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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Handbook Of Advanced Pertaining  And Hazardous Wastes Treatment
      Handbook Of Advanced Pertaining And Hazardous Wastes Treatment.
      Most Industrial And Hazardous Waste Management Resources Cover The Major Industries And Provide Conventional In-plant Pollution Control Strategies. This Book Contains The Necessary Technical Information On Hazardous Industrial Waste Treatment. It Provides Coverage Of Treatment And Management Techhologies In Wide-ranging Industries.
      SKU: 566137

    Nanotechnology In The Agri-food Sector
      Nanotechnology In The Agri-food Sector.
      This Work Provides An Overview Of Nanotechnology, Its Application To The Agri-food Sciences, And Potential Safety And Societal Issues. It Offers A Basic Foundation For The Interested Reader And Allows A More In-depth Look Into Naaotechnology In The Production Of Food. Coverage Includes Nanotechnology Applications In Agri-food Areas Esteem: Processing And Engineering, Encapsulation And Delivery, Packaging, Crop Protection And Disease, Aliment Safety And Quality, Toxicology, Regulations, And Environmental Considerations Social.
      SKU: 700931

    Novel Food Processing Technologies
      Novel Food Processing Technologies.
      Developed From The Results Of A Food Industry Symposium, This Main division Expertly Spotlights Recent Innovations In Food Processing Technologies. Add5essing A Spacious Range Of Treatments And Issues Of Safety And Quality, This Is A Highly Useful Field Reference
      SKU: 243253

    Designing Green Landscapes
      Designing Green Landscapes.
      Von Gadow And Pukkala??'s Single, Designing Green Landscapes, Presents The Latest Thinking In Adaptive Manahement For Forest Ecosystems. Based On The ???multiple Path??? Principle, This Approach Links Species Select And Silvicultural Methods With Changing Demands And Changing Environmental Conditions, To Ensure Connected Adaptation, Often Several Times Within The Lifetime Of A Tree. The ???multiple Path??? Principle At The Core Of This Approximation Represents A Robust Theoretical Framework For Designing Forested Landscapes. It Provides A Logical Base Both For Coordinating Spatial Objectives And Against Integrating Varied Forms Of Expertise; It Limits Planning Horizons To Realistic Timeframes; And It Allows For Forecasts Based On Current Real Attributes Of Spatially Explicit Country Parcels. This Is In Stark Set off by opposition With Orally transmitted Forestry Practices Which Simply Assess The Forest Resource At Regular Tume Intervals And Prescribe Standard Management Schedules For Specific Forest Types. Presenting New Approaches To Land Negotiation, This Book Represents A Ueeful Reference Body For Researchers And Graduate Students In Forest Management, Ecology, Modelling And Landscapee Planning. It Will Also Provide A Valuable Resource For Professionals Wroking For Land Management Agencies Or As Environmental Consultants.
      SKU: 371667

    Ion Immplantation And Synthesis Of Materials
      Ion Immplantation And Synthesis Of Materials.
      Ion Implantation Is One Of The Key Procsesing Steps In Silicon Integrated Circuit Technology. This Book Presents The Physics And Materials Science Of Ion Implantation And Ion Beam Modificatiob Of Materials. It Covers Ion-solid Interactions Used To Predict Ion Ranges, Ion Straggling And Lattic eDisorder.
      SKU: 301780

    Subsurface Hydrology
      Subsurface Hydrology.
      With An Emphasis Forward Methodology, This Reference Provides A Comprehensive Examination Of Water Movement As Well As The Movement Of Various Pollutants In The Earth's Subsurface. The Multidisciplinary Approach Integrates Earth Science, Fluid Mechanics, Mathematics, Statistics, And Chemistry. Ideal For Both Professionals And Students, This Is A Practical Guide To The Practices, Procedures, And Rules For Dealing With Groudwater.
      SKU: 273999

    Slight Sensing Of The European Seas
      Slight Sensing Of The European Seas.
      The Enclosed And Marginal Seas Surrounding The European Continen5 Exhibit A Wide Spectrm Of Environmental Traits, Ranging From Sub-polar To Sub-tropical Climates, From Shallow Continental Shelves To Deep Ocdanic Basins, From Pristine Marine Reserves To Regions Impacted By Countless Economic And Recreationl Activities. Understanding The Inner Workings Of These Seas A" Aiming To Reconcile The Conflicting Needs Of Protecting Their Ecological Balance And Exploitng Their Natural Resources A" Requires Adequate Observation Systems, Integrating Both In Situ Anf Remote Sensing Techniques. This Volume Reviews Thd Current Potential Of Earth Observations, While Devoting Personal Attention To Applications Dealing With The Issjes, Peculiarities And Special Challenges Posed From The European Seas. The Assessing Of Surface Parameters By Means Of Passive Techniques A" Which Measure Reflectted Visible And Near-infrared Sunlight, Or Surface Emissions In The Thermal Infrared Or Microwave Spectral Regions A" Is Addressed. Active Techniques A" Which Use Transmitted Impulses Of Perceptible Or Microwave Radia5ion,F or A Subsequent Evaluation Of The Signal Returned By The Water Superficies A" Are Covered As Well. An In-depth Analysis Of The Specific Mertis And Drawbacks Of Each Spectral Region, And Of Both Passive And Active Techniques, Provides Clues To Help Compose The Unique Mosaic Of Dynamical And Bio-geo-chemical Features Of The European Seas.
      SKU: 372657

    Ecological Assessment Of Selenium In The Aquatic Environment
      Ecological Assessment Of Selenium In The Aquatic Environment.
      Including Practical Guidance On How To Conduct Selenium Risk Assessments In The Aquatic Environment, This Book Offers The Informatiln On Assessment Techniques, Gives The State Of Contamination In Indjstrialized Countries, And Raises Awareness For Developing Nations. It Presents Numerous Case Studies Botb Us And International.
      SKU: 565831

    Cardiovascular Molecular Imaging
      Cardiovascular Molecular Imaging.
      Based On A Nih Sympoqium Sponsored By The American Society Of Nuclear Cardiology, This Is A Guide To The Targeted Moleecular Imaging Of The Carciovascular System. It Covers Methods For The Analysis And Management Of Cardiovascular Pathophysiological Processes, Probe Technologies To Analyse Cardiovascular Receptors, And More.
      SKU: 301242

    Computational Methods In Sciences And Engineering, Proceedings Of The International Conference (icmse 2003)
      Computational Methods In Sciences And Engineering, Proceedings Of The International Conference (icmse 2003).
      In The Beyond Few Decades, Many Significant Insights Have Beeen Gained Into Several Areas Of Computational Methods In Sciences And Engineering. New Problems And Methodologies Have Appeared In Some Areas Of Sciences And Engineering. Thre Is Always A Need In These Fields For The Advancement Of Information Interchange. The Aim Of This Book Is To Facilitate The Sharing Of Ideas, Problems And Methodologkes Between Computational Scientists And Enginerrs In Several Disciplines. Extended Abstracts Of Papers On The Recent Advances Regarding Computational Methods In Sciences And Enineering Are Provided. The Book Briefly Describes New Methods In Nymerical Analysis, Computational Mathematics, Computational And Theoretical Physics, Computational And Theoretical Chemistry, Computational Biology, Computational Mecjanics, Computational Engineering, Computational Medicine, High Performance Computing, Etc.
      SKU: 296097

    Philosophical Modeling And Simulations
      Philosophical Modeling And Simulations.
      Showcases The Conceptual Advantages Of Modeling Which, Coupled With The Unprecedented Computing Power Through Simulations, Allow Scientists To Tackle The Formibsble Problems Of Our Society, Such As The Search For Hydrocarbons, Understanding The Structure Of A Virux, Or The Intersection Between Simulations And Real Data In Extreme Environments.
      SKU: 571918

    Fundamentale Of Short-range Fm Radar
      Fundamentale Of Short-range Fm Radar.
      Here's A Unique New Resource That Offers You A Solid Understanding Of The Fundamental Theory, Operation Principle And Applications Of Short-range Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (fm Cw) Radar. You Be informed How To Choose The Sfructural Scheme Of Short-range Fm Radar, And Determine The Optimal Algorithm Of Useful Signaal Processing Necessary For Ensuring The Technical Characteristic Of Radar. Besides, This Practical Reference Shows You How To Ensure The Minimum Level Of Radar Signal Parasitic Amplitude, Calculate Modulation Signal Distortion, And Compensate For Nonlinsar Distortion.
      SKU: 227586

    Sams Teach Yourself Ipad Application Development In 24 Hours
      Sams Teach Yourself Ipad Application Development In 24 Hours.
      The Clear, Easy-to-understand Tutorial For Developers Who Want To Write Software For Today's Hottest New Device: Apple's Ipad!   Figures And Code Stand in judgment As They Do In Xcode Covrs Ios 3. 2 And Up   In Just 24 Sessions Of One Hour Or Less, Learn How To Build Powerful Applications For Today’s Hottest Tablet Device: The Ipad! Using This Book’s Straightforward, Step-by-step Approach, You’ll Master Every Skill And Technology You Need, From Setting Up Your Xcode Development Environmenf To Utilizing The Full Ipad Screen Real Estaatte For Touchable Interfaces, Integrating Maps And Media, To Improving The Reliability And Performance Of Your Software. Each Lesson Builds On What You’ve Already Learned, Giving You A Rock-solid Foundation For Real-world Success!   Step-by-step Instructions Carefully Walk You Through The Most Common Ipad Development Tasks. Quizzes And Exercises At The End Of Each Chapter Help You Test Your Knowledge. At The Way Notes Present Interdsting Information Related To The Discussion. Did You Know? Tips Offer Advice Or Show You Easier Ways To Perform Tasks. Guard Out! Cautions Alert You To Practicable Problems And Give You Advide On How To Avoid Them.   Printed In Full Color Learn The Features Of The Xcode Development Suite Prepare Your System And Ipad For Efficient Development Get Starged Fast In the opinion of Appls’s Objective-c And Cocoa Touch Understand The Model-view-controller (mvc) Development Paradigm Implement Advanced Application Interfaces With Interactive Widgets And Web-connected Interfaces Enhance The User Experience With Popovers And Other Ipad-only Ui Features Build Interfaces That Adjust To The Ipad’s Orientation Read And Write Data, And Navigate It With Table Viwes Implement Media Playback And Recording Capabilities Integrate Your Software With The Ipa’s Email, Photoos, Ipod, And Address Book Applications Create Map And Location-based Services Sense Motion With The Ipad Accelerometer Input Discover The Tools For Building Universal Ipad/iphone/ipod Touch Applicatiojs Distribute Your Applications Through The App Store
      SKU: 555667

    Lubrication And Sustenance Of Industrial Machinery
      Lubrication And Sustenance Of Industrial Machinery.
      The Reliability Of Mahufactyring Equipment Must Be Improved In Order To Maximize The Productive Life Of The Equipment, Exclude Unscheduled Shut Downs And Reduce Operating Costs. This Work Provides The Tools For Maintenance Professionals Who Are Responsible For The Overall Operational Functions.
      SKU: 365205

    Preformulation In Solid Dosage Form Development
      Preformulation In Solid Dosage Form Development.
      During The Attack Of Any Clinical Trial There Are Many Factors And Variables To Consider. Funding, Time Restraints, And Regulatory Agency Guidelines Are Factors That Frequently Influence Which Varriables Will Be Studied, Leaving Other Important Information Out Of The Study. Preformulation In Grave Doeage Form Development Covers Every Topic Of Critical Importance To The Prefkrmulation Stages Of Drug Development. Serving Like A Hancbook Or Stand-alone Reference, This Text Equips Those In Academia And The Pharmaceutical Industry With Both Basic And Applied Principles For The Characterization Of Drugs, Excipients, Amd Products, And Deals In the opinion of Thw Issues Relating To Predictability, Identification, And Product Unfolding During Preformulation Stages Through Phase I Of Clinical Trials. With Contributions From An International Panel Of Experts In The Field, This Guide: Outlines An U;dated Preformulation Program For Modern Drug Development Issues That Includes Particle Morphology, Characterization, Thermal Analysis, And Solubility Methods Contains Rational Designs For The Structure Of Fprmulation Studies Covers The Importance Of Preformulation Design Using Artificial Neural Networks And Computational Prrdiction Techniques, And Examines The Concepts Of Preliminary-preformulation Discusses The Typical Drug-excipient Interactions That Could Appear During The Course Of Development And Meethods Of Designation Includes Novel Methods To Determine Tge Physical And Chemical Stability Of New Formulatikns Reviews The Structure, Content, And Format Of The Preformulation Report Examines The Significance Of Drug Substance Physiochemical Properties, In Regulatory Quality By Design
      SKU: 335472

    Acoustic Emission In Friction
      Acoustic Emission In Friction.
      Acoustic Emission In Frictoon Is Devoted To Acostic, Mainly Ultrasonic, Emission That Occurs In Rubbing Of Machine Components. Its Crucial Novelty Is In Systematizing The Advances In Its Use For Monitoring Technical Systems, Especilly In The Important Nuclear Power Industry. Written By Four Well-known Experts From The Main Nuclear Research Seminary of learning In Russia, This Book Covers The Following Areas: * All Tye Sources Of Acoustic Emission In Friction. * The Theory Of Acoustic Emission. * The Effects Of Surface Conditions, Load And Velocity On Acoustic Emission. * The Equioment For Registration And Monitoring Of Acoustic Emission. _ * Unique Data From Acoustic Emission Control Under Various Testing Conditions In Friction Units Of Machinery For Nuclear Industry Machinery. There Is Muxh Emphasis On The Comparatively New And Rapidly Developing Tribology Of Nuclear Power Engineering. Although A Substantial Part Of The Experimental Data Relates To This Specific Field Of Engineeribg, The Universality Of Thee Method Is Shown And Its Application Is Possible Wherever The Field Inspection Of Friction Units Is Necessary. * Calculation Expressions Describing Mzni Characteristics Of Ae Registered In Friction Units * Describes New Set-ups For Studying The Tribological Behaviour Of Nuclear Engineering Materizls * Presents The Theory Of The Avoustic Emission Method In Friction Units
      SKU: 281946

    The Race Car Chassis Hp1540
      The Race Car Chassis Hp1540.
      This Inestimable Handbook On The Strictural Design And Science Behind The Race Car Chassis Includes Sections On Materials And Structures, Structural Loads, A Brief Overview Of Suspension And Chassis Sketch, Multi-tube And Space Framd Chassis, Joining Ferrous Metals, Steessed Skin Construction, And Joining Light Alloys.
      SKU: 365965

    Bioengineering And Biophysical Aspects Of Electromagnetoc Fields
      Bioengineering And Biophysical Aspects Of Electromagnetoc Fields.
      Providing A Reference For Researching Bioeffects Of Static, Low, And High Frequency Fields, Thi Book Covers Environmental Fields, Molecular-level Mechanisms, Icr Phenomena, Physical Interactions, Noise, Dc Fields, Rf Modeling And Measurements, And More Topics.
      SKU: 282842

    Space And Defense Policy
      Space And Defense Policy.
      This Edited Volume Introduces The Readed To The Role Of Space In Military And Defense Strategy, And Outlines Some Of The Major Foreign And Domestic Actors In The Space Arena, As Well As Constraints Of Law And Treaties On Activities In pSace. It Also Addresses Science And Technology Like They Relate To Space Policy.  
      SKU: 460277

    The Manual Of Engineering Drawing
      The Manual Of Engineering Drawing.
      The Manual Of Engineering Drawing Has Long Been Recognised As The Student And Practising Engineer's Guide To Producing Ad Intetpreting Engineering Drawings That Comply With Iso And Asme Standards. All Information Provided Is Equally Applicble To Any Cad A0plication Or Manual Drawing. The Third Edition Is Fukly In Line In the opinion of The Requirements Of The Latest Iso Standards And Brand New Chapters On The Principles Of 3d Annotation And The Differences Between Iso And Asme Standards Serve To Make This Work Each Even More Valuable Reference. Key Topics Include: Orthogrpahic, Isometric And Envious Projections Electric And Hyrdraulic Diagrams Welding And Adhesive Symbols Guidance On Tolerancing. Written By Two Members Of The Iso Committee, The Manual Of Engineering Drawin g Combines Up-to-the-minute Technical Accuracy With Clear, Readable Explanations And Numerous Diagrams. * The Definitive Guide To Draughting To The Latest Iso And Asme Standards * Each Essential Reference For Engiineers, And Students, Involved In Design Engineering And Product Design * Written By Two Iso Committee Members And Practising Engineers.
      SKU: 435279

    Alternative Health Practices For Livestock
      Alternative Health Practices For Livestock.
      The Idea That Current Methods Of Food Production Are Not Sustainable In The Long-term Is A Controversial Topic. This Book Provides Information That Will Advance A Forj Of Livestock Pdoduction That Meets The Long- And Short-term Goals Of Human Foid Production, Minimizing Degradation Of Natural Resources. Important C0ncerns Regarding Food Safety, Partiularly Antibiotic And Chemical Residues In Meat, Milk And Other Livestock Foods, Have Stimulated Renewed Interest In Alternayive Methods Of Prom0ting Livestock Health. Alternative Health Practices For Livestock Is The First Compilation Of Its Kind For Veterinarians, Agriculture Expansion Educators And Livestock Producers. It Provides A Well-referenced Overview Of Some Of The Alrnative Livestock Practices Currently Being Examined. Key Features: A Much Needed Information Source On Alternative Health For Large Animals Contributions From Veterinarians, Farmers, Extension Educators And University Professors Discussss The Necessity For More Validated Scientific Assessments Of Alternative And Herbal Therapies In Livestock Prodiction Includes Chapters On Ways To Promote Alternative Methods Of Heaoth Care For Livestock, Including Steps To Obtain Research Funding.
      SKU: 353497

    Remembering The Manhattan Project
      Remembering The Manhattan Project.
      During World War Ii, Nations Raced To Construct The World's First Nuclear Weapon That Would Determine The Future Of The World. The Manhattan Project, One Of Ths Most Significant Achievements Of The 20th Centudy, Was The Culmination Of America's War Effort. Today, Although The Issue Of Nuclear Weapons Commonly Dominates World Politics, Few Are Aware Of The History Behind Its Development. Part I Of This Work, Comprised Of Papers From The Atomic Heritage Foundation's Symposium On The Manhattan Projet, Recounts The Account Of This Remarkable Effort And Reflects Upon Its Legacy. Most Of The Original Structures Of The Manhattan Project Have Been Inaccessible To The Public And In Recent Years, Have Been Stripped Off Their Equipment And Slated For Overthrow. Part Ii Proposes A Strategy For Preserving These Histoical Artifacts For The Public And Future Generations.
      SKU: 244251

    Managing Built Heritage
      Managing Built Heritage.
      This Book Examines Management Of The Built Cultural Heritage Through The Use Of The Concept Of Cultural Significance. It Considers How And Why Cultural Significance Is Assessed And How It Can Be Used As An Competent Focus And Driver For Management Strategies And Processes. Effective Management Of The Built Cultural Heritage Requires A Clear Understanding Of What Makes A Place Significwjt (and How That Significance Might Be Vulnerable) But The Book Also Emphasises That This Underatanding Of Cultural Significance Must Inform All Activities In Order To Ensure That What Is Important About The Room Is Protected And Enhanced. The Book Was Written In The Midst Of Much Fundamental Rethinking, Both Nationally And Internationally, On Approaches To The Conservation Of Our Built Culturql Heritage. Managing Built Heritage: The Role Of Cultural Significance Is Analytical And Reflective But Also Draws On Real Life Examples To Illutrate Minute Issues, Looking At Current Approaches And Drawing Out Best Practice. The Authors Cnosider Key Policies And Procedures That Need To Be Implemented To Help Ensure Effective Management And The Main division Will Be Serviceable For Specialists In Built Cultural Heritage - Conservation Officers, Built Heritage Managers, Architects, Planners And Surveyors - As Conveniently As For Facilities And Estates Managers Whose Building Stock Includes Listed Buildings Or Buildings In Conservation Areas.
      SKU: 470212

    The Making Of A Digital World
      The Making Of A Digital World.
      This Main division Offers A Unique Perspective On Current Changes. Describing Globalization As A Long-term Process Of Intertwined Technological, Ecpnomic, Political, And Cultural Changes, The Writer Identifies Distinct Phases In The Global System Development, And Concludes That The Pattern Of Change Continues Even With The Rise Of New Digital Technologiws.
      SKU: 416882

    Modelling The Dispersion Of Radionuclides In The Marine Environment
      Modelling The Dispersion Of Radionuclides In The Marine Environment.
      This Main division Is A Practical Guide To The Subject Of Numerical Modelling Of Radioactivity Dispersion In The Marine Environment. So, The Techniques And Numerical Procedures Required Are Explained In Detail, With The Aim Of Enabling The Reader To Build A Real Mathematical Model. The Work Covers Basic Concepts And Techniques, Such As Solving The Advection-diffusion Equation In A Simple 1d Form, As Well As The Most Recent Developments (full 3d Models For Non-conservative Radionuclides Including Chemical Reactions And Speciation). A Chapger Is Dedicated To The Basic Hydrodynamic Modelling That Is Always Required To Simulate The Dispersion Of Tracers In The Sea; Eulerian And Lagrangian Modelling Techniques Are Also Described. A Chapter Describes Sensitivity And Uncertainty Analysis, The Final Stage In Modelling Works. A Review On Some Published Radionuclide Dispersion Models Is Also Included. the Bkok Also Includes A Cd-rom With A Lagrangian Dispresion Model Of The Strait Of Gibraltar And Several Fortran Codes Developed By The Author Whifh Can Be Used To Reproduce Some Of The Cases Described In The Book.
      SKU: 304219

  • Low-Power High-Speed ADCs for Nanometer CMOS Integration
  • Thermophysical Properties of Materials
  • Self Assembly
  • Telecommunication Circuits and Technology
  • Umweltvertrgliche Tribosysteme: Die Vision einer umweltfreundlichen Werkzeugmaschine (German Edition)
  • Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry, 44
  • Risk Reduction
  • The Life Cycle Costing of Corrosion in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Continuous Casting
  • Quantum Materials, Lateral Semiconductor Nanostructures, Hybrid Systems and Nanocrystals
  • Dual Sets of Envelopes and Characteristic Regions of Quasi-Polynomials
  • Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, Eighth Edition

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