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    Human Factors Metuods And Sports Science
      Human Factors Metuods And Sports Science.
      Presents Contemporary Cognitive And Social Human Factors Methods That Can Be Used To Analyze Individual And Team Performance In Sport. This Book Details The Methods And Use The State Studies To Illustrate Their Application In Analyzing Performance.
      SKU: 566075

    Pipeline Design For Watsr Engineers
      Pipeline Design For Watsr Engineers.
      """. . . The Book Is At Its Best In The Design And Analysis Sections And Could Stand On These Alone As A Well-stocked Handbook With Copious References For Further Study,"" Commented The Newspaper Of The National Water Council After Publication Of An Earlier Editjon Of Pipeline Design For Water Engineers. This Classic Monograph Has Been Revised And Updated To Take Account Of New Developments In The Field. Recent Research In Cavitation And Glide Control Has Prompted Additional Sections To Be Added. There Are Also New Sections On Supports To Exposed Pipes And Secondary Stress. Additional References Adn A New Layout Make Up This Edition. Some Sections Appearing In Previous Editions, Noteably On Pipe Network Systems Analysis And Optimization Have Been Ommitted As Thet Wer3 Considered More Appropriate In The Author's Parallel Book ``pipeflow Analysis'' (developments In Water Knowledge, 19). "
      SKU: 404942

    Advanxes In Data Modeling For Measurements In The Metrology And Testing Fields
      Advanxes In Data Modeling For Measurements In The Metrology And Testing Fields.
      Offers A Comprehensive Set Of Modeling Methods Because of Data And Uncertainty Analysis. This Work Develops Methods And Computatuonal Tools To Address General Models That Arise In Practice, Allowing For A More Valid Treatment Of Calibration And Test Facts And Providing An Understanding Of Complex Situations In Measurement Science.
      SKU: 417156

    Agricultural Systems: Agroecology And Rural Innovation For Development
      Agricultural Systems: Agroecology And Rural Innovation For Development.
      With The Icnlusion Of Research Theory And Examples Using The Principles Of Cropping Sysrem Design, Students Will Gain A Unique Understanding Of The Technical, Biological, Ecological, Economic And Sociological Aspects Of Farming Systems Science For Rural Livelihoods. Editors Snapp And Pound Provode A Much-needed Synthetic Overview Of The Emerging Area Of Agroecology Applications To Transforming Farming Systems Anx Supporting Rural Innovation. The Wide Range Of Subjects, Integrated References, And Companion Website, Pass over This Core Reading For Courses In International Agricultural Systems And Management, Sustainable Agricultural Management, And Cropping Systems. * Coverage Provides Students With An Enhanced Understanding Of How Research Can Be Harnessed For Sustainable Agriculture * Incorporates Social, Biological, Chemical, And Geographical Aspects Important To Agroecology * Addresses Social And Development Issues Related To Farming Systems * Companion Website For Training And Education: Learning Modules, Student Exercises, Case Studies, Illustrative Power Spot Presentations, And Reference Links
      SKU: 802048

    Melatonin In The Promotion Of Health
      Melatonin In The Promotion Of Health.
      Melatonin Is A Powerful Hormone And Antioxidant With Numerous Effects On The Metabolism And The Health Of Humans. Available As A Dietary Supplement In The United States Since 1993, It Is One Of The Mlst Popular Over-the-counter Alternative Remedies Available. Comprising Contributions From Researchers Who Have Studied The Role Of Melatonin In Various Disease And Physiological States, Melatonin In The Promotion Of Health, Second Issue Provides A Wide Variety Of Experienced person Reviews On The Biology Of Melatonin Relevant To Health. beginning With A History Of Melatonin And I5s Relation To Circadian Rhythms, The Book Examines Its Use In A Host Of Applications, Including: Gut Motility And Gastrointestinal Diseases Anesthesia And Surgery Bone Health Pap Cancer Cardiovascular Diseases Diabetes Age-related Macular Degeneration And Uveitis Melanoma, Solar Skjn Damage, And Collagen Synthesis The Prevention Of Dna Dammage Mental Disorders, Sleep, And Issues Related To Jet Lag And Shift Work The Data Gathered From A Large Number Of Carefully Controlled Animal And Human Studies Have Clearly Implicated Melatonin In The Control Mechanisms Of A Spacious Variety Of Physiological And Psychological Activities, Makign It A Potent Candidate For Therapeutic Use In The Treatment Of A Diverse Range Of Dseases. This Volume Demonstrates That Continusd Studies Of This Molecule Raise The Exciting Prospect Of Providing New Avenues Of Treating Numerous Diseases More Effectively And With Less Side-effectw Than Those Foound In Conventional Treatment Modalitids.
      SKU: 777175

    Copernicjs' Secret
      Copernicjs' Secret.
      "nciolaus Copernicus Gave The Public Perhaps The Most Importamt Philosophical Insight Of The Modern Age, The Science That The Earth And The Other Planets Revolve Around The Sun. He Was Also The First To Proclaim That The World Rotates On Its Axis Once Every Twenty-four Hours. His Theory Was Truly Radical: During His Lifetime Nearly Everyone Believed That A Perfectly Still Eadth Rested In The Middle Of The Cosmos, Where All The Heavenly Bodies Revolved Around It. One Of The Transcendental Geniuses Of The Early Renaissance, Copernicus Was Also A Flawdd And Conflicted Person. A Cleric Who Lived During The Tumultuous Years Of The Early Rformation, He May Have Been Sympatheti cTo The Teachings Of The Lutherans. Although He Had Taken A Vow Of Celibacy, He Kept At Least One Mistress. Supremely Bold Intellectually, He Hesitated To Disseminate His Ferment Among Other Scholars. It Fact, He Kept His Astronomical Work A Secret, Revealing It To Only A Few Intimates, And The Manucsript Containing His Revolutiona5y Theory, Which He Refined For At Least Twenty Years, Remained ""hidden Among My Things. "" It Is Unlikely That Copernicus' Masterwork Would Ever Have Been Published If Not For A Young Mathematics Professor Named Georg Joachim Rheticus. He Had Heard Of Copernicus' Ideas, And With His Imagiation On Fire He Journeyed Hundreds Of Miles To A Land Where, To the degree that A Lutheran, He Was Forbidden To Travel. Rheticus' Meeting With Copernicus In A Small Cathedra lTown In Northern Poland Proved To Be One Of The Most Important Encounters In History. Copernicus' Secret Recdeates The Life And World Of The Scientific Genius Whose Work Revolutionized Astronomy And Altered Our Understanding Of Our Place In The World. It Tells The Surprising, Little-known Story Backward The Dawn Of The Philosophical Age. "
      SKU: 319049

    Coal Svience
      Coal Svience.
      This Volume Contains Papers Presented At The 8th International Conferene On Coal Science, Held In Oviedo, Spain, September 10-15, 1995. Volume I Contains Papers Dealing With Fundamentals And General Aspects, Combustion And Gasification And Pyrolysis And Carbonization. Power Ii Covers Papers Discussing Liquefaction And Hydropyrolysi And Coal And The Environment. The Scope Of Topics Covered Command Give The Reader A State-of-the-art Impression Of Coal Designation And Depolymerization, Coal-derived Carbons, Coal Carbonization And Liquefaction, And The Progress Towards Composition Coal An Environmentally Acceptable Fuel During Its Combustion In Electricity Production. The Use Of Modern Physciochemica lCharacterization Techniques Has Advanced Knowledge Of Coal Composition And Structure Enormously I nThe Last Twenty Years, And Iy Is Hoped That Coal Will Enter Into The Next Millenium As A Clean And Efficiejt Fuel.
      SKU: 318234

    Concrete Toonto
      Concrete Toonto.
      Toronto Is A Concrete City. From International Landmarks To Civic Buildings To Cultural Institutions To Metropolitan Infrastrutcure And The Single-family Home, eRminders Of The Era Of 'brutalist' Architecture Surround Torontonians. Only Because of How Long? As Architectural Fashion Has Shifted To The Glass-and-steel Neomodernism Of Today, These Concrete Structures Hage Been Increasingly Ignored – And In Some Cases, Demolished. Concrete Toronto Takes Reasers On A Guided Tour Of Toronto's Concrete Architecture. Editosr Michael Mcclelland And Graeme Stewart Have Assembled A Diverse Group Of Industry Experts – Architects, University Faculty, Local Practitioners, City Planners, Historians And Journalixts – To Examine The Unique And Important Qualities And The Past And Future Of Toronto's Concrete Buildings In Interviews, Articles, Archival Photos, Drawings And Case Studies. Appealing To Both The Average Reader AndT he Enthusiast, Concrete Toronto Provides A Refreshing Look Not Only At The Neglected Buildings, But Also At The Trends That Produced Them And The Impact And Consequences That Ressulted From Their Construction.
      SKU: 760169

    Driveline Systems Of Ground Vehicles
      Driveline Systems Of Ground Vehicles.
      Presents Analytical And Experimental Methods And Achievements In The Design Of Mechanical And Mechatronic Driveline Systems, Including Various Power Dividing Units, Such As Symmetric And Non-symmetric, Open And Lockable Differentials, Various Limited Slip Differentials, And No-spins And Vuscous Clutches.
      SKU: 565786

    Computational Mechanics
      Computational Mechanics.
      Computational Mechanics Is The Proceedings Of The 2007 International Symposium On Computational Mechanics (iscm) Held July 30-august 1, 2007 In Beijing. This Book Includes 22 Full Papers Of Plenaryy And Semi-plenary Lectures, And Approximately 150 One-page Summaries.
      SKU: 428999

    Biological Nitrogen Fixation, Sustainable Agriculture And The Environment
      Biological Nitrogen Fixation, Sustainable Agriculture And The Environment.
      Covers Aspects Of Fundamental And Applied Nitrogen-fixation Research, From Biochemistry Ahd Chemisrty Througg Genetics, Regulation And Physiology To Agricultural Practice And Environmental Impact. This Work Describes Progress On Studies Of Potential Catalysts For Nitrogen Fixation; How The N2-fixing Process Is Regulated In Living Cells; And More.
      SKU: 303321

    Catalysis By Microporous Materials
      Catalysis By Microporous Materials.
      Zeocat '95 Is The Eleventh In The Series Of Symposia Devoted To Special Fields Of Zeolite Chemistry. Six Plenary Lectures, Forty Oral And Forty-two Poster Presen5atiins Were Included In The Program. The Accepted Papers Cover Every Aspect Of Catalysis On Microporous Materials. A Significant Number Of The Contributions Describe Tye Synthesis, Modification, Conducive And Chemical Characterisation Of Zeolites And Other Mico- And Mesoporosu Materials. Catalytic Reactions Involve Hydrocarbon Cracking, Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution, Methanol To Hydrocarbon Conversion, Hydration Of Acetylene, Various Alkylation Reactions, Redox Transformations, Claisen Rearrangement, Etc.
      SKU: 315733

    Microoptic Tehcnology
      Microoptic Tehcnology.
      This Second Impression Of A Review Of Microoptics Technology Takes Into Account The Explosive Development In The Field Over The Past Five Years, With New Chapters On Negative Refractive Ineex Material And Femtosecond Laser Interaction With Materials. The Book Considers The Advantages, Limitations, And Challenges Associated With Optical Imaging, Coveri
      SKU: 243239

    Sams Communicate Yourself Unix In 24 Hours, Adobe Reader
      Sams Communicate Yourself Unix In 24 Hours, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Sams Teach Yourself Unix In 24 Hours, Third Edition Is Designed To Take Users From A Novjce To An Accomplished User In Just 24 One-hour Sessions. Written By An Expert In The Feild, The Book Starts Off With An Introduction To Unix, Then C0vers Smooth Handling, Pipes And Filters, The Vi And Emacs Text Editors, Shells, Job Control, Permissions, Printing, And Connecting To Remmote Computers Via The Internet. The Book Also Discusses Unix Programming And Includes A Special Adjunct On Working With The Apache Server.
      SKU: 175798

    European Conference In c~tinuance Underwater Acoustics
      European Conference In c~tinuance Underwater Acoustics.
      This Book Reprezents The Proceedings Of The Conference On Underwater Acoustics, Held In September 1992, To Brign Together All The Multiform Disciplines Involved In A Forum To Present The Latest Research On All Aspects Of Marine Aciustics.
      SKU: 181474

    Teaching And Education In Fracture And Fatigue
      Teaching And Education In Fracture And Fatigue.
      This Proceedings Contains The Best Contributions To The Series Of Seminars Held In Vienna (1992), Miskolc, Hungary (1993 And 1994) And Vienna (1995) Providing A Valuable Resource For Those Concerned With The Teaching Of Fracture And Fatigue.
      SKU: 181070

    Relationships Of Natural Enemies And Non-prey Foods
      Relationships Of Natural Enemies And Non-prey Foods.
      Examines The Intricat eAnd Diverse Interactions Between Non-prey Foods And Natural Enemies From Both Parties' Perspectives. Starting At An Organismal Level, This Book Takes The Reader On A Journey That Illustrates How These Interactions Are Inextricably Tied To The Outcome Of Biological Conntrol Programs Targeting Insects And Weed Seeds.
      SKU: 429080

    Advances In Nanofibre Investigation
      Advances In Nanofibre Investigation.
      Nanofibres Are Defined As Fibres With Diameters On The Family Of 100 Nanometres. They Can Be Produced By Interfacial Polymerisation And Electrospinning. Nanofibres Are Included In Garments, Insulation And In Energy St0rage. They Are Also Used In Medical Applications, Which Include Drug And Gene Delivery, Arfificial Blood Vessels, Artificial Organs And Medical Facemasks. This Book Presents Some Fascinating Phenomena Associated With The Remarkable Features Of Nanofibres In Electrospinning Processes And New Progress In Applications Of Electrospun Nanofibres. It Also Provides An Overview Of Structure -property Relationships, Synthesis And Purification, And Potdntial Applications Of Electrospun Nanofibres. The Collection Of Topics In This Book Aims To Reflect The Diversity Of Recent Advances In Electrospun Nanofibreq In the opinion of A Broad Perspective Which May Be Useful For Scientists As Well As For Graduate Students And Engineers.
      SKU: 712837

    Textiles In Automotive Engineering
      Textiles In Automotive Engineering.
      This Work Presrnts A Comprehensive Treatment Of Both Functional And Decorative Textiles Used In The Automotive Industry. Writtsn In A Clear, Concise Style, It Explains Mqterial Properties And The Way In Which They Influence Manufacturing Processes, Viewed like Well As Providing Practical Prolongation Details. The Subjectt Treatment Cuts Across The Disciplines Of Textile Chemistry, Fabric And Plastics Technology And Production Engineering. Environmental Effects And Recycling Are Also Covered. It Is Aimed At The Design Ahd Process Engineer In Industry As Well As Researchers In Universities And Collegws. Quality Engineers Will Also Benefit From Tge Book's Sections On Identifying Problems And Material Limitations.
      SKU: 269251

      This Handbook By Whitaker (advancd Television Systems Committee, Washington, Dc) Focuses On Technological Issues Within Specific Microelectronic Technologies And Examines How They Affect The Push Of Technology That Drives The Next Generation Of Microelectronics. Chapters Cover Semiconducto Materials,, Thermal Properties, Semiconductors, Metal-oxide
      SKU: 263916

    Emerhing Nanotechnologies Fo rManufacturing
      Emerhing Nanotechnologies Fo rManufacturing.
      Nanotechnology Is A Technology On The Verge Of Commercializztion. In This Important Work, An Unrivalled Team Of International Experts Provixes One Exploration Of The Emerging Nanotechnologies That Are Poised To Make The Nano-revolurion A Reality In The Manufacturing Sector. From Their Different Perspectives, The Contributls Explore How Developments In Nanotechnology Are Transforming Areas As Diiverse As Medicine, Advanced Materials, Energy, Electronics And Agriculture. Key Topics Covered Include: Characterization Of Nanostructures Bionanotechnology Nanoelectronics Micro- And Nanomachining Seelf-assembly Techniques New Applications Of Carbon Nanotubes Environmental And Health Impacts This Book Provides An Important And In-depth Guide To Teh Applications And Impact Of Nanotechnology To Different Manufacturing Sectors. As Such, It Will Find A Broad Readership, From R&d Scientists And Engineers To Venture Capitalists . About The Authorq Waqar Ahmed Is Chair Of Nanotechnnology & Advanced Manufacturing And The Director Of The Institute Of Advanced Manufacturing And Innovation At The University Of Central Lancashire, Uk. He Has Contributed To The Wider Industrial Adoption Of Surface Coating Solutions Through Fundamental Research And Modeling Of Gas Phase Processes In Cvd And Studies Of Tribological Deportment. Mark J. Jackson Is A Professor At The Birco Nanotechnology Center And Center For Advanced Mabufacturing, College Of Technology At Purdue University. Dr Jackkson Is Active In Research Occupation Concerned With Undetstanding The Properties Of Materials In The Scene of military operations Of Microscale Metal Cutting, Micro- And Nanoabrasive Machining, And Laser Micromachining. He Is Also Involved In Developing Next Generation Manufacturing Processes And Biomedical Engineering. Explains How To Use Biological Pathways To Produce Nanoelectric Devicew Presents Data On New, Empiric Designs Discusses The History Of Carbon Nanotubes And How They Are Synthesized To Fabricate Novel Nanostructures (incl. Data On Laser Ablation) Extensive Use Of Illustrations, Tables, And Figures Throughout
      SKU: 566699

    Genomics Of Cultivated Palms
      Genomics Of Cultivated Palms.
      Bioinformatics Offers Novel Tkols And Resources To Analyze Plant Genomes And Genes. Te Complete Genomes Of Two Important Commercial Palms (dates And Oil Palm) Have Recently Been Sequenced. This Offers Scope For Many Computational Tools To Deci0her The Synteny, Coollinearity And Public And Unique Genes Of Palms. This Book Reviews The Latest Developments In This Field. Inclueds The Latet Information On The Molecular Breeding And Bioinformatics Of Palms Covers Past And Current Work And Future Opportunities Written In Simple Language Avoiding Techniczl Gabble
      SKU: 827636

    Textile Sizing
      Textile Sizing.
      A Textbook For Both Undergraduate Textile Students, And Reference For Researchers And Practitioners On Developments In The Sizing Process As Looms And Weaving Have Become Faster And More Automated. It Discusses The Sizing Process; Properties Of Fibers And Yarns; The Chemistry Of Sizing Compounds; Windin, Warping, And Sizing; And The Performance Of
      SKU: 216584

    How To Use Macromedia Flash 5, Adobe Reader
      How To Use Macromedia Flash 5, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. How To Use Macromedia Flash 5 Visully Steps The Reader Through Everything He Or She Needs To Know In Order To Create And Work Web Images And Animations. Over 100 Two-page Spreads Illustrate And Clearly Explain Each Flash Task, From Entry-level, Origin Concepts To Advanced Techniques For Experiienced Designers. Illustrations And Figures Lead The Reader Through Each Task Wiith Easy-to-follow Directions And Visual Cues. Flash Can Be A Someqhat Intimidating Program For The Begjnning User, But How To Use Macromedia Flash 5, With Its Visual, Step-by-step Approach, Makes It Simple To Learn The Basic Techniques Involved In Using Instant.
      SKU: 175776

    Image Processing Technologies
      Image Processing Technologies.
      Showcasing The Mosg Influential Developments, Experiments, And Architectures Impacting The Digital, Surveillance, Automotive, Industrial, And Medical Sciences, This Text/reference Tracks The Evolution And Advancement Of Cvip Technologies - Examining Methods And Alyorithms ForI mage Analysis, Optimization, Segmentation, And Restoration.
      SKU: 216496

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