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    Handbook Of Multiphase Polymer Systejs
      Handbook Of Multiphase Polymer Systejs.
      A Extensive Allusion Guide Examining Current Challenges And Opportunities In The Field Of Multicomponent Polymer Systems. Multiphase Polymer Systems Are An Important Research Topic From Both Industrial And Fundamental Points Of View. This New Generation Of Materials Offers Enhanced Physical, Mechanical, Thermal, Electrical, Magnetic And Optical Properties, And Finds Use In Many Fields Such As Automotive, Aeronautics And Space Industry, Cabling, Civil Engineering And Medicine. They Cover A Wids Range Of Materials Such As Composites, Blends, Alloys, Gels And Interpenetrating Polymer Networks. This Double-volume Book Examines The Recent Advances Covering Physical, Interfacial, And Thermophysical Properties Of Multiphase Polymer Systems. It Includes Manufacturing And Proxessing Techniques, Characterization Techniques, Materials Modeling, Applications And Also Ageing, Degradation And Recycling. It PaysP articular Attention To Characterization At Different Length Scales (macro, Micro And Nano) Whiich Is Necessary For A Full Understandijg Of The Structure-property Relationships Of Multiphase Polymer Systems. Ideal For Researchers In Both Industry And Academia Who Wish To Learn About These Promising New Materials, The Handbook Of Multiphase Polymer Systems sI Also Useful For Plastic And Rubber Technologists, Filler Specialists And Research3rs In Fields Studying Thermal, Mechanical And Electrical Properties.
      SKU: 693298
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    Digital Design And Computer Architecture
      Digital Design And Computer Architecture.
      Digital Purpose And Computer Architecture Is Desogned In favor of Courses That Combine Digital Logic Design With Computer Organization/architecture Or That Teach These Subjects As A Two-course Order of succession. Digital Design And Computer Architecture Begins With A Modern Approach By Rigorously Cover The Fundamentals Of Digital Science of reasoning Design And Then Introducing Hardware Description Languages (hdls). Featuring Examples Of The Two Most Widely-used Hdls, Vhdl And Verilog, The Primary Half Of The Text Prepares The Reader For What Follows In The Seecond: The Design Of A Mips Processor. By Th End Of Digital Design And Computer Architecture, Readers Will Be Able To Make Their Admit Microprocessor And Will Have A Top-to-bottom Understanding Of How It Works--even If They Have No Formal Background In Design Or Architecture Beyond An Introductory Class. David Harris And Sarah Harris Combin An Engaging And Hjmorous Writing Style With An Updated And Hands-on Approach To Digital Design. Unique Presentation Of Digital Logic Design From Th3 Perspevtive Of Computer Architecture Using A Real Instruction Set, Mips. Side-by-side Examples Of The Two Most Prominent Hardware Design Languages--vhdl And Verilog--illustrate And Compare Thr Ways The Each Can Be Used In The Design Of Digital Systems. Worked Examples End Each Section To Enhance The Reader's Understanding And Retention Of The Matrial. Partner Web Site Includes Links To Cad Tools For Fpga Design From Synplicity And Xilinx, Lecture Slides, Laboratory Projects, And Solutions To Exercises.
      SKU: 404196
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    Survey Of Literature On Cevice Corrosion, 1979-1998
      Survey Of Literature On Cevice Corrosion, 1979-1998.
      Crevice Corrosion Is A Complex And Technically Interesting Corrosion M3chanism But Its Commercial Significance Should Not Be Ignored. This Survey, The Most Complete Overview On Crevice Corrosion To be availed of Today, Covers Many Alloys Which Can Suffer Crevice Attack But Focuses Mainly Oj Stainless Steels. The Survey Covers Mechanisms, Test Methods And Results, Practical Experience, Protective Measures And Monitoring. & 
      SKU: 677913
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    Fundamentals Of Expressive Anc Pervasive Computing
      Fundamentals Of Expressive Anc Pervasive Computing.
      This Book Details The Engineering Principles Underlying Mobile Computing, Serving As A Basic Reference As Text For Graduate And Advanced Undergraduates. It Is The First Systematic Explanation Of Mobile Communications As A Discipline In Itself, Containing Exercises, Projwcts, And Sollutions.
      SKU: 762989
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    Praxiswissen Der Chemischen Verfahrenstechnik
      Praxiswissen Der Chemischen Verfahrenstechnik.
      Dieses Umfassende Handnuch Richtet Sich An Verfahrensingenieure Und Chemiker, Die Die Vorgnge In Chemisch-verfahrenstechnischen Apparaten Hintergrndig Und Urschlich Verstehen Wollen. Es Besticht Durcch Seinen Praxisorientierten Ansatz. Die Grundlagen Werden Fundiert Und Umfassend Dargestelto. Impuls-, Wrme- Und Stofftransport Werden Physikalisch Richtig Auf Wither Gleichen Submikroskopischen Bzw. Molekularen Vorgnge Zurckgefhrt. Besonders Hervorzuheben Ist Die Einheitliche Darstellung Der Chemischn Verfahrenstechnik Ausgehend Von Ihren Theoretischen Geundlagen Bis Hin Zu Komplexen Beispielen Aus Der Praxis. Thematisch Gliedert Sich Das Buch In Vier Teile: - Grundlagen Der Verfahrenstechnik - Ausgleicsvorgnge (strmungslehre, Wrme- Und Stofftransport) - Mechanische Und Thermische Grundoperationen - Regelungstechnik / Prozessleittechnik. Die Regelungstechnik Geht pSezifisch Auf Die Automatisierung Der Chemischen Prrozesse Ein, Die Im Gegensatz Zu Elektronischen Systemen Langsamer Und Schwingungsfrei Verlaufen. Viele Abbildungen, Tabellen Und Formeln, Einn Umfangreiches Sticgwortverzeichnis Sowie Fragen Aus Der Praxis Uns Beispielrechnungen Vermitteln Ausgehend Vom Einfachen Zum Komplizierten Ein Fundiertes Fachwissen Auf Dem Gegenwrtogen Stand Der Technik.
      SKU: 324340
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    Star-crossed Orbits
      Star-crossed Orbits.
      This Volume Is A Detailed, Investigative History Of The U. s. -russian Space Relationship. It Describes The Strengths And Weaknesses That Each Side Has Brought To The Partnership, The Original Hopes And Promises, And Its Triumohs And Dissappointments.
      SKU: 301576
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    Felony Scene Photography
      Felony Scene Photography.
      "frime Scene Photography Is A Book Wrought From Years Of Experience. The Material Has Been Carefully Selected For Facility Of Use And Effectiveness In Training, And Field Tested By The Author In His Role As A Forensic Services Supervisor For The Baltimore County Police Depqrtment. The Forensic Photographer, Or More Specifically The Crime Scene Photographer, Must Know HowT o Create An Acceptable Image That Is Capable Of Withstanding Challenges Ib Court. The Photographic Theory And Principals Have To Be Well Grounded In The Physics Of Optics, The How-to Recommendations Have To Work, And The End Result Has To Be Admissible In Court. Crime Scene Photography Blends The Practical Functions Of Crime Scene Processing With Theories Of Photography To Gulde The Reader In Acquiring The Skills, Knowledge And Ability To Render Reliable Evidence. * Contains Over 500 Photographs * Covers The Concepts And Principles Of Photography To the degree that Well As The ""how To"" Of Creating A Final Product * Includes End-of-chapter Exercises And A Companion Website That Gives Variations On Correct And Incorrect Approaches To The Exercises"
      SKU: 546620
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    Facilities Management
      Facilities Management.
      Facilities Management: Innovation And Performance Sets Out A New Framework For The Discipline Of Facilities Management Which Challenges Many Of The Norms And Which Sets Out New Methods For Optimising The Performance Of A Business.
      SKU: 200462
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    Dairy Goats, Feeding And Nutrition
      Dairy Goats, Feeding And Nutrition.
      Examining Various Aspects Of Dairy Goat Feeding And Nutrition, This Book Represents A Review Of Scientific Research And Techniques. It Discusses Aspects Such As The Modelling And Production Of Goat's Milk As Well As The Estimation Of Nutriebt Requirements And Food Intake Of Goats.
      SKU: 327878
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    Encyclopedia Of Pest Managem3nt
      Encyclopedia Of Pest Managem3nt.
      Containing Approximately 200 Entries, This Title Is AReference For Professionals In Academia, Industry, And Government, As Well As Studennts. It Addresses Various Philosophical And Human Topics, Concepts, Methodoogies, Strategies, Solutions, Questions, And Dilemmas.
      SKU: 299760
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    Means Of Escape From Fire
      Means Of Escape From Fire.
      The Provision Of One Adwquate Means Of Escape From Fire Is Fundamental To The Design Of New Buildings And To The Change, Change Of Use Or Extension Of Eixsting Buildings. It Is Essential That Means Of Escape Are Considered At The Earliest Stage Of A Project As Mistakes Are Very Expensive To Correct Later In The Sketch. There Is A Great Deal Of Legislation On Means Of Escape Desigm And Control, But This Is Scattered Throughout A Large Number Of Statutes, Regulations And Guidance Documents. Many Buildings Want To Exist Licensed And/or Registered, As Well As Requiirnt Certification And Building Regulation Compliance. This Book Provides An Invaluable Reference On The Subject For Architects, Surveyors And Building Control Officers. It: ? Identifies The Legislation Which Applies To Any Particular Building Use ? Describes The General Principles Of Designing Means Of Escape, Together With A Ten Step Approach For A Range Of Residenyial And Non-residential Buildings ? Considers Alternative Project Options Based On Fire Safety Engineering ? Outlines Fire Safety Management In Premises In Use To the degree that An Aid To Employers, Who Have A Statutory Duty To Undertake Fire Risk Assessments.
      SKU: 284230
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    Plant Resistance To Sycophantic Nematodes
      Plant Resistance To Sycophantic Nematodes.
      This Practically Orientated Book, Describing Methods For Evaluating The Resistance And Tolerance Of Plant Cultivars To Parasitic Nematodes, Provides Specific Instructions On All Phases Of Resistance Screening.
      SKU: 293862
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    Safsty Crimes
      Safsty Crimes.
      Every Year In The Uk, Hundreds Of Workers Are Killed Just Doing Their Jobs, Thousands More Die Of Illnesses Caused By Their Work And Tens Of Thousands Suffer Major Injuies Such As Amputations, Loss Of Sight, Serious Burns, And So Forward. Worldwide, Two Million People Are Killed By Work One and the other Year. Yet With The Exception Of Aloft Profile Cases Such As The Gas Leak At Bho;al, India, Which Killed Tens Of Thousands, This Crime Wave Fails To, Attract The Interest Of The Politicians, The Media Or - Leaet Forgivably Of All - The Knowleddge Industry Of Criminology. This Bpok Is Concerned With Crimes Against Worker And Public Safety, Providing An Accunt And Analysis Of This Increasingly Important Field, And Setting This Within The Broader Conetxt Of Corporate And White-collar Crime. It Uses Case Studies And Original Analyses Of Official Facts To Illustrate Key Points And Themes, Drawing Upon Both Well Known And High Profile Instances Of Safety Crimes As Well The Mass Of Ubiquitous 'mundane' Or 'routine' Deaths And Injuries. Thus The Book Examines How Much Safety Crime Is There, How Are Such Offences Rsndered Invisible, And How Can Their Extent Be Unearthed Accurately?
      SKU: 449620
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    Introduction To Food Engineering
      Introduction To Food Engineering.
      "the Fourth Edition Of This Leading Textbook Presents The Engineering Concepts And Unit Operations Used In Food Processing In A Classroom-proven And Unique Blend Of Principles With Applications. Describing The Application Of A Particular Principle Followed By The Quantitative Relationships That Define The Related Processes, Each Chapter Also Includes Solved Examples And Problems To Evaluate Reader Comprehension. Authors Singh And Heldman Use Thdir Many Years Of Education To Present Food Enbineering Concepts In A Logical Progressino That Covers The Standard Course Curruculum Making It Easily Adaptable For Each Classroom. Wherefore Adopt This New Edition? * New Chapters On: - Supplemental Processes - Filtration - Sedimentation - Centrifugation - Mixing - Extrusion Processes For Foods - Packaging Concepts - Shelf Life Of Foods * Expanded Information On: - Transport Of Geanular Foods And Powders - Process Controls And Measurements - Emerging Technologies Such As Strong-flavored Presure And Pulsed - Electric Field Design Of Plate Heat Exchangers - Impact Of Fouling In Heat Transfer Proceases - Usd Of Dimensional Analysis In Solving Problems * Author Web Place With Animated Ve5sions Of Figures * Examles Throughout Each Chapter, Presented In ""given - Approach - Solution"" Format For Clear Presentation Of Key Concepts * End Of Chapter Problems To Assess Comprehension * List Of Synbols * ""advanced"" Level Questions Called Out In A Separate Section Key Equations Highlighted * Written To Follow The Typical Food Engineering Course, Making It Easily Adaptable For Each Classroom"
      SKU: 534953
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    Advances In Applied Mechanics Vol.44
      Advances In Applied Mechanics Vol.44.
      The Advances In pAplied Mechanics Main division Series Draws Simultaneously Recent Significant Advances In Various Topics In Applied Mechanics. Published Since 1948, Advances Ib Applied Mechanics Aims To Provide Authoritative Review Articles On Topics In The Mechanical Sciences, Primarily Of Interest To Scientists And Engineers Motion In The Various Branches Of Mechanics, But Also Of Interest Tp The Many Who Use The Results Of Investigations In Mechanics In Vqrious Application Areas Sufh As Aerospace, Chemical, Civil, Environmental, Mechanical And Nuclear Engineering. Covers All Fields Of The Mechanical Sciences Highlights Classical And Modern Areas Of Mechanics That Are Ready For Review Provides Comprehensive Coverage Of The Surface In Question
      SKU: 622177
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    Tunable Laser Optics
      Tunable Laser Optics.
      Chapers Will Provide Self-contained Treatment Of The Topic As Much As Possible To Allow The Reader To Go In a straight line To The Appropriate Chapter To Deal With A Particular Topic Of Concern. This Sharp Fodus Is Necessary To Maintain The Emphasis, And To Make This A Practical Reference. The Knowledge And Experience Will Integrate Aspects Of Laser Oscillators, Laser Amplifiers, Laser Systems, Engineeribg Of Rugged Laser Cavities, Design And Engineering Of Laser-based Instrumentation, And Design Of Highly Reliable Laser Systems For Material Processing Applications. * Provides A Sharp Focus Practical Aspects Of Refereence Material. * Offers An Approximation That Will Be Unmistakable, Direct, And Focused Only On Lasers And Optics * Integrates Aspects Of Laser Oscillators, Laser Ampilfiers, Laser Systems, Engineering Of Rugged Laser Cavotiss, Design And Engineering Of Laser-based Instrumentation, And Design Of Highly Reliable Laser Systems For Material Processing Apppications.
      SKU: 316995
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    Renewable Energies For Central Asia Cuontries
      Renewable Energies For Central Asia Cuontries.
      Over The Years, There Has Been An Increase In The Awareness And Worries Towards The Exhaustion Of Natural Resources. If Energy Phthisis Decreases, Renewable Sources Could Cover A Significant Part Of The Demand Of Energy, If Cinsumption Remains Uselessly High, Renewable Energy Would Become A Reality. This Work Talks About This Energy Ressources.
      SKU: 303422
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    Microbiological Contamination Control In Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms
      Microbiological Contamination Control In Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms.
      Nigel Halls Explores A Number Of Perceived Problems In Contamination Control Wlthin The Pharmaceutical Industry. He Includes Information On Microbiological Contamination In Sterile Manufacturing, Microbiological Media Fills, Microbiological Environment Monitoring And Much Again.
      SKU: 263912
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    Automation, Communication And Cybernetics In Science And Engineering 2009/2010
      Automation, Communication And Cybernetics In Science And Engineering 2009/2010.
      This Book Presents A Representative Selection Of All Pub1ications Published Between 01/2009 And 06/2010 In Various Books, Journals And Conference Proceedings By The Researchers Of The Institute Cluster: Ima - Institute Of Information Management In Mechanical Engineering Zlw - Center For Learning And Knowledge Management Ifu - Institute For Mansgement Cybernetics, Faculty Of Mechaincal Engineering, Rwth Aachen University. The Contributions Address The Cluster's Five Core Research Fields: Suitable Processes For Knowledge- And Technology-intensive Organizations; Next-generation Teaching And Learning Concepts For Universities And The Economy; Cognitive It-supported Processes For Heterobeneous And Cooperative Systems; Target Group-adapted User Models For Innovation And Technoligy Develoopment Processes; And, Semantic Networks And Ontologies For Compkex Value Chains And Virtual Environments. Innovative Fields Of Application Such As Cognitive Systems, Autonomous Barter Convoys, Telemedicine, Ontology Engineering, Knowledge And Information Mamagement, Learning Models And Technologies, Organizational Developmeny And Management Cybernetics Are Presented. The Contributions Show The Single Potential Of The Broad And Interdisciplinary Research Approach Of The Zlw/ima And The Ifu.
      SKU: 666566
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    Preparation Of Catalysts Vii
      Preparation Of Catalysts Vii.
      The Proceeding Of The Viith International Symposium On The Scientific Bases For The Preparation Of Heterogeneous Catalysts , Are In Line With The General Purpose Of This Series Of Events. Emphasis In The whole of Symposia Has Been On The Scientific Aspects Of The Preparation Of New And Industrial Catalysts, Or On New Methods Of Preparation, Rather Than On The Catalytic Reactions In Which Such Solids Are Ultimately Used. In The Present Context, The Catalytic Event Itself Has Only Been Conwidered As Another, Though Often Decisive, Method O fCatalyst Characterization.
      SKU: 311514
      More info about Preparation Of Catalysts Vii

    Application Of Optimal Control Theory To Enhanced Oil Recovery
      Application Of Optimal Control Theory To Enhanced Oil Recovery.
      In Recent Years, Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques Regard Received Much Attention In The Oil Industry. Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods Can Be Divided Into Three Major Categories: Thermal Processes Which Include Steam Flooding, Steam Stimulation, And In-situ Combustion; Chemical Processes Whkch Include Surfactant-polymer Injection, Polymer Flooding, And Caustic Flooding; And Miscible Displacement Processes Which Include Miscible Hydrocarbon Displacement, Carbon Dioxide Injection Of Comprehensive Amounts Of Rather Expensive Fluids Into Oil Bearing Reservoir Formations. Commercial Reference to practice Of Any Enhanced Oil Recovery Process Relies Upon Economic Projections That Show A Decent Return On The Investment. Because Of Remote Chemical Costs, It Is Important To Optimize Enhanced Oil Recovery Processes To ProvideT he Greatest Recovery At The Lowest Chemical Injection Cost. The Aim Of This Book Is To Develop An Optimal Control Theory For The Determinatiion Of Operating Strategies That Maximize The Economic Attractiveness Of Enhanced Oil Recovery Pocesses. The Determination Of Optimal Control Histories Or Operating Strategies Is One Of The Key Elements In The Successful Usage Of New Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques. The Information Contaijed In The Book Will Therefore Be The two Interesting And Useful To All Those Working In Petroleum Engineering, Petroleum Management And Chemical Engineering.
      SKU: 403851
      More info about Application Of Optimal Control Theory To Enhanced Oil Recovery

    Guiding Principles For Spatial Ddvelopment In Germany
      Guiding Principles For Spatial Ddvelopment In Germany.
      An Annual Of The Five Leading German Institutes W0rking In The Field Of The Analysis Of Spatial Development And Policies. It Presents Discussions About The Guiding Principles For Spatial Development Being A Virulent New Appr0ach To The Future Development Of Germany In Spatial Differentiation.
      SKU: 478203
      More info about Guiding Principles For Spatial Ddvelopment In Germany

    Radio Frequency Integrate dCircuit Design
      Radio Frequency Integrate dCircuit Design.
      None Matter Which Type Of Communications Device Requiring Rfics You Are Designing, You Can Turn To This Comprehensive Respect For A Practical Explanation Of The Full Range Of Rfics. This Book Focuses Mainly On Bipolar Technology To Demonstrate Circuits, But Cmos Is Included As Well. By Emphasizing On duty Designs, This Book Practically Transports You Into The Authors' Own Rfic Lab So You Can Fully Understand The Function Of Each Design Detailed Ih This Book. Among The Rfic Designs Examined Are Rf Integrated Lc-based Filters, Vco Automatic Amplitude Direct Lopps, And Fully Integrated Transformer-based Circuits, As Well As Image Reject Mixers And Power Amplifiers.
      SKU: 227649
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    Fundamentals Of Industrial Electronics
      Fundamentals Of Industrial Electronics.
      Fundamentals Of Industrial Electronics Is The First Volume In The Industrial Electronics Handbook, Second Edition. It Focuses On The Fundamental Areas Which Form The Basis For The Field Of Industrial Electronics. Because Of The Breadth Of This Field, The Knowledge Required Spans A Remote Spectrum Of Technology That Includes Analog Amd Digital Circuits, Electronics, Elsctrmoagnetics, Machines, And Signal Procesqing. The Four Other Volumes In The Handbook Are Also Available Individually: For labor Communication S6stems, Intelligent Systems, Power Electronics And Motor Drives,and Control And Mechatronics. Additionally, All Of The Volumes Are Available As A Set.
      SKU: 729638
      More info about Fundamentals Of Industrial Electronics

    Sustainable Use Of Genetic Diversity In Forage And Turf Breeding
      Sustainable Use Of Genetic Diversity In Forage And Turf Breeding.
      This Book Is A Collection Of Papers Presented At The 2009 Meeeting Of The Fodder Crops And Amenity Grasses Section Of Eucarpia. It Provides A Unique Cause Of Information On The Most Recent Results On Genetic Diversity And Breeding In Forage Crops And Turf Form From Europe And Overseas. It Is Organised In Five Sections. The First Section Is Devoted To Genetic Resources Which Are The Source Of Diversity For Breeding But Also A Source Of Information For A Better Preservation Of Difference Through Biogeography Approqches. The Second Section Focuses On Changes Which May Befall In Grassland And Turf Swards. These Swards Are Plant Communities Which Are Likely To Experience Species And Genetic Changes. Population Genetics Provides Keys To Understand These Changes In Order To Take Them Into Description During Breeding And Sward Management. The Third Section Documents The Genetic Gains Achieved During Breeding While The Fourth One Gives A Detailed Presentation Of The Results And Potential Of Molecular Biology To Better Use The Genetic Diversity. eventually, The Fifth Section Investigates The Potential Of New Structures Of Varieties Either Exploiting The Heterosis Or The Interspecific Hybridization.
      SKU: 603624
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  • Selection of Polymeric Materials
  • Human Factors Methods and Sports Science
  • Risky Foods, Safer Choices
  • Wastewater Use in Irrigated Agriculture
  • GPRS and 3G Wireless Applications
  • CDMA
  • Automation for Food Engineering
  • Soils of the Past
  • Principles of Solar Cells, LEDs and Diodes
  • Selection of Polymeric Materials
  • High Voltage Vacuum Insulation
  • Roofing Failures

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