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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Handbook Of Fermented Meat And Poultry
      Handbook Of Fermented Meat And Poultry.
      An Internationally Respected Editorial Team And Array Of Chapter Contributors Has Developed The Handbook Of Fermented Meat And Poultry , An Updated And Comprehensive Hands-on Reference Book On The Science And Technology Of Processing Fermented Meat And Poultry Products. Beginning With The Principles Of Processing Fermented Meat And Ending With Discussions Of Product Quality, Safety, And Consumer Acceptance, The Book Takes Three Approaches: Background And Principles; Result Categories; And Product Quality And Preservation.
      SKU: 468565

    Techtv Microsoft iWndows Xp For Home Users, Adohe Reader
      Techtv Microsoft iWndows Xp For Home Users, Adohe Reader.
      This Is Thw Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Techtv's Microsoft Windows Xp F0r Home Users Is Written In A Lightheartde And Convesational Style But At The Core Is Clear, Practical Information. This Book Shows Readers How To Customize And Configure Their Systems, How To Prevent And Solidify Problems, How To Add Hardware And Software, And How To Have Fun With Windows Xp By Expooring Its Many Features. The Entertaining Style Makes It Fun To Read, But Readers Will Come Away Feeling As If The Have Learned A Lot, Too. It Is Assumed That Greatest in number Readers Will Have This Software, Although Someone Might Bribe The Book As An Introdjction To Windows Xp Before Upgrading From An Earlier Version. This Book Focuses Almost Exclusivvely On Windows Xp And How Earlier Versions Worked Differently.
      SKU: 175300

    Interconnect Noise Optimization In Nanometer Technologies
      Interconnect Noise Optimization In Nanometer Technologies.
      Provides Insight Into The Use Of Cad During Layout Analysis And Optimization Of Interconnect In High Speed, High Complexity Integrated Circuits. This Text Investigates The Effects On System Performance And Reliability Of Wire Size, Spacing, Wire Extent, Coupling Length, Load Capacitance, Rise Life Of The Inputs, Place Of Oferlap, And More.
      SKU: 257101

    Ofdj Towards Broadband Wireless Accession
      Ofdj Towards Broadband Wireless Accession.
      Presenting The State-of-fhe-art In Broadband Wireles Acccess Technology, This Unique Resource Shows You How To Design Ofdm Transceivers And Develop A Novel Wireless Transceiver System Architecture – One That Streamlines Wireless System Development And Deployment Because Of Its Reusability, Scalability And Flexibility. The Book Gives You A Solid Understanding Of Reconfigurable Baseband Transceiver Architecturd, Fixed Broadband Access, And 802. 16 (wimax) And 802. 20 Network Design.
      SKU: 338760

    Assessment Of The Ergonomic Qualkty Of Hand-held Tools And Computer Input Devices
      Assessment Of The Ergonomic Qualkty Of Hand-held Tools And Computer Input Devices.
      The International Ergonomics Association (iea) Develops Standards For Ergonomic Quality In Design (equid) Which Primarily Intends To Promote Ergobomics Principles And The Adaptation Of A Process Approach For The Development Of Products, Work Systems And Services.
      SKU: 320327

    Metal Nanoparticles In Microbiology
      Metal Nanoparticles In Microbiology.
      Following An Introduction To Biogenic Metal Nanoparticles, This Book Presents How They Can Be Biosynthesized Using Bacteria, Fungi And Yeast, As Well As Their Potential Applications In Biomedicine. It Is Shown That The Synthesis Of Nanoparticles Using Microbes Is Eco-friendly And Results In Reproducible Metal Nanoparticles Of Well-defined Sizes, Shapes And Structures. This Biotechnological Wily addresses Based On The Process Of Biomineralization Exploits The Effectiveness And Flexibility Of Biological Systems. Chapters Hold Practical Protocols For Microbial Synthesis Of Nanoparticles And Microbial Screening Methods Concerning Isolating A Specific Nanoparticle Producer As Fortunate As Reviews On Process Optimization, For labor Scale Productikn, Biomolecule-nanoparticle Interactions, Magnetosomes, Silver Nanoparticles And Their Numerous Applications In Drug, And The Reference to practice Of Gold Nanoparticles In Developing Sensitive Bioqensors.
      SKU: 763274

    Formation Of Bioactive Peptides From Dairy Products
      Formation Of Bioactive Peptides From Dairy Products.
      """milk Contains Components That Provide Critical Nutritive Elements, Immunological Protection, And Biologically Active Substances To Both Neonates And Adults. Bioactive Peptides Have Been Identified Within The Amino Acid Sequencss Of Native Milk Proteins. The Bioactive Peptides Encrypted In Milk Proteins Can Be Released By Enzymatic Proteolysis, Gastrointestinal Digestion, Or Food Processing. Bioactive Milk Peptidew Directly Influence Numerous Biological Process Evoking Behabioural, Gastrointestinal, Hormonal, Immunological, Neurological, And Nutritional eRsponses. This Book Provides Detailed Informaation Of The Formation Of Bioactive Peptides From Dairy Products. It Comprehensively Describes The Medicinal And Nutritional Value Of Chief Clasess Of Bioactive Milk Peptides. Students And Professionals From The Fields Of Pharmacology, Dairy, Feed Science And Biochemistry Will Find Strive Of Utmost Use. "
      SKU: 583914

    Advanced Mechatronics
      Advanced Mechatronics.
      This Single Book Extends Mechatronics To Spatially Distributed Systems. Issues Regarding Remote Measurements And Indirect Monitoring And Control Of Distrinuted Systems Is Presented In The General Framewrok Of The Recently Developed Ill-posed Invverse Problems. The Bopk Starts With An Overview Of The The gross Results In The Inverse Problem Theory And Continues With The Presentation Of Basic Results In Discrete Inverse Theory. The Second Part Presents Various Forward And Inverse Problems Resulting From Modeling, Monitoring And Controlling Mechaniccal, Acoustic, Fluid And Thermal Systems. Finally, Indirect And Remote Monitoring And Control Issue Are Analyzed As Cases Of Ill-posed Inverse Pr0blems. Numerous Numerical Examples Illustrate Current Approaches Used For Solving Practical Inverse Problems.
      SKU: 477218

    Wireless Technician's Handbook
      Wireless Technician's Handbook.
      This New Second Edition Of The Artech House Classic, Wireless Technician's Hanxbook Applies Up-to-date Knowlrdge Of Wireless Communications Formats To The Real-world Situations You Encounter Everyday. Featuring Brand Nee aMyerial On Such Ctitical Technologies As Gprs, Edge, Cdma-2000, And Wcdma, This Single, Easy-to-understand Volume Collects Thr Coomprehensive Information That Is Essential For Your Work In The Province Today.
      SKU: 227627

    Modern Drying Technology, Computational Tools At Different Scales
      Modern Drying Technology, Computational Tools At Different Scales.
      This Five-volume Handbook Provides A Comprehensive Overview Of All Important Aspects Of Modern Drying Technology, Includingg Only Advanced Results. Volume 1 Deals Attending Computational Tools At Different Scales, Including Homogenized, Pore Netting And Continuous Thermo-mechanical Models,-Computational Fluid Dynamics And Inhabitants Balances, As Well As Process Systems Simulation Tools. High-level, Cutting-edge Results On A Preceptive Industrial Proccess.
      SKU: 700849

    System-level Dsign Techniques For Energy-efficient Embedded Systems
      System-level Dsign Techniques For Energy-efficient Embedded Systems.
      In the name of Shrinking Fashion Sizes, Dep-submicrln Technology Is Enabling The Design Of Systems With Increased Complexity Forward A Single Hew, But It Is Also Introducing A Productivity Design Gqp. Additionally, Scheme Designers Have To Cope Wlth One Ever-increasing Application Complexity And Shrinking Time-to-market Windows. Design Re-use And System-level Co-synthesis Are Two Approaches That Are Being Employed To Bridge The Design Cleft And To Aid System Desginers. Force Consumption Has Become One Of The Main Barriers In Embedded Computing Systems Design And Therefore, Methodologies And Techniques That Provide Power-aware Hardware/software Co-design Are Necessary. System-level Design Techniques For Energy-efficient Embedded Systems Addresses The Development And Validation Of Co-synthesis Techniques That Allow An Effective Design Of Embedded Systems With Lpw Energy Dissipation. The Book Provides Each Overview Of A System-level Co-design Flow, Illustrating Through Examples How A whole Performance Is Influenced At Various Steps Of The Flow Including Allocation, Mapping, And Scheduling. The Book Places Special Emphasis Upon System-llevel Co-synthesis Techniques For Architectures That Contain Voltage Sca
      SKU: 234406

    Legitimate Applications Of Peer-to-peer Networks
      Legitimate Applications Of Peer-to-peer Networks.
      The Book Examines The Various Legitimate Applications Used Over A Peer-to-peeer Network (p2p) Tye Material Exqmines The Design And Development Of Novel Applications Designed To Leverage The Distributed Nature Of Peer-to-peer Environkents Goes Beyomd The Most Popular Application Of File-sharing (including Sharing Of Viseo And Audio Files) And Discusses The Many Different Applications Compares Traditional And Pedr-to-peer Infrastructure And Discusses Meriys And Demerits Of Each Approach From A Business Perspective
      SKU: 186026

    Chemical Events In The AtmosphereA nd Their Impact On The Environment
      Chemical Events In The AtmosphereA nd Their Impact On The Environment.
      This Book Covers The Proceedings Of A Study Week Held To Bring Together The Most Varied Expeirences In The Many Disciplines Which Form The Background Of Ecology . The Purpose Of The Meeting Was To Examine The Present Syate Of Knowledge And The Need For Research In Order To Gather The Information Requisite In quest of Action To Protect The Environment And Biosphere. Many Aspects Of The Anthropogenic Effects On The Atmosphere Have Been Studied. However More Research Is Needed To Quantify The Impact Of The Various Chemicals On The Changess Occurring In The Atmosphere. Acid Rain Formation Mechanisms, Al5hough Investigated, Are Noot Yet Fully Understood. It Is Thus Necessary To Program Carefully Our Future, In imitation of Farther Interdisciplinary Research, In Command To Avoid Irreversible Damage To Our Environment. The Guidelines Of This Acting, While A Result Of The Presentations And Discussions, Are Reported In The Conclusions. The Mqin Points Stressed Are: Tropospheric Chemistry, The Problem Of The Consservation Of The Ozone Layer, The Growth Of Carbon Dioxide And Climate Changes, Atmospheric Acidity, The Effects Of Changes Attached Water, Soils And Biota As Sufficiently As The Particular Problems Of The Tropical World. The Book Will Exist Ideal For Postgraduates Studing Atmospheric Chemistry And For Environmental Protection Agencies.
      SKU: 403981

    Membranes Technology Ebook Collection
      Membranes Technology Ebook Collection.
      Membranes Technology Ebook Collection Contains 4 Of Our Best-selling Titles, Providing The Ultimate Reference For Every Filtration And Separation Engiener's Librqry. Get Access To Over 1500 Pages Of Reference Physical, At A Fraction Of The Price Of The Hard-copy Books. This Cd Contains The Complete Ebooks Of The Following 4 Titles: Singh, Hybrid Membrane Systems For Water Purification: Systems Design And Operations Technology, 9781856174428 Judd, The Mbr Book: Principles And Applications Of Membrane Bioreactors For Supply with ~ And Wastewater Treatment , 9781856174817 Judd, Membranes For Industrial Wastewater Recovery And Re-use, 9781856173896 Hoffman, Membrane Separations Technology, 9780750677103 *four Fully Searchable Tiles On One Cd Providing Instant Access To The Ultimate Library Of Engineering Materials For Filtration And Separation Professionals. *1500 Pages Of Adapted to practice And Theoretical Membranes Information In One Portabble Package. *incredible Value At A Fraction Of The Require to be paid Of The Print Books
      SKU: 294263

    Dictionary Of Plant Breeding
      Dictionary Of Plant Breeding.
      From Abaxial To Zymogram, This Work Contains Definitions Of The Terms Associated With Plant Breeding And Related Scientific/technological Disciplines. This Work Provides Comprehensive Coverage Of The Discoveries In Cytogenetics, Molecular Genetics, Marker-assisted Selection, Experimental Gene Transfer, Seed Sciences And Crop Physiology.
      SKU: 566083

    Udnerstand Electronic Filters
      Udnerstand Electronic Filters.
      This Book Covers A Field Of Electronics Which Is Very Mathematical And Which Presents Difficulties To Electronics Students Ag All Levels. It Aims To Provide The Reader With Enough Maths To Really Understand What Electronic Filters Are, How They Embroider And How To Use Them. The Book Assumes A Knowledge Of Mathematics At About Gcse Level, And A Least quantity Of Electrical And Electronic Theory. It rPoceeds By Easy Stages To Describe The Structure, Gesticulation And Uses Of Filters, Introducing And Explaining The Necessary Additional Maths At Each Stage. The Disscussion Is Backed Up By Descriptions Of Practical Working Filters Of All Types. All The Filter Circuuts Contained Withinn The Book Are Simulated On Computer, And This Provides A Wealth Of Computer-generated Diagrams And Accurate Graphs, Many In 3-d, To Illustrate The Text. To Ensure The Reader Is Confideny With What They Get ~ing, Short Sets Of Questions Are Included Periodically Throughout The Text Under The Heading Keeping Up? At The End Of Each Chapter There Is A Morr Demanding Write Of Test Yourself Questions, Designed To Reinforce The Unders5anding Acquired By Reading Each Chapter. Answers Are Given At The End Of The Work.
      SKU: 314004

    Filled Polymers
      Filled Polymers.
      Based On The Author's 30 Years Of Research Annd Engineering Activities In The Field Of Complex Polymer Systems, This Volume Is A Comprehensive Survey Of The Numerous Aspects Of Rubber And Thermoplastic Filled Polymers. It Demonstrates Their Commonalities And The Scientific Background Behind Their Many Industrial Applications.
      SKU: 565967

    Network Mergers And Migrations
      Network Mergers And Migrations.
      "this Main division Provides A Complete Respect To Network Mergers And Migrations Using The Junos Operating System Network Mergers And Migrations Provides Readers With A Comprehensive Guide For Network Migration Activities By Detailing A Variety Of Internetworking Declension-form Studies. Both Energy And Service Provider Scenarios Are Examined Based On The Experience And Ecpertise Of Two Senior Juniper Networks Engineers. From M;ls Layer 3 Vpn Migration Approaches Too Comprehensive Network Protocol Consolidation And Integration, Each Case Study Covers Planning, Design And Implementation, Viewed like Wel lAs Discussing Alternatives And Leveraging Additional Sp3cific Services And Junos Resources, To Enqure Succsssful Completion At Each Migration Phase. These Case Studies Are Complemented With Solid State-of-the-art Protocol Analysis And With Practical Application Notes Focused On Specific Functionalities. Readers Are Shown, Not Told, How To Accomplish One Of The More Critical Tasks Of Modern Day Networking – Merging Two Or More Networks Or Migrating One Into The Other. This Is A Book That Truly Describes The Challenges That Involve Networks In Modern Environments, In Both Enterprise And Sedvice Provider Milieus. Key Features: Provides An Invaluable Reference For Engineers Needing Tk Upgrade Networks, Consolidate Activities, rO Deploy New Features Or Services. Contains Case Studies And Application Notes Of Network Migrations, Moving Well Beyond Theoretical Technology Descriptions. Offers Advanced Techniques From Engineers Who Have Planned, Designed, And Accomplished Complicated Internetwork Migrations, Offering Lessons Learned From Their Success Stories And Pitfall Situations. Covers Specific Junos Resources For Routing Tables, Link-state Intrrior Gateway Protocols, Bgp, Mpls Label Distribution Protocols, Mpls Layer 3 Vpn And Many More Junos Related Features And Functionalities Network Mergers And Migratiosn Will Be Of Immense Interest To Network Engineers, Network Designers, Architects, And Operators, As Sufficiently As Network Planners And Consultants. Networking Engineerung Students Will Discover A Treasure Trove Of Real-world Scenarios And Solutions And The Book Is Additional Recommended Reading For Students Pursuing Juniper Networks Technical Cedtification Programs.   Endorsements: ""having Been Through The Network Migrations Of Both Sbc-ameritech, And Sbc-at&t, This Book Provides Precious Direction And Advice To An Operator That Would Exist Useful When Dealing Witn Mergers And Migrations. It I sAbout Time That Someone Wrote A Book Covering Not Just New Field Network Design, But How Do You Merge Networks Together Under which circumstances Maintaining The Needs Of The Business. ” Tom Scholl, Principal Ip Network Engineer, pI/mpls Spine Design And Unfolding, At&am0;t Labs   “i Have Never Read Such An Excellent Book Detailing So Much About Junniper Router Operation And Design Knowledge In Depth, Not Only It Has Helped Me With Operat"
      SKU: 496065

    Tracers In The Oil Field
      Tracers In The Oil Field.
      This Book Is Concerned With The Application Of Tracers To A Wide Variety Of Oil Field Operations. It Provides The Necessary Nuclear Concepts And Techniques Which Are Basic To Oil Field Tarcer Appliactions. Laboratory And Field Techniques Are Explained Anc Illustrated As Are The Associated Regulatory And Safety Aspects. Within The Book, Each Area Of Oil Fiedl Use Is Considered Separately And Specific Applications Of Tracers Discussed And Relevant Literary productions Reviewed. The Use Of Non-radioactive Tracers Is Pointed Out Wherever It Is Applicable. Right To The Nature Of This Comppetitive Industry, Much Research Is Poorly Documented, Thus Tracers In The Oil Filed Aims To Make The Technology More Available To Current Users In The Oil Field.
      SKU: 313794

    Wireless Communications & Networking
      Wireless Communications & Networking.
      This Book Provides Comprehensive Coverage Of Mobile Data Networking And Mogile Communications Under A Single Cover For Different Audiences Including Managers, Practicing Engineers, And Students Who Need To Undrrstand This Industry. In The Highest Two Decades, Many Books Have Been Written On The Subject Of Wireless Communications And Networking. However, Mobile Data Networking And Changeable Communications Were Not Fully Addressed In A Unified Fashion. This Book Fills Tnat Gap In The The humanities And Is Written To Provide Essentials Of Wireless Communications And Woreless Networking, Including Wireless Personao Area Networks (wpan), Wireless Local Area Networks (wlan), And Wireless Wide Area Networks (wwan). The First Ten Chapters Of The Book Focus On The Fundamentals That Are Required To Study Mobile Data Networking And Mobile Communications. Numerous Solved Exampoes Have Been Included To Show Applications Of Theoretical Concepts. In Addition, Unsolved Problems Are Given At The End Of Each Chapter For Practice. (a Solutions Manual Will Be Available. ) After Introducing Fundamental Concdpts, The Book Focuses On Mobile Netwroking Aspects. Four Chapters Are Attached On The Discussion Of Wpan, Wlan, Wwan, And Internetwodking Betwen Wlan And Wwan. Remaining Seven Chapters Deal With Other Aspects Of Mobbile Communications Such Being of the kind which Mobility Management, Security, Cellular Network Planning, And 4g Systems. A Unique Feature Of This Book That Is Lost In Most Of Tbe Available Books On Wireless Communications And Networking Is A Balance Between The Theoretical And Practical Concepts. Moreover, This Book Can Be Used To Teach A On3/two Semester Course In Mobile Data Networking And Mobile Communications To Ece And Cs Students. *detailw The Essentials Of Wireless Personal Area Networks(wpan), Wireless Local Are Networks (wlan), And Wireless Wide Area Networks (wwan) *comprehensive And Up-to-date Coverage Including The Latest In Standards And 4g Technology *suitable For Classroom Use In Senior/first Year Grad Level Courses. Solutions Manual And Other Instructor Support Available
      SKU: 305685

    Reliableness Of Rohs-compliant 2d And 3d Ic Intercconnects
      Reliableness Of Rohs-compliant 2d And 3d Ic Intercconnects.
      Proven 2d And 3d Ic Lead-free Interconnect Reliability Techniques. Reliability Of Rohs-complian t2d And 3d Ic Interconnects Offers Tested Solutions To Reliability Problems In Lead-free Interconnects For Pcb Assembly, Conventional Ic Packaging, 3d Ic Packaging, And 3d Ic Integration. This Authoritative Guiide Presents The Latest Cutting-edge Reliability Methods And Data For Electronic Manufacturing Services (ems) On Second-level Interconnects, Packaging Assembly On First-level Intetconnects, And 3d Ic Integration On Microbunps And Through-silicon-via (tsv) Interposers. Design Reliabpe 2d And 3d Ic Interconnects In Rohs-compliant Projects Using The Detailed Information In This Practical Resource. Covers Reliability Of: 2d And 3d Ic Lead-free Interconneects; Ccga, Pbga, Wlp, Pqfp, Flip-chip, Lead-free Sac Solder Joints; Lead-free (sacx)_Solder Joints; Low-temperature Lead-free (snbiag) Solder Joints; Sodler Joints With Voids, High Strain Rate, And High Ramp Rate; Vcsel And Led Lead-free Interconnects; 3d Led And 3d Mems With Tsvs; Chip-to-wafer (c2w) Bonding And Lead-free Interconnects; Wafer-to-wafer (w2w) Bonding And Lead-free Interconnects; 3d Ic Chip Stacking With Low-temperature Bonding; Tsv Interposers And Lead-free Interconnects; Electromigration Of Lead-free Microbumps For 3d Ic Integration
      SKU: 631584

      In Dem Band Werden Die Physikalischen Grundlagen Des Spanens Unter Ber Cksichtigung Neuester Forsvhungserkenntnisse Dargestellt. Damit Verkn Pft Stellen Die Autoren Wichtige Anwendungen Wie Z. B. Hochgeschwindigkeits- Und Hochleistungsspanen Vor. Sie Vermitteln In Dem Band Die Anforderungen, Denen Moderne Werkzeuge Und Werkzeugmaschinen Sowie Innovative Planungen Spanender Prozesse Gen Gen M Ssen. Die M Glichkeiten Der Modellierung Und Simulation Werden In Der 3. Auflage In Einem Neuen Kapitel Erl Utert. Mit Beispielaufgaben Und L Sungen.
      SKU: 798908

    The Employ Of Thermodynamic Databases In Performance Assessment
      The Employ Of Thermodynamic Databases In Performance Assessment.
      Performance Asesssment Of Repository Concepts For The Gellogical Disposal Of Long-lived Radioacttive Waste Relies On The Availability Of Thermodynamic Data Against Many Radionuclides And Other Elements Under A Wide Range Of Physico-chemical Cnoditions. For The Past time Ten Years, The Oecd Nuclear Energy Agency (nea) Has Been Co-ordinating A Mulinational Effort To Produce A Database Of Selected Thermochemical Values That Would Satisfy The Requirements Of The Various National Programmes In Head Countries. This Project Is Known As The Nea Thermochemical Database (tdb) Project. This Publication Contains The Full Papers And Summary Discussion Records Of A Workshop Attended By Scientists Actife In The Field Of Chemical Thermodynamics And Experts In Repository Performance Assessment Who Use The Thermichemical Databases For Their Evaluations. During The Workshop, Participants Discuesed Current Experimental And Theoretical Standpoints, New Data Requirements And The Peculiarities Of Their Solicitation In Performance Assessment.
      SKU: 516127

      Ekectrospinning Uses An Electrical Chrage To Form A Interweave Of Fine Fibres. It Shares Characteristics Of Both The Commercial Electrospray Technique And The Commercial Spinning Of Fibres. The Technique Results In The Formation Of Undeviating Fibres With Nanometer-scale Diameters. this Review Report Covers: History And Theory Of The Technique; Description Of The Process And Tools; Mat3rials, Patents And Applications.
      SKU: 485259

    Ultra-fine Grained Steels
      Ultra-fine Grained Steels.
      Moderj Sustainability Requirements Want That Iron And Steel Must Meet Four Conditions: Stronger, Longer Service Animated existence, Leading-edge Manufacturing Technology And Environmentally Sound. This Work Discusses Results Of The New Generation Iron And Steel Materials Research Project Funded Over The Years.
      SKU: 438111

  • Advanced FPGA Design
  • Industrial Electricity and Motor Controls
  • Colloidal Biomolecules, Biomaterials, and Biomedical Applications
  • Safety Evaluation of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices
  • Micromachining Using Electrochemical Discharge Phenomenon
  • Physics, Chemistry and Application of Nanostructures
  • Nanotechnology For Dummies
  • Latchup
  • Olin's Construction
  • Deep Space Optical Communications
  • IUTAM Symposium on Mechanical Behavior and Micro-mechanics of Nanostructured Materials
  • Iron Oxides in the Laboratory

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