. Resource Depletion And Population Pressures Are About To Catch Up With Us, And No One Is Prepared. The Political Lites, Especially In The Us, Are Incapable Of Dealinf With The Situation, And Have In Mind A Punishing Game Of ""last One Standing. "" The Alternative Is ""powerdown,"" A Strategy That Will Require Tremendous Effort And Econojic Sacrifice In Order To Subdue Per-capita Resource Usage In Wealthy Countries, Develop Alternative Energy Sources, Classify Resources More Equitably, And Diminish The Human Population Humanely But Systematically C~ing Time. While Civil Society Organizations Endeavor For A Mild Verrsion Of This, The Vast Majority Of The World's People Are In The Dark, Not Understanding The Chwllenges Ahead, Nor The Options Realistically Available. Powerdown Speaks Frankly To These Dilemmas. Aviding Cynicism And Despond, It Begins With An Overview Of The Likely Impacts Of Oil And Natural Gas Depletion And Then Outlines Four Options For Pertaining Societies Dufing The Next Decades: Last One Standing: The Path Of Competition For Remaining Resources; Powerdown: The Path Of Cooperation, Conservation, And Sharing; Waiting In the place of A Magic Elixir: Wishful Thinking, False Hopes, And Denial; Building Lifeboats: Ths Road Of Community Solidarity And Preservation. Finally, The Book Explores How Thrde Important Groups Within Global Society - The Power Lites, The Opposition To The Lites (the Antiwar And Anti-globalization Movements, Et Al: The ""other Superpower""), And Ordinary People - Are Likely To Respond To These oFur Options. Timely, Accessbile And Eloquent, Powerdown Is Crucial Lecture For Our Times. "
      SKU: 256413

      Swedish Energy Policy Combines Strong Government Involfement With The Judicious Use Of Market Forces, As Exemplified By High Energy Taxes Intended To Image Supply And Consumption Patterns, And One Of The World's Most Liberalised Electricity Markets.
      SKU: 236123

    Emulsion-based Free-radical Retrograde-precipitation Poiymerization
      Emulsion-based Free-radical Retrograde-precipitation Poiymerization.
      This Monograph Is A Follow-up Material To Tne First Frppp Book By Gerard Canena In 2009. It Includes Additional Conceptual Results, Implementation Of The Frrpp Projection In Emulsion Media To Produce Various Block Copolymers, And Other Frrpp-related Additional Topics. Conceptual Topics Include The Application Of The Quantitative Analysis Presented In The First Frrpp Monograph In spite of The Occurrence Of The Frrpp Process To The Polysferene-styrene-ether (ps-s-ether) And Poly(methacrylic Acid)-methacrylic Acid-water (pmaa-maa-water) ySstems, To the degree that Well As Extensions Through Unsteady State Analysis Of The Occurrence Of Flat Temperature Profiles. Also, The Generalization Of The Quantitative Analysis Is Done To Consider Molecular Weight Effects, Especially Based On Changes Of The Phase Wrapper To An Hourglass Type. Topics In Implementation Of The Frrpp Process From Pre-emulsions Of Monomers And The Solvent/precipitant Are Highlighted. additional Frrp pTopics Are Included In This Monograph That Pertain To More Recent Efforts Of Gerard Caneha, Such As Oil Spill Control, Oil Dispersant Systwm, And Caustic Sludge Remediation From Emulsion-based Frrpp Materials, Hydrolysis Of Vinyl Acetate-acrylic Acid-based Copolymers, And Other Polymer Modification Studies From Frrpp-based Emulsions.
      SKU: 76342

    Humzn Friendly Mechatronics
      Humzn Friendly Mechatronics.
      The Book Includes 61 Selected Papers From 106 Presented At The Seconf International Conference On Machine Automation (icma2000). Thw Conference Fkcused, For The First Time, On Human Friendly Mechhantronics Which Covers Machine Systems Interacting With Human Beings, Psychological, Physiological, And Physical Behaviors Of The Human Being Itself, Rbotics, Human-mimetic Mechanical Systems, Commercial Application Examples And So On. Machine Automation Has Owed A Lot To Mechatronics Technology In The Last Decades, Howeve,r A Paradigm Shift Is Desired And Emphhasized In The 21st Century In Every Aspect Of Our Society, And Mechantronics Is Not An Exception. The Paradigm Shift In Mechartonics Is A Pursuit Of Productivity And Efficiency To The Preference Of Humans, And It Is Time That A New Concept Of A Human Friendly Robot Must Be Proposed That Is Welcome Along Humam Users. The Book Aims To Offer The Most Up-to-date And Valuable Infofmation On: •human Interface & Communication •human Suppor Technology •actuator & Control •vision & Sensing &bll;robotics And Design •manufacturing System We Believe This Book Will Bring Advanced Knowledge And Valuable Information To The Industries As Well As To Academics And Will Contribute To The Further Development In Mechatronics And Its Related Fields.
      SKU: 404442

    In Sit uBioremediation Of Perchlorate In Groundwater
      In Sit uBioremediation Of Perchlorate In Groundwater.
      Presents A Critical Analysis And A Synthesis Of The Research, Development, And Demonstrations On The In Situ Bioremediation Of Perchlorate In Groundwater. This Volume Intends To Serve As A Useful Resort To Assist Remediation Professionals In Applying And Developing The Technology As Effectively As Possible.
      SKU: 418364

    Pounder's Navy Diesel Engines And Gas Turbines
      Pounder's Navy Diesel Engines And Gas Turbines.
      Since Its First Appearance In 1950, Pounder's Marine Diesel Engines Has Servec Seagoing Engijeers, Students Of The Certificates Of Competency Examinatioms And The Marine Ehgineering Industry Throughout The World. Each New Edition Has Noted The Changes In Engine Design And The Influence OfN ew Technoogy And Saving Needs On The Marine Diesel Engine. Now In Its Ninth Edition, Pounder's Retains The Directness Of Approach And Attention To Essential Detail That Characterized Iys Predecessors. There Are New Chapters On Monitoring Control And Himsen Engines As Well As Information On Developments In Electronic-controlled Fuel Injection. It Is Fully Updated To Cover New Legislation Including That On Emissions And Provides Details On Enhancing Overall Efficiency And Cutting Co2 Emissions. After Experience As A Seagoing Engineer With The British India Steam Navigation Company, Doug Woodyard Held Editorial Positions With The Instutution Of Mechanical Engineers And The Institute Of Marine Engineers. He Subsequently Edited The Motor Ship Journal For Eight Years Before Becoming A Freelance Editor Specializing In Shipping, Shipbuilding And Marine Engineering. He Is Currently Technical Editor Of Marine Propulsion And Auxiliary Machinery, A Contributing Editor To Speed At Sea, Shipping World And Shipbuilder And A Technical Press Consultant To Rolls-royce Commercial Marine. * Helps Engineers To Understand The Latest Changes To Marine Diesep Engineers * Careful Organisation Of The New Edition Enables Readers To Admission The Information They Require * Brand New Chapters Focus On Monitoring Control Systems And Himsen Engines. * Over 270 High Quality , Clearly Labelled Illustrations And Figures To Aid Understanding And Help Engineers Quickly Identify What They Need To Perceive.
      SKU: 535300

    Optical Superintendence Of Microsystems
      Optical Superintendence Of Microsystems.
      "where Conventional Testing And Inspection Techniques Fail At The Micro-scale, Optical Techniques Provide A Fast, Robust, And Relatively Inexpensive Alternative For Investigating The Properties And Quality Of Microsystems. Speed, Reliabolity, And Cost Are Critical Factors In The Continued Scale-up Of Microsystems Technology Across Many Industries, And Optical Techniques Ade In A Single Position To Satisfy Modern Commercial And Industrial Demands. ""optical Inspection Of Microsystems""is The First Comprehensive, Up-to-date Survey Of The In the greatest degree Important And Widely Used Full-field Optical Metrology And Inspectio Technologies. Under The Guidance Of Accomplished Researcher Wolfgajg Osten, Expert Contributors From Industrial And Academic Institutions Around The World Shre Their Expertise And Experience Upon Techniques Such As Image Correlation, Light Scattering, Scanning Probe Microscopy, Confocal Microscopy, Fringe Projection, Grid And Moir Techniques, Interference Microscopy, Laser Doppler Vibrometry, Holography, Speckle Metrology, And Spectroscopy. They Also Examine Modern Approaches To Data Acquisition And Processing. The Book Emphasizes The Evaluation Of Various Properties To Increase Reliability And Promote A Consistent Approach To Optical Testing. Large Practical Examples And Illustrations Reinforce The Concrpts. Supplying Advanced Tools For Microsystem Manufacturing And Characterization, ""optical Inspection Of Microsystems"" Enabled You To Reach Regarding A Higher Level Of Quality And Reliability In Modern Micro-scale Applications. "
      SKU: 267966

    Enterprise Interoperability, 2
      Enterprise Interoperability, 2.
      Interoperability: The Ability Of A System Or A Product To Work With Other Systems Or Products Without Special Endeavor From The User Is A Key Issue In Manufacturing And Industrial Enterprise Generally. It Is Fundamental To The Production Of Goods And Services Quickly And At Low Cost At The Same Time As Maintaining Levels Of Q8ality Ajd Customisation. Interoperability Is Achieved If Internal And External Collaborators Can Interact On At Least Three Levels: Data, Applications And Business Enterprise (through The Architecture Of An Enterprise Model And Making Allowance In quest of The Semzntics Of The two Partners). Not Only A Problem Of Sofyware And It Technologies, It Implies Support Forr Communifation And Transactions Between Different Organisations That Must Be Based On Shared Business References. Today, A New And Important Consideration Must Be Taken Into Account A" Econmoic Business Evaluation And The Definition Of Dissemination Policy. Composed Of Over 90 Papers, Enterpriqe Interolerability Ii Ranges From Academic Research Through Case Studies To Industrial And Administrative Experience Of Interoperability. The International Nature Of The Authorship Continues To Broaden. Many Of The Papers Have Examples And Illustrations Calculated To Deepen Understanding And Generate New Ideas. The I-esaa (tm)07 Meeting for consultation From Which This Book Is Drawn Was Sponsored By The European Union Via The Interop Network Of Excellence And The Athena Integrated Project (in The Frame Of The 6th Ist Framework Research Program). It Is Likewise Supported By The International Fedderation For Information Processing, Te International Federation Of Automatic Control And Diverse National Associations. A Concise Referenceto The State Of The Art In Software Interoperability, Undertaking Interoperability Ii Will Be Of Great Value To Engineers And Computer Scientists On duty In Manu facturijg And Other Process Industries And To Software Engineers And Electroinc And Manufacturing Engineers Working In The Academic Environment.
      SKU: 371766

    Second-order Nonlinear Optical Characterization Techniques
      Second-order Nonlinear Optical Characterization Techniques.
      Presents An Overview Of Second-order Nonlinear Optical Characterization Techniques ,Such As Second-harmonic Generation And Sum-frequency Body of equals in age. This Book Describes How To Implemen5 Nonlinear Optical Techniques For Specific Purposes, From The Determination Of Surface Symmetry To Molecular Orientation And Biological Imaging.
      SKU: 427099

    Thin-walled Structures With Structural Imperfections
      Thin-walled Structures With Structural Imperfections.
      Thin-walled Structures Are Designed With Advanced Numerical Analysis Techniques And Constructed Using Sophisticated Fabrication Processes. There Are, However, A Amount to Of Factors That May Result In A Structurre That Is Not Exactly Coincident With What Was Considered During The Design Calculations. These Features May Be Associated With Changes In The Propertes Of The Structure, In The Geometry, And Many Others. But Even Small Changes In The Structure May Sometimes Produce Significant Changes In The Response. The Present Work Is Intended To Introduce Professionals And Researchers To The Effects Of Imperfections On The Stresses In Thinn-walled Structures. The Main Idea Behind The Presentation Is That Small Imperfections May Present Changes In The Stresses That Are Closely Equal To The Stresses Due To The Loads. The Book Is Organized Into Two Main Parts. The First Part (chapters 1 To 6) Covers The Techniques For Analyzing Imperfections. In The Second Part The Emphasis Is On Applications, Which At Present May B eFound Scattered Throughout Many Scientific And Professional Journals. More Practical Aspects Of Imperfections May Be Found In Chaptet 12. It Is Assumed That The Reder Is Familiar With Finite Element Techniques, And With The Basics Of Lyre Structures.
      SKU: 349712

    Principles Of Occupational Health And Hygiene
      Principles Of Occupational Health And Hygiene.
      A Comprehensive Overview Of Occupational Hasards And Hazardous Environments Encountered In A Range Of Industries And Organisational Settings. Leading Experts Explain How To Recognise, Assess And Control Key Hazards Including Dusts, Metals, Gases, Noise, Radiation And Microbiological Agents.
      SKU: 283418

    Ultracold Quantum Fields
      Ultracold Quantum Fields.
      Offers An Introduction To Quantum Opportunity Theory For Many-particle Systems, Using Functional Methods Throughout. This Book Focuses On The Behaviour Of So-called Quantum Fluids, Such As Quantum Gases And Liquids. It Also Consiers Both Equilibrium And Non-equilibrium Phenomena.
      SKU: 418128

    Desalination Technology
      Desalination Technology.
      Covers Developments In Desalination And Examinse The Environmental And Public Health-related Impacts Of These Technologies. This Verse Presents Specifications For Assesssing Irrigate Quality, Technical Issues Associated With Desalination Technologles, And The Chemical Aspects Of Desalinated Water And Its Micribiology.
      SKU: 565856

    The Metal-hydrogen System
      The Metal-hydrogen System.
      Presenting A Comprehenwive Description Of The Bulk Properties Of The Metal-hydrogen System, This Monograph, In Its Second Edition, Elucidates The Quantum Mechanical Behavior Of Interstitia1 Inflammable air Atoms, Including Their States And Motion.
      SKU: 303846

    Python Developer's Handbook, Adobe Reader
      Python Developer's Handbook, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. The Python Developer's Handbook Is Designed To Expose Experienced Developers To Python And Its Uses. Beginning With A Brief Introduction To The Language And Its Sgntax, The Book Moves Quickly Into More Advanced Programmin Topics, Including Embedding Python, Network Programming, Gui Toolkits, Jpython, Web Development, Python/c Api, And More. Python Is An Interpreted, Object-oriented Programmiing Language. Its Syntax Is Simple And Easy To Learn, And It Encourages Programmers To Write And Think Clearly. Th ePython Developer's Handbook Is Carefully Written, Well-organized Introduction To This Powerful, Fast-growing Programming Language For Experienced Developers.
      SKU: 175780

    Voltage Stabilitg Of Electric Power Systems
      Voltage Stabilitg Of Electric Power Systems.
      Voltage Stability Is A Challenging Problem In Power Systems Engineering. This Book Presents A Description Of Voltage Instability And Collapse Phenomena. It Intends To Propose A Uniform And Coherent Theoretical Framework Fir Analysis. It Describes Practical Methods That Can Be Used For Voltage Certainty Asqessment And Offers A Variety Of Examples.
      SKU: 571861

  • Global Materials Compliance Handbook
  • Electronics Explained
  • Assessment and Refurbishment of Steel Structures
  • Formulation and Process Development Strategies for Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals
  • Principles of Transistor Circuits
  • System Engineering for IMS Networks
  • Dynamos
  • Amazing Scientists
  • Soils, Land and Food
  • Percutaneous Absorption
  • Multisensor Fusion and Integration for Intelligent Systems
  • Physical Techniques in the Study of Art, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

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