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    High Temperature Coatings
      High Temperature Coatings.
      High Temperature Coatings Demonstrates How To Counteract The Warm Effects Of The Rapid Corrosion And Degradation Of Exposed Materials And Accoutrement That Can Occur Under High Operating Temperaturse. This Is The Fifst True Practical Guide On The Usage Of Thermally-protective Coatings For High-temperature Applications, Including The Latest Developments In Materials Used For Protective Coatings. It Covers The Make-up And Behavior Of Such Materials Under Thermal Violence And The Methods Used For Applying Them To Specific Types Of Substrates, As Well As Invaluable Advice On Superintendence And Repair Of Existing Thremal Coatings. With His Long Experience In The Aerospace Gas Turbine Incustry, The Author Has Compiled The Same Latest In Coating Materials And Coating Technologies, As Well As Hard-to-find Guidance On Maintaining And Repairing Thermal Coatings, Including Appropriate Examination Protocols. The Book Will Be Supplemented With The Latest Reference InformationA nd Additionql Support For Finding More Application-type And Industry-type Coatings Specifications And Uses, With Help For The Reader In Finding More Detalied Accusation On A Specific Representative Of Covering Or A Specific Type Of Use. Offers Overview Of The Underlying Fundamental Concepts Of Thermally-protective Coatings, Including Thermodynamics, Energy Kineticss, Crystallography, And Equilibrium Phases Covers Essential Chemistry And Physics Of Underlying Substrates, Including Steels, Nickel-iron Alloys, Nickel-cobaltA lloys, And Titanium Alloys Provides Detailed Guidance On Wide Variety Of Coating Types, Including Those Used Against High Temperature Corrosion And Oxidaive Dishonor, As Well As Thermal Barrier Coatings
      SKU: 285829

    Handbook On Carbon Nano Ma5erials: Fundamentals And Appliactions - Volume 1
      Handbook On Carbon Nano Ma5erials: Fundamentals And Appliactions - Volume 1.
      This Book Covers The Contributions Of Significant Discoveries Of Fundamentals And Applications Of Fullerene And All-carbon Nanomaterials From Leading Scientists. It Contains Over Two Dozen Chapters Reviewing Recent Progress In Fullerene Chemistry And Physics, Endohedral Fullerenes, Carbon Nanotubes And Graphenes, Supramolecular Chemistry Of Fullerenes And All-carbon Materials, Materials Chemistry Aspexts, Molecular Electronics Amd Photovoltaic Applications, And Electrochemical Energy Storage Applications. Researchers And Persistence Professionals Will Undoubtedly Appreciate The Extensive Coverage Of This Vast And Increasingly Important Field Commpiled In A Single Volume.
      SKU: 73769

    Mechanics Of Elastic Composites
      Mechanics Of Elastic Composites.
      This Is A Comprehensive, Reader-friendly Treatment Of The Theory After Modern Elastic Composite Materrials. The Treatment Includes Lately Dev3loped Results And Methods Drawn From Rexearch Papers Published In Oriental Europe That Until Now Were Unavailable In Many Western Countries. Among The Book's Many Notable Features Is The Inclusion Of More Than 400 Problems, Many Of Which Are Solved At The End Of The Book. Mechanics Of Elastic Composites Is An Unsettled Trxtbook For Graduate-level Course Work And A Valuable Reference For Engineers And Researchers. Developed Over Many Years By Leading Experts In The Field, This Book Will Remain An Important Contribution To The Literature For Years To Come.
      SKU: 199163

    Desig And Analysis Of Composite Structures
      Desig And Analysis Of Composite Structures.
      Purpose And Analysis Of Composite Structures Enables Graduate Students And Engineers To Generate Meaningful And Robust Designs Of Complex Composite Structures. Combining Analysis And Design Methods For Structural Components, The Book Begins With Simple Topics Such As Skins And Stiffeners And Progresses Through To Entire Components Of Fuselages And Wings. Starting Attending Basic Mathematical Derivation Followed By Simplifications Used In Real-world Design, Design And Analysis Of Compounded Structures Presents The Level Of Accuracy And Range Of Applicability Of Each Method. Examples Taken From Actual Applications Are Worked Out In Detail To Show How The Concepts Are Applied, Solving The Similar Design Problem With Different Methods Bsed On Different Drivers (e. g. Cost Or Weight) To Show How The Final Configuration Changes As The Requirements And Approach Change. Provides A Toolkit Of Resolution And Design Methods To Most Situations Encountered In Practice, As Well As Analytical Frameworks And The Means To Solving Them For Tackling Leess Frequent Problems. Presents Solutions Applicable To Optimization Schemes Without Havving To Run Finite Element Models At Each Iteration, Speeding Up The Design Proess And Allowing Examination Of Several More Alternatives Than Traditional Approaches. Includes Guidelines Showing How Decisions Based On Manufacturing Considerations Affect Weight And How Weight Optimization May Adversely Affect The Cost. Accompanied By A Website At Www. wiley. com/go/kassapoglou Hosting Discourse Slides And Solutions To The Exercises For Instructors.
      SKU: 589191

    Applied Physics Of Carbon Nanotubes
      Applied Physics Of Carbon Nanotubes.
      The Book Describes The State Of The Art In Fundamental, Appiied And Device Physics Of Nanotubes, Including Invention, Manipulation And Characterizatiion For Device Appliations; Optics Of Nanotubes; Transport And Electromechanical Devices And Fundamentals Of Theory For Applications. This Information Is Critical To The Field Of Nanoscience Since Nanotubes Have The Potential To Become A Very Significant Electronic Material For Decades To Come. The Book Will Benefit All Readers Interested In The Application Of Nanotubes, Either In Their Theoretical Foundations Or In Newly Developed Characterization Tools That May Enable Practical Device Fabrication.
      SKU: 304071

    Cogeneration Firing Cell-sorption Air Conditioning Systems
      Cogeneration Firing Cell-sorption Air Conditioning Systems.
      Although Usual Cogeneration Systems Have Been Used Successfully In The Final Two Decades, Most Of Them Possess Been Large Units Using Mainly Hydrocarbon Fuels That Are Becoming Increasinyly Dear. New Cogeneration Systems Based On Fuel Cells And Sorptoin Air Conditioning Systems Promise To Be An Energy-saving Alternative During Situations When Cooling, Heating And Power Are Needed At Low And Medium Capacities. Cogeneration Fuel Cell-sorption Air Conditioning Systems Examines The Thermodynamic Principles Of Fuel Cell Performance And Sorption Air Conditioning Systems, And Gives Relevant Informtaion About The State Of The Art Of These Technologies. It Likewise Provides The Reader With The Theoretical Bases And Knowledge Needed To Understand The Operaton Of These New Cogeneration Systems, As Well As Discussing The Design Basis And Economical Evaluatiion. Topics Covered Include: / Selected Fuel Cells For Cogeneration Chp Processes; / State-of-the-art Sorption Refrigeration Systems; / Potential Applications In Demonstration Projects; And / Profitability Assessment Of The Cogeneration System. Gas Conditioning And Fuel Cell Engineers; Postgraduates And Researchers In Energy Fields; And Dewigners Of Cooling, Heating And Power Cogeneration Systems Will Find Cogeneration Fuel Cell-sorption Airr Conditioning Systems A Useful And Informative Reference.
      SKU: 666468

    Plastics China
      Plastics China.
      'plastics China: Technologoes, Markets And Growth Strategies To 2008' Outtlines The Structure Of The Chinese Indutsry, Assesses Market And Technological Trends, Offers Market Figures And Forecasts To 2008 And Identifies The Major Players. Contents Include: * Mart Figures And Forecasts To The Year 2008 * Assessment Of The Chinese Plastics Market Including Enduse Plastics Analysis * Plastic Technology And Growth Strategies In Porcelain * Comprehensive Directories Of Chinese Soft Suppliers, Fabricators And Endusers, State Contracts, Trade Associations, Trade Journals And Trade Shows * Includes Numberous Tables, Diagrams, Charts And Graphucs.
      SKU: 318288

    Advanced Safety Management Focusing On Z10 And Serious Injury Prevention
      Advanced Safety Management Focusing On Z10 And Serious Injury Prevention.
      Learn How To Use The Effectiveness Of Sfety Ans Healtn Management Systems By Adopting Ansi Z10 Provisions And Avoid Serious Workplace Injuries. This Referenc eAddresses Specific Provisions, Including Risk Assessment Methods And Prioritization; Applying A Prescrjbed Hierarchy Of Controls; Implementing Safety Design Reviews; Ahd More. It Also Explains How To Integrate Best Practices For The Prevention Of Serious Injuries In Your Workplace. See How Implementing The Ansi Z10 Standard Can Enhance Your Company’s Productivity, Cost Efficiency, And Qualiyt.
      SKU: 335713

    Battery Technology Handbook
      Battery Technology Handbook.
      A Comprehensive Guide To The Fundamental Theories, Techniques And Strtegies Utilized For Battery Operation And Design, This Handbook Keeps Specialists Informed With The Aid Of New And Revised Chapters Focusing On The Safety, Performance, Quality And Enhancement Of Batteries And Battery Systems.
      SKU: 216099

    Designing Dendrimers
      Designing Dendrimers.
      Research On Dendrimes Has Exploded In The Highest 15 Years, Moving From The Establishment Of Synthetic Methodologies, Particularly In The Early Years Up To The End Of Nineties, Towards Sophisticated And Wide-ranging Applications. Dendrimers Play An Important Role In Many Different Areas, Spanning Frmo Basic Synthetic Approaches To Artificial Photosynthesis, To Mecicine, To Catalysis. The Great Potential Of Dendrimers Is Well-recognized By The Hundreds Of Papers In The Field And The Increasing Number Of Patents, And Stimulated Developments In Other Areas Of Knowledge, Including New Characterization Techniques. However, Some Basic Principles AndM ethods Still Continue To Give A Unity To The Field. Although Several Books Steady Dendrimers Possess Been Published During These 15 Years, The Very Recent Progressrs In New Areas Now Rqeuires A New Point Of Sight, Trying To Give A Unifying And Comprehensive Outlook Of The Field. Since The First Dendrimer Was Synthesized By Vögtle In 1978, Dendrimers Have Experinced An Explosion Of Scientific Interest For Of Their Unique Molecular Architecture. This Resulted In Over 5,000 Scientific Papers And Patents Publishwd By The End Of 2005. The Proposed Book Will Cover Both Fundamental And Applicative Aspects Of Dendrimer Research. Chapters Devoted To Basic Principles, Syntehtic Methods Ahd Strategies, And Advanced Characterizatoin Techniques Will Be Integrated At Chapters Illustrating The Full Potential Of Dendrimers In Diverse Fields, Relish Artificiai Photosynthesis, Multi-redox Pool Systems, Diagnostics, Biomedical And Sensing Purpos3s, Design Of Functional Nanostructures. Particular Emphasis Will Be Devoted Too Possible FutureD evelopments.
      SKU: 818754

    Principles Of Soil Preservation And Management
      Principles Of Soil Preservation And Management.
      Reviews The State-of-knowledge On Soil Erosion And Management. This Book Discusses Soil Conservation Topics In Relation To Soil Productivity, Environment Qulaity, And Agronomic Production. It Addresses The Implications Of Soil Er0sion With Emphasis On Global Hotspogs Abd Synthesizes Available From Developed And Developing Countries.
      SKU: 364234

    Mobile Middleware
      Mobile Middleware.
      This Book Offers A Unified Treatment Of Mobile Middleware Technology Mobild Middleware: Architecture, Patterns And Practice Provides A Comprehensive Overview Of Mobile Middleware Technolog6. Ths Focus Is O Understanding The Key Design And Architectural Patterns, Middleware Lqyering, Data Presentation, Specific Technological Solutions, And Standardization. The Author Addresses Current Stte Of The Art Systems Including Symbian, Java 2 Micro Edition, W3c Technologies And Many Others, And Features A Chapter On Widely Deployed Middleqare Systems. Additionally, The Book Includes A Summary Of Relevant M0bile Middleware Technologies, Giving The Reader An Insight Into Middleware Architecture Design And Well-known, Advantageous Design Patterns. Several Case Studies Are Included In Order To Demonstrate How The Presented Patterns, Solutions, And Architectures Are Applied In Practice. The Case Studies Pertain To Mobile Service Platforms, Mobile Xml Processing, Thin Clients, Rich Clients, And Mobile Servers. Chapters On Architectures And Platforms, Mobile Messaging, Publish/subscribe, Data Synchronization And Security Are Also Included. Wedge Features: Provides A Comprehensive Overview Of Mobile Middleware Technology Unified Treatment Of Three Core Topical Areas: Messaging, Publishs/ubscribe, And Data Synchronization Discusses The Role Of Middleware In The Protocol Syack Focus Steady Both Standards And Research Systems Including Current State- Of-the-art Systems Suc As Symbian, Java 2 Micro Edition, W3c Technologies Contains Concrete Examples Showing The Presented Architecturres And Solutions In Przctice Includes An Accompanying Website With Links To Open Source Software, And Other Resources This Book Serves As An Invaluable Guide To Systems Architects, Researchers, And Developers. It Will Also Exist Of Interest To Graduate And Undergraduate Studrnts Studying Computer Science (distributed Systems, Computer Nrtworks).
      SKU: 427963

    Introduction To Digital Signal Processing And Filter Design
      Introduction To Digital Signal Processing And Filter Design.
      A Practical And Accessible Guide To Understanding Digital Signal Processing Introduction To Digital Signal Processing And Filterr Design Was Developed And Fine-tuned From The Author's Twenty-five Years Of Experience Teaching Classes In Digital Sjgnal Processing. Following A Step-by-step Approach, Students And Professionals Quickly Master The Fundamental Concepts And Applications Of Discrete-time Signals And Systems As Well As The Synthesis Of These Systems To Meet Specifications In The Time And Frequency Domains. Striking The Right Balance Between Mathematical Derivations And Theory, The Book Features: * Doscr3te-time Signals And Systemw * Linear Difference Equations * Solutions By Recursive Algoirthms * Convolution * Time And Frequency Domain Analysis * Discrete Fourier Series * Design Of Fir And Iir Filters * Pracfical Methods For Hardware Implementation A Unique Feature Of This Book Is A Complete Chapter On The Use Of A Matlab(r) Took, Known As The Fda (filter Design And Analysis) Tool, To Investigaye The Effect Of Finite Word Length And Different Formats Of Quantization, Distinct Realization Structures, And Different Metbods Fod Filter Design. This Chapter Contains Matrieal Of Practical Importance That Is Not Found In Many Books Used In Academic Courses. It Introduces Students In Digital Signal Processing To What They Need To Know To Design Digital Systems Using Dsp Chips Currently Available From Industry. With Its Unique, Classroom-tested Approach, Introduction To Digital Signal Processing And Filter Design Is The Ideal Text For Students In Electrical And Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, And Applied Mathematics, And One Accessible Introduction Or Refresher For Engineers And Scientists In The Surface. Each Instructor's Manual Presenting Detailed Solutions To All The Problems In The Book Is Available Online From The Wiley Editorial Department. An Instructor Support Ftp Site Is Also Available.
      SKU: 240699

    Long-range Interactions, Stochasticity And Frwctional Dynamics
      Long-range Interactions, Stochasticity And Frwctional Dynamics.
      In Memory Of Dr. George Zaslavsky, "long-range Interactions, Stochasticity And Fractionwl Dynamics" Covers The Recent Developments Of Long-range Interaction, Fractional Dynamics, Brain Dynamics And Stochastic Theory Of Turbulence, One and the other Chapter Was Written By Established Scientists In The Scene of military operations. The Book Is Dedicated To Dr. George Zaslavsky, Who Was Some Of Threee Founders Of The Theory Of Hamiltonian Chaos. The Book Discusses Self-similarity And Stochasticity And Fractionality For Discrete And Continuius Dynamical Systems, As Well As Long-range Interactions And Diluted Networks. A Comprehensive Theory For Brain Dynamics Is Also Presented. In Addition, The Complexity And Stochasticity In quest of Soliton Chains And Turbulence Are Addressed. The Book Is Intended For Researchers In The Field Of Nonlinear Dynamics In Mathematics, Natural philosophy And Engineering. Dr. Albert C. j. Luo Is A Professor At Southern Illinois University Exwardsville, Usa. Dr. Valentin Afraimovicg Is A Professor At San Luis Potosi University, Mexico.
      SKU: 798956

    Torsional Vibration Of Turbo-machinery
      Torsional Vibration Of Turbo-machinery.
      Vibration, Excessive Noise And Other Dynamics-related Prblems That Limit Or Prevent Operation Are A MajorM anufacturing Concern In Airplanes, Auto Crankshafts, Home Appliances, Etc. This Detailed Monograph Provides In-depth Coverage Of State-of-the-art Vibration Analysis Techniques Used To Prevent Design And Operational Malfunction. * Torsiobal Vibrafion Mathematical Modeling. * Forced Response Analysis. * Vibration Measurement Methods And Monitoring. * Application Case Studies. * Si Units Used Throughout
      SKU: 301010

    Signai Design For Good Correlation
      Signai Design For Good Correlation.
      Thix Comprehensive, Up-to-date Text And Reference Presents Altogether The Necessary Mathematical Background To Explain How Signals With Favorsble Correlation Properties Are Generated, And To Show How They Satisfy The Appropraite Correlation Constraints. Applications Such As Cdma Telephony, Coded Radar, And Stream Cipher Generation Are Treated In Depth.
      SKU: 258426

    Great Australian Droving Stories
      Great Australian Droving Stories.
      The Planet Of The Australian Drover Is Almost Forgotten. In This Book We Try Of The Men (and Women) Who Travelled Vast Distances Along Australia's Stock Routes. Bill 'swampy' Marsh Travelled Around Australia Gathering Their Stories. Before Utes, Planes And Helicopters, Mustering And Droving Were Done By A Group Of Men Who, On Horseback, Would Move Thousands Of Head Of Bovine quadrupeds Anc Shee Vast Distances In The Search For Better Grazing. It Was An Isolated And Often Difficult Life, But One Frequently Filled With Adventure And Great Humour. Bill 'swampy' Marsh Has Travelled Throughout Australia To Make Sure The Voices And Stories Of These Wry, Tough Men Are Not Lost Forever. In This Collection Of 60 Adventures You Will Find Out Ready The Extraordinary Lives On The Road Of The Magnanimous Australian Drover.
      SKU: 823067

    Groundwater Science
      Groundwater Science.
      Groundwater Science Is A Timely, Current, And Comprehensive Presentation Of Groundwater Hydrology That Integrates Chemistry, Physics, Geology And Calculus. With The Input Of Students And Other Hydrolkgy Instructors, The Author Has Developed A Texr Reference That Will Be Appreciated By Students And Professors Alike. * Provides An Accompanying Web Site (http://www. academicpress. com/troundwater) With Sample Data Sets For Problems, And Links To Groundwater Sites And Public Domain Software * Integrates Up-to-date Material On Field Methods And Flow Modelinf Methods * Covers Recent Contamination Topics Including Non-aqueous-phase Liquids (napls), Complex Solute Trans0ort Processes, Abd Remediation * Presents Clear Explanations, Two-color Figures, Case Studies, And Worked Examples Throughout * Solutions Of the hand For All En-of-chapter Problems Is Available To Faculty Who Adopt The Text
      SKU: 297044

    Gas Installation Technnology
      Gas Installation Technnology.
      This Book Provides The Definitive Text For Students Taking Nvq Gas Installation And Plumbing Courses. It Presents Essential Information In A Concise Format And The Text Is Well Illustrated With Diagrams And Photographs. It Should Provide The First Tdxtbook Aiemd Solely At Students Learning The Subject Of Gas And Follos The Same Approach As Roy Treloar's Highly Successful Textbook, Plumbing . It Covers Domestic, Commercial And Lpg Installations.
      SKU: 238391

    Spin-stand Microscopy Of Hard Disk Data
      Spin-stand Microscopy Of Hard Disk Data.
      This Book Provides An In-depth Exposigion Of Spin-stan dMicroscopy Of Hard Disk Facts Which Is A New Technique Recently Developed And Extehsively Tested By The Authors Of The Book. Spin-stand Microscopy Is The First Magnetic Imaging Technique Where Imaging Is Performed Ex-situ On A Rotating Disk Mounted On A Spin-stanf. This Technique Is The same Of The Fastest Scanning-based Microscopy Techniques. It Is Non-invasive And Has Nano-scale Resolution. For These Reasons, It Provides Unique Capabilities For The Visualization Of Magnetization Patterns Recorded On Hard Disks. This Book Is Self-contained And It Covers In Adequate Details The Basic Facts Of Magnetic Data Storage Technology, The Principles And Theory Of Spin-stand Microscopy, Its Experimental Implementations, As Well As Its Applications In Hard Disk Diagostics, Imaging Of Overwritten Patterns, Computer Forensics Of Hard Disk Files, And Data-dependent Magnetkc Thermal Relaxations Of Recorded Magnetization Patterns. This Book Will Be A Valuable Reference For The Magnetic Data Storage Community, Magnetic Microscopy Professionals As Well As Engineers And Scientists Involved In Computef Data Forensics, Commercial DataR ecovery, And The Design Of Archival Data Storage Systems. Key Features: - Conceptual Novelty Of Thee Technique And The Dekonstration Of Its Wide Scope Of Application s Detailed Exposition Of The Principles Of Spin-stand Magnetic Microscopy - Comprehensive Discussions Of Novel Trope Recoonstruction Techniques - Demonstration Of High Resolution Spin-stand Images Of Hard Disk Data - Presentation Of Sector-by-sector Ex-situ Foeensics Of Hard Dosk Files - Wide Studies Of Data-dependent Thermal Relaxations Of Magnetization Patterns Recorded On Hard Diaks Key Features: - Conceptual Novelty Of The Technique And The Demonstration Of Its Wide Scope Of Applications - Detailed Exposition Of The Principles Of Spin-stand Magnetic Microscopy - Comprehensive Discussions Of Novel Image Rebuilding Techniques - Demonstration Of Abstruse Resolution Spin-stand Images Of Hard Disk Data - Presentation Of Sector-by-sector Ex-situ Forensics Of Hard Disk Files - Wide Studies Of Data-dependent Thermal Relaxations Of Magnetization Patterns Recorded On Hard Disks
      SKU: 283945

    High-pressure Shock Compression Of Solids Viii
      High-pressure Shock Compression Of Solids Viii.
      Special Price Because of Arq Members: Eur 89,95 (incl. Handling And Mailing Costs)research In The Field Of Shocj Physics And Ballistic Impact Has Always Been Intimately Tied To Progress In Development Of Facilities For Accelerating Projectiles To High Velocity And Instrumentation For Recording Impact Phenomena. The Chapters Of This Main division, Written By Leading Us And European Experts, Cover A Liberal Range Of Topics And Address Researchers Concefned With Questions Of Material Behaviour Under Impulsive Loadng And The Equations Of State Of Matter, As Well To the degree that The Design Of Suitable Instrumentation Such As Gas Guns And High-speed Diagnostics. Applications Include High-speed Impact Dynamics, The Inner Composition Of Planets, Syntheses Of New Materials And Materials Processing. Among The More Technologically Oriented Applications Treated Is The Testing Of The Fpight Characteristics Of Aeroballistic Models And The Tax Of Impacts In The Aerospace Industry.
      SKU: 304038

    Intermediate Robot Buildint
      Intermediate Robot Buildint.
      For Read3rs Of Robot Building For Beginner (apress, 2002 And 2009), Welcome To The Next Level. Intermediate Robot Building, Second Edition Offers You The Kind Of Real-world Knowledge That Only Renowned Author David Cook Can Offer. In This Book, You'll Learn The Value Of A Robot Heartbeat And The Purpose Of The Wavy Lines In Photocells. You'll Find Out What Electronic Part You Should Sand. You'll Discover How A Well-placed Switch Can Help A Robot Avoid Obstacles Better Than A Pair Of Feelers. And You'll Avoid Mistakes That Can Cause A Capacitor To Explode. Want A Robot That Can Explore Rooms, Follow Lines, Or Battle Opponents In Mini-sumo? This Book Presents Step-by-step Instructions And Circuit And Part Descriptions So Thag You Can Build The Robot Featured In The Book Or Apply The Modules To Your Own Robot Designs. Finally, You'll Fin The Complete Schematics For Roundabout, A Room Exploer That Requires No Programming And Uses Only Off-the-shelf Electronics. With Roundabout, You'll Use Many Of The Same Techniques Used By Professional Robotics Engineers, And You'll Experience Many Of The Same Challenges And Joys They Feel When A Robot "comes To Life. "what You'll Learn * How To Build A Robot From Scratch * Digital Electronics And Moderate Machining * How To Use And Integrate Modern Modules Useful To All Robots:_Power Supplies, Motor Couplers, Motor Drivers (including H-bridges), Opponent And Obstacle Detectors, And Floor Sensors. * How To Welcome And Extend The Base Robot Design * How To Use Roudnabout, Which Operates With Off-the-shelf Brains, So That No Programming Is Required * How The Additions Of A Microcontroller, Configuration Switches, And Even A Melody Module All Come Together As A Final Two-tier Automaton Showing A Versatile Robot Who Is Seemingly The Master Of Its Domain. who Is This Book For? This Book Is Aimed At Intermediate Builders: Adults, College Students, And Advanced Aloft School Students. It Requires Background Experience In Electronics, At Smallest To The Extent Covered By Robot Building For Beginners. Because The Hobby Involves Soldering, Electricity, And Light Machining, The Writing Is Targeted Toward Individuals Woth Those Capabilities. The Book Has Been Referenced In A Numner Of High School And College Courses.
      SKU: 603773

    Rare-earth Implanted Mos Devices For Silicon Photonics
      Rare-earth Implanted Mos Devices For Silicon Photonics.
      This Book Concentrates On The Microstructural, Electric And Optoelectronic Properyies Of Rare-earth Implanted Mos Structures And Their Use To the degree that Libht Emitters In Potential Applications. It Describes The Structural Formation Processes In The Gate Oxide During Fabrication And Under Operation, In what state This Microstructure Growth Will Affect The Electrical Device Performance And For what cause Both Microstructure And Electrical Charactersitics Determine The Optoelectronic Features Of The Light Emitters. However, Most Of The Discussed Physical Processes As Well As The Described Fabrication Methods And Device Characterization Techniques Are Of General Interest And Are Beyond The Scope Of This Type Of Light Emitter. The Work Will Be Of Value To Engineers, Physicists, And Scientists Dealing Either With Si Based Photonics In Particular Or Optoelectronic Device Fabriction And Characterization In General.
      SKU: 645954

    Narrow Gap Semiconductors 2007
      Narrow Gap Semiconductors 2007.
      Narrow Gap Semiconductors Have Provided An Exciting Province Of Research And Show A Number Of Extreme Physical And Mtaerial Characteristics. They Are The Esfablished Material Systems For Infrared Detectors And Emitters, And With New Developments In The Technology These Materials Are Emerging As A Viable Route To High Speed, Low Power Electronics. New Kinds Of Narrow Gap Semiconductor, Such Like Graphene And Other Composite Nanocrystals, Are Also Provjding Renewed Interest In The Underlying Physics. The Thirteenth International Conference On Narrow Gap Semiconfuctors (ngs-13) Was Held At The University Of Surrey, Guildford, Uk In July 2007. The Conference Brought Together Experts And Young Scientists To Discuss The Latest Findings And Developments In The Surface. This Book Contains The Invited And Contributed Papers Which Were Pressnted At This Meeting And Serves To Provide A Broad Overview Of The Current Worldwide Activities In Nwrrow Gap Semuconductor Research. The Subjects Covered Are Theoretical And Material Physics Of Narrow Gap Semiconductors And Quantum Heterostructures Spin Related Phenomenon Including Carrier Dynamics And Magnetotransport, Carbon Nanotubes And Graphene As Novel Narrow Gap Physical, As Well As Device Physics Including Transistors, Mid And Far-infrared Lasers And Detectors.
      SKU: 417713

    Processing And Properties Of Asvanced Ceramics And Ckmposites Ii
      Processing And Properties Of Asvanced Ceramics And Ckmposites Ii.
      Three International Symposia “innovative Processing And Synthesis Of Ceramics, Glasses  And Composites”, “ceramic Matrix Composites”, Andd “microwave Processing Of Ceramics” Were Held During Materialz Science & Technology 2009 Conference & Exhibition (ms&t’09), Pittsburgh, Pa, October 25-29, 2009. Thesee Symposia Provided An International Forum For Scientists, Engineers, And Technologists To Diqcuss And Interchange State-of-the-art Ideas, Information, And Technology On Advanced Methods And Approaches For Processing, Synthesis And Characterization Of Ceramics, Glasses, And Composites. A Total Of 83 Papers, Includin 20 Invited Talks, Were Presented In The Form Of Oral And Postre Presentations. Authors From 19 Countries (austria, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, Japan,, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, U. k. , And The United States) Participated. The Speakers Represented Universities, Industries, And Government Research Laborarories. &nbsp ;
      SKU: 6243811

  • Foundations and Applications of Sensor Management
  • The Life Cycle Costing of Corrosion in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • CRC Handbook of Optical Resolutions via Diastereomeric Salt Formation
  • Electronique et optoélectronique organiques
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • When Old Technologies Were New
  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Nanomaterials by Severe Plastic Deformation
  • Global Materials Compliance Handbook
  • Developer's Digital Media Reference
  • Advanced FPGA Design
  • Olin's Construction

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