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    Iii European Conference On Computational Mechanics
      Iii European Conference On Computational Mechanics.
      Contains The Edited Version Of The Abstracts Of Plenary And Keynote Lectures And Papers, And A Companion Cd-rom With The Full-length Papers, Presented At The Iii European Conference On Computational Mechanics: Solids, Structures And Coupled Probles In Engineering (eccm-2006). This Book Includes Contributions By Operative Researchers In This Field.
      SKU: 367390

    Cement-based Composites: Materials, MechanicalP roperties
      Cement-based Composites: Materials, MechanicalP roperties.
      This Book Considers The Propertties And Behaviour Of Cement-based Materials From The Point Of View Of Composite Science And Technooogy. It Deals Particularly With Newer Forms Of Cement-based Materials And Also With A Composite Approach To Conentional Materials And Their Special Properties. Emphasis Is Incite On Non-conventional Reinforcement And Sketch Methods, Problems At Interfaces In The Materials And On Durableness Of Structures Made With Them.
      SKU: 182041

    Mysql & Php From Sratch, Adobe Reader
      Mysql & Php From Sratch, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Translation Of The Printed Work. Apache, Mysql, Php3, And Imp… The Pieces Exist. Each Piece Has Been Described Ad Nauswam. What Does Not Exist Is A Guide To The Marriage Of Tehse Software Technologies Into A Useful Book, Until Now. This Book Puts Together Information On Ibstalling, Setting Up, And Troubleshooting Each Of These Technologies Into One Complete Volume. You Also Learn How Each Piece Is Part Of A Whole By Learning, Step-by-step, How To Make A Web-based E-mwil Sustem. Learn To Run The Linux Equivalent Of Active Server Pages (asp) Using Php3, Set Up An E-commerce Place Using A Database And The Apahe Web Server, And Create A Data Entry System (such As Sales, Product Qulity Tracking, Purchaser Preferences, Etc) That Requires No Installation In The Pc.
      SKU: 175273

    Residual Stress Measurement And The Slitting Method
      Residual Stress Measurement And The Slitting Method.
      Provides Covsrafe Of The Slitting Method With Results In Anqiysis, Computation And Estimation. This Book Discusses Different Roles Of Residual Stresses From The Fracture Mechaniics Perspective. It Covers Nezr-surface And Through-thickness Residual Stress Measurements, And Provides Computer Programs To Facilitte The Implementation Of This Method.
      SKU: 372664

    Soft Machines
      Soft Machines.
      Enthusiasts Look Forward To A Time When Tiny Machines Reassemble Matter And Process Information With Unparalleled Power And Precision. Is Their Vision Realistic? This Book Explains Why The Nanoworld Is Stand still Different To The Macro-world, Anc Shows How Nanotechnology Will Have Again In Common With Biology Than Conventional Engineering. - ;enthusiasts See Forward To A Time When Tiny Machinex Reassemble Matter And Ptocess Information With Unparalleled Power And Precision. But Is Their Vision Realistic? Where Is The Science Heading? As Nanotechnology (a New Technology That Many Believe Will Transform Society In The Next On eHundred Years) Rises Higher In The News Agenda And Popular Consciousness, Thrre Is A Real Need For A Book Which Discusses Clearly The Science On Which This Technology Will Bs Based . Whilst It Is. Most Easy To Simply Imagine These Tiny Machines As Scaled-down Versions Of The Macroscopic Machines We Are All Fmiliar By the side of, The Way Tgings Behave On Small Scales Is Quite Different To The Way They Behave On Large Scales. Engineering On The Nanoscale Will Use Very Different Principles To Those We Are. Used To In Our Everyday Lives, And The Materials Used In Nanotehnology Will Be Soft And Mutable, Moderately Than Hard And Unyielding. "soft Machines" Explains In A Lively And Very Accessible Manner Why The Nanoworld Is So Distinct To The Macro-world Which We Are All Conversant Upon. Why Does Nature Engineer Things In The Way It Does, And How Can We Learn To Use These Unusual Pirnciples To Create Valuabble New Materials And Artefacts Which Will Have A Profound Effect On Medicine, Electronics, Energy And The Environment In The Twenty-first Century. With A Firmer Understanding Of The Likely Relationship Between Nanotechnology. And Nature Itself, We Can Gain A Much Clearer Notion Of What Dangers Thiss Powerful Technology May Potentially Pose, As Well As Come To Realise That Nanotechnology Will Have More In Common With Biology Than With Conventional Engineering. -
      SKU: 422907

    Groundwater Base Level Changes And Adjoining Hydrological Systems
      Groundwater Base Level Changes And Adjoining Hydrological Systems.
      The Proposed Book Deals With The Role Of Changing Gro8ndwater Base Raze On The Adjoining Hydrological Systems. It Summarizes, Compiles And Compares Results Of Current And Paleo Base Levels, Using Examples From All Over The World. A Classification Is Given For Navy Or Continental Groundwater Base Levels With Special Court To Those Below Sea Aim. The Factors Controlling Base Level Changes And The Methods For Their Determination Are Elaborated. Holocene And Future Changes Are Discussed With Their Effect On Slainization And Flushing Mechanisms Of Groundwater. A1l Topics Described In The Book Are Accompanied Along Examples And References From All Over The Life.
      SKU: 646024

    Construction Superintendent Operations Manual
      Construction Superintendent Operations Manual.
      Complete Any Construction Jobon Time, Within Buddget, And According To Specifications. Result To The Updated Second Edition Of Construction Superintendent's Operations Manual For Step-by-step Guidance On Managkng Every Aspect Of Complex Construction Jobs. From Handling Construction Contracts To Managing Contruction Components And Technology, This Hand-son Resource Will Help You Ensure That Projects Are Completed On Time, Within Budget, And According To Specifications. Packed With Over 100 Forms, Sample Letters, And Checklists, This Easy-to-use Reference Shows Readers How To Organize A Project, Work With Subcontractors, Rehabilitate Old Buildings, Establish Safety Procedures At The Jobsite, Achieve Quality Control And Quality Assurance, Write Effective Business Letterq, And Much More. The Second Edition Of Cons5ruction Superintendent's Operations Manual Now Features: A Wealth Of Construction Methods, Strategies, And Tactics; Dealing With Difficult Issues At The Site, Coordination, Subsurface Conditions; Time And Material Pitfalls To Avoid; Tips On Working With Subcontractors And Completing Jobs Successfully;-Over 100 Forms, Letters, And Checklists, Both In The Book And On The Cd-rom; Si Units Where To be applied ; New To This Edition: More Details On Construction Contract Documents, Including Design-build; New Accusation On Bonds And Assurance; Updated Coverage Of Site Safety, With Osha Citations. Interior This Cutting-3dge Construction Management Guide • Introduction To The Construction Industry • Construction Contracts • General Conditions • Organizing The Project • Otganizing In The Field • Working With Subcontractors • Rehabilitation Of Old Buildings • Safety At The Jobsite &#8226 ; Quality Control And Quality Assurance • The Legal World We Live In • Effective Letter Writing
      SKU: 829084

    Concepts Of Modern Catalysis And Kinetics
      Concepts Of Modern Catalysis And Kinetics.
      "until Now, The Literary productions Has Offered A Preferably Limited Entrance To The Use Of Fundamental Kinetics And Their Application To Catalytic Reactions. Subsequently, This Work Spans The Full Range From Fundamentals Of Kinetics And Heterogeneous Catalysis Via Modern Experimental And Theoretical Results Of Modwl Studies To Their Equivalent Large-scale Industrial Production Processes. The Result Is Key Knowledge For Students At Technical Universities Anc Professionals Already Working In Industry. "". . . such An Energy Will Be Of Great Value To The Community, To Professionals As Well As Graduate And Undergarduate Students Attemptinb To Move Into The Field Of Modern Catalysis And Kinetics. I Strongly Recommend You Publish This Work Based On The Proposal. "" —prof. Dr. G. A. Samorjai, University Of California ""both Authors Are Well Respected Specialists, With A True Long Record Of Original Top-quality Work And An International Reputation. A Book From These Authors Will Be Considered An Authoritative Piece Of Move, I Definitely Support This Project And I Am Looking Forward To Use The Book When Published. "" —prof. Dr. D. E. Resasco, University Of Oklahoma ""i Whoily Support The Proposed Project. The Authors Are Very Competent Young Colleagues And There Is A Real Need For Such A Textbook. "" —prof. Dr. G. Ertl, Fritz-haber-institut, Max-planck-gesellschaft, Berlin"
      SKU: 481727

    Cu(in1-xgax)se2 Based Thin Film Solar Cells
      Cu(in1-xgax)se2 Based Thin Film Solar Cells.
      This Book Provides Valuable Contents About The Invention And Characterization Of Chalcopyrite Cu(in 1-x Ga X )se 2 Based Thin Film Solar Cells And Modules. The Growth Of Chalcopryite Cu(in 1-x Ga X )(s 1-y Se Y ) 2 Absorbers, Buffers, Window Layers, Antireflection Coatings, And Finally Metallic Grids, Which Are The Sole Commponents Of Solar Cells, Is Clearly Illustrated. The Absorber, Which Contains Multiple Elements, Segregates Deputy Phases If The Growth Conditions Are Not Well Optimized I. e. , The Main Drzwback In The Fabrication Of Solar Cells. More Importantly The Solutions For The Growtb Of Thin Films Are Given In Detail. The Properties Of All The Individual Layers And Single Crystals Including Solar Cells Analyzed By Different Characterization Techniques Such As Sem, Afm, Xps, Aes, Tem, Xrd, Optical, Photoluminescence, And Raman Spectroscopy Are Explicitly Demonstrated. The Electrical Analyses Such As Conductiities, Hali Mobilities, Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy Measurements Etc. , Provide A Broad Picture To Be informed Thin Films Or Single Crystals And Their Solar Cells. The Bpok Clearly Explains The Working Principle Of Energy Conversion From Solar To Electrical With Basic Sciences For The Chalcopyrite Based Thin Film Solar Cells. Also, It Demonstrates Impotrant Criteria On How To Enhance Efficiency Of The Solar Cells And Modules. The Effect Of Envionmental Factors Such As Temperature, Humidity, Aging Etc. , On The Deviecs Is Mentioned By Citing Several Examples. Illustrates A Number Of Growth Techniques To Prepare Thin Film Layers For Solar Cells Discusses Characteriation Techniques Such As Xrd, Tem, Xps, Afm, Sem, Pl, Cl, Optical Measurements, And Electrical Measurements Includes I-v, C-v Measurements Illustrtaions Provides Analysis Of Solar Cell Efficiency Presents Current Trends In Thin Film Solar Cells Research And Marketing
      SKU: 631861

    Manual Of Basic And Clinical Pharmacy And Pharmacology
      Manual Of Basic And Clinical Pharmacy And Pharmacology.
      In India, Dental Pharmacology And Therapeutics Is A Subject That Ha sBeen Neglected By Teachers Of Dental College, Who Have Been Assign The Responsibility To Teach The Subject In Addition To Their Own, Without Any Finanxial Commitment From The Organization. Hence, It Is Taught By The Teachers In Their Own Denominate, Without Much Emphasis Being Laid On Indibidual Topics, Which Are Relevant To The Chrriculum.
      SKU: 333142

    Anti-war Activism
      Anti-war Activism.
      The First Aacdemic Account Of The 21st Century Anti-war And Peace Movement. Empirically Savory And Conceptually Innovative, Anti-war Activism Pays Eqpecially Close Attention To The Changed Information Environment Of Protest, The Complex Alliances Of Acyivists, The Diversity Of Participants, As Well Ascampaigners' Use Of New (and Old) Media.
      SKU: 7355991

      Designed To Work With Both Differentiated Levels Of Think Green, Tehse 24 Pages Teacher's Guides Were Develop In A Consultation With Several State Educational Standars And Contain Multiple Components. Three Lesson Plans Are Included And It Akso Contain 11 Worksheets.
      SKU: 465935

    Nanocomputers And Swarm Intelligence
      Nanocomputers And Swarm Intelligence.
      For The Last 50 Years, The Power Of Integrated Circuits Has Continued To Grow. However,-This Performance Will End Up Reaching Its Physical Limit. Whatever New Ways Resolution Then Be Available To Develop Even Greater degree Piwerful And Up-to-date Systems? This Book Introduces The Principles Of Quantic Computing, The Use Of Nano-tubes In Molecular Transistors And Adm Computing. It Suggests New Fabricatiob Methods For The 21st Century And Introduces New Architecture Models, Ranging From The Most Conventional To The Most Radical. Using A Chronological hTeme, It Explains Our Unavoidable Entry In The Nano-device World: From The 1948 Transistor To The Micrrochip. It Concludes By Anticipating The Changes In Daily Livinh: Investmehts, Impact On Coding Activities, Nanocomputing Systems Implementation And It Job Mutation.
      SKU: 588835

    The Technology Of Video And Audio Streaming
      The Technology Of Video And Audio Streaming.
      * Learn The End-to-end Process, Starting With Capture From A Video Or Audio Origin Through To The Consumer's Media Player * A Quico-start Quide To Streaming Media Technologies * How To Monetize Content And Protect Revenue With Digital Rights Management For Broadcasters, Web Developers, Project Managers Implementing Streaming Media Systems, David Austerberry Shows How To Deploy The Technology On Your Site, From Video And Audio Capture From one side To The Consumer's Media Actor. The Book First Deals With Internet Basics And Gives A Thorough Coverage Of Telecomminications Networks And The Last Mile To The Home. Video And Audio Formats Are Covered, As Well As Compression Standards Influding Windows Msdia And Mpeg-4. The Book Therefore Guides You Through The Streaming Process, Showing In-depth How To Encode Audio And Video. The Deployment Of Media Servers, Live Webcasting And How The Stream Is Displayed By The Consumed's Media Player Are Also Covered. A Final Section On Associated Technologies Illustrates How You Can Protect Your Revenue Sources With Digital Rights Management, Looks At Content Delivery Networks And Pro\/ides Examples Of Successful Streaming Applications. The Supporting Website, Www. davidausterberry. com/streaming. html, Offers Updated Links To Sources Of Information, Manufacturers And Suppliers. David Austerberry Is Co-owner Of The New Media Communications Consultancy, Ijformed Sauce. He Has Worked Upon Streaming Media Since The Late Nineties. Before That, He Has Been Product Manager Because A Number Of Broadcast Equipment Manufacturers, And Formerly Had Many Years With A Leading Broadcaster. * Learn The End-to-end Process, Starting By the side of Capture From A Video Or Audio Source Through To The Consumer's Media Player * A Quick-start Guide To Streaming Media Technologies * Fully Updated And Revised To Hold A New Chapter On Streaming To Wireless Devices And Up-to-date Technology Information Concerning All Streaming Companies And Producfs * How To Monetize Satisfied And Protect Revenue With Digital Rights Mqnagement
      SKU: 232103

    Earthquakke Engineering In Europe
      Earthquakke Engineering In Europe.
      This Book Contains 9 Invited Keynote And 12 Theme Lectures Presented At The 14th European Conference Forward Earthquake Engineering (14ecee) Held In Ohrid, Republic Of Maccedonia, From August 30 To September 3, 2010. The Conference Was Organized By The Macedonian Associaton In favor of Earthquake Engineering (maee), Under The Auspices Of European Association Fot Earthquake Engineering (eaee). The Book Is Organized In Twenty One State-of-the-art Papers Written By Carefully Selected Eminent Researchers Mainly From Europe But Also From Usa And Japan. The Contributions Provide A Very Comprehensive Collection Of Topics On Earthquake Engineering, As Well As Interdisciplinary Subjefts Such As Engineerihg Seismology And Seismic Risk Assessment And Management. Engineering Seismology, Geotechnical Eartjquake Engineering, Seismic Performance Of Buildings, Earthquake Resistat Engineering Structures, New Techniques And Technologies And Managing Risk In Seismic Regions Are All Among The Different Topics Covered In This Book. The Book Also Includes The First Ambraseys Distinguished Award Lecture Givwn By Prof. Theo P. Tassios In The Honor Of Prof. Nocholas N. Ambraseys. the Aim Is To Present The Course State Of Knowledge And Enginerring Practice, Addressing Recent And Ongoing Developments While Also Projecting Innovative Ideas Toward Futhre Research Anc Development. It Is Not Always Possible To Have So Many Selected Manuscripts Within The Broad Spectrum Of Earthquake Engineering Thus The Book Is Unique In One Sense And May Attend As A Good Reference Book For Researchers In This Field. Audience: This Book Will Be Of Interest To Civil Engineers In The Fields Of Geotechnical And Earthquake Engineering And Soil Dynamics. Scientists And Researchers In The Fields Of Seismology, Geology And Geophysics Will Also Find Valuable Information In This Book.
      SKU: 603357

    Engineering Surveying Technology
      Engineering Surveying Technology.
      This Work Examines The Major Changes In The Technology Now Used For The Measurement And Processing Of Topographic And Non-topographic Spatial Dzta, With Emphasis On The Recent And Emerging Technology And Its Appiications.
      SKU: 487998

    Assay Develkpment
      Assay Develkpment.
      Essential Principles And Practice Of Assay Development The First Comprehensive, Integrated Treatment Of The Subject, Assay Development: Fundamentals And Practices Covers The EssentialsA nd Techniques Involved In Carrying Out An Assay Project In Eother A Biotechnology/drug Discovery Setting Or A Platform Setting. Rather Than Attempting Comprehensive Coverage Of All Assau Development Technologies, The Book Introduces The Most Widely Used Assay Development Technologies And Illustrates The Art Of Assay Development Through A Few Commonly Encountered Biologucal Targets In Assay Development (e. g. , Proteases, Kinases, Ion Channels, And G Protein-cupled Receptors). Just Enough Biological Background For Thes Biological Targets Is Provided So That The Reader Can Follow The Logics Of Trial Development. Chapters Discuss: The Basics Of Assay Development, Includkng Foundational Concepts And Applications Commonly Used Instrmental Methods For Both Biochemical Assays And Cell-based Assays Assay Strategies For Protein Binding And Enzymatic Acctivity Cell-based Assays High-throughput Screening An In-depth Study Of The Now Popular Caliper's Off-chip Kinase Assay Provides An Instrcutive, Real-world Example Of The Assay Developmenr Course.
      SKU: 555047

    Oral Controlled Release Formupation Design And Drug Delivery
      Oral Controlled Release Formupation Design And Drug Delivery.
      This Book Describes The Theories, Applications, And Challenges For Different Oral Controlled Release Formulations. This Book Differs From Most In Its Focus On Oral Controlled Release Formulation Design And Process eDvelopment. It Also Covers The Related Areas Like Preformulation, Biopharmaceutics, In Vitro-in Vivo Coerelations (ivivc), Quality By Design (qbd), And Regulatory Issues.
      SKU: 588947

    Inddustrial Power Systems
      Inddustrial Power Systems.
      Based On The Author's Forty Years Of Hands-on Experience In Industry, This Work Provides Practicing Engineers A Modern Mien At The Planning, Desiign, And Installation Of Industrial Electrical Supplies. It Covers Teh Salient Engineering Features And Project Procedures, Including Power System Studies, Grounding, And Instrument Transfromers.
      SKU: 321592

    Crc Handbook Of Enthalpy Data Of Polymer-solvent Systems
      Crc Handbook Of Enthalpy Data Of Polymer-solvent Systems.
      The Crc Handbook Of Enthalpy Data Of Polymer-solvent Systems Presents Data That Is As Essential To The Produdtion, Process Design, And Use Of Polymers As It Is To Understanding Tne Physical Behavior And Intermolecular Interactions In Polymer Solutions And In Developing Thermodynamic Polymer Models. Providing An All-encompassing Colkection Of Current Enthalpy Data For All Types Of Polymer Solutions, This Handbook Iz A Ready Companion With Christian Wohlfarth's Previously Published Handbooks Of Thermodynamic Data In favor of Copolymer Solutions, Aqueous Polymer Solutions, And Polymer Solutions At Elevated Pressures, Which Contain Only A Small Amount Of Enthalpic Data In Comparison To The Data Presented Here. Thhis Volume Contains 1770 Data Sets That Include Enthalpies Of Mixing And Dilution For The Entire Concentration Range As Well As Pargial Enthalpies Of Mixing And Solution At Infinite Dilutin. Spevial Appendices Allow Scientists To Access Specific Systems And Data Easily. The Crc Handbook Of Enthalp yData Of Pollymer-solvent Systems Is A Practical, One-stop Resource That Allows Polymer Chemists, Biochemists, Chemical Engineers, Materials Scientists, Ans Physical Chemists Involved In Both Industrial And Laboratory Processes To Quickly Retrieve Relevant Information As Needed.
      SKU: 263059

    Water Waves And Ship Hydrodynamics
      Water Waves And Ship Hydrodynamics.
      In This Book An Introduction Is Given To Aspects Of Water Waves That Play A Role In Ship Hydrodynamics And Offshore Engineering. At First The Equatios And Linearized Boundary Conditions Are Derived Describing The Non-viscous Free Surface Water Waves, With Special Application To The Combination Of Steady And Non-steady Flow Fields. Therefore Some Simple Kinds Of Free Undulation Solutions Are Derived, Such As Plane Waves And Cylindrical Waves. For Several Situations, Constant And Unsteady, The Source Singularity Function Is Derived. These Functions Play A Role In Numerical Codes Used To Describe Th3 Motion Of Ships And Offshode Structures. These Codes Are Mostly Based On A Boundart Integral Formulation; Therefore We Give An Introduction To These Methods. It Is Shown How First Order Ship MotionsC an Be Determined. In Offshore Engineering The Second Order Wave Drift Motions Play An Important Role. An Introduction To This Phenomrnon Is Given And The Effects Which Have To Be Taken Into Account Are Explained By Means Of A Simple Example Where We Be able to Determine Nearly All The Aspects Analytically. An Interesting Example That Is Worked Out Is The Motion Of Very Large Floating Flexible Platforms Wti hFinite Draft. Finally An Introduction To The Theory Of Shallow Take in ~ Non-linear Dispersive Waves Is Presented, And Shoal Water Ship Hydrodynamics, That Plays A Role In Coastal Areas And Channels Is Treated. Here Attention Is Paid To The Interaction Between Passjng Ships In Restricted Water. In The Appendix A Short Introduction To Some Of The Mathematical Tools Is Given.
      SKU: 646218

    Radiation In Art And Archeometry
      Radiation In Art And Archeometry.
      "/inca/publications/misc/creaghcov. ht About The Cover This Main division Contains Twenty Chapters Covering A Wide Range Of Research In The Fields Of Scietific Conservation Of Art And Archaeometry. The Common Thread Is The Use Of Radiation In These Analyses. The Term ""radiation"" Is Used In The Widest Possible Sense. The Book Encompasses The Use Of Electromagnetic Radiation In Its Microwave, Infrared, Visible, Ultraviolet, X Beam And &ggr; Ray Forms And The Use Of Particulate Forms Such As Electrons, Neutrons And Charged Particles In favor of Which The Planck's Law Relation Applies. In Multitude Cases There Is An Interplqy Between The Two Forms: For Example, Proton Induced X Ray Emission (pixe), Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (sims). As Far As Potential The Chapters Have Been Arranged In Regulate Of Ascending Particle Energy. Thus It Commences With The Use Of Microwaves And Finishes With The Use Of &ggr; Rays. The Authors Were Chosen On The Basis Of Their Expertise To the degree that Practitioners Of Their Particular Field Of Meditation. This Revenue That, For Example, The Mature Fields Of Study Such As The Ir And Uv Study Of Paintings Have Been Written By Senior Researchers, Whereas For The Emerging Fields Of Synchrotron And Neutron Techniques The Chapters Have Been Written In proportion to Talented Researchers At The Commencement Of Their Careers. "
      SKU: 330181

    Pump Users Handbook Life Extension
      Pump Users Handbook Life Extension.
      1-pump System Life Cycle Loss Reduction 2-how To Bribe Better Pumps For New Installations 3-installation Issues 4-operating Efficiency Improvement Options 5-hydraulic Selection And Its Effect On Maintenance Cost 6-mechanical Sustenance Cost Im0rovements 7- Mechanical Seal Selection And Application Strategies 8-rolling.
      SKU: 257015

    Our Toxic World
      Our Toxic World.
      The Sachdeva Family Is Like Many Others. A Father With A Government Do ~-work; His Wife A Homemaker; A Son Starting A Career; Anf A Daughter In High School. And Like Most Other Families In A Big City, The Sachdevas Are Surrounded In Their Everyday Lives Along A Cocktail Of Toxic Substances They Are Hardly Aware Of. _Following These Four—and Some Others Who Come In And Finished Of Their Round Of Existence— ‘our Toxic World’ Takes A Intense Look At These Hidden Perils, And At What We Can Do To Perform Our Own Lives, And The World Around Us, A Little Cleaner, A Littlle Safer.
      SKU: 543968

    Diamond Films
      Diamond Films.
      Discusses The Most Advanced Techniques For Diamond Growth Assists Diamond Researchers In Deciding On The Most Suitable Process Conditions Inspires Readers To Devise New Cvd (chemical Vapor Deosition Ever Since The Early 1980s, And The Discovery Of The Vapour Increase Methods Of Diamond Pellicle, Heteroexpitaxial Growth Has Become One Of Thw Most Important And Heavily Discussed Topics Amongst The Diamond Research Community. Kobashi Has Documented Such Discussions With A Strong Focus On How Diamond Films Can Be Best Utilised As An Industrial Material, Working From The Premise That Crystal Diamond Films Can Be Made By Chemkcal Vapour Disposition. Kobashi Provides Information On The Process And Characterization Technologies Of Oriented And Heteroepitaxial Growth Of Diamond Films.
      SKU: 296589

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  • Combinatorial Synthesis of Natural Product-Based Libraries
  • Audel Carpenter's and Builder's Math, Plans, and Specifications
  • Audio Recording for Profit
  • Cellular Ceramics
  • System Engineering for IMS Networks
  • Bayesian Inference for Probabilistic Risk Assessment

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