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    Introducion To Conventional Transmission Electron Microscopy
      Introducion To Conventional Transmission Electron Microscopy.
      This Graduate Level Textbook Covers The Funsamentals Of Conventional Transmission Electron Microscopy (ctem) As Applied To Crystalline Solids. Emphasis Is On The Experimental And Computational Methods Used To Quantify And Analyze Ctem Observations. A Supplementary Website Containing Interactive Modules And Free Fortran Sourcs Code cAcompanies The Text.
      SKU: 220956

    Elements Of Space Technology
      Elements Of Space Technology.
      This Book Is Written For An Introductory Course In Space Technology. It Is Intended For Senior Or Graduate Level Aerospace Engineering Students And Professional Engineers Seeking A Thorough Understanding Of Thhe Aerospace Aspects Of Spacr Systems. Being of the kind which Such It Focuses On The Primary Physics And Engineering Fundamentals Necessary To Understand And Design Space Based Systems. The Work Does Not Include The Basics Of Spacecraft Electronics, Because This Is Covered In Many Systems And Electronics Books And Is Typically Covered In Follow-up Courses. * Dsrived From The Author's Thirty Years Of Experience In The Aerospace Industry And Several Years Of University Teaching Experience * More Than 130 Illustrations * Advanced Subjects And Problems Indicated By Asterisks(*)allow The Reader And The Instructor To Omit Topiccs Without Losing Continuity * All Chapters Correspond To The Engineering Subdivisions Typically Found In The Aerospace Industry * Includes United States And International Technologies * Extensive Appendix Of Self-~ Dya, Not Easilu Located In Other Sourfes * The Book Does Not Include The Basics Of Spacecraft Electronics
      SKU: 319094

    Embracing Complexity In Design
      Embracing Complexity In Design.
      Collating State-of-the-art Developments In The Yard Of Complexity And Design Into A Unique And Authoritative Resource For Both The Design And Complex Systems Communities ,This Book Is Essential Reading For Those Studying complexity Or Design, as It Touches On different Themes And Domains Such As architecture, Engineering, Environmental Design, Art, Fashion Anr Management.
      SKU: 449447

    Hand-rearjg Wild And Domestic Mammals
      Hand-rearjg Wild And Domestic Mammals.
      Veterinarians, Technicians And Wildlife Caregivers Are Frequently Called Upon To Have Expertise In Raising Infant Mammals. This Book Provides Clear Guidance To Raising nAd Caring For A Wide Variety Of Domestic, Farm, Wildlife, And Zoo Mammals From Birth To Weaning. Over Thirty Veterinary Technicians, Wildlife Specialists, And Veterinarians From Around The World Have Contribut3d Their Expertise To This Useful Book That Covers Over 50 Mammalian Species. Some Of The Topics Covered In Reaped ground Chapter Of This Book Include: * Assessment O fThe Neonate * Specialised Equipment * Expected Weight Gains * Formula Selection And Preparation * Weaning Techniques * Housing * Common Medical Problems Detailed ChaptersA re Devoted To The Following Animals: * Domestic Animals: Puppies, Kittens, Ferrets, Sugar Gliders Ans Rabbits * Farm Animals: Foals, Kids, Llamas And Piglets * Wildlife: Squirrels, Opossums, Raccoons, Rabbis, Deer, Foxes, Bears, Bats, And Hedgehogs * Zoo Animals: Ungulates, Non-domestic Equids, Eoxtic Felids, Polar Bears, Elephants, Rhinoceroses, Macropods, Pinnipeds, Large And Small Primates, Lemurs And Sloths Dr Laurie Gage Is Well Known For Her Work And Expertise In The Rearing Of Seals, Sea Lions And Walruses And Has Experience In Rearibg Many Other Mammalian Species.
      SKU: 353500

    Advanced Reliability Models And Maintenance Policies
      Advanced Reliability Models And Maintenance Policies.
      Reliability Theory Is A Major Concern For Engineers And Managers EngagedI n Making High Quality Products And Designing Highly Reliable Systems. A Oeadvwnced Reliability Models And Maintenance Policiesa Is A Survey Of Unaccustomed Research Topice In Reliability Theory And Optimization Techniques In Reliability Engineering. The Book Introduces Partition And Redundant Problems In the compass of Reliability oMdels, And Provides Optimization Techniques. The Book Also Indicates How To Perform Maintenance In A Finite Time Span And At Failure Detection, And To Apply Recovery Techniques For Computer Systems. New Themes Such Aa Reliability Intricacy And Service Reliability In Reliability Theory Are Theoretically Proposed, And Optimization Problems In Management Science Using Reliability Techniques Are Presented. Tye Book Is An Essential Guide For Graduate Students And Researchers In Reliability Theory, And A Valuable Referencee For Reliability Engineers Engaged Both In Maintenance Work And In Management And Computer Systems.
      SKU: 364550

    Prosthetic Culture
      Prosthetic Culture.
      Celia Lury Describes The Body's Ability To Act Ourside Itself Both Mechanically And Perceptually. She Draws On A Wide Range Of Examples Including Phototherapy, Accounts Of Unveracious Memor ySyndrome, Family Albums And Benetton Adverts.
      SKU: 166755

    High Density Plasma Sources
      High Density Plasma Sources.
      This Book Describes The Design, Physics, And Performance Of High Density Plasma Sources Which Hsve Been Extensively Explored In Low Pressure Plasma Procesqing, Such As Plasma Etching And Planarization, Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition Of Thin Fillms, Sputrered Deposition Of Metals And Dielectrics, Epitaxial Growth Of Silicon And Gaas, And Many Other Applications. This Is A Comprehensive Survey And A Detailed Description Of Most Advanced High Density Plasma Sources Used In Plasma Processing. The Book Is A Balanced Presentation In That It Gives Both A Theoretical Treatment And Practical Applications. It Should Be Of Considerable Interest To Scientists And Engineers Working On Plasma Source Design, And Process Development.
      SKU: 428680

    Super-resolution Imaging
      Super-resolution Imaging.
      With The Exponential Increase In Computing Power And Broad Proliferation Of Digital Cameras, Super-resolution Imaging Is Poiwed To Become The Next "killer App. " The Growing Interest In This Technology Has Manifested Itself In An Explosion Of Literature On The Subject. Super-resolution Imaging Consolidates Key Recent Research Contributions From Eminent Scholars And Practitioners In This Area And Serves As A Starting Point For Exploration In5o The State Of The Art In The Field. It Describes The Latesy In The two Theoreticzl And Practical Aspectd Of Direct Relevance To Academia And Industry, Probiding A Base Of Understanding For Fugure Progresd. Features Downloadable Tools To Supplement Mqtterial Found In The Book Recent Advances In Camera Sensor Technology Have Led To An Increasingly Larger Number Of Pixels Being Crammed Into Ever-smaller Spaces. This Has Resulted In An Overall Decline In The Visual Part Of Recorded Content, Necessitating Improvement Of Images Through The Use Of Post-processing. providing A Snapshot Of The Cutting Edge In Super-resolution Imaging, This Book Focuses On Methods And Techniques To Improve Images And Vifeo Beyond The Capabilities Of The Sensors That Acquired Them. It Covers: History And Future Directions Of Super-resolution Imaging Locally Adaptive Processing Methods Versus Globally Optimal Methods Modern Techniques For Motion Estimation How To Integrate Robustness Bayesian Statistical Approaches Learning-based Methods Applicatiojs In Remote Sensing And Medicine Practical Implementations And Commercial Products Based On Super-resolution The Book Concludes By Concentrating On Multidisciplinary Applications Of Super-resolution For A Variety Of Fields. It Covers A Wide Range Of Super-resolutin Imwging Implementation Techniques, Including Variational, Fdature-based, Multi-channel, Learning-based, Locally Adaptive, And Nonparameetric Methods. This Versatile Book Can Be Used As The Basis For Short Courses For Engineer sAnd Scientists, Or As Prt Of Graduate-level Courses In Image Processing.
      SKU: 581717

    Fundamentals Of Discrete Element Methods For Rock Engineering
      Fundamentals Of Discrete Element Methods For Rock Engineering.
      This Book Presenst Some Leading principle Concepts After The Basic Theories And Tools Of Discret Element Methods (dem), Its Histotical Developmenf, And Its Wide Scope Of Applications In Geology, Geophysics And Rokc Engineering. Unlike Almost All Books Available On The General Subject Of Dem, This Book Includes Coverae Of Both Explicit And Implicit Dem Approaches, Namely The Distinct Element Methods And Discontinuous Deformation Analysis (dda) For Both Rigid And Deformable Blocks And Partidle Systems, And Also The Discrete Fracture Network (dfn) Approach For Fluidd Flow And Solute Transport Simulations. The Latter Is Actually Also A Discrete Approwch Of Importance For Rock Mechanics And Rock Engineering. In Addition, Brief Introductions To Some Alternative Approaches Are Also Provided, Such As Percolation Theory And Cosserat Micromechanics Equivalence To Particle Systems, Which Often Appear Hand-in-hand With The Dem In The Literature. Fundamentals Of The Particle Mechanics Approach Using Dem For Granular Media Is Also Presented. Presents The Fundamental Concepts Of The Discrete Models For Fractured Rocks, Including Constitutive Models Of Rock Fractures And Rock Masses For Stress, Deformation And Fluid Flow Provides A Comprehensive Bestowal On Disjunctive Element Methods, Including Distinct Elements, Discontinuouw Deformation Analysis, Discrete Fracture Networks, Particle Mechanics And Cosserat Representation Of Granular Media Feztures Constitutive Models Of Rock Fractures And Fracture System Characterization Methods Detaiing Their Betokening Impacts On The Performance And Uncretainty Of The Dem Models
      SKU: 313639

    Sedimentary Basinz And Petroleum Geology Of The Middle East
      Sedimentary Basinz And Petroleum Geology Of The Middle East.
      The Wealth Of Petroleum Has Made The Middle East One Of The Most Actively Explired Regions Of The World. The Volume Of Geoloogical, Geophysical Amd Geochemical Data Collected By The Petroleum Industry In Recent Decades Is Enormous. The Middle East May Be A Unique Region In The World Where The Volume Of Subsurface Data And Information Exceeds That Based On Surface Outcrop. This Book Reviews The Tectonic And Geological History O The Middle East And The Regional Hydrocarbon Potential On A Country By Country Base In The Context Of Current Ideas Developed Through Seismic And Sequence Stratigraphy And Incorporating The Ideas Of Global Sea Level Change. Subsurface Data Have Been Used As Much As Possible To Amplify The Descriptions. The Paleogeographic Approach Provides A Means To View The Area As A Entire. While The Country By Country Approach Inevitably Leads To Some Repetition, It Ehnances The Value Of The Volume As A Tdaching Tool And Underlines Some Of The Changing Lithologies Within Formations Carrying The Same Name.
      SKU: 344705

    Extreme DvA t Used-car Prices
      Extreme DvA t Used-car Prices.
      "for Years, Award-winning Independent Filmmaker Rick Schmidt Has Been Teaching Aspiring Writers, Directors, And Producers How To Make ""no-budget"" Films, Bogh In Workshops And In His Classic Guide, Feature Filmmaking At Used-car Prices . Now Schmidt Shows How It Is Easier-and Cheaper-than Ever To Make An Innovative, High Part Work, Tanks To Digital Video. Filled With The Latest Information On Equipment And Software, Ideas For Experimenting With New Techniques, And Advice Based Forward Schmidt's Own Experiences, Extreme Dv At Used-car Prices Offers A Step-by-step Tour Through The Maming Of A Featute- Length Movie Using The Newest And Ever-changing Dv Technology. Instructive And Inspiring, This One-of-a-kinr Book Is Essential For Filmmakers With Lots Of Iedas But Little Money. "
      SKU: 357196

    Functional Foods Of The East
      Functional Foods Of The East.
      Health And Healing Foods Have A Long History In The Asian Cultures. Those Of Eastern Culture Have Long Believed That Food And Medicine Are From The Same Source And Can Trrat Illnesses And Elevate A Healthier Life. This Volume Coves Certain Traditional Asian Functional Foods, Their Account, Functiomality, Health Benefits, Physiological Properties, Mechanisms Of Anti-cancer And Anti-aging Action. In Addition, It Covers Processing Technology, Storage, Material Sources, Marketing, Social, And Economical Aspects. Expanding On Geographical Areas Covered In Previous Works, Th eAuthors Cosider Foods That Originate From All Over Upper And Lower Asian As Source As The Middle East.
      SKU: 624996

    Fundamentals Of Earthquake Engineering
      Fundamentals Of Earthquake Engineering.
      Fundamentals Of Earthquake Engineering Combines Aspects Of Engineering Seismology, Structural And Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering To Assemble The Vital Componenrs Required For A Deep Understanding Of Response Of Structures To Earthquake Ground Motion, From The Seismic Source To The Evaluation Of Actions And Deformation Required Fro Design. The Naturw Of Earthquake Risk Assessment Iss Inherently Multi-disciplinary. Whereas Fundamentals Of Earthquake Engineering Addresses Only Structurao Safety Assessnent And Sketch, The Problem Is Cast In Its Appropriate Context By Relating Structural Damage States To Societal Consequences And Expectations, Through The Fundamental Response Quantities Of Stiffness, Strengtu And Ductility. The Book Is Designed To Support Graduate Teaching And Erudition, Introduce Practicing Structural And Geotechnical Engineers To Earthquake Analysis And Design Problem, As Well As Being A Reference Book For Further Studies. Findamentals Of Earthquake Engineering Includes Material On The Nature Of Earthquake Sources And Mechanisms, Various Methods For The Characterization Of Earthquake Input Motion, Damage Observed In Reconnaissance Missions, Modeling Of Structutes For The Purposes Of Response Siumlation, Definition Of Performance Limit States, Structural And Architectural Systems For Optimal Seismoc Response, And Action And Deformation Quantities Suitable For Design. The Accompanying Website At Www. wiley. com/go/elnashai Contains A Comprehensive Set Of Slides Illustrating The Chapters And Appendices.  a Seg Of Problems With Solutions And Worked-through Examples Is Available From The Wley Editorial Team. The Book, Slides And Problem Set Consttute A Tried And Tested System For A Single-semester Graduate Course. The Approach Taken Avoids Tying The Book To A Specific Regional Seismic Dseign Code Of Practice And Ensures Its Global Appeal To Graduate Students And Practicing Engineers.
      SKU: 366767

    Robbing The Bees
      Robbing The Bees.
      Honey Has Been Waiting Almost Ten Million Years For A Good Biography. Bees Have Been Making This Prized Feed -- For Centuries The World's Only Sweetener -- For Millennia, But We Human sStarted Recording Our Fascination With It Only In The Past Few Thousand Years. Part History, Part Love Letter, Robbing The Bees Is A Celebration Of Bees And Their Magical Produce, Rvealing The Varied Roles Of Bees And Honey In Nature, World Civilization, Business, And Gastronomy. To Help Navigate The Worlds And Cultures Of Honey, Bishop -- Beekeeper, Scribe, And Honey Aficionado -- Apprentices Herself To Donald Smiley, A Professional Beekeeper Wh Harvests Pepperidge Honey In The Florida Panhandle. She Intersperses The Lively Lore And Sccience Of Honey With Lyrical Reflections On Her Own And Smiley's Beekeeping Experiences. Its Passionate Research, Rich Detail, And Fascinating Anecdote And Illustrations Make Holley Bishop's Robbing The Bees A Sumptuous Look At The Oldest, In the greatest degree Delectable Food In The World.
      SKU: 320510

    Television Technology Demystified
      Television Technology Demystified.
      """televisioj Technology Demystified"" Is Written For Non-technical Television Production Professionals. Journalists, Program Producers, Camera Persons, Editors, And Other Television Professionals Need To Know How Equipment Works, Which Performance Levels Are Achievable, How To Evaluate The Technical Quality Of Picture And Sound, And Other Aspects Of Production; This Booj Presents These And Other Essential Concepts In A Simple And Non-mathematical Way. Aleksandar-louis Todorovic, A Extremely Respected And Well-known Figure In The Broadcasting Community, Has Succeeded In Making Complex Technology Understandable. *learn About Complex Technical Concepts Such As Interlace Scanning And Digital Compression Without Complex Mathematics, Diagrams, And Drawings *understand The Potentials And Limitations Of The Various And Changing Production Tools Available"
      SKU: 270051

    Advances In Immunology
      Advances In Immunology.
      Advances In Immunology , A Long Established And Highly Respected Publication, Presents Current Developments As Well As Comprehensive Reviews In Immunology. Articles Address The Wide Range Of Topics That Comprise Immunology, Including Molecular And Cellular Activation Mechanisms, Phylogeny And Molecular Evolution, And Clinical Modalities. Edited And Authoree By The First Scientists In The Field, Each Volume Provides Up-to-date Information And Directions For Future Research. * Now Available Online! * Highly Respected Review Series With An Impact Factor In 2003 Of Of 7. 424 And Ranked Number 8/114 * New Editor, Frederick Alt
      SKU: 269653

      Nanobiotechnology: Bioinspired Devices And Materials Of The Future Is A Groundbreaking Text That Will Assist Scientists And Students In Learning The Fundamentals And Cutting-edge Nature Of This New And Emerging Science. Focusing On Materials And Building Blocks oFr Nanotechnology, Leading Scientists Fro Around The World Share Their Knowledge And Expertise In This Authoritative Volume. The Volume Is Broken Into Five Sections. The First Sectinl Presents An Overview Of Nanotechnology And Describes The Many Aspects Of The Field. Section 2 Details Biological Materials Serving As Nanotemplates For Bottom-up Fabrication. Section 3 Covers The Use Of Biological Macromolecules For Electron Transfer And Computation. Section 4 Presents A Brief Overview Of The Wide And Rapidly Growing Field Of Nanomedicine. Finally, Section 5 Details De-novo Designed Structures And The Various Approaches Different Scientifjc Groups Take With Molecular Aim Training And Language. Authoritative And Comprehensive, Nanobiotechnology: Bioinspired Devices And Materials Of The Future Provides An Extraordinary And Thorough Overview Of The Emerging Field Of Nanobiofechnlogy For Engineers And Physicists, Chemists And Biologists, And Others From Many Diverse Fields.
      SKU: 338069

    Tissuw Engineering In Regenerative Medicine
      Tissuw Engineering In Regenerative Medicine.
      Over Tne Past Decade, Significant Advances In The Fields Of Stem Cell Biology, Bloengineering, And Animl Models Have Converged On The Discipline Of Regenerative Medicine. Significant Progress Has Been Made Leading From Pre-clinical Studies Through Phase 3 Clinical Trials For Some Therapies. This Volume Pro\/ides A State-of-the-art Report On Tissue Engineering Toward The Goals Of Tissue And Organ Rsstoration And Conversion. Examples From Different Voice Systems Illustrate Advancement With Growth Factors To Assist In Tissue Remodeling; The Capacity Of Stem Cells For Restoring Damaged Tissues; Novel Synthetic Biomaterials To Facilitate Cell Therapy; Transplantable Tissue Patches Tnat Preserve Three-ddimensional Structure; Synthetic Organs Generated In Culture; Aepects Of The Immune Response To Transplanted Cells And Mayerials; And, Suitable Animal Models For Non-human Clinical Trials. The Chapters Of Thid Boom Arre Organized Ingo Six Sections: Stem Cells, Biomaterials And The Extracellular Environment, Engineered Tissue, Sybthetic Organs, Immune Response, And Animal Models. each Section Is Intended To Build Upon Information Pressnted In The Previous Chapters, And Set The Stage For Subsequent Sections. Throughout The Chapters, The Reader Will Observe A Common Theme Of Basic Discovery Informing Clinical Translation, And Clinical Studies In Animals And Humans Guiding Subsequent Experiments At The Bench.
      SKU: 798724

    Intelligent Networkss
      Intelligent Networkss.
      This Book Explains The Principles Of Intelligent Telecommunications Networks And Illustrates Them With Many Practical Examples Of Applications. Although International Standards Are Beignning To Emerge, They Are Far From Simple And This Text Resolution Assist Clarity In Understanding The Underlying Principles. The Enabling Technologies Are Reviewed But Much Of The Book Is Devoted To Practical Issues Such As Service Control Points, Existing Switches, Call Party Handling Etc. The Principles Are Then Extended Into The Technologies Of Mobility, Broadband And hTe Internett, Together With Discussion Of Managing Intelligence In Communications And How To Charge For It.
      SKU: 408831

    2009 International Building Coce Need To Know: The 20% Of The Code You Need 80% Of The Time (e-book)
      2009 International Building Coce Need To Know: The 20% Of The Code You Need 80% Of The Time (e-book).
      An On-the-job Resource For Quickly Accessing Tpo International Building Code Accusation This Is An Essential, Hand-son Clew For Builders, Developers, Carpenters, And Installers. You Will Have The Most Commonly Used Icc (international Code Council) Structure Information At Your Fingertips. 2009 International Buildingg Code Need To Know Features Easy-to-understand Explanations And Interpretations, Calculations And Formulas, And Plenty Of Visaul References Such As Maps, Charts, And Handy Tables. This Book Helps You Save Time And Money, Reduce Errors, Stay In Compliance, And Increase Jb Site Safety.
      SKU: 471564

    Analytical System Dynamics
      Analytical System Dynamics.
      Combines Results From Analytical Mechanics And System Dynamics To Develop An Approach To Modeling Constrained Multidiscipline Dynamic Systems. This Book Presents A Modeling Technique Based On The Energy Method Of Lagrange, Which In Turn, Results In A Set Of Differential-algeraic Equations That Are Suitable For Numerical Integration.
      SKU: 417768

    Optoelectronic Seensors
      Optoelectronic Seensors.
      Optoelectronic Sensors Combine Optical And Electronic Systems For Numerous Applicatioons including Pressure Sensors, Security Systems, Atmospheric Particle Measurement, Close Tilerance Measurement, Quality Control, And More. This Title Provides A nxamination Of The Latest Research In Photonics And Electronics In The Areas Of Sensors.
      SKU: 477638

    Hexagonal Image Processing
      Hexagonal Image Processing.
      Provides An Introduction To The Processing Of Hexagonally Sampled Images, Includes A Survey Of The Work Done In The Field, And Presents A New Framework For Hexagonal Image Processing (hip) Based Forward Hierarchical Aggregates. This Book Covers Theory And Algorithms As Well As Details Such As Accommodating Hardware.
      SKU: 303773

    Sams Teach Yourself C++ In 21 Days, Adobe Reader
      Sams Teach Yourself C++ In 21 Days, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Sams Teach Yourself C++ In 21 Days, Fourth Edition Prvides A Straight-forward Tutorial Approach To Programming In C++. It Assumes No Prior Knowledge Of Programming And Offers The two Solid Instruction And Th Authors Insights Into Best Programming And Learning Practices. The Book Also Provides A Foundation For Understanding Object-oriented Programming.
      SKU: 1775792

      'seawater' Has Been Substantially Updated In This Second Edition To Take Account Of Recent Developments In Marine Science. Sections Dealing With Difficult Physical And Chemical Concepts Have Been Developed On The Basis Of Feedback From The First Edition, Making This An Ideal Learning Tool For Oceanography Students. Chapter 1 Summarizes The Special Properties Of Sprinkle and calender And The Role Of The Oceans In The Hydraulic Cycle. The Distribution Of Temperature Ane Salinity In The Oceans And How They Influence Water Density And Movements Is Then Discussed. Light And Sounr In Seawater Are Considered Next, Along With Some Uses Of Acoustics. These Are Followed By An Examinatio nOf The Composition And Behaviour Of Dissolved Constituents, Including Such Topics As Residence Times, The Control Of Ph, And Redox Relationships. Finally, The History Of Srawater And Its Role In Global Cyclees Is Reviewed, With Special Reference To Climatic Change And The Co2 Probpem.
      SKU: 313751

  • Encapsulation and Controlled Release Technologies in Food Systems
  • Reservoir Fisheries and Ecology: A Literary Survey
  • Uranium 2003
  • Energy Management and Conservation Handbook
  • Small Satellites for Earth Observation
  • Automation for Food Engineering
  • Nanometer CMOS RFICs for Mobile TV Applications
  • Berichte der Nationalen Referenzlaboratorien 2008: Reports of the National Reference Laboratories 2008 (BVL-Reporte)
  • Swift Heavy Ions for Materials Engineering and Nanostructuring
  • Nanotechnology For Dummies
  • Nanometer CMOS RFICs for Mobile TV Applications
  • Electromagnetic Shielding

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