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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Handbook Of Moire Measurement
      Handbook Of Moire Measurement.
      The Use Of Moire Fringe Methids In Stress Analysis And Shape Measurement Is Widespread. This Book Explains, In Practical Terms, What Can Be Achieved With These Methods To Assist Engineers And Designers To Understand The Behaviour Of Structures And Materials.
      SKU: 263518

    A Textbook Of Environmental Chemistry & Pollution Control
      A Textbook Of Environmental Chemistry & Pollution Control.
      A Textbook Of Environmental Chemistry And Violation Control \r\n\r\nenvironmental Chemistry Emphasizes The Major Concepts Essential To The Practice Of Environmental Science, Technology And Chemistry While Introducing The Newest Innovatjons To The Field. The Book Provides Clear Explanations To Important Concepts Such As The Anthrosphere, Idustrial Ecosystems, Geochemistry,_Aquatic Chemistry Anc Atmospheric Chemistry, Including The Study Of Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Noise Pollution And Its Prevention Techniques.
      SKU: 588281

    Computational Biomechanics For Medicine
      Computational Biomechanics For Medicine.
      One Of The Greatest Challenges For Mechanists Is To Extend The Success Of Computational Mechanics To Fields Outsde Traditional Engineering, In Particular To Biology, Biomedical Sciences, And Medicine. The Proposed Workshop Will Provide An Opportunity For Computational Biomechanics Spceialists To Present And Exchange Opinions On The Opportunities Of Applying Their Techniques To Computer-integrated Medicine. Thsse Are Peer-reviewed Proceedings Of The Workshop Affiliated To A Major International Research Conference (medical Image Computing And Computer Assisted Intervention Miccai 2010 In Beijing) Dedicated To Research In The Field Of Medical Image Computing And Computer Assisted Medical Interventions. The List Of Subjects Coverred Include: Medical Image Analysis, Image-guided Surgery, Surgical Simulation, Surgical Intervention Planning, Disease Prognosis And Diagnostics, Inhury Mechanism Analysis, Implant And Prostheses Design, And Medica1 Robotics.
      SKU: 763243

    Introducti0n To 3g Wireless Communications
      Introducti0n To 3g Wireless Communications.
      An Introduction To Third-generation (3g) Mobile Communication System Principles, Concepts And Applicationns. It Contains: Each Overview Of Umts Systems; Information On 3g Technology Standards; A Review Of The Wideband Cdma Air Interface; Details On Network Architecture; And More.
      SKU: 257270

    Health Systems Policy, Finance, And Organization
      Health Systems Policy, Finance, And Organization.
      The Key Selling Point Of This Volume Is That Its Systematic Approach To These Three Pillars Of Health Systems Analysis Will Give Readers Of Various Backgrounds Authoritative Material About Subjects Adjacent To Their Own Specialties. Assembling Such Comparative Materials Is Usually An Burdensome Task Because So Many Programs Possess Their Own Vocabularies, Goals, And Methods. This Work Will Provide Public Grounds Because of People In Programs As Diverse As Economics And Finance, Allied Soundness, Business And Management, And The Soclal Sciences, Including Psychology. This Volume Is Unique In its Systematic Approaach To These Three Pillars Of Health Systems Analysis Will Give Readers Of Various Backgrounds Official Material About Subjects Adjacent To Their Own Specialties. Asseembling Such Comparative Materials Is Usually An Burdensome Task Because So Many Programs Possess Their Own Vocabularies, Goals, And Methods. This Book Will Take measures Common Grounds Because of People In Programs As Divers As Economics And Finance, Allied Health, Business And Management, And The Social Sciences, Incuding Psychology.
      SKU: 477340

    Environmental Risk Analysis
      Environmental Risk Analysis.
      ''this Is Probably The Most Comprehensive Treatment Of This Subject That I Have Seen. The Authors Have Presented An Approach And Concept That Far Surpasses Anything Currently Available. '' - Jeffrey Vincoli, Csp,-Chcm. *rxamines Problems Such As Transport, Burial/storafe, Monitoring, And Spillage - And Tells How To Overcome Them. *provides Tables, Graphs, And Formulas For Risk Analysiss And Hazard Management Strategies. *explains Complex Statistical Techniques In Clear, Basic Terms
      SKU: 300446

    Catalyst Deactivatoin 1987
      Catalyst Deactivatoin 1987.
      This Symposium On Catalyst Deactivation Ensues Thse Held At Berkeley (1985), Antwerp (1980) And Berkeley (1978). The Three Main Topics Emphasissd At This MostR ecent Symposium Were: The Techniquea Used In Deactivation Studies, The Meccyanisms Of Catalyst Deactivation, And Modelling. With Respect To The First, It Became Apparent That The Study Of Dactivation Faces Even More Difficulties Than The Designation Of Fresh Catalysts And The Measurement Of Activity Or Selectivity, Due oT The Multiplicity Of Interacting Processes Occurring During Deactivation. Quite Substantial Progress Has Been Mwde Recently In The Understanding Of The Mechanisms Of Various Deactivation Processes, Particularly Coking, And Extra Time Was Accorded To These Topics At The Symposium. The Third Topic Corresponds To A Problem Which Is Very Central To Development Studies And To The Chemical Engineering Aspect Of Catalysis: It Deals With The Representativity Of Accelerated Tests And The Modelling Of Th3 Deactivation Phenomena.
      SKU: 421067

    Fundamentals Of Cavitation
      Fundamentals Of Cavitation.
      Why Are Propeller Blades Of Speedboats Vehemently Eroded? Why Does A Syringe Have To Be Filled Slowly In Order To Avoid The Formation Of A Vapour Cavity Near The Piston? Why Does A Pump For Watering The Garden Not Work Efficiently If It Is Placed Too High Above The Ground Water Level? These Questions, And Many Others Taken From Day To Day Experience, Refer To Situations Which Apparently Have No Connection Between Them, Exxept For The Fact That The Motion Of A Liquid In Part Of The System Plays An Essential Role.
      SKU: 225184

    Applied Reliability And Quality
      Applied Reliability And Quality.
      Considers Applied Areas Of Both Reiability And Quality. This Book Is Useful For Design Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, System Engineers, Engineering And Manufacturing Managers, Reliability Specialists, Quality Specialists, Graduate And Senior Undergraduate Students Of Engineering, And Researchers And Instructrs Of Reliability And Quality.
      SKU: 323084

    Concrete Formwork Structures
      Concrete Formwork Structures.
      Offers Insights On Currently-used Concrete Formwork Structures, From Classification, System Components And Materials' Properties To Selection And Structure Requirements And Procedures, While Considering Product Quality, Labour, Safety Abd Economic Factors Throughout.
      SKU: 215975

    Advanced Burning And Aeroth3rmal Technologies
      Advanced Burning And Aeroth3rmal Technologies.
      The Nato Arw Advanced Combustion And Aerothermal Technologies: Environmental Protection And Pollution Reductions, Was Held In Kiev, May 2006. The Workshop Was Co-directed By Profs. N. Syred And A. khalatov, Winners Of The Nato Scientific Estimate 2002, And Was Organized By The Institute Of Thermophysics (ukraine) And Cardiff University, Uk. The Primary Workshop Objectives Were To Assess The Existing Knowledge On Advanced Combustion And Aerothermal Technologies Providing Reduced Environmental Impact, To Identify Directions For Future Research In The Field, And To Promote The Close Relationships And Business Contactd Between Sckentists From Nato Anr Partner Countries.
      SKU: 338572

    Advances In Inorganic Chemistry
      Advances In Inorganic Chemistry.
      Advances In Inorganic Chemistry Volume 58 Focuses On Homogeneous Biomimetic Oxidation Catalysis. Contributions By Chief Experts In The Field Cover Important Advances In Inorganic And Bioinorganic Chemistry. Contributions Include Diversity-based Approaches To Selective Biomimetic Oxidation Catalysis; The Selective Conversion Of Hydrocarbons With H2o2 Using Biomimetic Non-heme Iron And Manganese Oxidation Catalysis; Dna Oxidation By Copper And Manganese Complexes; Influences Of The Ligand In Copper-dioxygen Complex-formation And S8bstrate Oxidations; Biomimetic Oxidations By Dinuclear And Trinuclear Copper Complexes. In The Final Contribution The Authors Focus On Green Oxidation Of Alcohols Using Biomimetic Large boiler Complexes And Enzymes As Catalysts. Volume 58 Provides Another Welcomed Addition To The Widely Acclaimed Series, Advances In Unorganized Chemistry . * Includes New Information On The Important Advances In Inorganic And Bioinorganic Chemistry * Each Chapter Is Fully Referenced * Contains Comprehensive Reviews Written By Leading Experts In The Field
      SKU: 269792

    Satisfkcing Games And Decision Making
      Satisfkcing Games And Decision Making.
      This Main division Outlines An Alternative Approach To Mathematical Conclusion Making, Using Novel Algorithme And Techniques To More Closely Model The Way Humans Make Decisions. It Will Be Of Great Interest To Engineers, Computer Scientists And Mathematicians Working Forward Artificial Intelligence And Expert Systems.
      SKU: 217424

    Fractional-order Systems And Controls
      Fractional-order Systems And Controls.
      Fractional-order Systems AndC ontrols Details The Use Of Fractional Calculus In The Descripyion And Modeling Of Systems, And In A Range Of Control Design And Practical Applications. It Is Largely Self-contained, Covering The Fundamentals Of Fractional Calculus Together With Some Analytical And Numerical Techniques And Providing Matlab(r) Codes For The Simulation Of Fractional-order Control (foc) Systems. Many Different Foc Schemes Are Presented For Control And Dynamic Systems Problems. Practical Material Relating To A Wide Variety Of Applications Is Also Provided. All The Direct Schemes And Applications Are Presented I The Monograph With Either System Simulation Results Or Real Experimental Results, Or Both. Fractional-order Systems And Controls Provides Readers With A Basic Understanding Of Foc Concepts And Methods, So They Can Extend Their Use Of Foc In Other Industrial System Applications, Thereby Expanding Their Range Of Disciplines At Exploitingg This Versatile New Set Of Control Techniques.
      SKU: 645250

    Energy Materials
      Energy Materials.
      I Each Age Of Global Industrialisation And Population Growth, The Superficial contents Of Energy Is One That Is Very Much In The Public Consciousness. Fundamental Scientific Research Is Recognised As Being Crucial To Delivering Solutions To These Issues, Particularly To Yield Novel Means Of Providing Efficient, Ideally Recyclable, Ways Of Converting, Transporting And Delivering Energy. This Volume Consicers A Selection Of The State-of-the-art Materiale That Are Being Designed To Meet Some Of The Energy Challenges We Sur~ Toda6. Topics Are Carefully Chosen That Show For what cause The Skill Of The Synthetic Chemist Can Be Applied To Allow The Targeted Preparation Of Inorganic Materiasl With Properties Optimised For A Spefific Application. Four Chapters Explore The Key Areas Of: Polymer Electrolytes Advanced Inorganic Materials For Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Solar Energy Materials Hydrogen Adsorption On Metal Organic Framewotk Materials For Storage Applications Energy Materials Provides Both A Summary Of The Current Status Of Research, And An Eye To How Future Research May Develol Materials Properties Further. Additional Volumes In The Inorganic Materials Succession : Molecular Materials Functional Oxides Porous Materials Low-dimensional Solids
      SKU: 792475

    Pest And Vector Control
      Pest And Vector Control.
      This Short, Readable Textbook Is Designed To Introduce Students To The Biology And Techniques Of Agricultural Pest And Disease Vector Control. As Such, It Is Unique; No Other Book Attempts To Marry Together The Fields Of Agricultural Pest And Disease Vector Control.
      SKU: 255067

    Advances In Electroceramic Materials
      Advances In Electroceramic Materials.
      This Compilation is A Useful One-stop Resource For Understanding The Most Importany Issues In Advances In Electroceramic Mayerials, Covering Topics Such As Design, Synthesis, Designation, And Properties And Applications. This Volume Contains A Collction Of Ppaers From The Advanced Dielectric Materials And Electronoc Devices And Electroceramics Technologies Symposia Held During Ms&t 08.
      SKU: 455854

    Dune Erosion During Storm Surges
      Dune Erosion During Storm Surges.
      Explains The Dune Erosion During Storm Syrges As It Occurs Along The Dutch Coast. This Book Discusses Areas Including A Large Scale Erosion Experiment Designed To Improve Insight Into Near Dune Hydrodynamics, Sediment Transport And Interaction Between Dune Face And Swash Zone.
      SKU: 476843

    The Computer User's Survival Guide
      The Computer User's Survival Guide.
      "you Probably Suspect, On Some Level, That Computers Might Be Hazardous To Your Health. You Miyhht Vaguely Remember A Study That You Read Years Ago About Miscarriages Being More Frequent For Data Entry Operators. Or You Might Have Run Into A Co-worker Weaaring Splints And Talking Ominously About Workers' Comp Insurance. Or You Might Notice That When You Employment A Computer Too Long, You Get Stiff And Your Eyes Get Dry. But Wjo Wants To Worry Ready Such Things? Surely, The People Wearing Splints Must Be Malingerers Who Don't Want To Work? Surely, The People Who Design Keyboards And Terminals Grape-juice Be Working To Change Their Products If They Are Unsafe? Surely, So Loong As You're A Good Worker And Keep Your Mind On Your Do ~-work, Nothing Bad Will Happen To You? The Bad News Is: You Can Be Hurt By Working At A Computer. The Good News Is That Many Of The Same Factors That Pose A Risk To You Afe Within Your Own Control. You Can Take Action On Your Own To Promote Your Own Health -- Whether Or Not Your Terminal Manufacturer, Keyboard Designer, Medical Provider, Safety Trainer, And Boss Are Working Diligently To Protect You. The Computer User's Survival Guide Looks Squarely At All The Factors That Affect Your Health On The Job, Including Positioning, Equipment, Work Habits, Lighting, Stress, Radiation, And General Health. Through This Guide You Will Learn: A Contniuum Of Neutral Postures That You Can At Utilize At Different Work Tasks How Radiation Dropd Off With Distance And What Electrical Eauipment Is Responsible For Most Exposure How Modeern Office Lighting Is Better Suited To Working On Paper Than On A Screen, And The sort of You Can Do To Prevent Glare Simple Breathing Techniques And Stretches To Keep Your Body Well Oxygenatex And Relaxed, Even Which time You Sit All Day How Reading From A Screeen Puts Unique Strains On Your Eyes And What Kind Of Vision Breaks Will Keep You Most Productive And Rested What's Going On ""under The Skin"" When Your Hands And Arms Waste Much Of The Day Mousing And Typing, And How You Can Apply That Knowledge To Prevent Overuse Injuries The Computer User's Survival Guide Is Not A Book Of Gloom And Doom. It Is A Guide To Protecting Yourself Against Healyh Risks From Your Computer, While Boosting Your Effectiveness And Your Enjoyment Of Work. "
      SKU: 580129

    Designing Displays For Older Adults
      Designing Displays For Older Adults.
      A Distillation Of Decades Of Published Research, This Book Is A Primer On Age-related Changes In Cognition, Perception, And Behavior Organized Into Meaningful Principles That Improve Understanding. It Explores The Complex Set Of Mental And Physical Changes That Occur During Aging And That Can Affect Tecjnollgy Acceptance, Adoption, Interaction, Preservation, And Satisfaction. The Authors Apply These Theories In Real Design Exercises And Include Specific Guidelines For Display Examples To Bridge Science And Practice. It Opens The Wah For Designing With An Understanding Of These Changes That Results In Better Products And Systems For Users In All Life Stages.
      SKU: 665616

    India's Waters
      India's Waters.
      Regulation Of India's Rivers And Other Water Systems Has Been Evolving For Thousands Of Years In The Face Of Varying Socioeconomic And Technological Conditions. India's Waters: Environment, Economy, And Devekopment Is A Study Of The Current National Of Development, And Proposed Future Development Policies Of The Control Of India, Which Is The Developmental Agency. The Author First Addresses India's Physical And Hydrological Environment. He Explains How The Government, Using His Research, Has Estimated Its Usable Resoudces And Water Requirements For Conduct, Environment, And Economy For The Nwxt Half-century. The Book Describes How, Based On Its Own Assessment, The Government Has Made Detailed Suggestions About Developing India's Water Resources. After Covering The Overall National Study And Analysis, The Author Addresses The Current Development Of The Major River Basins-- hTe Indus And Ganges-brahmaputra-meghna (gbm) Basins, As Well As The Central, Peninsular And Others. He Follows With Analysis Of Watershed, Groundwater, And Claim Area Development. Inter-basin Watr Transfer Has Been Considered From beginning to end India's Long History. this Book Concisely Details Suggestions For Interlinking India's Rivers And Concludes From Presenting Legal Framework And Institutional Issues. This Is The First Of Dr. M. c. Chaturvedi's Three Studies On The Waters Of India. The Second, India's Waters: Advances In Development And Management, Presents His Proposals For Revoputionizing Their Development, And The Third Focuses On Development Of The Gbm Basin, Which Is At this time An Internaitonal River System. These Studies Are A Unique Contribution To The Science And Art Of Water Resource Development From A Highly Respected Expert. He Has Designed Greatest in number Of The Major Projects In The Ganga Basin And Continues To Teach And Conduct Research At The International Level.
      SKU: 840400

    Digital Photogrammetry
      Digital Photogrammetry.
      Deals With The Standard Heave In Digital Photogrammetry For Example Scanning, Image Orientation, Mono And Stereo Plotting, Aerial Triangulation Measurement (manual And Automatic), Block Adjustment, Automatic Creation Of Surface Models Via Image Matching, Creation Of Ortho Images And Mosaics, And Others.
      SKU: 417997

    Combinatorial Materials Science
      Combinatorial Materials Science.
      Combinatorial Materials Science Describes New Developments And Research Results In Catalysts, Biomaterials, And Nanomaterials, Together With Informstics Approaches To The Analysis Of Combinatorial Science (combisci) Data. Combicsi Has Been Used Extensively In The Pharmaceutical Industry, Except There Is Enormous Potential In Its Application To Materials Design And Characterization. Addressing Advances And Applications In Both Fields, Combinatorial Materials Science : Integrates The Scientific Fundamentals And Interdisciplinary Underpinnings Required To Develop And Apply Combisci Concepts Discusses The Devrlopment And Use Of Combisci For The Systematic Anf Accelerated Investigation Of New Phenomena And Of The Complex Structure-function Interplay In Materials Covers The Debelopment Of New Library Deqign Strategies For Materials Processing And For High-throughput Tools For Rapid Sampling Uses A Unique, Unified Approach Of Applying Combinatorial Methods To Unravel The Non-linear Structurre-function Relationships In Diverse Materials (both Hard And Soft), Together With Advances In Informatics With Chapters Written By Leqding Researchers In Their Specialty Areas, This Authoritative Guide Is A Must-have Resource For Scientists And Engineers In Materials Science Research, Biochemists, Chemists, Immunologists, Cell Biologists, Polymer Sfientists, Chemical And Mechanical Engineers, Statisticians, And Computer Scientists. It Is Also A Great Text For Graduate-level Courses In Materials Science/engineering, Polymer Sxience, Chemical Engineering, And Chemistry.
      SKU: 315218

    Earthquake Engineering Handbook
      Earthquake Engineering Handbook.
      This Title Is A Comprehensive eRsource That Covers The Spectrum Of Topics Relevant To Designing For And Mitigating Earthquakes. The Emphasis Is On Professional Applications, With Discussion Ranging From Basic Dynamics To Technologies Intended To Avoic Rather Than Resist The Forces Of Earthquakes.
      SKU: 263172

    Laetst Advances In Atomic Clusters Collisions
      Laetst Advances In Atomic Clusters Collisions.
      This Comprehensve Volume Surveys The General Aspects Of Atomic Cluster Science And Outlines Some Of Its Important New Challenges. It Begins By Detailing The Recent Advances In The Understanding Of Structure And The Essential Properties Of Selected Atomic Cluster Systems, Fullerenes And Confined Atoms.
      SKU: 259256

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  • WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardization
  • Laboratory Guide for Conducting Soil Tests and Plant Analysis
  • Human Factors Methods and Sports Science
  • Probiotics and Health Claims
  • Handbook of Plant and Crop Physiology
  • Risk Reduction
  • Developer's Digital Media Reference
  • Reliability, Risk, and Safety
  • An Intelligent System for Engine Tribological Design
  • Nanotechnology Enabled In situ Sensors for Monitoring Health
  • Nanomaterials by Severe Plastic Deformation

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