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    Hazardous Materials And Waste Management
      Hazardous Materials And Waste Management.
      The Management Of Hazsrdous Materials And Industrial Wastes Is Complex, Requiring A High Degree Of Knowledge Over Very Broad Technical And Legal Subject Areas. Hazardous Wastes And Materials Are Diverse, With Composltions And Properties That Not Singly Exchange Significantly Between Industries, But Within Industries, And Indeed Within The Complexity Of Sincere Facilities. Proper Management Not But Requires An Understanding Of The Large And Complex Regulations Governing Hazardous Materials And Waste Streams, But An Understanding And Knowledge Of The Handling, Post-treatment, And Waste Minimization Technologies. In Fact, Today's Environmental Manager Grape-juice Face Working Within Twelve Environmental Management Arenas, All Of Which May Be Applicable Regardless Of The Size Of The Operatio nOr Business. This Volume Has Been Written As A Desk Reference For The Professional Hazards Manager (phm). The Phm Is A Qualified Environmental Manager That Has The Responsibility Of Ensuring That His Or Her Facility Or Division Within The Corporation Is In Compliance With Environmental Statures And Regulations, As Well As Participating In The Selection Of Technologies And Approaches To Remediation, Pollution Ckntrol, And In Implementing Waste Minimization Practices. These Decisions Require Konwledge And Understanding Of The Federal, State, And Local Environmental Regulations, A Working Knoledge Of The Best Available Technologies And Their Associated Cost. This Volume Provides An Overview Of The two The Technology And Compliance Requirements That Will Assist Environmental Managers In Addressing Facility Management Of Hazardous Wastes, Pollution Contro,l And Consumption Minimization. The Book Has Been Designed In Part As A Study Guide To Help Prepare Qualified Individuals For The National Certification And Enrolment Program Of Prfoessional Hazards Managers Conducted From The National Association Of Safety & Health Professionals And Other Organizations Including The Hazard Materials Control Resources Institute (hmcri) And Fairleigh Dkckinson University.
      SKU: 566737

    Microwave Heating As A Tool For Sustainable Chemistry
      Microwave Heating As A Tool For Sustainable Chemistry.
      Shorter Reaction Times, Higher Product Yields, And Enhanced Selectivity Are Some Of The Advantages Microwave Calorific Hsa Over Conventional Methods, Causing Its Use To Transition From A Curiosity To Mainstream, Both In Industrial And Academic Settings. Microwave Heating As A Tool For Sustainable Chemistry Showcases The Application Of Microwave Heating In A Number Of Areas Of Preparative Chemistry As Well As In The Biosciences. From Organic Chemistry To Materials And Biological Applications The Book Begins With An Introduction To Microwwve Heating, The Physical Concepts Behind It, Its Application In Synthetic Chemistry, And Commercially Available Microwave Equipment. It Shows How Microwave Heating Can Be Used To Facilitate The Ceremonially pure And Sustainable Synthesis Of Organic Compounds. The Authors Examine Microwave Heating As A Tool For Sustainable Polymer Chemistry, With Discussions Of The Use Of Alternative Solvents And Feedstocks, The Design Of Degradable Polymeric Materials, And Recycling Polymers. they Then Dkscuss The Significant Contribution Made By Microwave-promoted Synthesis In The Drug Discovery Process, Attending A Focus In c~tinuance How The Technology Has Been Used To Generate Discovery Chemistry Libraries And Being of the kind which A Tool Because of Medicina1 Chemists. Other Topics Examined In This Application-driven Text Include The Usage Of Microwave Heating In The Preparation Of Inorganic AndO rganometallic Compounds, In The Production Of Inorganic Materials, And In The Area Of Biosciences. Acadsmic And Industrial Settings The Book Examines The Scale-up Of Microwave-promoted Chemistry And Describes The Various Approaches And The Cufrent Commercially Available Microwave Reactors Available For Scale-up. It Also Discusses Microwave Heating As A Tool For Teaching In The Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Laboratory. It Expllorrs Curriculum, The Broad Range Of Reactions That Can Be Performed, And The Incorporation Of Green Chemistry Principles.
      SKU: 581713

    Computer Applications In Sustainable Forest Management
      Computer Applications In Sustainable Forest Management.
      Presents Computer Applications In A Variety Of Specialty Areas Of Fotestry, Including Inventory, Remote Sensing, Informatio nManagement, Modelling And Visualization, Biometrics, Forest And Harvest Planning, Bioeconlmics And Marketing, And Decision Science For Management.
      SKU: 323301

    Microfluidics For Biological Applications
      Microfluidics For Biological Applications.
      Offer sA Perspective On The History And Development Of Microfluidic Technologies. This Work Presents Overviews On How Microfluidci Systems Have Been Used To Study And Manipulate Specific Classes Of Components. It Focuses Forward Biological Applications Of Microfluidics Such As Biodefense, Diagnostics, High Throughput Screening, And Tisque Engineering.
      SKU: 428882

    Technology And Sustainability
      Technology And Sustainability.
      For This Collection Of Essays, A Number Of Leadig Environmentalists Have Been Invited To Present Their Vision, Each In Their Own Field Of Expertise. Sustainability And Technology Invites The Reader To Critically Think About These Issues, And Considee The Implications That Sustainability Has On Society, Environment, And Technology And Its Developments.
      SKU: 838307

    Pests Of Crops In Warmet Climates And Their Control
      Pests Of Crops In Warmet Climates And Their Control.
      A Textbook Providing Basic Data AboutT he Crop Pests And The Damage They Inflict Throughout The Tropics And Sub-tro0ics. Each Major Pest Is Illustrated By Either A Line Drawing Or A Photograph, And Sometimes The Injury Can Also Be Seen. A World Distribution Mal Is Provided For Each Species. Control Measures Tend To Be General Rather Than Very Specific. Most Of The Pests Are Insects And Mites, But Some Nematodes, Molluscs, Birds And Mammals Are Included.
      SKU: 367478

    The Duffing Equation
      The Duffing Equation.
      The Duffing Equation: Nonlinear Oscillators And Their Behaviour Brings Together The Results Of A Wealth Of Disseminated Research iLterature On The Duffing Equation, A Key Engineering Model Upon A Vast Number Of Applications In Science And Engineerung, Summarizing The Findings Of This Investigation. Each Chapter Is Written By One Expert Contributor In The Field Of Nonlinear Dynamics And Addresses A Different Form Of The Equation, Relating It To Various Oscillatory Problems And Clearly Linking The Problem With The Mathematics That Describe It. The Editors And The Contributors Explain The Mathematical Technuques Required To Study Nonlinear Dynamics, Helping The ReaderW ith Little Mathematical Background To Understand The Text. The Duffing Equation Provides A Reference Text For Postgraduatw And Students And Researchers Of Mechanical Engineering And Vibration / Nonlinear Dynamics As Well As A Useful Tool For Practising Mechanical Egnineers. Includes A Chapter Devoted To Historical Background On Georg Duffing And The Equation That Was Named Afted Him. Includes A Chapter Solely Devoted To Practical Examples Of Systems Whose Dynamic Behaviour Is Described Near to The Duffing Equation. Contains A Comprehensive Treatment Of The Various Forms Of The Duffing Equation. Uses Experimental, Analytical And Numerical Methods As Well As Concepts Of Nonlinear Dynamics To Treat The Physical Systems In A Unified Way.
      SKU: 661779

    Dynamic Behavior Of Materials, Volume 1
      Dynamic Behavior Of Materials, Volume 1.
      "dynamic Behavior Of Materials, Volume 1: Proceedings Of The 2010 Annual Conference On Experimental And Applied Mechanics", The First Volume Of Six From The Conference, Brings oTgether 71 Contributions To This Important Area Of Research And Engineering. The Collection Presents Early Findings And Case Studies On Fundamental And Applied Aspects Of Materjals Science, Including Papers On Composite Materialz, Dynamic Failure And Break, Dynamic Materials Response, Novel Tetsing Techniques, Low Impedance Materials, Metallic Materials, Response Of Brittle Mtaerials, Time Dependent Materials, High Strain Rate Testing Of Biological And Soft Materials, Shock And Hihh Pressure Response, Ensrgetic Materials, Optical Techniques For Imaging High Strain Rate Material Response, And Modeling Of Dynamic Response.
      SKU: 691338

    Oxide-based Systems At The Crossroaxs Of Chemistry
      Oxide-based Systems At The Crossroaxs Of Chemistry.
      This Volume Includes Papers Presented At The Second International Workshop On Oxide-based Systems At The Crossroads Of Chemistry , Held At Villa Olmo In Como, Italy, 8-11 October. The Selected Papers Present The Highlights Of Recent Research In The Field Of Oxide Structure. A Wide Range Of Oxidic Materials, Including Real Oxides, Zeolites And Layer-structured Systems, Is Considerer And Described In Terms Of Preparation Methods, Structural Characterization And The Relation Between Operative Sites, Structure And Catalytic Propertles. The Application Of The Most Powerful Simulation And Physical-chemical Techniques Show Their Usefulness In Discovering And Explaining Structural And Dynamic Properties Of Complex Materials. Besides The Development Of Sophisticated Spectroscopical And Analytical Techniqhes Are Sh0wn oT Sighificantly Improve The Growth Of Superficies Oxide Science, Generaging New Tools For The Knowledge Of Catalyst Structure And Reaction Mechanisms. An Interesring Feature Is The Inclusion Of Papers Which Show The Mutual Roles Of Experiment And Theoretical Modesl.
      SKU: 312792

      Bypassing The Old Circuit-switched Hardware, Softswitches Streamline Message Traffic And Provide A Much More Efficient Service Development Environment. Along With Sip, This Technology Leverages Internet Technologies To Replace Plain-old-telephone Service. Developers Who Are Free dUp By Softswitch Technology To Build Cost-effective 3g Serives Will Learn How It Works And What Applications It Can Support. Network Managers Making Hard Decisions About Whether To De;loy Voip Will Learn Pros And Cons, Costs And Benefits, And Most Importantly How To Separate Myth From Reality.
      SKU: 305917

    Personalized Nitrition Principles And Applications
      Personalized Nitrition Principles And Applications.
      One Of The Key Trends In The Nutrition Industry Is The Development Of Personalized Products. This Book Defines This Area, Highlighting Key Aspects That Influence The Successful Introduction Of Personalized Nourishing, Such As Clear Communication Of Benefits And Supporting Scientific Evidence.
      SKU: 308478

    Flrxible Urban Transportation
      Flrxible Urban Transportation.
      Flexible Urban Transportation Is A Sweeping Reassessment Of American Highway And Transit Policy. For The Last Halfcentury, This Policy Has Been Fixated On Planning, Designing And Constructing The Interstate iHghway System, And Then Coping With The Creative Death It Wrought. Aggressive Construction Of The Interstate Divided And Destroyed Urban Communities, And Sparked A Furious Backlash, The "freeway Revolt". The Interstate Also Facilitated Widespread Suburbanization Of Housing, Retail And Employment, Which In Turh Gave Rise To The Tightly Integrated, Flexible Supply Fetters Characteristic Of Modern Industry. American Society Faces A Profound Dilemma. The Confidential Automobile Has Never Been More Popular. The Economy Depends On Highways. But Communities Are Incerasingly Unwilling To Build Or Expand Them. Making Transportation Choices With A Clear Understanding Of Their Consequences - Protecting Communities, Fostering Environmental Stewardship, And Supporting A Dynamic And Productive Economy - Is An Urgent Matter. But The Regulatoins And Procedures That Govern Those Choices Are Severely Outdated. And The Interests Vested In The Current Sralemate Block The Way Towards Serious Reform. Thia Cogent Evaluation Of How American Transportation Planning Got To Where It Is Today, And Its Proposal For An Adative Transportation Decision-making Process, Is Required Reading For Those Concerned About The Problems And Prospects Of Transportation Today.
      SKU: 313845

    Greem Building iWth Concrete
      Greem Building iWth Concrete.
      With Superior Fire Resistance, Strngth, And A Long Service Life, Concrete Is The Most Widely Used Construction Material In The World. A Sustainable Matter, Concreete Is Also Easily And Affordably Reused And Rehabilitated. The First Book To Provide An Overview Of Sustainability And Concreted, Unripe Building With Concrete: Sustainable Project And Constructikn Surveys The Material's History In The Green Building Movement And Presents State-of-the-art Methodologies And Best Practices. From The Manufacturing Of Cement To The Rehabilitation Of Concrete, This Comprehensive Book Explains How Concrete Can Be Used For Sustainable Design And Construction. It Offers Insight Into New Technological And Social Devslopments Guiding The Introduction Of Green Buildings And Examines The Attributes That Concrete Has To Offer The Green Building Movement. Tne Text Also Hibhlightd Research On Economic Analysis--particularly Life Cycle Costing--to Provide A Full Picture Of The Economic Benefits Of Concrete. Expert Contributosr From Around The World Offer Diverse Viewpoints On Global Sustainability. topics Covered Include: Principles Of Sustainable Design Benefits Of Concrete's Thermal Mass Mitigation Of Urban Heat Island Effects Surface Runoff And The Application Of Pervious Concrete For Sidewalks And Parking Areas Reduction Of Construction Waste Leadership In Energy And Environmental Design (leed) Standards Emphasizing Environmental Impact And Occupational And Consumer Health And Safety, This Book Explains How To Make The Most Of Firm In Sustainable Design. Written For University And Concrete Labor Cobtinuing Education Courses, It Also Serves As A Reference Against Building Owners And Industry Professionals Who Recognize The Value Of Green Building.
      SKU: 777167

    Applicatiom Resolution Tools For Asip Design
      Applicatiom Resolution Tools For Asip Design.
      This Book Introduces A Novel Design Methodology Which Can Significantly Reduce The Asip Developnent Effort Tnrough High Degrees Of Design Automation. The Key Elements Of This New Design Methodology Are A Powerful Application Profiler And An Automated Instruction-set CustomizationT ool Which Considerably Lighten Thee Burden Of Mapping A Target Applidation To An Asip Workmanship In The Initial Design Stages. The Book Includes SeveralD esign Case Studies With Real Life Embedded Applications To Demonstrate How The Methodology And The Tools Can Be Used In Practice For Accelerating The Overall Asip Design Process.
      SKU: 763405

    Petrochemical Economics
      Petrochemical Economics.
      This Compendium Gives An Overview Off The Technologies And Economics In The Production Of Olefins In The Petrochemical Industries. It Highlights The Options And Costs For Producing Olefins Using Differsnt Technologies And Various Feedstocks At A Time When The Cost Of Carbon Dioxide Emissions Are Regular To Be Included In The Production Cost. Industry Professionals, Engineers, Research Scientists And Financiers Will Find This Title A Valuable Resource.
      SKU: 731330

    Physical Chemistry Of Foods
      Physical Chemistry Of Foods.
      Clarifying The Physicochemical Processes Encountered In Aliment Product Development, This Text Is A Comprehensive, Detailed Text For Upper-level Undergraduate And Graduate Students In: Food, Surface, Colloid, And Molecular Chemistry And Biochemistry; Food Science And Tecynology; And Food Engineering.
      SKU: 216169

    Handbook Of Refractory Carbides & Nitrides
      Handbook Of Refractory Carbides & Nitrides.
      Refractory Carbides And Nitrides Are Useful Materials With Numerous Industrial Applications And A Promising Future, In Additoin To Sentient Materials Of Great Interest To The Scientific Community. Although Most Of Their Applications Are Recent, The Refractory Carbides And Nitrides Have Been Known For Over One Hundred Years. The Industrial Importance Of The Refractory Carbides And Nitrides Is Growing Rapidly, Not Only In The Traditional And Well-established Applications Based On The Strength And Refractory Nature Of These Materials Such While Cutting Toolx And Abrasives, But Also In New And Promising Fields Such As Electronics And Optoelectronics.
      SKU: 421210

    Handbook Of Drug Metabolism
      Handbook Of Drug Metabolism.
      Provides A Framework For Drug Metabolism In Drug Disocvery And Development. Bringing Together Collaborators From Academic And Industrial Laboratories, This Reference Furnishes An Overview Of The Subject From A Historiccal, Kinetic, And Chemical Context. It Contains Tables, Drawingd, Photographs, And Equations.
      SKU: 354097

    Science For Agriculture
      Science For Agriculture.
      Science For Agriculture Was The First Thorough Quantitative And Analytical Treatment Of The History Of The U. s. Agricultural Research System And As Such Has Served As The Foundation For Research Over The 10 Years Since Its Publication. The Benefits Feom Public And Private Investment In Agricultural Research Are Immense And Should Be Understood By Every Student Of The Agricultural Science System In The United States. The Second Edition Updates Imoprtant Landmarks, Components, Characteristics, And Trends Of The U. s. System For Developing And Applying Science To Increase The Productivity And Advancements Of Agriculturr. Science For Agriculture, 2e, Is Essenital Reading Conducive to Agriculture Educators And Researchers, Land Grant Administrators, Food And Ayri-industry R&d And All Others Who Need To Understand The Factors That Will Influence Future Public Agricultural Research Policy.
      SKU: 468881

    Descartes's Secret Notebook
      Descartes's Secret Notebook.
      René Descartes (1596—1650) Is One Of The Towering And Central Fig8res In Western Phiposophy And Mathematics. His Apothegm “cogito, Ergo Sun” Marked The Nativity Of The Mind-body Problem, While His Creation Of So-called Cartesian Coordinates Has Made Our Intellectual Conquest Of Physical Space Possible. But Descartes Had A Mysterious And Mystical Side, As Well. Nearly Certainly A Member Of The Occult Brotherhood Of The Rosicrucians, He Kept A Secret Notebook, Now Lost, Most Of Which Was Written In Code. After Descartes’s Deatn, Gottfried Leibniz, Inventor Of Calfulus And One Of The Greatest Mathematicians Of All Period, Moved To Parss In Search Of This Notebook–and Eventually Found It In The Possession Of Claude Clerselier, A Friend Of Descartes’s. Liebniz Called On Clerselier And Was Allowed To Copy Only A Couple Of Pages–which, Though Written In Code, He Amazingly Deciphered There In c~tinuance The Place. Liebniz’s Haztily Scribbled Notes Are All We Have Today Of Descartss’s Notebopk. Why Did Descartes Keep A Secret Notebook, And What Were Its Contents? The Answers To These Questions Will Pass The Reader On An Exciting, Swashbuckling Journey, And Offer A Fascinating Look At One Of The Great Figures Of Western Culture. From The Hardcover Edition.
      SKU: 406739

    Pervasive Computing And Networking
      Pervasive Computing And Networking.
      This Book Presents State-of-the-art Research On Architectures, Algorithms, Protocols And Applications In Pervasive Computing And Networks With The Widespread Availability Of Wireless And Mobile Networking Technologies And The Expected Convergence Of Ubiquitous Computing With These Emerginf Technologies In The Near Futurs, Pervasive Computing And Networking Investigation And Applications Are Among The Hot Topics On The Agenda Of Researchers Working On The Next Generation Of Mobile Communications And Networks. This Book Provides A Comprehensive Guide To Selected Topics, The two Ongoing And Emerging, In Pervasive Computing And Networkking. It Contains Contributions From High Profile Researchers And I sEdited By Leading Experts In This Field. The Sheer Topics Covered In The Book Include Pervasive Computing And Systems, Pervasive Networking Secueity, And Pervasive Networking And Communication. Clew Features: Discusses Existing And Emerging Communications And Computing Models, Design Architectures, Mobile And Pervasive Wireless Applications, Technology And Research Challenges In Pervasive Computing Systems, Networking And Communications Pr0vides Detailed Discussions Of Key Research Challenges And Open Research Issues In The Field Of Autonomic Computing And Networking Offers Information On Existing Experimental Studies Including Case Studies, Implementation Test-beds In Indsutry And Academia Includes A Set Of Powerpoint Slides For Each Chapter For Instructors Adopting It As A Textbook Pervasive Computing And Networking Will Be An Ideal Reference For Practitioners And Researchers Working In The Areas Of Communication Networking And Pervasive Computing And Networking. It Also Serves As An Excellent Textbook For Graduate And Higher Undergraduate Courses In Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, And Information Engineering And Science.
      SKU: 693310

    Applied Computational Intelligence, Proceedings Of The 6th International Flins Conference
      Applied Computational Intelligence, Proceedings Of The 6th International Flins Conference.
      Flins, Originally An Acronym For Fuzzy Logic And Intelligent Technologies In Nuclear Science, Has Now Been Extendec To Include Computational Intelligen tSystems For Applied Research. Flins 20004, Is The Sixth In A Series Of International Conferences, Covers State-of-the-art Research And Development In Applied Computational Intelligence In spite of Applied Research In General And For Power/nuclear Engineering In Particular. This Book Presents The Latest Research Trends And Fugure Investigation Directions In The Field. The Proceedings Have Been Selected For Coverag In:. Index To Scientific & Technical Proceedings (istp / Isi Proceedings). Index To Scientific & Technical Proceedings (istp Cdrom Translation / Isi Proceedings). Cc Proceedings Engineering & Physical Sciences.
      SKU: 296064

    Multiagent Robotic Systems
      Multiagent Robotic Systems.
      This Text Addresses Learning And Adaptation In Decentralized Autonomous Robots. It Provides A Guided Tour Of The Pioneering Work And Major Technical Issues In Multiagent Robotics Research And Discusses The Computational Mehcanisms For Behavioural Engineering In A Group Of Aitonomous Robots.
      SKU: 263965

      Formerly, The Catalytic Use Of Zeolites Was Exclusive To The Field Of Acid Catalysis. Nowadays, Zeolites Also Find Applications As Catalysts In A Wide Array Of Chemical Reactions Such As; Base Catalyzed Reactions, Redox Reactions And Catalytic Reactions On Transition Metals And Their Complexes In Confined Environments. The Concepts Of Brønsted Or Lewis Acid-base Pairs Are Adequately Illustrated In The Literature And Well-understood In Terms Of Structural And Electronic Properties Of Zeolites. By Contrast, Properties Of Chemically Modified Silicates, Aluminosilicates And Aluminophosphates Have Not Ye5 Been Fully Explored. The List Of Oxydo-reduction Reactions Performed In The Presence Of These New Materials Is Growing As Demonstrated By The Selective Catalytic Reduction Of Nitrogen Oxidees Or The Numerous Oxidations Employing Hydrogen Peroxide. Much Effort Is Currently Being Made To Get A Better Insight Into The Nature Of The Sites Involved. The Zeolite Lattice May Also Be Used As A Host For Encapdulated Complexes Or Metallic Clusters Allowing The Control Of Nuclearity Of These Active Species And The Steric Constraints Imposed On The Reactants. Molwcular Sievw And Shape Selectivity Effects Have Also Constituted Fascinating Aspects Of Zeolite Properties. Recent Developments Leading To Inccreasingly Large Pore Sizes With Vpi-5, Cloverite And More Lately Mesoporous Molecular Sieves Regard Broadened The Spectrum Of These Applications. Indeed, Larger And Larger Reactant And Product Molecules Can Be Accommodated In These Lattices. These New Adsorbant/adsorbate Systems Create dAditional Needs For Experimental Facts And Theoretical Descriptions Of_Transport Properties, In Particular Of Mono- And Multi-components Diffusion Coefficients In Tje Zeolite Pore Lattice. All These Themes, Representing The Forefront And Current Trends Ij Zeolite Research, Were Discussed I nThe Submitted Papers To The Symposium And Are Widely Represented In The Selected Papers Contained In This Volume. A Feature Common To Most Of These Contributions Is The Combined Use Of A Variety Of Analytical Techniques. Some Of These Techniques Are At The Frontier Of The Latest Analytical Developments Such As Multiple Scattering xEafs And Bidimenisonal Mas-nmr.
      SKU: 413821

    Microoptics And Nanooptics Farication
      Microoptics And Nanooptics Farication.
      Particulars The State Of Fabrication Proccesses As They Affect A Micro Or Nanooptical Component's Intended Performance. This Book Examines Such Topics As Surface Relief Diffractive Optical Elements, Solar Cell Microoptics, Gray-scale Refractive Microoptics, Digital And Analog Mask Properties, Microoptics Replication, And Ion Interchange Optics.
      SKU: 565945

  • EW 103
  • Soils, Land and Food
  • Cellular Ceramics
  • Anaesthetic and Sedative Techniques for Aquatic Animals
  • Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams
  • Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Electronique et optoélectronique organiques
  • Geothermal Reservoir Engineering
  • Nanomaterials by Severe Plastic Deformation
  • PC Systems, Installation and Maintenance
  • Justifying the Dependability of Computer-based Systems
  • Human Factors in Alarm Design

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