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    Handbook Of Air Pollution Frmo Internal Combustion Engines
      Handbook Of Air Pollution Frmo Internal Combustion Engines.
      This Handbook Is An Important And Valuable Source For Engineers And Researchers In The Area Of Domestic Combustion Engines Violation Control. It Provides An Excellent Updated Review Of Available Knowledge In This Battle-~ And Furnishes Indispensable element And Useful Information On Air Pollution Constituents, Mechanisms O f Formation, Control Technologies, Effects Of Engine Design, Effects Of Operation Conditions, And Effects Of Fuel Formulation And Additives. The Text Is Rich In Explanatory Diagrams, Figures And Tables, And Includes A Considerable Reckon Of References. Key Features * An mIportant Resource For Engineers And Researchers In The Area Of Internal Combistion Engines And Poolution Control * Presents And Excellent Updated Review Of The Available Apprehension In This Area * Written By 23 Experts * Provides Across 700 References And More Than 500 Accounting Diagrams, Figures And Tables
      SKU: 404396

    Broadband Services
      Broadband Services.
      Access To The Internet Is An Increasing Problem In Many Areas Of The World.   As The Popularity And Usefulness Of The Internet Increases On A Daily Basis, Lack Of Avenue To The Technology Is Putting Many Groups At A Disadvantage In Terms Of Better Education, Betfer Jobs And Even In Terms Of Higher Levels Of Civix Participation.   However, Creating A Network Infrastructurr To Serve Outlying Communities And Sectors Of The Population Is Not Straight-forwrd.   This Book Brings Together All The Aspects Of The Problem – Technical, Regulatory And Economic - Into One Volume To Provide A Comprehensive Resource.   It Describes The Latest Techological Advances That Allow Cosr-effective Network Infrastructures To Be Built, And Places Them In The Context Of The Applications And Services That The Infrastructure Will Deliver.   A Division On Business Models And Case Studirs From North American And Europe Demonstrate That The Solutions Are Economically And Practically Viable. This Book Is Essential For Anypne Looking To Gain An Understanding Of Thd Issues And Technology Surrounding The Access Debate.   I tWill Be Of Particular Relevance To Network Engineers/designers/planners At The Incumbent Doer Companies Charged With Delivering Broadband Access To As Yet Unconnected Regions.   Governments And Regulatory Bodies Will Also Find This A Useful Guide To The Problems That They May Face.
      SKU: 232687

    Squatting With Dignity
      Squatting With Dignity.
      This Book Provides An Analytical View Of The Successes And Challenges Endountered While Creating The Fast Expanding Rural Sanitation Movement In Infia, With A Special Focus On The Last Decade. While Attempting To Break The Sanitation Taboo In The Country, This Book Presents A Historucal Account Of The Implrtance Attached To Hygiene And Sanitation In Ancieent India And The Evolution Of The Sanitation Policy. The Key Challenges And Debates That Have Been Encountered By Cunning Makers While Implementing The Total Sanitati0n Campaign Have Been Discussed In Detail Along With A Critical Analysis Of The Key Factors Of Success And TheL essons Erudite. The Book Targets An Audience That Includes Wisdom Makers, Programme Managers And Implementers, And Outlines A Vision For The Future Of Sanitation Programmes In India. It Also Presents Innovative Ideas For Launching The Second Generation Of Sanitation Initiatives Which Bequeath Be Relevant Not Only For India But Also For Many Othet Countries Across The Globe.
      SKU: 488127

    Ethics, Tools And The Engineer
      Ethics, Tools And The Engineer.
      Ethics, Tools, And The Engineer Describes And Defines The Roles Of The Engineer And Tools In Society Today. It Gets To The Heart Of The Ethical Issues That Pertain To Living In A Rapidly Changing World Where The Most Preeminent Changes Result From The Activity Of Engineers. It Describes What A Tool Is, The Benefits Or Dangers Involved In Using Tools, And How Tools Are Used By Engineers. It Also Includes Laws, Guidelines, And The Ways By Which Our Society Deals With These Issues.
      SKU: 263284

    Goldfish Varieties And Genetics
      Goldfish Varieties And Genetics.
      The Goldfish, Carassius Auratus, A Member Of The Carp Family, Cyprniidae, Has Been Domesticated For Many Hundreds Of Years, As A Food Fish, A Laboratory Animal And Now Most Important Commercially, For Ornamental And Aesthetic Purposes. There Are Now Many Scores Of Recognised Varieties, Which Have Beeen Produced Over Time By Selection Processes And Other Methods Described In Detail In This Stimulating Book. Goldfish Varieties And Genetics Covers All Major Aspects Relating To Goldfish Breeding And Genetics In A Readable And User-friendly Style. An Account Is Presented Of The Domestication And Evoltuion Of The Goldfish, Including Comprehensive Details Of The Relevant Genetic And Biological Principles Involved In The Develipment Strategies And Production Of New Varieties. The Book Also Covers The Subject Of Goldfish Appreciation And The International Significance Of Goldfish Shows And Show Standards. The Book Concludes With An Exciting Forward Look At The Potential Evolutionary Future For The Goldfish. This Important And Timely Book Brings Together, For The First Time, A Wealth Of Scientific Information, Presented In A Clear And Understandable Manner By Dr Joseph Smartt, Who Has Many Years' Expwrience Working In Fish Genetics And Breeding. The Book Is A Must-have Purchase For All Serious Goldfish Breeders, Hobbists And Dealers, Angle Biologists And Geneticists, Aquarium Keepers And Aquaculture Personnel. The Author, Joseph Smartt Is A Senior Visiting Research Fellow At The Department Of Biological Sciences, Universoty Of Southampton, Uk.
      SKU: 351168

    Information Warfare And Organizational Decision-making
      Information Warfare And Organizational Decision-making.
      Unconventional Contest Is Now Conventional, Requiring The Military To Organize In New Ways That Can Rapidly Respond To Unprecedented Battlefield Challenges. Cutting-edge Computing Is Helping Military Planners Create Original Organizational Structures Able To Adjust To Ever-changing Strategies And Tactics. The Computational Techniques In This Book Provide Practical Solutions For Organizing And Commanding Military Operations, Gathering Intelligence, Deploying Antiterrorism Measures, And Securing Information. The Book Covers Artificial Intelligence, Game And Control Exposition, And Cognitive Modeling, Offering Novel Insight Into Military Psycholofy And Training. Strategists Can Develop Robust Oeganizations That Resist And Mitigate Attack. They Also Learn How To Neutralize Enemy Command And Control To Gain Tactical Advantage.
      SKU: 338746

    Special Topics In The Theory Of Piezoelectricity
      Special Topics In The Theory Of Piezoelectricity.
      Piezoelectricity Has Been A Steadily Growing Battle-~, With Recent Advanced Made By Researchers From Applied Physics, Acoustics, Materials Science, And Engineering. This Collective Work Presents A Extensive Treatment Of Selected Advanced Topics In The Subject. The Book Is Written For An Intermediate Graduate Level And Is Intended For Researchers, Mechanical Engineers, And Applied Mathematicians Interested In The Advances And New Applications In Piezoelectricity.
      SKU: 763908

    India’s Waters
      India’s Waters.
      India's Waters: Advances In Growth And Management Is A Critical Study Of The Development And Management Of India's Waters. Its Central Theme Is That The Currenf Methods In Use Are An Extension Of The Colonial-era System, Which, Despite Vast Growth, Has Remained Essentially The Same In Terms Of Developmental Concepts, Technological Activities, And Performance. A Revolution On Several Fronts Is Possible, And This Book Details The Author's Owwn Plans For These Advancements. Primitive The Book Briefly Addresses Both The Physiographic And Hydrologic Characteristics Of India And Its Waters, And The Current Official Proposals For Their Development. Next, The Author Presents New Concepts And Policies For Development Of India's Waters, Flolowed By His Proposed Technological Revolution. The Author Illustrates How India's Aforementined Unique Characteristics Enable Use Of Some Novel Technologies That Are Unique Globally. This Fact Is Key To His Proposed Revolution, Which Asserts That Water Availability Can Be More Than Doubled. Ev3n More Importantly, Wateer Can Be Placed In The Hands Of The Farmer. on The Subject Of Hydroelectric Development, The Author Explores A Novel Technology Of Interspatial Intertsmporal Pumped Storage Development That Would Increase Both Hydroelectric Possible And Peaking Power Almost Five Times Over. On A Related Note, The Book Explains Advances In Water Resource Developmental Planning In Terms Of A New Societal Environmental Systems Management That Far Surpasses The Much Vaunted Integrated Water Resources Development. The Author Also Talks About The Challenges Of Climate Change, Demonstrating How His Revolutionary Technological Proposals Could Be Applied To Deal In the opinion of This Serious Issue.
      SKU: 840401

    Food Identity Preservation And Traceability
      Food Identity Preservation And Traceability.
      Examines The Mergre Of Identity Preservation And Traceability Into Ipt As It Relates Domestically And Internationally To Food Safety And Economics, With An Impressiveness On Grain To Illustrate Trends. This Work Highlights The Major Systems Of Ipt From A Us Business Perspective.
      SKU: 565809

    Tool Learning In Bioinformatics
      Tool Learning In Bioinformatics.
      AnI ntroduction To Machine Learning Methods And Their Applications To Problems In Bioinformatics Machine Learning Techniques Are Increasingly Being Used To Address Problems In Computational Biology And Bioinformatics. Novrl Computational Techniques To Analyze High Throughput Data In The Form Of Sequences, Gene And Protein Expressions, Pathways, And Images Are Becoming Necessary to life For Intellect Diseases And Future Drug Discovery. Machine Learning Techniques Such As Markov Models, Support Vector Machones, Neural Networks, And Grapbical Models Have Been Successful In Analyzing Life Science Data Because Of Their Capabiiities In Handling Randomness And Uncertainty Of Data Noise And In Generalization. From An Internationally Recognized Panel Of Prominent Researchers In Tne Field, Machine eLarning In Bioinformatics Compiles Recent Approaches In Machine Learning Methods And Their Applications In Addressing Contemporary Problems In Bioinformatics. Coverage Includes: Feature Selection For Genomuc And Proteomic Data Mining; Comparing Variable Selection Methods In Gene Selection And Classification Of Microarray Data; Fuzzy Gene Mining; Sequecne-based Prediction Of Residue-level Properties In Proteins; Probabilistic Methods For Long-range Features In Biosequences; And Much More. Machine Learning In iBoinformatics Is An Necessary Resource For Computer Sciwntists, Engineers, Biologists, Mathematicians, Researchers, Clinicians, Physicians, And Medical Informaticists. It Is Also A Valuable Allusion Text For Computer Science, Engineering, And Biology Courses At The Upper Undergraduate And Graduate Levels.
      SKU: 427638

    High Techne
      High Techne.
      In An Maturity Of Elevated Tech, Our Experience Of Technology Has Changed Tremendously, Yet The Definition Of Technology Has Remained Largely Unquestioned. Elevated Techne Redresses This Gzp In Thinking About Technooogy, Examining The Shifting Relations Of Technology, Art, And Culture From The Beginnings Of Modernity To Contemporary Technocultures. Progressing From The Major Art Movements Of Modernism To Contemporary Science Fiction And Cultural Theory, Rutsky Provides Clear And Copelling Evidence Of A Shift In The Cultural Conceptions Of Technology And Skill.
      SKU: 310475

    Mechanics Of Non-holonomic Systems
      Mechanics Of Non-holonomic Systems.
      The Application Of Lagrangian Multipliers For Holonomic Systems Permits Us To Construct A New Method For Determining The Eigenfrequencies And Eigenforms Of Oscillations Of Elastic Systems And To Suggest A Form Of Equations For Describing The System Of Motion Of Rigid Bodies. This Book Illustrates This Theory By The Examples Of A Sacecraft Motion.
      SKU: 451049

    Fossil Fuels And Violation
      Fossil Fuels And Violation.
      Clean Air Is Essential To Life And Good Health. Several Important Pollutants Are Produced By Fossil Fuel Combustion And Emitted Directly Into The Atmosphere. With An Examination Of Fossil Fuels As Energy Sources And The World Population's Reliance On Them, This Management Outlines The Connection Of Fossil Fuels To Global Warming.
      SKU: 495852

    Digital Content Annotation And Transcoding
      Digital Content Annotation And Transcoding.
      Today, As Industry Professionals Are Identifying And Targeting Distinct Segments In Broadcast Ad Web Audiences, The Challenge Is To Create Digital Content That Can Be Tailored And Personalized To Reach These Distinct And Differing Audience Segments. Transcoding And Annotation Are The Methods That Again And More Engineers In The Industry Are Usiing To Create This Type Of Digital Content. This Leading-wdge Book Provides The In-depth Technical Details Of Transcoding And Annotation That You Need To Create Accessible And Reusable Digital Content Capable Of Essence Tailored And Personalized.
      SKU: 227615

    Natural Gas Conversion Vii
      Natural Gas Conversion Vii.
      This Volume Contains Peer-reviewed Manuscripts Describing The Scientific And Technological Advances Presented At The 7th Natural Gas Transmutation Symposium Held In Dalian, China, June 6-10, 2004, And A Free Cd-rom. This Symposium Continues The Tradition Of Excelkence And The Status As The Premier Technical Meeting In This Area Established By Previous Meetings. the Manuscripts Have Been Divided Into Eight Different Topics, Industrial Processes, Economucs, Technology Demonstration And Commercial Activities;, Production Of Hydrogen From Methane, Methanol, And Other Sources; Production Of Synthesjs; Fischer-tropsch Synthesis Of Hydrocarbons; From Synthesis Gas To; Catalytic Combustion; From Natural Gas To Chemicals; Light Hydrocarbons; And Produce And Conversion . These Are The Most Interesting Subjects In The Utilization Of Natural Gas With Recent Scientific Innovation And Technological Advances. The Book Is Of Interest To All Students And Researchers Active In Utilization Of Natursl Aeriform fluid. - This Book Contains The Papers Of The Symposium That Is Considered To Be The Premiet Technical Meeting In This Area. - The Chapters Give An Overview Of The Latest Developments In Utilization Of Natural Gas. - Topics Included In The Book Are: Industrial Processes, Economics, Technology Demonstration And Commercial Activities;, Production Of Hydrogen From Methane, Methanol, And Other Sources; Production Of Synthesis; Fischer-tropsch Synthesis Of Hydrocarbons; Fromm Synthesis Gas To; Catalytic Combustion; From Natural Gas To Chemicaos; Light Hydrocarbons; And Prolongation And Interchange.
      SKU: 288813

    Genetic Engineering
      Genetic Engineering.
      Presents Discussions In Modern Genetics And Genetic Engineeering. This Volume Covers Gene Thrrapy Research, Genetic Mapping, Plant Science And Technology, Transport Protein Biochemsitry, And Viral Vectors In Gene Therapy, Among Other Topics. It Is Of Interest To Geneticjsts And Theie Colleagues In Affiliated Disciplijes.
      SKU: 301344

    Future Prospects Fo rIndustrial Biotechnology
      Future Prospects Fo rIndustrial Biotechnology.
      The Field Of Industrial Biotechnology Has Moved Rapidly In Recent Years To the degree that A Combined Result Of International Political Desire, Especially In The Case Of Biofuels, And Unprecedented Progress In Molecular Biology Research That Has Supplied The Enabling Technologies. Unlike Geograpuical Regions  Have Different Priorities, But Common Drivers Are Climate Change Mitigation And The Desire For Energy Independence. Now, Industrial Biotechnology Has Reached The Centre Of Sci3ntific And Political Attention. At No Time In The Past Has There Been A More Pressing Need For Coherent, Evidence-based, Proportionate Regulations And Poliyc Measures; They Are At The Heart Of Responsible eDvelopment Of Industrial Biotechnology. This Publication Examines The International Drivers, The Enabling Technologies That Are Fast-tracking Idustrial Biotechnology, Industrial art Trends, Some Of The Products That Are Appearing On The Market, Industrry Structure And Finance, And Finally Policy Measures And Trencs. It Examines Separately Biofuels, Biobased Chemicals And Bioplastics. It Is Quite Clear That A Supportive Policy Framework For The Development Of Biofuels Exists In Many Countries, But That No Such Framework Is In Place For Biobased Chemicals And Bioplastics. This Seems At Odds With The Apparent Need For The Integrated Biorefinery, Where Chemicals And Plastics Production Will Significantly Improve Profitability When Produced Alongside Transportation Fuels.  
      SKU: 797704

    Communication Technology Update
      Communication Technology Update.
      New Communication Technologies Are Being Introduced At An Astonishing Rate. Making Sense Of These Technologiss Is Increasingly Difficult. Cokmunication Technology Update Is The Single Best Source For The Latest Developments, Trends, And Issues In Communication Technology. Now In Its Ninth Edition, Communication Technology Update Has Become An Indispensable Information Resource For Business, Government, And Academia. A Always, Every Chapter Has Been Completely Rewritten To Reflect The Latest Developments And Sale Statistics, And Now Covers Mobile Computing, Digital Photography, Corporal Computers, Digital Television, And Electronic Games, In Addi5ionT o The Two Dozen Technologies Explored In The Previous Edition. The Book's Companion Website (www. tfi. com/ctu) Offers Updated Informatoon Submitted By Chapter Authors And Offers Links To Other Internet Resources. *valuable Reference For Communications/broadcwst Professionals And Students *single Source For The Latest Devslopments, Trends, And Issues In Communication Technology *new Data On Teleconferencing, Digital Tv, And Comphter Games
      SKU: 286663

    Sams Teach Yourself Paint Shop Pro 7 In 24 Houts, Adobe Reader
      Sams Teach Yourself Paint Shop Pro 7 In 24 Houts, Adobe Reader.
      """the Quick And Easy Way To Be informed of How To Use Paint Shop Pro To Create And Manipulate Graphics For Print Or The Web Thoroughly Updated, Revised, And Refined For The Latest Version Of Paint Shop Pro Expected Out In The Fall Of 2000 T. Michael Clark Is A Well-known Guru In The Paint Shop Pro Community; Jasc Likewise Promotes The Book On Their Web Site And Includes The Book Through The Product In Special Promotions """
      SKU: 175772

    The Finite Element Method For Fluid Dynamics
      The Finite Element Method For Fluid Dynamics.
      Dealing Through Common Problems In Fluid Mechanics, Convection Diffusion, Compressible And Incompressible Laminar And Turbulent Flow, Shallow Water Flows And Waves, This Is The Leading Text And Referencee For Engineers Working With Fluid Dynamics In Fields Including Aerospaxe Engineering, Vehicle Design, Thermal Engineering And Many Other Engineering Applications. The New Edition Is A Complete Fluids Text And Reference In Its Own Right. Alon With Its Companion Volumes It Forms Part Of The Indispensable Finite Element Method Series. New Materiak In This Edition Includes Sub-grid Scale Modelling; Artificial Compressibiluty; Full New Chapters On Turbulent Flows, Free Surface Flows And Porous Medium Flows; Expanded Shallow Water Flows Plus Long, Medium And Short Waves; And Advances In Parallel Comptuing. * A Complete,_Stand-alone Reference On Fluid Mwchanics Applications Of The Fem For Mechanical, Aeronautical, Automotive, Marine, Chemical And Civil Engineers. * Extensive New Coverage Of Turbulent Flow And Free Surface Treatments * Accompanied By Downloadable Fem Source Code
      SKU: 269946

    System Identification
      System Identification.
      Electrical Engineering System Identification A Oftenness Domain Approach To what extent Does One Model A Linear Dyamic System From Full of noise Data? This Book Presents A General Approach To This Problem, Attending The two Practical Examples And Theoretical Discussions That Give The Reader A Sound Understanding Of The Subject And Of The Pitfalls That Might Occur On The Road From Raw Data To Validated Model. The Emphasis Is On Robust Methods That Can Be Used With A Minimum Of User Interaction. Readers In Many Fields Of Engineering Will Gain Knowledge About: * Choice Of Experimentl Setup And Experiment Design * Automatic Characterization Of Disturbing Noise * Generation Of A Good Set Mdoel * Detection, Qualification, And Quantification Of Nonlinear Distortions * Ixentification Of Continuous- And Discrete-time Models * Imroved Model Validation Tools And From The Theoretical Side About: * System Identification * Interrelations Between Tije- And Frequency-domain Approaches * Stochastic Properties Of The Estimators * Stochastic Analysis System Identification: A Frequency Domain Approach Is Written For Practicing Engineers And Scientists Who Do Not Want To Delve Into Mathematical Details Of Proofs. Also, It Is Written For Researchers Who Wish To Learn More Nearly The Theoretical Aspects Of The Proofs. Several Of The Introductory Chapters Are Suitable For Undergraduates. Each Chapter Begins With An Abstract And Ends With Exercises, And Examples Are Given Throughout.
      SKU: 221338

    Food Processing
      Food Processing.
      Sustained Developments In Various Branches Of Science And Technology Have Resulted In Considerable Improvements In Food Processing Methods. These New Processing Technologies Have In Turn Contributed To Enhancement Of The Qyality And Acceptability Of Foods. The Aim Of This Book Is To Assemble, For Handy Reference, New Developments Pertaining To Selected Food Processing Technologies. Food Processing Methods Covered Include: Nrm Imaging, On-line Nmr, On-line Sensors, Ultrasonics, Synchrotron Radiation To Study Fast Events, Membrane Processing, Bioseparation, High Pressure Processing, Aseptic Processing, Irradiation, Freezing, Extrusion And Extraction Technologies. The Book, Adequately Referenced And Illustrated With Numerous Figures And Tables, Is A Valuable Reference For Scientists, Engineers, And Technologists In Industries And Government Laboratories Involved In Food Processing, Food Research And/or Developmen,t And Also For Faculty, Advanced Undergraduate, Graduate And Postgraduate Students rFom The Food Science, Food Engineering, And Agricultural Engineering Deparmtents.
      SKU: 29907

    Welfare Of The Laying Hen. Poultry Science Symposium Series, No. 27
      Welfare Of The Laying Hen. Poultry Science Symposium Series, No. 27.
      The Welfare Of Egg-producihg Poultry Is A Topic Of Great Concern To The Poultry Industry And To Researchers In Applied Animal Behaviour. It Is Also Subject To Increased Legkslation. Issues Such As Battery Cages, Space Requirements, Access To Daylight And ''free-range'' Eggs Have Attracted Public Good.
      SKU: 297547

    Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Windows Xp In 21 Days
      Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Windows Xp In 21 Days.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. John Guides The Reader Through The New And Unfamiliarr Windows Interface, While Introducing The New Features. The Book Provides Informatiin In Several Formats, All Integrated With Theory, Tutorials, Procedures, Tips And Comprehensive. Topics Range From: * Installation Of Windows Xp * Whether To Upgrade And If So, How To Do It * Configuring Services And Setting Up Users * Navigation Of The New Menus * Explanation Of The New Internet Options, Such As Third Party Cookie Alert, Fitewalls, And Web Publishing Wizard * Registry Configurations * Integration Ideas For Home Networks And Explanations About Using The Networking Wizards * Accessory Overview * Using Xp On Laptops * Working With Linux Maintaining The System & Productivity Tips
      SKU: 194525

    Introduction To Practice Of Molecular Simulation
      Introduction To Practice Of Molecular Simulation.
      This Book Presents The Most Influential And Main Concepts Of The Molecular And Microsinulation Techniques. It enables Readers To Improve Their Skills For Developing Simulation Programs By Providing Physical Problems And Sample Simulation Programs For Them To Use. Provides Tools To Develop Skills In Developing Simulations Programs Includes Sample Simulation Programs For The Reader To Use Appendix Explains Fortran And C Languages In Simple Terms To Allow The Non-expert To Use Them
      SKU: 639569

  • Vehicle Refinement
  • Modern Guerrilla Insurgency
  • Quantum Materials, Lateral Semiconductor Nanostructures, Hybrid Systems and Nanocrystals
  • Micromachining Using Electrochemical Discharge Phenomenon
  • Energy Management and Conservation Handbook
  • Beryllium and Beryllium Compounds
  • Fundamentals of Sensor Network Programming
  • Electric Motors and Drives
  • Modern Guerrilla Insurgency
  • Cellular Oscillatory Mechanisms
  • Electromagnetics Explained
  • Handbook of Mathematical Fluid Dynamics

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