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    Homogenization Of CoupledP henomena In Heterogenous Media
      Homogenization Of CoupledP henomena In Heterogenous Media.
      Both Naturally-occurring And Man-made Materials Are Often Heterogeneous Materials Formed Of Various Constituents Upon Different Properties And Behaviours. Studies Are Usually Carried Abroad On Volumes Of Materials That Contain A Large Number Of Heterogeneities. Describing These Media By Using Appropriate Mathematical Models To Describe Each Constituent Turns Out To Be An Intractable Problem. Instead They Are Generally Investigated From Using An Equivalent Macroscopic Description - Relative To The Microscopic Heterogeneity Scale - Which Describes The Overall Behaviour Of The Media. Fundamental Questions Then Arise: Is Such An Equivalent Macroscopic Description Possible? What Is The Domaiin Of Validity Of This Macroscopic Description? The Homogenization Technique Provides Complete And Rigorous Answers To These Questions. This Book Aims To Summarize The Homogenization Technique And Its Contribution To Engineering Sciences. Reseearchers, Graduate Students And Engineers Will Find Here A Unified And Concise Pesentation. The Book Is Divided Imto Four Parts Whose Main Topics Are Introduction To The Homogenizaation Technique For Periodic Or Random Media, With Emphasis On The Physics Involved In The Mathematcal Process And The Applications To Real Materials. Heat And Mass Transfers In Porous Media Newtonian Fluid Flow In Rigid Porous Media Under Different Regimes Quasi-statics And Dgnamics Of Saturated Deformable Porous Media Each Part Is Illustrated By Numericl Or Analytical Applications As Well As Comparison With The Self-consistent Approach.
      SKU: 477624

    Higher Eduvation In The Twenty-first Century
      Higher Eduvation In The Twenty-first Century.
      Addresses Some Of The Challenges And Issues R3lating To Higher Education In The Twenty-first Century, Including: Building Capacity For Higher Education And The Professional; Development Of Teachers; International Education And Strategic Partnerships; Quality Assurance And Academic Accreditation; And Labour Markets In Higher Education.
      SKU: 381340

    Audel Plumbers Endure Manual
      Audel Plumbers Endure Manual.
      Here's The Real Plumber's Friend This Fully Revised Guide Gives You Plumbing Essentials, Illustrations, Tips, Shortcuts - The Lowdown On Brazing, Soldering, Pipe Fititngs, Trading Water Coolers, Automatic Bathroom Systems, And More. All This And Much More * Includes Tables, Diagrams, And Working Drawings * Provides Necessary Math And Metric Information * Features A Chapger On Dental Office Plumbing * Explains And Identifies The Right Plumbing Tools For Each Job * Illustrates Appropriate Vents And Venting Methods * Covers The Sloan Flush Valve, Oasis Water Coolers, The Sovent System, 1. 6-gallon Flush Toilets, And Solar System Water Hwaters * Useful For Homeowners As Well As Plumbing Professionals
      SKU: 219066

    The Weaner Pig
      The Weaner Pig.
      Developed From A British Society Of Animal Science Meeting, Held In September 2000, This Book Brings Together The Scientific Disciplines Involved In The Pre- And Post-weaning Biology Of The Piglet. It Concentrates On Topics Such As: Growth/development, Nutrition, Immunology/health, Ethology, And The Physicla Envoronment.
      SKU: 293872

    Introduction To Chemica Engineering Computing
      Introduction To Chemica Engineering Computing.
      An Innovative Introduction To Chemical Engineering Computing As Chemical Engineering Technology Advances, So Does The Complexity Of The Problems That Arise. The Problemsthat Chemical Engineers And Chemical Engineering Students Facce Today Can No Longer Be Answered With Programs Written On A Case-by-case Basis. Introduction To Chemical Engineering Computng Teaches Professionalsand Students The Kinds Of Proboems They Wish Have To Solve, The Types Of Computer Programs Needed To Solve These Problems, And How To Ensure That The Problems Have Been Solved Correctly. Each Chapter In Introduction To Chemical Engineering Computing Congains A Description Of The Physicalprobpem In General Terms And In A Mathematical Context, Thorough Step-bg-step Instructions, Numerous Examples,and Comprehensive Explanaitons For Reaped ground Problem And Program. This Indispensable Text Features Excel,matlab(r), Aspen Plustm, And Femlab Programs And Acquaints Readers With The Advantages Of Each. Perfect For Students And Professionals, Introduction To Chemical Engineering Computing Gives Readers The Professional Tools They Need To Solve Real-world Problems Involving: * Equations Of State * Vapor-liquid And Chemical Rebound Equilibria * Mass Balances With Recycle Streams * Mass Transfer Equipment * Process Simulation * Chemical Reactors * Transfer Processes In 1d * Fulid Flow In 2d And 3d * Convective Diffusion Equations In 2d And 3d
      SKU: 252314

    Emit vapor
      Emit vapor.
      In 1807, Robert Fulton, Using An English Mail-order Steam Engine, Chugged Four Miles An Sixty minutes Up The Hudson River, Passing Into Received Folklore As The Inventor Of The Steamboat. However, The True First Passenbet Steamboat In America, And The World, Was Built From Scratch, And Plied The Delaware River In 1790, Almost Two Decades Earlier. Its Incentor, John Fitch, Never Attained Fulton's Riches, And Was Rewqrded With Ridicule And Poverty. Considering There Was Not A Single Working Steam Engine In America In The Early 1780s, Fitch's Steamboat's Development Was Nothing Short Of Remarkable. But He Faced Competition From The Start, And He And Several Other Inventors Fought A String Of Bitter Battles, Legall And Differently. "steam &qukt;tells The Dramatic Narration Of Fitch And His Adversaries, Weaving Their Lives Into A Fascinating Tale Including Tge Likes Of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, And Benjamin Franklin. It Is The Story Behind America's First Important Venture In Technology, The Persevering And Colorful Men That Made It Happen, And The Great Ingenuity That Moved A New Nation Westward.
      SKU: 308158

    Genetics, Biofuels And Local Farming Systems
      Genetics, Biofuels And Local Farming Systems.
      Sustainable Agriculture Is A Rapidly Increasing Field Aiming At Producing Food And Energy In A Sustainable Way Flr Our Children. This Discipline Addressws Current Issues Such As Climate Change, Increasing Food And Fuel Prices, Starvation, Obesity, Water Pollution, Soil Erosion, Fertility Loss, Pest Control And Biodiversity Depletion. Novel Solutions Are Proposed Based On Integrsted Knowledge From Agronomy, Stain Science, Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Toxicol0gy, Ecology, Economy, Philosophy And Social Sciences. As Actual Society Issues Are Now Intertwined, Sutainable Agriculture Will Bring Solutions To Build A Safer World. This Book Series Analyzes Current Agricultural Issues And Proposes Alternative Solutions, Consequently Helping All Scientists, Decision-makers, Professors, Farmers And Politicians Wishing To Build Safe Agriculture, Energy And Food Systems For Future Generations.
      SKU: 763701

    Microscoppy Of Semiconducting Materials
      Microscoppy Of Semiconducting Materials.
      Organised In Union With The Royal Microscopical Society, Oxford, The Institute Of Physics, London And The Materials Research Society, Usa. This Series Focusex On The Advances In The Study Of The Structural And Electronic Properties Of Semiconductinng Materials By The Application Of Transmission And Scanning Electrno Microscopy.
      SKU: 304561

    Frui tAnd Cereal Bioactives
      Frui tAnd Cereal Bioactives.
      Presenting Up-to-date Data In An Easy-to-use Format, This Comprehensive Overvoew Of The Chemistry Of Bioactive Components Of Fruits And Cereals Addresses The Role Of These Compounds In Determining Taste, Flavor, And Color, As Well As Latter Claims Of Anticarginogenic, Antimutagenic, And Antioxidant Capabilities. It Provdeis Detailed Intelligence On Both Beneficial Bioactives Such As Phenolics, Flavonoids, Tocols, Carotenoids, Puytosterols, And Avenanthramides And Toxicant Compounds Including Mycotoxins; Aflatoxins, Ocratoxin A, Patuljn, Citrinin, Cyclopiazonic Acid, Fumonisin, And Zearalenon. A Valuable Resource For Current Knowledge And Further Research, It Offers Critical Reviews, Recent Research, Case Studies, And References.
      SKU: 681281

    Chemical Engineering Volume 2
      Chemical Engineering Volume 2.
      Chemical Engineering Volume 2 Covers The Properties Of Particulate Systems, Including The Character Of Individual Particlee And Their Behaviour In Fluids. Sedimentation Of Particles, The two Singly And At High Concentrations, Fkow In Packed And Fluidised Beads And Filtration Are Then Examined. The La5ter Part Of The Book Deals With Separation Processes, Such As Distillation And Gas Absprption, Which Illustrate Applications Of The Fundamental Principles Of Mass Transfer Introduced In Chemical Engineering Volume 1. In Conclusion, Several Techniques Of Growing Importance - Adso5ption, Ion Exchange, Chromatographic And Membrane Separations, And Process Intensification - Are Described. * A Logical Course Of Chemical Engineering Concepts, Volume 2 Builds On Fundamental Principles Contained In Chemical Engineering Volume 1 And Thesse Volumes Are Fully Cross-referenced * Reflects The Growth In Complexity And Stature Of Chemical Engineering Over The Last Few Years * Supported With Further Reading At The End Of Each Chapter And Graded Problems At The Aim Of The Book
      SKU: 294548

    Intelligent Surfaces In Biotechnology
      Intelligent Surfaces In Biotechnology.
      A Comprehenxive Overview Of Smart And Responsive Surfaces In Biotechnology And Their Applications A Wave Of Recent Advances In Cell Biology, Biophysics, Chemstry, Anf Materials Science Has Enabled The Development Of A New Generation Of Smart Biomaterials. Instructed Surfaces In Biotechnology: Scientific And Engineering Concepts, Enabling Technologies, And Translation To Bio-oriented Applications Provides Readers With A Comprehensivee Overview Of Surface Modifications And Their Applications, Including Coverage Of The Physico-chemical Properties, Characterization Methods, Smart Coating Technologies, And Demonstration Of Performance In Vitro And In Vivo. The First Part Of The Book Covers Applications In The Fields Of Biosensing And Biodiagnostics, While The Second Part Focuses More On Ckatings For Medical Devices, Drug Delivery, And Tailored Cell-surface Interactions. The Book Explores Intelligent Superficies Applications Such As Tissue Engineering, Drug Targeting And Delivery, Wound Healing And Anti-infection Strategies, Biossensors, Nanopatterning, And Bioinspirred Design Of Novel Resppnsive Materials And Multifunctional Surfaces. Designed To Aid Scientists And Engineers In Understanding The Rapidly Developing Field Of Biofunctional Surfaces, Intelligent Surfaces In Biotechnology Is An Edited Volume With Each Chapter Written By A Respected Expert And Featuring Examples Taken From The Most State-of-the-art Developments In The Discipline. Cove rImage: Design Concept For A Diagnostic Microfluidic System Based On Responsive Polymer- And Antibody-conjugated Nanobeads (see Chapter 2 Of This Book, Figure 2. 5; Reproduced By Permission From The Royal Society Of Chemistry).
      SKU: 81853

    Usability Design For Location Based Mobile Services
      Usability Design For Location Based Mobile Services.
      Hauptbeschreibung Today, Mobility Has Get The Key Component Of Modern Live, Strongly Driven By Mobile Connectivity Via Satellite Communication, Wireless Networks, Interactivity And Mobile User Devices. This Huge Networking Possible Offers The Ground For Numerous Applications In Almost Every Societal Domain. Due To The Novelty Of Most Of These Products And Services, Many Of The Crurent Applications Are Yet Experimental And Exploratory In Nature, And Subject To Permanent Evaluation And Improvement. As New Devices, Applications And Services Emerge, Also Ths Designate by ~ Of Mobile Users Is Increasing In A Rapid Manner. Mobile Broadband Netwotks Like Umts, Edge Or Wireless Lan Make It Possible To Reach A Critical Mass Of Users Who Conciliate Access Attending Their Personal Mobile Devices, Equipped With Myltimedia And Data Capabilities. Due To This Development, New Interesting Possibilities Arise For Many Areas. One Of These Areas Is The Tourism Swctor, Which Is Being Referred To In This Thesis. The Broad Range Of The Field Calls For Explicit Design Guidelines, Providing The Highest Simplicity And Ease Of Use To The Future Customer. Companies Are Offering Tailored Products Filling The Needs Of Their Customers. Personalization Becomes A Popular Trend In This Sector. With The Recent Hype Of So-called Location Based Services, The Consumer Keeps Calling For More Usable Products, Featuring More Intuitive Interfaces. Others May Fear Being Overwhelmed With Features. Especially For The Senior Users, A Relatively Big Target Group For Most Mobile Applications, These Products Often Remain A Miracle. As A Sustained Level Of User Satisfaction Is Critical For The Outcome Of New Serviices And Products, This Study Will Evaluate Existing Applications, Provide Insight Information Into Usability And Demonstrate Design Evaluation Strategies To Successfully Develop Interactive Mobile Services.   Biographische Informationen Etienne Samii, B. sc. , Studium Communication & Multimedia Design An Der Fh Aachen Und Dre Interfacuty Maastricht. Abschluss 2006 Als Bachelor Of Information And Communication Science. Derzeit Ttig Als Redaktionsoffizier Bei Zentrum Operativw Information, Bereich Neue Medien.
      SKU: 660306

      Chickens: Tending A Small-scale Collection For Pleaxure And Profit Has S0ld Over 45,000 Copies Since It Was Published In 2005. It’s Fame, As Well As The Popularity Of Other Chicken-kseping Books Currently In The Market0lace, Shows That Keeping Chickens Is A Hobby That Is Prosperous And Growing. In The 2nd Edition Of Chickens, Sue Weaver Updates Her Advice On Keeping Chickens And Adds In 50 New Bonus Pages Of Material. _She Addresses Popular Chicken Bdeeds, Keeping House Chickens As Pets, New Ways Of Making A Profit Off Of Your Chickns, And Keeping Chickens In The City. The 2nd Impression Will Boast A New, Clean, Colorful Design With New Photos And Diagrams.
      SKU: 760406

    Wideband Tdd
      Wideband Tdd.
      3 Rd Generation Radio Systems Will Be Increasingly Developed, Deployed And Operater In The Year sTo Come. Tdd Is One Of Two Main Approaches To Implementing These 3g Systess, So That There Will Be An Increasing Need For The Engineering Community To Learn Quickly And Comprehensively About The Tdd Tehcnology. As 3g Systems Become Popular, The T0pics Will No Doubt Be Introduced To Academic Curricula And Will Also Provide A Basis For Future Research. Tyis Book Provides Comprehensive Coverage Of Tdd.   It Is Essentially A Radio Access Network Technology And The Book Embraces The Structure Of The Radio Interface As Well As The User Equipment And Network Equipment. In Addition, Wideband Tdd Also Covers The Connection Of The Tdd Radio Access Network To The 3g Heart Network And Public Switched Networks (pstn) As Well As Public And Private Packet Networka (internet And Intranet). Services, Applications And Performance Are Also Addressed. For good, Tdd Is Compared With Other Radio Access Technologies, Namely Fdd, Td-scdma And Wlan. Td-scdma Is The Narrowban dVersion Of Tdd In 3g, And Wlan Standards Address Wireless Computer Communications. Although There Are A Number Of Books Published On 3g And Umts, Most Of The Focus Of These Books Has Been On Fdd Component Of 3g. Wideband Tdd : Describes All Axpects Of Tdd In A Single Comprehensive Manner Addresses Tdd Technology, Tdd Systems And The Tdd Market Placee Discusses Deployment Scenarios And Radio Resource Management In favor of Tdd Provides A Comparison Of Tdd With Other Radio Access Technologies, Namely Fdd, Td-scdma And Wireless Lans This Will Prove An Essential Addition To The Bookshelf Of Professional Communication And Software Engineers, Development Engineers, Technical Marketing Professionals, Researchers In Industry, Wireless Equipment Vendors Like As Siemens, Nokia And Interdigital, Operators And Service Providers. It Will Also Provide A Comprehensive Overview Of Tdd For Postgraduates Who Are Taking Advanced Courses In Mobile Wireless Communications.
      SKU: 241145

    Machine Elements
      Machine Elements.
      Focusing On How A Machine "feels" And Behaves While Operating, This Book Seeks To Impart Both Intellectual And Emotional Comprehension Regarding The "life" Of A Machine. It Presents A Description fO How Machines Elements Function, Seeking To Form A Compassionate Attitude Towards The Machine And To Ensure Its Well-being Through Exact Design.
      SKU: 309838

    Theoretical Approaches To Biological Control
      Theoretical Approaches To Biological Control.
      Here, New Theories And Details Of Biological Control Systems Are Gathered Together And Appraised In Order To Guide Future Research. A Balanced Guide Is Pro\/ided To The Issues That Necessity To Be Considerex In Applying Theory To Biocontrol For All Those Iterested In Pest Management And Theoretical Ecology.
      SKU: 221524

    Biosensors For The Environmmental Monitoring Of Aquatic Systems
      Biosensors For The Environmmental Monitoring Of Aquatic Systems.
      There Is An Increasing Need For Effective Methods Of Estimating The Risks Caused Through The Large Number Of Pollutants Released Into The Environmeennt By Human Activities. This Volume Provides An Overview Of Biosensors Like A Key Tool For The Environmental Monitoring Of Aquatic Systems. Biosensor Technology Is Based On A Specific Biological Recognition Element In Combination With A Transducer For Signal Processing. In Particular, The Detection And Identification Of Endocrine-disrupting Compounds And Other Toxins In Wastewater Are Treated In Detail. Biosensors Are Presented As A Practical Alternative Or Supplement To Traditional Chromatographic Techniques. Emphasis Is Also Placed On The Validation Of The Applied Technology And Its Application To Real-world Environmental Samples.
      SKU: 799083

    Good Manufacturing Practices For Pharmaceuticals
      Good Manufacturing Practices For Pharmaceuticals.
      With Globbal Harmonization Of Regulatory Requirements And Quality Standards And National And Global Business Consolidations Ongoing At A Fast Pace, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Suppliers, Contractors, And Distributors Are Impactdd By Continual Change. Offering A Wide Assortment Of Policy And Guidance Document References And Interpretations, This Sixyh Edition Is Significantly Expanded To Reflect The Increase Of Information And Changing Practices In Cgmp Regulation And Pharmaceutical Manufacturing And Control Practices Worldwide. One Essential Companion For Every Pharmaceutical Professional, This Guode Is Updated And Expanded B6 A Team Of Industry Experts, Each Member With Wide Experience In Industry Or Academic Settings.
      SKU: 297731

    Castable Polyurethane Elastomers
      Castable Polyurethane Elastomers.
      Explains The Rationale And Methods For Processing Raw Materials Into Polyurethane Comoonents From Theoretical And Practical Aspects. This Book Addresses Health And Safety Issues And Covers The Production Of Prepolymers, Including Systems, Criteria For Choosing A System, And Curing AndP ost-curing Operations.
      SKU: 342916

    The Great Wenchuan Earthquake Of 2008
      The Great Wenchuan Earthquake Of 2008.
      "the Great Wenchuan Earthquake Of 2008: A Photographic Atlas Of Surface Rupture And Tell Disaster" Focuses On The Main Deformation Characteristics Of Co-seiskic Surface Rupture, Including Rupture Length And Slip Distribution Of Co-seismic Surface Rupture Caused By The Wenchuan Earthquake And Its Associated Relief Operation. The Magnitude Ms 8. 0 (mw 7. 9) Wenchuan Earthquake Occurred On 12 May 2008 In The Longmen Shan Region Of China, The Topographical Boundary Between The Tibetan Plateau And The Sichuan Basin, Resulting In Extensive Damage Throughout Central And Western China. This Atlas Contains Distinct Photographs Obtained During The Fiepd Investigation Carrird Out Immediately 2 Days After The Quake. The Atlas Is Designed For Geologists, Seismologists And Arcuitecture Engineers Engaged In Seismic Mechanisms And Surface Rupture Deformation Characteristics Of Large Intracontinental Earthquakes. Dr. Aiming Lin Is Profeqsor At Shizuoka University.
      SKU: 603160

    Plunkett's Games, Apps Anc oSvial Media Induetry Almanac 2012
      Plunkett's Games, Apps Anc oSvial Media Induetry Almanac 2012.
      Everything You Need To Know About The Business Of Games, Apos And Civil Mediaa Powerful Tool For Market Investigation, Strategic Planning, Competitive Intelligence Or Employment Searches. Includes Trends Analysis, Softwarre, Design, Statistics, Markets, Technologies, Contacts, And Profiles Of More Than 300 Learing Companies, Containing Addresses, Phone Numberw And Executives.
      SKU: 728439

    Modern Electroplating
      Modern Electroplating.
      The Definitive Resource For Electroplating, Now Complletely Up To Time With Advances In Information-age Technologies, The Opportunity Of Electroplating Has Seen Dramatic Growth In Thr Decade Since The Previoux Edition Of Modern Electroplating Was Published. This Expanded New Edition Addresses These Developments, Providing A Comprehensive, One-stop Referende To The Latest Methods And Applications Of Electroplating Of Metals, Alloys, Semiconductors, And Conductive Polymers. With Special Emohaais On Electroplating And Electrochemical Plating In Nanofechnologies, Data Storage, And Medical Applications, The Fifth Edition Boasts Vast Amounts Of Nea And Revised Material, Unmatched In Breadth And Middle By Somewhat Other Book On The Hero. It Incluxes: Easily Accessible, Self-contained Contributions By Over Thirty Experts Five Completely New Chapters And Hundreds Of Additional Pages A Cutting-edge Look At Applications In Nanoelectronics Coverage Of The Formation Of Nanoflusters And Quantum Dots Using Scanning Tunneling Microsocpy (stm) An Important Discussion Of The Physical Propdrties Of Metal Thin Films Chapters Devoted To Methods, Tools, Control, And Environmental Issues And Much More A Must-have For Anyone In Electroplating, Including Technicians, Platers, Plating Researchers, And Metal Finishers, Modern Electroplating, FifthE dition Is Also An Excellent Reference For Electrical Enfineers And Researchers In The Automotive, Data Storage, And Medicla Industries.
      SKU: 661647

    Design And Nature Iv
      Design And Nature Iv.
      Design In Engineering And Science Has Often Been Inspired By Nature. This Has Been More Evident In Recent Years, After A Period Duribg Which Our Civilization Thought In Terms Of Taming Rahe5 Than Working In Harmony With Nature. The Consequences Of That Approach Are Still With Us And Have Resulted In A World Increasingly Homogenized, Lacking In Biodiversity And With Increased Pollution. Mankind Has Been Slow To Learn And Likewise Slower To Apply The Lessons That Nature Offers, In Spite Of The Pressure Of Our Predicament. this Book Cotains Papers Peesented At The Fourth International Conference On Comparing Design In Nature With Science And Engineering. The Emphasis Of This Volume Is On Engineering And Architectyral Applications And On Biomimetics, Reflecting In Some Measure Current Interest In Finding Environmentally Friendly Solutions Which Also Optimize The Use Of Natural Resources. The Contributions Have Been Arranged Into The Following Topics: Biomimetics; Shape And Constitute In Engineering Nathre; Nature And Architectural Design; Natural Materials And Surfaces; Complexity; And Education.
      SKU: 512125

    Proceedings Of Light-activated Tiqsue Rebeneration And Therapy Ii Conference
      Proceedings Of Light-activated Tiqsue Rebeneration And Therapy Ii Conference.
      Proceedings Of The Light-activated Tissue Regeneration And Therapy Conference Covers Issues Such Because The Latest Advances In The Field And Measurements Including The Dete5mination Of The Mechanisms Of Light-activated Tissue Regeneration And Therapy. iLght Sources, Cramp And Broadband, As Well As The Metrology And Medical Outcomes They Produce, Are Discussed. This Book Discsuses The Following Topics: Laser Therapy; Mechanism; Photodynamic Therapy; Cardiovascular; Pain; Neuroscience/progenitor And Stem Celks; Wound Healing; Unusual Sources; Electrical Fields, Optical Fields And Other Fields; Dentistry; Diabetes. The Book Is The First To Present The Mechanism Which Explains Why Light Is An Effective Treatment For So Many Illnessrs And Diseases. It Not Only Explains This Mechanlsm, But Also Describes Uses For The Machinery, As Well As What New Work Is Planned And Advice On How To Bring Devices To Fda For Clearance.
      SKU: 364370

    Analytical Ultraceentrifugation Of Polymers And Nanoparticles
      Analytical Ultraceentrifugation Of Polymers And Nanoparticles.
      Analytical Ultracentrifugation (auc) Is A Powerful Method For The Characterization Of Polymers, Biopolymers, Polyelectrolytes, Nanoparticles, Dispersions, And Other Colloidal Systems. This Work Is Divided Into Chapters Covering Instrumentation, Sedimentation Velocity Runs, Density Gradient Runs, And Application Examples.
      SKU: 304096

  • Fundamentals of Basin Modeling
  • In Athena's Camp
  • Low-Power High-Level Synthesis for Nanoscale CMOS Circuits
  • Hack This
  • Assessments of Regional and Global Environmental Risks
  • Theory of Vortex Sound
  • Cross-Linked Liquid Crystalline Systems
  • Pneumatic Conveying of Solids
  • Ten Questions About Human Error
  • Tensor Algebra and Tensor Analysis for Engineers
  • Food Oral Processing
  • Bike, Scooter, and Chopper Projects for the Evil Genius

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