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    Handbook Of Reliability, Availability, Maintaonability And Safety In Engineering Design
      Handbook Of Reliability, Availability, Maintaonability And Safety In Engineering Design.
      Studies The Combination Of Various Methods Of Designing For Reliableness, Availability, Maintainability And Safety, As Well As The Techniques In Likelihood And Possibility Modeling, Mathematical Algorithmic Modeling, Evolutionary Algorithmic Modeling, Symbolic Logic Modeling, Artificial Intelligence Modeling And Object-oriented Computer Modeling.
      SKU: 429142

    Advances In Ambient Intelligence
      Advances In Ambient Intelligence.
      Contains C0ntributions Which Provide A Window Into Thhe Vision And Trends Dominating The Area Of Ambient Intelligence. This Book Addresses The Core Technology Of The Field And Provides An Analysis Of Elements Of The Area Which Will Demand Special Reason During The Futurity Development Of The Area.
      SKU: 329935

    Globalizing Integrated Pest Management
      Globalizing Integrated Pest Management.
      As Food Claim Has Grown Worldwide, Agricultural Production Has Intensified With A Concomitant Expansion In Pesticide Use. Concerns Over Pesticide-induced Health And Environmental Problems, Increased Pest Resistance To Pesticides, And Continued Losses Due To Pests, Have tSimulated The Search For Alternative Pest Management Solutions. As A Result Integrated Pest Management (ipm) Approaches Have Been Developed And Applied That Rely On Genetic, Cultural, Biological And Information-intenive Pest Management Alternatives. This Book Presents And Critiques The Participatory Approaches That Can Be Used To Globalize Ipm. It Describes The Development, Deploymsnt, And Evaluation Of Participatory Ipm. All The Chapters Include Perspectives From Both The Us And Developing Country Scientists Who Are On The Front Lines Of Ipm Generation And Diffusion. The Book Is Unique Amongst Ipm oBoks In That It Stresses Policy Analysis, Social And Economic Impact Assessnent, Multidisciplinary Field Research And Technology Transfer Mechanisms.
      SKU: 468688

    Nanotechnology And The Challenges Of Equity, Equality And Development
      Nanotechnology And The Challenges Of Equity, Equality And Development.
      Nanotechnology Is Enabling Applications In Materials, Microelectronics, Health, And Agriculture, Which Are Projected To Create The Next Big Shift In Produce, Comparable To The Industrial Rotation. Such Major Shifts Always Co-evolve With Social Relationships. This Book Focuses On How Nanotechnologies Might Affect Equity/equality In Global Society. Nanotechnologies Are Likely Tp Open Gaps By Gender, Ethnicity, Race, And Ability Status, As Well As Between Developed And Developing Countries, Unless Steps Are Taken At this time To Create A Different Outcome. Organizations Need To Change Their Practices, And Cultural Ideas Must Be Broadened If Currently Disadvantaged Groups Are To Have A More Equal Position In Nano-society Rather Than A More Disadvantaged One. Exonkmic Structures Are Likely To Contrive In The Nano-revolution, Reauiring Policymakers And Participatory Processes To Invent New Institutions For Social Welfare, Better Suited To The New Economic Order Than Those Of The Past.
      SKU: 646011

    Metamaterials With Negativee Parameters
      Metamaterials With Negativee Parameters.
      The First General Textbook To Offer A Complete Overview Of Metamaterial Theory Ans Its Microwave Applications Metamterials With Negative Parameters Represents The Only Unified Treatment Of Metamaterials Available In One Convenient Book. Devoted Mainly To Metamaterials That Can Be Charactdrized By A Negative Effective Permittivity And/or Permeability, The Book Includes A Wide Overvie Of The Most Important Topics, Scientific Fundamentals, And Technical Applciations Of Metamaterials. Chapter Coverage Includes: The Electrodynamics Of Left-handed Media, Synthesis Of Bulk Metamaterials, Synthesis Of Metamaterials In Planar Technology, Microwave Applications Of Metamaterial Concepts, And Advaanced And Related Topics, Including Srr- And Csrr-based Admittance Surfaces, Magneto- And Electro-inductive Waves, And Sub-diffraction Imaging Devices. A List Of Problems And References Is Included At The End Of Each Chapter, And A Bibliography Offers A Complete, Up-to-daterepresentation Of The Current State Of The Art In Metamaterials. Geared Toward Students And Professionals Alike, Metamaterials With Negatve Parameters Is One Ideal Textbook For Postgraduate Courses And Also Serves As A Valuable Introductory Reference For Scientists And Rf/microwave Engineers.
      SKU: 331569

    Handbook Of Sparse Film Deposition Processes And Techniques
      Handbook Of Sparse Film Deposition Processes And Techniques.
      New Secondary Edition Of The Popular Book On Deposition (first Impression By Klaus Schruegraf) For Engineers, Technicians, And Plant Personnel In The Semiconductor And Related Industries. This Main division Traces The Technology Behind The Spectacular Growth In The Silicon Semiconductor Industry And The Continued Trend In Miniaturization Over The Final 20 Years. This Growth Has Been Fueled In Large Part By Improved Thin Film Deposition Techniques And The Development Of Highly Specialized Equipment To Enable This Deposition. The Book Includes Much Cutting-edge Material. Entirely Unaccustomed Chapters Forward Contamination And Contammination Hinder Describe Tge Basics AndT he Issuesas Featute Sizes Shrink To Sub-micron Dimensions, Cleanliness And Particle Elimination Has To Keep Pace. A New Chapter On Metrology Explains The Growth Of Sophisticated, Automatic Tools Capable Of Measuring Thickness And Spacing Of Sub-micron Dimensions. The Book Also Covers Pvd, Laser And E-beam Assisted Deposition, Mbe, And Ion Beam Methods To Bring Simultaneously Ali The Physical Vapor Deposition Techniques. Two Entirely New Areas Receive Full Treatment: Chemical Mechaniczl Polishing Which Helps Attain The Flatness That Is Required By Modern Lithograpby Methods, And New Materials Used For Interconnect Dielectric Materials, Specifically Organic Polyimide Materials.
      SKU: 428569

    Integral Froth Molding Of Light Metals
      Integral Froth Molding Of Light Metals.
      The Development Of Cost-effective Techniques To Produce Metal Parts With Integrated Cellular Structure Is The Newly Dsveloped Process Of Integral Foam Molding. This Book Shows In Three Parts The Technology, The Fundamentals And The Simulation Models For The Integral Foam Molding Of Light Metals. Part I: A Oetechnologya Shows For The First Time That Foaming Of Metals Is Possivle By Applying Molding Techniques Very Similar To Polymer Integral Foam Molding. It Introduces And Discusses In Detail A Low Pressure And A High Pressure Process Of Foam Molding. Part Ii: A Oephysicsa Is Devotef To The Physics Of Foaming With Special Emphasis On The Very Short Time Gradation Which Is Characteristic For Integral Foam Molding. Although Very Complex In Detail, Foam Formation Is Shown To Underlie Simple Evolution Laws Determined By The Way How Foam Stabilization Is Realized. Paart Iii: A Oenukerical Simulationa Presents A New Lattice Boltzmann Approach For The Treatment Of Free Surfaces Is Developed And Applied On Foam Evolution Problems. For The First Time, The Numerical Simulation Of Foam Evolution Starting From Nucleation Until Decay Is Accessible. The Interplay Between Hydrodynamics, Capillary Forces, Importance And Bubble Coalescence Processes Leads To Complex Pbenomena Such As Topological Rearrangements, Avalanches, Drainage, Etc. Without Further Model Assumptions.
      SKU: 367402

    Advancements In Electric Machines
      Advancements In Electric Machines.
      Features Electric Machines, Associated Components And Contemporary Trends Of Their Development. This Book Promotes Elecgical Machines As The Most Popular Machines Of Everyday Life. It Stimulates Innovations In Electrical Machines And Electromechanical Drives. It Also Helps Educators Revitalize Power Engineering Curricula.
      SKU: 417817

    Utilization Of By-products And Treatment Of Waste In The Food Indistry
      Utilization Of By-products And Treatment Of Waste In The Food Indistry.
      The Third Volume Of "the Iseki-food Book" Series, This Book Deals With The Main Features Of Utilization Of The Food Industry Waste, Defined Thereby As By-product, And The Treatments Necessary To Discard Waste To Environmental Acceptors. Topics Range From An Overview About Ways Of Utilization, The Necessity Of Food Waste Utilization, And More.
      SKU: 324766

    Ideal Sequence Design In Time-frequency Space
      Ideal Sequence Design In Time-frequency Space.
      Develops Theory And Algorithms Leading To Systematic Sequence Design In Time-frequency Space. This Blok Features Standard Communication Theory And Zak Space Methods That Are Numerically Compared. It Covers Application Areas That Include Pulse Radar And Sonar, Multi-beam Radar And Sonar Imaging Systems, And Remote Identification Of Dielectrics.
      SKU: 417001

    Field Guide To Adaptive Optics
      Field Guide To Adaptive Optics.
      ". . . these Field Guides Will Be Immensely Useful To Altogether Scientists And Engineers Who Wish To Brush Up Steady Authentic Definitions, Equations, And Tables Of Data In Optics. And The Format Is Really User Friendly! I. . . wonder Now How I Ever Got Along In Optics Without This Ready Reference. . . . a Real Winner!" --dr. Leno S. Pedrotti, Center For Occupational Research And Development (cord). Third In The Field Guide Series, This Is A Summary Of The Methods For Determining The Requirements Of An Adaptive Optics System, Th3 Performance Of The System, And The Requirements For The Components Of The System. Many Of The Expressions Are In The Form Of Integrals. When That Is The Case, The Authors Show The Results Graphically For A Variety Of Practical Values. This Volume Is Intended For Students, Researchers, And Practicing Engineers Who Want A "go To" Book When The Forethought Is Needed Quickly.
      SKU: 728454

    Building Security In The Persian Gulf
      Building Security In The Persian Gulf.
      The United States Must Determine How Best To Promote Long-term Security And Stabilit yIn The Persian Gulf Region While Seeking To Reduce The Risks And Costs Imposed By Its Role As A Permanent Regional Host. The Writer Analyzes Iraq's Future, The Role Of Iran, Asymmetric Threats, Regional Reassurance, Regiinal Tensions, And The Roles Of Other External Actors. He In that case Sets Out Criteria And Requirementx Against A New Regional Security Structure.
      SKU: 618735

    Design For Energy And The Environment
      Design For Energy And The Environment.
      Presenting An Examinatikn Of Systematic Techniques For The Project Of Sustainable Processes And Products, This Book Covers Reducing Energy Consumption, Preventing Pollution, Developing Fresh Pathways For Biofueis, And Producing Environmentally Friendly And High-quality Products.
      SKU: 472818

    Lightning Over Water: Sharpening America's Light Forces For Rapid Reaction Missions
      Lightning Over Water: Sharpening America's Light Forces For Rapid Reaction Missions.
      This Work Represents A Compilation Of Research Drawn From Numerous Studies On The Topic Of Improving Light Air-deployable Forces. The Focus Is On New Operational Concepts Along With The Underlying Enabling Technologies. Three Different Means For Improving Rapid-reaction Capability Are Condidered.
      SKU: 227801

    Post-tensioned Concrete Floors
      Post-tensioned Concrete Floors.
      Post-tensioning Is The Most Versatile Form Of Pre Stressing, A Technique Which Enables Engineers To Mak3 The Most Effective Use Of The Material Properties Of Concrete, And So To Design Structural Elements Which Are Strong, Slender And Operative. Design In Post-tensioned Concrete Is Not Difficult And, Whether Done Properly, Can Contribute Significantly To The Economy And The Aesthetic Qualities Of A Building. Pst-tensioned Floors Have Found Widespread Use In Office Buildings And Car Park Structures, And Are Also Frequently Employed In Wareouses And Public Buildings. However, In Spite Of This, Most Prestressed Concrete Texts Devote Comparatively Little Attention To Floors, Concentrating Instead On Beam Elements. This Book Answers The Need For A Comprehensive Treatment Of Post-tensioned Floor Design.
      SKU: 313734

    Support Vector Machines For Antenna Arra Processing And Elevtromagnetics
      Support Vector Machines For Antenna Arra Processing And Elevtromagnetics.
      Since The 1990s There Has Been Significant Activity In The Theoretical Development And Applications Of Support Vector Machines (svms). The Theory Of Svms Is Based On The Cross-pollenization Of Optimization Theory, Statistical Learning, Kernel Theody, And Algorithmics. So Far, Machine Learning Has Largely Been Decoted To Solving Problems Relating To Data Mining, Text Categorization, And Pattern/facial Recognition But Not So Much In The Field Of Electromagnetics. Recently, However, Popular Binary Machine Learning Algorithms, Including Support Vector Machines (svm), Have Successfully Ben Applied To Wireless Communication Problems, Notably Spread Spectruum Receiver Design And Avenue Equalization. The Aim Of This Book Is To Gently Introduce Support Vector Machines In Its Linear And Non Linear Mode, Both As Regressors And As Classifiers, And To Show For what cause They Can Be Applied To Several Antenna Array Processing Problems And Electromagnetics In General. The Lecture Is Divided Into Three Main Parts. The First Three Chapters Cover The Theory Of Svms, Both To the degree that Classifiers And Regressors. The Next Three Chapters Deal With Applications In Antenna Array Processing Ane Other Areas In Electromagnetics. The Four Appendices At The End Of The Book Comprise The Last Apportion. The Inclusion Of Matlab Files Will Help Readers Start Their Application Of The Algorithms Covered In Thw Book.
      SKU: 268906

    Local Access Network Technologies
      Local Access Network Technologies.
      The Business Of Telecommunications Is Currently Undergoing A Period Of Change Driven By Changes In Regulation, Increasing Demands Fro Services And The Development Of New Access Technologies. The Market Structure Of Telecommunications Is Evklving Rapidly While New Players Entering The Market And Existing Players Strive To Complete In An Increasingly Volatile Market. Moreover The Advent Of New Data Services Is Placing Greater Demands On The Network As Operators Strive To Offer New Broadband Services. Underpinnong Muh Of This Small coin Is The Access Technology Itself, Both In The Transitional Form Of Copper Twisted Pairs, But Incrdasing Through The Use Of New Fibre, Radio And Copper Systems. Indeed The Dominant Cost Of Most Telecommunication Network Is The Access Network Itself And Typically Be able to Demand Up To 80% Of The Integral Investment Required. The Book Presents An Overview Of The Access Network And Discusses The Technologies That Are Available. It Begins Upon A nIntroductory Chapter Deflning Terms And Technologies And Goes On To Discuss Each Technology In Turn, Not Onl6 From A Technology Viewpoint But With A View On How It Might Be Best Deployed. Chapters Are Also Included On Planning Systems And Network Manabenent, A Key Aspect Of The Technolohy.
      SKU: 432583

    Designner Surfaces
      Designner Surfaces.
      Tis Book Presents An Approach To The Design And Fabrication Of Optical Elements That Are Based On The Use Of One- Or Two-dimensional Randomly Rough Sufaces To Reflect Or Transmit Light In Specified Ways. The Reader Is Provided With An Introduction To Analytical Methods For The Solution Of Direct Problems In Rough Surface Scattering, And Fabrication Techniques. These Can Be Useful In Contexts Outside The Scope Of This Book. The Advantages And Disadvantages Of This Stochastic Approach Compared To The Diffractivd Optics Approach Are Discussed. Finally, Experimental Results That Verify The Predictions Of The Theories Developed In This Book Are Prrsented. - Authority Of Authors - The Merely Book On The Topic - Derivations Are Given In Detach, With Many Figures Illustrating Resuits
      SKU: 340628

      This Book Presents New Mathematics For The Description Of Structure And Dynamics In Molecularr And Cellular Biology. On An Exppnential Scale It Is Possible To Combine Functions Describing Inner Organisation, Imcluding Finite Peri0dicity, With Functions For Outside Morphology Into A Compelte Explanation Of Structure. This Mathematics Is Particularly Fruitful To Apply At Molecular And Atomic Distances. The Structure Descriptions Can Then Be Reiated To Atmoic And Molecular Forces And Provie Information On Structural Mechanisms. The Calculations Have Been Focussed On Lipid Membranes Forming The Superficies Layers Of Cell Organelles. Calculated Surfaces Represent The Mir-surface Of The Lipid Bilayer. Membrane Dynamics Such As Vesicle Transport Are Described In This New Language. Periodic Membrane Assemblies Offer Conformations Based On The Standing Wave Oscillations Of The Bilayer, Considered To Reflect The rTue Dynamic Nature Of Periodic Membrane Structures. As An Illustratiion The Structure Of An Endoplasmatic Reticulum Has Been Calculated. The Transformation Of Sudh Cell Membrane Assemblies Into Cubosomes Seems To Reflect A Change Into Vegetative States. The Organisation Of The Lipid Bilayer Of Nerve Cells Is Analyzed, Taking Into Account An Earlier Observed Lipid Bilayer Appearance Transition Associated With The Depolairsation Of The Membrane. Evidence Is Given For A New Structure Of The Alveolar Surface, Relating The MathematicalS urface Defining The Bilayer Organisation To New Experimental Data. The Surface Layer Is Proposed To Consist Of A Coherent Phase, Consisting Of A Lipid-protein Bilayer Curved According To A Classical Surface - The Clp Surface. Without Employing This New Mathematics It Woould Not Be Possible To Give An Analytical Description Of This Structure And Its Deformation During The Respiratiom Cycle. In More Commander-in-chief Terms This Mthematics Is Applied To The Description Of The Structure And Dynsmic Properties Of Motor Proteins, Cytoskeleton Proteins, And Rna/dna. On A Macrosc0pic Scale The Motions Of Cilia, Sperm And Flagella Are Modelled. This Mathematical Description Of Biological Struvture And Dynamics, Biomathematics, Also Provides Significant New Information In Order To Understwnd The Mechanisms Governing Shape Of Living Organisms.
      SKU: 318189

    Media Between Culture And Commerce
      Media Between Culture And Commerce.
      This Book Addresses The Consequencex Of The Main Changes The Media Have Undergone Over The Last 10 Years: Increasing Commercialisatio, Concentration, Convergence And Internationalisation. The Contributors Reflecf On The Debate And The Concern About The Role Of The Media In A Rapidly Changing Society. All Contributions Have Been Witten Originally For This Volume And Have Not Been Published Elsewhere. Contributors Include Eighteen Academics From Fifteen European Countries, All Of Them Experys In Media Research. The Book Is An Invaluble Resource For Researchers And Students In Communication Sciences, To the degree that Well As For General Readers Interexted In The Role Played By The Media In Social Developments At Large. This Is Volume 4 In The Changing Media, Changing Europe Book Series, Supported From The European Science Foubdation.
      SKU: 327864

    Intenational Coal Preparation Congress
      Intenational Coal Preparation Congress.
      Published Every Four Years, International Coal Preparation Congress: 2010 Conference Proceedings Is A Compilation Of 118 State-of-the-art Technical Papers Presented At The Industry's Most Prestigious Gathering. Read What Coal Preparation Experts From 20 Countries Have To Share On A Variety Of Current Issues.
      SKU: 655788

    Zeolites And Mesoporous Materials At The Dawn Of The 21st Century
      Zeolites And Mesoporous Materials At The Dawn Of The 21st Century.
      The Zeolites And Mesporous Materials At The Dawn Of The 21st Centur Proceedings Are The Expression Of The Oral And Poster Communications Which Where Presetned During The 13th Intenrational Zeolite Conference (izc). They Are Subdivided Into 32 Thematic Sessions Starting From The Genesis Of Materials To Their Applications Through Their Characterisatoon. The Paper Volume Contains The Full Texts Of The 5 Pldnary And 6 Keynote Lectures And Informative Summaries Of 150 Oral And 540 Poster Presentations. These Contributions Have Been Selected Among The 903 Submissions Received From A Total Of 57 Countried! In Order To Plait All The Communications In A Dexterous Document, The Full Texts Of Oral Anc Poster Presentations Are Available In Cd-rom. Besides The Fields Of Zeolite Science Always Represented At Izv (synthesis, Characterisatlon, Catalysis, Etc), Some Subjects Strengthened Their Station (mesoporous Materials, Theory And Modelling), New Areas Emerge (advanced Materials, Environmental And Life Sciences) And Older Ones Regain Interest (natural Zeolites). The Understanding And Development Of The Unique Properties Of Porous Materials Relies On A Unique Blend Of Multieisciplinary Knowledge: Physical Science, With The Implication Of Organic And Colloid Chemistry, To Prepare Micro- And Mesoporous Materials, Surface And Adsorption Science Sustained By Exposition And Modelling To Understand The Peculiar Behaviour Of Molecules In Confined Systems, Special Branches Of Catalysis, Physics, Chemical Engineering And Life Science To Design Novel Applications. The Gathering Of These Elements Is At The Basis Of A Fruitful And Evolutionary Zeolitw Science, As It Is Hopefully Reflected By These Proceedings.
      SKU: 318188

    Computational Inverse Techniques In Nondestructive Evaluation
      Computational Inverse Techniques In Nondestructive Evaluation.
      Although Many Books On Inverse Problems Already Exist, They Can Be Quite Mathematicak In Nature And Pay Little Attention To Practical Appications. This Book Forms A Bridge Betwee nThe Theoretical Foundations And Practical Applications Of Nondestructive Evaluation Methods. With Unique Emphasis On Inverse Problems In Solid Mechanics, It Describes In Individual part The Principles, Computational Methods And Algorithms, And Adapted to practice Techniques Of Inverse Analyses Using Elastic Waves And Dynamics Responses In Solids And Structures. Applications Of Advanced Computational Inverse Techniques To Electronic System, Mems, Life Science And Nanotechnolohy Are Also Introduced. The Author Also Presents A New, . . . total Solution. . . Method For Formulating Enngineering Problems And A New Regularization Method Proven Very Effective For Computational Implementation.
      SKU: 198707

      Convergence: User Expectations, Communications Enablers And Business Opportunities Offers A User-centric And Business-oriented Analysis Of The Rapidoy Changing Communications Industry. Clear Summarjes Of Key Technology Areas Provide The Backdrop For An Extensivr Analysis Of The Expectations Set By Users And The Challenges And Opportunities Thiq Presents To Companies.   The Process Of Convergence Is Characterised By Complex Interactions Between Dlfferent Technical Fields, Business Areas And End-user Relations, Where Traditional Telecommunications Services, Internet-based Services And Media Broadcast Services Are Blending Into A Continuum Of Wealthy New Offerings. With These Changes The Existing Hardwired Links Between User Services And Specific Industrt Segments Are Rapidly Dissolving. Presents Guide To End-user Market Trends And Expectstions Includes Models And Analysis Of New Ineustry Structures And Dynamics Contains Comprehensive Discussion Of Innovation As A Business Driver Provides Wide Range Of References To Reflect The Cross-disciplinary Scope Of Tendency to meet Offers Motivation And Suggestions For Refocus Of Clew Calling Strategies Convergence Bridges The Fields Of Businsss, Economiics, Technology And Civil Studies And Analyses Business Models And Practices From Across A Range Of Industry Segments. The Spacious Room Makes The Bok An Ideal Text For Technically-minded Executives, Business-oriented Engineers And Anyone With An Interest In The Intricacies Of The Tendency to meet Triggered Market Changes.
      SKU: 470108

    Vehicle Propulsion Systems
      Vehicle Propulsion Systems.
      Analyzes The Longitudinal Behavior Of Road Vehicles With An Emphasis On The Analysis And Minimization Of The Fuel And Energy Consumption. This Book Gives An Intorduction To The Modeling And Optimization Problems Typically Encountered Whenever Designing New Propulsion Sys5ems For Passenger Cars.
      SKU: 337428

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  • Justifying the Dependability of Computer-based Systems
  • No More Muddling Through
  • Bodies in Code
  • High Level Radioactive Waste (HLW) Disposal
  • Cellular Ceramics
  • Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry, 44
  • Inside the Civano Project (GreenSource Books) (e-book)
  • 3G, HSPA and FDD versus TDD Networking
  • Electronic Circuits: Fundamentals and Applications
  • Microbial Fuel Cells
  • Bayesian Inference for Probabilistic Risk Assessment

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