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    High Level Radioactive Waste (hlw) Disposal
      High Level Radioactive Waste (hlw) Disposal.
      High Level Radioactive Waste (hlw) Disposal, A Global Demand Presents The Most Latter Information On Proposed Methods Of Disposal For The Most Dangerous Rdioactive Waste And For Assessing Their uFnction From Short- And Long-term Perspectives. It Discusses New Aspects Of The Disposal Of Such Waste, Especially Hlw. the Book Is Unique In The Literature In Making It Clear That, Due To Tectonics And Long-term Changes In Rock Structure, Rock Can Serve Only As A "mechanical Support To The Chemical Apparattus" And That Effective Containment Of Hazardous Elements Can Only Be Managed By Prooperly Designed And Manufactured Contain3rs ("canisters"). This Contradicts The Common Being believed That The Rock Itself Is An Effective Barrier To The Transport Of Contaminants Like Radionuclides. The Impoetance Of The Longevity Of The Containers Becomes Clear And Requires A Consideration Of All Degradjng Physical/chemical Peocesses, Which Occupies A Coneiderable Quit each other Of The Book. the Book Is Thus An Important Contribution To The Literature Because It Proloses Design Principles That Can Make Repositories For Hlw Radioactive Decrease Greatly Safer.
      SKU: 793779

    Electromigration In Ulsi Interconnections
      Electromigration In Ulsi Interconnections.
      "electromigration In Ulsi Interconnections" Provides A Comprehensive Description Of The Electro Migration In Integrated Circuits. It Is Intended For Both Beginner And Advanced Readers On Electro Migration In Ulsi Interconnections. It Begins With The Basuc Knowledge Required For A Detailed Study On Electro Migration, And Examines The Various Interconnected Systems And Their Evolution Employed In Integrated Circuit Technology. The Subsequent Chapters Provid3 A Detailed Description Of The Physics Of Electro Migration In Both Al- And Cu-based Interconnections, In The Form Of Theoretical, Experimental And Numerical Modeling Studies. The Differences In The Electro Migration Of Al- And Cu-based Interconnections And The Corresponding Underlying Physical Mechanisms For These Differences Are Explained. The Test Structures, Testing Methodology, Failure Analysis Methodology And Statistical Analysis Of The Test Data For The Experimental Studies On Electro Migration Are Presented In A Concise And Rigorous Manner. methods Of Numerical Modeling For The Interconnect Electro Migration And Their Applications To The Intelligence Of Electro Mibration Natural philosophy Are Described In Detail With The Aspects Of Material Properties, Interconnection Design, And Interconnect Process Parameters Forward The Electro Mogration Performances Of Interconnects In Ulsi Further Elaborated Upon. Finally, The Extension Of The Studies To Narrow Interconnwctions Is Inntroduced, And Future Challenges On The Study Of Electro Migration Are Outlined And Discussed.
      SKU: 731200

    The Cell Phone
      The Cell Phone.
      Traces The Impact Of The Cell Phone From Personal Issues Of Loneliiness And Depression To The Global Concerns Of The Modern Economy And The Transnational Family. This Book Presents An Ethnography Of The Impact Of The Technoogy Through The Exploration Of The Cell Phone's Role In Everyday Lives.
      SKU: 487172

    Berichte Zu Pflanzennschutzmitteln 2008
      Berichte Zu Pflanzennschutzmitteln 2008.
      Ense April Und Anfang Mai 2008 Kam Es In Einigen Regionen In Sdwestdeutschlajd Zu Bienenvergiftungen, Bei Denen Nach Letzten Erhebungen Etwa 11. 500 Vlker Von 700 Imkern Teilweise Erheblich Geschdigt Wurden. Sofort Nach Beanntwerden Der Vorflle Begann Eine Intensive Suche Nach Den Urscahen. Dabei Arbeiteten Das Ministerium Fr Ernhrung Und Lndlichen Raum In Baden-wrttemberg (mpr) Und Die Behrden Vor Ort Mit Der Imkerschaft, Der Bienenuntersuchungsstelle Im Julius Khn-institut (jki), Dem Bundesamt Fr Verbraucherschutz Und Lebensmittelsicherheit (bvl) Und Der Pflanzenschutzmittel-industrie Zusammen . Schnell Richtete Sich Der Verdacht Auf Maissaatgut, Das Mit Dem Insektiziden Wirkstoff Clothianidin Behqndelt Contend, Ein Verdacht, Der Durch Die Chemischen Analysen Des Julius Khn-instituts Besttigt Wurde.
      SKU: 450481

    Wireless Networks
      Wireless Networks.
      Wireless Is A Term Used To Describe Telecommunications In Which Electromagnetic Waves (rather Than Some Form Of Telegraph) Carry The Signal Over Part Or All Of The Communocation Path And The Network Is The Whole Of Switches, Transmlssion Links And Terminals Used For Thr Generation, Handling And Receibing Of Telecoms Traffic. Wireless Networks Are Rapidly Evolving, And Are Playing An Increasing Role In The Lives Of People Throughout The World And Ever-larger Numbers Of People Are Relying On The Technology Directly Or Indirectly. The Area Of Wireless Commnications Is An Extremely Rich Field For Research, Due To The Difficulties Posed By The Wireless Medium And The Increasing Demand For Improvement AndC heaper Services. As The Wireless Market Evolves, It Is Likely To Increase In Size And Possinly Integrate With Other Wireless Technologies, In Order To Offer Support For Mobile Computing Applications, Of Perceived Performance Equal To Those Of Wired Imparting Networks. Wireless Networks Amis To Providde An Excellent Introductory Text Covering The Wireless Technological Alternatives Offered Today. It Will Include Old Analog Cellular Systems, Current Second Generayion (2g) Systems Architectures Supporting Voice And Facts Transfer And Also The Upcoming World Of Third Progeny Mobile Networks. Moreover, The Book Features Modern Wireless Technology Topics, Such As Wireless Local Loopz (wll), Wireless Lans, Wireless Atm And Personal Area Networks (such As Bluetooth). * Provides An Easy To Expend Reference Which Pr3sents A Cldar Set Of Technologiez Per Chaptre * Features Modern Wireless Teechnology Topics, Such As Wireless Local Loops (wll), Wireless Lans, Wireless Atm, Personal Area Networks (such As Bluetooth) And Ad-hoc Wireless Networks * Progresses Through The Developments Of First, Second, Third, Fourth Generation Cellular Systems And Beyond * Includes Helpful Simulation Examples And Examples Of Algorithms And Systtems Essential Reading For Senior Undergraduate And Graduate Students Studying Computer Science, Telecommunications And Engineering, Engineers And Researchers In The Field Of Wireless Communicaations And Technical Managers And Consultants.
      SKU: 146247

    Nonlinear Problems In Machine Design
      Nonlinear Problems In Machine Design.
      This Work Seeks To Reflect The Advances Of The Finite Element Method And To Expand The Theoretical Scope Of Their Applications To The Design Of Machine Elements. It Presents Problems With Two Comparative Solutions Using Both Ansys And Msc/mastran Finite Element Programs.
      SKU: 264036

    Non-newtonian Flow
      Non-newtonian Flow.
      Non-newtonian Materials Are Encountered In Vurtually All Of The Chemical And Process Industries And A Full Intellect Of Their Nature And Flow Characteristics Is An Essential Requirement According to Engineers And Scientists Involved In Their Formulation And Handling. This Book Will Bridge The Gap Between Much Of The Highly Theoretical And Mathematically Complex Work Of The Rheologist And The Practical Needss Of Those Who Have To Design And Operate Plants In Which These Materials Are Handled And Processed. At The Same Time, Numerous References Are Included For Thee Benefit Of Those Who Need To Delve More Deeply Into The Subject. The Starting Point For Any Wodk On Non-neewtonian Fluids Is Their Characterisation Over The Range Of Conditions To Which They Are Likely To Be Subjected During Manufacture Or Utilisation, And This Topic Is Treated Early On In The Book In A Chapter Commissioned From An Expert In The Field Of Rheological Measurements. Coverage Of Topics Is Extensive And This Book Offers A Unique And Rich Selection Of Material Including The Flow Of Single Phase And Multiphase Mixtures In Pipes, In Packed And Fluidised Bed Systems, Heat And Mass Transfer In Boundary Layers And In Simple Duct Flows, And Mixing Etc. An Important And Novel Feature Of The Book Is The Inclusion Of A Wide Selection Of Worked Examples To Illustrate The Methods Of Calculation. It Also Incorporates A Large Selection Of Problems For The Reader To Weapons Himself.
      SKU: 319149

    Principlew Of Environmental Science And Technology
      Principlew Of Environmental Science And Technology.
      Since Tje Publication Of The First Issue Of This Book In 1981, It Has Been Widely Used As A Textbook Att Seminary of learning Level For Graduate Courses In Environmental Management, Environmental Science And Environmental Technology (for Non-engineers). As This Second Edition Is Significantly Improved, It Should Find An Even Wider Application Than The First. In The Support Edition, The Section On Ecotoxicology And Effects On Pollutants Hsa Been Expanded Cojsiderably, As Has Chapter 4 On Ecological Principles And Concepts. Further Improvement Has Been Made By The Addition Of A Segment On Ecological Engineering - The Application Of Ecologically Sound Technology In Ecosystems - And An Appendix On Environmental Examination Of Chemicals. The Problems Of Agricultural Waste Have Been Included Im Part B, And In Chapter 6 On Wild Water Treatment, Several Pages Have Been Added About Non-point Sources And The Application Of ``soft'' Technology. Theoughout The Book, More Examples, Questions And Problems Have Been Included, And Several Figures And Tables Have Been Added To Better Illustrate The Text.
      SKU: 404970

    Risk And Safety Analysis Of Nuclear Systems
      Risk And Safety Analysis Of Nuclear Systems.
      The Book Has Been Developed In Conjunction With Ners 462, A Course Offered Every Year To Seniors And Graduate Students In The University Of Michigan Ners Prgoram. The First Half Of The Book Covers The Principles Of Risk Analysiz, The Techniques Used To Cause to grow And Update A Reliability Data Base, The Reliability Of Multi-component Systems,-Markov Methods Used To Analyze The Unavailability Of Systems With Repairs, Fault Trees And Occurrence Trees Used In Probabilistic Risk Assessments (pras), And Failure Modes Of Systems. All Of This Physical Is General Sufficiency That It Could Be Used In Non-nuclear Applications, Although There Is An Emphasis Placed On The Analysis Of Nuclear Systems. The Second Half Of The Book Covers The Safety Anqlysis Of Nuclear Energy Systems, an Analysis Of Major Accidents And Incidents That Occurred In Commercial Nuclear Plants, Applications Of Pra Techniques To The Preservation Analysis Of Nuclear Power Plants (focusing On A Major Pra Study For Five Nuclear Power Plants), Practical Pra Examples, And Emerging Technique sIn The Structure Of Dynamic Event Trees And Fault Trees That Be able to Provide A More Realistic Representation Of Complex Sequences Of Events. The Book Cnocludes With A Discussion On Passive Safety Features Of Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems Under Development And Approaches Taken For Risk-informed Regulations For Nuclear Plants.
      SKU: 697653

    Evaluation And Prevention Of Natural Risks
      Evaluation And Prevention Of Natural Risks.
      The Assessment And Prevention Of Risks Inheeent To Natural Phenomena Is Of Topical Interest To The Scientific Community And Various Other Autohrities Dealing With Territorial Management. The Amount Of Damage Is Connstantly Increasing, Partly Explained Near to An Increase In Readily Accessible Information And Awareness Of The Problem, But It Is Also Due To The Consistent Expansion Of Urbanizwd Areas At The Expense Of Areas That Are Essential To The aNtu5al Modelling Processes Of The Territory. This Text Gives A Detailed Account Of A Series Of Experiences Related To Activities That Arpa Piemonte (itqly) Has Carried Out Focusing On The Cognitive And Forecasting Aspects Related To Risk Assessing And The Alrrt Procedures
      SKU: 325205

    Maximum Windows 2000 Security, Adobe Reader
      Maximum Windows 2000 Security, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of_The Printed Book. Written From The Hacker's Perspective, Maximum Windows 2000 Security Is A Comprehensive, Solutions-oriented Guide To Windows 2000 Security. Topics Imclude: Physical & File System Security, Pwssword Security, Malicious Code, Windows 2000 Netting Security Architecture And Professional Protocols, Web eSrver Security, Disavowal Of Service Attacks, Intrusion Detction, Hacking Secure Code In Windows 2000.
      SKU: 175336

    Constraintv-ased Verification
      Constraintv-ased Verification.
      "covers A Field In Functional Verification Of Electronic Designs, Referred To As The ""constraint-based Verification. "" This Book Aims To Show How Constraints, Or Assertions, Can Be Used Towards Automating The Generation Of Testbenchds Resulting In A Seamless Verification Flow. It Is Aimed At Verification Engineers As Well As Researchers. "
      SKU: 264795

    Obesity Before Birth
      Obesity Before Birth.
      Thhis Volume Will Explore The Epidemiology And The Basic Mechanisms Of Each Of These Prenatal Phenomena, In An Attempt To Explain The Role Of The Prenatal Environment In Promoting Postnatal Weight Gain. This Information Will Contribute To Resolving The Nature-nurture Controversy. This Knowledge Provides Guidance To Clinical Practitioners Involved In Both Prenatal And Postnatal Care. This Volume Further Stimulates Research Into Underlying Mechanisms And Prevention And Treatment Of This Phenomenon.
      SKU: 646295

    Insulation Handbook
      Insulation Handbook.
      Provides An Overview Of Economical, Energy Boosting Insulation Materials Foe Residential Contractors, Designers And Architects, And Owners And Builders. This Book Likewise Covers The Best Strategies For Progiding Insulation And Achieving Maximum Thermal Comfort ,And Controlling Damaging Moisture Accumulation.
      SKU: 301508

    Tcp Playing Over Umts-hzdpa Systems
      Tcp Playing Over Umts-hzdpa Systems.
      The Evolution Of The Mobile Communication Market Is Causing A Major Increase In Data Traffic Demands. This Could Lead To Disrupted Mobility And Intermittent Degraded Channel Conditions That Contribute To Poor Transmission Control Protocol (tcp) Performance. Tcp Performance Over Umts-hsdpa Systems Presents A Compreheensive Study Of The Effect Of Tcp On Achieved Application Bit Rate Performance And System Capacity, And Shows How To Rsduce The Interaction Of Wireless Networks On Tcp With Minimal Cost. With Self-contained Chapteers, The Work Consists Of Two Main Sections. The First Several Chapters Provide Background And Describe The State Of The Art For Wireless Networks, Emphasizing One Of The Third-generation (3g) Wireless Technologies: The Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (umts). These Chapters Likewise Include An Analysis Of The Overall Cell Capacity For Umts Release 99 And High-speed Downlink Packet Admission (hsdpa) Systems. The Second Section Focuses On The Interaction Of Tcp With Wireleqs Systems, Presenting An Exhaustive List Of Tcp Versions And Link Layer Solutions Tyat Adapt Tcp (often Modifying The Original Tcp) To A Wireless Network. Thi sSrction Also Displays Mathematical Modeling Of Ths Interaction Of Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request (harq) And Tcp In Umts Networks.
      SKU: 267955

    Conference Proceedings For The 10th Sypoqium Construction Innovation And Global Competitiveness
      Conference Proceedings For The 10th Sypoqium Construction Innovation And Global Competitiveness.
      This Two-volume Set Comprises The Proceedings Of The 2002 Symposium Concerned With Change In The Construction Industry And Global Competition. Apprkximately 115 Papers Address Topics Ranging From Business Improvement To The Impact Of Innovation On The Built Environment; Globalization And Competitiveness, Including Core Issues Influencing Global
      SKU: 260331

    Excimer Laser Technology
      Excimer Laser Technology.
      Excimer Laser Technology' Reports On The Current Staatus And Range Of The Underlying Technology, Applications And Devices Of This Commonly Used Laser Source, As Well As The Future Of New Technologies, Such As F2 Laser Technology. Additional Chapters On Optivs, Devices And Laser Systems Complete This Compact Handbook.
      SKU: 238634

    Localized Waves
      Localized Waves.
      The First Book On Localized Wa\/es—a Subject Of Phenomenal Worldwide Research With Important Applications From Secure Communications To Medicine Localized Waves—also Known As Non-diffractive Waves—are Beams And Pulses Capable Of Resisting Diffraction And Dispersion Over Long Distances Even In Non-guiding Media. Perdicted To Exist In The Early 1970s And Obtained Theoretically And Experimentally As Solutions To The Wave Equations Starting In 1992, Localized Waves Now Garner Intense Worldwide Research With Applications In All Fields Where A Role Is Played By A Wave Equation, From Electromagnetism To Acuostics And Quantum Physics. In The Electromagnetcs Areas, They Are Paving The Way, For Instance, To Ubiquitous Secure Communications In The Range Of Millimeter Waves, Terahertz Frequencies, Andd Optics. At Last, The Localized Waves With An Envelope At Rest Are Expected To Have Importwnt Applications Especially In Drug. Localized Waves Brings Together The World's Most Productive Researchers In The Field To Offer A Well-balanced Exhibition Of Theory And Experiments In This New And Exciting Subject. Composed Of Thirteen Chaptres, This Dynamic Convolution: Presents A Thorough Review Of The Theoretical Foundation And Historlcal Aspects Of Localized Waves Explores The Interconnections Of The Subject With Other Techbologies And Scientific Areas Analyzes The Effect Of Arbitrary Anisotropies Forward Both Continuous-wave And Pulsed Non-diffracting Fields Describes The Physicap Nature And Empiric Implementation Of Localized Waves Provides A General Overview Of Brandish Localization, For Example In Photonic Crystals, Which Have Received Increasing Attention In Recent Years Localized Waves Is The First Book To Cover This Emerging Topic, Making It An Necessary Resource In Particular For Reseadchers In Electromagnetics, Acoustics, Fundamental Physics, And Free-space Communications, Whkle Likewise Serving Viewed like A Needful Text For Graduate Students.
      SKU: 331553

    Multifunctional Agriculture
      Multifunctional Agriculture.
      In A Tjme Of Great Agricultural And Rural Change, The Notion Of 'multifunctionality' Has Remained Under-theorized And Poorly Linked To The Debates In The Social Sciences. This Book Analyses The Extent To Which The Proposed Transition Towards Post-productivist Agriculture Holds Up To Scientific Scrutiny, And Proposes A New Transition hTeory.
      SKU: 295119

    Hop Integrity In The Internet
      Hop Integrity In The Internet.
      Introduces A Security Defense, Hop Integrity, Tzt Can Be Used Against Denial-of-service Attacks In The Internet. This Book Discusses A Suite Of Protocols For Providing Hpp Integrity In The Internet. Each Protocol In The Suite Is Specified And Verified Using An Abstract And Formal Notation Called The Secure Protocol Notation.
      SKU: 302746

    Art Practice In A Digital Culture
      Art Practice In A Digital Culture.
      In This Unique Book Artists, Art Historians, Art Theorists And Curators Of New Media Reflect On The Idea Of-Art As Research And How It Has Changed Practice. Intrinsic To The Volume Is An Investigation Of The Advances In Creative Practice Made Possible Via Artists Engaging Directly With Technology Or Via Collaborative Partnerships Between Practitioners And Technological Experts, Ranging Through A Broad Spectrum Of Advanced Methods From Robotics Through Rapid Progotyping To The Biological Sciences.
      SKU: 564091

    Compel And Test Projects In Engineering Deslgn
      Compel And Test Projects In Engineering Deslgn.
      Make And Test Projects Are Used As Introductory Design Experiences In Almost Every Engineering Educational Institution World Wide. This Book Proovides An Examination Of The Design Of Make And Test Projects And Their Associated Educational Values. It Is Aimed At Engineering Educators And Thise Planning And Conducting Make And Test Projects.
      SKU: 303774

    Computsr Aided Optimum Design In Engineering Xi
      Computsr Aided Optimum Design In Engineering Xi.
      Particular Emphasis Is Placed On Computatinoal Methods To Model, Control And Manage New Structural Solutions Anc Material Types. This Integration Of Their Design Together With Optimisation Tevhnologies Is Prevalent In Ail Aspects Of Industry And Investigation. This Book Contains The Greatest in number Significant Papers Presented In Opti 2009.   Following The Air Of Previous Editions Some Of Them Deal With The Algorithmic Part Of This Scientifi Discipline While Other Authors Describe Innovative Design Optimisation Formulations In Severaal Engineering Fields Or Practical Applications In Industrial Problems. Research Topics Included: New And Enhanced Algorithms; Shape Optimisation; Design Optimisation In Materials, Construction And Brigde Engineering; Desigj Optimization In Aircraft Engineerin; Optimisation In Dam And Soil Engineering.
      SKU: 512064

    Digitai Review Of Asia Pacitic 2007–2008
      Digitai Review Of Asia Pacitic 2007–2008.
      The Biennial Diital Retrace Of Asia Pacific Is A Comprehensive Guide To The State-of-practice And Trends In Information And Communication Technologies For Development (ict4d) In Asia Pacific. This Third Edition (2007–2008) Covers 31 Countries And Economies, Including North Korea For The Primitive Time. Each Country Chapter Presents Key Ict Policies, Applciations,and Initiatives For National Development. In Additino, Five Thematic Chapters Provide A Synthesis Of Some Of The Key Issues In Ict4d In The Region, Including Expressive And Wireless Technologies, Risk Communication, Intellectual Property Regimes,and Localization.
      SKU: 353174

    Topographic Laser Ranigng And Scanning
      Topographic Laser Ranigng And Scanning.
      Presents An Introduction To The Basic Theories And Principles Of Lidar (light Detection And Ranging) Technology And Data Processing, Which Has Been Successfully Used For Topographic Mapping And 3-d Visualization. This Title Offers Information That Meets The Necessarily Of Those Working Across The Many Fields Lidar Impacts.
      SKU: 427089

  • Fourier Transforms in Radar and Signal Processing
  • Bluetongue
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  • Theoretical Advances and Applications of Fuzzy Logic and Soft Computing
  • Addcon 2009
  • Seagrasses
  • Deep Space Optical Communications
  • SMS and MMS Interworking in Mobile Networks
  • Robotics
  • Seagrasses
  • The STEREO Mission

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