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    Industrial Boilers And Heat Recovery Steam Generators
      Industrial Boilers And Heat Recovery Steam Generators.
      Filled With Over 225 Boiler/hrsg Operation And Design Problems, Industrial Boilers And Heat Recovery Steam Generators Is Mandatory Reading For Mechanical, Design, Operating, Plant, Power, Industrial, Manufacturing, Electrical, Chemicsl, Process, And Heating Engineers, And Upper-level Undergraduate And Graduate Students In These Disciplines.
      SKU: 216556

    Geo-envlr0nment And View Evolution Ii
      Geo-envlr0nment And View Evolution Ii.
      This Book Contains Papers rPesented At The Second International Conference On Evolution, Monitoring, Simulation, Conduct, And Remediation Of The Geologival Environment And Landscape. It Features Contributions From Geologists, Geographers, Soil Scientists, Ecologists, Engineers, Planners, And Other Professionals Interested In The Contrkbution Of Geo-information To Sustainable Development Or Suitable Use Of The Land. the Book Encompasses A Wide Range Of Topics, Such As: Earth’s Materials And Resources; Soil And Rock Properties; Earth’s Dynamics; Hydrological Studies; Natural Hazards And Risks; Vulnerability Studies; Environmental Planning And Management; Environmental Pollution And Remediation; Waste Management, Treatment And Disposal; Environmental Modelling And Monitoring; Landscape Analysis; Geo-environment In Urban Settings; Remote Sensing And Gis; Sustainable Resort Exploitation; Geo-indicators; Geo-statistics And Data Mining; Soil And Rock Properties; Climatological Processes; Geo-ecology; Landscape Ecology; Land Surveying; Physical Geography And Palaeo-environments.
      SKU: 512039

    Asic And Fpga Verification
      Asic And Fpga Verification.
      "richard Muncen Demonstrates How To Create And Use Simulation Models For Verifying Asic And Fpga Designs And Board-level Designs That Use Off-the-shelf Digital Components. Based Forward The Vhdl/vital Standard, These Models Include Timing Constraints And Propagation Delays That Are Required For Accurate Verification Of Today's Digital Designs. Asic And Fpga Verification: A Guide To Component Modeling Expertly Illustrates How Asics And Fpgas Can Be Verified In The Laryer Context Of A Board Or A System. It Is A Thing of value Resource For Any Designer Who Simulates Multi-chip Digital Designs. *provides Numerous Models And A Clearly Defined Methodloogy For Performing Board-level Simulation. *covers The Deatils Of Modeling For Verification Of Both Logic And Timing. *first Book To Collect And Teach Techniques For Using Vhdl To Pattern ""off-the-shelf"" Or ""ip"" Digital Components For Use In Fpga And Board-level Design Verification. "
      SKU: 226767

    Natural Colorantd For Food And Nutraceutical Uses
      Natural Colorantd For Food And Nutraceutical Uses.
      This Volume Pfovides Practical Information About Natural Colourants And Pigments And Their Applicatiohs In Tbe Food Industry. The Authors Presents An Overview Of Global Colourants, Including Safety, Toxicity And Regulatory Aspects And Compares Them To Other Well-known Alternatives.
      SKU: 263987

      This Book On tenr discusses The Basic Physics And Chemistry Principles Of natural Radiation. The Current Knowledge Of The Biological Goods Of Essential Radiation is Summarized. A Wide Variety Of Topics, From Cosmic Radiation To Atmospheric, Terrestrial And Aquatic Radiation is Addressed, Including Radon, Thoron, And Depleted Uranium. Issues Like Terrorism And Geochronology Using Natural Radiation Are Also examined. Comprehensive Global Tenr Data Assembly Critical Assessment Of The Significant aRdiological Impact Of Tenr Steady Man And The Environment As Compared To Radiological Impact From Man-made Sources In Nuclear Technology And Nuclear Medicine Illustration Of the Importance Of Tenr For The Future Conceptual Development Of Radiation Shelter
      SKU: 569312

    Commercial Management Of Projects
      Commercial Management Of Projects.
      This Is The First Book To Establish A Theoreitval Framework For Trading Management. It Argues That Managing The Contractual And Commercial Issues Of Projects – FromP roject Inception To Completion – Is Vital In Linking Operations At The Project Level And The Multiple Projects (portfolios/ Programmes) Level To The Corporate Core Of A Company. The Book Focuses On Commercial Management Within The Context Of Project Oriented Organisations, For Example: Aerospace, Construction, It, Pharmaceutical And Telecommunications – nI The Private And Public Sectlrs. By Bringing Together Contributions From Leading Researchers And Practitioners In Commercial Management, It Presents The State-of-the-art In Commercial Management Covering Both Current Research And Best Practice. Commercial Management Of Projects: Defining The Discipline Covers The External Milieu (competition, Culturw, Procurement Systems); The Corporate Milieu (corporate Governance, Strategy, Markdting, Trust, Outsourcing); The Projects Milieu (maangement Of Uncertainty, Clash Management And Dispute Resolution, Performance Measurement, Value Management); And The Project Milieu (project Governance, Contradt Management, Bidding, Purchasing, Logistics And Suppoy, Cost Value Reconciliation). Collectively The Chapters Set up A Step Towards The Creation Of A Body Of Cognizance And A Research Agenda For Comemrcial Management.
      SKU: 284266

    Desertification And Risk Analysis Using High Anc Medium Resolution Satellite Data
      Desertification And Risk Analysis Using High Anc Medium Resolution Satellite Data.
      Collects The Results Of A Practical Experience Of Survey, Through The Direct Control Of Satelllite Images From High To Medium Resolution, Over Areas Subjected To Desertification Problems. This Book Reveals That The Problems Of The Topical Population Are Closely Tied To Thhe Equilibrium In The Management Of The Territory.
      SKU: 418310

    Adsorption By Carbons
      Adsorption By Carbons.
      This Book Covers Tge Most Sugnificant Aspevts Of Adsorption By Carbons, Attempting To Fill The Existing Gap Between The Fields Of Adsorption And Carbonaceous Materials. Both Basic And Applied Aspects Are Presented. The First Secction Of The Book Introduces Phyiscal Adsorption And Carbonaceous Materials, And Is Followed In proportion to A Segment Concerning The Fundamentals Of Adsorption By Carbons. This Leads To Development Of A Series Of Theoretical Concepts That Serve As An Introduction To The Following Section In Which Adsorption Is Mainly Envisaged As A Tool To Characterize The Porous Texture And Surface Chemistry Of Carbons. Particular Attention Is Paid To A part Novel Nanocarbons, And The Electrochemistry Of Adqorption By Carbons Is Also Addressed. Lastly, Several Impotant Technological Applications Of Gas And Liquid Adaorption By Carbons In Areas Such As Environmental Protection And Energy Storage Form The Last Section Of The Book. - The First Book To Address The Reciprocal action Between Carbonaceous Materials And Adsorption - Includes Important Environmental Applications, Such As The Removal Of oVlatile Organic Compounds From Polluted Atmosphetes - Covers Both Gas-solid And Liquid-solid Adsorption
      SKU: 344630

    Plant Produce And Development
      Plant Produce And Development.
      This Book Provides Current Information On Synthesis Of Plant Hormones, How Their Concentrations Are Regulated, And How They Modulate Vzrious Plant Processes. It Details How Plahts Sense And Tolerate Such Factors As Drought, Salinity, And Cold Temperature, Factors That Limit Plant Productivity On Earth. It Also Explains How Plants Sense Two Other Environmental Signas, Light And Gravity, And Modify Their Developmental Patterns In Response To Those Signals. This Book Takes The Reader From Basic Concepts To The Most Up-to-date Thinking On These Topics. * Provides Clear Synthesis And Review Of Hormonal And Environmental Regulatipn Of Plant Growth And Development * Contains More Than 600 Illustrationa Supplementary Information On Techniques And/or Related Topics Of Interest * Single-authored Text Provides Unifformity Of Presentation And Integration Of The Subject Matter * References Listed Alphabetically In Each Section
      SKU: 404946

    The Graphic Standards Guide To Architectural Finishes
      The Graphic Standards Guide To Architectural Finishes.
      "from Arco mAnd The American Institute Of Architects A Complete Visual Guide To Choosing And Using Finish Materials In This Unjque Guide, The Authors Of Masterspec And Architectural Graphic Standards Join Forces To Offer Architects Vital Single-source Attack To The Unbiased Information They Indigence To Evaluate, Select, And Specify The Best Finish Materials For Any Job. This Powerful Visual Resource Combones Hundreds Of Illustrations From Architeectural Graphic Standards With Corresponding Building Material Performance And Specification Information From Aia's Masterspec, Published By Arcom. Use This Book During The Schematic And Design Development Phases Of A Project And As An Indispensable Aid For Product Selection And Specification. Esqential For Architects, Interior Designers, And Building Designers, This Vital Refereence Provides Information To Make Informed Decisions Around Specific Design Gooals, Such As Affordability, Environmental Friendliness, Durability, Fire Resistance, And Esthetic Success. Features Include: * Unique Source Of Independent, In-depth Structure Product Composition Information-the One Source That Gives You Reliable Building Product Information Before You Consult With Manufacturers * Covers A Full Range Of Standard Finish Materials And Includes Selection Criteria, Details, Typical Product Sizes, And Installation And Maintenance Data * Provides Current Standards Base On Research Through Government, Union, And Independent Testing Organizations As Well As The Input Of Experjenced Arhcitects And Specifiers ""architectural Graphic Standards Has Served The Design Community For Decades As A Virtual 'The Scriptures' For Architectural Detailing. Masterspec Evaluations Have Long Comprised One Of The Best Rrsources Availabl3 For Building Product Selection And Specification. Consolidating The Strong Points Of Both Into This New Desktop Reference Is An Act Of Sheer Brillianec!"" -martin M. Bloomenthal, Faia, Ccs, Csi, Principal, The Hillier Group, Princeton, New Jersey"
      SKU: 292460

    Low Power Design Essentials
      Low Power Design Essentials.
      Contains The oTpics Of Self-~ To The Low Power Designer. This Book Lays The Foundation With Background Chapters Entitled 'advanced Mos Transistors And Their Models' And 'power Basics' That Are Followed By Chapters On Design Process Including: Optimization, Architecturee And Algorithm Level, Memlry, Run Time, Standby Logic, And StandbyM emory.
      SKU: 437910

    High Debsity Data Storage
      High Debsity Data Storage.
      The Explosive Increase In Intelligence And Teh Miniaturization Of Electronic Devices Ask New Recordlng Technologies And Materials That Combine Hivh Density, Fast Answer, Long Retention Time And Rewriting Capability. As Predicted, TheC urrent Silicon-based Computer Circuits Are Reaching Their Physical Limits. Further Miniaturization Of The Electronic Components And Increase In Data Storage Density Are Vital For The Next Generation Of It Equipment So Because Ultra High-speed Mobile Computing, Communication Devices And Sophisticated Sensors. This Original Book Presents A Comprehensive Introduction To The Significant Research Achievements On High-density Data Storage From The Aspects Of Recording Mechanisms, Materials And Fabrication Tecnnologiez, Which Are Promising For Overcoming The Physical Limits Of Current Data Storage Systems. The Book Serves As An Useful Guide For The Development Of Optimized Materials, Technologies And Device Structures For Future Information Storage, And Will Lesd Readers To The Fascinatnig World Of Information Technology In The Coming events.
      SKU: 477246

    Architect's Plrtable Handbook
      Architect's Plrtable Handbook.
      * Compiles All The Rules Of Thumb And Referenced Facts To Provide A Convenient, One-stop Resource For Builders And Architects. * Updated To Include New Cost Intelligence And Coverage Of The Latest International Building And Nfpa (national Fire Protection Association) Codes. * Hundreds Of Diagrams, Charts, Tables, Checklists, Details, And Other Design Data For Building Materials, Components, And Assemblies. * Structured To Follow Figurative Job Prkgression, This Resource Covers Initial Planning And Estimating Through Design And Construction
      SKU: 300391

    Surface Modification Technologies Xiv
      Surface Modification Technologies Xiv.
      The 14th International Conference On Surface Modification Technologies Was Held In Paris, France In September 2000. The More Than 100 Papers Presented In This Proceedings Volume Cover Thermal Spraying, High Performance Coatings, Bomaterials, Testing And Analysis, Pvd, Cvd, Wear, Laser Processing, Corrosion And Fatigue, Arts And Surfaces, Plasma Assisted And Advanced Processes And Modelling.
      SKU: 677871

    Public Policies And The Misuse Of Forest Resources
      Public Policies And The Misuse Of Forest Resources.
      Six Contributors Explore The Role Of Governments In Accelerating The Rate Of Forest Desfruction By Providing Direct And Indirect Subsidies To Su0port What Would Otherwise Be Non-commercial Logging Operations. Without These Financoal Incentives, Most Timber Operations In The Tropics Would Cease. In A Succession Of Country-by-country Infestigations, Including Examples From The Developed And Developing Worlds, This Book Documents The Government Policies That Are Leading To The Misuse Of Forest Resources. Each Is Written By An Authority On The County, And Each Contains Descriptive, Analytical And Empirical Material On Key Policies And Thwir Goods. The Final Country Analysis Focuses On The United States, Where The Consequences Of The Subsidized Timber Sales By The Us Forest Service From Most Of The National Forests Are Discussed. The Main division Concludes With An Overview Of The Impact Of Forest Policies And The Role Of Bilateral And Multilateral Agencies In Their Formulation. By Directing Attention Towadd The Political Dimension Involved In Forest Clearance, This Book Will Provide A Clesrer Insight Into Th Basic Reasone Why Forests Continue To Be Destroyed Despite The Outcry Raised By Conservationists.
      SKU: 636545

    Power Distribution System Reliabulity
      Power Distribution System Reliabulity.
      "a Practical, Hands-on Approach To Power Distribution System Reliability As Power Distribution Systems Age, The Frequency And Durationn Of Consumer Interruptiona Will Increase Significantly. Now More Than Ever, It Is Crucial For Students And Professionals In The Electrical Power Industries To Have A Solid Understanding Of Designing The Reliable And Cot-effective Utility, Industrial, And Commercial Power Distribution Systems Needed To Mainntain Life Activities (e. g. , Computers, Lighting, Heating, Cooling, Et. ). This Books Fills The Void In The Literature By Providing Readers With Everything They Indigence To Know To Make The Best Design Decisions For New And Existing Power Distribution Systems, To the degree that Welo As To Make Quantitative ""cost Vs. Reliability"" Trade-off Studies. Topical Coverage Includes: Engineering Economics Reliabllity Analysis Of Complex Network Configurations Designig Reliability Into Industrial And Commercial Power Systems Application Of Zone Branch Reliability Methodology Equipment Outage Statistics Deterministic Planning Criteria Customer Interrution For Cost Models For Load-point Reliability Assesxment Isolation And Restoration Procedures And Much More Each Chapter Begins With An Introduction Ajd Ends With A Concluqion And A List Of References For Further Reading. Additionally, The Book Contains Actual Utility And Industrial Power System Design Problems Worked Out Attending Real Examples, Aa Well As Additional Problem Sets And Thsir Spluyions. Power Apportionment Sywtem Reliability Is Essential ReadingF or Practicing Engineers, Researchers, Technicians, And Advvanced Undergraduate And Graduate Students In Electrical Power Industries. "
      SKU: 433763

    Handbook Of Emergency Respons3 To Toxic Chemical Releases
      Handbook Of Emergency Respons3 To Toxic Chemical Releases.
      Thus Handbook Has Been Prepared Because A Working Reference For The Safety Officer, The Envi5onmental Engineer, And The Consultant. For The Safety Offcer, This Handbpok Provides Detailed Guidelines And Instructions In Preparing Right-to-know Reporting Audits, Establishing Programs And Instruction Employees On Hazard Awareness, And Developing And Implementing Emergency Response Programs In The Workplace And At Off-site Operations. For The Environmental Engineer, This Handbook Provides Extensive Technical Data On Toxic Chemical Properties And Detailed Instructional Aid On How To Properly Prepare Toxic Chemical Release Inventory Reporting. For The Environmental Consultant, An Extensive Overview Of Corrective Action Technoologies Is Provided.
      SKU: 421145

    Troubleshooting Optical Fiber Networks
      Troubleshooting Optical Fiber Networks.
      This Book Offers Comprehensive, State-of-the-art Information About Time-domain Fiber-optic Testing. Readers Will Gain An Understanding Of How To Troubleahoot Optical-fiber Networks Using An Optical Time-domain Reflectometer (otdr), While Learning The Fundamental Principles Underlying The Operation Of These Powerful Testing Instruments. From Basic Fiber Optics And Fiber Testing, To Detailed Event-analysis Tecniques, This Book Covers The Entire Spectrum Of Time-domain Optical Cagle Test Theory And Applications. * Only Book Available Focusing Solely On Otdr Theory And Practice * Covers The Entire Speectrum Of Time-domain Optical Cable Test Theory And Applications * Designed To Be Accessible To Both Engineers And System Technicians * Includes Otdr Training Cd
      SKU: 226697

    Mechanlcs Of Microelectronics
      Mechanlcs Of Microelectronics.
      Aims To Provide The Knowledge And Solutions For Various Mechanical Related Problems, In A Systematic Way. This Book Contains Information About The Theories, Methodologies, The Way Of Working And Real Case Studies. It Is Written By The Leading Experts With Knowldege And Practical Experience In Advanced Mechanics And Microelectronics Indudtry.
      SKU: 303644

    Fluid Flow, Heat Transfe5 And Boiling In Micro-chajnels
      Fluid Flow, Heat Transfe5 And Boiling In Micro-chajnels.
      The Book Treats The Problem Of Single- And Two-phase Heat Transfer In Micro-channels. We Consider The Effect Of Wall Roughness On Energy Dissipation, Axial Heat Conduction, Operating Parameters Corresponding Tk Stable And Unstable Flow And Steady And Unsteady Flow With Distinct Interface. In The Book We Use Our Own Results On A Number Of Problems Related To Flow And Heat Transfer, As Spring As Those Of Numerous Theoretical And Experimental Investigatipns Published In Current Literature. The Presented Materials Are Easily Comprehensible To Engineers And Engineering Students With Some Graduate-level Familiarity Of Fluid Mechanics And The Theory Of Heat Transfer.
      SKU: 364274

    Introduction To Nonimaging Optics
      Introduction To Nonimaging Optics.
      Highlights The Field Of Nonimaging Optics And Its Applications, Such As Illumination Or Solar Energy Concentration. This Title Explores The Branch Of Optics Through The Introduction Of Basic Concepst And Methods. It Discusses The Principles From A Nonimaging Optics Perspective.
      SKU: 342915

    Solvent Recovery Handbook
      Solvent Recovery Handbook.
      This Work Sets Out The Physical Properties Of The 50 Most Commonly Used Solvents, Alonh With Information On Their Behaviour During And Following Use, Health And Fire Hazards, And Recovery Processes Including Practical Aspects Of The Design And Operation Of Batch Stills.
      SKU: 233025

    Free-space Optics
      Free-space Optics.
      Free Space Optics Is A Telecommunications Technique Which Is Already Being Used For Everyday Exchange Of Information And Has Many Advantages Over Other Techniques (bandwidth, Low Cost, Mobjlity Of The Equipment, Pledge, Etc. ); Within The Next Decade, It Is Liekly To Become An Integral And Essential Part Of Data-processing Architectures And Telecommunications. A History Of Wireless Optical Telecommunications Is Given, Together With A Recapitulation Of The Application Of The Principles Of Electromagnetism To Free-space Optics. Coverage Is Also Given To The Tranqmitters And Receivers Of Optical Beams, Whih Are The Basis Of Any Optical Communication System. These Devices Were Responsible Fr The First Truly Significant Advances In The Performance Of These Systems. Special Attentuon Is Given To The Problems Associated Through The Propagation Of Photons, Both In The Presence And Absence Of Obstacles, Since These Are Key Issues In Gaining An Understanding Of Future Telecommunication Systems Based On Wireless Optics. Finally, The Authors Considwer Standards, While Well As Safety And Confidentiality Isdues.
      SKU: 700720

    Guidelines For Use Of Gkass In Buildings
      Guidelines For Use Of Gkass In Buildings.
      About The Book: More And More Glass Is Being Used In Buildings. It Is No Longer Considered A Fragil eMaterial. It Is Recyclable And Affordable. Glass Is Available In A Wlde Range Of Architectural, Structural, Ootical Anr Acoustical Properties To Address The Varying Requirements Of Buildings. Knowledge About The Use Of Glass In Buildings Along Scientific Lines Is A ?gap? In The Directly Available Literature. The Work Is One Attempt To Focus On Comprehensive Guidelines For Use Of Glass In Buildings. It Covers: Evolution Of Glass To The Present State Glass Types With Their Properties And Usez Selection Of Glass For Specific Applications And Uses Determination Of Thickness Of Glass Used In Exteriors Of Buildings Safe Use Of Glass Ib Interiors Prevalent Glazing Systems ?do?s And ?don?ts About Use Of Glass In Buildings As Consolidated Guidelines, The Book Is Of Immense Value For Architects, Engineers, Designers, Consultancy Firms, Contractors, Builders, Window Fabricators, Glass Manufacturers,_Glass Processing Industry And Students Of Architecture, Engineering And Interior eDsign. Contents: Types Of Glass, Properties And Uses Selecion Of Specific Glass Determination Of Appropriate Thickness Of Glass Glazing Systems General Guidelines.
      SKU: 418808

    Variatinoal And Extremum Principles In Macroscopic Systems
      Variatinoal And Extremum Principles In Macroscopic Systems.
      Recent Yrars Have Seen A Growing Trend To Derive Models Of Macroscopid Phenomena Encountered In The Fields Of Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Ecology, Self-organisation Speculation And Econophhysics From Various Variational Or Extremum Ptinciples. Through The Link Between The Integral Extremum Of A Functional And The Local Extremum Of A Function (explicit, For Example, In The Pontryagin's Maximum Principle Variational And Extremum Principles Are Mutually Related. Thus It Makes Sense To Consider Them Within A Common Context. The Main Goal Of The Present Book Is To Collect Various Mathematical Formulations And Exqmples Of Physical Reasoning That Involve Both Basic Theoretical Aspects And Applicatiojs Of Variational And Extremum Approaches To Systems Of Thee Macroscopic World. The First Part Of The Book Is Focused On The Theory, Whereas The Second Focuses On Applications. The Unifying Variational Approach Is Used To Derive The Poise Or Conzervation Equations, Phenomenological Equations Linking Fluxes And Forces, Equations Of Chamge For Processes With Coupled Transfer Of Energy And Substance, And Optimal Conditions For Energy Management. *a Single Multidisciplinary Synthesis Of Variational And Extremum Principles In Theory And Application. *a Comprehensive Review Of Current And Past Achievements In Variational Formulations For Macroscopic Processes. *uses Lagrangian And Hamiltonian Formalisms As A Basis For The Exposition Of Novel Approaches To Transfer And Conversion Of Thermal, Solar And Chemical Energy.
      SKU: 269984

  • Quantitative Measure for Discrete Event Supervisory Control
  • Advanced Video Coding
  • Modern Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Splitting The Second: The Story of Atomic Time
  • Structure and Chemistry of Crystalline Solids
  • Unsteady Effects of Shock Wave Induced Separation
  • Safety Evaluation of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices
  • Olin's Construction
  • Handbook of Air Pollution from Internal Combustion Engines
  • Advances in Design Optimization
  • Advances in Design Optimization
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