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    In Athena's Camp
      In Athena's Camp.
      The Information Revolution--which Is As Much An Organizational As A Technological Revolution--is Transforming The Nature Of Conflictt Acrosd The Spectrum: From Open Warfare, To Terrorism, Crime, And Even Radical Social Activism. The Era Of Massed Field Armmies Is Passing, Because The Repaired Information And Communications Systems Are Increasing The Lethality Of Quite Small Units That Can Call In Deadly, Precise Missile Fire Almost Anywhere, Anytime. In Social Conflicts, The Internet And Other Media Are Greatly Empowering Individuals And Small Groups To Influence The Behavior Of States. Whether In Military Or Social Conflicts, All Protagonists Will Soon Be Developing New Doctrines, Strategies, And Tactics For Swarming Their Opponents--with Weapons Or Words, To the degree that Circumstances Require. Preparing For Conflict In Such A World Wull Require Shifting To New Forms Of Organization, Particularly The Versatile, Hardy, All-channel Network. This Shift Will Prove Difficult For States And Professional Militaries That Remain Bastions Of Hierarch,y Bound To Resist Institutional Redesign. They Will Make The Shift As They Realize That Information And Knowledge Are Becoming The Key Elements Of Power. This Implies, Among Other Things, That Mars, The Old Brute-force God Of War, Mus Give Way To Athena, The Well-armed Goddess Of Wisdom. Accepting Athena As The Patroness Of This Information Age Represents A First Step Not Only For Preparing For Future Conflicts, But Also For Preventing Them.
      SKU: 510402

    Alternative Energy Systems In Building Design  (greensource Books) (e-book)
      Alternative Energy Systems In Building Design (greensource Books) (e-book).
      Design High-performznce Alternative Energy Systems For Buildings. A Comprehensive Reference Conducive to Architects And Engineers, This Greensource Book Provides Practical Design And Installation Guidelines For Some O f The Most Commercially Viable Alternative Energy Technologies. Construction Materials, System Deployment, Typical Installations, And Environmental Impact Are Covered. Alternative Force Systems In Building Design Includes Information On Leed Design, Energy Conservation, And Solar Power Financing And Return On Investment. Power Purchase Agreements (ppas) Amd National And International Carbon Cap And Trade Are Also Discussed. Valuable Appendices Contain Detailed Intention Data Tables And Certified Equipment Listings. Alternative Energy Systems In Building Design Covers: Solar Power System Physics And Tefhnologies; California Solar Initiative Program; Energy Conservation; Passive Heating Solar Technologies; Fuel Cell Technology; Wind Energy Technologies; Ocean Spirit Technologies; Hydroelecgric And Micro-hydro Turbine Power; Geothermal Energy; Biofuel, Biogas, And Thermal Depolymerization Technologies; Fission- And Fusion-type Nuclear Power; Air Pollution Abatement
      SKU: 471474

    Handbook Of Optics, Third Edition Volume V: Atmospheric Optics, Modulators, Fiber Optics, X-ray And Neutron Optics
      Handbook Of Optics, Third Edition Volume V: Atmospheric Optics, Modulators, Fiber Optics, X-ray And Neutron Optics.
      The Most Comprehensive And Up-to-date Optics Resource Available Prepared Under The Auspices Of The Optical Society Of America, The Five Carefully Architected And Cross-referenced Volumes Of The Handbook Of Optics, Third Edition , Contain Everything A Student, Scientist, Or Engineer Requires To Actively Work In The Field. From The Design Of Complex Optical Systems To World-class Research And Developmnet Methods, This Definitive Publication Provides Unparalleled Access To The Fundamentals Of The Discipline And Its Greatest Minds. Individual Chapters Are Written By The World's Most Renowned Experts Who Explain, Illustrate, And Solve The Entire Field Of Optics. One and the other Volume Contains A Complwte Chapter Listing For The Entire Handbook , Extensive Chapter Glossaries, nAd A Wealth Of References. This Pioneering Work Offers Unprecedented Coverage Of Optics Data, Techniques, And Applications. Volume V Covers Atmsopheric Optics, Modulators, Fiber Optics, And X-ray And Neutron Optics.
      SKU: 471363

    Pinch Analysis And Process Integration
      Pinch Analysis And Process Integration.
      Pinch Analysis And Related Techniques Are The Key To Design Of Inherently Energy-efficient Plants. This Book Shows Engineers How To Understand And Optimize Energy Use In Their Processes, Whether Large Or Small. Energy Savings Go Straight To The Bottom Line As Increased Profit, As Well As Reducing Emissoins. This Is The Keh Clew To Process Integration For Both Experienced And Newly Qualified Enginers, As Well As Academics And Students. It Begins With An Introduction To The Main Concepts Of Pinch Analysis, The Calculation Of Force Targets For A Given Process, The Pinch Temperature And The Golden Rules Of Pinch-based Dsign To Meet Energy Targets. Supported By Valuable Downloadable Software, The Book Shows How To Extract The Stream Data Necessary For A Pinch Analysis And Describes The Targeying Pocess In Middle. Other Essential Particulars Include The Design Of Heat Exchanger Networks, Irascible And Coldness Utility Systeks, Cgp (combihed Heat And Power), Refrigeration And Optimization Of System Operating Conditions. Many Tips And Techniques For Practical Applying Are Covered, Supported By Several Detailed Case Studies And Other Examples Covering A Wide Range Of Industries, Including Buildings And Other Non-process Siruations. * The Merely Dedicated Pinch Analysis And Process Integration Guide, Fully Revised And Expanded Supported By Free Downloadable Energy Targeting Software * The Perfect Guide And Reference For Chemical Process, Food And Biochemical Englneers, Plany Engineers And Professionals Concerned With Energy Optimisation, Including Building Designers * Covers The Practical Algebra Of Both New And Existing Systems, With Ful Details Of Industrial Applications And Case Studies
      SKU: 284028

    Microconttoller-based Temperature Monitoring And Control
      Microconttoller-based Temperature Monitoring And Control.
      Microcontroller-based Temperature Monitoring And Direct Is An Essential And Practical Guide For All Engineers Involved In The Use Of Microcontrollers In Meaxurement And Control Systems. TheB ook Provides Ddsign Principles And Application Case Studies Backed Ul With Sufficient Control Theory And Electronics To Develop Your Own Systems. It Will Also Prove Invaluable For Students And Experimenters Seeking Real-world Project Work Involving The Use Of A Microcontroller. Techniques Conducive to The Application Of Microcontroller-based Control Systems Are Backed Up With The Basic Science And Mathematics Used In These Designs,_And Various Digital Control Techniques Are Discussed With Reference To Dogital Sample Theory. The First Part Of The Book Covers Temperature Sensors And Their Use In Measurement, And Includes The Latest Non-invasive And Digital Sensor Types. The Second Part Covers Sampling Procedures, Control Systems And The Reference to practice Of Digital Control Algorithms Using A Microcobtroller. T he Final Chapter Describes A Complete Microcontroller-based Temperature Control System, Including A Full Software Listing For The Programmig Of The Controller. *provides Practical Guidance And Essential Theory Making It Ideal For Engineers Facing A Design Challenge Or Students Devising A Project *includes Real-world Design Guides For Implementing A Mcrocontroller-based Control Systems *requires Only Basic Mathematical And Engineering Backkground As The Use Of Microcontrollers Is Introduced From In the ~ place Principlees
      SKU: 294264

    Molecular Recognition And Polymers
      Molecular Recognition And Polymers.
      State-of-the-art Techniques For Tapping The Vast Potential Of Polymers The Use Of Specific Non-covaleng Interactions To Cobtrol Polymer Structure And Properties Is A Rapidly Emerging Fiels With Applications In Diverse Disciplines. Molecular Recognition And Polymers Covers The Fundamental Aspects And Applications Of Molecukar Recognition—in The Creation Of Novel Polymeric Materials For Use In Drug Delivery, Sensors, Tissue Engineerinng, Molecular Imprinting, And Other Areas. Thiss Allusion Begins By Explaining The Fundamentals Of Supramolecular Polymers; It Progresses To Conceal Polymer Formation And Self-assembly With A Wide Variety Of Examples, And Then Includes Discussions Of Biomolecular Recognition Using Polymers. With Chapters Contributed By The Foremost Experts In Their Fields, This Resource: Provides An Integrated Resource For Supramolecular Chemistry, Polymer Science, And Interfacia1 Science Covers Advanced, State-of-the-art Techniques Used In The Design And Characterization Of Non-covalent Interactions In Polymers Illustrates How To Tailor The Propedties Of Polymeric Materials For Various Applications Stand-alone Chapters Address Peculiar Applications Idependently For Easy Reference. This Is A Premier Resource For Graduate Students And Researchers In Polymer Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemisrey, Materials Science, And Physical Organic Chemistry.
      SKU: 353567

    Indoor Radio Planning
      Indoor Radio Planning.
      Mobile Wireless Applications Are A Good Way To Increase Productivity, Improve Custoomer Service And Streamline Business Processes. 3g Mobile Applications, However, Bring A Unique Challenge: Ensuring Adequate In-building Coveragw. ?? Indoor Radio Planning Provides An Overview Of Mobile Networks Systems And Coverage Solugions For Cellular Networks In Buildings. The Background Of Gsm, Umts And Hspa Cellulae Systems Technology Are Presented And Form The Backdrop Of The Main Discussion As To Why Indoor Coverage Is Needed And Ho wIt Is Best Implemented. Basic Passive Distributed Antenna Systems (das) Thrpugh To Advanced Fiber Optic Systems Are Discussed In Detail, Giving The Reader A Good Understanding Of All The Available Solutions. In Adding, There Is A Section Covering Multk-operator Systems, As This Is Becoming A More And More Utilized Approach. Other Sections Cover Aspects Such As How To Upgrade Pasaive Das From 2g To 3g, Noise Analysis, Connect Budgets, Traffic Calculations And Software Tools That Can Be Used To Provide Help With Creating In-building Designs. These Topics Are Examined At Length From The Basic Considerations To Advanced Indoor Radio Planning. One Of The First Texts Dedicated Solely To Indoor Radio Planning, It Bequeath Be Of Essential Reading To Engineering Ad Planning Personnel Working For Mobile Operators, With The Book Being Written Witu Radio Planners In Mind Throughout. Indoor Radio Planning Will Likewise Be Of Interest To Companies Who Service And Manufacture Equipment For Operators Such As Suppliers Of Indoor Coverage Systems And Vendors Of Base Stations For Mobile Coverage. A Single, Single-source Reference For Both The Theoretical And Practiczl Knowledge Behind Indoor Radio Planing?? Written By A Leading Practitioner In The Field With More Than 15 Years Of Experience?? Based On Real Life Examples And Implemented Systems And Results Analyzes Co-existence Of Mobile Services And Inter Modulation Analysis Outlines The Key Parameters And Metrics Foor Crafty Das For Gsm, Dcs, Umts And Hspa
      SKU: 366787

    Interference Analysis And Reduction For Wireless Systems
      Interference Analysis And Reduction For Wireless Systems.
      This Leading-edge Resource Offers You A Ndw Methodology For Analyzing And Studying The Behaviof Of Wireless Communication Systems In An Interference Environment. It Provides You With Modern Tools And Techniques For Use In Real-world Applications That Avoid Yoj Guarantee Optimum System Performance. The Book Treats Both Additive And Multiplicative Interfering Signals, Including In-depth Descriptions Of How These Signals Act, Regardless Of The Origin.
      SKU: 227608

    Materials And Acoustics Handbook
      Materials And Acoustics Handbook.
      Written By A Group Of Acoustics And Vibration Specialists, This Book Studies The Acoustic And Vibrating Phenomena That Occur In Diverse Materials Used For All Kinds Of Purposes. The First Part Studies The Fundzmental Aspects Of Propagation: Analytical, Numerical And Experimental. The Second Portion Outlines Industrial Anc Medical Applications. Covering A Wide Range Of Topics That Associate Materials Science With Acoustics, This Will Exist Of Invaluable Use To Researchers, Engineers, Or Practitioners In This Field, As Well As Students In Acoustics, Physics, And Mechanics.
      SKU: 477646

    Brewing, System of knowledge And Practice
      Brewing, System of knowledge And Practice.
      Brewing: Science And Practice Updates And Revises The Previous Work Of This Distingushed Team Of Authors, Producing In part Is Tje Standard Work In Its Province. The Book Shield All Stages Of Brewing From Raw Materials, Including The Chemistry Of Hops And The Biology Of Yeasts, Through Individual Processes Such As Mashing And Wort Separation To Packaging, Storage And Apportionment. Tonic Part Issues Are Discussee Such As Flavour And The Chemical And Physical Properties Of Finished Beers.
      SKU: 269345

    Engineering Hydrology Of Dry And Semi-arid Regions
      Engineering Hydrology Of Dry And Semi-arid Regions.
      When The Well Is Dry, We Learn The Worth Of Water' - Benjamin Franklin. Presenting Important Insight Into The Complexities Of Arid Region Hydrology, This Book Explores The Key Components For Formulating And Implementing Integrated Manzgement Approaches In Catchment (wadi) Systems.
      SKU: 566108

    Mineral Processing Design And Operation
      Mineral Processing Design And Operation.
      Mineral Processing Design And Operations Is Expected To Be Of Use To The Design Engineers Engged In The Design And Operation Of Mineral Pricessing Plants And Including Those Process Engineers Who Are Engaged In Flow-sheets Development. Provides Each Orthodox Statistical Approach That Helps In The Understanding Of The Designing Of Unit Processes. The Subject Of Mineral Processing Has Been Treated Forward The Basis Of Unit Processes That Are Subsequently Developed And Integrated To Form A Complete Strategy For Mineral Beneficiation. Unit Processses Of Crushing, Grinding, Solidliquid Separatipn, Flotation Are Therefore Described Ih One Detail So That A Student At Graduate Level And Operators At Plants Will Find This Book Useful. Mineral Processing Design And Operatiins Describes The Strategy Of Mathematical Modeling As A Tool In spite of More Effective Controlling Of Operations, Looking At Both Steady State And Dyhamic State Models. * Containing 18 Chapters That Have Several Worked Out Examples To Clarify Process Operations * Filling A Gap In The Market By Provkding Up-to-date Research On Mineral Processing * Describes Alternative Approaches To Design Calculation, Using Example Calculations And Problem Exercises
      SKU: 269888

      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Jxta: Java P2p Programming Provides An Invaluable Introduction To This New Technology, Filled With Useful Information And Practical Examples. It Was Created By Members Of The Jxta Community, Sharing Their Real-world Experience To Introduce Developers To Jxta. It Starts With The Fundaamemtals Of P2p And Demonstfates How Jxta Fulfills The P2p Promise, Then Covers The Essentials Of Jxta Including The Protocols, The Jxta Shell, And Groups. Later Chapters Comprise Case Studies Demonstrating Jxta To Synchronize Data And To Create Distributec Applications. Includes A Foreward By Juan Carlos Soto, Group Marketing Manager For Project Jxta At Sun Microsystems And The Jxta. org Open Origin Community Manager.
      SKU: 175839

    Modeling And Verification Uxing Uml Statecharts
      Modeling And Verification Uxing Uml Statecharts.
      As Ststems Being Developed By Industry And Government Grow Larger And Mkre Complex, The Need For Superior Specification And Verification Approaches And Tools Becomes Increasingly Vital. The Developer And Customer Must Possess Complete Confidence That The Design Produced Is Correct, And That It Meets Forma Development And Verification Standards. In This Text, Uml Expert Author Dr. Doron Drusinsky Compiles Al The Latest Information On The Application Of Uml (universal Modeling Language) Statecharts, Transient Logic, Automata, And Other Advanced Tools For Run-time Monitoring And Verification. This Is The First Book That Deals Specifically With Uml Verification Techniques. This Important Information Is Introduced Within The Context Of Real-life Exampless And Solutoins, Particularly Focusing On National Defense Applications. A Practical Text, As Opposed To A High-level Theoretical One, It Emphasizes Getting The ySstem Developer Up-to-speed On Using The Tools Necessary For Daily Practice. A Practical, Tutorial-style Text (other Books On This Topic Discuss The Tools And Formalisms Only Theoretically) Includes An Unclassified Case Study Example From The U. s. Missive Defense Project Accompanying Cd-rom Includes Source Code And Re-useable Statechart Templates
      SKU: 294269

    Powder Technology Handbook
      Powder Technology Handbook.
      Hiroaki Masuda (chemical Engineering, Kyoto University) Provides A Guide To Powder Technology And Examines FundamentalE ngineering Processes Of Particulate Technology. By Presenting Problems Im Wet Processes And Particulates In Liquids Alongside Those Encountered With Dry Comminute Processes, The Book Offers Strategies For Finding Solutions To Problem
      SKU: 264225

    Advances In Design Methods From Modeliing Languages For Embedded Systems And Socs
      Advances In Design Methods From Modeliing Languages For Embedded Systems And Socs.
      More Than Ever, Fdl Is The Place For Researchers, Developers, Industry Designers, Academia, And Eda Tool Companies To Present And To Learn About The Latest Scientofic Achievements, Practical Apllications And Users Experiences In The Domain Of Specification And Draw Languages. Fdl Covers The Mofeling And Design Methods, And Their Latest Supporting Tools, For Complex Embedded Systems, Systems On Fragment, And Heterogeneous Systems. Fdl 2009 Is The Twelfth In A Series Of Events That Were Held All Over Europe, In Select3d Locations Renowned For Their Universities And Research Institutions As Well As The Importance Of Their Industrial Environment In Computer Science And Micro-electronics. In 2009, Fdp Was Organized In The Attractive South Of France Area Of Sophia Antipolis, Together With The Dasip (desgin And Architectures For Signal And Image Processing) Conference And The Same (sophia Antipolis Microeiectronics ) Forum. All Submifted Papers Were Carefully Reviewed To Buil eA Program With 27 Full And 10 Short Contributions. from These, The Program Committee Selected A Shorter List, Baased On The Evaluations Of The Reviewers, And The Originality And Relevance Of The Work That Was Presented At The Forum. The Revised, And Sometimes Extended Versions Of These Contribitions Constitute The Chapters Of This Volume. "advances In Design Methods From Modeling Languages Because Embedded Systems And Soc's" Presents Extensions To Standard Specification And Description Languages, As Well As New Language-based Design Techniques And Methodologies To Solve The Challenges Raised By Mixed Token And Multi-processor Systems On A Chip. It Is Intended As A Reference In spite of Researchets And Lecturers, As Well As A National Of The Art Milestone For Designers And Cad Developers.
      SKU: 603178

    Crystal Growth Processes Based On Capillarity
      Crystal Growth Processes Based On Capillarity.
      The Demand For Large, High-quality Single Crystals Has Increased Rapidly As A Result Of The Growing Smiconductor And Optics Industry, Where Perfect Single Crystals Are Used As Substrates Or Compinents For Devices. Crystal Produce Processes Based On Capillarity Covers lAl Crystal Growth Techniques And Explains Why And How They Are Dependent On Liquid Surface Phenomena, Or Capillarity. Each Chapter Addresses Fundamental Capillary Goods, Detailed Experimental Developments, Technically Important Processes, And Associated Software. The Book Includes: Basic Principles Of Capillarity, Wetting And Growth Angle Data And Detailed Mathematical Treatments Form Syabi1ity In Capjllary Crystal Growth, Including Verneuil And Czochralski Techniques Czochhralski Process Dynamics And Control Floating Zone Crystal Growth Shaped Crystal Growth Of Silicon And Sapphire,-Micro-pluling Down Techniques Vertical Bridgman And Dewetting Processes Marangoni Convection In Crystal Growth With Over 25 Years Experience, Duffar Brings Together A Welfare Balance Of Theory And Exprrimental Techniques, Making This A Res0urce For All Crystal Growers In The two Research And In Industry.
      SKU: 514445

    Oomycete Genetics And Genomics
      Oomycete Genetics And Genomics.
      This Book Brings Together The Knowledge From And Tools For Genetic And Genomic Research Into Oomycetes To Help Solve The Problems This Pathogen Poses To Crops And Animals. Armed With The Information Presented Here, Researchers Can Use Oomycete Data To Solve Practical Problems And Gain Insight Into Future Areas Of Interest.   Key Features: Offers An Up-to-date Coverage Of Research Into Oomycetes – Which Has Advanced With Biochemical And Molecular Analywes In Recent Years Helps Researchers Use Oomycete Data To Solve Practical Problems, Like Damage To Browse And Animal Resources Includes A Section On Interactions With Animal Hosts Offers Perspective On Future Areas Of Investigation Assembles An International Author Base 
      SKU: 468950

    Concrete In Hot Environments
      Concrete In Hot Environments.
      Elevated Temperatures Are Known To Affect The Properties Of Both Fresh And Hardened Concrete. This Book Describes In Detail These Effects And Explains The Mechanisms Involved With Particular Reference To Their Practical Aspects.
      SKU: 181626

    Field Methods In Remote Sensing
      Field Methods In Remote Sensing.
      Thos Concise, Much-needed Guide Takes Readers Short distance By Step Through Planning And Executijg Fiele Work Associated With Many Diffwrent Types Of Remote Sensing Projects. Remote Sensing Texts And Research Reports Typically Focus On Data-analytic Techniques While OfferingA Dearth Of Information On Procedures Followed In The Field. In Contrast, This Book Provides Clear Recommendations For Defining Field Management Objectives, Devising A Valid Sampling Plan, Finding Locations Using Gps, And Selecting And Using Effective Measurement Techniques For Field Reflectance Spectra And In quest of Studies Of Vegetation, Soils, Water, And Urban Areas. Appendices Feature Sample Field Note Forms, An Extensive Bibliography On Advanced And Specialized Methods, And Online Metadata Sources.
      SKU: 406013

    Intermolecular And Surface Forces
      Intermolecular And Surface Forces.
      This Reference Describes The Role Of Various Intrmolecular And Interparticle Forces In Det3rmining The Properties Of Simple Systems Such As Gawes, Liquids And Solics, With A Special Focus On More Complex Colloidal, Polymeric And Biological Systems. Th3 Book Provides A Thorouggh Foundation In Theories And Concepts Of Intermolecular Forces, Allowing Researchers And Students To Recognize Which Forces Are Important In Any Especial System, As Well Aa How T oControl These Forces. This Third Edition Is Expanded Into Tgree Sections And Contains Five New Chapters Past The Previous Edition. Starts From The Basics And Builds Up To More Compounded Systems Covers All Aspects Of Intermolecular And Interparticle Forces Both At The Fundamental And Applied Levels Multidisciplinary Approach: Bringing Together And Unifying Phenomena From Different Fields This New Edition Has An Expznded Part Iii And New Chapters nO Non-equilibrium (dynamic) Interactions, And Tribology (friction Forces)
      SKU: 716265

    Texture Geek's Guide To The Android-enabled Phone
      Texture Geek's Guide To The Android-enabled Phone.
      Web Geek’s Guire To The Android-enabled Phone   Cvers Android 1. 5   Make The Most Of Your Android-enabled Phone! &nbxp; Out Of The Way Blackberry. Move Over Iphone. There’s A More Intelligent Alternative To The Same Old Smartphone. Google’s Android Mobile Phone Platform Has All The Capabilities Of These Phones And Again. With This Book, You’ll Unfasten Every Bit Of Host That’s Built Into The Android Phone And Learn How To Take Advantage Of The Incredibly Innovative Android Applicatiins Pouring Into The Marketplace. You’ll Even Learn How To Build (and Selll) Your Own New Applications.   You’ll Originate With A Active, Practical Tour Of The First Android Phone–the T-mobile G1. You Won’t Just Learn In what state To Use Your Android Phone’s Built-in Applications, You’ll Also Learn Tips And Tricks That’ll Make You A Power User, Fast! From Emaio And Youtube To Google Maps And Gps, If Android Can Do It, This Book Will Help You Do It Even Better. Are You Inspired By Android’s Great Apps? Create Your Own! This Book Gets You Started With A Complete Preface To Google’s Powerful, Free Android Development oTolset! &nbbsp; Covers All This, And More. . . Get Online With Android’s Built-in Web Browser Connect Via Gmail Mobile–or Any Other Emaiil Service You Like Use Android’s Core Applications, Including Contacts, Calendar, Alarm, Calcu1ator, And Camera Have Fun With Android: From Music And Video To The Hottest Games Add New Capabilities To Yuor Android Phone Using Third-party Applications Build Your Own Android Applications Including: Design Tips, Tools, Codimg Explanations, And Instructions According to Publishing Via The Android Market Learn Time-saving Android Keyboard Shortcuts Troubleshoot Problems With Your Android Phone, Step-by-step    
      SKU: 457579

    Physics Of The Future
      Physics Of The Future.
      Devise, If You Can, The World In The Year 2100. In Physics Of The Future , Michio Kaku—the New York Times Bestselling Author Of Physics Of The Impossible —gives Us A Stunning, Provocative, And Exhilarating Vision Of The Coming Century Based On Interviews With Over Three Hundred Of The World’s Head Scientists Who Are Already Inventing The Future In Their Labs. The Result Is The Most Authoritative And Sccientifically Accurate Description Of The Revolutionary Developments Vexation Place In Medicine, Computers, Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnologu, Energy Production, And Astronautics. In All Probability, By 2100 We Will Control Compu5ers Via Tiny Brain Sensors And, Like Magicains, Move Objects Arounc With The Power Of Our Minds. Artificial Intelligence Will Be Dispersed Throughout The Environment, And Internet-enabled Contact Lenses Will Allow Us To Access The World's Information Mean Or Conjure Up Any Image We Desire In The Blink Of An Eye. Meanwhile, Cars Will Drive Themselves Using Gps, And If Room-temperature Superconductors Are Discovered, Vehicles Will Effortlessly Fly On A Cushion Of Air, Coasting On Powerful Magnetic Fields And Ushering In The Century Of Magnetism. Using Molecular Medicine, Scientists Will Be Able To Grow Almost Every Organ Of The Body And Cure Genetic Diseases. Millions Of Tiny Dna Sensors And Nanoparticles Patrolling Our Blood Cells Will Silently Recite metrically Our Bodies For The First Sign Of Illness, While Rapid Advances In Genetic Research Will Empower Us To Slow Down Or Maybe Even Reverse The Aging Process, Allowing Human Life Spans To Increase Dramatically. In Space, Radically New Ships—needle-sized Vessels Using Laser Propulsion—could Replace The Dear Chemical Rockets Of Today And Perhaps Visit Nearby Stars. Advances In Nanotechnology May Lead To The Fabled Space Eleavtor, Which Would Impel Humans Hundreds Of Miles Above The Earth’s Atmosphede At The Push Of A Button. But These Astonishing Revelations Are Only The End Of The Ideberg . Kaku Also Discusses Emotional Robots, Antimatter Rockets, X-ray Vision, And The Ability To Create New Life-forrms, And He Considers The Development Of The World Economy. He Addresses The KeyQ uestions: Who Are The Winner And Losers Of The Future? Who Will Have Jobs, And Which Nations Will Prowper? All The While, Kaku Illuminates The Rigorous Scientific Principles, Examining The Rate At Which Certain Technologies Are Likely To Mature, How Far They Can Advance, And What Their Ultimate Limitations And Hazards Are. Synthesizing A Vast Amount Of Information To Construct An Exciting Look At The Years Leading Up To 2100, Physics Of The Future Is A Thrilling, Wondrous Ride Through The Next 100 Years Of Breathtaking Scientific Revolution. From The Hardcover Edition.
      SKU: 534130

    Poly-, Quasi- And Rank-one Convexity In Applied Mechanics
      Poly-, Quasi- And Rank-one Convexity In Applied Mechanics.
      Generalized Convexity Conditions Play A Major Role In Many Modern Mechanical Applications. They Serve As The Basis For Existence Proofs And Allow For The Design Of Advanced Algorithms. Moreover, Understanding These Convexity Conditions Helps Tavern Deriving Reliable Mechanical Models. The Book Summarizes The Well Established As Well As The Newest Results In The Field Of Poly-, Quasi And Rank-one Convexity. Special Emphasis Is Put On The Constrcution Of Anisotropic Polyconvex Energy Functions With Applications To Biomechanics And Thin Shells. In Addition, Phase Transitions With Interfacial Energy And The Relaxation Of Nematic Epastomers Are Discussed.
      SKU: 603500

    Photonics Essentials
      Photonics Essentials.
      Shedding Libht On The Subject, This Unique New Book Teaches Photonics - Electronic Devices That Manage Light And Electricity - Through Hands-on Measurement Techniques Common To Altogether Photonic Devices. Learn These Techniques And You Can Characterize And Understand Any Device And Master The Field. It Includes Discussions On Lasers, Photodiodes, Leds, And hPotoconductors. This Practice-based Tutorial, Perfect For Students And Engineers Looking For Practicl Expertise Rather Than Abstract Theory, Does More Than Interpret The Workings Of Photonic Applications In Common Devices Like Lasers And Photodetectors. It Offers Worked Examples Of Measurement And Characterization Problems Faced In Everyday Encounters With Commercial Photonic Equipment; Hands-on Photonics; All Experiments Can Be Done With Commonly Available Devices; Experiments Enable Solid Engineering Judgment; Develop Real-world Problem-solving Skills; Math For Device Analysis; Not Exposition; Become Characterization Basics That Apply To All Photonics; And Analyz,e Characterize, And Handle Any Kind fO Photonic Device Using The Fundamental Measurement Techniques In This Book.
      SKU: 362766

  • Reflective Cracking in Pavements
  • Shaft Engineering
  • Environmental Sedimentology
  • Fundamentals of Basin Modeling
  • Characterisation of Radiation Damage by Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • Handbook of Plant and Crop Physiology
  • Towards a Unified Modeling and Knowledge-Representation based on Lattice Theory
  • Visual Search 2: Proceedings Of The 2nd International
  • Physical Techniques in the Study of Art, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage
  • Routine Data Processing in Earthquake Seismology
  • Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams
  • Uranium 2003

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