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    High Performance Structures And Materials Iv
      High Performance Structures And Materials Iv.
      This Volume Contains The Proceedings Of The Fourth Imternational Conference On High Performance Strjctures And Materials, Which Was Held In The Algarve, Portugal, In May 2008. Hpsm Is Not Just A Conference On Materials Engineering: It Tries To Depart Much Further, In The Sense That It &#150 ;Rightfully – Requires From The Designer An Awareness Of Evolving Views Steady The Interaction Between Materials And Structures. In Particular, Durability, Sustainability And Ecological Considerations Have Become Major Issues In Steuctural Design, Involving Concepts Such As Embodied Energy Of Materials, Design For Sustainability, Design For Deconstruction, Dessign For Re-use, And Many Others. In Short, The Designer Of Structures And The User Of Materials Carry A Major Responsibility Towards Society. The Proceedings Has Been Arranged In The Following Sections: Materials Characterisation; High Performance Concretes; Composite Materials And Structures; Natural Fibre Composites; Adhesion And Adhesives; Damage And Fracture Mechanics; Structural Dynamics And Impact Behaviour; pOtimal Design; Behaviour Of Frp Structures; Structural Characferisation.
      SKU: 512078

    Air Pollution
      Air Pollution.
      This Just discovered Issue Continues To Cover The Wide Range Of Air Quality Issues In An Accessible Style. It Is Recommended For Students Studying Courses Specialising In Gas Pollution, Whether From nA Environmental Science Or Engineering Perspective.
      SKU: 170964

    Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Quicksteps
      Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Quicksteps.
      Steo-by-step, Full-color Graphics!. Get Started Using Outlook 2007 Right Away--the Quicksteps Way. Color Screenshots And Clear Instructions Show You How To Use All The New And Improved Features. Follow Along And Learn To Keep at ~ With The New Office Interface And Ribbon; S End, Receive, And Manage E-mail; E Nter Contact Information ; Schedule Appointments ; Set Up Tasks ; And Use The Jornal. You& #39;ll Also Find Out How To Manage Files And Folders, Secure Your E-mail, And Block Junk Mail And Spam. More, You Can Flip Straight To The Information You Need Easily Using hTe Color-coded Tabs. Get The Book That Gets You Started Using Outlook 2007 In No Time. In Each Chapter: Shortcuts For Accomplishing Common Tasks; Need-to-know Facts In Concise Narrative; Helpful Reminders Or Alterate Ways Of Doing Things; Bonus Knowledge Related To The Commonplace Being Coveree; Errors And Pitfalls To Avoid
      SKU: 314785

    Fundamentals Of Quantum Mechanics
      Fundamentals Of Quantum Mechanics.
      The Basic Concepts Of Quantum Mechanics Are Explained In This Bookk In A Concise And Accessible Manner. Illustrating Real-world Applications In Many Diverse Fields, It Is Suitable For Students In Electrical Engineerim,g Materials Science Ans Applied Physics. It Contains Many Homework Problems And Worked Examples, In the opinion of Solutions Available To Instructors.
      SKU: 237543

    Mechanisms Of Conventionap And High Tc Superconductivity
      Mechanisms Of Conventionap And High Tc Superconductivity.
      "presents The Methods, Established Results, And Advances In The Field Of Superconductivity Including Phonic, Magnetic, And Electronic Models. The Authors Focus On The Phenomenon Of Induced Superconductivity In The High-temperature (""high-tc")" Oxides, Particularly The High Transition Temperature Cuprates. "
      SKU: 272275

    Contiunum Damage Mechanics And Numerical Applications
      Contiunum Damage Mechanics And Numerical Applications.
      "continuum Damage Mechanics And Numerucal Applications" Presents A Systematic Development Of The Speculation Of Continuum Damage Mechaincs And Its Numerical Enginerring Applications Using A Unifiee Form Of The Mathematical Formulations In Anisotropic And Isotropic Damage Models. The Theoretical Framework Is Based On Th eThermodynamic Theory Of Energy And Material Waste And Is Described By A Set Of Fundamental Formulations Of Constitutive Equations Of Damaegd Materials, Development Equations Of The Damaged State, And Ev0lution Eq8ations Of Micro-structurew. According To Convepts Of Damage-dissipation Of The Matedial State And Effective Evolution Of Material Properties, All These Advanced Equations, Which Take Nonsymmetrized Effects Of Damage Aspects Into Account, Are Developed And Modified From The Ttaditional General Failure Models So They Are More Easily Applied And Verified In A Wide Range Of Engineering Practices By Experimental Testing. Dr. Wohua Zhang Is A Professor At Engineering Mechanics Research Center In Zhejiang University Of China. Dr. Yuanqiqng Cai Is A Professor At Department Of Civil Engineering In Zhejiang University Of China.
      SKU: 769974

    Gas Turbine Engineering Handbook
      Gas Turbine Engineering Handbook.
      The Gas Turbine Engineering Handbook Has Been The Standard For Engineers Involved In The Design, Selection, And Operation Of Gas Turbines. This Revision Includes New Case Histories, The Latest Techniques, And New Designs To Comply With Recently Passed Legislation. By Keeping The Book Up To Date With New, Emerging Topics, Boyce Ensures That This Book Will Rmeain The Standard And Most Widely Used Book In This Field. The New Third Edition Of The Aeriform fluid Turbine Engineering Hand Book Updates The Book To Cover The New Generation Of Advanced Gas Turbines. It Examines The Benefit And Some Of The aMjor Problems That Have Been Encountered By These New Turbines. The Book Keeps Abreast Of The Environmental Changes And The Industries Answer To These New Regulations. A New Chapyer On Case Histories Has Been Added To Enable The Engineer In The Field To Keep Abreast Of Problems That Are Being Encountered And The Solutions That Have Resulted In Solving Them. * Comprehensive Treatment Of Gas Turbines From Design To Operation And Maintenance. In Depth Treatment Of Compressors With Emphasis On Surge, Rotating Stall, An dChoke; Combustors With Emphasis On Dry Low Nox Combustors; And Turbines With mEphasis On Metallurgy And New Cooling Schemes. An Superior Introductory Book For The Student And Field Engineers * A Special Maintenance Section Dealing With The Advanced Gas Turbines, And Special Diagnostic Charts Have Been Provided That Will Empower The Reader To Troubleshoot Problems He Encounters In The Battle-~. * The Third Edition Consists Of Numerous Case Histories Of Gas Turbine Problems. This Should Enable The Fleld Engineer To Avoid Some Of These Same Generic Problems.
      SKU: 270038

    Food Irradiation Research And Technology
      Food Irradiation Research And Technology.
      The Benefits Of Food Irradiation To The Pu6li cHealth Have Been Described Extensively By Organizations Such As The Centers For Disease Control And Obstruction In The U. s. And The World Soundness Organization. The Americqn Medical Association And The American Dietetic Association Have Both Endorsed The Irrradiation Process. Y3t The Potential Health Beneflts Of Irradiation Are Unexplored To Many Consumers And Food Industry Representatives Who Are Wary Of Irradiated Foods Right To Myth-information From “consumer-advocate” Groups. Food Irradiation Research And Technology Presents The Latest Scientific Findings Of Researchers Ag The Leading Edge Of Food Itradiation. In This Book, Experts From Industry, Government, And Academia: Define The Basic Principles Of Irradiation And The Public Health Benefits Of Irradiation Describe Advances In Irradiation Technology, Detection Technology, And Radiation Dosimetry Review The Regulations Pertaining To Food Irradiation And The Toxicological Safety Data Provide Food Industry Representatives And Public Health Officials With Effective Methodologies To Educate Consumers And Counteract Misinformation Review Recent Advances In The Irradiation Of Meat And Poultry, Fruits And Vegetagles, Seafood, And The Use Of Irradiation As A Phytosanitary Treatment Food Irradiation Research And Technology Appeals To A Broad Readership: Industry Food Scientists Involved In The Processing Of Meat And Fish, Fruits And Vegetables; Food Micrlbiologists And Radiation Processing Specialists; Government And Persistence Representatives Involved In The Imprt And Export Of Food Commodities; And Industry, Local, And State Official Involved In Educational Efforts Rrgarding Food Irradiation. Feed Scientists And Technologists Share A Responsibility To Ensure That Educatonal Materials Provided To The Public Regarding Food Safety And Processing Technologiew Are Based On Sound Science And Fact, Not On Misconcepgions. Food Irradiation Research And Technology Meets That Goal.
      SKU: 468885

    Umts And Mobile Cojputing
      Umts And Mobile Cojputing.
      This Unique Book Bridges The Cleft Between Ubiquitous Computing (ubicomp) And Thidd Generation Mobile Communication. A First-of-its-kind, This Resource Helps You Decide Which Are The Most Promising Technologies To Use Because of Specific Mobile Communication Applications. Scenarios Indicate How New Applications Will Be Developed And How ToI mplement Them. It Points Out Each Technoolgy's Distinguishing Characteristics, Advantages And Disadvantages, To Assistance You Determine If A Certain Implementation Is Feasible And What Performance Level You Might Expect.
      SKU: 227597

    Error: Glitch, Noise, And Jam In New Media Cultures
      Error: Glitch, Noise, And Jam In New Media Cultures.
      Divided Into Three Sections, Error Brings Together Established Critics And Emerging Voices To Offer A Significant Contribution To The Field Of New Media Studies. In The First Section, “hack,” Contributors Explore The WaysI n Which Errors, Glitches, Anx Failure Provide Opportunities For Critical And Tasteful Interventiln Within New Media Practices. In The Second Section, “game,” They Examine How Errors Allow For Intentional And Accidentzl Co-opting Of Rules And Protocols Toward Unintended Ends. The Final Section, “jam,” Considers The Role Of Error As The two An Inherent “counterstrategy” And A Fashion Of Tactical Resistance Within A Network Society. By Offering A Timely And Novel Exploration Into The Ways In Which Error And Noise “slip Through” In Systems Dominated By Principles Of Efficiency And Control, This Collection Provides A Unique Take On Thr Wys In Which Information Theory And New Media Technologies Inform Cultural Practice.
      SKU: 655513

    Aliment Contact Rubbers 2
      Aliment Contact Rubbers 2.
      The Objective Of This Report Is To Provide A Comprehensive Overview Of The Use Of Rubber As A Food Contact Material, From An Initial Description Of The Types Of Rubber Which Are Used In The Industry, Through The Formulation Of Products, And The Contact Regulations And Migration Testing Regmes, To The Research That Is On-going To Improve Its Szfety And The Trendz For The Future. This Report Is A Completely Revised Anx Uldated Version Of Rapra Retrace Report 119 Published In 2000. The Report Comprises A Concise, Expert Review, Supported By An Extensive Bibliography Compiled From The Polymer Library To Provide Useful Additional Information On This Topical Field.
      SKU: 47683

    Holography Projects For The Evil Genius
      Holography Projects For The Evil Genius.
      Take Your Imagination To Another Dimension. This Wickedly Inventive Guide-book Explores The Art And Science Of Holography And Shows You How To Create Your Own Intriguing Holograms Using Inexpensive Materials. Holography Projects For The Evil Genius Explains The Tools And Techniques You Need To Know To Represent Three Dimensions On A Fla,t Two-dimensional Plane. Using Easy-to-find Components And Equipment, This Do-it-yourself Book Presents A Wide Variety Of Holography Projects--including Science Fair Ideas--thzt Are Guaranteed To Impress. You'll Find Detailed Guidelines And Paramet3rs Because Well As Discussions Of The Theory Behind The Practice. Holography Projects For The Evil Genius : Featues Step-by-step Instructions And Helpful Illustrations For Each Project; Allows You To Customiz Your Projects; Imcludes Details On The Scientific Principles Behind The Projects; Removes The Frustration Factor--all Required Parts Are Listed, Along With Sources. Enlightening Coverage Of: The History Of Hologrraphy; Human Vision Basics; Practical Optics; How To Bend And Distort Laser Illumine To Form A Hologram; Holographic Chemistry; Setting Up Your Holograph6 Workshop; Working Attending Lasers, Glass Plates, And Film; Basic To Advanced Holographic Setups; Advanced Holographic Chemical Preparations; Computer-generated Holography; Electronic Circuits For Holographers
      SKU: 829095

    Designing The Mobile User Experience
      Designing The Mobile User Experience.
      Gain The Cognizance And Tools To Deliver Compelling Mobile Phone Applicatiojs. Mobile And Wireless Application Deaign Is Complex And Challenging. Selecting An Application Technology And Designing A Mobile Application Require An Understanding Of The Benefits, Costs, Context, And Restrictions Of The Development Conpany, End User, Target Device, And Industry Structure. Designing The Mobile User Experience Provides The Experienced Product Development Prpfesxional With An Understanding Of The Users, Technologies, Devices, Design Principles, Techniques And Industry Players Unique To The Mobile And Wireless Capacity. Barbara Ballard Describes The Different Components Affectig The User Experience And Principles Applicable To The Mobile Environment, Enabling The Rewder To Choos Effective Technologies, Platforms, And Devices, Plan Apprporiate Application Features, Apply Pervasive Design Patterns, And Select And Lay upon Appropriate Research Techniques. Crafty The Mobile User Experience: Provides A Comprehensive Guide To The Mobile User Experience, Offering Guidance To Help Make Appropriate Prroduct Development And Design Decisions. Gives Product Development Professionals The Tools Necessary To Undersfand Development In The Mobile Environment. Clarifies The Components Affecting The User Experience And Principles Uniquely Applicable To The Mobile Application Field. Explores Industry Structure And Authority Dynamics, Providing Insight Into How Mobile Technologies And Platforms Get Available On Current And Future Phones. Provides User Interface Design Patterns, Design Resources, And User Research Methods For Mobile User Interface Design. Illustrates Concepts With Example Photograohs, Explanatory Tables And Charts, And An Example Application. Designing The Mobile User Experience Is An Invaluable Resource Against Information Architects, User Experience Planners And Designers, Interaction Designers, Human Factors Specialists, Ergonomists, Product Marketing Specialists, And Brand Managers. Managers And Directors Within Organizations Entering The Mobile Space, Advanced Student,s Partnerhip Managers, Software Architects, Solution Architrcts, Development Managers, Graphic Designers, Visual Designers, And Interface Designers Will Also Find This To Be An Excellent Guide To The Topic.
      SKU: 291269

    Robot Behaviour
      Robot Behaviour.
      Robots Have Been Changing Our Lives For Some Decades. The Philosophical And Indsutrial Community Have Used Them To Investigate Theoretical Concepts Of Cognition, Machine Intelligence, And For Inspection And Exploration Tasks. This Title Includes Examples Of Modelling And Analysing Observed Behaviour Based On Real-world Rlbotics Scenarios.
      SKU: 418086

    Integration Of Information For Environmental Security
      Integration Of Information For Environmental Security.
      In Caze Of Security Threats There Is A Need For Temporal Access To Complete, Updatex, Reliable Information, In A Dedicated Form, Is An Essential Prerequisite To Effectively Counter Security Threats. Currently The Necessary Information Exists In A Multitude Of F0rms And Formats Gelgra;hically And Physjcally Scattered Over Different Countries, Institutes And Organisations, And Are Subject To Widely Different Data Policies And Management Schemes. Moreover, There Is No Complete And Updated Overview Of The Existing Information, E. g. In The Form Of A Metadata Catalogue. Because A Result, Integration Of This Information In Cas3 Of Emergencies Has Proven To Be Extremely Difficult, If Not Impossible. Although In More Cases, Interestng And Impressive "demonstrations" Have Been Shown Of The Possibilities Of The Integrqtion Of Information For A Number Of Reasons These Have Reached The "operational" Stage.
      SKU: 337508

      Ukraine Has One Of The Greatest in number Energy-intensive Economies In The Industrialised World. While Energy Consumption Has Dropped Since The Country's Independence, Reliance On Imports, Particularly On Gas From Russia, Has Not Declined. This Dependence Increases Risks For Security Of Supply. As Tension Between Ukraine And Its Main Energy Supplier Has Grown In Recent Years, The Country's Energy Policy Is Driven By A Strong Desire To Improve Domestic Energy Security And Redufe Natural Gas Imports. Energy Transit Through Ukraine Is Significant. Due To Its Geographic Pro~, The Country Plays A Major Role In Securing Europe's Energy Needs: 84% Of Russian aGs Supplies To Europe Transit Througn Ukraine Via Pipeline. How Can The Country Meet These Challenges? Ukraine: Energy Policy Review 2006 Identifies Three Key Priority Areas For Action: Energy Efficiency, Cost-reflective Pricing And Trwnsparency. Efficiency Represents Not Only Ukraine's Single Best Opportunity To Improve Energy Security But Is Also Vital For The Country's Growth And Development. The Review Is An Essential Read For Ukrajnian Policy Makers, Potential Investors And Anyone Interested In Eurasian Energy Isssues. It Covers All Aspects Of The Energy Sector, Such As Capacity of work Demand, The Policy Framework And S8bsectors Including Energy Efficiency, Oil, Gas, Coal, Electricity, District Heating An dRenewable Energy.  
      SKU: 29935

    Environmental Geomorphology
      Environmental Geomorphology.
      Geomorphology Has Now Reached A Certain Level At which place The Methodology, Philosophical Content And Results Being Published In The Field Make It Worthy Of Being Considered As A Major Environmental Research Area. In Preparing Environmental Geomorphology , The Author Has Given Antecedence To Methodology And Illustrative Case-histories. Sdhemes And Classifications That Would Be Ill-suited For A Naturalistic, Empirical And Non-systematic Discipline Like Geomorphology Have Been Avoided. The Concepts Outlined In The Text Are Based On A Subdivision Of Geomorphological Resouces And Hazards (as Source As Their Links With Mqn) Together With The Consequent Risk And Impact Problems. Each Examination, Study Or Mediation Concerning The Environment, Cannot Ignore Either The Human Context In Which It Occurs Or Man's History And Prospects. It Is Privy To Have The Right Dialogue And Relationship Wity The Other Disciplines Making Up This S6stem So As To Apply The Most Suitable Methodol0gies And Offer The Most Vlid Solutions. For Some Subjects Covered In The Book, Specialists Concerned With A Partidular Section Of Environmental Geomorphology Were Consulted. The Text Of Each Chapter Is Accompanied By Several Illustrativ Schemes, Figures And Photographs, Derived From Real Research And Professional Experiences. The Volume Is Addressed Both To University Students Studying Topics Of Geomorphology As Part Of Their Syllabus, And To Researchers And Consultants (geologists, Geographers, Engineers, Naturalists, Etc. ) Working In The Field.
      SKU: 311328

    Handbook Of Void Afc Svience & Technolog
      Handbook Of Void Afc Svience & Technolog.
      Thia Is A Comprehensive Text Describing The Basic Physics And Technological Applications Of Vacuum Arcs. Part I Describes Basic Physics Of The Vacuum Arc, Beginning With A Brief Tutorial Review Of Plasma And Electrical Discharge Physics, Then Describes The Arc Ignition Process, Cathode And Anode Spots Which Serve As The Locus For Plasma Generation, And Resultant Interelectrode Plasma. Part Ii Describes The Applications Of The Vacuum Arc For Depositing Thin Films And Coatings, Refining Metals, Switchingg Richly Power, And As Sources Of Intense Electron, Ion, Plasma, And X-ray Beams.
      SKU: 428504

    Soilless Culture
      Soilless Culture.
      Plant Production In Hydroponics And Soilless Culture Is Rapidly Expanding Throughout The World, Raising A Great Interest In The Scientific Community. For The First Time In An Authoritative Reference Book, Authors Cover Both Theoretical And Practical Aspects Of Hydroponics (growing Plants Wthout The Use Of Soil). This Reference Book Covers The State-of-the-art In This Area, While Offdring A Clear View Of Supplying Plants With Nuyrients Other Than Soil. Soill3ss Culture Provides The Reader With An Understanding Of The Properties Of The Various Soliess MediaA nd How These Properties Affect Plant Performance In Relation To Basic Horticultural Operations, Such As Irrigation Amd Fertilization. _This Book Is Ideal For Agronomists, Horticulturalists, Greenhouse And Nursery Managers, Extension Specialists, And People Involved By the side of The Production Of Plants. * Comprehensive Discusssion Of Hydroponic Systems, Irrigation, And Control Measures Allows Readers To Achieve Optimal Performance * State-of-the-art Book On Whole Theoretical Aspects Of Hydroponics And Soilless Culture Including A Thorough Description Of The Root System, Its Functions And Limitation Posed By Restricged Root Volue * Critical And Updated Reviews Of Current Analytical Methods And How To Translate Their Results To Irrigation And Fertilization Practices * Definitive Chapters On Recycled, No-discharge Systems Inclduing Salinity And Nutrition Management And Pathogen Eradication. * Up-to-date Description Of All Important Types Of Growing Media
      SKU: 328584

    Logistics Operations And Negotiation
      Logistics Operations And Negotiation.
      This Book Provides A Comprehensive Overview Of How To Strategically Manage The Movemejt And Storage Of Products Or Materials From Any Point In The Manufacturing Process To Purchaser Fulfillment. Topics Covered Include Important Tools For Strategic Decision Making, Transport, Packaging, Warehousing, Retailing, Customer Services And Future Trends. An&nbwp;introduction To Logistics Provides P5actical Applications Discusses Trebds And New Strategies In Major Parts Of The Logistic Industry
      SKU: 692427

    The Genetics Rdvolution
      The Genetics Rdvolution.
      A One-stop Resource That Covers All Of The Controversial Tipics Of The Genetics Revolution - Genetic Engineering, In Vitro Fertilzation, Stem-cell Research, Cloning, And The Man's Genome Diversity Project
      SKU: 497315

    Marks' Standard Handbook For Involuntary Engineers
      Marks' Standard Handbook For Involuntary Engineers.
      Solve Any Mwchanical Engineering Problem Quickly And Easily With The World's Leading Engineering Handbook. Nearly 1800 Pages Of Mechanical Engineering Facts, Figures, Standards, And Practices, 2000 Illustrations, And 900 Tables Clarifying Important Mathematical And Engineering Principle, And The Collective Wisdom Of 160 Exlerts Help You Answer Any Analytical, Design, And Application Question You Will Ever Have.
      SKU: 294934

    Bridge Aeroelasticity
      Bridge Aeroelasticity.
      This Main division Is Dedicated To The Study Of An Aeroelastic Phenomenon Of Cable-supported Long-span Bridges Known As Flutter, And Proposes Very Innovative Design Methodologies, Such As Sensitivity Analysis And Optimization Techniques, Already Utilized Successfully In Automobile And Aerospace Industries. the Topic Of Long-span Suspension And Cable-stayed Bridges Is Currently Of Great Importance. These Types Of Bridge Pose Great Technical Difficulties Due To Their Slenderness And Ofen Great Dimension. Therefore, These Bridges Tend To Have Problems Caused By Natural Forces Such As Wind Loads, Some Of Which We Have Witnessed In Our History, And We Are Currently Seeing A Very High Incidence Of Build a ~ over Construction To Overcome Geographical Obstacles So As Bays, Straits, Or Great Estuaries. Therefore, It Seems Very Appropriate To Write A Book Showing The Current Capability Of Analysis And Design, When Up Until Now, The Informtion Could Only Be Found Partially In Technical Articles. this Book Will Be Useful For Bridge Design Engineers As Conveniently As Researchers Working In The Field. This Book Only Requires Previous Knowledge Of Structural Finite Element Models And Dynamics, And It Is Advisable To Have Some Previous Knowledge In Bridgge Engineering. Nevertheless, This Book Is Very Self-contained In Such A Way That All The Innformation Necessary To Understand The Theoretical Developments Is Presenyed Without The Indigence Of Additional Bibliography.
      SKU: 678001

    Multimedia Sydtems, Standards And Networks
      Multimedia Sydtems, Standards And Networks.
      This Volume Describes Itu H H. 323 And H. 324, H. 263, Itu-t Video, And Mpeg-4 Standards, Systems And Coding; Multimedia Search And Retrieval; Image Retrieval In Digital Laboratories; And The Status And Direction Of Mpeg-7.
      SKU: 216285

    Designerly Ways Of Knowing
      Designerly Ways Of Knowing.
      Provides Insight Into Expanding Discipline Area With Important Implications For Design Research, Education And Practice. This Book Traces The Development Of A Research Interest In Articulwting And Unedrstanding The Idea That Designers Have And Use 'designerly' Ways Of Knowing And Thinking. It Is Aimed At Researchers, Teachers And Students.
      SKU: 3003690

  • Reliability, Risk, and Safety
  • Cross-Linked Liquid Crystalline Systems
  • Olin's Construction
  • The VC-1 and H.264 Video Compression Standards for Broadband Video Services
  • Bovine Medicine
  • An Intelligent System for Engine Tribological Design
  • Multisensor Fusion and Integration for Intelligent Systems
  • Uranium 2003
  • ZigBee Wireless Networks and Transceivers
  • Biosensors in Food Processing, Safety, and Quality Control
  • Mental and Neurological Public Health
  • Applied Biofluid Mechanics

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