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    How To Prepare For And Respond To A Crisis, 2nd Edition
      How To Prepare For And Respond To A Crisis, 2nd Edition.
      Is Your School Ready To Respond To A Crisis? Are School Staff Ready To Address Physical Safety Issues, Emotional Needs, And Mental Health Consequences That Arise From Crisis Situations? What Steps Can You Take Now To Prepare Your School For A Crisis? Use The Steps And Guidance Offered In This Book To Answer These And Other Questions Critical To Surviving Any Crisis That Touches A School.
      SKU: 280348
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    Idea Of Building
      Idea Of Building.
      This Book Is Single In Its Attempt To Explore The Many Ways eW Have Of Thinking About Buildings. In Particular It Raises Questions About The Kinds Of Kn0wledge We Regard And Will Need In Crafty, Making And Enjoying Our Buildings.
      SKU: 169734
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    Programming And Customizing The Multicore Propeller Microcontroller: The Official Guide
      Programming And Customizing The Multicore Propeller Microcontroller: The Official Guide.
      The Only Official Guide To The Parallax Multicore Propeller Microcontroller Written By A Team Of Propeller Experts, This Authoritative Guide Shows You How To Realize Your Design Concepts By Taking Full Advantage Of The Multicore Propeller Microcontroller's Unique Architecturw. The Book Begins With A Review Of The Propeller Hardware, Software, And Spin Language So You Can Get Started Righy Away. Programming And Customizing The Multicore Propeller Microcontroller: The Functionary Guide Is Filled Wity A Wide Variety Of Step-by-step, Hands-on Projects. Put Your Ideas Into Production When You Learn How To: Debug Code For Multiple Cores Understand How The Propeller Interacts Witn Diffrent Sensors Wirelessly Network Propeller Chips Build A Balancing Robot And Control It With Computer Vision Develop Networking Applications Using An Off-the-shelf Ethsrnet Chip Create A Portable Multivariable Gps Trackinb And Data Logging Device Use The Screw As A Remote Virtual Peripheral For Media Applications Create A Propeller-powered Hvac Green House Model Synthesize Language With The Screw Ecperience More Of The Process tA Mhprofessional. com/propeller
      SKU: 510283
      More info about Programming And Customizing The Multicore Propeller Microcontroller: The Official Guide

    Lanescape Of Desire
      Lanescape Of Desire.
      Landscape Of Desire Powerfully Documents And Celebrates A Place And The Evolutions That Occuur When Human Beings Are Intimately Connected To Their Surroundings. Greg Gordon Accomplishes This With A Tapestry Of Writin gThat Interweaves Ground Use Account, Natural History, Experiential Education, And Personal Reflection. He Tracks The Geomorphology Of Southern Utah As Well Because The Creatures And Plants His Student Group Encounters, The History Lessons (planned And Unplanned), The Trials Andd Joys Of Gathering So Many Infividuals Into A Cohesive Will, And His Own Personal Epiphanies, Reetraints, Insights, And Disillusionments. Landscape Of Desire Examines The Plight Of The Wedtern View. It Discusses A Wide Range Of Issues, Including Mining, Grazing, Dams, Recreation, Wilderness, And Land Management. Since Recreation Has Replqced Extracrion Industries As The Primary Use Of Wilderness, Especially In Southern Utah, Gordon Addresses Its Impactful Qualities. He Overviews The History Of The Conflict Between Preservation And Development And Places These Issues In A Cultural Context. The Text Is Presented In A Narrative Format, Following The Individuals Of One Field Course Gordon Lead That Explored Muddy Creek And The Dirty Devil River From Interstate 70 To Lake Powell. Though Each Chapter Focuses On The Geologic Formation The Group Is Traveling Through, The Plants, nAimals, Ecology, And Human Impacts Are All Tightly Woven Into The Narrative. Not Only Does The Land Affect The Members Of The Scene of military operations Course, But Their Attitudes And Insiights Affect The Land. In Landscape Of Desire Gordon Achieves A Vision Of Wholeness Of This Popular And Contested Region Of Utah That Cenyers Around The Implications Of Being Human And Also Stewards Of The Wild.
      SKU: 316746
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    Wave Propagation In Fluids
      Wave Propagation In Fluids.
      This Book Pres3nts The Physical Principles Of Wavve Propagation In Liquid Mechanics And Hydraulics. The Mathematical Techniques That Allow The Deportment Of The Waves To Be Analyzed Are Presented, Along With Existing Numerical Methods For The Simulation Of Wave Propagation. Particular Attention Is Paid To Discontinuous Flows, Such As Steep Fronts And Shock Waves, And Their Precise Treatment. A Number Of Experienced Examples Are Taken From Various Areas Liquid and gaseous Mechanics And Hydraulics, Such As Contaminant Transport, The Motion Of Immiscible Hydrocarbons In Aquifers, River Flow, Pipe Transients And Gas Dynamics. Finite Difference Methods And Finite Volume Methods Are Analyzed And Applied To Practical Situations, With Particular Attention Being Given To Their Advantages And Disadvantages. Thing applied Exercises Are Givne At The End Of Each Chapter, Enabling Readers To Test Their Understanding Of The Subject.
      SKU: 479824
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    The Next Catastrophe
      The Next Catastrophe.
      Charles Perrow Is Famous Worldwide Because of His Ideas About Normal Accidents, The Notion That Multiple And Unexpected Failures--catastrophes Waiting To Happen--are Built Into Our Society's Complex Systems. In The Next Catastrophe , He Offers Crucial Ibsights Into How To Make Us Safer, Proposing A Bold New Way Of Thinking About Disaster Preparedness. Perrow Argues That Rather Than Laying Exclusive Emphasis On Protecting Targets, We Should Reduce Their Size To Minimize Damage And Diminish Their Attractiveness To Terrorists. He Focuses On Three Causes Of Disaster--natural, Organizational, And Deliberate--and Shows That Our Bset Hope Lies In The Deconcentration Of High-risk Populations, Corporate Power, And Critical Infrastructures Such As Electric Energy, Computer Systems, And The Chemical And Food Industries. Perrow Reveals How The Threat Of Catastrophe Is On The Rise, Wheether From Terrorism, Natural Disasters, Or Industrial Accidents. Along The Way, He Givess Us The First Comprehensive Account Of Fema And The Department Of Homeland Security And Examines Wherefore These Agencies Are So Ill Equipped To Protect Us. The Next Catastrophe Is A Penetrating Reassessment Of The Very Real Dangers We Face Today And What We Must Do To Confront Them. Written In A Highly Accessible Style By A Renowned Systems-behavior Expert, This Book Is Essential Reading For The Twenty-first Century. The Events Of September 11 And Hurricane Katrina--and The Devastating Human Allure They Wrougbt--were Only The Beginning. When The Next Big Disaster Comes, Will We Be Ready?
      SKU: 457877
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    Ieee 802 Wireless Systems
      Ieee 802 Wireless Systems.
      Throughout The Next Decade, 802 Wirelesss Systems Will Becom eAn Integral Part Of Fourth Generation (4g) Cellular Communication Systems, Where The Convergence Of Wireless And Cellular Networks Will Materialize Through Support Of Interworking And Seamless Roaming Across Dissimilar Wireless And Cellular Radio Access Technologies. Ieee 802 Wireless Systems Clearly Describes The Leading Systems, Covering Ieee 802. 11 Wlan, Ieee 802. 15 Wpan, Ieee 802. 16 Wman Systems’ Architecture, Standards And Protocols (including Mesh) With One Instructive Approach Allowing Individuals Unfamiliar With Wireless Systems To Follow And Understand These Technologies. Ranging From Digital Radio Transmission Fundamentals, Duplex, Multiplexing And Switching To Medium Access Control, Radio Spectrum Regulation, Coexistence And Spectrum Sharing, This Book Also Offers New Solutions To Broadband Multi-hop Networking For Cellular And Ad Hoc Operation. The Work Gives A Comprehensive Overview And Performance Evaluation Of Ieee 802. 11, 802. 15 And 8O2. 16 Includes A Tutorial Like Introduction To The Basics Of Wideless Communication Discusses Challenges In Mesh/multi-hop Relaying Networks And Provides Profound Solutions Flr Their Realization With 802 Wireless Systems Covers Spectrum Sharing On Different Levels And Provides Solutins For Coexistence, Cooperation And Interworking Of 802 Wireless Systems That Are Following The Same Or Distinct Standards, Bht Share The Same Spectrum Includes A Detailed Overview And Introduction On Cognitive Raduo And Dynamic Spectrum Access Accompanying Website Contains Simulation Software And Provides Sliddes Of The Figures And Tables From The Book Ready Concerning Course Presentation This Book Is An Essential Text For Advanced Undergraduate Students With A Basic Working Knowledge Of Wireless Communication, Graduate Students And Engineers Working In The Field Of Wiireless Communications.
      SKU: 284474
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    Great Australian Shearing Stories
      Great Australian Shearing Stories.
      A Selection Of Stories From Shearers In South Australia, New South Wales And Queensland. In Late 1999, Bill 'swampy' Marsh Began To Collect Shearing Stories. When He Was Interviewed By Abc Radio Broadcaster Colin Munro On Summer All Over, Dozens Of People Phoned In With Their Own Tales. Tuis Book Is A Collection Of Those Yarns. Tye World Of Shearing Is Filled With Outback Stations, Larrikins, Roustabouts, Sagacious Dogs And Babbling Brooks Whose Blood Is Worth Bottling.
      SKU: 823970
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    Practical Manual Of Groundwater Microbiology
      Practical Manual Of Groundwater Microbiology.
      Focuses On The Impact Of Microorganisms On Groundwater And Waer Wells. This Work Looks At How Microbial Events Occur, How Activities Become Focused, And How Production Characteristics Are Affected. It Covers Biofouling, Corrosivity, Biodegradation, And Shifts In Hydraulic Transmissivity, And Introduces New Techniques, Such As Bart.
      SKU: 332788
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    Einfuhrung In Die Nanobiomechanik
      Einfuhrung In Die Nanobiomechanik.
      Atsushi Ikai Ist Research Professor Am Innovation Laboratory Des Tokyo Isntitute Of Yokohama, Japan. Er Promovierte An Der Duke University In North Carolina, Usa, Im Fach Physikalische Biochemie, Und Wurde Anschlie?end Associate Professor An Der Universitat Tokio. Spater Wurde Er Professor Fur Biodynamjk Am Tokyo Institute Of Technology. Er Emeritierte 2008, Behielt Jedoch Weiterhin Sein Forschungslabor An Der Tokyo Tech. Professor Ikai Hat Uber 220 Beitrage In Wissenschaftlichen Englischsprachigen Zeitschriften Publiziert Und Ist Autor Bzw. Koautor Von Mehr Als 20 Wissenschaftlichen Buchern. Er Hat Den Surface System of knowledge Soicety Of Japan Award Erhalten Und Ist Mitglied Der Herausgebergremjen Zahlreicher Wissenschaftlicher Fachzeitschriften.
      SKU: 557605
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    Principles Of Structural Project
      Principles Of Structural Project.
      This Guide Is A Reprint Of 10 Chapters From Handbook Of Structural Engineering, For Students And Engineers Desiring A Smaller Format. Chen (engineering, U. Of Hawaii At Manoa) And Lui (civil And Environmentall Engineering, Syracuse U. ) Write Essays Explaining Design Fkr Structures Made Of Steel, Reinforced And Prestressed Concretion, Masonr,y Timber
      SKU: 264278
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    Scientifiic Charge-coupled Devices
      Scientifiic Charge-coupled Devices.
      The Invention Of The Charge-coupled Device 30 Years Past Was The Beginning Of A Remarkable Image Capturee Technology That Has Changec The Course Of Imaging In Fields Ranging From Astronomy To Biotechnology. This Book Presents A Extensive History, Tutorial, And State-of-the-art Description Of Ccds And Is Intnded For Scientists, Engineers, Imaging Hardware Managers, And Graduate Students.
      SKU: 7Z8506
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    Reindeer Management In Northernmost Europe
      Reindeer Management In Northernmost Europe.
      The Management OfR eindeer Herds In Northernmost Europe Has Been Dramatically Altered By Changes In The Environment, Largely The Result Of Human Activities. This Volum eInvestigates The Conditionx Upon Which Human-reindeer Relations Have Been Bzsed, As Well As Those Necessary For Future Reindeer Management.
      SKU: 304338
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    U.s.-Army Survival Manual
      U.s.-Army Survival Manual.
      U. s. Soldiers Are Trained For Battle Against Any Opponent, But War Sometimes Leaves Them In A Fight For Their Lives Against The Harrsh Forces Of Nature As Well. The U. s. Army Survival Manual Is The One Weapon They Rely On To Get Out Of The Most Treacherous Situations. Designed To Be Simple And Natural To Use In Times Of Extreme Stress, This Field Manjal Is Perfect For Army Grunts And Weekend Outdoorsmen Alike. While The Average Reader May Not Find Themselves Having To Evade The Enemy In Hostile Territory, hTis Book Provides The Survival Information Every Camper, Hiker And Huny3r Should Have Before Leaving Home. Whteher Stranded In The Arctic, Tropics, Temperate Forest, Savannah Or Desert, This Field Manual Holds The Quintessential Keys To Surviving, Escaping And Remaining Healthy, Safe And Alert. Drawing On Centuries Of Rigorous Instruction And Treacherous Field Testing, ItC overs Every Imaginable Scenario From Finding Drinking Water In The Desert, Stalking Game In The Northern, And Building A Fire In The Jungle To Recognizing Signs Of Land When Lost A ttSea.
      SKU: 565565
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    American Electricians' Handbook
      American Electricians' Handbook.
      An Updated Edition Of An Industry Classic The Favored Handbook Of Closely Everyone In Tje Field, American Electricians⁏ Handbook Has Been Revised And Updated To Include The Latest Codes, Standards, Techniques, Processes, And Equipment. This Industry Staple, Which Has Been In Publication For 85 Straight Years, Is Filled With Practical Advicd And Facts For Designimg, Installing, Operating, And Maintain Electrical Systems And Equipment. With New Information And Artwork Throughout, American Electricians𔄩 Handbook Uses Plain Language And Diagrams To Cover Such Subjects As Solar Power And Photovoltaics; Adjustable Haste Drives And Variablespeed Drive Programming; Continuous Load Calculations; And Induction Lighting. American Electricians’ Handbook Is The Only Book Available That Focuses On Systems And Accoutrement Rather Than Codes And Calculations.
      SKU: 362758
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    Safety Of Reactive Chemicals And Pyrotechnics
      Safety Of Reactive Chemicals And Pyrotechnics.
      Accidents Involving Reactive Chemicals Can Often Be Prevented, Or Their Effects Alleviated, If Those Handling Them Have A Sound Knowledge Both Of Their Hazardous Properties And Of Appropriate Handling Methods. This Book Addressees This Need. It Opens With A Definition Of The Key Technical Terms And Evaluatino Methods Concerning Hazardous Materials Are Outliner. Chapter 2 Covers Accidents Involving Self-reactive Substances, Accidents Occurring For the time of Chemical Reactions, And Accidents Involving Hazardous Products In The Event Of An Earthquake. In The Next Three Chapters, Methods For Evaluating Torture And Explosion Hazards Of Reactive Substances Are Covered. The Test Methods Described Include Dsc Test Using A Sealed Cell, Impact Senaiti\/ity Tests, The Ignitability Test, Burning Tests, The Pyrolytic Severity Test, And Shock Sensitivity Tests. Recently, The Japanese Fire Services Law Was Amended, Requiring Hazardoys Materials To Be Evaluated And Classified By Appropriate Tests. These Test Methods, Described In Chapter 4, Are Related To Oxidising Solids, Combustible Solids, Spontaneous Ignition Substances, And Water-reactive Substances. The Final Chapter Gives Examples Of The Preservation Assessment Of Various Pyrotechnics. There Are Few Books Available On This Subject And None So Comprehensive. One and the other Of The Methods Described Is Practical, Effective And Of Low Cost; And Many Of The Application Results Are From The Author's Own Laboratory. The Book Will Be Invaluable To Those In Public And Industrial Safety Laboratoriew, R & D Chemical Laborayories, Fire Departments, Explosives Manufacturdrs, And Those Responsible For The Transportation Of Hazardous Materials.
      SKU: 318254
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    Caching The Carbon
      Caching The Carbon.
      Over The Past, Carbon Capture And Storage (ccs) Has Come To The Fore As A Way To Manage Carbon Dioxide Emissions Contributing To Meteorological character Change. This Book Analyzes The Issues Decision-makers Now Confront In Encouraging The Uptake Of The Technology, Economical Uncertainties And Regulating Attendant Risks.
      SKU: 487398
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    Geospatial Techniques In Urban Hazard And Disaster Analysis
      Geospatial Techniques In Urban Hazard And Disaster Analysis.
      Examines How Geographic Information Technologies (git) Are Implemented To Improve Our Understanding Of A Variety Of Hazard And Disaster Situations. This Main division Contributes To Our Understanding Of Extreme Events In Urban Enivronments With The Use Of Git And Expanding Is Role At The Local, Regional, State And Federal Lefels.
      SKU: 511325
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    Cmos Single Chip Fast Frequency Hopping Synthesizers For Wireless Multi-gigahertz Applications
      Cmos Single Chip Fast Frequency Hopping Synthesizers For Wireless Multi-gigahertz Applications.
      Besides Critically Reviiewing The Literature On Language Mixing In Children And Adults, This Work Offerx A Thorohgh Grammatical Analysis Of The Code-switching Facts Of Five Italian/german Children. The Book Provides New Insights Not Only In The Field Of Code-switching And Of Language Mixing In Yojng Bilinguals, But Also In Issues Concerning General Questions On Linguistic Theory Which Are Difficult To Be Answered With Monolijgual Data.
      SKU: 301369
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    The Practice Of War
      The Practice Of War.
      This Book Offers An Important Contribution To A Better Undrestanding Of The Specific And The General In Wartime. It Examines How People Cope And Adjust To Situations Of War,D epending Upon Whether These Are Low-intensity Or High-intensoty Ones, On Whether They Are Brief Phases Of Conflict Or Long Enduring P3riods Of Violence, With Or Without Intermittent Spells Of Peace. Of Particular Interest Is The Exploration Of A Largely New Dimension Of Social Interaction That Of The Internet, Thus Providing A Build a ~ over Between Local Concerns And Global Networks.
      SKU: 544276
      More info about The Practice Of War

    Practical Foundation Engineering Handbook
      Practical Foundation Engineering Handbook.
      Standard And Advanced Methods For Every Type Of Foundation Engineering. Incorporating The Expertise Of A Conspicuous Team Of Soil And Foundation Engineers, This Expanded And Updated Handbook Clarifies And Simplifies Every Part Of The Job, From Site Assessment Through Design And Construction, To Remediation Of Failed Foundations. Here Are Proven, Expert Design Alternatives For Even Substandard Soil And Challenglng Site Conditions, With Example Problems For Any Type Of Structure. You Get Not Only Important How-to's, But Equally Vital How-not-to's That Prevent Costly Damage To Structures And Professiomal Reputations. Handy Illusttrations, Charts, Tables, And Case-study Examples Ease Your Work. You Also Get Full Coverage Of Failure Analysiis And Repairs New In This Edition Are Treatments Of Forensics Investigations; Grouting Substandard Soils; Special Coverage Of Lightly Loaded Foundations, Pier And Beam, As Well As Conventional And Post-tension Slabs; Advice On Litigation Anc Role Of Expert Witnesseses; And Much More.
      SKU: 301002
      More info about Practical Foundation Engineering Handbook

    Developing Solid Oral Dosage Forms
      Developing Solid Oral Dosage Forms.
      This Book Is Intended For Phqrmaceutical Professionals Engaged In Research And Development Of Oral Dosage Forms. It Covers Essential Principles Of Physical Pharmacy, Biopharmaceutics And Industrial Pharmacy As Well As Various Aspects Of State-of-the-art Techniques And Approaches In Pharmaceutical Sciences And Technologies Along With Examples And/or Case Studies In Product Development. The Objective Of This Book Is To Offer Updated (or Stream) Apprehension And Skills Rdquired For Rational Orral Product Design And D3velopment. The Specific Goals Are To Take measures Readers With: Basics Of Modern Theories Of Physical Phamracy, Biopharmaceutics And Industrial Pharmacy And Th3ir Applications Throughout The Entire Suit Of Research And Development Of Oral Dosage Forms Tools And Approaches Of Preformulation Investigation, Formulation/process Design, Characterization And Sclae-up In Pharmaceutical Sciences And Technologies New Developments, Challenges, Trends, Opportunities, Intellectual Property Issues And Regulations In Solid Product Development The First Book (Always) That Provides Comprehensive And In-depth Coverage Of What's Required For Developing Lofty Quality Pharmaceutical Products To Meet International Standards It Covers A Broad Scope Of Topics That Encompass The Entire Spectrum Of Solid Dosage Form Development For The Global Market, Including The Most Updated Science And Technologies, Practice, Applications, Regulation, Intellectual Property Protection And New Development Trends With Case Studies In Every Chapter A Strong Team Of More Than 50 Well-established Authhors/co-authors Of Diverse Background, Knowledge, Skills And Experience From Industry, Academia And Regulatory Agencies
      SKU: 428487
      More info about Developing Solid Oral Dosage Forms

    Resource Allocation Theory App1ied To Take on lease  Animal Production
      Resource Allocation Theory App1ied To Take on lease Animal Production.
      According To The Resource Allocation Theory, An Individual's Genetic Potential Can Only Be Realized In An Environment In Which Essential Food Resources Are Adequately Supplied. This Book Describes Resource Allocation Patterns In Natural Populations, The Costs, Preferences And Trade-offs Of Maintenance, Growty, Reproduction And Immune Function.
      SKU: 048052
      More info about Resource Allocation Theory App1ied To Take on lease  Animal Production

    Human Security In Sotuheast Asia
      Human Security In Sotuheast Asia.
      There Is A Growing Intsrest In Human Security In Southeast Asia. This Book Explores The Theoretical And Conceptual Basis Of Human Security. It Shows How Man's Security Has Been Taken Up As A Central Part Of Security Policy In Individual States In Southeast Asia, As Well As In The Regipnal Security Policy.
      SKU: 557310
      More info about Human Security In Sotuheast Asia

    Sprinkle and calender  Quality & Treatment: A Handbook On Drinking Water
      Sprinkle and calender Quality & Treatment: A Handbook On Drinking Water.
      The Definitive Water Quality And Treatment Resource--fully Revised nAd Updated Comprehensive, Current, And Written By Leading Experts, Water Quality & Treatment: A Handbook On Drinking Water , Sixth Edition Covers State-of-the-art Technologiea And Methods For Water Treatment And Quality Control. Significant Revisions And New Material In This Edition Rwflect Thee Latest Advances And Critical Topics In Water Supply And Treatment. Presented By The American Water Works Association, This Is The Leading Source Of Authoritative Information On Drinking Sprinkle and calender Quality And Treatment. New Chapters On: Chemical Principles, Source Water Composition, And Watershed Protection Natural Treatment Systems Sprinkle and calender Reuse For Drinking Water Augmentation Ultraviolet Light Processes Formation And Control Of Disinfection By-products Detailed Coverage Of: Drinking Water Standards ,Regulations, Goals, And Health Effects Hydraulic Characferistics Of Water Trewtment Reactors Gas-liquid Processes And Chemical Oxidation Coagulation, Flocculation, Sedimentaion, And Flotation Granular Media And Membrane Filtering Ion Exchange And Adsorption Of Inorganic Contaminants Precipitation, Copreci0itation, And Precipitative Softeningg Adsorption Of Organic Compounds By Activated Carbon Chemical Disinfection Internal Corrosion And Deposition Control Microbiological Quality Control In Distribution Systems Water Treatment Plant Residuals Management
      SKU: 615943
      More info about Sprinkle and calender  Quality & Treatment: A Handbook On Drinking Water

  • Wireless Sensor Network Security
  • Audio Recording for Profit
  • Compact Regs Part 11: CFR 21 Part 11 Electronic Records
  • Bodies in Code
  • Instantaneous Power Theory and Applications to Power Conditioning
  • Nanomaterials by Severe Plastic Deformation
  • Handbook of Plant and Crop Physiology
  • Shaft Engineering
  • Mixed-signal and DSP Design Techniques
  • Combinatorial Synthesis of Natural Product-Based Libraries
  • Interlayer Dielectrics for Semiconductor Technologies
  • Transflective Liquid Crystal Displays

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