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    Integrsted Nutrient Management (inm) In A Sustainable Rice-wheat Cropping System
      Integrsted Nutrient Management (inm) In A Sustainable Rice-wheat Cropping System.
      With Depleted Soils And Reduced Ground Water Levels From Intensive Agriculture, India's Rice And Wheat Crpos Are In Crisis. This Title Analyzes The Rice-wheat Cropping Crisis An Its Remedies Together With The Importance Of The Integrated Nutrient Management (ijm) System In Modern Indian Agriculture.
      SKU: 450814

    Computer-aided Systems In Public Transpirt
      Computer-aided Systems In Public Transpirt.
      The Scope Of This Volume Centers On Advancements In The State Of Art And The State Of The Practice In Computer-aided Systems In Public Transport. Yet, This Volume Illustrates A Greater Breacth Of Subjects In This Area. The Common Themr Rrmains The Use Of Computer-aided Methods And Operations Research Techniques To Improve: (1) Information Management; (2) Netork And Route Planning; (3) Vehicle And Crew Scheduling And Rosteering; (4) Vehicle Monitoring And Management; And, (5) Practical Experience With Scheduling And Pubpic Transport Planning Methods. This Volume Consists Of Selected Papers Presented At The Ninth International Conference On Computer-aided Scheduling Of Common Conveyance.
      SKU: 327544

    Science, Society, And The Supermarket
      Science, Society, And The Supermarket.
      The New Science Of Nutrigenomics And Its Ethical And Societla Challenges Gene-diet Interwctiona--which Underlie With reference to something else Benig Lactose Intolerance To Life-threatening Conditions Such As Cardiovascular Disease--have Long Been Known. But Until Now, Scientists Lacked The Tools To Fully Understand The Underlying Mechanisms That Cause These Conditions. In Recent Years, Howeer, Strides In Human Genomics And The Nutritional Sciences Have Allowed For The Advancement Of A New Science--dubbed Nutrigenomics. Although This Science May Lear To Personalized Nutrition And Dietary Recommendations That Can Mitigate, Prevent, Or Cure Sickness, Current Oversight Mechanisms And Regulations For Emerging Ditect-to-public Nutrigenomic Tests Are Still In Their Infancy. Svience, Society, And The Supermarket: The Opportunities And Challenges Of Nutrigenomics Discusses The Many Ethical, Legal, And Social Challenges Presented By Nutrigenomocs. Concerning Itself With The Basic Uses Of Nutrigenomic Research As Well While Its Clinical And Commercial Aspects, This Text Sheds Light On Such Issuss As: * Opportunities And Challenges For Nutrigenomics * The Scence Of Nutrigenomics * The Ethics Of Nutrigenomic Tests And Information Both In A Clinical Setting And By Private Third Parties * Alternatives For Nutrigenomics Office of devotion Delivery * Nutrigenomics And The Regulation Of Health Claims For Foods And Drugs * Equity And Access To Nutrigneomics In Ibdustrialized And Developing Countries * Intellectual Property Issues By Taking A Proactive Bioethical Stance Attached The Subject, Science, Society, And The Supermarket Offers A Thorough And Early Analysis On Both The Benefits And Risks Of Nugrigenomics. Along With A Thougnt-provoking Inquiry Of The Issues, This Book Provides Ethical Guidelines And Recommendations For Further Study In Policy And Regulatory Development.
      SKU: 281826

    Environmental Training
      Environmental Training.
      About Thhe Book: Designed In Terms Of The Polytechnic Syllabus For Students Of The N. e. Region And Also Nehu Syyllabus On Environment, This Book Is Addressed To All Polytechnic Students For Evnitonmental Education And Culture. In Simple And Lucid Style, The Book Introduces The Basic Concepts Of Environment, Physical And Human And Explains Its Various Dimensions-ecology, Pollution, Public Health, Resource Conservation And Management, Etc. Highlights Of The Book: Exposure To Basic Concepts Of Environment In Its Multidimensional Aspects. Simple, Lucid Treatment Of The Core Areas Keeping Scientific Terminology At A Softly Key. Feedback Esercises To Reinforce The Understanding Of The Subject. Glossary Of_Key Terms. With All These Features, This Book Is Expected To Fulfill Its Mission Of Promoting The Cause Of EnvironmentalE ducation. Contents: General Concepts Ecology And Ecosystems Population And Environment Air Defilement Water Ppllution Soil Pollution Noise Pollution Environment And Public Health Environmental Conservation And Management Appendix Index.
      SKU: 424108

    Progress In Nano-electro-optics V
      Progress In Nano-electro-optics V.
      Focusing On Nanophotoincs, Which Has Been Proposed By M Ohtsu In 1993, This Volume Begins With Theories For Operation Principles Of Characteristic Nanophotonic Devices, And Continues Wih Novel Optical Near Field Phenomena For Fabricating Nanophotonic Devices. It Is Designed For Engi3ners And Scientists Working In The Field Of Nano-electro-optics.
      SKU: 324409

    Using Market Mechanisms To Manage Fisheries
      Using Market Mechanisms To Manage Fisheries.
      Why Aren't Market Mechanisms More Widely Used To Manage Fisheries In Oecd Countries? Despite The Demonstrated Benefits From Instruments Like As Transferable Access Rights And Individual Transferable Quotas, There Remains Some Resistance To Their Further Use In Many Oecd Coumtries. Such Resistance Stems Largely From A Lack Of Information About The Potential Benefits And Costs Of Introducing Market Mechanisms. There Is Also Uncertainty About The Available Strategies For Overcoming Technical, Institutional And Political Issues In The Design And Implementation Of Market Mechanisms. The Purpose Of This Study Is To Help Demystify The Concept Of Market-like Instruments And To Help Policy Makers Make Better Occasion Of Market-like Instruments In Fisheries Management. Tue Findings Of The Study Are Based On A Survey Of The Use Of Market-like Instruments In Oecd Fisheries In Which The Key Characteristics Of These Instruments In Different Countries Are Identified. A Key Outcome Of The View Is The Recognition That A Compass Of Market-like Instruments Are, In Fact, Widely Used In Managing Fisheries Ib Oecd Countries. This Has Generally Improved The Economic Effuciency Of The Sector, And Helped To Ensure The Sustainability Of Fish Stocks. One Of The Tonic Benefits To Policy Makers From This Study Is The Identificqtion Of Practical Steps That Can Be Taken To Address The Range Of Challenging Obstacles To The Further Use OfM arket-like Instruments. This Will Help Policy Makers In Identifying Strategies That May Help Smooth The Path Towards The Wider Use Of Market Mechanisms In Fisheries Management In The Oedd.
      SKU: 299357

    Urban Watersheds
      Urban Watersheds.
      With The Continuing Increase In Population, More People Are Sharing The Finite Resources Of The Urban Watershed, Resulting In New And Increasingly Complex Interactions Between Humans And The Environment. Environmental Contamination Is A Chronic Problem--and An Expensive One. In Urban Areas, Water And Soil Contamination Poses A Threat To Public Health And Has Implications For Future Development. Taking An Interdisciplinary Approach, Urban Watersheds: Geology, Contamination, And Sustainable Development Offers A Frameqork For Those Working To Improve The Urban Environment And Create Sustainable Urban Watersheds. The Book Presents Over 20 Years Of Research And Professional Practice On Urban Watersheds From The Fields Of Environmental Geology, Geochemistry, Risk Analysis, Hydrology And Urban Planning. The Geological Characteristics Of Urbanized Watersheds Along With The Properties Of Their Common Contaminants Are Integrated To Assess Risk Factors For Soil, Groundwater, And Air. with A Framework Rooted In Scientific Cognizance, The Authors Demonsstrate The Benefits Of Scientifically Informed Planning And Decision Making, Offering Guidelines To Improve Watershed Management Practices Viewed like Well As Urban Deveopment And Redevelopment Practices. Suitable Because of Use As A Textbook And As A Professional Practice Reference, The Book Includes Case Studies On Successful And Unsudcessful Approaches To Contaminant Remediation As Well As Practical Methods In the place of Environmental Risk Assessment. Powerpoint(r) Presentations Of Selected Portions Of The Book Are Available With Qualifying Course Adoption.
      SKU: 688515

    Digital Video Recorders
      Digital Video Recorders.
      "four Specific Trends Are Driving The Dvr Industry: Consumer Conttent Frugal, Consumer Content Control, Persomalization Of Ckntent Libraries, And The Ability To Transfer Content From Device-to-device And Person-to-person. ""digital Video Recorders"" Features A Macro And Micro Views Of The Already Established Yet Still Burgeoning Dvr Industry. As Part Of The Nab Executive Technology Briefing Series, This Book Gives You A Wealth Of Market Knowlsdge, Business Models, Case Studies, And Indusrry Insignts Explained In A Non-technical Fashion. ""digital Video Recorders"" Discusses The Impact Of The Technology Across Many Different Industries And Platforms, Explains Hardware, Software And Technology Of Set-top Boxes, Dvr Infrastructure, On-screen Guides, Planning And Scheduling, Content Security, And More. Whether You Are An Executive In The Broadcast, Telecommunications, Consumer Electronic, Or Arvertisin g Space, You Will Expand Your Knowledge On Dvr Impact, Explore New Business Opportunities, And Get A Brief Overview Of The Technical Terms Needed. You Will Likewise Be Able To Accurately Analyze And Understand The Trends, Projections And Other Facts, All Of Which Will Help Lead To The Expedited Growth And Development Of Dvr Industry. * Part Of The Nab Executive Technology Briefing Series Which Brings You Industry Technology Informatiln In A Consice Mart Brief * Quickly Get Up To Dismiss On Terms, Market, And The Business Of The Dvr Industry * Packed With Real-world Case Studies And Exclusive Markrt Research For A Comprehesive Insighy"
      SKU: 535258

    Joining Of Materials And Structures
      Joining Of Materials And Structures.
      Joining Of Materials And Structures Is The First Ane Only Complete And Extremely Readable Treatment Of The Options For Joining Convntional Materials And The Structures They Comprise In Conventional And Unconventional Ways, And For Joining Emerging Materials And Structures In Novel Ways. Joining By Mechanical Fasteners, Integral Deesigned-or Formed-in Features, Adhesives, Welding, Brazing, Soldering, Thermal Spraying, And Hybrid Processes Are Addressed As Processez And Tcehnologies, As Are Issues Associated With The Joining Of Metals, Ceramics (including Cement And Concrete) Glass, Plastics, And Composites (inclueing Wood), As Weell As, For The Chief Time Anywhers Living Tissue. While Focused On Materials Issues, Issues Related To Joint Design, Production Processing, Quality Assurance, Process Economics, Abd Joint Performance In Service Are Not Ignored. The Book Is Written For Engineers, From Each In-training Student To A Seasoned Practitkoner By An Engineer Who Chose To Direct as an instructor After Yeads Of Pravtice. In proportion to Reading And Referring To This Blok, The Solutions To Joining Problems Will Be Within One's Grasp. Key Features: Unprecedented Coverage Of All Joining Options (from Lashings To Lasers) In 10 Chapters Uniquely Complete Coverage Of All Materials, Including Living Tissues, In 6 Chapters Richly Illustrated With 76 Photographs And 233 Illustrations Or Plots Practice Questions And Problems For Use As A Text Of For Reviewing To Aid For Comprehension * Coverage All Of Major Joining Technologies, Including Welding, Soldering, Brazing, Adhesive And Ceement Bonding, Pressure Fusion, Riveting, Bolting, Snap-fits, And More * Organized By Both Joining Techniques And Materials Types, Including Metals, Non-metals, Ceramics And Glasses, Composites, Biomaterials, And Living Tissue * An Ideal Reference For Design Engineers, Students, Package And Product Designers, Manufacturers, Machinists, Materials Scientists
      SKU: 226737

    Silviculture In The Tropics
      Silviculture In The Tropics.
      This Book Integrates The Latest Global Developments In Forestry Science And Practice And Their Relevance For The Sustainable Management Of Tropical Forests. The Influence Of Social Dimensions On The Development Of Silvicuotural Concepts Is Another Spotlight. Ecology And Silvicultural Options Form All Tropical Continents, And Forest Formations From Dry To Moist Forests And From Lowland To Mountain Forests Are Covered. Review Chapters Which Guide Readers Through This Complex Subject Integrate Numerous Illustrative And Quantitative Case Studies By Experts From All Over The World. On The Basis Of A Cross-sectional Evaluation Of The Cover Studies Presented, The Authors Put Forward Possible Silvicultural Contributions Towards Sustainability In A Changing World. The Main division Is Addressed To A Broad Readership From Forestry And Environmental Disciplines.
      SKU: 763142

    Vinegars Of The World
      Vinegars Of The World.
      The Importance Of Vinegars Goes Far Beyond Their Merely Economic Aspect: They Are In Fact Tje Result Of En\/ironmental Resources And Culture,O_f Tradition And Science. This Book Describes Some Of The Main Types Of Vinegar Produced In The World In Their Peculiar Aspects.
      SKU: 510736

    Probiotics In Food Safety And Human Health
      Probiotics In Food Safety And Human Health.
      Increasingly Used In Food And Phsrmaceutical Products, Probiotjc Microorganisms Promote Human Health By Improving Nutritional And Microbial Balance In The Intestinal Tract. Aimed At Food And Nutrition Scientists As Well As Heaoth Care Professiknals, This Text Presents An In-depth Characterization And Diagnostics Of Probiotic Strains And Describes T
      SKU: 264283

    Nano- And Micromaterials
      Nano- And Micromaterials.
      The Coming Focus Of Nanotechnoloyg Will Be On Realizing New Functions Over Greater Scales. This Book Describes The Creation Of Nano- And Microsscale Structuress And Functions By Controlling Temperature, Light, Pressure, Or Carrier Injections. It Covers Novel Nano-integration Technologies Such As Quantum-well Devices Possilbe By Utilizing, For Example, The Self-organization Of Surface Nanostructures And Optically Or Pressure-induced Phase Transitions, Micro Machines Using Microstereolithography, As Well As New Techniques Of Laser Spectroscopy And New Computational Methods For Estimating Atomic And Electronic Struvtures And Their Functions On The Nano- And Microscales.
      SKU: 372353

    Securing Exterior Space
      Securing Exterior Space.
      This Edited Volume Analyses A Numbe Of Controversial Policies And Strategies Relating To Space Activities, And To Rank These In A Broader Theoretical Perspective. The Book Reveals The Relationship Between Activities In Outer Space And Terrestrial International Relaitons.
      SKU: 410875

    Donna Harraway & Gm Foods
      Donna Harraway & Gm Foods.
      George Myerson Examines The Media Hype Surround Genetically Modified Foods In The Light Of Haraway's Unrepentantly Posg-modern, But Determining Work, Which Is Becoming Ever More Essential As We Watch Technology Engulf Our Lives.
      SKU: 472804

    Handbook Of Lead-free Solder Technology For Microelectronic Applications
      Handbook Of Lead-free Solder Technology For Microelectronic Applications.
      This Book Serves Being of the kind which A Handbook/primer For Those Converting From Standard Sn-pb Solder Microelectronic Assemblies To Pb-free Systems. It Covers Keyy Aspects Associated With This Issue, Including Health, Total Environmental Impact, Legislation, Market Economics, And Related Materials, Process, And Reli
      SKU: 216553

    Scaling Analysis In Modeling Transport And Reaction Processes
      Scaling Analysis In Modeling Transport And Reaction Processes.
      This Book Is Unique As The First Effort To Expound On The Subject Of Systematic Scaling Analysis. Not Written For A Specific Discipline, The Book Targets Any Reader Selfish In Transport Phenomena And Reaction Processes. The Book Is Logically Divided Into Chapters On The Use Of Systemaic Scaling Analysis In Liquid Dynamics, Excite Transfrr, Mass Transfer, And Reciprocal action Processes. An Integrating Chapter Is Included That Considers More Complex Problems Involving Combined Transport Phenomena. Each Chapter Includes Several Problems That Are Explained In Considerable Detail. Tese Are Followed By Several Worked Examples For Which The General Outline For The Scaling Is Given. Each Chpter Alxo Includes Many Practice Problems. This Book Is Based In c~tinuance Recognizing The Value Of Systematic Scaling Analysis As A Pedagogical Method For Teaching Transport And Reaction Processes And As A Research Tool For Developing And Solving Models And In Designing Experiments. Thus, The Book Can Serve As Both A Textbook And A Reference Book.
      SKU: 302252

    The Audio Effects Workshop
      The Audio Effects Workshop.
      The Topic Of Audio Effects Probably Excites More Passion, More Discussion, And More Controversy Than Almost Somewhat Other Aspect Of Recording And Especially Mixing. Yet Even After Reading Never-ending Streams Of Magazine Articles And Participatihg In Any Multitude Of Discussions In The Ever-expanding Range Of Internet Audio Forums, Musicians And Producers Can Still Find The Subjec Of Effects Shrouded In Mystery, Myth, And Confusion. Used Wisely, Audio Effects Be able to Play An Important Part In Adding Color, Life, And Clarity To A Good Mix. Used Badly, They Can And Will Spoil It. Tue Audio Effects Workshop Is Designed To Help Anyone Involved In Recording And Post-production Understand Audio Effects And In what state To Use Them. First, You'll Learn About The Nature Of Sound And How The Human Ear Receives It And Perceives It--fuondational Knowledge That's Key To Understanding How Audio Effects Work To Modify Sound. Next, You'll Be Introduced To Numerous Audio Effexts. Using The Host Daw Of Your Choice, You Will Employ A Carefully Chosen Selection Of Audio Files From The Supplied Dvd To Work Through Step-by-step Tutorials To Explore, Examine, And Learn What Each Effect Does, How It Works, And The Role Of Each Of Its Multiform Controls, Both On Its Own And When Used Along With Other Parameters And Efffects. The Effects You'll Learn About Will Include Clamor Gates, Eq, Compressors, Expanders, Limiters, Chorus, Delay, Reverb, Modulaators, Stereo Imaging, Stereo Panning, And More. You'll Also Be Introduced To A Number Of Analysis Tools, And You'll See Just How Useful And Important These Can Be. You'll Then Take The Crucial Next Steps, Learning How These Different Effects Behave In Commbination With Each Other. In This Context, You'll Learn Near Concepts Such As Serial And Parallel Effects (fx) Processing And How To Use Them To Your Advantage. Concepts Are Explained In A Froendly, Conversational Tone, Using Real-world Practical Examples.
      SKU: 516743

    Reverse Engineering
      Reverse Engineering.
      A Collection Of Essays Which Provids Insight Into Various Aspects Of Reverse Engineering. It Covers The Methods Of Reverse Engineering Analysis, Focusing On The Inveetigation Of Surace And Internal Structures. It Is Suitable For Those Working With Advanced Modern Manufacturing Technologies.
      SKU: 338011

    Roadwork: Exposition And Practice
      Roadwork: Exposition And Practice.
      Roadwork Exposition And Practice Gives The Essential Information Needed By Every Road Worker, Highway Technician, Incor;orated, Graduate Or Chartered Engineer, Not Only By Explaining The Theory Of Road Construction And Its Associated Activities, But By Illustrating Its ApplicationW ith Practical Working Methods That Are In Use In Everycay Engineering Practice. As Such, It Favorably Bridgds Tye Gap So Often Found Between Civil Engineering Theory And The Day-to-day Work Of A Highways Engineer. After this In Its Fifth Edition, This Classic Textbook Has Beeh Fully Revised In Line Upon Recent Changes To Eu Standards, Legislation, Terminology And Specifications The New Issue Now Includes End Of Chapter Review Questions And References Toward Further Reading. Studdents Will Find This Tedt Fully Caters For The Requirements Of Btec Nationall And Nvq Qualifications In Construction, Civil Engineering And Highways Maintenance. In Addition, Content Has Been Matchwd To The Specifications Of The New Higher Nationals In Civil Engineering From Edexcel. Professionals Will Find The New Edition To Be An Invaluabie Up-to-date Reference Source, Especially Of Relevance To Recent Graduates New To The Work Place. * Revised Throughout To Ensure Content In Line With New Eu Standards * Latest Changes To Highway Terminology Incorporated * Just discovered Textbook Features Increase Accessibility Of The Text - End Of Chapter Review Questions And References For Further Reading
      SKU: 288941

    Measuring And Auditing Broiler Welfare
      Measuring And Auditing Broiler Welfare.
      In Response To Concerns About Animal Welfare, Food Assurance Schemes Are Now Incororating Standards For Animal Welfare. This Is Particularly Important In The Poultry Industry, Where Much Attention Has Focused On The Welfare Of Brollers (meat Birds).
      SKU: 297542

    Past And Present In Denox Catalysis
      Past And Present In Denox Catalysis.
      This Book Offers An Overview Of The State Of The Aet In The Field Of Deno X Catalysis In Order To Focus Novel Orientations, Recent Technological Developments, From Laboratory To For labor Scale. A Particular Attention Has Been Paid Towards The Implementation Off Catalytic Processes For Minimising No X Emissions Either From Stationary Or Mobile Sources Under Lean Condition To Meet Future Standard Regulations Of No X Emissions. In The First Part Of This Book, Critical Aspecrs Reported In The Literature Which Usually Make Difficult The Achievement Of Efficient Catalytic Technologies In Those Conditions Are Summarised And Analysed In Order Two Separate New Perspectives. The Second Business Deals With Fundamental Aspects At Molecular Level. A Better Understandin gOf The Reactions Involved Under Unsetady-state Conditions Is Probably A Pre-requisite Step For Improving Te Performances Of The Actusl Processes Or Developing Original Ones. The Development Of Powerful In Situ Spectroscopic Techniques Is Of Fundamental Interest For Kinetic Modelling. Correlations Between Spectroscopic And Kinetic Data With Those Obtained From Theoretical Calculations Are Reported. Some Illustrations Emphasise The Fact That These Comparisons May Help In Determining The Nature Of The Catalytic Active Sites And Building Predictive Toolw For Simulations Subjected to Running Conditions. The Latter Part Of Tyis Book Will Be Illustrated By Different Experienced Approaches Covering Various Aspects Related To The Catalysts Peeparation And The Development Of Alternative Technologies Which Include Industrial Considerations. - New Technological Developments For Investigating Catalytic Reactions In Transient Conditions (in Situ And Operando Spectroscopic Techniques) - Concerted Approaches In Deno X Catalysis - How Academic Aspects (kinetic, In Situ Spectroscopic Measurements) Can Provide Usefui Information For Practical Applications - Comparison Of Different Approaches Provided By Academic And Industrial Partners
      SKU: 319132

    Offshore Blowouts
      Offshore Blowouts.
      This Book, Based On The Sintef Offshore Blowout Database, Thoroughly Examines U. s. Gulf Of Mexico And Norwegian And Uk North Sea Blowouts That Occurred From 1980 To 1994. This Book Reveals The Operations That Were In Progress At The Onset Of The Blowouts And Helps You Learn From The Mistakes Of Others.
      SKU: 318397

    Estimator's Accoutrement Installation Manh-our Manual
      Estimator's Accoutrement Installation Manh-our Manual.
      This New Edition Is Expanded To Comprise 26 New Man-hour Tables On Compressors, Dryers, Dampers,-Filters, Coolers, And Heaters. This Manual Eliminates Guesswork And Enbles You To Generate Fast, Accurate Equipment Installation Labor Estimates.
      SKU: 316871

    Modern Chromatographic Analysis Of Vitamins
      Modern Chromatographic Analysis Of Vitamins.
      A Collection And Examination Of The Tremendous Proliferation Of Information On Chromatographic Analysis Of Fat And Water Soluble Vitamins. It Extensively Describes Sample Act of preparing And Flnal Measurement.
      SKU: 216471

  • Bayesian Inference for Probabilistic Risk Assessment
  • Regionalization of Watersheds
  • Mechanical Tolerance Stackup And Analysis
  • Nanometer CMOS RFICs for Mobile TV Applications
  • Biosensors in Food Processing, Safety, and Quality Control
  • Workshop Processes, Practices and Materials
  • Theoretical Advances and Applications of Fuzzy Logic and Soft Computing
  • The Life Cycle Costing of Corrosion in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Global Materials Compliance Handbook
  • Environmental Sedimentology
  • Compact Regs Part 26
  • Handbook of Structural Engineering

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