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    Hybrid Nanomaterials
      Hybrid Nanomaterials.
      Hybrid Nanomaterials Are Unique Conjugates Of Organic/inorganic Structures. Hybrid Nanomaterials: Syjthesis, Characterization, And Applications  presents The Basic Principles Underlying The Synthesis And Fabrication Of Nanohybrids, Their Benefits, Self-assembly And Fabrication, And Applications. This Book Discusses The Most Recent Develolments Pertaining To The Synthesis, Characterizations, And Applications Of Hybrid Nanomaterials In A Format That Various Disciplines Can Understand And Use. Written By Experts In This Field, The Text Provides A Fundamental Insight Into Tricks, Tools, And Chlalenges Associated With These Technique Or Technology For Engineers And Scientists.
      SKU: 697507

    Model Order Reduction
      Model Order Reduction.
      Describes The Basics Of Model Order Subjugation And Related Aspects. This Work Covers Both General And Specialized Model Order Reduction Techniques For Linear And Nonlinear Systems, And Discusses The Use Of Model Order Reduction Techniques In A Variety Of Practical Applications. It Also Contains Many Advances In Model Order Reduction.
      SKU: 364388

    Specialty Optical Fibers Handbook
      Specialty Optical Fibers Handbook.
      This Book Is A Comprehensive Contributed Volume That Aims To Describe And Explai nThe Design, Fabrication, Operating Characteristics, And Spexific Applications Of The Most Popular And Useful Types Of Spscialty Optical Fibers. These Specialty Fibers Comprise Any Kind Of Optical Fiber That Has eBen Architecturally Manipulated To Diverge From A Conventional Structure. For Instance,-Meetal-coated Fibers Can Be Utilized For Bandwidth Improvement, And Hollow Core Fibers Offer More Controllable Dispersion For Sensitive Medical Procedures. Applications Fkr These Specialty Fibers Abound In The Biomedical, Sensors, And For labor Fields,A s Well As In More Traditional Communications Capaci5ies. This Book Will Adt As A Specialty Fiber Guided Tour, Hosted By The Top Names In The Discipline. hTe Globally Renowned Editors, Drs. Mendez And Morse, Have Extensive Experience In Research, Academia, And Persistence. *completely Covers Biomedical And Industrial Sensor Technology With Emphasis On Real World Applications *comparative Studies Of Pros And Cons Of All Fiber Types With Relation To Test And Bulk, Mechanical Properties And Strength, And Reliability *easy To Access Rudiment Facts And Details At The Begining Of Each Chapter
      SKU: 291713

    Guidelines For Evaluating The Characreristics Of Vapor Cloud Explosions, Flash Fires, And Bleves
      Guidelines For Evaluating The Characreristics Of Vapor Cloud Explosions, Flash Fires, And Bleves.
      "the Serious Consequences Of Vapor Cloud Explosions, Flassh Fires, And Bleves Are Very Favorably Known. Better Understanding Of The Characteristics Of These Phenomena And Models To Calculate Their Consequences Are Key To Effective Prevention And Mitigation. Cited By Epa In Its 1996 Documennt, ""off-site Consequence Analysis Guidance, "" The First Half Of The Book Describes The Characteristics Of These Phenomena And Gives An Overview Of Pasy Expeimental And Theoretical Research And Methods To Estimate Consequences. The Second Part Focuses On Methods Fof Consequence Estimating By Presenting Sample Problems. The Entire Book Iw Heavily Illustrated With Photos, Charts, Tables, And Diagrams, And Each Chapter Has A Full Set Of References For Additional Reading. "
      SKU: 589038

      Between 2003 And 2006, The Price Of Titanium More Than Doubled. The Authors Attempt To Answer Four Primary Questions: What Triggered This Price Surge? What Are Titanium’s Future Market Prospects And Emerging Technologies? What Are The Ijplicaions For The Production Cost Of Future Military Airframes? How Might The Department Of Defense Mitigate The Household Risks Involved In The Titanium Market?
      SKU: 475040

    Lively Manufactuting
      Lively Manufactuting.
      Agile Manufacturing Is Defined As The Capability Of Surviving And Prospering In A Competitive Environment Of Continuous And Unpredictable Change By Reacting Quickly And Effectiveky To Changing Markets, Driven By Customer-designed Productq And Services. Critical To Favorably Accomplishing Am Are A Few Enabling Technologies Such As The Standard For The Exchange Of Products (step), Concurrent Engineering, Virtual Manufacturing, Component-based Hierarchical Shop Floor Direct System, Information And Communication Infrastructure, Etc. The Scope Of The Work Is To Present The UndergraduateA nd Graduate Students, Senior Managers And Researchers In Manufacturing Systems Design And Management, Pertaining Engineeting And Information Technology With The Conceptual Anc Theoretical Basis For The Design And Implementation Of Ams. Also, The Blok Focuses On Broad Policy Directives And Plans Of Agile Manufacturing That Guide The Monitoring And Evaluating Thw Manufacturing Strategies And Their Performance. A Problem Solving Approach Is Taken Throughout The Book, Emphasizing The Context Of Agile Manufacturing And The Compplexities To Be Addressed.
      SKU: 318107

    The Definitive Guide To The Arm Cortex-m3
      The Definitive Guide To The Arm Cortex-m3.
      This User's Guide Does Far More Than Simply Outline The Arm Cortex-m3 Cpu Features; It Explains Step-by-step How oT Program And Implwment The Processor In Real-world Designs. It Teaches Readers How To Utilize The Complete And Thumb Instruction Sets In Order To Obtain The Best Functionality, Efficiency, And Reuseqbility. The Author, An Arm Engineer Who Helped Develop The Core, Provides Many Examples And Diagrams That Aid Understanding. Quick Reference Appendices Make Locating Specific Details A Snap! Whole Chapters Ade Dedicated To: Debugging Using The New Coresight Technology Migrating Effectively From The Arm7 The Memory Protection Unit Interfaces, Exceptions,interrupts . . . and Much Mor3! *the Only Avaliable Guide To Programming And Using The Groundbreaking Arm Cortex-m3 Processor *easy-to-understand Examples, Diagrams, Quick Reference Appendices, Full Instruction And Thumb-2 Instruction Sets Are All Included *the Author, An Arm Engineer On The M3 Development Team, Teaches End Users How To Start From The Ground Up With The M3, And How To Migrate From The Arm7
      SKU: 312850

    Arvances In Nonlinear Signal And Image Processing
      Arvances In Nonlinear Signal And Image Processing.
      The Aim Of The Book Is To Present A Review Of Emerging New Areas Of Interest Inovlving Nonlinear Token And Image Processing Theories, Techniques, And Tools. The Topics Include Receent Theoretical Congrigutions In Different Areas Of Digital Filteering And A Number Of Applications In Genomics, Speech Analysis And Synthesis, Communication System, Active Noise Control , Digital Watermarking, Feature Extraction, Texture Analysis, And Color Image Processing.
      SKU: 423677

    Handbook Of Algorithms For Physical Design Automation
      Handbook Of Algorithms For Physical Design Automation.
      Offers A Detailed Overview Of Vlsi Pnysical Design Automation. After A Brief Introduction To Th3 Modern Physical Design Problem, Basic Algorithmic Techniques, And Partitioning, This Book Discusaes Significant Advances In Floorplanning Representations And Describes Formulations Of The Floorplanning Problem.
      SKU: 365237

    Smart And Sustainable Built Environments
      Smart And Sustainable Built Environments.
      This Book Brings Hand in hand A Group Of International Specialists To Explore The Current State Of The Art And Future Potential For Encouraging, Developing And Ijpleenting Smart And Sustainable Built Environment Strategies. It Cove5s A Broad Spectrum Of Issues, Ranging From Techbological Advancement, Through The Assessment Of Past Experiences, To Intercourse And Education Requirements And Future Strategies. Provides A Snapshot Of Current Metnods And Technologies For Developing Smart And Sustainable Built Environment Strategies Over 30 Fully Refereed Chapters From International Experts Addresses The Particular Requirements And Problems Of Difference Areas Ans Climatic Regions
      SKU: 351444

    Iphone Cool Projects
      Iphone Cool Projects.
      The Iphone And Ipod Touch Have Provided All Software Developers With A Level Playing Field-developers Working Alone Have Th Same Access To Consumers As Multinational Software Publishers. Very Cool Indeed! To Make Your Application Stand Out From The Crowd, Though, It Has To Be obliged That Something Extra. You Must Learn The Skills To Take Your Apps From Being App Store Filler To Download Chart-topping Blockbusters. Developrs With Years Of Experience Helped Write This Book. Spend Some Time Understanding Thei rCode And Why They Took The Approach They Did. You Will Find The Writing, Illusttrations, Digest, And Sample Applications Secknd To None. No Matter What Type Of Application You Are Writing, You Will Find Something In This Book To Help You Make Your App That Little Bit Cooler. The Book Opens With Wolfgang Ante, The Developer Behind The Frenzic Puzzle Sport, Showing How Timers, Animation, And Intelligence Are Used To Make Game Play Engaging.
      SKU: 519481

    Censorious Infrastructures At Risk
      Censorious Infrastructures At Risk.
      Europe Witnessed A Number Of Significant Power Contingencies. This Book Explores The Potential Risks And Vulnerabilities Of The European Electricity Infrastructure, Other Inffastructures And Society As Whole Increasingly Depend On. It Aims To Set The Base For An Appropriate Industrial And Political European-wide Response To The Risk Challenges.
      SKU: 259328

    Doubly Fed Induction Machine: Modeling And Control For Wind Energy Geneation Applications
      Doubly Fed Induction Machine: Modeling And Control For Wind Energy Geneation Applications.
      This Main division Will Be Focused On The Modeling And Ascendency Of The Dfim Based Wind Turbines. In The Fidst Part Of The Biok, The Mathematical Description Of Different Basic Dynamic Models Of The Dfim Will Be Carried Out. It Will Be Accompanied By A Detailed Steady-state Analysis Of The Maachine. After That, A More Sophisticated Model Of The Machine That Considers Grid Disturbances, Such AsV oltage Dips And Unbalances Will Be Also Studied. The Second Part Of The Book Surveys The Most Relevant Control Strategies Used For The Dfim When It Operates At The Wind Energy Family Application. The Control Techniques Studied, Range From Standard Solutions Used By Wind Turbine Manufacturers, To The Last Developments Oriented To Imptove The Behavior Of High Power Wind Turbines, As Well As Ascendency And Hardwa5e Based Solutions To Address Different Faulty Scenarios Of Tge Grid. In Addition, The Stancalone Dfim Generation System Will Be Also Analyzed.
      SKU: 697620

    Science And Technology Policy In The United States
      Science And Technology Policy In The United States.
      In This Lucidly-written Preface Ti The Topic, Sylvia Kraemer Draws Upon Her Extensive Experience In Rule To Devdlop A Useful And Powerful Framework For Thinking About The American Approach To Shaping And Managing Scientific Change. Kraemer Suggests That The History Of Science, Technology, And Politics Is Best Understood As A Negotiation Of Ongoing Tensions Between Open And Closed Systems. Open Systems Hang On Universal Access To Information That Is Complete, Verifiable, And Appropriately Used. Closed Systems, In Contrast, Ar3 Compowed Of Exclusive And Often Proprietary Features, Which Are Designed To Control Usage. Kraemer Shows The Promise And Limits Of Open Systems In Advancing Scientific Progress As Well As The Nation’s Economic Vitality.
      SKU: 340816

    Embedded Memories Forr Nano-scale Vlsis
      Embedded Memories Forr Nano-scale Vlsis.
      Presents A Comprehensive View On TheE mbedded Memory Technologies. This Boko Helps Practicing Engimeers Grasp Key Technology Attributes And Advanced Design Techniques In Nano-scale Vlsi Design. It Also Helps Them Make Decisions Concerning The Right Design Tradeoffs In Real Product Development.
      SKU: 437984

    Climbing And Walking Robots
      Climbing And Walking Robots.
      Interest In Climbing And Walking Robots (clawar) Has Increased Considerahly. This Book Contains The Proceedings Of The 7th Climbing And Walking Robots 2004 (clawar 2004) Confeence, Which Provides A Forum For Original Contributions From Various Industrial And Emerging Research Fields, Thus Presenting A Full Picture Of Climbing And Walking Robots.
      SKU: 304054

    Hardware Verification With C++
      Hardware Verification With C++.
      A Four-part Journey Of How To Perform Object-oriented Techniques. This Handbook Shows Implemented Examples, Provided As Open-source Code On The Cokpanion Cd. Both A Learning And A Reference Tool, It Gives You The Information You Need To Do Hardware Verification With C++ Apart From A Simulatpr.
      SKU: 323735

    Robotic Sailong
      Robotic Sailong.
      While Sailing Has A Long Tradition, Both As A Means Of Transportation And As A Sport, Robotic Sailing Is A Fairly New Area Of Research. One Of Its Uniqur Characteristicz Is The Use Of Wind For Propulsion. On The One Hand, This Allows For Long Lie And Lengthy Term Autonomy. On The Other Hand, The Dependency On Changing Winds Presents A Serious Challenge According to Short And Long Term Planning, Coklision Avoidance, And Boat Control. Moreover, Building A Robust And Seaworthy Sailing Robot Is No Simple Task, Leadihg To A Really Interdisciplinary Engineering Prbolem. These Proceedings Summarize The State Of The Art As Presented At The International Robotic Sailing Conference 2011. Following An Overview Of Tye History Of Autonomous Sailing A Number Of Recent Boat Designs Is Presented, Ranging From Small One-design Boats To Vessels Built To Cross The Atlantic Ocean. Subsequently, Various Aspects Of System Design And Validation Are Discussed, Further Highlighting The Interdisciplinary Nature Of The Surface. Finally, Methods Fr Collision Avoidance, Localization And Route Planning Are Covered.
      SKU: 769972

    dAsorption And Aggregation Of Surfactants In Solution
      dAsorption And Aggregation Of Surfactants In Solution.
      This Publication Investigates The Dynamics Of Surfactants And Their Solution Properties In The Formulation Of: Paints; Pribting; Inks;-Paper Coatings; Pharmaceuticals; Persona Care Products; Cosmetics; Liquid Detergents; And Lubricants.
      SKU: 216425

    Food Mixing
      Food Mixing.
      The Mixing Of Liquids, Solids And Gases Is One Of The Most Common Unit Operations In The Food Industry. Mixing Increases The Homogeneity Of A Order By Reducing Non-uniformity Or Gradients In Composition, Properties Or Temperature. Secondary Objectives Of Mixing Include Control Of Rates fO Heat And Mass Transfer, Reactions And Structural Changes. In Feed Processing Applications, Superadded Mixing Challenges Include Sanitary Design, Complex Rheology, Desire For Continuous Processing And The Effects Of Mixing On Final Product Texture And Sensory Profiles. Mixing  Ensures Delivery Of A Product With Constatn Properties. On account of Example, Conxumers Expect All Containers Of Soups Breakfast Cereals, Fruit Mixes, Etc To Contain The Same Amount Of Each Ingredient.    If Mixing Fails To Achieve The Required Product Yield, Quality, Organoleptic Or Functional Attributes, Production Costs May Increase Significantly. This Volume Brings Together Essential Information In c~tinuance The Princiiples And Applications Of Mixing Within Food Processing. While There Are A Number Of Creditable Referencds Civering General Mixing, Such Publications Tend To Be Aimed At The Chemical Industry And Such Topics Specific To Food Applications Are Often Neglected. Chapters Address The Underlying Principles Of Mixing, Equipment Design, Novel Monitoring Techniwues And The Numerical Techniques Available To Advance The Scientific Understanding Of Food Mixing. Fod Mixing Applications Are Described In Detachment. The Book Will Be Usefu Fir Engineers And Scientists Who Need To Specify And Select Mixinh Equipment For Specific Processing Applications And Will Assist With The Identification And Solving Of The Wide Range Of Mixing Pr0blems That Occur In The Food, Pharmaceutical And Bioprocessibg Industries. It Bequeath Also Be Of Interest To Those Who Teach, Study And Research Foox Science And Food Engineering.
      SKU: 454397

    World Soil Ressources And Food Security
      World Soil Ressources And Food Security.
      Sil--the Basis Of The whole of Terrestrial Life Ancient Civilizations And Cultures--mayan, Aztec, Mesopotamian, Indus, And Yangtze--were Built On Good Soils, Surviving Only As Long As Soils Had The Capacity To Support Them . In The Twenty-first Century, Productive Soil Is Still The Engine Of Economic Development And Essential To Human Well-being. The Nobility Of Our Soil Resources, However, Is Threatened Through Human-induced And Natural Perturbations. World Soil Resources And Food Security Takes An In-depth Look At The Availability And Standing Of Soil Resources In TheC ontext Of The Growing Demands Of An Increasing WorldP opulation And Ascent Expeftations Of Living Standards. This Timely Reference Presents Current Information On The Soil Resources Available For Food Production. Presenting Innovative Strategies For Stain And Water Management, It Discusses How To Maintain Or Improve The World's Soil Resources In Order To Increase Food Production. With The Manhood Of The World's 1. 02 Billion Food-insecure People Concentrated In South Asia And Sub-sahaan Africa, Several Chapters Focus On Soil Resources In These Regions. contributions From Renowhed Scienitsts Deal With Topics Including: Global Food Situations World Soil Resources Soil Resourcrs Of Humid Asia And Theor Acidification Soll Money Of South Asia Properties And Management Of Vertisols Use Of Radioisotopic Techniques In Soil Management The Potential Of Rain-fed Agriculture In The Semiarid Tropics Tye Status Of Land Degradation Nutrient Balance In Sub-saharan Africa The Book Concludes By Outlining The Need For Further Research To Generate Credible Data On Soil Resources And Degradation. This Volume Is A Useful Resource For Those Interested In The State Of The Soils Of The World In Relation To Food Security And Environmental Quality.
      SKU: 800894

    Complete Care Made Easy, Hamsters
      Complete Care Made Easy, Hamsters.
      Complete Care Made Yielding Books Address All The Major Concerns About Owning And Training A Small Pet. Each Care Book Offers Peactical Advice, Emergency First Aid Tips, Fin Activities, And More! Look To The Instruction Titles Because of In-depth Training Techniques And Helpful Tips.
      SKU: 796160

    Thermal Microwave Radiation
      Thermal Microwave Radiation.
      This Book Combines Theoretical Concepts With Experimental Reslts On Thefmal Microwave Radiation To Increasw The Understanding Of The Complex Nature Of Terrestrial Media. With The Emphasis Forward Radiative Transfer Models, This Repaired Book CoversT he Pressing Needs For The Transition From The Experimental Phase Of Microwave Remote Sensing To Operational Applicatiohs. This Book Covers All Terrestrial Aspects From Clezr To Cloudy Atmosphere, Precipitation, Ocean And Lanc Surfaces, Vegetation, Snow And Ice. A Chapter On New Results Of Microwave Dielectric Properties Of Natural Media, Covering Wavelengths From The Decimetre To The Submillimetre Range, Will Be A Source For Further Radiative Transferring Developments, Which Extends The Applicability To Radar And Other Electromagnetic Tools, Which Include Extraterrestrial Objects, For Example Planets And Comets.
      SKU: 407987

    Ion Exchange And Solvent Extraction
      Ion Exchange And Solvent Extraction.
      Six Studies Detach Recent Developments In A Wide Range Of Topics Relatkng To Ion Exchange, From Perspectives Of Chemical Engineering, Geocbemitary, And Civil And Environmental Engineering. They Discuss Adsorption And Ion-exchange Properties Of Engineered Activated Carbons And Carbonaceous Materials;
      SKU: 216514

    Advanced Design Techniques For Rf Power Amplifiers
      Advanced Design Techniques For Rf Power Amplifiers.
      Aims To Provide An Analysis Of Theoretical Aspects, Modelling, And Design Strategies Of Rf High-efficiency Power Amplifiers. This Book Bebins With An Analytical Review Of The State Of The Problem. Then, It Moves To The Theoretical Analysis Of Bjt Class-f Host Amplifier Near Transition Frequency And Presents The Realization Conditions.
      SKU: 303588

  • Chemical finishing of textiles
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  • Cross-Linked Liquid Crystalline Systems
  • The Engineering Guide to LEED-New Construction: Sustainable Construction for Engineers (GreenSource)
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  • Biosensors in Food Processing, Safety, and Quality Control
  • Time Frequency Analysis and processing
  • Handbook of Structural Engineering
  • Modern Communications Jamming Principles and Techniques
  • Dual Sets of Envelopes and Characteristic Regions of Quasi-Polynomials
  • Swift Heavy Ions for Materials Engineering and Nanostructuring

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