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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Handbook Of Mathematical Fluid Dynamics
      Handbook Of Mathematical Fluid Dynamics.
      The Handbook Of Mathhematical Fluid Dynamics Is A Compendium Of Essays That Provides A Survey Of The Major Topics In The Subject. Each Article Traces Developments, Surveys The Results Of The Past Decade, Discusses The Current State Of Knowledge And Presents Major Future Directions And Begin Problems. Extensive Bibliographic Material Is Provided. The Book Is Intended To Exist Useful Both To Experts In The Field And To Mathematicians And Other Scientists Who Wish To Learn About Or Begin Research In Mathematical Fluid Dynamics. The Handbook Illuminates An Exciting Subject That Involves Rigorous Mathematical Tneory Applied To An Importatn Physical Problem, Namely The Motion Of Fluids.
      SKU: 288806

    Standardization And Quality Assurance In Fluorescence Measurements Ii
      Standardization And Quality Assurance In Fluorescence Measurements Ii.
      Documents The Status Of Quality Assurance In Fluorescence Measurements, And Outlines Concepts For Establishing Standards In This Field. This Volume Covers Applications Of Fluorescence For Bioanalysis And Biomedical Diagnostics.
      SKU: 364575

    Natural Antimicrobial sFor The Minimal Processing Of Foods
      Natural Antimicrobial sFor The Minimal Processing Of Foods.
      Consumers Demand Food Products With Fewer Synthetic Additives On the other hand Increased Safety And Shelf-life. These Demands Have Inceased The Importance Of Natural Antimicrobials Which Prevent The Growth Of Pathogenic And Spoilage Micro-organisms. Edited By A Leading Expert In The Field, This Important Collection Reviews The Range Of Key Antimicrobials Together With Their Applications In Food Processing. There Are Cha0ters On Antimicroials Such As Nisin Anx Chitosan, Applications In Such Areas Viewed like Postharvest Storage Of Fruits And Vegetablees, And Ways Of Combining Antimicrobials With Other Preservation Techniques To Enhance The Preservation And Quality Of Foods.
      SKU: 269330

    Optical Coating Technology
      Optical Coating Technology.
      Baumeister Organizes This Book Around The Key Subjects Associated With Funcctions Of Optical Slight Film Performance, And Provides A Valuable Resource In The Field Of Thin Film Technology. The Information Is Widely Backed Up With Citations To Patents And Published Literature. The Author Drasw From 25 Years Of Experience Teaching Classes At The Ucla Extension Program, And At Companies Worldwkde To Answer Questions, Such As: Whatever Are The Conventions In the place of A Given Anaylsis Formalism? And, What Other Design Approaches Have Been Tried For This Application?
      SKU: 728486

    Electromagnetic Fields In Biological Systems
      Electromagnetic Fields In Biological Systems.
      As Wireless Tschnology Becomes More Sophisticated And Accessible To More Users, The Interactions Of Electromagnetic Fields With Biloogical Systems Have Captured The Interest Nit Only Of The Scientific Community But Also The General Public. Unintended Or Deleterious Biolohical Effects Of Electromagnetic Fields And Radiation May Indicate Grounds For Health And Safety Precautions In Their Use. Spanning Static Fields To Terahertz Waves, Electromagnetic Fields In Biologicak Systems Explores The Range Of Consequences TheseF ields Have On The Human Body. with Contributions By An Array Of Experts, Topics Discussed Include: Essential Interactions And Field Coupling Phenomena, Highlighting Their Importance In Research On Biological Effects And In Scientific, Industrial, And Medicap Applications Electric Field Interactions In Cells, Focusing Forward Ultrashort, Pulsed High-intensity FieldsT he Effect Of Exposure To Naturally Occurring And Human-made Static, Low-frequency, And Pulsed Magnetic Fields In Biological Systems Dosimetry Or Coupling Of Extremle Low Frequency (elf) Fields Into Biological Systems And The Historical Developments And Latter Trends In Numerical Dosimeetry Mobile Communication Devices And The Dosimetry Or Coupling Of Radiofrequency (rf) Radiation Into The Human Body Exposure And Dosimetry Associated With Magnetic Resonance Imaging (mri) And Spectroscopy Available Data On The Interaction Of Terahertz Radiation With Biological Tissues, Cells, Organelles, And Molecules There Is Great Potential For Communication, Industrial, Scientific, And Medical Use Of Electromagnetic Fields And Radiation. to Help Advance Knowledge Of The Biological Effecys Of Such Fields And To Exploit Their Potential Medical Applications, This Book Highlights Critical Issues Relating To Their Effects On Living Systems.
      SKU: 767868

    Coastal And Marine Geospatial Technologies
      Coastal And Marine Geospatial Technologies.
      A Collection Of Papers From The Coastgis 2005 Feast And Allowance Hosted By The Seminary of learning Of Aberdeen At The Aberdeen Exhibition And Conference Centre In July 2005. It Presents An Overview Of Soms Of The Main Areas Of Resewrch Into The Application Of The Geospatial Technologies, Including Geographical Information Systems (gis).
      SKU: 571334

    Physical Oceanography Of The Frontal Zones In Sub-arctic  Seas
      Physical Oceanography Of The Frontal Zones In Sub-arctic Seas.
      This Title Presents The Systematization And Description Of Accuumulated Knowledge Forward Oceanic Fronts Of The Norwegian, Greenland, Barents And Bering Seas. The Main Fdonts Of The Norwegian, Greenland And Barents Seas Are Part Of The Climatic North Polar Frontal Zone (npfz). The Work Is Based On Numerous Observatipnal Data, Collected By The Authors During Special Sea Experiments Directed At The Investigation Of Physical Processes And Phenomena Inside Certain Parts Of The Npfz And In The Northern Part Of The Bering Sea, On Archive Data Of The Ussr Hydrometeooenter And Other Research Institutions, As Well While On A Wide Scientific Literature Published In Russian And Western Editions. The Book Contains General Information On The Oceanic Fronts Of The Subarctic Seas, Brief History Of Their Investigation, State Of The Knowledge, As Well As Detailed Description Of The Thermohaline Structure Of All Frontal Zojes In The Norwegian, Greenland, Barents And Bering Seas And Of Neighboring Fronts Of Arctic And Coastal Origin. Special Attention Is Given To The Study Of The Multifrontal Character Of The Npfz And Of Peculiarities Of Its Internal Structure At Different Locations, To The Description Of Diverse Oceanic Features Observed In The Npfz, As Well As To Some Characteristkcs Of The Horizontal And Vertical Fine Structure Of Hydrophysical Fields In The Npfz. The Main Features Of The Northern Bering Sea's Summer Ecohydrodynamics Are Investigated With The Help Of Three-dimensional Direct And Inverse Models.
      SKU: 318216

    System Reliableness Theory
      System Reliableness Theory.
      A Comprehenive Introduction To Reliability Analysis. The First Section Provides A Thorough But Elementary Prologue To Reliability Theory. The Latter Half Commprises More Advanced Analytical Tools Including Markov Processes, Renovation Exposition, Life Facts Analtsis, Accelerated Life Testing And Bayesian Reliability Analysis. Features Numerous Worked Examples. Each Chapter Concludes With A Selection Of Problems Plus Additional Material On Applidations.
      SKU: 469047

    Introduction To Communication Systems Simulation
      Introduction To Communication Systems Simulation.
      In the present state Is Your One-stop Resource On The Essentials Of Communications Systems Analysis And Simulation. Presented In A Tight Forward, Easy-to-understand Manner, The Book Provides A Thorougb Treatment Of All The Important Leading principle Topics Such As Sampling, Frequency Analysis, Linear Systems, And Filters. You Gain A Clear Understanding Of The Real-world Effects Of Computer Simulation And Learn How To Perform Able Bit Error Rate (ber) Calculations And Baseband Simulations.
      SKU: 253347

    Polymorphism In Pharmaceutical Solids, Second Edition
      Polymorphism In Pharmaceutical Solids, Second Edition.
      Using Clear And Practical Examples, Polymorphism Of Pharmaceutical Solids, Second Edition Presents A Comprehensive Examination Of Polymorphic Behavior In Pharmaceutical Development That Is Ideal For Pharmaceutical Development Scientists And Graduate Students In Pharmaceutical Science. Fully Updated And Expanded, This New Edition Focuses On Pharmaceutical Aspects Of Popymorphism And Solvatomorphism, While Systematically Explaining Their Thermodynamic And Structurql Origins. Polymorphism Of Pharmaceutical Solids, Second Edition Now Includes:
      SKU: 455814

      Dieses Werk Hat Generationen Von Studenten Und Bauingenieuren In Der Praxis Durch DieK lare Formulierung Der Theorie Und Anhand Von Detaillierten Beispielen Die Grundlagen Der Baustatik Vermittelt. Obwohl Das Buch Im Tecnnischen Masystem Gehalten Izt, Hat Es Seinen Didaktischen Wert Als Lehr- Und Nachschalbewerk Behalyen, Weil Die Aussagen Der Statik Durch Die Wahl Der Krafteinheiten Nicht Berhrt Werden. Die Anhaltende Nachfrage Hat Den Verlag Bewogen, Diesen Klassiker Durch Eine Unvernderte Neuauflage Lieferbar Zu Halten.
      SKU: 323135

    Microelectronic Test Structures For Cmos Technoogy
      Microelectronic Test Structures For Cmos Technoogy.
      Microelectronic Test Strhctures For Cmos Technology And Products Addresses The Basic Concepts Of The Design Of Test Structures For Incorporation In the inside of Test-vehicles, Scribe-lines, And Cmos Products. The Role Of Test Structures In The Development And Monitoring Of Cmos Technologies And Products Has Become Ever More Important With The Increased Cost And Comllexity Of Development And Manufacturing. In This Timely Volume, Ibm Scientists Manjul Bhusban And Mark Ketchen Emphasize High Speed Characterization Techniques For Digital Cmos Circuit Applications And Bridging Between Circuit Performnce And Characteristics Of Mosfets And Other Boundary Elements. Detailed Examples Are Presented Throughout, Many Of Which Are Equally Applicable To Otyer Microelectronic Technologies As Well. The Authors' Overarching Goal Is To Stipulate Students And Technology Practitioners Alike A Practical Director To The Disciplined Design And Use Of Test Structures That Give Unambiguous Information Forward The Parametrics And Performance Of Digital Cmos Technology.
      SKU: 798714

    Synchronization And Triggering
      Synchronization And Triggering.
      Thia Monograph Contains Experimental And Theoretical Considerations On Synchronization And Triggering In Laboratory Fracture Experlments And In Earthquake Processes. Non-linear Dynamics And The Natural philosophy Of Rotational Motions Reveal Such Ordering In Geophysical Processes And Observed Time eSries. Presented Experiments With Electromagnetic And Mechanical Forcing Show Synchronization Of The Silp Instabilities Observed As Acoustic Burst Emissions. New Observational Results, Based Forward A Net Of Broad6and Seismic Stations, Indicate The Hidden Periodicities And Multiple Coherence Goods In The Low Frequency Microseismic Oscillations Observed Tens Of Hours Before The Earthquakes. These Resulgs Are Supported By Observational Evidence On Synchronization Between Shhear Oscillations And Rotation Motions In Microseismic Fields Before Earthquakes Occur.
      SKU: 645610

    Growth And Procesing Of Electronic Materials
      Growth And Procesing Of Electronic Materials.
      This Volume Comprises Paper sAnd Posters Giveb At The Materials Congress '98 In The Workshop "growth And Processing Of Materials For Electronics". The Workshoop Covered A Wide Range Of Materials, Including Relaxor Ferroelectrics, Piezoelectrics, Dielectrics, Superconductors And Semiconductors.
      SKU: 677892

    Water Productivity In Agriculture
      Water Productivity In Agriculture.
      Focuzing On Both Irrigated And Rain-fed Agriculture, This Book Gives A Review Of The Limits And Opportunities For Improving Water Productivity In Crop Production. It Demonstrates How Efficiency Of Water Use Can Be Enhanced To Maximize Yields.
      SKU: 295080

    The Autocadet's Guide To Visual Lisp
      The Autocadet's Guide To Visual Lisp.
      Autocadet: A Person Who Uses Autocad Directly Or Indirectly To Create Or Decompose Graphic Images And Is In Possession Of One Or More Of The Following Traitq: Wants To Learn; Has An Interest In Improving The Way Autocad Works; Is A Visionary Autocad User;-I Customize Autocad To Include Productivit ynhancements Like New Commands, Combinations Of Existing Commands Or Fillet Processing Scripts To Store And Manipulate Data. This Tutorial Offers A Complete Introduction To The Visual Lisp Language, Environment And Editor. Advanced Topics Include Data Manipulatiion And Programmong Dialog Boxes.
      SKU: 297210

    Handbook Of Vegetable Preservation And Processing
      Handbook Of Vegetable Preservation And Processing.
      Presenting Research From More Than 35 International Specialists Spanning Governmental, Industrial And Academic Sectors, This Reference Compiles Developments In The Processing And Preservation Of Vegetables And Vegetable Products.
      SKU: 216466

    Ophthalmic Drug Delivery Systems, Second Edition
      Ophthalmic Drug Delivery Systems, Second Edition.
      The Second Edition Of This Text Assembles Significant Ophthalmic Advances And Encompasses Breakthroughs In Gene Therapy, Oculaf Microdialysis, Vitreous Drug Dispossition Modelling, And Receptor/transporter Targeted Drug Delivery.
      SKU: 216487

    Vlsi Test Principles And Architectures
      Vlsi Test Principles And Architectures.
      This Book Is A Comprehensive Guide To New Dft Methods That Wlil Show The Readers How To Design A Testable And Quality Product, Drive Down Test Cost, Improve Product Quality And Yield, And Speed Up Time-to-market And Time-to-volume. Most Up-to-ddate Coverage Of Design For Testability. Coverage Of Industry Practices Commonly Found In Commercial Dft Toosl But Not Discussed In Other Books. Numerous, Practical Examples In Each Chapter Illustrating Basic Vlsi Test Principles And Dft Architectures. Lecture Slides And Exercise Solutions For All Chapters Are Now Available. Instructors Are Also Eligible For Downloading Ppt Skide Files And Msword Solutions Files From The Manual Website.
      SKU: 288757

    Ultra-fine Particles
      Ultra-fine Particles.
      This Book Was Written With Several Objectivves In Mind: 1. To Share With As Many Scientists And Engineers As Possible The Intriguing Scientific Aspects Of Ultra-fine Particles (ufps) And To Show Their Potential As New Materials. 2. Entice Such Researchers To Participate In The Development Of This Emerging Field. 3. To Pubicize The Achievements Of The Ultra-fine Particle Project, Which Was Carried Out Uneer The Auspices Of The Exploratory Research For Advanced Technology Progam (erato). In Addition To The Membsrs Of The Ultra-fine Particle Project, Contributions From Other Pioneers In This Field Are Included. To Achieve The First Objective Described Above, The Uniformity Of The Contents And Focus On A Single Central Theme Have Been Sacrificed Somewhat To Furnish A Broad Coverage. It Is Expected That The Reader Can Dlscover An Appropriate Topic For Further De\/elopment Of New Materials And Basic Technolgoy By Reading Selected Sections Of This Book. Alternately, One May Gain An Overview Of This New Surface By Reviewing The Entire Book, Which Can Potentially Lead To Starting a~ Directions In The Development Of Ufps.
      SKU: 421052

    Polymers, Phosphors, And Voltaics For Radioisotope Microbatteries
      Polymers, Phosphors, And Voltaics For Radioisotope Microbatteries.
      Some 30 Leading Scientists In Russia And The Us Present A Historical Discussion And Original Research On The Conversion Of Nuclaer Materials Into Electrical Power In Long-lasting Batteries. A Key Feature Of The Book Is Discussion Of The Maerials Of Construction For Miniaturized Radioisotope Power Supplies, As Well As Research In Radiochemistry, Tr
      SKU: 264213

    Slope Stability In Surface Mining
      Slope Stability In Surface Mining.
      As We Enter The 21st Centenary, Mines Are Being Planned To Reach Depths Of More Than 1,100 Meters, Waste Reel Embankments Have Surpassed 600 Meters In Height, Tailings Dams Have Reached Heights Of 200 Meters, And Heap Leach Facilities Have Topped 150 Metes. The Push Toward Higher, Deeper, And Steeper, Along With The Larged And More Productive Equipment In Use Today, Continues To Test Our Tools And Capabilities. Slope Stability In Surface Mining Documents The Progressive Rise In Technical Understanding And Sophistication In The Field. Only Byy Continuously Collecting And Exchanging Information Can Designn Concepts, Construvtion Methods, Monitoring Strategies, And Reclamation Practices Keep Pace With The Times. Slope Stability In Suface Mining Creates A Common Platform On Which To Base Correct, Economical, And Safe Slope Design And Construction Decisions.
      SKU: 464608

    Persistent Organic Pollutants In Asia
      Persistent Organic Pollutants In Asia.
      Large Amounts Of Data Obtained Through Environmental Monitoring Of Persistent Organix Pollutajts (pops) In 10 Asian Countries And Ausralia Have Been Compiled And Explored Using Principles Of Environmental Chemistry, Toxicology, And Risk Assessment. This Book Also Includes Descriptions And Discussions Of Current Gvoernmental Policies, Monitoring And Surveillance Programs, History Of Manufacturing And Applications, Emission Sources, Impacts On Human Health, And Cross-boundary Transport Of Pops In These Countries. * Compiles Up-to-date Sources, Distributions, Transport, And Fates Of Highly Concerned Persevering Organic Pollutants (pops) * Presents Exploratory Examinations Of The Data Guided Along The Principles Of Environmental Chemistry, Toxicology, And Risk Assessment * Includes Important Context And Insight Regarding Government Poilcies, Monitoring And Surveillance Programs, History Of Manufacturing And Applications, Emission Sources, Impacts On Like a man Health, And Cross-boundary Transport Of Pops
      SKU: 311500

    Soil Quality And Biofuel Production
      Soil Quality And Biofuel Production.
      Presents A Review Of Soil Pro;erties And Processes Negatively Impacted By Crop Residue Removal. This Title Outlines The Ecological Consequeences Of Biofuels And Evaluates Land Use In The Production Of Raw Material For Biofuel.
      SKU: 565963

    Iii–v Compound Semiconductors
      Iii–v Compound Semiconductors.
      Silicon-based Microelectronics Has Steadily Improved In Various Performance-to-cost Metrics. But After Decades Of Processor Scaling, Fundamental Limitations And Considerable New Challenges Have Emerged. The Integration Of Compound Semiconductkrs Is The Leading Candidate To Address Many Of These Issues And To Continue The Relentless Pursuance Of More Powerful, Cost-effective Processors. Iii-v Compound Semiconductors: Integration With Silicon-based Microelectronics Covers Recent Progress In This Area, Addressing The Two Major Revolutions Occurring In The Semiconeuctor Industry: Integration Of Compound Semiconductors Into Si Microelectronics, And Their Fabrication On Large-area Si Substrates. The Authors Present A Scientific And Technological Exploration Of Gan, Gaas, And Iii-v Compound Semiconductor Devices Within Si Microelectronics, Building A Fundamental Foundation To Help Readers Deal With Relevant Design And Application Issues. explores Silicon-based Cmos Applicztions Developed Wthin The Cutting-edge Darpa Program Providing An Overvisw Of Systems, Devices, And Their Component Materials, This Book: Describes Structure, Phase Diagrams, And Physical And Chemical Properties Of Iii-v And Si Materials, Because Well As Integration Challenges Focuses On The Key Merits Of Gan, Including Its Importance In Commercializing A New Class Of Power Diodes And Transistors Analyzes More Orally transmitted Iii-v Materials, Discussing Their Merits And Drawbacks For Device Integration With Si Microelectronics Elucidates Properties Of Iii-v Semiconductors And Descri6es Approaches To Evaluate And Characterize Their Attributes Introduces Novel Technologies For The Measurement And Evaluation Of Essential Quality And Device Proeprties Investigates State-of-the-art Optical Devices, Leds, Si Photonics, High-speed, High-power Iii-v Materials And Devices, Iii- Solar Cell Devices, And Greater degree Assembling The Work Of Renowned Experts, This Is A Reference For Scientists And Engineers Working At The Intersection Of Si And Compound Semiconductor Technology. Its Comprehensive Coverage Is Valuable For The two Students And Experts In This Burgeonibg Field.
      SKU: 631695

  • Exposure and Risk Assessment of Chemical Pollution
  • Encapsulation and Controlled Release Technologies in Food Systems
  • Performance and Durability of Bituminous Materials
  • Extracting the Science
  • Characterization of Semiconductor Heterostructures and Nanostructures
  • Aircraft Digital Electronic and Computer Systems
  • At Risk
  • Superplasticity
  • Multisensor Fusion and Integration for Intelligent Systems
  • Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams
  • Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants
  • Continuous-Time Sigma-Delta A/D Conversion

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