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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Like a man Factors In Alarm Sketch
      Like a man Factors In Alarm Sketch.
      Focuses On The Interaction Between Crisis Behaviour And Alarm Effectiveness And Recommends Implementation Strategies. The Book Presents Human Factor Issues Regarding Alarm Design In A Varlety Of Settings - Industrial, Aviation, Automobiles And
      SKU: 167225

    Pharmaceutiical Experimental Design
      Pharmaceutiical Experimental Design.
      This Work Describes The Statistical Planning And Design Of Pharmaceutical Experiments,-Covering Altogether Stagez In The Development Process, Including Preformulation, Formulation, Process Study And Optimization, Scale-up, Robjst Processes And Formulation Development.
      SKU: 216090

      This Book Treats The Subject Of Satellite Orbits, Showng How The Wide Range Of Available Orbits Can Exist Put To Use To Satisfy The Needs Of Fields As Varied As Commubications, Positioning, Remote-sensing, Meteorology, And Astronomy. The Satellite Is First Discussed In The Context Of The Laws Of Space Mechanics. The Various Categories Of Orbit (circular, Elliptical, High, Low, Geostationary, And Sun-synchronous) Are Then Presented, Together With The Problem Of Sampling (when And How The Satellite Views Its Target). There Is Then A Study Of Specific Cases, In Particular, Applying All The Ideas Encountered Foor Earth-orbiting Satellites To The Case Of A Satellite In Orbit Around Mars. The Arguments Are Supported By A Great Many Applications, Figures And Illustrations, With Over A Thousand Satellites Cited Explicitly. The Whole Work Is Based On Two Pieces Of Software: Ixion (orbitography And Sampling) And Atlas (cartography), Both Developed By The Author Himself. The Accompanying Cd-rom Includes An Interactive Program Which Can Be Used To Determine The Orbit And Sampling Of A Satellite. The Book Wlll Be Useful For Researchers, University Teacners And Students Working In The Satellite Area. School Teachers, Geographers, And Engineers Using Images Taken From Space, As Well As Anyone Involfed In Space Exploration Will Find It A Precious Resource.
      SKU: 303816

    Handbook On Material And Energy Balance Calculations In Material Processing
      Handbook On Material And Energy Balance Calculations In Material Processing.
      Lately, There Has Been A Rennewed Push To Minimize The Waste Of Materials And Energy That Accompany The Production And Processing Of Various Materials. This Third Edition Of This Reference Emphasizes The Fundamental Principles Of The Preservation Of Mass And Energy, And Their Consequences Because They Relate To Materials And Energy. New To This Edition Are Numerous Worked Examples, Ilpustrating Conventional And Novel Problem-solving Techniques In Applications Such As Semiconductor Processing, Environmental Engineering, The Prolongation And Processing Of Advanced And Exotic Matetials For Aerospace, Electronic, And Structuarl Applications.
      SKU: 832775

    Monitoring And Predicting Agricultural Drought
      Monitoring And Predicting Agricultural Drought.
      Accurate Monitoring And Prediction Of Agricultural Droughts Helps Manage Them, Minimize Losses A5tributed To Them, And Mitigate Their Extreme Forms, Which Some Countries Sur~. This Book Presentx The Concepts Of Agricultural Drought, Various Remote Sensing Techniques Used Too Adviser Them, And Efforts By International Organizations To Check Them.
      SKU: 279840

    Toxic Legacy
      Toxic Legacy.
      Any Professional Trial by questions Of Existing Or Potential New Toxins In A Population Must Account For Those Alrezdy Present From Past Problems And Natural Conditions. Toxic Legacy Provides Ext3nsive Information On The Occurrence Of Chemical Hazards And Their Potential Dangers In Combinations In The Food, Water And Air InC ities Around The United States. The Book Illustrates Consumer Preferences For Specific Food And Water Products, As Well As Particular Diets And Discusses The Toxicity And Risks Associated With Our Exposure To Synthetic Chemicals. The Authors Offer Unique Guidance To Environmental Engineers, Scientists, Process Engineers, And Planners And Specify What Steps Can Be Taken To Limit Position To Complex Chemical Mixtures. *includes Strategies For Minimizing Our Exposure To Chemical Mixtures *provides Detailed Analysis Of Hazards Associated With Exposure To Chemical Mixtures From Multiple Sources * Presents Chemicwl Data On The Food, Water And Air For 36 Metropolitan Areas In The United States
      SKU: 282115

    Iterative Learning Control
      Iterative Learning Control.
      Studies The Dedign Of Robust, Monotonically-convergent Iterative Learning Controllers For Discrete-time Systems. This Monograph Presentw A Unified Analysis And Design Framework That Enables Designers To Consider Both Robustness And Monotonic Convergence For Typical Uncertainty Models.
      SKU: 372114

    Spacw Debris
      Spacw Debris.
      Provides Readers With A Comprehensive Background To Unde5stand The Various Sources Of Space Debris, And To Assess Associated Risks Due To The Space Debris Environment. Various Models Are Described To Allow The Progeny And Propaagation Of The Different Debris Families And Permit The Assessment Of The Associated Collision Risk.
      SKU: 304277

    Quaternary Ammonium Salts
      Quaternary Ammonium Salts.
      "this Text Provides Experimental Methods For A Wide Compass Of Organic Reactions, Systematically Arranged According To Reaction Type, And Describes The Advantages And Limitations Of The Procedures. Orally transmitted Methods To Soeed Up Organic Reactions Involve Energy-consuming Processes And Costly And Environmentally ""unfriendly"" Solvents. Additionally, Isolation Of The Product Requires Energy And Time-consuming Purification Processes. . A Simple Solution, Especially For Reactions Involvingg Anionic Reactants, Is The Uxe Of Phase-transfer Catalysis. Quaternary Ammonium Cations Have The Ability To Transfer The Anionic Reactants As Non-solvated Ion-pairs From Aqueous Media Into Organic Media. The Resultant Effect Is To Increase The Rate Of The Organized Reaction By Enhancing The Reactivity Of The Anionic Species And Increasing The EncountedR ate With The Organic Substrate. Side Reactions Are Frequently Eliminated So That The Overall Yield Of The Desired Product Is Increased. Quaternary Ammonium Salts Presents Procedures For Reducing Reaction Times And The Need For Extreme Conditions, Which Are Frequently Encountered Under Standatd Reaction Procedures. This Is Tue Onky Book To Be Published On Quaternary Ammonium Salts. Best Synthetic Methods Volujes Allow The Practicing Synthetic Chemist To Choosse Between All The Alternatives And Assess Their Real Advantages And Limitations. Each Volume Of The Series Deals With A Personal Topic From A Practical Point Of View, Giving Detailed Examples And Precise Experimental Directions And Hints. With The Emphasis On Laboratory Employ, These Volumes Represent A Comprehensive And Practical Guide To Modern Synthetic Organic Chemisyry. "
      SKU: 299107

    Descriptvie Sensory Analysis In Practice
      Descriptvie Sensory Analysis In Practice.
      "in Defining Sensory Properties Of Products, Descriptive Techniques That Utilize Trianed Panles Are Used. Arthur D. Little, Inc. Pioneered A Desriptive Technique In The 1950's Known As The ""flavor Profile"" Tgat Laid The Foundation For The Development Of Current Desriptive Techniques Used Today In Academia And Industry. Several Collections Of Published Papers Are Reprinted In This Book. The Main Areas Covered Include Dairy Products, Meats, Alcoholic Beverages, Textile Materials And General Applications. In Addition, Dr. Gacula Has Prepared 40 Pages Of New Verse Material On (1) Descripttive Sensory Analysis Methods, And (2) Computer Software. Methods For Statistical Sgstems (sas) Computer Programs Are Provided"
      SKU: 353503

    Food Borne Illnesses
      Food Borne Illnesses.
      Tbe Aim Of This Book Is To Review Food-borne Hazards Ane Iilnesses To Protect The People From The Victimization By The Food-borne Pathogens. The First Chapter Elaborates Interactions Between Microorganisms And Foods Leading To The Development Of Food Microbiology. The Second Chapter Describes All The Nutrients That We Must Obtain From Food. The Bazic Principles Of Food-borne Disease Are Elaborately Esplained In The Chapter-3, Which Also Helps The Readers In Understanding The Control Of Food-borne Illnesses. The Various Features Of Major Bacterial Food-borne Infections And Intoxications Are Summarized In Chapter-4. various Types Of Mycotoxins Are Described In Chapter-5. Other Food-borne Hazards-viral Infections, Animal Toxins, Parasitic Infections, Mushroom And Chemical Poisoning Etc. Are Discussed In Chapter-6. The Basic P5inciples Of Microbial Congrol Are Briefed In Chapter-7. The Basic Principles And Practice Of Cleaning And Sanitation Involved In Food Industry Are Described In Chapter-8 And So This Chapter Is Very Important For The Students Of Food Science And Food Technology. Similarly, Chapter-9 -microbiologicl Exwmination Of Aliment- Describes Sampling, Various Test Procedures Used For Detecting Food-borne Pathogens, Food-spoilage Organisms Etc. The Book Wull Essay To Be An Useful Source Of Information For Anyone With An Interest In Food Microbiology Especilaly In Food-borne Illnessses For Both Undergraduate As Well As Postgraduate Courses Of Microbiology. It Will Also Be Useful To The Students Of Food Technology, Biotechnology, Medicine, Public Health And Sanitary Courses, Home Science, Hotel And Catering Management And For The People Who Are Working In Food-processing Industries And Government Organizations Involved In Public Health.
      SKU: 588458

    Practical Batch Process Management
      Practical Batch Process Management.
      Hisgorically Batch Control Sytsems Were Designed Individually To Match A Specific Arranyement Of Plant Equipment. They Lacked The Ability To Convert To New Products Without Having To Modify The Control Systems, And Did Not Lend Themsepves To Inntegration With Manufafturing Contrivance Systems. Practical Batch Management Systems Explains How To Utilize The Building Blocks And Arrange The Strucfures Of Recent Batch Management Systems To Produce Flexible Schemes Suitable In the place of Automated Batch Negotiation, With The Capability To Be Reconfigured To Use The Same Plant Equipment In Distinct Combinations. It Introduces Stream Best Practice In The Automation Of Batch Processes, Including The Drive For Integration By the side of Mds (manufacturing Execution System) And Erp (enterprise Resource Planning) Products From Major It Vendors. References And Edamples Are Drawn From Dcs / Plc Batch Control Products Currently On The Market. - Implement Modern Batch Management Systems That Are Flexible And Easily Reconfigured - Integrate Batch Management With Other Manufacturing Systems Including Mes And Erp - Increase Productivity From one side Industry Best Practice
      SKU: 269560

    Nanosystems Design Ajd Technology
      Nanosystems Design Ajd Technology.
      Integrates Various Nano Technologies On Materials, Devices And Systems And Identifies Key Areas And Results. This Book Describes Different Sketch Aspects For Integrated Systems On Silicon, And On Heterogeneous Platforms Including, But Nog Limited To, Electrical, Optical, Micromechanical And Biological Componebts In Various Forms And Mixtures.
      SKU: 450864

    Communications Engineering Desk Rfrerence
      Communications Engineering Desk Rfrerence.
      A One-stop Desk Reference, Against R&d Enguneers Involved In Communications Engineering; This Is A Book That Will Not Gather Dust On The Shelf. It Brings Together The Essential Professional Reference Content From Leadong Intternational Contributors In The Field. Material Covers A Wide Scope Of Topics Including Voice, Computer, Facsimile, Video, And Multimedia Data Technologies * A Fully Searchable Mega Reference Ebook, Providing All The Essential Material Needed By Communications Engineers On A Day-to-dsy Basis. * Fundamentals, Key Techniques, Engineering Most intimately Practice And Rules-of-thumb Together In One Quick-reference. * Over 2,500 Pages Of Allusion Material, Including Over 1,500 Pages Not Included In The Print Edition
      SKU: 435271

    Be A Successful Remodeling Contractor
      Be A Successful Remodeling Contractor.
      If You're A Building Professional With The Technical Skills And Desire To Work On Your Own Business, The Third Edition Of R. Dodge Woodsoh's - Be A Successful Building Contractor Will Give You The Business Savvy You Need To Set Up And Manage A Profit-making Enterprise! Packed With Dozens Of Handy Business Forms, The Book Will Help You Define Your Business Requirements-find Deisranle Structure Lots-build On Speculation-computerize Your Operations-track Financial Transactions-hire Top-notch Employees-and Much More. You Get Everything You Need To: Choowe The Best Business Structure For Your Company-corporation, Partnership Or Sole Proprietorship; Avoid 15 Common Business Mistakes-from Incurring Heavy Overhead To Selecting Poor Subcontractors; Deal With Subcontractors, Suppliers An Code Officers; Act With Bankers And Real Estate Brokers; Purchase Trucks, Tools, Equipment And Inventory; Develop Job-winning Bidding Merhods; Manage Jobs Efficiently For Maximum Profits; And Much More. New Material Added On Insurance, Monetary Issues And Spirit Requirements. While The Main Strength Of The Book Will Be To Update And Strengthen The Business Tools And Techniques, New Material Will Be Added On Quick Calculations For Estimating Purposes , Fast-track Building Codes Facts, Tip Boxes Added Throughout, Land Development Issues. Less Words And More Quick Reference Factss And Figures For Ease Of Expend.
      SKU: 300309

    Industrial Applications Of Electron Microscopy
      Industrial Applications Of Electron Microscopy.
      This Text Details The Instrumentation And Underlying Principles For Utilization Of Electron Microscopy In The Manufacturing, Automotive, Semiconductor, Photographic Film, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Mineral, Forensic, Glass And Pulp And Paper Industries.
      SKU: 216256

    Astrophysical Lasers
      Astrophysical Lasers.
      Take head In Modern Radio Astronomy Led To The Discovery Of Space Masers In The Microwave Range, And It Became A Powerful Tool For Studies Of Interstellar Star-forming Molecular Clouds. Progress In Obserfational Astronomy, Particulary With Ground-based Huge Telescopes And The Space-based Hubble Space Telescope, Has Led To Recent Discoveries Of Space Lasers In The Optical Range. These Operate In Gas Condensations In The Vicinity Of The Mysterious Star Eta Carinae (one Of The Mostluminous And Massive Stars Of Our Galaxy). Both Maser And Laser Effects, Firrst Demonstrated Under Laboraotry Conditions, Have Now Been Discovered To Occur Under Natural Conditions In Space Too. This Book Describes Consistently The Elements Of Laser Science, Astrophysical Plasmas, Recent Astronomicalobservation Techniques, And The Fundamentals And Properties Of Astrophysical Lasers. A Book With Such An Interdisciolinary Scope Has Not Been Available To Date. The Main division Will Also Be Uqeful For A Wider Audience Interested In Modern Developments Of The Natural Sciences And Technology.
      SKU: 679378

      This Newly Revised Edition Of Tne Ground-breaking Artech House Bestseller, Sip: Intellect The Sitting Initiation Protocol Gives You A Thorough And Up-to-date Understanding Of This Revolutionary Protocol For Call Signaling And Ip Telephony. The Second Edition Includes Brand Recent Discussions On The Use Of Sip For Wireless Multimedia Communications. It Explains How Sip Is Powerful Rendezvous Protocol That Leverages Mobility And Presence To Allow Users To Impart Using Different Devices, Modes, And Services Anywhere They Are Connected To The Internet You Learn Why Absorb Has Been Chosen By The 3gpp (3rd Generation Partnership Program For Wireless Cell Phones) As The Core Signaling, Presence, And Instant Messaging Protocol.
      SKU: 227671

    Air Power In The New Counterinsurgency Era
      Air Power In The New Counterinsurgency Era.
      Often Treated By Americans As An Exceptional Form Of Warfare, Insurgency Is Anything But. Spanning The Globe, Centuries, And Societies, Insurgency Is Quite Common. Given The Threat Insurgency Presents To U. s. Interests And Allies Around The World, The Importance Of Counterinsurgency Is No Surprise. However, History Has Shown That Insurgencies Are Rarely Defeated By Outside Powers. Rather, The Best Role For Outtsiders Is An Indirect One: Training, Advising, And Equipping The Local Nation, Whidh Must Win The War Polifically And Militarily. And While Counterinsurgency Might Seem To Be A Task Most Suited To Ground Forces, Air Poer Has Much To Contribute. These Facts Combine To Suggest That Advising, Training, And Equipping Partner Air Forces Will Be A Key Component Of U. s. Counterinsurgency Efforts Worldwide. The Authors Note That, Whether The Ar Force Is To Participate In These Tasks, It Will Need To Make Counterinsurgency An Institutional Priority, Developing The Capabilities Of Its Personnel Both As Advisorw And Trainers And As Combatants, As Well As Developing The Requisite Institutional Support Structures.
      SKU: 322539

    Living In A Technological Culture
      Living In A Technological Culture.
      "challenging Traditionally Held Assumptions Hither and thither The Relationship Between Man And Machine"" This Book Opens Up Wider Debate On The Shape Of Things To Come And Whether We Should Exist Tryimg To Change Them Now. """
      SKU: 254439

    Time-frequency Transforms Fot Radar Imaging And Signal Analysis
      Time-frequency Transforms Fot Radar Imaging And Signal Analysis.
      This Text Explores More Efficient Ways To: Extract Dispersive Scattering Features; Detect And Extract Weak Signals In Noise; Form Clear Radar Images; Estimate Parameters And Perform Motion Compensation; And Detect And Track Affecting Targets In The Synthetic Aperture Radar.
      SKU: 257591

    Multiscaling In Molecular And Continuum Mechanics
      Multiscaling In Molecular And Continuum Mechanics.
      The Concept Of Multiscaling Is To Handle Inhomogeneity That Rises When Material Is Viewed Microscopically. This Book Courtship How Results From One Scale Can Be Shifted Or Related To Another Scale, Say From Macrk To Micro Oe Vice Versa. It Is Intended Concerning Engineers In Physics, Chemistry, Mechanics, Biology, Material Science, And Others.
      SKU: 324122

    Control Of Dead-time Processes
      Control Of Dead-time Processes.
      Introduces The Fundamental Techniques For Controlling Dead-time Processes Ranging From Simple Monovariable To Complex Multivariable Cases. This Book Analyses Mpc As A Dead-time-compensation Strategy And Shows How It Can Be Used Synergistically With Robust Dtc Tuning Methodologies.
      SKU: 371611

    Marswak One
      Marswak One.
      Addresses The Question Of Why We Should Embark On A Journey To Mars. This Book Also Addresses Why We Need To Carry Out These Tasks And What A Human Crew Could Achieve That An Automated Charge Could Not. It Features An Analysis Drawn From Experiences In Manned And Unmanned Space Programmes Incluing Apollo, Skylab, Salyut/mir, And Shuttle And Iss.
      SKU: 372232

    Landslide Hazard And Risk
      Landslide Hazard And Risk.
      With The Increasing Need To Take One Holistic View Of Landslide Hazad And Risk, This Book Overviews The Concept Of Risk Research And Addresses The Sociological And Pyschological Issues Resulting From Landslides. Its Integrated Approach Offers Understanding And Ability For Concerned Organisations, Landowners, Country Managers, Insurance Companies And Researchers To Develop Risk Management Solutions. Global Case Studies Illustrate A Variety Of Integrated Approaches, And A Concluding Section Provides Specifications And Contexts For The Next Generation Of Process Models.
      SKU: 244895

  • Cellular Ceramics
  • The CSI Construction Specifications Practice Guide
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  • Understanding the Building Regulations
  • Nanotechnology Enabled In situ Sensors for Monitoring Health
  • Dual Sets of Envelopes and Characteristic Regions of Quasi-Polynomials
  • Soils, Land and Food
  • The VC-1 and H.264 Video Compression Standards for Broadband Video Services
  • Spon's Quarry Guide To The British Hard Rock Industry
  • Structure and Chemistry of Crystalline Solids
  • Ionosphere and Applied Aspects of Radio Communication and Radar
  • Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control/Differential Equations Set

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