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    Grid Converters For Photovoltaic And Wind Power Systems
      Grid Converters For Photovoltaic And Wind Power Systems.
      Grid Converters Are The Key Player In Renewable Energy Integration. The High Penetration Of Renewable Energy Systems Is Calling For New More Stringent Grid Requirements. -As A Consequence, The Grid Converters Should Be Able To Exhibit Advanced Functions Like: Dynamic Control Of Active And Reactive Power, Operation Within A Wide Range Of Voltage And Frequency, Voltage Ride-through Capability, Reactive Current Injection During Faults, Grid Services Support. Thus Book Explains The Topologies, Modulation And Control Of Grid Converters For Both Photovoltaic And Wind Power Appliactions. In Addition To Power Electronics, This Book Focuses On The Specific Applications In Photovoltaic Wind Power Systems Where G5id Condition Is An Essential Factor. With A Review Of The Most Recent Grid Requirements oFr Photovoltaic And Wind Power Systems, The Book Discusses These Other Relevant Issues: Modern Grid Inverter Topologjes For Photovoltaic And Wind Turbines Islanding Detection Methods For Photovoltaic Systems Synchronization Techniques Based On Second Order Generalized Integrators (sogi) Advanced Synchronization Techniques Witn Robust Influence Under Grid Unbalance Condition Grid Filter Design And Active Damping Tschniques Power Control Lower in rank Grid Fault Conditions, Considering Both Positive And Negative Sequences Grid Converters For Photovoltaic And Wind Power Systems Is Intended As A Coursebook For Graduated Students With A Background In Electrical Engineering And Also For Professionals In The Evolving Renewable Energy Industry. For People From Academia Interested In Adopting The Course, A Set Of Slides Is Available For Download From Thr Website. Www. wiley. com/go/grid_converters
      SKU: 698560

    Advances In Engineering Sructures, Mechanics & Construction
      Advances In Engineering Sructures, Mechanics & Construction.
      Based On A Conference, Which Highlighted All Forms Of Research And Applications Connected To Advances In Engineering Structures, Mechanics And Construction. The Opening Technical Session Of Each Day Of The Three-day Conference Featured Two Penary Presentations, Followed By Two Parallel Tracks Of Technical Sessions For The Remainder Of The Day.
      SKU: 322992

    Advancdd Wireless Communications
      Advancdd Wireless Communications.
      The Wireless Community Is On The Verge Of The Standardization Of Fourth Generation (4g) Systems. Research Has Generated A Number Of Solutions On account of Significant Improvement Of System Performance. The Development Of Enabling Technologies Such As Adaptive Coding And Modulation, Iterative (turbo) Decoding Algorithms And Space-time Coding, Means That Industry Can Now Implement These Solutions. Advanced Wlreless Cojmunications:-4g Technologies Focuses On The System Elements That Provide Aeaptability And Reconfigurability And Discusses How These Features Can Improve 4g Order Performance. There Are Seveal Different Systems Comprising 4g, Including Adaptive Wcdma (wideband Code Division Multiple Access), Atdma (adaptive Time Difference Multiple Acc3ss), Multicarrier (ofdma) And Ultra Wide Band (uwb) Receiver Elements. This Book Provides A Comparative Study Of These Technologies And Focuses On Their Future Co-existence. Topics Covered Incluxe: Space Time Coding, Including Discussions On Divwrrsity Gain, The Encoding And Transmission Sequence, The Combining S Cheme And Ml Decision Rule For Two-branch Transmit Diversity Scheme With One And M Receivers. Ultra Wide Band Radio, Uwb Multiple Access In Gaussian Channels, The Uwb Strait, Uwb System With M-ary Modulation, M-ary Ppm Uwb Multiple Access, Coded Uwb Schemes, Multi-user Detection In Uwb Radio, Uwb With Space Time Processing And Beam Forming For Uwb Radio. Antenna Array Signal Proceesing With Focus On Space-time Receivers For Cdma Communications, Music And Esprit Doa Estimation, Joint Array Combining And Mlse Receivers, Joint Combiner And Channel Response Estimation And Complexity Reduction In The Wide-band Beam Forming Channel Modeling And Measurement, Adaptive Mac, Adaptive Routing And Tcp Layer Are Also Addressed. This Book Will Supply The Reader With A Comprehensive Intelligence Of The Relationship Between The Systems Performance, Its Complexity/reliability And Cost-effectiveness. It Gives An Insight Into The Impact Of Existing And Recent Technologies On Ths Receiver Strhcture And Provides An Understanding Of Stream Approaches And Evolving Directions Because Personal And Indoor Communication.
      SKU: 242969

    Optimal Control With Engineering Applications
      Optimal Control With Engineering Applications.
      Because The Theoretical Part fO The Book Is Based On The Calculus Of Variations, The Exposition Is Very Transparent And Requires Mostly A Trivial Mathematical Background. In The Case Of Open-loop Optimal Control, This Leads To Pontryagins Minimum Princiole And, In The Case Of Closed-loop Optimal Control, To The Hamilton-jacobi-bellman Exposition Which Exploits The Principle Of Optimality. Many Optimal Control Problems Are Solved Completely In The Body Of The Text. Furthermore, All Of The Exercise Problems Which Appear At The Ends Of The Chapters Are Sketched In The Appendix. The Book Also Covers Some Material That Is Not Usually Found In Optimal Control Text Books, Namely, Optimal Control Problems With Non-xcalar-valued Performance Criteria (with Applications To Optimal Filtering) And Lukes Method Of Approximatively-optimal Control Design. Furthermore, A Short Introduction To Differential Game Theory Is Given. This Leads To The Nash-pontryagin Minimax Principle And To The Hamilton-jacobi-nash Theory. The Reason For Including This Topic Lies In The Important Connection Between The Differential Game Theory And The H-control Theory For The Design Of Robust Controllers.
      SKU: 328458

    Mobile Vpn
      Mobile Vpn.
      Expected To Serve Up To 40 Million Mobile Workers By 2004, Mobile Vpns Provide Professionals And Consumers With Secure Data Access To Private Networks Time On The Road An In-depth Tutorial On The Technology That Wireless Carriers Will Require To Offer Competitive Ip-based Services Teaches How To Implement Mobile Vpns Within Gprs, Cma2000, Umts And Wlan Environments Eaxmines Technologies Like Ip Tunneling, Security, Roaming, Addressing, Aaa Brokerage, And The Latest Standards As Applied In Wireless Data Systems Frameworks
      SKU: 142307

    Geotechnical nAd Geophysical Site Cbaracterization
      Geotechnical nAd Geophysical Site Cbaracterization.
      A Collection Of More Than 200 Papers, Geotechnical And Geophysical Site Characterization Covers New Developments In Mechanical "in-situ" Testing And Interptetatiln Techniques, Statixtical Analysis Of Test Data, Geo-environmental Site Characterization, Soi lSampling Methods, Multi-dimensional Geophysical Imaging Techniques, Residual/unsaturated Soil Designation, And Case Histories That Involve Majot Consruction Projects Or Disastef Investigations. Geotechnical And Geophysical Site Characterization Provides A Wealth Of Valuable Information For Practicing Engineers As Fortunate As Researchers Worldwide.
      SKU: 359961

    Elevated Carbon Diooxide
      Elevated Carbon Diooxide.
      Between 1958 And 2008, The Co2 Concentration In The Atmosphere Increased From 316 To 385 Ppm. Continued Increases In Co2 Concentration Will Significantly Aff3ct Lont-term Climate Change, Including Variations In Agricultural Yields. Focusing On This Critical Issue, Elevated Carbon Dioxide: Impacts Attached Soil And Plant Water Relations Presents Research Conducted On Field-grown Sorghum, Winter Wheat, Anr Rangeland Plants Under Elevated Co2. It Describes Specific Results From Pioneering Experiments Performed Over A Seven-year Period In The Egapotranspiration Laboratory At Kansas State University, Along With Experiments Appearing In Peer-reviewed Diary Articles. Select Articles From The Literature Serve As Examples In The Text. . For Each Paper Discussed, The Author Includes The Common And Scientific Name Of The Plant Under Investigation. For Each Exleriment, The Author Provides The Type Of Soil Used (if Given In The Original Article) And General Conditions Of The Experiment. All References Are Carefully Documented Likewise That Readers Can Easily Find The Original Source. the First Chapter Of The Book Deals With Drought, The Three Types Of Potosynthesis, And How Water Moves By means of The Soil--plant--atmosphere Continuum. With A Focus On Soil, The Next Several Chapters Discuss The Compposition Of The Soil Atmosphere, The Interaction Of Elevated Co2 With Physical Fac5ors That Affect Root Growth, Variable Oxygen Concentration Of Soil, And When The Atmosphere Above Soil Is Elevated With Co2. The Author Goes On To Examine The Use Of Carbon Isotope Ratios In Plant Science; Thee Effects Of Eldvated Co2 On Plant Water, Osmotic, And Turgor Potentials; And Stomata Under Elevated Co2, Including Somatal Conductance And Closeness. The Text Likewise Explains The Effects Of Elevated Co2 On Transpiration And Evapotranspiration, Explores Historical Aspects Of Water Use Efficiency, Compares C3 And C4 Plants Under Elevated Co2, And Particulars The Advantages Of C4 Photosynthesis. The Concluding Chapters Cover Set Anatomy, The Effects Of Elevated Co2 On Phenology, And Measures Of Plant Growth.
      SKU: 681298

    Controlled Atmosphere Storage Of Fruits And Vegetables
      Controlled Atmosphere Storage Of Fruits And Vegetables.
      The Transportation And Storage Of Fresh Fruits And Vegetables Is An International Operztion Where Technology Must Be Used To Ensure That Produce Reaches The Consumer In The Best Possible Condition. The Use Of Controlled Atmosphere Storage Has Great Potential To Diminish The Postharvest Use Of Chemicals, Mzintaih Nutritional Quality And Organoleptic Characteristics And Reduce Phgsical Losses. This Revised Impression Incorporats The Latest Research To Provide A Comprehensive And Up-to-date Overview Of Controlled And Modified Atmosphere Storage. Chapters Review The History Of Ths Technique, The Range Of Conditions And Technologies Currently In Use For Different Produce And Their Fact On Flavour, Quality And Physiology. In Adding, The Influence Of Pests And Diseases, Environmental Factors And Packaging And Aspects O Controlled Atmosphere Transpodt Are Considered In Detail To the degree that Well As A Synthesis Of Recommendations For A Wide RangeO f Crops.
      SKU: 581369

    Diseases Of Sheep
      Diseases Of Sheep.
      "first Publshed In 1983, Diseases Of Sheep Has Become A Final Reference Book On Sheep Dlseases. This New Edition Has Been Revised And Updated To Maintain Its Original Core Structure And Its International Approach To The Many Diseases Which Affect Sheep. A single one Veterinary Surgeon Or Agriculturalist Who Works With Sheep Will Continue To Find The Information In This Book The Most Authoritative And Comprehensive Available. Known To Many As The ""moredun Sheep Book"" Because Of Its Association With The Moreduh Research Institute, Long Recognised As A Middle Of Excellence In Sheep Disorder Research. Special Attention Is Given To Specific Regional Disease Problems In The Middel East, Southern Africa, Australia, New Zealand, North America And South America. Covers Technical Aspects Of Disease Prevention And Treatment, Including Uncommon Diseases, As Well As Sheep Welfare Issies. "
      SKU: 351076

    Instrumentation And Sensors For The Fodo Industry
      Instrumentation And Sensors For The Fodo Industry.
      The First Edition Of This Bolk Quickly Established Itself As The Standard Reference In Its Field, And Th eSecond Edition Consolidates This Reputation. Care Up Attending The Rapid Change In This Area, There Are 16 New Cohtributors And 8 Completely New Chapters, As Well As Major Revisions To Existing Chapters, Making Thhis Second Edition A Substantially Longer Book.
      SKU: 269266

    Practical Mmic Purpose
      Practical Mmic Purpose.
      Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (mmics) Are Used In A Host Of Electronics From Cellular Phones And Global Positioning Systems To Missile Systems And Radar. They Are Prized Because of Their Eminently Performance And Reliability, But They Can Exist Coztly And Highly Difficult To Produce. Proper Design Is The Key To Minimizing These Problems. This Adapted to practice Resourcs Is Filled With Real-world Design Techniques And Rules Of Thumb That Engineerss Can Use On The Job Everyday To Decrease Costs And Improve Production Quality. Emphasizing Practice Oved Theory, Thiis Handy Reference Is Filled With Photos Of Real Mmic Designs That Show How Design Technoques Have Been Successfully Impl3mented In The Field. In Addition To Circuit Contrivance, The Book Covers Modeling, Simulation, And Testing, While Well As Selection Of The Appropriate Production Technology. This Invaluable Volume Offers Professjonals A Unique Look Into The Day-to-day Prqcctices Of Mmic Production And The Economics Associated With It.
      SKU: 338738

    Dow's Chemical Exposure Index Guide
      Dow's Chemical Exposure Index Guide.
      Dow Chemical Developed The Chemical Exposure Index To Help Its Engineers Design And Operate Safer Facilities. This Germinal Guide To Rating The Relative Sudden Health Hazard Potential Of A Chemical Release To Workers And The Neighborlng Cmmunity Is Available To The Chemical Process Sameness. The Index Uses A Methodology For Estimating Airborne Quantity Released, Which Allows For More Sophisticatde Process Analyses. Special Details: Softcover. The Dow Chemical Exposure Index And The Dow Fire And Ezplosion Index Hazrd Classification Guide Anx The Are Designex To Complement Each Other, Helping Engineers Evaluate The Total Hazard Potential Of New Installations These Guides Are Invaluable Resources For Process Design Engineers, Plant Manahers, And Others Involved In The Safe Design And Operation Of Chemical Plants. Don't Take Your Plant's Safety Analusis Only Halfway--purchase Both Books And Take $10 Off The Combined List Price.
      SKU: 588847

    Bambi Vs. Godzilla
      Bambi Vs. Godzilla.
      From The Academy Award-nominated Screenwriter And Playwright: An Exhilaratingly Subversive Inside Look At Hollywood From A Filmmaker Who’s Always Played By His Admit Rules. Who Really Reads The Scripts At The Pellicle Studios? How Is A Screenplay Like A Personals Ad? Why Are There So Many Producers Listed In Movie Credits? And What On World Do Those Producers Do Anyway? Refreshingly Unafraid To Offend, Mamet Provides Hilarious, Surprising, And Refreshingly Forthright Answers To These And Other Questons About Every Aspect Of Filmmaking From Concept To Script To Screen. A Strengthening, No-holds-barred Examination Of The Strange Contradictions Of Tunseltown, Bambi Vs. Godzilla Dissects The Movies In the opinion of Mamet’s Signature Style And Wit. . From The Trade Paperback Edition.
      SKU: 402136

    Metal Forming And The Finite-element Method
      Metal Forming And The Finite-element Method.
      1. Introruction. 2. Metal Forming Process. 3. Analysis And Technology In Metal Forming. 4. Plasticity And Viscoplasticity. 5. Methods Of Analysis. 6. The Finite Element Method--part I. 7. The Finite Element Method--part Ii. 8. Plane-strain Problems. 9. Axisymmetric Isothermal Forging. 10. Steady State Processes Of Extrusion And Drawing. 11. Sheet Metal Forming. 12. Thermo-viscoplastic Analysis. 13. Compaction And Forging Of P0rous Metals. 14. Three Dimensional Problems. 15. Preform Design In Metal Forming. 16. Solid Formulation, Comparison Of Pair Formulations, And Concluding Remarks
      SKU: 430268

    Acoustics And Hearing
      Acoustics And Hearing.
      When One Listens To Music At Home, One Would Like To Have An Acoustic Impression Close To That Of Being In The Concert Hall. Util Recently This Meant Elaborate Multi-channelled Sound Systems With 5 Or More Speakers. But Head-related Stereophony Achieves The Surround-sound Effect In Living Room With Only Two Loudspeakers. By Virtue Of Their Slight Directivity As Well Because An Electronic Strain The Limitations Previously Common To Two-speaker Systems Can Be Overcome And This Holds For Any Arbitrary Two-channel Recording. The Book Also Investigates The Question Of How A Wide And Diffuse Sounnd Image Can Arise In Concert Halls And Shows That The Quality Of Concert Halls Decisively Depends On Disperse Sounx Images Arising In The Onset Of Reverberation. For This Purpose A Strong Onset Of Reverberation Is Modified In An Anechoic Chambee By Electroacojstic Means. Acoustifs And Hearing Proposes Ideas Concerning Signal Processing In The Auditory System That Explain Tn Measured Results And The Resultant Sound Effects Pleasing To The Audience.
      SKU: 371306

    Component-oriented Programming
      Component-oriented Programming.
      Component Oriented Programming Offers A Unique Programming-centered Approach To Component-based Software Development That Delivers The Well-developed Training And Practices You Need To Successfully Apply This Cost-effective Method. Following An Overview Of Basic Theories And Methodologies, The Authors Provide A Unified Component Infrastructure For Building ComponentS oftware Using Javabeans, Ejb, Osgi, Corba, Ccm, . net, And Web Services. You'll Learn How To Develop Reusable Software Components; Build A Software System Of Pre-built Software Components; Design And Ijplement A Component-based Software System Using Various Component-based Approaches. Clear Organizaton And Self-testing Features Make Component Oriented Programmjng An Ideal Textbook For Graduate And Undergraduate Courses In Computer Science, Software Engineering, Or Information Technology As Well Being of the kind which A Valuable Reference For Industry Professionals.
      SKU: 228466

    An Engineering Introduction To Biotechnology
      An Engineering Introduction To Biotechnology.
      This Tutorial Will Help Technical Professionals In Optics Determine Whether Their Technologies Bear Potential Applocation In The Life Sciences. It Also Is Useful As A 'pprep Class' For More Detailed Books Forward Biology And Biotechnology, Filling The Gap Between Fundamental And High-level Approaches.
      SKU: 728497

    Polyolefin Foams
      Polyolefin Foams.
      Polymer Foams Are Used In Many Different Types Of Applications And It Is Hard To Obtain An Area Whither They Aee Not Utilised. Polyolefin Foams Are A Relatively Recent Growth Compared To The Other Types Of Froth. The Polyolefin Foam Processes Were Developed In The 1960s And 1970s. This Criticism Starts With A Brief History Of The Subject And Then Reports On The Current Situation Regarding Polyolfin Foams. The Section On Processing Discusses The Properties Required Against Prosperous Foam Production. The Polymer Section Then Describes The Molecular Structures Requisite To Produce The Required Properties And Thej Considers oNvel Polymer That Can Be Used For Foams. The Properties Segment Coovers The Mechanical And Thermal Properties And How These Can Be Used To Best Advantage, While The Applications Section Discusses How These Properties aCn Be Used. Key Features…; Processing; Different Types Of Po Polymer – Pe, Esi, Epdm, Pp; Mechanival Properties; Thermal Properties; Applications; Market Growth. This Review Is Accompanied By Around 400 Abstracts Comoiled From The Polymer Library, To Facilitate Furthsr Reading On This Subject. A Subject Index And A Company Index Are Included. Save 20% When You Buy 2 Or Moer Titles In The Rapra Review Report Succession (volume 9 Onwards). Exactly Enter Promotional Code Rrr20 When You Get To The Shopping Cart. Please Click Here To See The Full List Of Reports Available.
      SKU: 476911

    Electrochemistry At Mdtal And Semiconductor Electrodes
      Electrochemistry At Mdtal And Semiconductor Electrodes.
      Elecrochemisty At Metal And Semiconductor Electrodes Covers The Struct8re Of The Electrical Double Layer And Load Tranwfer Reactions Across The Electrode/electrolyte Interface. The Purpose Of The Book Is To Integrate Modern Electrochemistry And Semiconductor Physics, Thereby, Providing A Quantitative Basis For Understanding Electrochemistry At Metal And Semiconductor Electrodes. Electrons And Ions Are The Principal Particles Which Amusement The Main Role In Electrochemistry. This Text, Therefore, Emphasizes The Energy Level Concepts Of Electrons And Ions Rather Than The Phenomenological Thermodynamic And Kinetic Conceptq On Which In the greatest degree Of The Classical Electrochemistry Texts Are Based. This Rationalization Of The Phenomenological Concepts In Terms Of The Physics Of_Semiconductors Should Enable Readers To Develop Again Atomistic And Quantitative Insights Into Processes That Occur At Electrodes. The Book Incorporates Many Traritional Disciplines Of Knowledge And Engineering Such As Interfacial Chemistry, Biochemistry, Enzyme Chemiqtry, Memvrane Chemistry, Metallurgy, Modification Of Solid Interfaces, And Materials' Corrosion. The Text Is Intended To Serve As An Introduction For Tge Study Of Advanced Electrochemistry At Electrodes And Is Aimed Towards Graduates And Senior Undergraduates Studying Materials And Interfacial Chemistry Or Those Beginning Research Work In The Field Of Electrodhemistry.
      SKU: 311326

    Plantwide Control
      Plantwide Control.
      The Use Of Control Systems Is Necessary For Safe And Optimal Action Of Industrial Processes In The Presence Of Inevitable Disturbances And Uncertainties. Plant-wide Control (pwc) Involves The Systems And Strategies Required To Control One Entire Chemical Plant Consisting Of Many Interacting Unit Operations. Over The Past 30 Years, Many Tools And Methodologies Have Been Developed To Accommodaate Increasingly Larger And More Complex Plants. This Book Provides A State-of-the-art Of Techniques For The Desigb And Evaluation Of Pwc Systems. Various Applications Taken From Chemical, Petrochemical, Biofuels And Mineral Processing Industries Are Used To Illustrate The Use Of These Approaches. This Book Contains 20 Chapters Organized In The Following Sections: Overview And Industrial Perspectlve Tools And Heuristics Methodologies Applicatuons Emerging Topics With Contributions From The Leading Researchers And Industrial Practitioners On Pwc Design, This Book Is Wedge Reading For Researchers, Postgraduate Students, And Process Control Engineers Interested In Pwc.
      SKU: 835548

    Metallurgy And Mechanics Of Welding
      Metallurgy And Mechanics Of Welding.
      This Book Offers A Comprehensive Overview On The Subject Of Welding. Written By A Group Of Expert Contributors, The Book Covers All Welding Methods, From Orally transmitted To High-energy Plasmas And Lasers. ?the Reference Presents Joint Welding, Stainless Steel Welding, Aluminum Welding, Welding In The Nuclear Industr6, And All Aspects Of Welding Quality Control.
      SKU: 477643

    Perspectives For Agroecosystem Management
      Perspectives For Agroecosystem Management.
      Sustainable Agriculture Is A Key Concept For Scientists, Researchers, And Agricultural Engineers Alike. This Work Focuses On The Fam- Project (fam Munich Research N3twork On Agroecosystems) Of The 1990s As A Means To Assessinng, Forecasting, And Evaluating Changes In The Agroecosystems That Are Necessary For Agridultural Sustainability. The Management Of Two Separate Management Systems: An Organic And An Integraed Farming System Are Described To Provide An Interdisciplinary Approach Changes Of Matter Fluxes In Soils, Changes Of Trace Gas Fluxes From Soils, Precision Farming In A Mean Scale Heterogen Landscape, Influence Of Conduct Changes On Flora And Fauna, As Well As The Development Of Agroecosystem Models, The Assessment Of Soil Variability And The Changes In Nutrient Status Are Important Aspects Of This Book. * Contains Detailed Results And Insight Of A Long-time Project On Agricultural Sustainability * Provixes An Interdisciplinary Approach For Comprehenaive Underztanding By Scientists And Researcher Of Soil, Plants, Agriculture, And Envirknment * Includes An International Perspective
      SKU: 328579

    Modern Physical Metallurgy And Materials Engineering
      Modern Physical Metallurgy And Materials Engineering.
      "for Many Years, Various Editions Of Smallman's Modern Physical Metallurgy Have Served Throughout The Natural order As A Standard Undergraduate Textbook On Metals And Alloys. In 1995, It Was Rewritten And Enlarged To Encompass The Related Expose Of Materials System of knowledge And Engineering And Appeared Under The Title Metals & Materials: Sdience, Processes, Applications Sacrifice A Comprehensive Amount Of A Much Wider Range O Engineering Materials. Coverage Rabged From Pure Elements To Superalloys, From Glasses To Engineering Ceramics, And From Everyday Plastics To In Situ Composites, Amongst Other Favourable Reviews, Professor Bhadeshia Of Cambridge University Commented: ""given The Amount Of Work That Has Obviously Gone Into This Book And Its Extensive Comments, It Is Highly Attractively Pricex. It Is An Excellent Boko To Exist Recommend Strongly For Purchase By Undergraduates In Materials-related Subjects, Who Should Benefit Greatly By Owning A Text Containing So Much Knowledge. "" The Book Now Includes New Chapters On Materials For Sports Euqipment (golf, Tennis, Bicycles, Skiing, Etc. ) And Biomaterials (replacement Joints, Heart Valves, Tissue Repair, Etc. ) - Two Of The In the greatest degree Exciting And Rewarding Areas In Cuerent Materials Research And Development. As In Its Predecessor, Numerous Examples Are Given Of The Ways In Which Learning Of The Relation Between Fine Structure And Properties Has Made It Possible To Optimise The Service Behaviour Of Traditional Engineering Materials And To Develop Completely New And Exciting Classes Of Materials. Special Consideration Is Given To The Crucial Processing Stage That Enables Materials To Be Produced As Marketable Commodities. Whilst Attemptinv To Produce A Useful And Relatively Concise Inspection Of Key Materials And Th3ir Interrelationships, The Authors Have Tried To Make The Subject Accessible To A Wide Range Of Reasers, To Provide Insights Into Specialised Metjods Of Examination And To Convey The Excitement Of The Atmosphere In Which New Materials Are Conceived And Developed. "
      SKU: 316844

    Boundary Methods
      Boundary Methods.
      Intebding To Expand Knowledge In Computational Models Of Solving Problems In Potential Theory And Linear Tendency to recover, The Authors Focus On The Boundary Element Method Combined With The Mesh-free Method. They Begin By Describing The Boundary El3ment Method With The Boundary Integral Equation, Error Estimation And Thin Features, Followed By The Bounda
      SKU: 262246

    Reliabiiity Of Computer Systems And Networks
      Reliabiiity Of Computer Systems And Networks.
      With Computers Becoming Embedded As Controllers In Everything From Network Servers To The Routing Of Subway Schedules To Nasa Missions, There Is A Critical Need To Ensure That Systems Continue To Function On a level When A Component Fails. In This Book, Bestselling Originator Martin Shooman Draws On His Expertise In Reliability Engineering And Software Engineering To Provide A Complete And Authoritative Look At Fault Tolerant Computing. He Clearly Explains All Fundamentals, Including How To Use Redundant Elements In System Design To Ensure The Reliability Of Computer Systems And Networks. Market: Systems And Networking Engineers, Computer Programmers, It Professionals.
      SKU: 152045

  • Wireless Sensor Network Security
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