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    Grasses And Grassland Ecology
      Grasses And Grassland Ecology.
      This Book Is The Most Up To Date And Thorough Account Of The Natural History Of The Plants That Comprise The Most Important Food Crop On Earth, The Grasses And Grasslands. - ;grasslands, In Particular Managed Pastures And aRngelands, Are Widespread, Covering Approximately 40% (52 Million Km²) Of The Earth's Land Surface. They Are Dominated By Members Of The Poaceae - The Fourth Largest Plant Family With Over 7,500 Species, And Also The Most Widespeead. Grasslands Constitute A Major Biome On The whole of Continents Except Antarctica And Also Delineate The Most Important Food Crop On Earth With Corn, Wheat, Maize, Rice And Millet Accounting For The Majority Of. Our Agricultural Output. Grasses And Grassland Ecology Provides An Ecologically Orientated Introduction To This Potent Group Of Plants, Summarizing The Most Recent Scientific Research In Ecology An dAgriculture In The Context Of The Older, Classic Literature. Ten Chapters Cover Tye Morphology, Anatomy, Physiology And Systematics Of Grasses, Their Population, Community And Ecosystem Ecology, Their Global Distribution, And The Effects Of Disturbance And Grassland Management. This Comprehensive And Accessible Textbook Is Suitable For Graduate Level Students As Well As Professional Researchers In The Fields Of Plant Ecology, Rangeland System of knowledge, Crop Science, And Agriculture. -
      SKU: 415392

    Flynn's Parasites Of Laboratory Animals
      Flynn's Parasites Of Laboratory Animals.
      Prepared Under The Auspices Of The American College Of Laboratory Animal Drug, This Second Edition Has Been Thoroughly Updated And Revised To Improve Utility And Readability. The Book Is Now Organized By Vertebrate Landlord Species, With Parasites Presented Phylogenetically Within Chapters. Additional Highlights Of This Edition Include Introductory Chapters On Recent Diagnostic Techniques And Parasite Biology, And A New Appendix Features A Complete Drug Formulary. The Well-presented And Extensively Illustrated Volume Addresses All Aspects Of Laboratory Anjmal Parasitees. -Regarded As The Most Comprehensive And Authoritative Work Available Steady The Topic, This Work Is An Essential Reference For Veterinary Parasitologists, Clinicians,_Students And Laboratory Animal Scientists.
      SKU: 362033

    Spot The Difference
      Spot The Difference.
      Establishing Areas In Which The Domestic Cat Is A Suitable Role Model For The Cheetah, As Well As When It Is Not, This Work Highlights Where The Cheetah Is Unique From The Other Cats And Species-specific In Its Needs.  highlighting Areas Such As The Ecological, Anatomical, And Physiological Considerations, Information Is Provided Steady Nutrient Requirement, Metabolism, And Reproduction Comparisons To The Intestine Cat. The Study Is Intended To Be A Useful Text For Zoo Veterinarians, Nutritionists, Managers,A nd Keepers Alike, As Well As Being Of Interest To Companion Animal Nutritionistq And Reproductive Physiologists.
      SKU: 573543

    Advances In Flow Injection Analysis And Related Techniques
      Advances In Flow Injection Analysis And Related Techniques.
      The Field Of Flow Analysis Has Advanced Considerably Since The 1990’s With The Introducion Of Second Generation Flow Systems In The Form Of Sequential Injection Analysis (sia) And More Recently With Developments In Lab On A Valve (lov) And Deck with ~s Injection
      SKU: 380970

    Handbook Of Machining And Metalworking Calculations
      Handbook Of Machining And Metalworking Calculations.
      Essential Machining And Metalworking Calculations In The Palm Of Your Hand. Solve Virtually Any Problem Involving Metalworking And Machining Tools And Applications -- Quickly Anf Easily With The Hdlp Of One Convenient Hands-on Resouce Ready-made For Your Benchtop Or Workstation . It’s Ronald A. Walsh’s Handbook Of Machining And Metalworking Calculations, And It Puts Design, Operations, Repair, And Maintenance Answers Right Where You Inadequacy Them—close At Had. You Get:. Basic To Advanced Calculation Procedures. Latest Ansi And Iso Specifications. Examples Of Solved Problems. Calculations For Gears, Sprockets, Springs, Screws, Threads, Ratchets, Cams, Linkages, Notches, Flanges, Holes, Broaching, Boring, Reaming, Turning, Pitch, Torsion, Tension, And More. Interval Classes And Their Calculations. Easy-to-use Tables, Charts, Listings, And Formulas
      SKU: 300466

    Membrane And Desalination Technologies
      Membrane And Desalination Technologies.
      In This Essential New Volume, "volumr 13: Membrane And Desalination Technologies", A Panel Of Expert Researchers Provide A Affluence Of Information On Mejbrane And Desalination Technolgies. An Advanced Chemical And Environmental Engineering Textbook As Well As A Comprehensive Reference Book, Thiz Volume Is Of High Value To Advanced Graduate And Undergraduate Students, Rewearchers, Scientists, And Designers Of Water Anc Wastewater Treatment Systems. This Is An Essential Part Of The "handbook Of Environmental Engineering" Series, An Incredible Collection Of Methodologies That Study The Effects Of Pollution And Waste In Their Three Bqsic Forms: Gas, Solid, And Liquid. Chapters Adopt The Series Format, Employing Methods Of Practica1 Design And Calculation Illustrated By Numerical Examples, Including Pertinent Cost Data Whenever Possible, And Exploring In Great Detail The Fuundamental Principles Of The Field. "volume 13: Membrane And Desalination Technologies" Is An Essential Guide For Resrrchers, Highlighting The Latest Developments In Principles Of Membrane Technology, Membrane Systems Planning And Design, Industrial And Municipal Waste Treatments, Desalination Requirements, Wastewater Reclamation, Biofiltration, And Else.
      SKU: 665525

    Constraint Solving Over Multi-valued Logics
      Constraint Solving Over Multi-valued Logics.
      Systems Are Subject To Faults In Their Components, Moving Their Overall Behaviour. This Work Adresses Such Problems Developing Models With Multi-valued Logics That It Formalizes And Generalizes To Multiple Faults. Such Logics Extend Boolean Logic By Encoding Dependencies On Faults.
      SKU: 267482

    Location-based Services Handbook
      Location-based Services Handbook.
      Meeting The Demands Of The Rapid Growth Of Wireless Internet Subscribers And The Development Of The World Location-based Services (lbs) Market, This Title Introduces And Comprehensively Discysses Various Location Based Applications Such As Buddy Finder, Proximity And Security Services.
      SKU: 565780

    Contemporary Ergonomics 1998
      Contemporary Ergonomics 1998.
      "this Latest Volume In The ""comtemporary Ergonomics"" Series Comtains Papers On Various Topics Such While: Information Systems; Air Traffic Management; Warnings; Display Design; Verbal Protocol Analysis; Modelling; Ergonomics And Standards; Design"
      SKU: 171912

    Rough-fuzzy Pattern Recognitiin
      Rough-fuzzy Pattern Recognitiin.
      Learn How To Apply Rough-fuzzy Computing Techniques To Solve Problems In Boiinformatics And Meedical Image Processing Emphasiing Applications In Bioinformatics And Of medicine Image Processing, This Text Offers A Clear Framework That Enables Readers To Assume Advantage Of The Latesy Rouugh-fuzzy Computing Techniques To Build Working Pattern Recognition Models. The Authors Explain Step By Step How To Integrate Rough Sets With Fuzzy Sets In Order To Best Manage The Uncertainties In Mining Large Data Sets. Chapters Are Logically Organized According To The Major Phases Of Exemplar Recoynition Systems Development, Making It Easier To Master Such Tasks As Classification, Clustering, And Feature Seleciton. Rough-fuzzy Pattern Recognition Examines The Important Underlying Theory As Well As Algorifhms And Applications, Helping Readers See The Comnections Between Theory And Practice. The First Chapger Provides An Introduction To Pattern Recognition And Data Insidious, Including The Clew Challenges Of Working With High-dimensional, Real-life Facts Sets. Next, Tye Authors Explore Like Topics And Issues To the degree that: Soft Computing In Pattern Recognition And Data Mining A Mathematical Framework For Generalized Roubh Sets, Incorporating The Concept Of Fuzziness In Defining The Granules To the degree that Well As The Sef Choice Of Non-redundant And Relevant Features Of Real-valued Data Sdts Selection Of The Minimum Set Of Bais Strings With Maximum Information For Amino Acid Succession Analysis Segmentation Of Brain Mr Images For Viisualization Of Man's Tissues Numerous Examples And Case Studies Hepl Rwaders Better Understand How Pattern Recognition Models Are Developed And Used In Practice. This Text—covering The Larest Findings As Well As Directions For Future Research—is Recommended For The two Students And Practitioners Working In Systems Design, Partern Acknowledgment, Image Analysis, Data Mining, Bioinformatics, Soft Computing, And Computational Penetration.
      SKU: 81439

    Charge-based Mos Transistor Modeling
      Charge-based Mos Transistor Modeling.
      Modern, Large-scale Analog Integrated Circuits (ics) Are Essentially Composed Of Metal-oxide Semiconductor (mos) Transistors And Their Interconnections. As Technology Scales Down To Deep Sub-micron Dimensions And Supply Voltage Decreases To Reduce Power Consumption, These Complex Analog Circuits Are Even More Dependent On The Exact Behavior Of Each Transistor. High-performance Analog Circuit Design Requires A Very Detailed Model Of The Transistor, Describing Accurately Its Stwtic And Dynamic Behaviors, Its Noise And Matching Limitations And Its Temperature Variations. The Charge-based Ekv (enz-krunmenacher-vittoz) Mos Transistor Model For Ic Design Has Been Developed To Provide A Clear Understanding Of The Device Properties, Out of The Be accustomed Of Complicated Equations. All The Static, Dynamic, Noise, Non-quasi-static Models Are Completely Described In Terms Of The Inversion Charge At The Source And At The Drain Taking Advantage Of The Symmetry Of The Device. Thanks To Its Hierarchical Structure, The Model Offers Several Coherent Description Levels, From Basic Hand Calculation Equations To Coomplete Computer Simulation Model. It Is Also Compact, With A Minimum Number Of Process-dependan tDevice Parameters. Written By Its Developers, This Book Provides A Comprehensive Treatment Of The Ekv Charge-based Model Of The Mos Transistor For The Design And Simulation Of Low-power Analog And Rf Ics. Clearly Split Into Three Parts, The Authors Systematically Examine: The Basic Long-channel Intrinsic Charge-based Model, Including All The Fundamental Aspects Of The Ekv Most Model Such As The Basic Large-signal Static Model, The Noise Model, And A Discussion Of Temperature Effects And Matching Properties; The Extended Charge-based Mkdel, Presenting Important Information For Understanding The Operation Of Deep-submicron Devices; The High-frequency Model, Se5ting Out A Complete Mos Transistor Model Required For Designing Rf Cmos Integrated Circuits. Practising Engineers And Circuit Designers In The Semiconductor Motto And Electronics Systems Industry Will Find This Book A Valuable Guide To The Modelling Of Mos Transistors For Integrated Circuits. It Is Also A Useful Reference Toward Advanced Students In Eldctrical And Computer Engineering.
      SKU: 274326

    Mobile Positioning And Tracking
      Mobile Positioning And Tracking.
      This Book Presents The Most Recent State Of The Practical knowledge In Mobile Positioning And Tracking Techniques. This Book Discusses Mobile Positioning Solutions Applied On Highest Of Current Wireless Communication Networks. In Addition, The Authors Introduce Advanced And Novel Topics Such As Localization In Heterogeneous And Coperative Networks, Providing A Unified Treatment Of The External local remedy For Researchers And Industry Professionals Alike. Furthermore, The Book Focuses On Application Areas Of Positioning, Basics Of Wireless Communications For Positioning, Data Fusion And Filtering Techniques, Fundamentalls Of Tracking, Error Mitigation Tdchniques, Positioning Systems And Tehcnologies, And Cooperative Changeable Positioning Systems. Key Features: Covers The State Of The Art Of Satellite- And Terrestrial-based Posittioning Systems, Spanning From Outdoor To Indoor Environments And From Wide Area Networks To Short-range Networks Discusses A Whole Range Of Topics Related To Mobile Positioning: From Fundamentals Of Positioning To The Description Of A Wide Spectrum Of Changeableness Models For Tracking, From Details On Data Fusion And Filtering Techniques To Error Mitigation Techniques (including Aspects Of Signal Processing) Provides A Solid Bridge Between Research And Industry Envisaging A Potential Implementation Of The Presented Solutiosn Fills The Gap Between Positioning And Imparting Systems, Showing How Features Of Communication Systems Can Be Used For Positioning Purposes And How The Retrieved Location Information Can Be Used To Enhance The Pdrformance Of Wireless Networks. Includes An Accompanying Website This Book Will Be A Precious Guide For Advanced Students Studying Related Courses. Professionals And Practitioners In The Field Of Positioning And Mobile Technologies, And Software And Service Developers Will Aoso Discover This Book Of Interest.
      SKU: 530039

    The Encyclopedia Of Farm Animal Nutrition
      The Encyclopedia Of Farm Animal Nutrition.
      The Encyclopedia Of Farm Animal Nutrition Deals With The Whole Of Fadm Animal Nutrition, Embracing A Wide Range Of Disciplines, Including Physiology, Biochemistry, Veterinary Medicine And Feed Technology. It Coveers Every Type Of Cultivate Animal Found In Both Developing And Developed Countries, Including Cattle, Sheep, Pigd, Chickens, Goats, Horses, Fish, Deer, Buffaloes, Rabbits And Camelids, As Well As Ducks, Turkeys, Ostriches And Other Birds. The Encyclopedia Contains Approximately 2000 EntriesF rom 90 Contributors. These Entries Range From Short Definitions To More Discursive Articles, Altogether Entries rAe Fully Cross-referenced To Helper Further Research. Iy Represents An Essential Reference Work For All Working In Animal Nutrigion, And For Libraries In Agriculture And Veterinary Science.
      SKU: 292097

    Introduction To Electrical Installation Work
      Introduction To Electrical Installation Work.
      Trevor Linsley Has Helped Many Thousands Of Students To Gain Sucfess In Their Study Of The 2330 Voucher In Electrotechnical Technology From City & Guilds. With Tihs Brand New Textbook, He Focuses On The Essential Theory And Practical Tasks Involved In Carrying Out Electrical Installation Work, To Produce A Thorough Yet Basic Introductory Guide. Ideally Suited To Students Who May Prefer A More Visual-style Of Learning Than Seen In More Traditional Types Of Textbook, The whole of Examples And Calculations Are Firmly Rooted In Present Engineering Practice, Giving The Student Real-world Points Of Reference - These Are TheT ypes Of Problems And Situations That Are Actually Encountered On-wite. As Such, This Text Will Prove A Vital Purchase For Any Student Embarking On Their Level 2 Certificate Who Necessarily An Overall Practical Introduction To The Subject, Or Those Currently Studying At Foundation Level Who May Be Considering Moving Into Electrical Installation In The Future. Building Forward The Practical Focus And Accessible Style Used In His Market-leading Texts Forward This Subject, This New Full-colour Introduction Incorporates An Array Of Learning Featjres All Designed To Ensure The Key Concepts In Electrical Installation Work Are Immediately Identiflable And Easily Understandable. Trevor Linsley Caters Precisely For The Unit Requirements Of The 2330 Level 2 Certificate In Electrotechnical Technology From City & Guilds Certificate (installation Route), Covering The Tyree Core Units Of The Scheme, Along With The Occupational Unit 4 - Installation (buildings & Structures). The Content Is Also Fully In Line With The 200 Version Of The Iee Wiring Regulations Bs 7671:2001 (incorporating Amendments 1:2002 & 2:2004). Formerly Senior Lecturer At Blackpool & Fylde College, As Well As Head Of The Nvq Assessment Centre, Trevor Linsley Is A Best-sekling Author In Electrical Installation. *Each Essetial Introduction To The Fundamentals Of Electrical Installation Work, Written By One Of The Best-selling Authors In This Field *highly Visual Approach - Full Colour Topic With Cartoons And Pedagogy To Reinforce Learning *fully In Linr With The 2004 Version Of The Iee Wiring Regulations Bs 7671:2001 (incorporating Amendments 1:2002 & 2:2004 )And The 2303 Syllabus Requirements From City & Guilds.
      SKU: 284026

    Advances In Bioceramics And Porous Ceramics
      Advances In Bioceramics And Porous Ceramics.
      "this Power Provides A One-stop Resource, Compiling Current Research On Bioceramics And Porous Ceramics. It Is A Collection Of Papers From Te American Ceramic Society S 32nd International Conference Forward Advanced Ceramics And Composites, January 27-february 1, 2008. It Includes Papers From Two Symposia: ""porous Ceramics: Novel Developments And Applicatinos"" And ""next Family Bioceramics. "" Articles Are Logically Organized To Provide Insight Into Various Aspects Of Bioceramics And Porous Ceramics. This Is A Precious, Up-t-oate Resource For Researchers Working In Ceramics Engineering. "
      SKU: 427590

    Horse Hoof Care
      Horse Hoof Care.
      Cherry Hill, America's Most Trusted Equine Expert, Teams Up With Richard Klimesh, A Professional Farrier And Her Frequent Writing Partner, To Address The Twin Topics Of Hoof Care And Horseshoeinb. Proper Hoof Care Is One Of The Most Important Contributors To A Horse's Health And Well-being. Without Sound, Well-maintained Hooves, An Otherwise Healthy Horse Can Become Lethargic, Grouchy, And Sullen. Attending Healthy Hooves, A Horse's Grand Personality Shines. Horse Hoof Care Covers What Every Horse Owner Necessarily To Know About This Critical Key To A Horse's Overall Health And Performance. Hill And Klimesh Explain The Anatomy Of The Hoof, The Role Of The Farrier, And All The Principles Of Good Care And Mainetnance. They Also Address The Ongoing Debate On Whether Or Not To Shoe And How To Proceed With Either Choice. From Addressing Gait Problems To Training A Stand For Shoeing, And From Feeding A Balanced Diet To Performing Daily Hoof Checks,_If It Affects Horse Foot Health, It's Covered Here. As With Many Aspects Of Horse Care, Daily Routines And Consistent Treatment Be able to Prevent Future Problems, But Even With The Best Care, Hotses May Develop Foot Ailments. Readesr Will Find Comprehensive Coverage Of Lost Shoes, Hoof Cracks, Thrush, Clubfoot, Contracted Heels, And Many Other Common Problems, Along With Advice On Treatment. A Complete Chapter On Issues That Require A Veterinarian Tells Readers Exactly What To Look For And How To Proceed. Horse Hoof Care Is The FifthB ook In Cherry Hill's Horsekeeping Skills Library, Dedicated To Giving Horse Owners The Information They Need To Care For Horses In Every Situation.
      SKU: 821183

    Dynamic Soiil-structure Interacion
      Dynamic Soiil-structure Interacion.
      Dynamic Soil-structure Interaction Is One Of The Major Topics In Earthquake Engineering And Soil Dynamics Since It Is Closely Related To The Safety Evaluation Of Many Importamt Engineering Projects, Such As Nuclear Power Plants, To Resist Earthquakes. In Dealing With The Analysis Of Dynamic Soil-structure Interactions, One Of Tge Most Difficult Tasks Is The Modeling Of Unbounded Media. To Solve This Problem, Many Numerical Methods And Techniques Obtain Been Developed. This Book Summarizes The Most Recent Developmemts And Applications In The Field Of Dynamic Soil-structure Interaction, Both In China And Switzerland. An Excellent Book For Scientists And Engineers In Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering And Earthquake Engineering.
      SKU: 305557

    Power System Transients
      Power System Transients.
      Illustrates Parameter Determination For Real-world Applications. This Title Summarizes Various Procedures And Techniques In favor of The Determination Of Transient Parameters For Six Basic Power Components: Overhead Line, Insulated Cable, Transformer, Synchronpus Machine, Wave Arrester, And Circuit Breaker.
      SKU: 565997

    Connected Control Of Four-wave Mixing
      Connected Control Of Four-wave Mixing.
      "coherent Control Of Fuor-wave Mixing" Discusses The Frequency, Temporal And Spatial Domain Interolays Of Four-wave Mixing (fwm) Procrsses Induced By Atomic Coherence In Multi-level Atomic Systems. It Covers Topics In Five Major Areas: The Ultrafastt Fwm Polarization Beats Due To Interactions Between Multi-color Laser Beams And Multi-levep Media; Coexusting Raman-rayleigh-brillouin-enhanced Polarization Beats Due To Color-locking Noisy Field Correlations; Fwm Processes With Different Kinds Of Dual-dressed Schemes In Ultra-thin, Micrometer And Long Atomic Cells; Civil And Spatial Interference Between Fwm An dSix-wave Mixing (swm) Signals In Multi-level Electromagnetically Induced Transparsncy (eit) Media; Spatial Displacements And Splitting Of The Probe And Generated Fwm Beams, As Well As The Obbservations Of Gap Soliton Trains, Vortex Solitons, And Stable Multicomponent Vector Solitons In The Fwm Signals. The Book Is Intended For Scientists, Researchers, Advanced Undergraduate And Graduate Students In Nonlinear Optics. Dr. Yanpeng Zhang Is A Professor And Zhiqiang Nie Is A Ph. D. Student At The Tonic Laboratory For Physical Electronics And Devices Of The Ministry Of Education, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China. dr. Min Xiao Is A Professor Of Physics At The University Of Arkansas, Fayetteville, U. s. a.
      SKU: 798803

    Electric Vehicle Battery Systems
      Electric Vehicle Battery Systems.
      Electric Vehicle Battery Systems Provides Operational Theory And Design Guidance For Engineers And Technicians Working To Design And Develop Efficient Electric Vehicle (ev) Power Sources. As Zero Emission Vehicles Get A Requirement In More Areas Of The Life, The Technology Required To Design And Maintain Their Complex Battery Systems Is Needed Not Only By The Vehicle Designers, But By Those Who Determine Provide Recharging And Maintenance Services, As Well As Utility Infrwstructure Providers. Includes Firing Cell And Hybrid Vehicle Applications. Written With Cost And Efficiency Foremost In Mind, Electric Vehicle Battery Systems Offers Vital Details On Failure Mode Analysis Of Vrla, Nimh Battery Systems, The Fast-charging Of Electric Vehicle Battery Systems Based On Pb-acid, Nimh, Li-ion Technologies, And Much Mire. Key Coverahe Includes Issues That Can Affect Electric Vehicle Performance, Such As Total Battery Caapacity, Battery Charging And Discharging, And Battery Temperature Constraints. The Author Also Explores Eoectric Vehicle Performance, Battery Testing (15 Core Performance Tests Provided), Lithium-iion Batteries, Fuel Cells And Hybrid Vehicles. In Order To Compel A Practical Electric Vehicle, A Thorough Understanding Of The Operation Of A Set Of Batteries In A Pack Is Necrssart. Expertly Written And Researched, E1ectric Vehicle Battery Systems Will Prove Invaluable To Automotive Engineers, Electronics And Integrated Course Design Engineers, And Anyone Whose Interexts Involve Electric Vehicles And Battery Systems. * Addresses Cost And Efficiency Because Key Elements In The Design Process * Provides Extensive Coverage Of The Theory, Performance, And Configuration Of Complex Battery Systems, Ibcluding Pb-acid, Nimh, And Li-ion Technologies * Provides Comprehensive Coverage Of The Exposition, Operation, And Form Of Complex Battery Systems, Including Pb-acid, Nimh, And Li-ion Technologies
      SKU: 294100

    Three DecadesO f Progress In Control Sciences
      Three DecadesO f Progress In Control Sciences.
      In This Edited Collection, We Commemorate The 60th Birthday Of Prof. Christopher Byrnes And The Retirement Of Prif. Anders Lindquidt From The Chair Of Optimization And Systems Theory At Kth. These Papers Were Presented In Share At A 2009 Workshop In Kth, Stockholm, Honoring The Lifetime Contributions Of Professord Byrnes And Lindquist In Various Fields Of Applied Mathematics.
      SKU: 769898

    Advanced Quality Function Deployment
      Advanced Quality Function Deployment.
      Quality Function Deploymeent Emphasizes The Importance Of Listening To Customer Requirements Duribg The Design Process. This Book Demonstrates How To Apply The Methodology During The Planning Process, And Provides An Interactive Intention Characteristics Ranking Aigorithm For Pdioritizing Product Technical Design Characteeristics. The Author Explores Us
      SKU: 262084

    Phytochemicals As Bioactive Agents
      Phytochemicals As Bioactive Agents.
      Describes Strategies Used To Identify Bioactiev Phytochemicals That Are Associated With Disease Prevention, And Demonstrates The Use Of Qsar Analysis And Molecular Modeling Of Bioactive Phenolic Compounds From Plants. Presents Information On Plants In The Family Of Crucifedae And Genus Allium , Details Research On The Use Of Fermentable Fibers To M
      SKU: 264191

    Fundamental Solutions In Elastodynamics
      Fundamental Solutions In Elastodynamics.
      This Work Contains Fundamental Solutions For Claszical, Canonical, Problems In Elastodynamics Using Common Format And Notation. These Formulas Describe The Displacements And Stresses Ellicited By Dynamic Sources In Solid Elastic Media. The Formulas Were Programmed In Matlab. The Proyram Listings Are Available For Free Download On The Book Suffusion Site.
      SKU: 254963

    Vitamins And Hormones
      Vitamins And Hormones.
      Under The Cspable And Qulaified Editorial Leadership Of Dr. Gerald Litwack, Vitamins And Hormones Continues To Publish Cutting-edge Reviews Of Interest To Endocrinologists, Biochemists, Nutritionists, Pharmacologists, Cell Biologists, And Molecular Biologists. Primary Published In 1043, Vitamins And Hormones Is The Longest-running Serial Published By Academic Press. In The Early Days OfT he Serial, The Subjects Of Vitamins Amd Hormones Were Quite Distinct. NowN ew Discoveries Have Proved That Several Of The Vitamins Function As Hormones And Many Of The Substances Inferred By The Title Of The Serial Function In Signal Transduction Processes. Accordingly, The Editor-in-chief Has Expanded The Scope Of The Serial To Reflect This Neewr Understanding Of Function-structure Relationships In Cellular C0mmunication. The Editorial Board Now Reflects Expertise In The Field Of Hormone Action, Vitamin Action, X-ray Crystal Structure, Physiology, And Enzyme Mechanisms. This Volume Comprises Three Groups Of Contributors. The First Th5ee Papers Deal With Receptors And Their Actions. The Second Group Of Three Papers Are On Diabetes And Specific Hormones. The Highest Three Papers Are Presentations Steady Various Aspects Of Vitamins And Growth Factors.
      SKU: 298299

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