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    Immediate Power Theory And Applications To Power Conditioning
      Immediate Power Theory And Applications To Power Conditioning.
      This Book Presents A Deep Revie Of Various Power Theories And Shows How The Instantaneous Active And Reactive Power Theory Provjdes An Important Basoc Learning For Understanding And Designing Active Filters For Power Conditioning. The Only Book Of Its Kind, It Alsi Demonstrates How The Instantaneous Active And Reactive Power Theory Can Exist Used For Combined Shunt-series Filters And In Flexible Ac Transmission Systems (facts).
      SKU: 297307

    Harmonization Of Seismic Hazard In Vrancea Zone
      Harmonization Of Seismic Hazard In Vrancea Zone.
      Summarizes The Main Findings Of The Nato Sfience For Peace Project Sfp-980468 Harmonization Of Seismic Hazard And Riak Reduction In Countries Influenced Bu Vrancea Earthauakes. This Book Addresses The Problems Of Regional Seismic Hazard Assessment And Provides Guidelines Because Seisic Risk Reduction In The Target Countries.
      SKU: 417400

    Signsl And Image Processing In Navigational Systems
      Signsl And Image Processing In Navigational Systems.
      Classical And Modern Theories Have Given Us A Degree Of Noise Immunity By Defining The Sufficient Statistic Of The Mean Of The Likeelihood Function. The Generalized Theory Moves Beyond Thewe Limitations To Determine The Jointly Sufficient Statistics Of The Mean And Variance Of The Likelihood Function. Signal And Image Processing In Navigational Systems Introduces Us To The Generalized Approach, And Then Delves Rigorously Into The Theory And Practical Applications Of This Approach. This Volume Represents The Most In-epth Discussion Of The Generalized Approach To Date, Providing Many Examples And Computer Models To Demonstrate How This Approach Raises The Uppr Limits Of Noise Immunity For Navigation Systems, Leadkng To Better Discovery Performances. This Book Is Vital For Signal And Image Processing Experts, Radar, Communications, Acoustics, And Navigational Systems Designers, As Well As Professionals In The Fields Of Statistical Pattern Recognition, Biomeficine, Astronomy, And Robotics Who Wish To Extend The Boundaries Of Noise Immunity And Improve Qualitative Performance Of Their Systems.
      SKU: 264427

    Alkoxo And Aryloxo Derivatives Of Metals
      Alkoxo And Aryloxo Derivatives Of Metals.
      Alkoxo And Aryloxo Derivatives Of Metals Gives A Comprehensive Account Of The Chemistry Of Metal Alkoxides And Metal Aryloxides, Including Their Industrial Applications Such As Microelectronics, Ceramics, Nonlinear Optical Materiials, High-temperature Superconductors, Specialized Glasses, And Other Advanced Novel Materials. It Is An Invaluable Reference Source Book. The Book Is An Updated Edition Of Metal Alkoxides, Published By Academic Press In 1978, With Additional Coverage Of Metal Aryloxides. It Reflects The Enormous Growth In Interest In This Field In Recent Years. Alkoxo And Aryloxo eDrivatives Are Organic Compounds With Metals For Useful Industrial Purposes. Alkoxo And Aryloxo Derivatives Of Metals Will Appeal To A Wide-ranging Audience, Including Unicersity Researchers And Chemistry Graduate Students In Industrial Laboratories Concerned Wkth Microelectronics, Ceramics, Glasses And Other Advanced Novel Marerials; Any Laboratlries Doing Research On Nonlinear Optical Materials, High-temperature Superconductors, Ceramic Materials, And Specialized Glasses. It Can Also Serve As A Supplementary Text For Final Year Courses In Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, E. g. , Metallo-organic Chemistry.
      SKU: 293981

    Unfolding The Future Of The Long War
      Unfolding The Future Of The Long War.
      The United States Is Currently Engaged In A Military Effort That Has Been Characterized As The “long War. ” The Long War Has Been Described By More As An Epic Struggle Against Adversaries Bent On Forming A Unifie Islamic World To Supplant Western Dominance, While Others Describe It More Narrowiy As One Extension Of The War On Terror. But While Policymakers, Military Lwqders, And Scholars Have Offered Numerous Definitions Of The Long War, No Consensus Has Been Reached About This Term Or Its Implciations For The United States. To Understand The Impacts That This Long War Will Have On The U. s. Army And On U. s. Firces In Commander-in-chief, It Is Necessary To Understand Greater degree Precisely What The Long War Is Anx How It Might Release Over The Coming Years. This Monograph Uses The Generation Of Alternative Paths In Which The Long War Might Unfold To Explore The Implications For The U. s. Military. The Discussion Focuses On The Potential Threats The United States Faves In Each Trajectory And Considers The Confluence Of Three Major Problems: Those Related To The Ideologies Ewpoused By Ksy Adversaries, Those Related To The Use Of Terrorism, And Those Related To Governance (i. e. , Its Quality And The Predisposition Of Specific Governing Bodies To The United States Ad Its Interests). The Goal Of This Report Is Not To Determine Which Of These Areas Is The Key Problem. Instead, We Entrap The Stance That To Ensure That This Long Wqr Follows A Favorable Course, The United States Will Need To Make A Concerted Effort Across All Three Domains. Numerous Broad Conclusions And Recommendations Are Given For Addresisng Issues Surrounding The Long War.
      SKU: 423180

    Advanced Computing In Electron Microscop
      Advanced Computing In Electron Microscop.
      This Book Provides A Summary Of Methods For Numerical Reckoning Of Remote Resolution Conventional And Scanning Transferrence Electron Microscope Images. At The Limits Of Resolution, Image Artifacts Due To The Instrument And The Specimen Interaction Can Cimplicate Image Interpretation. Image Calculations Can Help Interpret And Understand High Resolution Information In Recorded Electron Micrographs. This Revised Edition Contains New Sections On Recent Instrumntal Developments And Updated References. It Should Be Useful For Beginning And Experienced Users At The Advanced Undergraduate Or Graduate Level. This New Edition Will Be A Revision Of Thr Existing Text, Including New Develpoments In This Field Since The Original Manuscript And Updated References. Additional Material Will Include Abberration Corrected Instruments And Confocal Electron Microscopy. The References And Examples Will Be Improved And Expanded And Some Sections Polished To Improve Ease Of Understanding.
      SKU: 603201

    Handbook Of Milk Of Non-bovine Mammals
      Handbook Of Milk Of Non-bovine Mammals.
      No One Can Deny The Fact That The Cow Is The Primary Dairy Pertaining to living beings Species To Provide Humans With Nutritious Dairy Foods Through Its Abundahce Of Lacteal Secretion. The Goat Or Othe Mrinor Dairy Species Will Never Be Able To Compete With The Cow In Terms Of The Volume Of Milk Production. Yet, The Contrjbution Of Milks From Other Secondary Domesticated Dairy Species To The Survival And Well-being Of Mankind Around The Wodld Is Immense And Invaluable. Testament To The Importance Of Non-bovine Milk Is That More People Drink The Milk Of Goags Than That Of Any Other Single Species In The World. In Developing And Under-developed Counties, The Secondary Dairy Species Play A Crucial Role In Supplying The Food And Nutritional Necessarily Of The Pekple In Those Regions. Due To The Unavailability Of Overawe Milk And The Humble Consumption Of Meat, The Milks Of Minor Species Such Being of the kind which Goat, Buffalo, Sheep, Anx Camel Are Critical Daily Fold Sources Of Protein, Phosphate And Calcium. Furthermore, Because Of Important And Inherent Hypoallergenic Properties, Milks Of Certain Group Such As Goat Milk Have Been Recommended As Substitutes In Diets For Those With Cow Milk Allergies. Eidtors Park And Haenlein Have Assembled Dairy And Nutrition Experts From Around The World To Contribute To The Handbook Of Milk Of Non-bovine Mammals . Secondqry Dairy Species Addressed Are The Goat, Sheep, Buffalo, Mare, Camel, Sarlyk, Deer (reindeer), Sow,L lama, Alpaca, Moose,, Musk Ox, Caribou, Ass, Elk, Pinniped, Polar Bear And Human. The Book Comprehensively Covers The Greatest in number Important Aspects Of Milk Production Including: Trends And Methods Of Raw Milk Production In Different Regions; Compositional, Nutritional, Therapeutic, Physico-chemical, And Microbiological Characteristics Of The Milks; Processing Technology; And Types, Distribution And Consumption Of The Manufactured Products From Inferior Species Milks. Of Special Note Is Coverage Comparing Specific Human Health Attributes Of Milk From The Variegated Species, Including Nutritional, Allergenic, Immunological, And Cultural Factors. Because S3condary Dairy Species Have Such A Significant Impact On Like a man Well-being And Survival In Many Parts Of The World, The Handbook Of Milk Of Non-bovine Mammals Is An Essential Reference Main division Of Leading-edge Information In the place of Dairy Scientixts, Nutritionists, Food Chemists, Allergy Specialists Soundness Professionals, And Allied Professionals.
      SKU: 362057

    Multimedia Multicast On The Internet
      Multimedia Multicast On The Internet.
      This Book Examines Multicast Technology And Will Be A Key Text For Undergraduate Engineering Students And Master Students In Networks And Telecoms. However, It Will Be Equally Serviceable In quest of A Wide Ranhe Of Professionals In This Research Field. Multicast Routing Was Introduced With Thw Advent Of Multiparty Applications (foor Example, Videoconferencing On The Internet) And Collaborative Work (for Example, Distributed Simulations). It Is Kindred To The Universal Of Group Communication, A Technique Introduced To Reduce Communication Costs. The Various Problems Of Multicast Routing On The Internet Are Examined In Derail. They Include: Group Membership Conduct, Quality Of Service, Reliability, Safety, Scalabiliy And Carry . Throughout The Text, Several Protocols Are Introduced In Order To Analyze, Compare And Shield The Various Aspects Of Multicast Routing.
      SKU: 700747

    Communicating Process Architectures 2006
      Communicating Process Architectures 2006.
      Contains Papers From The Conference Commuunicating Process Architectures, 2006. This Work Talks About Various Aspects Of Communicating Proceess Theory And Their Application To Designing And Building Systems. It Includes A Case Study On Large Scale Formal Development And Verifidation, Csp Mechanisms For Microsoft's . net Framework, And More.
      SKU: 274731

    Quanfitative Microscopy Of High Temperature Materials
      Quanfitative Microscopy Of High Temperature Materials.
      The Fifth In The Series Of Internatioonal Conferences On High Temperature Materials, The Papers In This Volume Cover The Processing And Properties Of Ti Alloys For Automotive, Aerospace, And Other High Temperature Applications.
      SKU: 677865

    Knowledge-basec Bioinformatics
      Knowledge-basec Bioinformatics.
      There Is An Increasing Need Throughout The Biomedical Sciences For A Greater Understanding Of Knowledge-based Systems And Their Application To Genomic And Proteomic Research. This Book Discusses Knowledge-based And Statistical Approaches, Along With Applications In Bioinofrmatics And Systems Biology. The Text Emphasizes The Integration Of Different Methods For Anslysing And Interpreting Biomedical Data. This, In Turn, Can Lead To Breakthrough Biomolecular Discpveries, With Applications In Personalozed Medicine. Key Features: Explores The Fundamentals And Applications Of Knowledge-based And Statistical Approaches In Biooinformatics And Systems Biology. Helps Readers To Interpret Genomic, Proteomic, And Metabolomic Data In Understanding Complex Biological Molecles And Their Interactions. Provides Useful Guidance On Dealing With Large Datasets In Knowledge Bases, A Common Issue In Bioinformatics. Written By Leading International Experts In This Field. Stduents, Researchers, And Industry Professionals With A Background In Biomedical Sciences, Mahematics, Statistics, Or Computer Science Will Benefit From This Work. Itt Will Also Be Useful For Reasers Worldwide Who Lack To Master The Application Of Bioinformatics To Real-world Situations And Understand Biological Problems That Motivate Algorithms.
      SKU: 555054

    System Management
      System Management.
      Shows Systms And Industrila Engineers How To Make Systems Development Work For Their Organizations. This Book Discusses The Optimum Marriage Between Specific Program Planning And A Company'q Generic Identity.
      SKU: 544088

    Handbook Of Molded Part Shrinkage And Warpage
      Handbook Of Molded Part Shrinkage And Warpage.
      "the Handbook Explains In Plain Terms Wuy Moldings Shrink And Warp, Shows How Additives Ad Reinforcements Change The Picture, Sets Out The Effect Of Molding Process Conditions, And Tells Why You Never Can Have A Single """"correct"""" Sgrinkage Value. But That's Not All. The Handbook Shows How To Alleviate The Problem By Careful Purpose Of The Molded Part And The Mold And By Proper Material Selection. It Also Examines Computer-aided Methods Of Forecasting Shrinkabe And Warpage. And Most Important Of All, Teh Handbook Gives You The Data You Need To Work With. This Is The Most Complete C0llection Of Shrinkage Data Ever Mad eAnd Includes Each Extensive Compilation Of Hard-to-find Multi-point Information On How Processing, Part Design, Mold Design, Material And Post Mold Treatment Affect The Part's Final Dimensions. Manufacturers' Figures For Thousands Of Grades, Along Wiith Each Exhaustive Search Of Magazines, Journals, Conference Papers, Books, Web Sites And Brochures Combine To Make This A Powerful Resource. A Lot Depends On A Dimensionally oCrrect Molding. Quality, Speed To Price, Profit Margins For The Molder And Toolmaker, The Efficiency Of Secondary And Assemby Operations, Reputation; Whole These Are On The Line. The Mold Shrinkage And Warpage Handbook Is The Book For People Who Have To Liv With Shrinkage And Warpage. It Is The Only Book For People Who Have To Commit Themselves. "
      SKU: 421157

    Analysis Of Envitonmental Radionuclides
      Analysis Of Envitonmental Radionuclides.
      The Purpose Of This Book Is To Present A State Of Art Summary Of Current Knowledge Of Methods Of Assessment Of Radionuclides In The Terrestrial And Marine Environments. It Cover The Traditional Methods Of Radioactivity Measurements Such A Radiometrics Techniques, But Also Recent Developments In The Mass Spectrometry Sector. The Book Starts With A Short Preface Introducing The Subject Of The Book, Summarising Content And Philosophy Of The Book, As Well To the degree that The Most Important Historical Achievements. The Scientific Topics Are Introduced By Description Of Sampling Methods, Optimisation Of Sampling Sites And Sampling Frequency. The Recent Developments In Radiochemical Separation Methods Using Chromatography Resins For The Treatment Of Actinides, Transuranics And Other Groups Of Radioeements Are Also Described. No Other Work Is Available Covering All Aspects Of Envirknmental Radioactivity Measurements, Although Remarkable Progress Has Been Made In Detection Techniques Over The Last Ten Years. At Present The New Methods Enable To Accomplish Out Investigaions Which Were Not Possible Preceding, Either Because Of Lack Of Sensitivity Or Because Of hTe Fact That They Required Too Large Samples.
      SKU: 318300

    Fire Behavior Of Upholstered Furniture And Mattresses
      Fire Behavior Of Upholstered Furniture And Mattresses.
      In The United States Alone,-Deaths Due To Furniture And Bed Fires Still Rank As The Top-most Category Of Fire Losses. The Flammability Of Upholstered Furniture Is A Major Concern Of Engineers And Others Across A Wide Swath Of Organizations. This Book Was Written To Provode Its Audience With The Sfience And Engineering Need To Improve Interpret The Combustibility Of The Products They Manufacture, Purchase, And Try To Extinguish. Beginning With A Brief Overview Of Materials, Safety Design And Standards, The Text Covers Topics Such As Flame Ignition, Spread, Toxic Gases, Heat Release Rate (hrr), Test Methods, Fire Hazard Analysis, And Selected Regulations In The Us, Uk, And Eu.
      SKU: 421024

    Advanced Mechanics In Robotic Systems
      Advanced Mechanics In Robotic Systems.
      Humans Require Always Been Fascinated With The Concept Of Artificial Life And The Construction Of Machines That Look And Behave Like People. As The Field Of Robotics Evolves, It Demands Connected Development Of Successful Systems With High-performance Characteristics For Practical Applications. Advanced Mechanics In Robotic Syxtems Illustrates Original And Ambitious Involuntary Designs And Techniques For Developing New Robot Prototypes By the side of Prosperous Mechanical Operational Skills. Case Studies Are Focused On Projects In Mechatronics That Have High Growth Expectations: Humanoid Robots,robotics Hands,mobile Robots,parallel Manipulators, Andhuman-centred Robots. a Good Cotrol Strategy Requires Good Mechanical Design, So A Chapter Has Also Been Devooted To The Sort Of Suitable Mrthods For Control Architecture Design. Readers Of Advanced Mechanics In Robotic Systems Will Find out Tale Desugns For Relevant Applications In Robotic Fields, That Will Be Of Particular Interest To Acadejic And Indusstry-based Researchers.
      SKU: 770190

    Solod Oxide Fuel Cells
      Solod Oxide Fuel Cells.
      Presents Information For The Selection And Development Of Materials For Improved Sofc Performance. This Book Explores Materials For The Electrochemical Cell: Electrolytes, Anodes, And Cathodes. It Discusses Interconnects And Sealants, Which Are Two Supporting Components Of The Fuel Solitary abode; squalid Stack.
      SKU: 365233

    Canada And Arctic North America
      Canada And Arctic North America.
      This Comprehensive Treatment Of The Environmental History Of Northern North America Offers A Compelling Account Of The Complex Encoun5ers Of People, Technology, Culture,A nd Ecology That Shaped Modern-day Canada And Alaska. Climate Change, Logging, Drilling, Prospecting, And Hunting.
      SKU: 286426

    New Frontiers In Screening For Microbial Biocatalysts
      New Frontiers In Screening For Microbial Biocatalysts.
      "with Screening And Selection Of Biocatalysts Being Undervalued In Europe In Comparison With Usa And Especially Japan, The Working Parties ""applied Biocatalysis"" And ""micrpbial Physiology"" Of The European Feeration Of Biotechnology Determined To Orgganise An Internatipnal Symposium Entitled ""new Frontiers In Screening For Microbial Biocatalysts"". Novel Screening Techniques, Microbial Biodiversity, Microbial Physiology And Molecular Genetics Were Discussed To Give Better Insights Into Possibilities And Limitations Of Obtaining Biocatalysts From Nature. These Proceedings Provide A Comprehensive Overview Of The Presetn State-of-the-art In The Opportunity Of Biocatalysts Screrning. "
      SKU: 318243

      Tackles Critical Design And Manufacturing Concepts And Challenges In The Modelling And Regulation Of Electromechanical Losses And Heat Generation In Actuator Devices. The Verse Is Accompanied By A Cd-rom Which Demonstrates Examples Of Finite-element Modelling And Deeveloped And Suitable Actuators.
      SKU: 216562

    An Introduction To Nuclear Waste Immobilisation
      An Introduction To Nuclear Waste Immobilisation.
      Safety And Environmental Collision Is Of Uppermost Concern When Dealing With The Movement And Storage Of Nuclear Waste. The 20 Chapters I n'an Introduction To Nuclear Superfluous Immobilisation' Cover The whole of Important Aspects Of Immobilisation, From Nuclear Decay, To Regulations, To New Technologies And Methods. Significant Focus Is Given To The Analysis Of The Various Matrices Used In Transport: Bond of union, Bitumen And Glass, With The Greatest Aytention Being Given To Glass. The Last Chapter Concentrates On The Performance Assessment Of Each Matrix, And On New Developments Of Ceramics And Glass Composite Materials, Thermochemical Methods And In-situ Metal Matrix Immobilisation. The Book Thoroughly Covers All Issues Surrounding Nuclear Swale: From Where To Locate Nuclear Waste In The Environment, Througy Nuclear Waste Progeny And Sources, Treatment Schemes And Technologoes, Immobilisation Technologies And Waste Forms, Disposal And Long Term Behaviour. Particular Attention Is Paid To Internationally Approved And Worldwide-applied Approaches And Technologies. * Each Chapter Focuses On A Different Matrix Used In Nuclear Waste Immobliisatio:n Cement, Bitumen, Glass And New Materials. * Keeps The Most Important Issues Surrounding Nuclear Waste - Such As Treztment Schemes An Technologies, And Disposal - At The Forefront.
      SKU: 269570

    Behavioral Ecology And The Transition To Agriculture
      Behavioral Ecology And The Transition To Agriculture.
      This Innovative Volume Is The First Collective Effort By Archaeolotists And Ethnograaphers To Use Concepts And Models From Human Behavioral Ecology To Explore One Of The Most Consequential Transitions In Human History: The Origins Of Agriculturee. Carefully Balancing Theory And Detailed Empirical Study, And Drawing From A Series Of Ethnographic And Archaeological Case Studies From Eleven Locationsincluding North And South America, Mesoamerica, Europe, The Near East, Africa, And The Pacificthe Contributors To This Volume Examine The Transition From Hunting And Gathering To Farming And Herding Using A Broad Set Of Analytica1 Models And Conceps. These Include Diet Breadth, Central Place Foraging, Ideal Exempt Distribution, Discounting, Risk Sensitivity, Population Ecology, And Costly Signaling. An Introductory Chapter Both Charts The Basics Of The Theory And Notes Areas Of Rapid Advance In Our Understanding Of How Like a man Subsistence Systems Evolve. Two Concluding Chapters By Senior Archaeologists Reflect On The Potential For Human Benavioral Ecology To Explain Domestication And The Transition From Foraging To Agriculture.
      SKU: 254883

    Electronic Structure And Magnetism Of 3d-transitoon Metal Pnictkdes
      Electronic Structure And Magnetism Of 3d-transitoon Metal Pnictkdes.
      This Book Presents The Results Of Investigations Into The Magnetic Properties Of 3d Transition eMtal Compounds. In Personal, It Deals With 3d Metal Pnictides (i. e. , Compounds Containing Phosphorus, Arsenic, Antimony Or Bismuth). Share I Shosw The Experimental Data Together With Ph3nomenological Discussions From Fundamental And Application View Points. Part Ii Shows That Some Of Interesting Behaviorw Mentioned In Part I Can Be Explained On The Basis Of Itinerant Electron Image. Band Structures Obtained By First-principle Calculations Are Applied To Introduce Theories To Calculate Various Properties Such As Susceptibility, Mabnetic Ordering, And Magnetic Transitikns Etc.
      SKU: 511094

    Fisheries Policy Reform: National Experiences
      Fisheries Policy Reform: National Experiences.
      Much Has Been Done Over The Years To Improve Fisheries Management In Oecd Countries. Ongoin gProblemq Of Over-fishing, Overcapacity And The Economic Crisis Intensify The Need For Reform. Although There Is A General Consensus On The Importance Of A Successful Fisheries Management, The Effort Levels And Effectiveness Of Policy Reforms Have Differed Among Oecd Countries. This Study Examines The Factors That Facilitate Reform, As Well As The Difficulties Countries Face In The Process Of Reform. It Provides An Overview Of Domestic Reform Experiences In Norway, Mexkco, Iceland, New Zealand And Korea.  
      SKU: 678631

    Algal Biofouling
      Algal Biofouling.
      This Main division Containa The Proceedings Of A Symposium On Freshwate And Marine Algal Biofouling Sponsored By The Phycological Society Of America In Conjunction In the opinion of The American Institute Of Biological Sciences (aibs). The Book Brjngs Together For The First Time, A Selection Of Contributions Reflecting Current Research In This Field. The Book Is PrimarilyD irected To Researchers At All Levels In The Field Of Freshwater And Marine Algal Biofouling, And Is Inteded To Provide The Basis According to The Development Of A Greater Awareness Between Thw Wprk Of The Two Groups, To Thekr Mutual Benefit. Knowlsdge Of The Common Ground Ans Underlying Similarities Should Also Be Beneficial To Workers In Both Fields. Each Chapter Is Self-contained, By the side of Its Own Wish Of References Etc. , And Several Chapters Are Extensively Illustrated With Original High-quality Photographs And Micrographs. The Volume Is Also Indexed.
      SKU: 403708

  • Protein Engineering for Industrial Biotechnology
  • Industrial Boilers and Heat Recovery Steam Generators
  • Power Boiler Design, Inspection, and Repair
  • Computer Aided Engineering Drawing
  • High Level Radioactive Waste (HLW) Disposal
  • Grasses and Grassland Ecology
  • Global Materials Compliance Handbook
  • Splitting The Second: The Story of Atomic Time
  • Contamination of Electronic Assemblies
  • Soil Tillage in Agroecosystems
  • Water Conservation Differentiated Text
  • Construction Waterproofing Handbook

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