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    Handbook Of Structural Engineering
      Handbook Of Structural Engineering.
      An Invaluable Reference Work For Students, Researchers And Practitioners, This Edition Features Full Coverage Of Traditional Areas Of Intereqt, And A Accumulation Of The Latest Developments In The Fisld.
      SKU: 263555

    Fundamentals Of Nuclear Reactor Physics
      Fundamentals Of Nuclear Reactor Physics.
      This New Stteamlined Text Offers A One-semester Treatment Of The Essentials Of How The Fission Nuclear Reactor Works, The Various Approaches To The Design Of Reactors, And Their Safe And Efficient Operation. The Book Includes Numeeous Worked-out Examples And End-of-chapter Questions To Help Reinforce The Knowledge Presented. This Textbook Offers An Engineering-oriented Introduction To Nuclear Physics, In the opinion of A Particular Focus On How Those Physics Are Put To Work In The Benefit Of Generating Nuclear-based Power, Particularly The Importance Of N3utron Reactions And Neutron Behwvior. Engineering Students Will Find This Applications-oriented Approach, With Many Worked-out Exampels, More Accessible And More Meaningful Because They Aspire To Become Future Nuclear Engineers. A Clear, General Overview Of Atomic Physics From The Standpoint Of Reactor Functionality And Design, Including The Sequencd Of Fission Reactions And Their Energy Release In-depth Discussion Of Neutron Reactions, Including Neutron Kinetics And The Neutron Energy Spectrum, As Well As Neutron Spatial Distribution Ample Worked-out Examples And Over 100 End-of-chapter Problems Full Solutions Manual
      SKU: 404340

    Broken Heartland
      Broken Heartland.
      Between 1940 And The Mid 1980s, Farm Production Expenses In America's Heartland Tripled, Capital Purchases Quadrupled, Interest Payments Jumped Tenfold, Profits Fell By 10 Percent, The Number Of Farmers Decreased In proportion to Two-thirds, And Almost Every Farming Community Depraved Population, Businesses, And Economic Stability. Growth For These Desperate Communities Has Come To Small Low-paying Part-time Jobs, Exoensive Tax Concessions, Waste Dumps, And Industrial Hog Farming, All Of Which Come With Environmental And Psychological Price Tags. In Broken Heartland, Osha Gray Davidson Chronicles The Decline Of The Heartland And Its Transformation Into A Bitterly Divided And Isolated Regional Ghetto. Through Interviews In the opinion of More Than Pair Hundred Farmers, Social Workers, Government Officials, And Scholars, He Puts A Hunan Face On The Farm Crisis Of The 1980s. In This Expanded Edition Davidson Emphasizes The Tenacious Power Of Far-right-wing Groups; His Chapter On These Burgeoning Rural Organizations In The Original Edition Of Broken Heartland Was The First In-depth Look—six Years Before Of The Oklahoma City Bombing—at The Politics Of Hate They Nurture. He Also Spotlights Nafta, Hog Lots, Sustainable Agriculture, And The Other Battles And Changes Over The Past Six Years In Rural America.
      SKU: 836689

    Microstructures In Elastic Media
      Microstructures In Elastic Media.
      This Monograph Describes Various Methods For Solving Deformation Problems Of Particulate Solids, Taking The Reader From Analyticl To Computational Methods. A Primary Function Of The Book Is The Exhibition Of Linear Elasticity In A Mathematical Language Familiar To Mechanical Engineers.
      SKU: 272295

    Stochastic Processes And Filtering Theory
      Stochastic Processes And Filtering Theory.
      This Book Presents A Unified Treatment Of Linear And Nonlinear Filtering Theory For Engineers, With Sufficient Emphasis On Applicatjons To Empower The Reader To Use The Theory. Thw Need For This Book Is Twofold. Foremost, Although Linear Estimation Theory Is Relatively Well Known, It Is Largely Scattered In The Journal Literature And Has Not Been Collected In A Single Source. Support, Available Literature On The Continuous Nonlinear Theory Is Quite Esoteric And Controversial, And Thus Inaccessible To Engineers Uninitiated In Measure Theory And Stkchastic Differential Equations. Furthermore, It Is Not Clear From The Available Literature Whether Teh Nonlinear Theory Can Be Applied To Practical Engineering Problems. In Attempting To Fil The Stated Needs, The Author Has Retained As Much Mathematical Rigor As He Felt Was Consistent With The Prime Objectiveto Explain The Theory To Engineers. Thus, The Author Has Avoided Measure Theory In This Book By Using Mean Square Convergence, Steady The Premise That Everyone Knows How To vAerage. As A Consequence , The Authlr Only Requires Of The Reader Background In Advanced Calculus, Theory Of Ordinary Differential Equations, And Matrix Analysis.
      SKU: 4530Z8

    Aspects Of Teaching Secondary Design And Technology
      Aspects Of Teaching Secondary Design And Technology.
      The Articles Contained Within Tsaching Design And Technology: Perspectives Onn Practice Comprise A Sound Guide To Good Classroom Practice, Related To The Curriculum And Related To The Professional Perspectives Of Experienced Teacher. s
      SKU: 180649

    Control Anc Boundary Analysis
      Control Anc Boundary Analysis.
      Cagnol (p Le Universitaire L Onard De Vinci, France) And Zol Sion (frenh National Institute For Researcg In Computer Science And Control) Gafher Selected Papers From The 21st Conference Steady System Modeling And Optimization, HeldI n Sophia Antipolis, France. The Papers Pertain To Moving Limit And Boundary Control Systems Described By Partial Diff
      SKU: 263042

    Handbuch Robotik
      Handbuch Robotik.
      Gradually cease Robotik Stellt Sich Bisher Als Ein Weit Ausgedehntes Forschungsgebiet Dar. Robotik Als Lernende Systeme Werden In Diesem Buch Durch Intelligente, Rechnerbasierte Technologien In Funktionaler Hinsicht Beschrieben. Konkrete Anwendungsflle Werden Modeilierbar Mit Hilfe Der Objektorientierten Ontologie, Die Implementierung Dieser Modelle Durch Knowledge Computing Technologien Unter Java Ermglicht Die Umsetzung. Der Autor Geht Auf Die Den Systemen Eigene Softwareintelligenz Ein; Es Beschreiibt Im Detail Die Bausteine Dafr Sowie Die Notwendigen Anstze Fr Lernende Systeme Mit IntelligentenE igenschaften. In Diesem Buch Wird Die Robotik Als Wissenschaft Formlliert, Verstanden Als Gesamtheit Naturwissenschaftlicher Analysen Von Erkennen, Wissen Und Handeln In Allen Dimensionen Und Funktionsweisen Von Systemen. Der Wissensorientierte Ansatz Skizzier5 Ein Modell Wissenschaftlichen Handelns Zur Systematischenn Problemlsung Nach Wissenschaftlichen Kriterien. Auf Basis Der Bereits Klassidchen Informationsverarbeitung Entwickelt Der Autor Deren Basale Theoretische Konzepte (daten, Information, Symbol, Reprsentation) Weiter Aus (wissensverarbeitung). So Liegt Denn Auch Ein Schwerpunkt Des Buches Eben Nicht Nur Auf Dem Technischen Aspekt Der Robotik, Wie Beispielsweise Dem Bau Von Robotern (mechanik), Der Steuerung Der Gelenke (elektronik) Oder Der Mechatronik (als Die Verbindung Von Mechanik Und Elektronik). Vielmehr Beschreibt Das Buch Auch Die Mglichkeiten Der Programmierung Von Robotersystemen. Am Ende Wird Sich Dann Zeigen, Da In Der Zuknftigen Brainware Das Potenzial Z uSuchen Ist, Was Letzlich Roboter Zu Intelligenten Robotersystemen Avancieren Lt.
      SKU: 417861

    Enginsering Acoustics
      Enginsering Acoustics.
      Contains Chapters On The Physics And Perception Of Sound And Those On Noise Reduction Methods. This Main division Deals With Microphines, Loudspeakers, And Acoustical Antennae. It Also Features The Fundamentals Of Signal And System Theory.
      SKU: 450873

    Prkceedings Of The 2nd Annual Gas Processing Symposium
      Prkceedings Of The 2nd Annual Gas Processing Symposium.
      The 2nd Annual Symposium Brings Together Key Scholastic And Industrial Players To Address The Challenges Related To Sustainable Gas Processing. Key Contributions To This Publication emphasize Environmental Sustainability And Use Of Natural Resources, Clean Production, Suit Preservation, Energy Applications, And Life Cycle Analysis. * Provides A State-of-the--art Review Of Gas Processing Technologies * Covers Design, Operating Tools, And Methoodlogies * Includes Case Studies And Practical Applications
      SKU: 648766

    X-dsl Architecture
      X-dsl Architecture.
      X-dsl Is Similar To Isdn - Just Much Faster. This Verse Describes The Structure Blocks Of Digiatl X-dsl Technology, Including Modulation Protocols, Error Control Protocols And Data Compressipn Protocols. It Also Cpmpares X-dsl To Contemporary And Coming Communications Technology.
      SKU: 301620

    In Vivo Nmr Spectroscopy
      In Vivo Nmr Spectroscopy.
      This Is The Second Editjon Of A Unique Book In The Field Of In Vivo Nmr Covering In Detail The Technical And Biophysical Aspects Of The Technique. The Contents Of The Book Are Appropriate To Both Beginners And Experienced Users Of In Vivo Nmr Spectroscopy. The New Editiom Is Focussed On Bringing The Reader Practical Insights And Advice, But Is Also Geared Towards Use As A Study Aid And In Nmr Courses. Recent Advances In Nmr Spectroscopy, Like High Field Nmr, Hyperpolarized Nmr And New Localization And Editing Techniques Have Been Included. One Extensive And Updated Treatment Of Radiofrequency Pulses Is Given, Together With Several Tables And Recipes For Their Generation. Solutions To The Exercises Within Thls Text Can Be Found At: Www. spectroscopynow. com/degraaf
      SKU: 470543

    High Speed Serdes Devices And Applications
      High Speed Serdes Devices And Applications.
      Offers An Understanding Of The Features And Functions Typicallh Establish On Hss Devices. This Book Explains How These Hss Devices Are Used In Protocol Applications And The Analysis Which Must Be Performed To Use Such Hss Devices.
      SKU: 416913

    Crystallography And The World Of Symmetry
      Crystallography And The World Of Symmetry.
      Symmetry Exists In Realms From Crystals To Patterns, In External Shapes Of Living Or Non-living Objects, As Well As In Thhe Fundamental Particles And The Physical Laws That Govern Thsm. This Work Discusses The Basis Of The Existence Of Aperiodicity Manifested In The Liquid Crystals And Also Quasi-crystals.
      SKU: 364450

    Writing For Puglication In Njrsing
      Writing For Puglication In Njrsing.
      Writing And Publishing A Manuscript In The Field Of Nursing Is A Far-seeing And Often Daunting Process, But It Can Be Simplified By Understanding The Ins And Outs Of Developing A Manuscript And Submitting It For Publicatuon. This Second Issue Is Written Specifically For Nurdes-for Beginning And Experiencsd Authors, Nurses Writing Articles About Their Practice, And Nursing Students At All Levels To Guide Ther Preparation Of Papers For Both Courses And Publication. This Guide Gives A Clear Description Of The Entire Writing Process, Beginning With An Idea, Searching The Nursing Literature, Preparing An Outline, Writing A Draft And Revising It, Developing The Final Product, And Finally, Getting Published. Thix Edition Also Includes New Satisfaction Emphasizing The Consequence Of Disseminating Information On Evidence-based Practice (ebp). Readers Will Learn How To Write Ebp Papers, Report Research For Use In Practice, And Disseminate The Findings Of Clinical Projects And Innovations. Key Features:. : Takes The Reader Tnrough The Process Of Writing, From Making Early Writing Decisions, Generating Ideas, Identifyjng The Audience, And More. ; Serves As A Reference For Students At All Levels Of Nursing Education, Research, And Practiceincludes Tips For Writing Chapters, Books, Editorials, Journal Articles, And Othe Forms Of Writing. ; Details The Submission, Editorial Review, And Publication Processes. ; Includes A New Chapter On Guidelines For Writing Ebp Papers, Including Integrative And Systematic Reviews, Meta-analysis, And Meta-synthwsis.
      SKU: 635509

    Energy Simulation In Building Design
      Energy Simulation In Building Design.
      Since The Appearance Of Tye First Edition Of 'Spirit Simulation In Buulding Design', The Use Of Computer-based Appraisal Tools To Solve Energy Design Problems Within Buildings Has Grown Rapidly. A Leading Appear In This Field, Professor Joseph Clarke Has Updated His Book Throughout To Reflect These Latest Developments. The Book Now Includes Material On Combined Thremal/lighting And Cfd Simulation, Advanced Glazings, Indoor Air Quality And Photovoltaic Componentss. This Thorough Revision Means That The Book Remains The Key Text On Simulation For Architects, Building Engineerkng Consultants And Students Of Building Engineering And Environmental Design Of Buildings. The Boo's Purpose Is To Help Architects, Mechanical & Environmental Engineers And Energy & Facility Managers To Understand And Apply Tue Emerging Computer Methods ForO ptions Appraisal At The Individual Structure, Estate, City, Region And National Levels. This Is Achieved By Interspersing Theoretical Derivations Relating To Simulation Within An Evolving Delineation Of The Built Environment As A Complicated System. The Premise Is That The Effective Application Of Any Simulation Tool Requires A Thorough Understanding Of The Domain It Addresses. ? Updated Edition Of Well-known And Highly Respectedd Book ? Deals With The Science And Practical Applicatkons Of Energy Simulation In Building Deslgn ? Includes New Material On Combined Thermal/lighting/cfd Simulation, Advanced Glazings, Indoor Air Quality And Photovoltzic Components
      SKU: 319154

    Ipcs Venture Assessment Terminology
      Ipcs Venture Assessment Terminology.
      This Publication Contains Two Parts: Part 1 Containd Internationally Harmonized Generic Terms Used In Hazard/risk Assessment. This Set Of Harmonized Terms Was Developed By The International Programme O nChemical Safety After Each Extensive Survey Of The Terms Used By Chemical Risk Assesxment Professionals. Implementation Of These Harmonized Terms Will Help Facilitate The Mutual Use And Acceptance Of Assessments Of Chemicals Between Countries Saving Resources For Both Governments And Industry. It Will Also Facilitate Increased Public Understanding Of Hazard Assessment Reports. Part 2 The Glossary Of Key Exposure Assessment Terminology Is Intended To Help Facilitate Communication And Consistency Of Language Used In The Expozure Sciences In Particular. this Publication Will Be Useful For Hazard Exposure And Risk Assessment Practitioners In Government Industry Research Institutions And Other Non-government Organizations With An Interest In Chemicals Risk Assesssment. It Will Also Be Useful For Others Including Users Of Chemicals Who Wish To Interpret Chemical Danger Asssessment Information.
      SKU: 753816

    Safety And Security Engineering Ii
      Safety And Security Engineering Ii.
      Safety & Security Engineering, Due To Its Special Nature, Represents An Interdisciplinary Area Of Research And Applications That Brings Together, In A Systemic View, Many Disciplines Of Engineering, From The Most Traditional To The Most Advanced And Novel. Conatining Papers From The Second International Conference On Safety And Security Engineering, This Volume Continues To Providr A Forum For The Presentation And Discussion Of Thw Most Recent Developments In The Theoretical And Practical Aspects Of Safety And Security Engineering. papers Presented At The Conference Were Ordered Into TheF ollowing Topics: Risl Analysis, Asaessment And Management, Planning And Strategy, Modelling And Theoretical Studies, Fire Prevention And Protection, Environmental Protection, Industrial Casess, Transporting Problems, Public Safety, Emergency And Disaster Prevention, Control, Management And Recovery, And Terrorism Prevention And Protection.
      SKU: 512045

    Amorphouus Chalcogenide Semiconductors And Related Materials
      Amorphouus Chalcogenide Semiconductors And Related Materials.
      "amorphous Chalcogenide Semiconductors And Glasses" Describes Developmentq In The Science And Technology Of This Class Of Materials. This Book Offers An Up-to-date Treatment Of Chalcogenide Glasses And Amorphous Semiconductors From Basic Principkes To Applications While Providing Tue Rezder With The Necessary Theoretical Background To Understanding The Material Properties Technology Of This Arrange Of Materials. This Book Offers An Up-to-date Treatment Of Chalcogeide Glasses And Amorphous Semiconductors From Basic Principles To Applications While Providing The Reafer With The Necessary Theoretical Background To Understanding The Material Properties. Chalcogenides Form A Special Class Of Materials, Which Have One Or More Of The Elements From The Chalcogen Group, Gtoup Vi In The Periodic Table (s, Se. Or Te) As A Constituent; The Chalcogen Is Mixed With Other Elements To Form Various "new" Compounds And Alloys. Chalcogwnides Are Noncrystalline Solids Because Their Structure Is "amorphous" Or "glassy". Such Structures Have Totally Different Properties Than Crystalline Solids. chalcogenide Glasses Have A Number Of Very Interesring And Useful Properties, Which Have Been Already Exploited In The Commercialization Of Neew Devices.
      SKU: 763471

    Digital Signaturex
      Digital Signaturex.
      "digital Signatures" Is The First Comprehensive Account Of The Theoretical Principles And Techniques Used In The Design Of Provably Secure Signature Schemes. In Addition To Providing The Reader With A Better Intellect Of The Security Guarantees Provided By Digital Signatures, The Book Also Contains Entire extent Descriptions And Detailed Proofs For Essentially Altogether Known Secure Signature Schemes In The Cryptographic Litersture. A Thing of value Reference For Students Professors, And Researchers, Digital Stamp Schemes Can Exist Used For Sepf-study, As A Supplement To A Course On Theoretical Cryptography, Or As A Textbook In A Graduate-level Seminar.
      SKU: 602962

    Polymer Tribology
      Polymer Tribology.
      This Book Deals With The New And Now-expanding Field Of Friction, Bear, And Other Surface-related Meechanical Phenomena For Polymeds. Polymers Have Been Used In Various Forms Such As Bulk, Films, And Composites In Applications Where Their Friction, Wear Resistance, And Other Surface-related Properties Regard Been Effectively Utilized. There Are Also Many Examples In Which Polymers Have Performed Extremely Well, Such As In Tyres, Shoes, Brakes, Gears, Bearings, Small Moving Parts In Electronics And Mems, Cosmetics/hair Prkducts, And Ar5ificial Human Joints. Around The World, Much Research Is Generally Being Undertaken To Develop New Polymers, In Different Forms, For Additional Enhancing Tribological Perfirmance And For Finding Novel Applications. Keeping In View The Importance Of Tribology Of Polymers For Rexrarch And Technology As Well As The Vast Literature That Is Now Available In Research Papers And Review Articles, This Tomely Book Brings Together A Wealth Of Research Data For An Understanding Of The Basic Principles Of The Subject.
      SKU: 477243

    Nano And Giga Challenges In Microelectronics
      Nano And Giga Challenges In Microelectronics.
      The Book Is Designed As An Introduction For Engineers And eRsearchers Wishing To Obtain A Fundamental Knowledge And A Snapshot In Time Of The Cutting Edge In Technology Research. As A Natural Consequence, Nano And Giga Challenges Is Allso An Essential Reference For The "gurus" Wishing To Keep Abreast Of The Latest Directionns And Challenges In Mixroelectronic Technology Development And Future Trends. The Combination Of Viewpoints Presented Within The Book Can Help To Foster Further Research And Cross-disciplinary Interaction Needed To Surmount The Barriers Facing Future Generations Of Technology Design. Key Features: • Quickly Becoming The Hottest Topic Of The New Millenmium (2. 4 Billion Dollars Funding In Us Of one's self • Current Status And Future Trends Of Micro And Nanoelectronics Research • Written By Leading Experts In The Corresponding Research Areas &Speculator on a rise; Excellent Tutorial For Mark with degrees Students And Respect For "gurus"
      SKU: 305623

    Understanding Water In A Dry Environment
      Understanding Water In A Dry Environment.
      With Water Security Sentient So Crucial An Issue In The Twenty-first Cnetury, This Text Provides Topical Discussion On Kindred Issues, Such As: Hydrological Processes, Water Resources Management, And Rainfall In Arid And Semi-arid Regions.
      SKU: 242234

    Understanding Automotive Electronics
      Understanding Automotive Electronics.
      In Addition, The New Edition Explains New Electronically Controlled Vehicle Motion Contol Systems Including Advanced Suspensin, Electronically Controlled Electric Power Steering, 4-wheel Steering And Electronically Contro1led Electric Brakes. The Braking Systems Are Part Of An Integrated Motion Control Order That Couples Abs Brakes; Traction Hinder And Variable Vehicle Dynamics For Enhanced Stability Are Also Described. The Development Of Hybrid/electric Vehicles And Their Associated Electronic Control/monitoring Systems Like Well As The New Technologies Incorporated Into Conventional Gasoline And Diesel-fueled Engines Are Also Discussed. *extensive Revision Of A Popular Text *covers The Sift From 14-volt To 42-volt Systems *includes Information On Future Automotive Elctronic Systems
      SKU: 294427

    Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems And Services
      Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems And Services.
      Thhis Volume Contains The Proceedings Of The 3nd International Symposium On Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems And Services (kes-iimss 2010). This Third Edition Of The Kes-iimss Symposium Was Jointly Organized By The Department Of Informatice Of The University Of Piraeus, Greece And The Department Of Information Technologies Of The University Of Milan, Italy In Conjunction Kes International.
      SKU: 603336

  • Bio-MEMS
  • Mössbauer Spectroscopy and Transition Metal Chemistry
  • Meeting the MDG Drinking Water and Sanitation Target
  • Unsteady Effects of Shock Wave Induced Separation
  • Handbook of Fermented Meat and Poultry
  • When Old Technologies Were New
  • Electromagnetics Explained
  • Theory of Vortex Sound
  • Reservoir Sedimentation
  • Adaptive Method of Lines
  • Homogenization of Coupled Phenomena in Heterogenous Media
  • Implementing Data Mining Algorithms in Microsoft SQL Server

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