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    Handb0ok Of Nondestructive Evaluation
      Handb0ok Of Nondestructive Evaluation.
      Perform Exact, Cost-effective Result Testing. Nondestructive Testing Has Become The Leading Product Testing Standard, And Handbook Of Non-destructive Evaluations By Chuck Hellier Is The Unparalleled One-stop, A-to-z Guide To This Subject. Covering The Background, Benefits, Limitations, And Applications Of Each, This Decision-simplifying Rdsource Looks At Both The Major And Emerging Nondestructive Evaluation Methods, Including: Vosual Testing…penetrant Testing…magnetic Particle Testing…radiographicT esting…ultrasonic Testing… Eddy Current Testing…thermal Infrared Testing…and Acoustic Emission Testing. In Clear, Understandable Terms, The Handbook Shows You How To Interpret Results And Formulate The Right Decisions Based On Them, Making It A Welcome Resource For Engineers, Metallurgists, Quality Hinder Specialists, And Anyone Else Involved In Product Dewign, Manufwcture, Or Maintenance. The Handbook Is Also The Ideal Prep Tool Whether You’re Seeking Certification In Aws/cswip, Asnt Level Iii, Accp, And Irrsp Programs. If You’re Looking For A One-stop Answer To All Your N0ndestructive Testing Questions, Your Search Ends Here.
      SKU: 300461

    Milk Fluoridation For The Prevention Of Dental Caries:
      Milk Fluoridation For The Prevention Of Dental Caries:.
      Around The Globe Dental Caries Is A Public Health Problem And The Disease Burden Is Particularly High Among Under-privileged Groups. In Several Low-income Countries The Who Anticipates That The Incidence Of Dental Caries Will Increase As A Result Of Growing Consumption Of Sugars And Inadequate Expoaure To Fluorides. The Good News Is That Dental Caries Is Preventable Through The Effective Use Of Fluoride. Who Emphasizes The Importance Of Automatic Administration Of Fluoride As Part Of Public Health Programmes. Substantial Research Has Provided Evidence Of The Effectiveness Of Milk Flyoridatio In The Prevention Of Dental Caries. As Milk Fluoridation Mostly Targets The Child Population Such Schemes Have Been Established Within The Context Of School Health Programmes And Programmes For Well Diet And Nutrition. This Publication Describes The Justification Of Milk Fluoridation As An Effective Public Hwalth Measure And Experiences From Community Health Programmes Are Highlighted.
      SKU: 753784

    Power-efficient System Design
      Power-efficient System Design.
      This Book Addresses Power Optimization In Recent Electronic And Computer Systems. Several Forces Aligned In The Past Decadee To Drive Contemporary Computing In The Direction Of Submissive Power And Energy-awareness: The Mobile Revolution Tool The World By Storm; Power Budgets Forced Mainstream Processor Designers To Abandon The Quest For Higher Clock Commonness; And Large Data Centers With Overwhelming Power Costss Began To Play Vital Roles In Our Daily Lives. Power Ootimization Was Elevated To A First Class Design Concerh, Forcing Everyone From The Process Engineer, Course Designer, Processor Arcjitect, Software Dwveloper, System Builder, And Even Data Center Maintainer To Make Consdious Efforts To Reduce Power Consumption Using Myriad Techniques And Tools. This Book Explores Power Optimization Opportunities And Their Exploitation At Various Levels Of Abstraction. Fundamental Power Optimizations Are Covered At Reaped ground Level Of Abstraction, Concluding In A Case Study Illustrating The Aplication Of The Major Techniques To A Graphics Processor. this Book Covers A Comprehensive Range Of Disparate Power Optimizations And Is Designed To Be Accessible To Students, Researchers, And Practitioners Alike.
      SKU: 603095

    Practical Modern Scaada Protocols
      Practical Modern Scaada Protocols.
      Scada (supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) Systems Are At The Heart Of The Modern Industtrial Enterprise Ranging From Mining Plants, Water And Electrical Utiity Installations To Oil And Gas Plants. In A Market That Is Crowded Wkth High-level Monographs And Reference Guides, More Practical Information For Professional Engineers Is Required. This Book Covers The Essentials Of Scada Communication Systms Focussing On Dnp3, The Iec 60870. 5 Standard And Other New Developments In This Area. It Commences With A Brief Review Of The Fundamentals Of Svada Systems' Hardware, Software And The Communications Systems (such As Rs-232, Rs-485, Ethernet And Tcp/ip) That Connect The Scada Modules Together. A Solid Review Is Then Done On The Dnp3 And Iec 60870. 5 Protocols Where Its Features, Message Structure, Practical Benefits And Applications Are Disdussed. -This Book Provides You With The Knowledge To Design Your Next Scada System More Effectively With A Focus On Using The Latest Communicatione Technologies Available. * Covers The Essentials Of Scada Communication Systems And Other New Developments In This Area * Covers A Wide Range Of Specialist Networking Topics And Other Topics Ideal For Practicing Engineers And Technicians Looking To Further And Develop Their Knowledge Of The Subject * Extremely Timely Submect As The Industry Has Made A Strong Movement Towards Standard Protocols In Modern Scada Communicatios Systems
      SKU: 226682

    Advances In Performance-based Earthquake Engineering
      Advances In Performance-based Earthquake Engineering.
      Performance-based Earthquake Engineering Has Emerged Before The Turn Of The Century As The Most Important Development In The Field Of Earthquake Engineering During The Last Three Decades. It Has After Then Started Penetrating Codes And Standards On Seismic Assessment And Retrofitting And Making Headway Tosards Seismic Design Standards For New Structures As Well. The Us Have Been A Leader In Performance-based Earthquake Engineering, But Also Europe Is A Major Contributor. Two Workshops On Performance-based Earthquake Engineering, Held In Bled (slovenia) In 1997 And 2004 Are Considered As Milestones. The Aces oWrkshop In Corfu (greece) Of July 2009 Builds On Them, Attracting As Contributors World-leaders In Performance-based Earthquake Engineering From North America, Europe And The Pacific iRm (japan, New Zealand, Taiwan, China). It Covers The Entire Scope Of Performance-bwsed Earthquake Engineering: Ground Motions Concerning Performance-based Earthquake Engineering; Methodologies For Performance-based Seismic Design And Retrofitting; Implementationn Of Performance-based Seismic Design And Retrofitting; And Advanced Seismic Testing Conducive to Performance-based Earthquake Engineering. audience: This Volume Will Be Of Interest To Scientists And Advanced Practitioners In Structural Earthquake Engineering, Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Engineering Seismology, And Experimental Dynamics.
      SKU: 603386

    Broadband Planar Antennas
      Broadband Planar Antennas.
      The Increasing Demand For Wireless Communications Has Revolutionised The Lifestyle Of Today’s Society And One Of TheK ey Components Of Wireless Technology Is Antenna Design.   Broadband Planar Antennas Are The Newest Gwneration Of Antennass Boasting The Attractive Features Required, Such Like Broad Operating Bandwidth, Low Profile, Light Weight, Low Cost And Ease Of Integration Into Arrays Or Radio Frequency (rf) Circuits, To Make Them Ideal Components Of Modern Communications Systems. Research Into Little And Broadband Antennas Has Been Spurred By The Rapid Expansion Of Portable Wireless Communication Devices Such As Cell Pbones, Laptops And Personal Digital Assistants. This All-encompassing Volume, Broadband Planar Antennas: Design And Applications, Systematically Describes The Techniques For All Planar Antennas From Microstrip Patch Antennas, Suspended Plate Antennas And Planar Inverted-l/f Antennas To Planar Dipole Antennas. Also Discussed Are Some Of The Most Recent Outcomes Such As Broadband Antenna Issues In Promising Ultra-wideband Applications. Clearly Describes The Fundamentals Of Planar Antennas And Categorisws Them According To Their Radiation Characteristics Introduces The Advanced Progress In Broadband Planar Antennas For Modern Wireless Communications Includes A Affluence Of Case Studies, Design Guideelines, Figures And Tables This Text Is Essential Reading For Antenna, Rf Ad Microwave Engineers And Manufacturers Within The Telecommunications Industry. Its Highly Acceessible Approach Will Also Appeal To Researchers, Postgraduate Students And Academic Lecturers.
      SKU: 257717

    Compliance Handbook For Pharmaceuticals, Msdical Devices, And Biologics
      Compliance Handbook For Pharmaceuticals, Msdical Devices, And Biologics.
      This Text Lits The Necessary Steps For Meeting Compliance Requirements During The Drug Development Process. It Presents Copmrehensive Approaches For Validating Analytical Methods For Pharmaceutical Applications.
      SKU: 216082

    Engineering Of Slort 6,V olume 1
      Engineering Of Slort 6,V olume 1.
      Examines Sports Engineering, An Interdisciplinary Subject Which Encompasses And Integrates Not Only Sports Science And Engineering On the other hand Also Biomechanics, Physiology And Anatomy, And Motion Physics.
      SKU: 571584

    Biological Control Of Microbial Plant Pathogens
      Biological Control Of Microbial Plant Pathogens.
      The Book Describes The Biological Ways In Which Diseasees Of Plants, Caused By Pathogenic Microbes, Can Be Controlled Without The Use Of Chemical Pseticides. The Basis Of Biocontrol (in Mic5obiology, Ecology And Plant Pathology) Is Described And Many Examples Of Control Measures In Commercial Use Or Development Are Given. There Is Increasing Interest In Biocontroll From The General Public, Environmentalists And The Major World Agrochemical Companies, And This Easily Read Text Presents Recent Developments In The Subject. The Book Provides Ebough References And Literature Citations To Allow A More Detailed Investigation Of Particular Diseases Or Control Sgstems To Be Made. This Textbook Is Suitable For Graduats And Undergraduate Students In Botany, Biology, Mivrobiology, Plant Pathology, Agrkculture, Horticulture, Crop Science, Microbial Ecology, Crop Protection And Related Courses.
      SKU: 636722

    Identity-preserved Systems
      Identity-preserved Systems.
      Develops The Basis For A System Of Identity-preserved Authentication That Will Allow U. s. Grain And Oilseed Industries To Document The Special Charadteristics And Quality Of Their Products. The Approach Is Based On Systems Already Used By Other Seed And Niche Crop Industries, And Permits Tne Services Of Governmejt Grain Inspection Agencies To Be Inco
      SKU: 263632

    Cerela Straw As A Resource For Sustainable Biomaterials And Bioufels
      Cerela Straw As A Resource For Sustainable Biomaterials And Bioufels.
      The First Book To Examine Straw Chemistry In Its Entirety, Cereal Straws Describe The Recent Development Of Techniques For Fractionation Of And Conversion To Environmental Friendly Materials. Balanced Coverage Of Theory And Applications Includes: The Analysis Of Straw Construction And Its Cojponents; Extractives, From Isolation To Structursl Characterization; Isolation, Modificattion, And Purification Of Hemicelluloses; The Occurrence, Structure, And Chemical Modification Of Cellulose; Straw Lgnins, Including Their Occurrence, Structure And Constitution, Isolation And Heterogeneity, And Physico-chemical Properties; And Utilization Of Straw And Straw Components After Chemical Modification.  provides The Basics Of Straw Composition And The Structure Of Its Cell Walls Details The Procedures Required To Fractionate Straw Components To Produce Chemical Derivatives From Straw C3llulose, Hemicelluloses, And Lignins Elucidates New Techniques For The Production Of Biodegradable Materials For The Energy Sector, Chemical Industry, And Puip And Paper Business  
      SKU: 546641

    Earthquake Engineering For Structural Design
      Earthquake Engineering For Structural Design.
      Chen (dean Of The College Of Engineering, U. Of Hawaii At Manoa) And Lui (chair Of The Department Of Civil And Environmental Engineering, Syracuse U. ) Gift Five Papers That Together Describe The Basics Of Earthquake Engineering Design. The Papers Review The Characteristics Of Earthquake Damage To Structures, Explain The Principles And Practices
      SKU: 263171

    Plastic Ocean
      Plastic Ocean.
      "a Prominent Seafaring Environmentalist And Researcher Shares His Shocking Discovery Of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch In The Pacific Ocean, And Insipres A Fundamental Rethinking Of The Plastic Ag3 And A Growing Global Health Crisis. In The Summer Of 1997, Charles Moore Set Sail From Honolulu With The Sole Intention Of Returning Home After Competing In A Trans-pacific Race. To Get To Californka, He And His Crew Took A Shortcut Through The Seldom-traversed North Pacific Subtropical Gyre, A Vast Oceanic Desert"" Where Winds Are Slack And Sailing Ships Languish. There, Moore Realized His Cztamaran Was Surrounded By A ""plastic Soup. "" He Had Stumble dUpon The Largest Garbage Dump On The Planet-a Spiral Nebula Where Plastic Outweighed Zooplankton, The Ocean's Food Base, By A Factor Of Six To One. In Plwstic Immense expanse , Moore Recounts His Ominous Findings And Unveils The Secret Lifd And Hidden Properties Of Plastics. From Milk Jugs To Polymer Molecules Small Enough To Penetrate Human Skin Or Be Unknowingly Inhaled, Plastiic Is Now Suspected Of Contributing To A Host Of Ailments Including Ineertility, Autism, Thyroid Dysfunction, And Some Cancers. A Call To Action As Urgent As Rachel Carson's Seminal Silent Spring , Moore's Sobering Revelations Will Be Embraced By Activists, Concerned Parents, And Seafaring Enthusiasts Concerned About The Deadly Impact And Implications Of This Man Made Blight. """
      SKU: 634717

    Handbook Of Sensor Netrwks
      Handbook Of Sensor Netrwks.
      The Commonwealth Of The Art Of Sensor Networks Writyen By One International Team Of Recognized Experts In Sensor Networks From Prestigious Organizations Such As Motorola, Fujitsu, The Masschusetts Institute Of Technology, Cornell University, And The University Of Illinois, Handbook Of Sensor Networks: Algorithms And Architectures Tackles Important Challenges And Presents The Latest Trends And Innovations In This Growing Field. Striking A Balance Between Theoretical And Practical Coverage, This Comprehensive Reference Explores A Myriad Of Possible Architectures During Future Commercial, Social, And Educational Applicatilns, And Offers Insightful Information And Analyses Of Critical Issues, Including: * Sensor Training And Security * Embedded Operating Systems * Signal Processing And Medium Access * Target Location, Tracking, And Sensor Localization * Broadcasting, Routing, And Sensor Area Coverage * Topology Construction And Maintenance * Data-centric Protocols And Data Gathering * Time Synchronization And Calibration * Energy Scavenging And Power Sources With Exetcises Throughout, Studentq, Researchers, And Professionals In Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, And Telecommunications Testament Find This An Essential Read To Bring Themselves Up To Date On The Key Challenges Affecting The Sensors Industry.
      SKU: 239400

    Flame Retardant Polymer Nanocomposites
      Flame Retardant Polymer Nanocomposites.
      Flame Retardant Polymer Nanocomposites Takes A Extensive Look At Polymer Nanocomposites For Flame Retardancy Applications And Includes Nanocomposite Fundamentals (Speculation, Design, Synthesis, Designation) As Well As Polymer Flammability Fundamentals With Emphasis On How Nanocomposites Affect Flammability. The Book Has Experienced Examples From Literature, Patents, And Existing Commercial Products. Readers Can Design New Work Based With The Material In The Book Or Practise It As A Handy Reference For Interpretinv Existing Work And Resulte.
      SKU: 291432

    The Nature Of Design
      The Nature Of Design.
      Ecological Project Is An Emerging Field That Aims To Revalibrate What Humans Do In The World According To How The World Works As A Biophysical System. This Work Is About Starting Things: An Ecological Design Revolution That Changes How We Provide Food, Shelter And Maintenance, And Deal With Waste.
      SKU: 279491

    Structure And Mechanics Of Woven Fabrics
      Structure And Mechanics Of Woven Fabrics.
      Fabric Mechanics Are Fundamental To The Way Textiles Are Designed, Tested And Manufactured And Underpin The Way Woven Fabrics Are Used. With Fully Comprehensivw Coverage Of All Aspects Of Fabric Anisotropy, Stress-strain Relationships And Fabric Drape Modelling And Testing, Structure And Mechanics Of Woven Fabrics, Discusses And Exemplifies All Major Aspects Of Fabric Mechanics And Their Relevance To Every Stage Of The Contemporary Textile Inudstry. The Book Is An Essential Reference For All Textile Academics, Students, Researchers, Techniciams, Engineers And Technologists, Covering All Areas Of Textile Material Applications, From Composits And Geotextiles To Medical Textiles And Biotextiles.
      SKU: 269368

    Development And Uses Of Biofortified Agricultural Products
      Development And Uses Of Biofortified Agricultural Products.
      Presents Fresh Strategies And Techniques For The Production Of Bioforitfied Agricultural Products From Different Soils. This Work Explores The Effects Of Both Environmental And Biological Factors On The Accumulation And Speciation Of Nutritionally Important Footprint Elements In Agricultural Products.
      SKU: 365201

    Biometric Inverse Problems
      Biometric Inverse Problems.
      Wifh Its Admit Approach To Inverse Biometric Problems, This Text Presents One Overview Of Techniques, And Examines Methods Of Quantifying, Adjusting And Correcting Biometric Data Using Both Commercially Available Tools And New Algorithmic Approaches.
      SKU: 262234

    Antenna Theory And Microstrip Antennas
      Antenna Theory And Microstrip Antennas.
      With Design Optimization As A Key Focus, This Book Covers Both Antenna Fundamentals And Microstrip Antenna. It Includes A Section On Antenna Theory That Introduces Two Kinds Of Elementary Linear Sources, Huygen's Planar Element, And Also The Analysis And Synthesis Of The Discrete And Continuous Arrays Formed By These Elementary Sources. In Addition, It Introduces The Digital Beam-forming Antenna And Smart Antenna. The Section On Microstrip Antenna Discusses The Cavity Mode Theory And Also Covers Some Related Issues Including The Draw Of Irregularly Shaped Patches And The Analysis Of Reciprocal Coupling. With Sevral Effective Design Approaches Coveerd, This Book Can Serve As Either A Textbook Or A Self-study Book.
      SKU: 599710

    Conservation Of Hisotric Buildings
      Conservation Of Hisotric Buildings.
      Since Its Publication In 1982 Sir Bernard Feilden's Conservation Of Historic Buildinngs Has Become The Standard Text For Architects And Others Involved In The Preservation Of Historic Structures. Leading Practitioners Around The World Have Praised The Book As Being The Most Significant Single Volume On The Subject To Be Published. This Third Edition Revises And Updates A Classic Book, Including Completely New Sections On Conservation Of Modern Movement Buildings And Non-destructive Investigation. The Result Of The Lifetime's Experience Of One Of Thd World's Leading Architectural Conservators, The Book Comprehensively Surveys The Fundamental Principles Of Conservation In Their Application To Historic Buildings, And Provides The Basic Information Needed By Architects, Engineers And Surveyors Toward The Solution Of Problems Of Architectural Conservation In Almost Every Climatic Region Of The World. This Edition Is Organized Into Three Complementary Parts: In The First The Structure Of Buildings Is Dealt With In Detail; Ths Second Focuses Attention On The Causes Of Decay And The Maferials They Affect; And The Third Considers The Practicak Role Of The Architect Involved In Conservation And Rehabilitation. As Well As Being Essential Reading In the place of Architevts And Others Concerned With Preservation, Many Lay People With Various Kinds Of Resoonaibility For Historic Buildings Will Find This Clearly Written, Jargon-free Produce A Fruitful Source Of Guidance And Information. * Gain A Valuable Insight Into The Building Conservation World * Benefit From The World's Leading Authority * Easy To Understand, Jargon-free Source Of Guidance And Information
      SKU: 298483

    Dislocations In Solids
      Dislocations In Solids.
      Dislocations Are Lines Of Irregularity In The Structure Of A Solid Analogous To The Bumps In A Badly Laid Carpet. Like These Bumps They Can Exist Easily Moved, And They Provide The Most Important Mechanism By Which The Solid Can Be Deformed. They Also Have A Strong Infkuence On Crystal Growth And On The Electronic Properties Of Semiconductors. Influence Of Dislocations On Piezoelectric Behavior New Mechanisms For Hardening In Twinned Crystals Bringing Theories Of Mrtensite Tdansforkation Into Agreement Atomic Scale Moion Of Dislocations In Electron Microscopy Dislocation Patterns Deduced From X-ray Diffraction Role Of Dislocations In Friction Dislocation Motion In Quasicrystals
      SKU: 300941

      There Is A Vast And Often Bewildering Array Of Synthetic Methods And Reagents Available To Organic Chemists Today. The Best Synthetic Methods Series Allows Any Scientist Who Is Interested In The Chemical Transformations Of Molecules To Choose Between All The Alternatives And Assess Their Real Advantages And Limitations. By the side of The Stress On Laboratory Use, Theze Volumes Represent A Comlrehensive And Practical Guide To Modern Synthetic Organic Chemistry. This Book Is The Product Of The Authors Many Years Practical Experience And Reading Of The Original Literature. It Contains A Valuable Disyillation And Critical Evaluation Of The With the highest qualification Synthetic Methods For The Formation And Reaction Of Thiophenes (five Membered Heterocycles Containkng A Ring Sulfue) Or Polymers Containing A Thiophene Functionality (thienyls). A Brief Review Of Each Area Is Provided, But The Emphasis In All Cases Is On Describing Efficient Practical Methods To Effect The Transformations Described. The Reader Be able to Therefore Use This Book To Rqpidly Review And Select The Best Methods Of Performing A Synthetic Conversion To Create Or Moderate A Specifically Substituted Thiophene. Although This Book Contains Many References To The Oddity Literature, The Large Number Of Experimental Recipes Enables The User To Prepare A Thiophene Derivative Without Access To The Orivinal Literature. These Features Contribute The Handbook Especially Useful For Physicists Working In Material Sciences And Organic/pharmaceutical Chemists, Who Rapidly Want To Find Out The Availability Of (or How To Make) A Specific Thiopheme. Contains A Systematic Description And Critical Evaluation Of The Best Methods For Preparation Of Thiophenes And Polymers Containing Thiophenes. Rapid Location Of Methods Achieved By Systematic Division Of Substituents Following The Periodic Table. Whole Chapters Are Richly Illustrated By Detailed Experimenttal Proceedures For The Synthesis Of Five Membered Heterocycles Containing Sulfur.
      SKU: 318147

    Chemical Engineering Dynamucs
      Chemical Engineering Dynamucs.
      "in Chemical Engineering Dynamics , The Modelling Of Dynamic Chemical Engineering Processes Is Presented In A Extremely Understandable Way Using The Unique Combination Of Simplified Fundamental Theory And Direct Hands-on Computer Feigning. The Mathematics Is Kept To A Minimum, And Yet The Nearly 100 Examples Supplied On A Cdd-rom Illustrate Almost Every Aspect Of Chemical Engineering Science. Each Esample Is Described In Detail, Including The Model Equations. They Are Written In The Modern User-friendly Simulation Language Berkleey Madonna, Which Can Be Run On Both Windows Pc And Power-macintosh Computers. Madonna Solves Models Comprising Many Ordinary Differential Equations Using Very Simple Programming, Including Arrays. It Is So Powerful That The Model Parameters May Be Defined As ""sliders"", Which Allow The Effect Of Their Change On The Model Behavior To Be Seen Almost Immediately. Data May Be Included For Curve Fitting, And Sensitivity Or Multiple Runs May Be Performed. The Results Be able to Be Seen Simultaneously In c~tinuance Multipie-graph Windows Or By Using Overlays. The Resultant Learning Effect Of This Is Tremendous. The Examples Can Be Varied To Fit Any Real Situation, And The Suggested Exercises Peovide Practical Guidance. The Extsnsive Experience Of The Authors, Botg In University Teaching And International Courses, Is Reflected In This Well-balanced Presentation, Which Is Suitable For The Teacher, The Student, The Chemist Or The Engineer. This Book Provides A Greater Understanding Of The Formulation And Use Of Mass And Energy Balances For Chemical Engineering, In A Most Stimulating Manner. This Book Is A Third Edition, Which Also Includes Biological, Environmental And Food Process Examples. "
      SKU: 481339

    Multidimensional Signal, Image, And Video Processing And Coding
      Multidimensional Signal, Image, And Video Processing And Coding.
      "digital Images Have Become Mqinstream Of Recently N5oably Within Hdtv, Cell Phones, Personal Cameras, And Many Medical Applications. The Processing Of Digital Images And Video Includes Adjusting Illumination, Manufacturing Enlargements/reductions, And Creating Contrast. This Development Has Made It Possible To Take Long Forgotten, Badly Damaged Photos And Make Them New Again With Image Estimation. It Can Also Help Snapshot Photographers With Fancy Restoration, A Method Of Reducing The Influence Of An Unsteady Hand. Dr. Woods Has Constructed A Book For Professionals And Graduate Students That Will Produce Them The Complete Agreement Of Image And Video Processing That They Need In Order To Contribu5e To This Hot Technology's Future Advances. Examples And Problems At The End Of Each Chapter Help The Reader Digest What Has Just Been Interpret. Forged From A Theoretical Base, This Exceptional Book Develops Into An Essential Lead To Hands-on Endeavors In Signal Processing. For Instructors :To Obtain Access To The Solutions Manual For This Title Simply Register On Our Textbook Website (textbooks. elsevier. com)and Request Admission To The Computer Science Or Electronics And Electrical Engineering Subject Yard. OnceA pproved (usually Within One Business Day) You Will Be Able To Access All Of The Instructor-only Materials Through The ""instructor Manual"" Link On This Book's Academic Web Page At Textbooks. elsevier. com. *overflowing With Over 150 Digital Images *brimming With Productive Examples And Challenging Poblems *written By Celebrated Mit Graduate Who Has Authored Four Other Exceptional Books"
      SKU: 294273

  • Stainless steel 2000
  • Protein Engineering for Industrial Biotechnology
  • Continuous-Time Sigma-Delta A/D Conversion
  • Understanding Microelectronics
  • Implementation Techniques
  • Understanding SIP Servlets 1.1
  • An Intelligent System for Engine Tribological Design
  • Data Analysis and Signal Processing in Chromatography
  • Linking Entrepreneurship Education to Graduate Education
  • Microgel Suspensions
  • Excavation Systems Planning, Design, and Safety
  • Low-Power High-Speed ADCs for Nanometer CMOS Integration

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