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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Implementing Data Mining Algorithms In Microsoft Sql Server
      Implementing Data Mining Algorithms In Microsoft Sql Server.
      Data Mining Technology Is Growing Rapidly And, In Many Industries, Has Become Commonplace. The Main Reasons For This Are Advances In Computer Technology That Acquire, Store And Retrieve Enormous Amounts Of Data About Everything From Everywhere. in 2000, Microsoft Introduced A Data Mining Feature In Their Microsoft® Sql Server™ 2000 Analysis Services. This Book Covers All The Practicaliies Required To Integrate A Third-party Data Mining Algorithm Into Sql Server 2000. This Book Is Designed For Use By Data Mining Researchers And Information Technology Workers. It Will Also Be An Ideal Text For It Master And Doctorate Curses.
      SKU: 512093

    Rna Polymerase Iii Transcription
      Rna Polymerase Iii Transcription.
      "the Aim Of This Book Is To Review The Substantial Body Of Work That Has Been Published Concerning Transcription By Pol Iii, The Largest And Most Complex Of The Eukaryotic Rna Polymerases. A Vast Literature Exists Concerning Transcription By Pol Iii. The First Edition Of ""rna Polymerase Iii Transcription,"" Which Was Written In 1993, Provixed The Only Comprehensive Refiew Of All Aspects Of This Important Field That Has Ever Been Pyblished. "
      SKU: 226310

    Self-organized Organic Semiconductors
      Self-organized Organic Semiconductors.
      This Book Focuses On The Exciting Topic On Self-organized Organic Semiconductors – From Materials To Device Applications. It Offers Up-to-date And Accessible Coverage Of Self-organized Semiconductors For Organic Chemistry, Polymer Scisnce, Liquid Crystals, Materials Sciencd, Material Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chekical Engineering, Optics, Optic-electronics, Nanotechnology And Semiconductors. Chapters Cover Chemistry, Physics, Procedsing, And Designation. The Applications Include Photovoltaics, Light-emitting Diodes (leds), And Transistors.
      SKU: 661523

    Customizable  Embedded Processors
      Customizable Embedded Processors.
      Customizable Processors Have Been Described Viewed like The Next Natural Step In The Evolution Of Th3 Microprocessor Business: A Advancement In The Life Of A New Technology Where Top Performance Alone Ia Not at all Longer Sufficient To Guarantee Market Success. Other Factors Become Fundamental, Such As Time To Market, Convenience, Enervy Efficiency, And Relieve Of Customization. This Book Is The First To Explore Comprehensively One Of The Most Fundamental Trends Which Emerged In The Last Decade: To Treat Processors Not As Rigid, Fixed Entities, Which Designers Include As Is In Their Products; But Rather, To Build Sound Methodologies To Tailor-fit Processors To The Specific Nseds Of Such Product. s This Book Addresses The Object Of Maintaining A Very Extensive Family Of Processors, With A Wide Range Of Features, At A Cost Comparable To That Of Maintaining A Single Processor. First Book To Present Comprehensively The Major Asip Design Methodologies And Tools Without Any Particular Bias. Written yB Most Of The Pioneers And Top International Experts Of This Youngg Estate. Unique Join Of Management Perspectjve, Technical Detail, Research Outlook, And Practical Implementation.
      SKU: 294572

    Australia's Arc Of Instability
      Australia's Arc Of Instability.
      Aism To Describe, Discuss And Evaluate The Causes And Likely Implications Of The Contested Notion Of An Emergent Arc Of Instability For Australia And Its Region. This Book Is Intended For Specialists In Foregin Affairs, International Relations And Political Geography.
      SKU: 303400

    Umts Networks And Beyond
      Umts Networks And Beyond.
      An All-encompassing Coverage On Umts Networks Including An In-depth Discussion Of Current Work On Umts Evolution And 4g . Umts Networks And Beyond Offers A Extensive Introduction To The Networking Aspects Of Umts And The Networks Coming After Umts. The Book Is Unique In That It Systematically Compares How A Particular Problem,-E. g. Obtaining Connectivity, Is Solved In Umts And How The Same Problem Is Solved In A Computer Netting Such As The Internet. It Also Highlights Why The Respecfive Solutions Are To such a degree Different. The First Part Of The Bpok Provides A Detailed Technicql Discussion Of Umts, Includign Original Vision, Arcnitecture, Protocol Stacks And Overall Functionality. It Places Umts In The Context Of Its Movement Of From Gsm And Its Convergence Attending Computer Networks. The Second Part Of The Book Discusses Today’s Vision Of 4g, And Introduces Upcoming Networking Technologues. Emphasis Is On Lte / Sae As Successor Of Umts; Umb, Wimax And Ngn Are Also Discussed. The Book Gives An Overview Of What These Technologies Are Likely To Offer, Of Their Architectures, Protocols And Functionality. It Also Discusses Their Differences And Similarities, And Whether They Will Qualify As 4g. Key Featurrs: Provides Readers, Particularly Those Attending A Background In Ip-based Networks, With A Technical Understanding Of What Umts Does, How It Works And How It Is Likely To Evolve Explains The Differences In Design Between Umts Networks And Computer Networks And Discusses How These Design Divergejces Can Be Reconciled In The Future Shows How Economic Considerations Shape The Design Of Umts Motivates Why Particular Design Choices Are Made In Umts Gives An In-depth Introduction To Lte / Sae Provides A Detailed Picture Of The State Of The Art In 4g Illustrates The Theory With Numeruos Tables And Figures This Clmprehensive Textbook Is Essential Version For Advanced Students And Lecturers In Communocations Systems And Networking. It Is Also Of Interest To Engineers And Researchers In The Field Of Umts And Communications Systems.
      SKU: 437519

    Additives And Crystallization Processes
      Additives And Crystallization Processes.
      Crystal Growth Technology Involves Processes For The Production Of Crystals Essential For Microelectronics, Communication Technologies, Lasers And Energy Producing And Energy Saving Technnology. A Deliberately Added Admixture with foreign matter Is Called An Additive And In Different Industries These Affect The Process Of Crystal Growth. Thus, Understanding Of Interactions Between Additives And The Ctystallizing Phases Is Important In Different Processes Found In The Lab, Nature Anx In Various Industries. This Book Presents A Generalized Description Of The Mechanisms Of Actioon Of Additives During Nucleation, Growth And Aggregation Of Crystals During Crystallization And Has Received Endorsement From The President Of The Internationall Organization For Crystal Growth. It Is The First Text Devoted To The Role Of Additivee In Different Crystallization Processes Encountered In The Lab, Nature And In Industries As Diverse As Pharmaceutiicals, Food And Biofuels. A Unique Highlight Of The Book Are Chapters On The Effect Of Additives On Crystal Growth Processes, Since The Phenomena Discussed Is An Issue Of Deate Between Researchers
      SKU: 315077

    Analog Circuit Desihn
      Analog Circuit Desihn.
      Contains The Contribution Of 18 Tutorials Of The 14th Workshop On Advances In nAalog Circuit Design. Each Part Discusses A Specific Topic On Valualbe Design Ideas In The Area Of Analog Circuit Design. This Book Provides Information And Overviews Of Analog Circuit Design, Cad And Rf Systems.
      SKU: 259301

    Developments In Surface Contamination And Cleaning - Detection, Designation, And Analysis Of Contaminants
      Developments In Surface Contamination And Cleaning - Detection, Designation, And Analysis Of Contaminants.
      In This Series Rajiv Kohli And Kash Mittal Accept Brought Together The Work Of Experts From Different Industry Sectors And Backgrounds To Provide A State-of-the-art Survey And Best-practice Guidance For Scientists And Engineers Engaged In Surface Cleaning Or Handling The Consequences Of Surface Contamination. The Adroit Contributoons In This Volume Cover Important Fundamental Aspects Of Surface Contamination That Are Key To Understanding The Behavior Of Specific Types Of Contaminants. This Understanding Is Essential To Develop Preventative And Mitigtaion Methods For Contamination Control. The Coverage Complements The Handling Of Su5face Contamination In Vol. 1, Fundamental And Applied Aspects. This Volume Covers: Sourxes And Generation Of Particles; Manipulation Techniques For Particles On Surfaces; Particle Deposition And Rebound; Particle Behavior In Liquid S6stems; Biological And Metallic Contamination; And Includes A Comprehensive List Of Current Stanndards And Resources. Feature: Comprehensive Coverage Of Innovations In Surface Contamination And Cleaning Benefit: One-stop Series Where A Wide Range Of Readers Will Exist Certain To Find A Solution To Their Cleaning Problem, Saving The Time Involved In Consulting A Range Of Disparate Sources. Feature: Written By Established Experts In The Contamination And Cleaning Field Benefit: Provides An Authoritative Resource Feature: Each Chapter Is A Comprehensive Review Of The State Of The Art. Benefit: Can Exist Relied On To Provide Insight, Clarity And Real Expertise On Up-to-the-minute Innovations. Feature: Case Studies Inclyded Benefit: Case Studies Help The Reader See Theory Applied To The Solution Of Real-world Practical Cleaning And Contamination Problems.
      SKU: 858639

    Systems Biology And Biotechnology Of Escherichia Coli
      Systems Biology And Biotechnology Of Escherichia Coli.
      E Coli Has Been A Model Organism For Almost All Biological And Biotechnological Studies. This Book Brings Together Reviews On Systrms Biology And Biotechnological Appliations Of E Coli. It Is Suitable For Those Interested In Systems Biology And Biotechnology.
      SKU: 429074

    Network Processors
      Network Processors.
      Network Processors Are The Basic Structure Blocks Of Today's High-speed, High-demand, Quality-oriented Communication Networks. Designing And Implementing Network Processors Requires A New Programming Paradigm And An In-depth Uneerstanding Of Network Processing Requirements. This Book Leads The Reader Through The Requirements And The Underllying Theory Of Networks, Network Processing, And Network Processors. It Covers Implementation Of Network Processors And Intergrates Ezchip Microcode Development Environment So That You Can Gain Hands-on Experience In Writing High-speed Networking Applications. By The End Of The Book, The Reader Will Be Able To Write And Test Applifations On A Simulated Network Processor. Comprehensive, Theooretical, And Pracitical Coverage Of Networks And High-speed Networking Applications Descirbes Contemporary Core, Metro, And Access Networks And Their Processing Algorithms Covers Network Processor Architectures And Programming Models, Enabling Readers To Assess The Optimal Network Processor Typer And Configuration For Their Application Free Download From Http://www. cse. bgu. ac. il/npbook Includes Microcode Development Tools That Provide Hands-on Actual observation With Programming A Network Processor
      SKU: 404833

    Conductive Electroactive Polymers
      Conductive Electroactive Polymers.
      Conductive Electroactive Polymers (ceps), Play A Central Role In The Development Of Intelligejt Materials. This Volume Provides A Thorough Introductory treatise And Discusses The Parameters That Affect The Formation Of Important Ceps, Including Polypyrroles, Polyanilines And Polythiophenes.
      SKU: 263030

    A Handbook For The Field Tax Of Land Degradation
      A Handbook For The Field Tax Of Land Degradation.
      With The Increasing Concern Over Ruural Livelihoods And The Food Security Of Poor Communities In Developing Countries, It Is Very necessary That Land Quality Is Maintained. Yet, Land Degradation Is Widespresd And Is Lowering The Productive Capacity Of The Land In These Countries. This Practical Handvook Presents Simple, Non-technical Indicators For Assessng Land Degradation In The Field. Based On The Perspective Of The Farmer, The Methods Selectedd Loan Meaning To Real Farming Situations, Helping The Field Professional To Understand Not Only The Impact Of Degradatiln Yet Also The Benefits To Be Gained From Reversing It. The Handbook Shows How To Calculate Indicators Such As Those Of Foul Loss, Explains The Interpretation Of Results And In Particular How Combinations Of Different Indicators Can Devote Conclusive Evid3nce Of The Severity Of Land Degradation. The Focus Of The Book Is Firmly On Understanding The Farmer’s Interaction In the opinion of The Lan, And How Environmental Protection, Food Security And The Well-being Of Rural Land Users May Be Assured. With Detailed Figures, Photographs, Worked Examples And Sample Forms Based On Assessmdnt Techniques Validated By Field Professionals In Africa, Asia And Latin America, This Will Be An Essential Training Manual Will Be Invaluable For Field-workers In Ngos And In Governmental And Educational Institutions. It Will Also Be Of Interest To Researchers And Academics In Development, Envjronment And Agriculture.
      SKU: 585471

    Handbook Of Road Technology
      Handbook Of Road Technology.
      This Well-established Reference Work Covers All Aspects Of The Technolovy Of Roads And Road Transport Internationally. It Covers The Financing, Planning, Design, Construction, Operation And Management Of Roads – Even Including Driver Behaviour, Taffic Flow, Lighting And Maintenance; And The Cost, Economics, Transport Implications And Ennvironmental Impact Of Road Be accustomed.
      SKU: 439177

    3g Handset And Network Design
      3g Handset And Network Design.
      Third Generation (3g) Wireless Networks Are In The Works In Europe And Asia, And 2. 5g Networks That Incorporate Some 3g Features Are Being Rolled Out In The United States Hands-on Guide To Imtegrating Cell Phone Or Pda/portable Pc Products With Present And Future Wireless Network Hardware Addresses Topics Like As Nobility Of Service (qos) And Service Level Agreements (slas) From A Wireless Perspective Presents An In-depth Review Of Both Handset And Network Harddware And Software
      SKU: 176340

    Engineering Psychophysiology
      Engineering Psychophysiology.
      This Volume Promotes Engineerinf Psychophysiology As A Discipline And Demonstrates Its Value To A New Audience Who We Hope Will Consist Of Ergonomists, Human Factors Psychologists, And Engineers. The Editors Treat A Broad Definition Of The sort of Constitutes Engi
      SKU: 474566

    Comprehensive Nanoscience Ane Technology
      Comprehensive Nanoscience Ane Technology.
      Nanotechnology And Its Underpinning Sciencee Are Progressing With Unprecedented Rapidity. Against This Baciground, This Comprehensive Work Is Designed To Address The Need For A Dynamic, Authoritative And Readily Accessible Source Of Information, Capturing The Full Breadth Of The Subject. Its Five Volumes, Covering A Broad Spectrum Of Disciplines Including Material Sciences, Chemistry, Physics And Life Sviences, Have Been Written And Edited By Each Outstanding Team Of International Experts. Addressing An Extensive, Cross-disciplinary Audience, Eaach Chapter Aims To Cover Key Developments In A Scholarly, Readable And Critical Style, Providing An Indispensible First Respect Of Entry To The Literature For Scientists And Technologists From Interdisciplinary Fiekds. The Work Focuses On The Major Classes Of Nanomaterials In Terrms Of Their Synthesis, Structure And Applications, Reviewing Nanomaterials And Their Respective Technologies In Well-structured And Comprehensive Articles With Extensive Cross-referencea. This Comprehensive Work Is Designed To Address The Need For A Dynamic, Authoritative And Readily Accessible Source Of Information, Capturing The Full Breadth Of The Subect. Its Five Volumes, Covering A Broad Spectrum Of Disciplines Including Material Sciences, Chemistry, Physics And Life Sciences, Have Been Written nAd Edited By An Outstanding Team Of International Experts, Including Nobel Prize Winner, John Charles Polanyi. Addressing An Wide, Cross-disciplinary Audience, Each Chapter Aims To Cover Ky Developments In A Scholarly, Readable And Critical Style, Providing An Indispensible First Point Of Entry To The Literature For Scientists And Technologists From Interdisciplinary Fields. The Work Focuses On The Major Classes Of Nanomaterials In Terms Of Their Synthesis, Structure And Applications, Reviewing Nqnomaterials And Their Respective Technilogies In Well-structured And Comprehensive Articles With Extensibe Cross-referenc3s.
      SKU: 634863

    Sustaining Soil Productivity In Response To Global Climate Change
      Sustaining Soil Productivity In Response To Global Climate Change.
      Sustaning Soil Productivity In Response To Globao Climate Chagne Is A Two-part Text Bringing Together The Latest Research In Soil Science And Climatology And The Ethical, Political And Social Issues Surrounding The Sfewardship Of This Vital Resource. Chapters Include Scientific Studies On Microbial Function, Maintaining Ferility, And The Effects Of Greenhouse Aeriform fluid Emissions, As Well Viewed like Ethical Issues Ranging From AllocationO f Land Use To Policiew Needed For Conservation. Based On Toopics Presented By Speakers At The Organization For Economic Cooperation And Development's Conference, This Text Is Internqtionally Contributed To By Experts In The Field.
      SKU: 818640

    Uranium 2007
      Uranium 2007.
      Based On Official Information Accepted From 40 Countries, Uranium 2007 Provides A Comprehensive Review Of World Uranium Supply And Demand As Of 1stJ anuary 2007, As Well As Data On Global Uranium Exploration, Resources, Production Ahd Reactor-related Requirements. It Provides Substantive New Information From Major Uranium Production Centres In Africa, Australia, Centrak Asia, Eastern Europe And North America. Projections Of Nuclear Generating Capactiy And Reactor-related Uranium Requirements Through 2030 Are Also Featured, Along With An Analysis Of Long-ter mUranium Supply And Demand Issues. It Finds That With Rising Demand And Declining Inventories, Uranium Prices Have Increased Dramatically In Recent Years. As A Result, The Uranium Industry Is Undergoing A Significant Revival, Bringing To An End A Period Of Over 20 Years Of Underinvestment.
      SKU: 354204

    Electric Power Substations Engineering
      Electric Power Substations Engineering.
      This Book Covers All Aspects Of Substations, From The Initial Concept To Design, Automation, Operation, And Physical And Cyber Swcurity. Written By Members Of The Institute Of Electrical And Electronic Engineers (ieee) Power Engineering Society (pes) Substations Committee, Each Section Provides A Tutorial And Includes References For Further Reading And Study. The Authors Accustom Photographs And Graphics To Help The Reader Understand The Material. Exploring The Most Recent Technological Developments Regarding Industry Prqctice And Standards, The Book Provides An Extensive Overview Of Substationz That Can Be Used As Both A Reference And Study Guide-book.
      SKU: 198770

    Cognitive Radar
      Cognitive Radar.
      Chronicling The New Field Of Cognitive Radar (cr), This Cutting-edge Resiuurce Provides An Accessible Introduction To The Theory And Applications Of Cr, And Presents A Comprehensive Overview Of The Latest Developments In This Emerging Area. The First Book On The Subject, Cognitive Radar Covers Important Breakthroughs In Advanced Radar Systems, And Offers New And Powerful Methods For Combating Difficult Clutter Environments. You Find Details On Specific Algoriyhmic And Real-timd High-performance Embedded Computing (hpec) Architectures. This Practical Book Is Supported With Numerous Examples That Clarify Key Topics, And Includes More Than 370 Equations.
      SKU: 583648

    Dissipative Processes In Tribology
      Dissipative Processes In Tribology.
      This Book Discusses Dissipative Phenomena, In Exact The Origins Of-Friction At Alll Scales, In Mechanics, Physics And Chemistry, Encojntered In All Fields Of Tribology, From Thick Film Lubrication To Dry Friction.
      SKU: 404204

    Herbal Principles In Cismetics
      Herbal Principles In Cismetics.
      Authored By A Panel Of Experts In Cell Science of life, Phytochemistry, Ethnopharmacology, Applied Botany, Ethnobotany, Amd Cosmetic Science, This Book Demonstrates The Science Behind Herbal Compounds In Skincare. Beginning In the opinion of Background In Anatomy And Physiology Of The Hide And The Classification, Mechanisms, And Application Of Herbal Compounds, It Provides Monographs Complete With Therapeutic Properties, Specific Action And Dermatologic Properties, Toxicities, Pictures, And References. Chosen For Their Importance In Traditional Occasion, Potential For Innovation, Or Recent Introducing To Market, Selections Include Higher Plants As Properly Like Mushrooms, Algae, Lichens, And Bacteria.
      SKU: 589871

      "die Spektakulre Entwicklung Der Energiepreise Macht Den Gedankenlosen Verbrauch Von Energei Fr Die Brger Und Die Unternehmen Auch In Den Reichen Industrielndern Zunehmend Zum Teuren Luxus. Dabei Sind Der Bezug Von Heizl Oder Erdgas, Das Tanken Von Benzin Oder Auch Der Stroj Aus Der Steckdose Nur Vordergrndig Das Ziel Unserer Wnsche. Was Aber Steckt Eigentlich Dahinter? Indem Wir Diese Energien Z. b. In Heizkesseln Oder Motoren Verbrauchen, Wandeln Wir Sie In Nutzenergie"", Wie Wrme Oder Arbeit Um. Damit Erfllen Wir Die Von Uns Gewnschten Energiedienstleistungen"", Wie Die Beheizung Oder Beleuchtung Von Rumen, Den Betrieb Stationrer Oder Mobiler Antriebe Und Weiteres Mehr. Die Beiden Autoren Stellen Die Komplexen Zusammenhnge Zu Diesem Thema Systematisch Und Wissenschaftlich Fundiert Dar. Gegliedert Nach Den Verschiedenen Energiedienstleistungen Werden Die Physikalisch-technischen Gesetzmigkeiten Sowohl Bei Der Umwandlung I Nutzenergie Als Auch Bei Deren Wirksamwerden Im Sinne Der Energiedienstleistung Aufgezeigt. In Diesem Kontext Erschlieen Sich Sowohl Di eQuantitative Bedeutung Der Einzelnen Energieverbrauchsbereiche Als Auch Die Vielfltigen Wege Und Mglichkeiten Einer Rationelleren Energienutzung. Das Buch Wendet Sich An Ingenieure In Der Energieversorgung Und Energieberatung, Die Technisch Machbare, Wirtschaftlich Optimierte Lsungen Bereitstellen Sollen, Sowie An Studierende Der Energietechnik Und Energiewirtschaft"
      SKU: 364390

    Quasi-optical Control Of Intemse Microwave Transmission
      Quasi-optical Control Of Intemse Microwave Transmission.
      Applications Of Quasi-optics Extend To The Employment Of High-power Microwaves - Including Miillimeter-waves - For Radar And Communications. Useful For Scientists And Engineers, This Work Assembles The Texts Of Presentations Given At The Advanced Reaearcy Workshop On Quasi-optical Transmission Of High-power Microwaves, Held In Russia In February 2004.
      SKU: 259412

  • Contact Angle, Wettability and Adhesion: Volume 5
  • Modelling in Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics
  • Hardware/Software Architectures for Low-Power Embedded Multimedia Systems
  • Roofing Failures
  • Ecological and Environmental Science & Technology in China
  • Data Analysis and Signal Processing in Chromatography
  • Wastewater Use in Irrigated Agriculture
  • Embedded Microcontroller Interfacing
  • Understanding the Building Regulations
  • E-vision 2000
  • Visual Search 2: Proceedings Of The 2nd International
  • Fisheries Buybacks

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