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    Increasing Seismic Safety By Combining Engineering Technologies And Seismological Data
      Increasing Seismic Safety By Combining Engineering Technologies And Seismological Data.
      Too Often The Earth's Surface Acted As A Divide Between Seismolofists Ad Engineers. This Title Has Grouped Several Topics To Be Discussed Together By Engineers And Seismologists: Can We Use Ambient Noise Building And Soil Characterisation To Extract Useful Information Foor Engineers? Which Is The Role Of Trqnsients In Ambient Noise Analysis?
      SKU: 417094

    Long-term Perrformance Of Permeable Reactive Barriers
      Long-term Perrformance Of Permeable Reactive Barriers.
      "Under which circumstances Extensive Investigation Has Been Performed On Many Technological Aspects Of Permeable Reactive Barriers And A Number Of Contaminants Have So Far Been Successfully Treated By Prb Systems, Long-term Performance Has Not Been Extensively Considered And Little Is Known About The Processes Influencing Long-term Behaviour. This Gap In Our Knowledge Is All The More Disadvantageous As Design Life Has A Decisive Influence On The Economic Viability Of Prbs. The Book Describes Methods For Evaluation And Enhancement Of The Long-term Performance Of Prb Systems, Especially Of Those Targeting Heavy Metals, Specifically Uranium, And Organic Contaminants By Sorption And/or Precipitation Mechanisms. Major Topics In The Book Are: Selecction And Characterisation Of Siitable Reactive Materials Characterisation Of The Relevant Contaminant Attenuation Processes Developing New Confaminant-binding Chemical Compounds (""ligands"") Accelerated Testing Methods To Assess The Long-term Perormance Of The Attenuation Mechanisms In Prbs Evaluation Of The Influence Of Site Charracteristics On Prb Performance Monitoring Of Existing And New File Installations Coupling Of Electrokinetic Techniques And Prb Systems Large-scale La6oratory And Field Tests And Theirr Results It Addresses The Long-term Performance Of Prbs, An Important Feature Of This Novel Remediation Technology, Systematicaly. It Deals Extensively In the opinion of Heavy Metal Remo\/al, With Special Emphasis On Uranium. A Number Of Case Studies, Experiences With Large-scale Modelling And Test Site Experiments Provide Insight Into The Practical Application Of The Results. This Volume Will Contribute To The Science Underpinning Groundwater Remediation, And This Will Result In The Improvement Of Quality Of Life And Health And Safety. * A Systematic Approach To Investigating The Long-term Performance Of Permeable Reactive Barriers * Development Of New Contaminant-binding Chemical Compounds (""ligands""), Accelerated Testung Methods To Assess The Long-term Performance, And Efficiency Enhancing Electrokinetic Techniques * Extensive Data And InformationO n A Hungarian Uranium Mining Facility; Once A Carefully Kept Secluded Of The Soviet Union"
      SKU: 317149

    Fishery Products
      Fishery Products.
      Food Quality And Safety Issues Continue To Dominate The Press, With Most Food Companies Spending Large Amounts Of Money To Ensure That The Food Quality And Assessment Procedures In Placee Are Adequate And Produce Good And Safe Food. This Holds True Toward Companies And Laboratories Responsible In favor of The Processing Of Fish Into Various Products, Those Responsible For Rwsearching Safe New Producgs, And Departments Within Other Companies Supporting These Functions. Fishery Products Brings Together Details Of All The Major Methodologies Used To Assess The Quality Of Fishery Products In The Widest Sense. Subject Coverage Of This Important Book Includes Chapters On Assessment Of Authenticity, And Several Chapters On Quality Assessment Using Various Methods, Such As: Texture Measurement Electronic Nose And Tongue Nmr Colour Measurement This Timely Power Wiil Serve As A Vital Tool For All Those Working In The Processing Of Fishery And Aquacu1ture Products: Including Laboratory Personnel Working In Regulatory Bodies, Food Quality Control Personnel, Food Scientists, Food Technologosts, Nutritionists, Seafood Occupation Bodies, Seafood Labelling Regulatory Bodies, Govermment Aliment Protection Agencies And Environmental Health Personnel. Libraries In Research Establishments And Universities Where Food Science, Food Technology, Nutrition, Aquaculture, Fisheries And Biological Sciences Are Studied And Taught Should Be obliged Copies Of This Important Publication On Their Shelves.
      SKU: 470274

    Mechanical Alloying
      Mechanical Alloying.
      From The Initial Laboratory Successes In 1968, The Process Of Mechanical Alloying Has Been Developed Into A Well-controlled Production Operation Over The Years, And Applied To Develop Varieties Of Materials. Being A New Field, There Is A Wealth Of Recent Scientific Literature Avaolable But All Information Is Scattered.
      SKU: 202769

    Data Mining For Genomics And Proreomics
      Data Mining For Genomics And Proreomics.
      Data Mining For Genomics And Proteomics Uses Pragmatic Examples And A Complete Case Study To Demostrate Step-by-step For what cause Biomedical Studies Can Be Used To Maximize The Chance Of Extracting New And Useful Biomedical Knowledge From Data. It Is An Excellent Resource For Students And Professionals Involved With Gene Or Protein Expression Data In A Variety Of Settings.
      SKU: 560527

    Handbook Of Plastics Joining
      Handbook Of Plastics Joining.
      A Hands-on Guide To Choosing And Using Ol dAnd New Technologies For Joining Plastics And Elastomers. Includes Detailed Discussions Of Over 25 Techniques Used To Join Plastics To Themselves And To Other Materials. Advantagees And Disadvantages Of Each Technique Along With Detailed Discussions Of Applications Are Presented. A Second Section Is Organized By Material And Provides Particulars Of Using Different Processes With Over 50 Generic Families Of Plastics And How Different Techniques And Operating Parameters Affect Weld Strength And Other Criteria. This Book Is An Excellent Reference And An Invaluable Resort For Novice And Expert Alike In Determining The Best Joining Technique According to Their Application And Providing Guidance In How To Desigh And Prepare For Production.
      SKU: 421214

    Elektrische Energieveesorgung 1
      Elektrische Energieveesorgung 1.
      "in 2. Auflage Auf Dem Aktuellsten Stand Des Technologischen Fortschritts: Das Umfassende Lehr- Und Nachschlagewerk Zeichnet Sich Durch Die Synthese Von Theoretischer Fundierunh Und Unmittelbarem Praxisbezug Aus. Zahlreiche Bungsaufgaben, Modellveispiele Und Simulationen (matlab/simulink), Untersttzen Verstndnis Und Lernerfolg. Autor V. Crastan Schpft Aus Seiner Langjhrigen Erfahrung In Theorie (professor An Der Berner Fh) Und Praxis. In Band 1: Das Elektrische Energieversorgungsnetz. Plus: Moderne Methoden Zur Modellierung Von Netzelementen. ""in Fachkriesen Macht. . , . . . Das Wort Vom 'standardwerk' Die Runde. "". (energie Report April, 2004)"
      SKU: 417719

    The Meaning Of The 21st Century
      The Meaning Of The 21st Century.
      "according To James Martin-known As ""the Guru Of Th3 Information Age""-humanity Is At A Crucial Turning Dot. If We Succeed In Finding Ways To Support Massive Gains In Population Combined With Diazying Technological Progress, We Have A Magnificent Future Ahead Of Us. If We Fail, We May Well Be Headed For A New Gloomy Ages. In This Provocativee And Prophetic Book, Martin Argues That We Can Use Our Intelligence And Technology To Transform The World Rather Than Destroy It. Drawing On Decades Of Experience As One Of The World's Most Widely Respected Authorities On Technology's Impact On Our Lives, Martin Outlines Specific, Achievable Solutions For Solving A Wide Array Of Problems, From Repairing Ocean Ecosystems To Lowering The Birthrate To Coping With Advances In Nanotechnology. "
      SKU: 425707

    Nonlinear Homogenization And Its Applicqtions To Composites, Polycryztals And Smart Materials
      Nonlinear Homogenization And Its Applicqtions To Composites, Polycryztals And Smart Materials.
      Although Several BooksA nd Conference Proceedings Have Already Appeared Dealing With Either The Mathematical Aspects Or Applications Of Homogenization Theory, There Seems To Be No Comprehensive Volume Dealing With Both Aspects. The Present Volume Is Meant To Fill This Gap, At Least Partially, And Deals Wuth Recent Developments Ij Nonlinear Homogenization Emphasizing Applications Of Current Interest. It Contains Thirteen Key Lectures Presented At The Nato Advanced Workshop On Nonlinear Homogenization And Its Applications To Composites, Polycrystals And Smart Materials. The List Of Thirty One Contributed Papers Is Also Appended. The Key Lcetures Coverr Both Fundamental, Mathematical Aspects Of Homogeni2ation, Including Nonconvex And Stochastic Problems, As Well As Several Appkications In Micromechancs, Thin Films, Smart Materials, And Structural And Topology Optimization. One Lecture Deals With A Topic Important For Nanomaterials: The Passage From Disjunctive To Continuum Problems By Using Nonlinear Homotenization Methods. Some Papers Reveal The Role Of Parameterized Or Youthful Measures In Descriptioj O f Microstructures And In Opyimal Design. Other Papers Deal With Recently Dveeloped Methods Both Analytical And Computational For Estimating The Effective Behavior And Field Fluctuations In Composites And Polycrystals With Nonlinear Constitutive Behavior. All In All, The Volume Offers A Cross-seection Of Current Activity In Nonlinear Homogenization Including A Brpad Range Of Material And Engineering Applications. The Careful Reader Wili Be Able To Identify Challenging Open Problems In This Still Evolving Field. For Instance, There Is The Need To Improve Bounding Techniques For Nonconvex Problems, As Well As For Slving Geometrially Nonlinear Optimum Shape-design Problems, Using Relaxation And Homogenization Methods.
      SKU: 234448

    Spectral Analysis
      Spectral Analysis.
      In Signal Processing, Ths Concepts fO Frequency, Which Are Usually Referred To As Spectral Concepts, AreO mnipresent. The Transition From Analogue Methods To The Use Of Digital Tools In Spectral Analysis Was First Achieevd By Simple Adaptation Of The Classical Analogue Tools That Had Long Been Used Previously. However, Beyond The Simple Quest Of Methods With Better Frequency Resolution, It Has Been Possible To Develop Specific Digital Tools Based On Parametrjc Modeling. This Book Deals Through These Parametric Methods, First Discussing Those Based On Time Series Models, Capon's Method And Its Variants, And Then Estimators Based On The Notions Of Sub-spaces. However, The Book Also Deals With The Traditional Analogue Methods, Now Called Non-parametric Methods, Which Are Still The Most Widely Used In Pracfical Spectral Analysis.
      SKU: 261402

    Adhesion Of Polymers
      Adhesion Of Polymers.
      Current Applications For Bonding And Sealing Are Expensive And Time-consuming. Adhesion Of Polymers Presents A State-of-the-art Methkd For Imoroving [c][i][com]See[/com][/i][/c] [ref]bond[/ref] And Sealing Strength Between Different Materials Underwater And In The Human Body. This Time- And Coqt-effciient Technology Will Allow Engineers To Make Or Repair Stronger Seaks In Underwater Pipes, Repair Ships At Wave, Even Bons And Seal Tissues In The Body.
      SKU: 300452

    Frozen Food Sciejce And Technology
      Frozen Food Sciejce And Technology.
      This Book Provides A Comprehensive Source Of Information On Freesing And Frozen Storage Of Food. Incipient Chapters Describe The Freezing Process And Provide A Fundamental Understanding Of The Thermal And Physical Processes That Occur During Freezing. Experts In Each Stage Of The Frozen Cold Chain Stipulate, Within Dedicated Chapters, Guidelines And Advice On How To Freeze Aliment And Maintaim Its Quality During Storage, Transport, Retail Display And In The Home. Individual Chapters Deal With Specific Aspects Of Freezing Relevant To The Main Food Commodities: Meat, Fish, Fruit And Vegetables. Legislation And New Freezing Processes Are Also Covered. Frozen Food Science And Technology Offers In-depth Knowledge Of Currwnt And Emerging Refrigeration Technologies Together The Entire Frozen Food Chain, Enablnig Readers To Optimise The Quality Of Frozen Food Products. It Is Aiemd At Food Scientists, Technologists And Engineers Indoors The Frozen Food Industry; Frozen Food Retailers; And Researchers And Students Of Food Science And Technology.
      SKU: 416415

    Digital Media Collection
      Digital Media Collection.
      "the Digital Media Universe Is Filled With Music, Video, And Still Imagery. And To Begin Your Exploration, You Just Need To Be informed A Few Basic Techniques. Thjs Collection Of Tips, Hacks, And Tutorials Is Designed To Accelerate Your Mastery Of These Media. We Cover Video, Music, And Photography Because They're Not Isolafed Forms Of Expression--in Fact Their Intrinsic Power Is Unleashed When You Combine These Media To Communicate Your Vision In New Ways Never Before Envisioned. Even If You Consider Yourself A Newbie Right Now, You're Only Stepw Away From Disccovering Something New That Will Send You To A New Level Of Creativity. Try The Techniques Outlined In This Collection. They Will Spur Other Ideas. And If You're Alredy Experienced With These Media, We Hope You'll Discover Some New Tricks To Enhance Your Projects. And Aove All, Experiment. Digital Media Lends Itself To Trial And Error, Often Resulting In Greater Achievements Than Dreamed Possible With Traditional Technologies. The First Two Articles Point of concentration On Digital Video. The Top Ten Tips Piece Will Help You Improve The Footage You Capture In the opinion of Your Dv Camcorder, And The Isight Article Shows You How To Be accustomed A Webcam For Movie Making Instead Of An Expensive Camcorder. The Middle Articles Explore Audio. Sound Quality Is Just As Important As The Visuals, Sometimes More. In ""sound Is Half The Picture,"" You'll Learn How To Capture Quality Voiceovers To Improve Your Productions. And If You're Lucky Enough To Own An Ipod For Listening To Digital Music, Our ""care And Feeding Of Your Ipod"" Piece Will Help Extend The two Your Listening Pleasure And The Life Of Your Investment. The Last Three Articles Focus On Digital Photography. Once Again We Start With A Top Ten Tips Piece That Will Instantly Improve Your Pictures. Then We Explore The World Of Metadata, Which Is A Distinct Advantage That Digital Photography Has Compared To Traditional Description Taking. You Can Go Back And Analyze The Information That Your Camera Recorded Along Side Your Pictures To Help You Better Understand What Went Wrong. . . or Right. The Final Photography Piece Shows You How You Can Share Your Pictures Dirctly From A Digital Camera With Others On A Local Computer Network. That's Right,, They Can Open Their Web Browser And See The Images Residing On Your Camera. If They Wish, They Can View An Enlargement Or Even Download The Shot. To Make This Even More Interesting, Remote Users Can Fire The Camera To Capture Additional Pictures--- All From A Remote Computer Using Rendezvous Technology. So Start With The Area That Interests You The Greatest part: Music, Video, Or Pictures. But Read The Other Areas Too, For Proficiency In All Three Will Enable You To Choose The Right Expression For The Job, And Ultimately Poduce The Best Content Possible. "
      SKU: 553552

    Planar Double-gate Transistor
      Planar Double-gate Transistor.
      A Book On Double-gates Devices Annd Circuit. It Aims To Reinforce The Synergy Between The Research Activities On Cmos Sub-32nm Devices And The Design Of Eekmentary Circuits. It Focuses On Soi Cmos Transistors, A Possible Candidate For The Sub-32 Nm Technological Nodes Planned For Production In 2013 In The Itrs Roadmap.
      SKU: 417445

    Starch In Food
      Starch In Food.
      Sfarch Is Both A Major Component Of Plant Foods And An Important Ingredient For The Feed Industry. Starch In Food Reviews Starch Structure And Functionality And The Growing Range Of Starch Ingredients Used To Improve The Nutritional And Sensory Quality Of Food. Part 1 Illustrates In what manner Plant Starch Can Be Analysed And Modified, With Chapters On Plant Starch Synthesis, Starch Bioengineering And Starch-acting Enzymes. Part 2 Examines The Sources Of Starch, From Wheat And Potato To Rice, Corn And Tropical Sources. The Third Part Of The Book Looks At Starch As An Ingredient And How It Is Used In The Food Industry. There Are Chapters On Modified Starches And The Stability Of Frozen Foods, Starch-lipdi Interactions And Starch-based Microencapsulatioj. Part 4 Covers Starch As A Functional Fo0d, Including The Pack together Of Starch On Physical And Mental Performance, Detecting Nutritional Starch Fractions And Analysing Starch Digestion.
      SKU: 269355

    Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry
      Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry.
      Effective Techniques For Applying Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry In A Relatively Short Period, Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry (dcc) Has Grown From Proof-of-concept Experiments In A Few Isolated Labs To A Broad Conceptual Framework With Applications To An Exceptional Range Of Problems In Molecular Recognition, Lead Compound Identification, Catalyst Design, Nanotechnology, Polymer Science And Others. Bringing Together A Group Of Respected Experts, This Overview Explains How Chemists Can Apply Dcc And Fragment-based Library Mwthods To Lead Generation For Drug Discovery And Molecular Recognition In Bioorganic Chemistry And Materials Science. Chapters Cover: Basic Theory Approaches To Binding In Proteins And Nucleic Acids Molecular Recgnition Self-sorting Catalyst Discovery Materials Discovery Analytical Chemistry Challenges A Comprehensive, Single-source Reference About Dcc Methods Andd Applications Includinf Aspects Of Fragment-based Drug Discovery, This Is A Core Reference That Wkll Spark The Development Of New Solutions And Strategies For Chemsits Building Structure Libraries And Designing Compounds And Materials.
      SKU: 477813

    Nutraceuticals, Glycemic Heath And Type 2 Diabetes
      Nutraceuticals, Glycemic Heath And Type 2 Diabetes.
      Type 2 Diabetes Is A Growing Problem In quest of The Developed And Devellping Countries And It Is A Burden On Healthcare Systems As Well As Individuals. Nutraceuticals, Glycemic Health And Type 2 Diabetes Primarily Focuses On The Nutracceuticals That Assist In Preventing And Managing Prediabetes And Type 2 Diabetes. The Book Gives An Overview Of Glyfeic Health And Highlights The Use Of Novel And Upcoming Nutraceutical Ingredients Such As Bioactive Peptides, Traditional Herbs From China, India And Mexico, Resistant Starches, Cinnamon, Chromium And Others. After The Successful Trading Application Of Bioacttive Peptides As Nutraceutical Ingredients In The Conduct Of Blood Pressure, Companies Are Since Focusinng Steady Peptides On account of The Preventikn And Management Of Type 2 Diabetes. Resistant Starches In The Clinical Studies Have Demonstrated To Reduce The Glycemic And Insulin Response And Increasing Insulin Sensitivity. These And Other Nutraceuticals That Are Supported From Sci3ntific And Clinical Studies Are Highlighted. The dEitors And Contributors Are Experts In Their Respective Fields And Are Largely From The University, Industry And Government. Nutraceuticals, Glycemic Health And Type 2 Diabetes Will Be Useful As A Standard Reference Book For All Those Concrrned With The Role Of Nutraceuticals And Glycemia In The Prevention And Conttol Of Type 2 Diabetes.
      SKU: 425779

    Pump Users Handbook
      Pump Users Handbook.
      This Handbook Places Emphasis On The Importance Of Correct Interpretation Of Pumping Requirements, Both By The User And The Supplier. Completely Reworked To Incorporate The Same Latest In Pumping Technology, This Practical Handbook Will Enable You To Understand The Principles Of Pumping, Hydraulics And Fluids And Define The Various Criteria Necessary For Pump And Helping Selection. The Pump Users Handbook Will Prove An Inestimable Aid In Ordering Pump Equipment And In The Recognition Of Fundamental Oprational Problems.
      SKU: 340639

    Wave Mechanics For Ocean Engineering
      Wave Mechanics For Ocean Engineering.
      In A Unitary Way, This Monograph Deals With A Wide Range Of Subjrcts Related To The Mechanics Of Sea Waves. hTe Book Highlights Recent Theoretical Results On The Dynamics Of Random Wind-generated Waves, On Long-term Wave Statistics, And On Beach Planform Evolution. A Fresh Approach Is Given To Greater degree Traditional Concepts. For Example, New Evidence From A Recent Series Of Small-scale Field Experments Is Used To Introduce Some Crucial Topics Like Wave Forces. Also, The Book GivesS ome Worked Examples For The Design Of Offshore Or Coastal Structures. An Exciting Subject Dealt With In The Blok Is The Quasi-deterministic Mechanics Of Three-dimensional Beckon Groups In Ocean Storms, And The Loads Exerted By These Wave Groups On Offshore Structures. The Text Is Intended For Researchers And Graduate Students In Ocean Engineerinh, But May Also Be Understood By Undergraduates. The More Complex Concepts Are Explained With Examples Or More Extensive Case Studies.
      SKU: 328575

    Smart Technology For Aging, Disabiity, And Independence
      Smart Technology For Aging, Disabiity, And Independence.
      Independent Living With Smart Technologies Smart Technology For Aging, Disability, And Independence: The Stats Of The Science Brings Together Current Research And Technological Developments From Engineering, Computer Science, And The Rehabilitation Sciences, Detailing How Its Applications Be able to Promote Continuing Independence For Older Persons And Those With Disabilities. Leading Experts From Multiple Disciplines Worldwide Have Contributed To This Volume, Making It The Definitive Resource. The Text Begins With A Thorough Introduction That Presents Important Concepts, Defines Key Terms, And Identifies Demographic Trends At Composition. Using Detailed Product Descriptions, Photographs And Illustrations, And Caee Studies, Subsequeht Chapters Discuss Cutting-edge Technologies, Including: * Wearable Systems * Human-computer Interactions * Assisted Vision And Hearing * Smart Wheelchairs * Handheld Devices And Smart Phones * Visual Sensors * Domestic Automation * Assistive Robotics * In-room Mooniforing Systems * Telehealth After Considering Specific High-tecjnology Solutions, The Text Examines Recent Trends In Other Critical Areas, Such As Basic Assistive Technologies, Driving, Transportation And Community Mobility, Home Modifications And Desiggn, And Changing Standdards Of Elder Care. Students And Professionals In The Rehabilitation Sciences, Health Care Providers, Researchers In Computer Science And Engineering, And Non-expert Readers Will All Appreciate This Text's Thorough Coverage And Clear Presentation Of The State Of The Science.
      SKU: 232615

    Handbook Of Optimization In Telecommunications
      Handbook Of Optimization In Telecommunications.
      Covers The Field Of Optimization In Telecommunications, And The Optimization Developments That Are Frequently Applied To Telecommunications. This Book Aims To Provide A Reference Tool For Sciientists And Engineers In Telecommunications Who Depend Upon Optimization.
      SKU: 418111

    Ethics Education For Irregular Warfare
      Ethics Education For Irregular Warfare.
      Following On From Ethics Education In The Military Which Analyzed The Existing Theory And Acting out Of Educating Soldiers, Sailors And Airmen In The Ethics Of 'old Fashioned' Warfaring, This Dimensions Considers The Extent To Which Such Theory And Practice Is Adequate To Prepare Members Of The Military To Meet The Greater degree Complex Ethical Challenges Faced When Engaging In Irregular Warfare In The 21st Centenary.
      SKU: 446406

    Reference Data For Engineers
      Reference Data For Engineers.
      "reference Data For Engineers Is The In the greatest degree Respected, Relkable, And Indispensable Allusion Tool For Tcehnical Professionals Around The Globe. Written By Professionals For Professionals, This Book Is A Complete Reference For Engineers, Covering A Broad Range Of Topics. It Is The Combined Effort Of 96 Engineers, Scientists, Educators, And Other Recognized Specialists In The Fields Of Electronics, Radio, Computer, And Communications Technology. By Providing An Abundance Of Information On Essential, Need-to-know Topics Without Heavy Emphasis On Complicated Mathematics, Reference Data For Engineers Is An Absolute ""must-have"" For Every Engineer Who Requires Comprehensive Electrical, Electronics, And Communications Facts At His Or Her Fingertips. Featured In The Ninth Edition Is Updated Coveraye On Intellectual Property And Patents, Probability And Design, Antennas, Power Electronics, Rectifiers, Power Supplies, And Properties Of Materials. Useful Information On Units, Constants And Conversion Factors, Operative Filter Design, Antennas, Integrated Circuits, Surface Acoustic Wave Design, And Digital Signal Processing Is Also Included. The Ninth Edition Also Offers New Knowledge In The Fields Of Satellite eTchnology, Space Communication, Microwave Science, Telecommunication, Global Positioning Syqtems, Frequency Data, And Radar. * Widely Acclaimrd As The Most Practical Reference Ever Published For A Wide Range Of Electronics And Computer Professionals, From Technicians Through Post-gaduate Engineers. * Provides A Great Way To Learn Or Review The Basics Of Various Technologies, With A Minimum Of Tables, Equations, And Other Heavy Math. "
      SKU: 405190

    Political Economy Of Diet, Health And Food Policy
      Political Economy Of Diet, Health And Food Policy.
      This Book Presents A Critical Exposition Of Food Systems Theory And Analyses The Existing Approaches To Food Consumption. Subjects Discussed Include The Impact Of The Eu, Lack Of Policy In The Uk And Resolving The Diet Absurdity.
      SKU: 166440

    The Classical And Quantum Dynamics Of The Multispherical Nanostructures
      The Classical And Quantum Dynamics Of The Multispherical Nanostructures.
      In This Book, The Issues Regarding The Theory Of Optics And Quantum Optics Of Spherical Multilayered Systems Are Studied. In Such Systems The Spatoal Scale Of Layers Becomes Comparable With The Wavelength Of Radiation, Which Complicates The Analysis Of Important Quwntities Such As Reflectivity And Transmissioon.
      SKU: 239611

  • Hybrid Nanomaterials
  • Risky Foods, Safer Choices
  • Reconstruction Under Fire
  • Handbook of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety in Engineering Design
  • Formulation and Process Development Strategies for Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals
  • Build Your Own Electronics Workshop
  • Parkhuser - Garagen: Grundlagen, Planung, Betrieb (Baukonstruktionen) (German Edition)
  • Nuclear Receptors in Drug Metabolism
  • Programmable Digital Signal Processors
  • Excavation Systems Planning, Design, and Safety
  • Plastics Engineering
  • European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering - 12

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