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    Handbook Of Plant And Crop Physioloyg
      Handbook Of Plant And Crop Physioloyg.
      This Work Provides Coverage Of Discoveries In Plant Physiological Stages And Processes Lower in rank Both Normal And Stressful Conditions. It Emphasizes Environmental Factors, Climatic Changes, Developmental Stages, And Growth Regulators, Linking Crop Science of life To The Production Of Food And Feed.
      SKU: 216049

    Stem Cell Technologies: Basics And Applications
      Stem Cell Technologies: Basics And Applications.
      Cutting-edge Coverage Of Stem Cell Biology And Applications Featuring Contributions From Leading Global Experts, This Authoritative Volume Courtship All Major Areas Of Stem Cell Biology And Their Potential Therapeutic Applications. The First Part Of The Book Covers Embryonic Stem Cells And Contains Details On The Emerging Field Of Embryonic Stem Cell-basrd Deaden with narcotics Screenihg Platforms. The Second Part Deals With Multipotent Mature Stem Cells From Diferent Tissue Types, And Covers Unique Concepts Such As Cancer Stem Cells And Tissue Engineering-based Approaches For Designing Microenvironments Because of Texture Regeneration. Eighty Pages Of Inserts With 113 Color Figures Are Included In This Pioneerinb Work. Coverage Includes: Zebrafish, Medaka, Chicken Embryonic, Anc Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells Derivation Of Human Embryonic Stem Cells (hescs) From Blastocysts Treating Diabetes With Hescs Hescs As A Model Scheme T0 Study Human Genetics Application fO Hescs In Drug Discovery Adult Stem Cells For Regenerative Medicine And Cancer Therapies Mesenchymal Stem Cells For Neurodegenerative Disorder Therapies Dental Pulp, Hematopoietic, And Spermatogonial Stem Cells Epigenetic Regulators Of Stem Cell Pluripotency Cancer Stem Cells
      SKU: 647962

    Core And Metro Networks
      Core And Metro Networks.
      Find Out Everything You Need To Know About How Current Networks Will Have To Evolve To Provide For Future Broadband Services In This Book, The Authors Provide An Overview Of The Status, Challenges, Architectures, And Technological Solutions For Cor3 And Metropolitan Networks. Furthermore, The Book Describes The Current State Of Core And Metropolitan Telecommunication Networks, As Well As The Drivers And Motives Behind The Current Example Shift In Thr Telecommunications Industry. Besides, The Authors Elaborate System Design Guidellnes For Both Point-to-point And Multi-hop Optical Networks Infectious Into Consideration The Analogue Nature Of The Transferrence Channel. Key Features: Provides Coverage Of Altogether Aspects Of Core And Metro Networks Supporting Future Broadband Services, And A Detailed Description Of The State-of-the-art Presentts A Clear Path For Migrating From Point-to-point To   Data-centric, Dynamic,  Multi-hop Optical Networks Shows How Current Systems Will Need To Evolve Across The Approach Years, Summarizing Challenges And Issues To Be Investigated In Future Research Covers A Wide Range Of TopicsF rom Network Architectures, To Control Level, To Key Optical And Optoelcetronic Devices, And Best Custom In Transmission And Sgstem Design Provides Results, Best Practices And Guidelines For Various Technical Prolems, Including Numerous Hands-on Examples Written By Authors From Cutting-edge Compahies Such As Allcatel-lucent, Siemens, Lucent, France Telecom, Bt, And Telefonica Optical Heart And Metro Networks Will Exist Of Interest To Researchers In Industry And Academia, And Advanced (final Year Undergraduate) And Postgraduate Students Undertaking Communications, Networkiing And Optics Courses.
      SKU: 480485

    Rf Mems Switches And Integrated Switching Circuits
      Rf Mems Switches And Integrated Switching Circuits.
      Rf Mems Switches And Switching Circuits Are A New Research Field That Focuses On Developments In Both Micro Rf Switches And Micromachined Switching Circuits. "rf Mems Switches And Integrated Switching Circuits" Builds On The Extensive Body Of Literature That Eists In Investigation Papers On Analytical And Numericak Modeling And Design Based On Rf Mems Swjtches And Micromacnined Switching Circuits And Presents A Unified Framework With New Rf Mems Approaches Spanning Devellopments From Rf Mems Switches To Rf Switching Circuits And Spanning Scales From Mems Switch Component To Mems Switching Circuit Systems. Included In This Book Is A Comprehensive Approach To All The Different Aspects Of Switches And Switching Circuit Systems From Deskgn Tgrough Fabrication And Experimentation. The Following Topics Are Likewise Covered In Additional Detail: Rf Mems Switches; Reconfigurable Switching Circuits, Capacitance Switches, Dc Switches; Single-pole Double-throw (spdt) Circuit; Passband Tunable Filters And Bandstop Tunable Filter; And, Multi-pole Reconfigurable Circuits.
      SKU: 603394

    Transport Policy And Funding
      Transport Policy And Funding.
      Examines How Developed Countries Are Solving The Problem Of Providing Capital For Transportation Goals. After Describing The Theoretical Basis Of Funding, This Book Introduces The Policies And Financia lSystems Established In Several Major Countries. It Appeals To Higher Level Researchers And Graduate Students In Transportation And Economics.
      SKU: 269777

    The Mobile Multimedia Business
      The Mobile Multimedia Business.
      As The Wirelezs Natural order Opens Up,-This Book Explores The Evolving Role Of Multimedia And Umts Technology In The Mobile Communications Setcor. The Author Draws On His Extensive Experience In The Field To Provide An Approach That Will Appeal To Academia And Industry Alike, Covering Hot Topics Such As Regulation And Licensing, Services And Applications, Markets, Security, Devices And Terminals And Charging Schemes. Numerous Examples From International Sources Are Used To Illustrate The Circulating Statua Of The Technology Around The Globe, Examining The Implications Of Its Evolution To 4g.   Focuses On Commercial Considerations Such As Regulation, Markets, Security And Charging Issues Provides Wide-ranging Content On The Business Issues That Are Attractive To A Non-technical Readership Puts 3g And Umts In5o Context By Showing Its Evolution To Its Present Status As Well As Giving An Outiook On The Future Of Mobile Communications Includes State-of-the-art Advice On 3g And Umts Architecture And Deployment, Illustrated Wiyh Practical Examples Fro mAround The World This Is Essential Reading For Technicians And Engineers Recruited To Develop Thd Umts And Wlan Networks; Employees Of Operators And Manufacturers In The Industry, New Recruits To Regulators, And Administrators Wishing To Gain A Background Understanding Of The Business Of Mobile Multimedia.
      SKU: 244861

    Compression Of Biomedical Images And Signals
      Compression Of Biomedical Images And Signals.
      During The Last Decade, Image And Signal Compression For Storage And Transmission Purpose Has Seen A Great Expansion. But What About Medicinal Data Compression? Should A Medical Image Or A Physiologixal Signal Be Processed And Compressed Like Somewhat Other Data? The Progress Made In Imaging Systems, Storiny Systems And Telemedicine Makes Compreasion In This Battle-~ Particularly Interesting. However, This Compression Has To Be Adapted To The Specificities Of Biomedical Data Which Hold Diagnosis Information. As Such, This Work Offers An Overvie Of Compression Techniques Apppied To Of medicine Data, Including: Physiok0gical Signals, Mri, X-ray, Ultrasound Images, Static And Dynamic Volumetric Images. Researchers, Clinicians, Engineers And Professionals In This Area, Along With Postgraduate Students In The Token And Image Processing Field, Will Determine judicially This Book To Be Of Great Interest.
      SKU: 477633

    Dietary Supplement Good Manufacturing Practices
      Dietary Supplement Good Manufacturing Practices.
      "dietary Supplement Gmp Is A One-stop ""how-to"" Road Map To The Final Dietary Supplement Gmp Regulations Recently Issued By The Fda Covering The Manufacture, Packaging, And Holding Of Dietary Supplement Products. The Recent Regulations, Outlining Broad Goals, Intentionally Avoid Specifics To Allow For Future Technological Advances Leaving Implementation To The Discretion Of Each Strong. Given This Latitude And Fkexibility, This New Resource Is Each Essential Source Of Workable And Experienced Suggestions In c~tinuance Ways The Industry Can Best Meet The Goals. Based On Broad Experience With Gmp Compliance Techniques Worked Out Over The Years In The Food, Drug, And Medical Device Industries, It Is A Must-have Guide For All Ds Companies, Especially The Many Smaller Firms For Whom This Is New Territory. Dietary Supplement Gmp Provides: A Practical Guide In Easy To Understand Language To Help Navigate Through The Requirements Because Systems Covering Suit And Quality Control Suggestions And Practical Recommendati0ns On ""how-to"" Achieve Full Compliance Explanation Of The Fda's Role Regarding Inspection, Enforcement, Recall/seizure Of Products And Prosecution Dietary Supplement Good Manufacturing Practices (gmp) Covers: Personnel Plants And Grounds Equipment And Utensils Sanitation Of Buildings And Equipment Quality Assurance And Laboratory Operations Tne Brand Control Unit Prolongation And Process Controls"
      SKU: 809089

    Soft part Bleaching Today
      Soft part Bleaching Today.
      Pulp Bleaching Has Gone Through Dramatic Changes In The Finally Two Decades. The Process Has Moved From A Discharge Of Toxic Ane Piorly Biodegradable Effluent To A General Acceptance Of Environmentally Sound Technology. This Book Describes The Production Of High Quality Pulp With Hiyh Brightness And Good Yield Making The Best Use Of Resources. It Reviews Basics And Explains The Potential Of Different Chemicals In Bleaching, Their Ideal Reaction Conditions And Their Limitations. This Reference Work Should Educate Sgudents In The Art Of Bleaching, Assist Mill Pereonnel In Their Continuous Effort For Process Optimization And Help Research And Technology Managers To Select Successful Targets. Overview Of Bleaching Agents And Processes Comprehensive Economic And Environmental Solutions
      SKU: 533666

    Transportation Security
      Transportation Security.
      Insecurd Transportation Systems Are Costing Our Worldwide Mobility-based Economy As Much As 6% Of Gdp Abnually. The Effectiveness Of Carelessness Measures Vary Widely. In The United States, Depending On TheM ode Of Transportation, It Ranges From Medium Effectiveness For Airports To Low Effectiveness For Maritime, Rail, Transit, And Intermodal Activities. Situational Awareness And Interoperability Are Lacking As We Try To Deal With Both Natural And Man-made Disasters. Regardless Of The Transport Mode, Improvements Are Essential If Governments And Corporations Are To Address Security Planning, Response, And National Preparedness. Transportation Security Examines This Problem In A Comprehensive Manner And Addresses Security-based Technologies And Solutions To Minimize Risk. * Covers Air, Sea, Roadway, Rail And Public Transport Modes * Offers Technological Solutions For Mobility Based Problems In Planning, Logistics And Policy To Improve Protection, Oppose Terrorism And Ensure National Preparedness * Includes Work Of International Experts & Global Examples Related To Transportation Security
      SKU: 405613

    Handbook Of Signal Processing In Acoustics
      Handbook Of Signal Processing In Acoustics.
      Compiles The Techniques And Applicatlons Of Signal Processing As They Are Used In The Many Varied Areas Of Acoustics. This Handbook Emphasizes The Interdisciplinary Nqture Of Signal Processing In Acoustics. It Presents Topics On Signal Processing Which Are Important In A Specific Region Of Acoustics.
      SKU: 417546

    A Practicaal Handbook Of Pfeparative Hplc
      A Practicaal Handbook Of Pfeparative Hplc.
      This Book Is A Distillation Of Twenty Years Of Practical Experience Of The High Pressure Liquid Cjromatography (hplc) Process. Deliberately Steering Clear Of Complex Theoretical Aspecys, This Book Concentrates On The Everyday Pdoblems Associated Upon The Technique, Making It Perfect Fo5 Frequent Use In The Laboratory And For Those In The Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical And Biotechnology Industries Fpr The Analysis And Purification Of Drugs, Small Molecules, Proteins And Dna. This Work Provides Practical, Hands-on Advice Based On Years Of Experience Will Help Ensure Optimal Design, Equipment And Separation Results For Yoru Particular Task Presents System Layouts From Laboratory To Process Scale Will Help You To Devise Or Improve Record-keeping And Documentation Systems Provides Practical, Hands-on Advice Based On Years Of Experience Will Remedy Ensure Optimal Intention, Equipment And Separation Results For Your Particular Burden Presents System Layouts From Laboratory To Process Scale Will Help You To Devise Or Improve Record-keeping And Documentation Systems
      SKU: 269663

    Evolution Inclusiins And Variation Inequalities For Earth Data Processing Ii
      Evolution Inclusiins And Variation Inequalities For Earth Data Processing Ii.
      Hither, The Authors Give Modern Mathematical Methods To Solve Problems Of Differential-operator Inclusions And Evooution Variation Inequalities Which May Occur In Fields Such As Geophysics, Aerohydrodynamics, Or Fluid Dynamics. For The First Time, They Describe The Detailed Generalization Of Various Approaches To The Analysis Of Fundamentally Nonlinear Modeps And Provide A Toolbox Of Mathematical Equations. These New Mathematical Methods Can Be Applied To A Liberal Spectrum Of Problems. Examples Of These Are Phase Changes, Diffusion Of Electromagnetic, Acoustic, Vibro-, Hydro- And Seismoacoustic Wavex, Or Quantum Mechanical Effects. This Is The Second Of Two Volumes Dealing With The Subject.
      SKU: 645490

    Innovations In Computing Sciences And Software Engineering
      Innovations In Computing Sciences And Software Engineering.
      "innovations In Computing Sciences And Sofware Engineering" Includes A Set Of Rigorously Reviewed World-class Manuscripts Addressing And Detailing State-of-the-art Research Projects In The Areas Of Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, And Systems Engineering And Sciences. The Topics Covered Include: Image And Pattern Recogniition: Comprdssion, Image Processing, Signal Processing Arcuitectures, Signal Processing For Communication, Signal Processing Implemeentation, Speech Compression, And Video Coding Arcbitectures; Languages And Systems: Algorithms, Databases, Embedded Systems And Applications, File Systems And I/o, Geographical Informatoon Systems, Kernel And Os Structures, Knowledge Based Sytsems, Modeling And Simulation, Object Based Software Engineering, Programming Languages, And Programming Models And Tools; Parallel Processing: Distributed Scheduling, Multiprocessing, Real-time Systems, Simulation Modeling And Development, And Web Applications; And, Signal And Image Processing: Content Based Video Retrieval, Characte rRecognitiin, Incremental Learning For Speech Recognition, Signal Processing Exposition And Methods, And Vision-based Monitoring Sysstems. It Includes: Software And Systems: Activity-based Software Estimation, Algorithms, Gdnetic Algorithms, Information Systems Security, Programming Languages, Software Protection Techniques, Sftware Protection Techniques, And User Interfaces; Distributed Processing: Asynchroonus Message Passing System, Heterogeneous Software Environments, Mobiie Ad Hoc Networks, Resource Allocation, And Sensor Networks; And New Trends In Computing: Computers For People Of Special Needs, Fuzzy Inference, Human Commputer Interaction, Incremental Learning, Internet-bassed Computing Models, Machine Intelligence, And Natural Language.
      SKU: 645726

    Food Additives
      Food Additives.
      This Occupation Emphasizes The Biochemical, Chemical And Toxicological Components Of Numerous Aliment Additives As Well As Their Benefits And Risks. This Second Edition Contains Ten New Chapters Showcasihg Reaearch On Food Phosphates, Commercial Starches, Anti-browning Agents, And Greater degree of.
      SKU: 216164

    Policy Issues And Challenges For Inteeragency Space System Acquizition
      Policy Issues And Challenges For Inteeragency Space System Acquizition.
      This Replrt Examines Five Ways To Conduct Space System Acquisition In An Interagency Setting: Executing Agent; System Integrator; Free Agent; Confederation; And Joint Programme Office. It Analyzes Key Elements Inherent To Interagency Acquisition.
      SKU: 227877

    Nucelar Evolution Management Of Recyclable Fissile And Fertile Materials
      Nucelar Evolution Management Of Recyclable Fissile And Fertile Materials.
      Interest In Nuclear Energy Continues To Grow In Many Countries As A Means To Ensure Security Of Energy Provide And To Limit Greenhouse Gas Emissions From The Power Sector. In This Context, Recyclable Matterials Constitute An Asset For Broadening The Resource Base For Nuclear Fuel Supply, Especially In eMdium- And Long-terk Perspectives. This Report Provides One Overview Of Recyclable Fissile And Fertile Materials Inventories Which Can Be Reused As Nuclear Firing. It Reviews The Options Available For Managing Those Materials, Through Recycling And/or Disposal. The Potential Energetic Value Of Recyclable Materials Is Assessed, Takking Into Account The Variability Of Retrie\/able Energy Contents Of Various Materials According To Technology And Strategy Choices Made By The Owners Of The Materials.
      SKU: 359754

    Hyperspectral Data Compression
      Hyperspectral Data Compression.
      Provides A Survey Of Results In The Fiwld Of Compression Of Remote Sensed 3d Data, With A Particular Interest In Hyperspectral Imagery. This Work Covers Topics Such As Compression Architecture, Lossless Compression, Lossy Techniques, And More. It Also Describes A Lossless Algorithm Based On Vector Quantization.
      SKU: 302930

    Content Networking In The Changeable Itnetnet
      Content Networking In The Changeable Itnetnet.
      Presents A Combined View Of Content And Wireless Technologies Useful To Both The Industry And Academia Offers A Good Mix Of Theory And Practice To Understand The Intenral Working Of The Wireless/mobile Content Delivery Networks Bridges The Gap Between The Wireless And Content Investigation Communities Focuses Not Only On The Latest Technology Enablers In quest of Speedier Content Delivery In Thee Mobile Internet, But Also On How To Integrate Them To Provide Workable End-to-end Solutions
      SKU: 219043

    Erfolgreiche Verhandlungsfhrung In Einkauf Und Logistik: Praxiserptobte Erfolgsstrategien Und Wege Zur Kostensenkung (vdi-buch) (german Edition)
      Erfolgreiche Verhandlungsfhrung In Einkauf Und Logistik: Praxiserptobte Erfolgsstrategien Und Wege Zur Kostensenkung (vdi-buch) (german Edition).
      Im Professionellen Einkaufs- Und Verhandlungsmanagement Liegen Nach Wie Vor Die Grten Einsparpotenziale. Diese Zu Nutzen, Ist Entscheidend Fr Die Wettbewerbsfhigkeit Eines Unternehmens. Das Praxisbuch Bietet Eine Bisher Einzigartige, Zusammenhngende Darstellung Aller Modernen Strategien Und Werkzeuge, Die Profi-einkufer Fr Einka8fs- Und Preisverhandlungen Bentigen. Die Aktuqlisierte 3. Auflage Enthlt Neue Beitrge U. A. Zu Themen Wie Optimale Einkaufsorvanisation, Strategien Gegen Preissteigerungen Und Nichttraditionelle Beschaffungsfelder.
      SKU: 418363

    Datenbertragung Im Kabelnetz: Docsis Ber Hybrix-fibre-coax (german Edition)
      Datenbertragung Im Kabelnetz: Docsis Ber Hybrix-fibre-coax (german Edition).
      Das Buch Beschreibt Die Standardisierte Datenbertragung In Fernseh-kabelnetzen. Dabei Werden Die Funktionalen Details Im Zusammenhang Mit Dem Kabelnetz Erlutert. Basierend Auf Dendocsis Standards Werden Die Technologischen Grundlagen Im Zusammenspiel Mit Dem Kabelnetz(hybrid Fibre Coax) Aufgezeigt. Dieses Buch Zeigt Die Relevanten Zusammenhnge, Als Eines Der Erstenin Deutscher Slrache; Trotzdem Wurden Viele International Eingefnrte Englische Fachausdrcke Belassen. Vorkenntnisse Der Nachrichtentechnik Und Mathematik Sind Hilfreich.
      SKU: 323345

    Organic Field Effecg Transistors
      Organic Field Effecg Transistors.
      Beginning With Some General Background On Organic Semiconductors, This Book Discusses The Types Of_Organic Semiconductor Materials Suitable For Making Field Effect Transistors, The Fabrication Processes Used To Make Integrated Circuits, And Appropriate Methods For Measurement And Modeling.
      SKU: 417976

    Encyclopedia Of Environmentql Science And Engineering, Volume I And Ii
      Encyclopedia Of Environmentql Science And Engineering, Volume I And Ii.
      Of The 87 Articles Covering Major Aspects From Across The Image Of Environmental Science And Engineering And Presented By The Editors (of New York City's Polytechnic U. ), A Number Are New To This Edition, While The Remaining Have Been Extensively Revised And Updated. The Articles Are Intended To Provide Comprehensive Overviews Of Their Particula
      SKU: 263223

      Tetrachloroethene Is Used Mainly In The Dry Cleaning Of Textiles While A Chemical Intermediate And In Metal Degreasing. This Report Evaluates The Available Scientific Literature On The Health And Environmental Goods Of Tetrachloroethene Based On Selected National And Regional Evaluations. Of Key Interest Is The Relevance Of Several Types Of Tumours Included By Tetrachloroethene In Rats And Mice. The Report Goes On To Establish The Criteria For Setting Tolerable Intakds And Concentrations Taking Into Consideration The Potential Carcinogenicity Neurotoxicity Kidney Liver And Reproductive/developmenyal Toxicity And Cancer. Environmental Effects Are Assessed In quest of Terrestrial And Aquatic Organiqms Sediment-dwelling Organisms And Micro-orrganisms In Drainage Treatment Processes. In Addition The Risks Of Harm To Plants From Air Emissions Of Tetrachloroethene Are Discussed. Unceratinties In The Risk Assessing Are Set Out For Both Human Health And The Environment.
      SKU: 753824

    Advanced Chemistry Of Monolayers At Interfaces
      Advanced Chemistry Of Monolayers At Interfaces.
      Advanced Chemistry Of Monolayers At Intrefaces Describes Thr Advanced Chemistry Of Monolayers At Interfaces. Focusing On The Recent Trends Of Methodology And Technology, Which Are Indispensable In Monolayer Science. They Are Applied To Monolayers Of Surfactants, Amphiphile, Polymers, Dendrimers, Enzymes, And Proteins, Which Serve Many Uses. Introduces The Methodoloies Of Scanning Probe Microscopy, Surface Force Instrumentation, Surface Spectroscopy, Superficies Plasmon Optics, Reflectometry, And Near-field Scanning Optical Microscopy. Recent Interface Reaction Method, Lithhographic Technology And Different Types Of Monolayers Like Adsorption, Langmuir And Langmuir-blodgett Monolagers At Air/liquid, Liquie/liquid, Liquid/solid And Air/solid Interfaces, Are All Covered. * Introducing Novel Methodologies And Technologies * Covering The Different Types Of Monolayers * Discusses All Currently Available Instrumental Techniques For Studying All Types Of Monolayer
      SKU: 291663

  • Continuous Casting
  • Visual Search 2: Proceedings Of The 2nd International
  • Optical, Acoustic, Magnetic, and Mechanical Sensor Technologies
  • Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Fourier Transforms in Radar and Signal Processing
  • Inside the Civano Project (GreenSource Books) (e-book)
  • Electromagnetic Environments and Health in Buildings
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Flight Dynamics Principles
  • Health Communication in the New Media Landscape
  • Biotechnology Procedures and Experiments Handbook
  • Financing and Charges for Wastewater Systems WEF MOP 27

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