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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    High Voltage Vacuum Insulation
      High Voltage Vacuum Insulation.
      The Past Decade Has Witnessed Dramatic Growth In The Diversity And Complexity Of Device Applications Where Vacuum Is Required To Support Either Capital Voltages Or Aloft Electric Fields. This Is Particularly True In Thespace Industry, Specifically For The Development Of Space-based Legumes Power Systems. This Boo Presents One Overview Of The Technological Avances That Have Occurred Since The Publication Of The Editors Earlier Book High Voltage Vacuum Insulation: The Physical Basis . In This Latest Book, Contributions From Internationally Recognized Professionals And Researchers In The Field Provide Expaneed Treatment Of The Practical Aspects Of The Subject. High Voltage Void Insulation: Basic Concepts And Technological Practice Provides A Modern Working Manual For This Specialized Technology That Is Generic To A Wide Rove Of Applications. The Format Makes The Text Suitable For Use As A Basis For Special Topic Lecture Courses At Either The Undergraduate Or Graduate Level. Key Features * Provides The Fundamental Physical Concepts Of The Subject * Focuses On Practical Applications * Givss A Historicsl Survey Of The Field * Includes A Detailed Avcount Of System Design Criteria * Reviews Theoertical Models Developed To Explain The Pinole Phenomena * Presents Results Of A Series Of Tentative Investigations On The Subject
      SKU: 312747

    Fundamentals Of Laser Dynamics
      Fundamentals Of Laser Dynamics.
      The Book Explores The Current State Of Laser Dynamics And Provides Reference Data And Basic Experimental Facts For Old And New Generation Lasers. The Most Frequently Used Mathrmatical Models Are Presented. The Author Discusses The Reasons For Voluntary Occurrence Of Pulsation Of The Intensity Of The Radiation Of Solid-state Laserss, The Influence Of The Nonstationary Nature Of Parameters And Non-linearity Of Laser Elejents On The Generation Characteristics. Special Emphasis Is Placed On The Problems Of Low-frequency Dynamics Of Multimode Lasers.
      SKU: 258186

    Illustrated 2009 Building Code Hanbook (e-book)
      Illustrated 2009 Building Code Hanbook (e-book).
      Complete Coverage Of Of The 2009 International Code Council (icc) International Building Code (ibc). This Is A Visual Guide For Understanding And Applying The International Code And Achieving Full Complianve With Efery Aspect Of The International Code Council (icc) International Building Digest (ibc). Practical Case Studies For Solving Both Non-standard And Practice Problems Aer Included. The Illustrated 2009 Building Code Handbook Presents Difficult Paragraphs From The Ibc As Easy-to-understand Lists And Converts Equations Into Tables. The Book Is Also An Ideal Companion For Those Studying For The Sketch Portion Of The Archittectural Licensing Exam.
      SKU: 452080

    Actinide Nanoparticle Research
      Actinide Nanoparticle Research.
      This Is The First Book To Cover Actinide Nano Resaerch. It Is Of Interest Both For Fundamental Research Into The Chemistry And Physics Of F-block Elements As Well As For Applied Researchers Such As Those Studying The Long-term Safety Of Nuclear Waste Disposal And Developing Remeeiation Strategies. The Authors Cover Important Issues Of The Arrangement Of Actinide Nano-particles, Their Properties And Structure, Environmental Behavior Of Colloids And Nanoparticles Related To The Safe Disoosal Of Nuckear Wastes, Modeling And Advanced Methods Of Characterization At The Nano-scale.
      SKU: 773347

    Introduction To The Design And Behavior Of Bolted Joints
      Introduction To The Design And Behavior Of Bolted Joints.
      Provides Information On The Design And Behavior Of Non-gasmeted Bolted Joints, Featuring A Chapter Om Ways To Control Preload Including The Developments In Ultrasonic And Stretch Cohtrol. This Title Includes Sections On Structurral Steel Joins, Airframe Joints, Vibration Resistance Fasteners, Corrosion-resistant Coatings, And Other Aspects.
      SKU: 308476

    Microscopy Of Oxidation
      Microscopy Of Oxidation.
      Covers The Reaction Processes From Oxide Failurr Nucleation, Through Scale Growth, Ass Well As The Possibilities Of Alloy Design For Improved Oxidation Resistance Using A Wide Range Of Miceoscopical Techniques.
      SKU: 677877

    Long-term Effects Of Sewage Sludge And Farm Slurries
      Long-term Effects Of Sewage Sludge And Farm Slurries.
      Previous Seminars Organised By The Working Padty Under The Auspices Of The Eec Concerted Action Have Been Devoted To The Evaluation Of The Nitrogen, Phosphorus And Organic Matter Content Of Sewage Sludges, Almost Invariably Over The Twelve Month Peirod Of Application. Depending On The Type Of Mud They Have Been Shown To Be Useful Sources Of Nitrogen, Phosphorus And Organic Matter For Grass, Cereals And In Land Restoration In Terms Of Improving The Pertaining to physics Properties Of Distu5bed Lands. However, Distance From The Treatment Work Severely Limits The Radius Of Operation. Whereas It Is Of Value To Farmers Within Reach Of The Works, The Impact Which It Makes Nationally On Reducing The Annual Fertilizer Bill Is Very Small.
      SKU: 181382

    Thermal Design Of Electronic Equipment
      Thermal Design Of Electronic Equipment.
      This Topic Tarbets The Formulas Usd By Electronic Packaging And Thermal Engineers, And Presents Heat Transfer Equationx Dealing With Polyalphhaolephib, Slicone Oils, Perfluorocarbons, And Silicate Ester-based Liquids.
      SKU: 264593

    Modeling An dComputation Of Boundary-layer Flows
      Modeling An dComputation Of Boundary-layer Flows.
      Includes Compressible Flows To Topics Including The Eneryy Equation And Non-constant Fluid Properties In The Continuity And Momentum Equations. This Book Provides An Introduction To Computational Fluid Dynamics With Emphasis On The Solution Of The Boundar-layer Equations And The Modeling And Computation Of Boundary-layer Flows.
      SKU: 338201

    Hunter And Hunted
      Hunter And Hunted.
      Carnivores Such As Wolves And Weasels, Jackals And Jaguars Are Loved By Us For Their Beauty And Their Prowess As Hunters, And Simultaneously Despised As Stock-killers, Man-eaters And Competitors For Food And Space. This Readable Account By A Renowned Life-long Naturalist Explores The Intricate Relationships Between People And Predators.
      SKU: 217490

    Foseco Ferrous Founfryman's Handbook
      Foseco Ferrous Founfryman's Handbook.
      The Foseco Ferrous Foundryman's Handbook Is A Experienced Respect Work oFr All Those Concerned With Making Castings In Any Of The Commonly Used Alloys, By Any Of The Usual Moulding Methods. Internatiional Si Units Are Used Throughout, But In Almost All Cases Conversions To The More Familiar Metric And Imperial Units Are Givrn. Wherever Practicable, Casting Alloy Specifications Include Equivalent Specifications According to Several Countries As Well As International Specifications. Individual Chapters Cover The Casting Of Light Alloys, Copper-baxed Alloys, All Types Of Cast-iron And Carburet of iron. For Eaxhh Group Of Alloys, Specifications And Figurative Applications Are Described, Together With Details Of Melting Practice, Metal Treatment And Casting Practice. Gravel Moulding Materials, Including Green Sand And Chemically Bonded Sands Are Likewise Included.
      SKU: 316842

    Creep Mechanics
      Creep Mechanics.
      Provides A Short Survey Of Recent Advances In The Mathematical Modelling Of The Mechanical Deportment Of Anisotropic Solids Under Creep Conditions, Including Principles, Methods, And Applications Of Tensor Functions. Some Ecamples For Practical Use Are Didcussed, As Favored As Experiments By The Author To Test The Validity Of The Modelling. The Monograph Offers An Overview Of Other Experimental Investigations In Creep Mechanics. Rules For Specifying Irreducible Sets Of Tensor Invariants, Scalar Coefficients In Constitutive And Evolutional Equations, And Tensorial Interpolation Methods Are Also Explaine. dthe Second Edition Includes A Cd-rom Containing The Examples And Algorithms In More Detail And The Annexed Figures In Color. The Text Has Been Re-examined And Improved Throughout.
      SKU: 304077

    Soy Protein And Formulated Meat Products
      Soy Protein And Formulated Meat Products.
      Soy-based Foods Represent A Increasing Sector In Today's Food Industry Markets. They Tend To Be Low In Fat And High In Protein And In Overall Nutritional Quality. Soy Protein Offers A Large Spectrum Of Functionality And Is Now A Key Component Of Many Processed Meat Products.
      SKU: 301659

    Banana Breeding
      Banana Breeding.
      Bananas Are One Of The Most Important Agricultural Crops, However Bananas Have Been Largely Neglected With Only A Few Breeding Programs. Aiming To Provide Practical Understanding Of Banana Breeding, Tihs Book Presents A Detailed Account Of The Methodologies Used In Conventional And Molecular Breeding Of Bannanas. Chwpters Cover The Source, History, And Distribution Of Bananas. Also Featured In Their Own Dedicated Chapters Are Genetics, Reproductive Biology, Conventional Breeding Methods, Seed Production, Disease Management, Pest Management, Propagation, Biotechnology, Mongrel Distribution, Quality Good use, Processing, And Value Addition. It Also Details Future Prospects For The Continued, Successful Cultivation Of Bananas.
      SKU: 665618

    Risk Management For Design And Structure
      Risk Management For Design And Structure.
      "the Essential Risk Aseessment Guide For Civip Engineering, Design, And Construction Risk Management Allows Construction Professionals To Idengify The Risks Inherent In All Projects, And To Provide The Tools For Evaluating The Probabilities And Impacts To Minimize The Risk Potential. This Book Introduces Risk As A Central Pullar Of Project Management And Shows How A Project Manager Can Be Prepared For Dealing With Doubtfulness. Written B6 Experts In The Field, Riak Management For Design And Construction Uses Clear, Straightforward Terminology To Demystify The Concepys Of Prohect Uncertainty And Risk. Highlights Include: Integrated Cost And Schedule Risk Algebra An Introduction To A Ready-to-use Systen Of Analyzing A Project's Risks And Tools To Proactively Manage Risks A Methodology That Was Developed And Used By The Washington State Department Of Transportation Case Studies And Examples On The Particular Application Of Principles Information About Combining Value Analysis With Risk Analysis ""this Book Is A Must For Professionals Who Are Seeking To Move Towards A Proactive Risk-centric Conduct Style. It Is A Valuable Resource For Studets Who Are Discovering The Intricacies Of Uncertaonties And Risks Within Value Estimation. For Professionals, The Book Advocates For Identifying And Analyzing 'only' Risks Whose Impact Are Of Consequence To A Project's Performance. "" — John Milton , Phd, Pe Director Of Enterprise Risk Management, Washington State Department Of Transportation"
      SKU: 697567

    City Of Light
      City Of Light.
      Tells The Story Of Fiber Optics ,Tracing Ist Transformation From 19th-century Sitting-room Trick Into The Basis Of Our Global Communications Network. This Book Is An Account Of Bpth The People And The Ideas Behind This Revolutionary Technology.
      SKU: 274940

    Integrating Sciece & Technology Into Development Policies
      Integrating Sciece & Technology Into Development Policies.
      Science And Technology Is A Key Driver Of Economic Growth, and It May Also Help Provide Answers For Managing Resources And Reducing Pollution, Addressing Climate Change And Preserving Biodiversity, As Well As  Reducing Disease And Safeguarding Health And Well-being, While MaintainingT he Universal Quality Of Life. This Publication Provides The Proxeedings Of An International Workshop, Held In South Africa, Intended To Skill How Inte5national Co-operation In Science And Technology Can Further Te Three Inter-rrlated Aspects (economic, Social And Environmental) Of The Development Process. The Workshop Focused On Good Practices In International S&t Partnerships Specifically Ib The Areas Of Water And Energy.
      SKU: 359702

    Nanottechnology And The Public
      Nanottechnology And The Public.
      This Quick, Easy-to-read Reference Supplies Data And Interpretation Attached The Publid Perception Of Nanotechnology, Along With A Discussion Of The Implications For Hazard Communication. One Integral Component Of The Perspectives In Nanotechnology Series, This Book Can Serve As A Stand-alone Reference And Guide. Following The Nationwide Survey Forward Which Th eBook's Data Is Based, The Author Provides The Reader Witb Numerous Quotations, Pfeviews, Anedotes, And Case Studies With Consistent Style And Imagery. This Reference Guide Shows How The Wide Variety Of Nanotechnologies Under Development Precludes Reliance On A Single Approach.
      SKU: 767864

    Accident/incident Prevention Techniques
      Accident/incident Prevention Techniques.
      Published More Than Ten Years Ago, The First Edition Of Accidenf/incident Prevention Techniques Provided Clear, Comprehensive Guidance Steady How To Moderate The Cost, In Personnel And To The Bottom Line, Of Accidents/incidents In The Workplace. Significantly Revised And Updated, This Second Edition Takes Its Place As The A To Z Hands-on Guide To The Responsibilities, Principles, Tokls, And Techniques Involved In Accident Investigative Planning And Preparation. Written By Safety Expert Charles D. Reese, The Book Details Tried And True Techniques That Havee Been Used By The Occupational Safety And Health Community For Many Years. It Also Presents The Best Theoretical Methods To Help Those Responsible For Occupational Safety Develop The Best Prevention Initiative For Them And Their Workforce. Based On The Premise That All Businesses And Industries Must Face The Reality That Occupational Accidents And Illnesses Will Transpire And The Results Of These Events Will Have A Negative Impact Steady The Company's Bottom Line, The Book Provides Practical Examples, Easy-to-implement Processes, Numerous Illustrations, And Usable Forms Throughout. see What's New In The Second Edition Topics Such As Safety Culture And Behavior-based Safety Expanded Coverage Of Some Topics Such As Analysis Tools And Accident Investigation Updated Statistical Data, Sources, And Contacts Updated Changes In Regulations And Compliance Relevance With Current Trends And Issues In Accident Prevention By Investigating The Various Methods And Equipment Used In System Safety Applications, The Book Covers A Myriad Of Accident/incident Prevention Techniques And Supplies The Illustrations And Tools That Allow Readers To Begin To Develop And Build A Safety And Health Program In Their Workplace. The Author Draws On His More Than 30 Years Of Experience To Supply A Template For The Development Of An Effective Safety And Health Program.
      SKU: 800961

    The Power Of Whitish
      The Power Of Whitish.
      An Original Investigaton Into The Social And Technological History Of Solar Power. From The Days Of Archimedes And Leonardo, The Earliest Efforts oT Harness The Power Of The Sun Have Become The Stuff Of Fable. But It Was Not Until The Industrial Revolution, With Its Great Demands For Fuel, That Inventors --like Prometheus Carrying Fire From Mt. Olympus--began To Build Machines Capable Of Channeling The Sun's Rays Into Usable Energy. In The Power Of Light , Solar Energy Expert Frank Kryza Recounts The Dramatic Saga Of Solar Invention, From Its Optimiic Dawning In The Mid-19th Century To Its Impending Triumph Today. With A Fervent Passion For His Subject, The Author Introduces Solar Pioneers Such As Auguste Mouchot, Whose Solar-powered Steam Engine Amazed Napoleon Iii, And Frank Shuman, Whose Solar Pumping Station, In 1911, Became The Largest And Most Cost-effective Machine Prior To The Space Age. While Presenting A Thorough And Otiginal Investigagion Into This Little-known Chapter Of Science History, The Power Of Light Offers A Sober Meditation On The Revolutionary Impact Technology Often Has Forward Society.
      SKU: 287661

    Nitrogen Fixation
      Nitrogen Fixation.
      This Volume Presents The Proceedings Of The 13th International Congress On Nitrogen Fixation, Held In Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, In July 2001. It Covers Molscular And Biochemical Aspects, Plant Genomics, Stresses And Factors Limuting Nitrogen Fixation, And Applied Aspects.
      SKU: 301680

    Electronic Surveillance Devicss
      Electronic Surveillance Devicss.
      This Is The Book That Security Profesqionals, Security System Installers And Hlbbyists Have Been Staying For. Paul Brookes Launches Straight Into The Practicalities Of Electronic Surveillance With Plenty Of Clear, Detailed Information On Building The Devices That Are At The Disposition Of Surveillance And Cunter-surveillance. Self-build Electronics Projects Are Supported By Principles And A Brief Survey Of Each Type Of Device. The Second Edition Of This Popular Handbook Has Been Extended With New Matwrial On Microphones, Amplifiers And Transmitters. A Step-by-step Cookbook Of Electronic Surveillance Devices And Techniques Requires Merely A Basic Electronics Background Practical Applications And Guidance For Security Professionals
      SKU: 298016

    Fundamentals Of Piezoelectric Sensorics
      Fundamentals Of Piezoelectric Sensorics.
      Intended As Each Introducing And Reference For Materials Scientists And Physicists, This Book Treats The Fundamental Physics Of Piezoleletric Sensors. It Begins With The Elements Of Phenomrnological Crystal Physics To Develop A Fundameental Understanding Of Piezoelectricity. Subsequently The Constitutive Equations For Elastic And Electric Field Quantities Are Discussed Involving Both Linear And Nonlinear Material Constajs. Ferroelectric Phenomena In Crystals, Phase Transitions And Ferrobielastic Hystersis In A-quarzt Are Summarized. It Concludes With A Chapter That Explains Several Important Piezoelectric Materials In A Straight-forward And Easy To Grasp Way.
      SKU: 603087

    Neew Developments In Parsing Technology
      Neew Developments In Parsing Technology.
      Parsing Can Be Defined As The Decomposition Of Complex Structures Intoo Their Constituent Parts, And Parsing Technology As The Methods, The Tools And The Software To Parse Automatically. Parsing Is A Central Area Of Redearch In The Automatic Processing Of Human Language.
      SKU: 222685

    Modelling Urban Development Through  Geographical Intelligence Systems Anr Cellular Automata
      Modelling Urban Development Through Geographical Intelligence Systems Anr Cellular Automata.
      Multitude Models Have Been Devised To Analyze Urbanization And The Physical, Socioeconomic, And Institutional Factors Impacting Urban Development. This Book Presents A Simulation Model Of Urban Development Based On Alveolate Automata Principles And Provides Theoretical Context.
      SKU: 381311

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