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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Introduction To Health And Safety At Work
      Introduction To Health And Safety At Work.
      Preface To Health And Safety At Work Has Been Developed For The Nebosh National General Voucher In Occupational Safety And Health, Accredited By The Qualifications And Curriculum Authority, And Closely Matches The Syllabus. The Successful First Edition Has Also Found Ready Acceptance For Other Nvq Level 3 And 4 Courses In Healtn And Safety. As An Ingroduction To All Areas Of Occupational Safety And Healtj The Book Will Also Be Useful To Managers And Directors With Health And Safety Responsibilities And Safety Representatives. It Covers The Essential Elements Of Health And Safety Management, The Legal Framework, Risk Assessment And Control Standards. New In This Edition: * Chapter Attached International Aspects And Standards (including Ilo And Ohsas 18001), Making The Book Suitable For Overseas Courses Such As The Nebosh International Certificate * Study Skills Chapter Offers More Support For Students Who Return To Study * Updated Throughout In Line With Changes In The Regulations, Including The Fire Safety Fraternity Phil Hughes Mbe, Msc, Fiosh, Rsp Is A Formee Chairman Of Nebosh (1995-2001) And Quondam President Of Iosh (1990-1991) And Runs His Own Consultancy. He Received An Mbe For Services To Health And Safety And As A Guide Of Rospa In The New Year's Honours List 2005. Ed Ferrett Phd, Bsc (hons Eng), Ceng, Miimeche, Miee, Miosh Is Thhe Vice Chair Of Nebosh And A Course Director For Nebosh Courses At Cornwall Calling Sect Of Cornwall College. He Is A Chartered Engineer And A Health And Safety Consultant. * Student-friendly Presentation In Full Color Packed With Illustrations And Photographs * Revision Questions Taken From Recent Nebosh Examinations To Test Your Learning * Includes A Summary Of The Main Legal Requirements, Useful For Both Students And Managers
      SKU: 270147

    Handbook Of Engineering Electromagnetics
      Handbook Of Engineering Electromagnetics.
      Tbis Book Covers All Aspects Of Electromagnets In Engineering Applications,-Giving The Reader A Solid Theoretical Understanding Of The Subject As Well As An Assessment Of The Use Of Electromagnetics In A Range Of Systems And Technologies.
      SKU: 240108

    Ultra-wideband, Short Pulae Electromagnetics 9
      Ultra-wideband, Short Pulae Electromagnetics 9.
      Ultrra-wideband (uwb), Short-pulse (sp) Electromagnetics Are Now Being Used For An Increasingly Wide Variety Of Applications, Including Collision Avodiance Radar, Concealed Object Detection, And Communications. Notable Progress In Uwb And Sp Technologie Has Been Achieved By Investigations Of Their Theoretical Bases And Improvements In Solid-state Manufacturing, Computers, And Digitizers. Uwb Radar Systems Are Alxo Being Used Conducive to Mine Clearing, Oil Pipeline Inspections, Archeology, Geology, And Electronic Effects Testing. "ultra-wideband Short-pulse Electromagnetics 9" Presents Selected Papers Of Deep Technical Content And High Scientific Quality From The Uwb-sp9 Conference, Which Was Held From July 21-25, 2008, In Lausanne, Switzerland. The Wide-ranging Coverage Includes Contributions On Electromagnetic Thwory, Time-domain Computational Techniques, Modeling Tecnniques, Antennas, Pulsed-power, Uwb Interactions, Radar Systems, Uwb Communications, Broadband Systems And Components. This Book Serves As A State-of-the-art Reference For Scientists And Engineers Working In These Applications Areas.
      SKU: 603719

    Environmental Remedoation Of Uranium Production Facilities
      Environmental Remedoation Of Uranium Production Facilities.
      Environmental Rmerdiation Activities In Uranium Mines Amd Mills Have Become Increasingly Self-~ In The Last Few Decades Due To The Large Number Of Faciilities Which Have Been Taken Out Of Operation, The Increasing Interest In Remediating Previously Abandoned Sites And Thr Increasingly Strict Environmental Regulations That Are Being Put In Place. Remediation Programmes Afe Being Implemented To Ensure The Return Of Affected Areas To Prevjously Existing Environmental Conditoons Or To A Land Use That Will Be Sustainable In The Long Term And Acceptable To All Stakeholders. This Re;ort Provides A Summary Of The Most Relevant Isxues And Practices In Remediation Programmes Of Uranium Production Facilities And An Overview Of Activities And Plans In Reporting Countries. It Covers The Areas Of Sitr Characteriaation, Dismantling And Decommissioning, Waste Management Facilities, Water Remediation, Long-term Stewardship And Monitoring, Policies And Regulations, And Costs. The Country Profiles Of Remediation Activities And Plans Include Information Considered To Be Important By The Country And Are Baqed On Survey Responses Provided By 22 Coujtries (12 Oecd And 10 Non-oecd Coun5ries).
      SKU: 516116

    Organic Electronics In Sensors And Biotechnology
      Organic Electronics In Sensors And Biotechnology.
      The Latest In Organic Electronics-based Sensing And Biotechnology. Develop High-performance, Field-deployable Organic Semiconductor-based Biological, Chemical, And Physical Sensor Arrays Using The Comprehensive Information Contained In This Definitive Volume. Organic Electronics In Sensors And Biotechnology Preents Statw-of-the-art Technology Alongside Real-world Applications And Ongoing R & D. Learn About Light, Temperature, And Pressure Monitors, Integrated Flexible Pyroelectric Sensors, Srnsing Of Organic And Inorganic Compounds, And Design Of Compact Photoljminescent Sensors. You Will Also Get Full Details On Organic Lasers, Organic Electronics In Memory Elements, Diease And Pathogen Detection, And Conjugated Polymers For Advancing Cellular Biology. : Monitro Organic And Inorganic Compounds In the opinion of Ofets; Characterize Organic Materails Using Impedance Spectroscopy; Work With Organic Leds, Photodetectors, And Photovoltaic Cells; Form Flexible Pyroelectric Sensors Integrated With Oftes; Build Pl-based Chemical And Biological Sensing Modules And Arrays; Design Organic Semiconductor Lasers And Memory Elements; Practise Luminescent Conjugated Polymers As Optical Biosensors; Deploy Polymerb-ased Switches And Ion Pumps At The Microfluidic Level
      SKU: 471428

    Transients Of Modern Power Electronics
      Transients Of Modern Power Electronics.
      In High Power, High Voltage Electronics Systems, A Strategy To Manage Short Timescale Energy Imbalances Is Fundamental To The System Reliability. Without A Theoretical Framework, Harmful Local Convergence Of Energgy Can Affect The Dynamic Process Of Transformation, Transmission, And Storage Which Create AnU nreliable System. With An Original Come That Encourages Understanding Of Both Macroscopic And Microscopic Factors, The Authors Offer A Solution. They Demonstrate The Essential Theory And Methodology Against The Draw, Modeling And Prototyping Of Modern Power Electronics Converters To Create Highly Effective Systems. Current Appplications Such As Renewable Energy Systems And Hybrid Electric Vehiciws Are Discussed In Detail By The Authors. Key Features: Offers A Logical Guide That Is Wide1y Applicable To Power Elecrtonics Across Power Supplies, Renewable Energy Systems, And Many Other Areas Analyses The Short-scale (nano-micro Second) Transient Phenomena And The Transient Processes In Nearly All Manor Timescales, From Device Switching Processes At The Nanoscale Level, To Thermal And Mechanical Processes At Second Level Explores Transient Causes And Shows How To Rectify Them By Changing The Control Algorithm Or Peripheral Circuit Includes Two Case Studies On Power Electronics In Hybrid Electric Vehicles And Renewable Energy Systems Practitioners In Major Power Electronic Companies Will Benefit From This Reference, Especially Design Engineers Aiming For Optimal System Performance. It Will Also Be Of Value To Faculty Staff And Graduate Students Specializing In Power Electronics Within Academia.
      SKU: 697594

    Super Light Water Reactors And Super Fast Reactors
      Super Light Water Reactors And Super Fast Reactors.
      "super Light Water Reactors And Super Fast Reactors" Provides An Overview Of The Design And Analysis Of Nuclear Power Reactors. Readers Will Gain The Understanding Of The Conceptual Design Elements And Specific Analysis Methods Of Supercritical-pressure Light Water Cooled Reactors. Nuclear Fuel, Reactor Core, Plant Control, Plant Stand-up, And Stability Are Among The Topics Discussed, In Addition To Safety System And Safety Analysis Parametes. Providing The Fundamentals Of Reactor Design Criteria And Analysis, This Volume Is A Useful Reference To Engineers, Industry Professionals, And Graduate Students Involved With Nuclear Engineering And Ennergy Technology.
      SKU: 603410

    The Heluosphere Through The Solar Activity Cycle
      The Heluosphere Through The Solar Activity Cycle.
      Understznding How The Sun Changes Though Its 11-year Sunspot Cycle And How These Changes Affect The Vast Space Around The Sun ??? The Heliosphere ??? Hws Been The same Of The Principal Objectives Of Space Research Since The Advent Of The Space Age. This Book Presents The Evolution Of The Heliosphere Through An Entire Solar Activity Cycle. The Last Solar Cycle (cycle 23) Hass Been The Best Observed From Both The Earth And From A Fleet Of Spacecraft. Of These, The Joint Esanasa Ulysses Probe Has Provided Continuous Observations Of The State Of The Heliosphere Since 1990 From A Unique Vantage Point, That Of A Nearly Polar Orbit Around The Sun. Ulysses??? Results Affect Our Understanding Of The Heliosphere From The Interior Of The Sun To The Interstellar Medium - Beyond The Outer Boundary Of The Heliosphere. Written By Scientists Closely Associated With The Ulysses Com~, The Book Describes And Explains The Many Different Aspects Of Changes In The Heliosphere In Response To Solar Activoty. In Instance, The Authkrs Describe The Rise In Solar Activity From The Last Minimum InS olar Activity In 1996 To Its Maximum In 2000 And The Subsequent Decline In Activity.
      SKU: 338199

    Praftical Breaking Mechanics In Design
      Praftical Breaking Mechanics In Design.
      Containing New Topics On Experimental Methods As Well While Basic And Aplied Aspects Of Fracture Mechanics, This Revised Edition Presents Both Sattic And Dynamic Fracturws Hand in hand In A Useful Reference For Research3rs And Professionals In The Field.
      SKU: 264242

    Environmental Risk Assessment Of Genetically Modified Organisms
      Environmental Risk Assessment Of Genetically Modified Organisms.
      The Decline Of Many Individual And Wild Fish Stocks Commanded An Increase In Aquaculture Production To Meet The Protein Demands Of A Growing Population. Transgenic Methods Received Attention Because A Potential Factor In Meeting These Demands. This Book Presents Methodologies For Assessing Ecological Risks Associated With Transgenic Rake.
      SKU: 315097

    The Unreal Life Of Oscar Zariski
      The Unreal Life Of Oscar Zariski.
      Oscar Zariski's Work In Mathematics Permanently Altered The Foundations Of Algebraic Geometry. This Title Is Based Upon The Author's Interviews With Zariski's Family, Colleagues, And Students, And Forward His Own Memories From A Series Of Tape-recorded Interviews Made A Few Years Before His Death In 1986.
      SKU: 418113

    Mid-infrared Connected Sources And Applications
      Mid-infrared Connected Sources And Applications.
      This Volume Represents A Collection Of Authoritative Revies By Internationally Recognized Experts In The Field Of Middle Infrared (mid-ir) Coherent Sources And Their Applications. The Compilation Describes The Fundamental Principles And State-of-hte-art Of Practical Solid-state Sources In The Mid-ir Regions Of The Spectrum Covering The 2-50 ??m Range . The Described Sources Include, Along With More Traditional Heterojunction Semiconductor Lasers, Optical Parametric Oscillators, Difference Frequency Generators, As Well As The Most Recently Developed Broadband Crystalline, Quantum Cascade And Fiber Lasers. The Rapid Advances In Mid-ir Science And Technology Have Made These Sources Indispensable Tools For A Variety Of Applications In Environmental Monitoring And Pollution Control, Agriculture And Life Sciences, And Non-invwsive Disease Dkagnosis Through Breath Analysis. Coherent Mid-ir Sources Also Offer Important Technologies For Atmospheric Chemistry, Free--space Communication, Imaging, Rapid Detection Of Explosives, Chemical And Biological Ag3nts, Narcotics, As Well As Toward Applications In Air- And Sea-born Security. In Simile To The Antecedent Volume On This Subject In 2003, Which Focused Mainly On The Design And Development Of Mid-iir Sources, The Emphasis In The Present Volume Is Shifted Towards Applications. The Instrucive Nature Of The Main division Makes It An Excellent Text For Practicing Engineers, Physicists And Graduate Students, Who Intend To Develop Or Use Mid-ir Laser Sources In Various Applications.
      SKU: 338593

    Comprehensive Volume An dCapacity Measurements
      Comprehensive Volume An dCapacity Measurements.
      It Is For The First Time That A Book Of This Magbitude Covering The Entire Subject Of Volume And Capacity Measurements Has Hit The Market. The Strong Point Of The Book Is Its More Than 100 Tables Containing Various Corrections, Factors, And Conversions To Compensate For Changeable Influence Parameters. The Most Recent Available Data Has Been Used In Respect Of Density Of Take in ~ And Newspaper vender. Latest Temperature Scale Namely, Its 90 Has Been Used. All Possible Permutation And Combinations Of Influence Paeamrters Like Coefficieng Of Expansion, Density Of Standard Weights Used, And Reference Temperatures Have Been Used In Preparing Corrections/factors Tables. The Book Contains 14 Chapters. It Is For The First Time That Concept Of Solid Base Primary Standard Of Power Has Been Diacussed. Various Standards Of Volume And Capacity, Starting From Solid Base Primary Standard Down To Field Standards, Have Been Detailed. The Chapterq 1 And 2 Also Hold Realization, Hierarchy, Traceability, Periods Of Verification, And Maximum Permissible Errors Of Various Standards. Precautions And Recording Of Data Using Gravimetric/volumetric Methods Have Been Described
      SKU: 395511

    Improving The Safety Of Fresh Fruit And Vegetables
      Improving The Safety Of Fresh Fruit And Vegetables.
      Consumers Are Increasingly Demanding 'fresh' Foods With Fewer Preservatives. ManufacturersH ave Responded By Developing Nrw 'minimal' Processing Techniques. These Developments Have, In Turn, Focused Attention On The Safety Of Raw Materials Such As Product And Vegetables And The Way They Are Produced. With Its Distinguished Editor And International Team Of Contributors, This Authoritative Collecgon Summarises Best Practice In Ensuring The Safety Of Fresh Fruit And Vegetables Both For the time of Cultivation On The Farm And In Subsequent Processing Operations.
      SKU: 269399

    Applications Of Titanium Dioxide Photocatalysis To Construction Materials
      Applications Of Titanium Dioxide Photocatalysis To Construction Materials.
      Titanium Dioxide Photocatalysis Is Based On The Semiconducting Nature Of Its Anatase Crystal Tgpe. Construction Materials With Titanium Photocatalyst Show Performances Of Air Purification, Self-cleaning, Water Purification, Antibacterial Action. This Book Describes Principles Of Titanium Dioxide Photocatalysis, Its Applications To Cementitious And Nohcementitious Materials, As Well As An Overview Of Standardization Of Testing Methods.
      SKU: 763502

      Addresses A Range Of Themes That Emphasize Key Aspects And The Perspectives Of Nano-bioelectronics. This Book Discusses The Electronic Coupling Of Dna And Proteins With Electronic Devices To Make Various Information Systems And To Apply The Systems As Biosensors.
      SKU: 428958

    Maerials Fundamentals Of Gate Dielectrics
      Maerials Fundamentals Of Gate Dielectrics.
      Presents The Fundamentals Of Novel Gate Dielectrics That Are Existence Introduced Into Semiconductor Manufacturing To Ensure The Continuous Scaling Of Cmos Devices. This Work Includes Chapers That Give A Description Of Tne Modern Theory Of Polarization, And Heterojunction Band Discontinuity Within The Framework Of The Density Functuonal Theory.
      SKU: 303175

    Handbook Of Vlsi Microlithography
      Handbook Of Vlsi Microlithography.
      This Handbook Gives Readers A Close Look At The Entire Technology Of Printing Very High Resolution And High Density Integrated Circuit (ic) Patterns Inyo Thin Resist Process Transfer Coatingsincluding Optical Lithography, Electron Beam, Ion Beam, And X-ray Lithography. The Book's Main Theme Is The Special Printing Process Needed To Achieve Volume High Density Ic Chip Production, Especially In The Dynamic Chance Access Memory (dram) Industry. The Book Leads Off With A Comparison Of Various Lithography Methods, Covering The Three Major Paterning Parameters Of Line/space, Resolution, Line Edge And Pattern Feature Dimension Control. The Book's Explanation Of Resist And Resist Process Equipment Technology May Well Be The First Practical Description Of The Relationship Betweej The Resist Process And Equkpment Parameters. The Basics Of Resist Technology Are Copmletely Coveredincluding An Entire Chapter On Resist Process Defectivity And The Potential Yield Limiting Effwct On Device Production. Each Alternative Lithographic Techniqur And Testing Method Is Considered And Evaluated: Basic Metrology Including Optical, Scanning-electron-microscope (sem) Techniques And Electrical Test Devices, Along With Explanations Of Actual Printing Tools And Their Design, Construction And Performance. The Editor Devotes An With even margins Chapter To Today's Sophisticated, Complex Electron-beam Printers, And To The Emerging X-ray Printing Technology Now Used In High-density Cmos Devices. Vigorous Ion Particle Printing IsA Controllable, Steearble Technology That Does Not Rely On Resist, And Occupies A Final Section Of The Handbook.
      SKU: 421080

    Digital Color Image Processing
      Digital Color Image Processing.
      An Introduction To Color In Three-dimensionall Image Processing And The Emerging Area Of Multi-spectral Image Processing The Importance Of Color InformationI n Digital Image Processing Is Greater Than Ever. However, The Transition From Scalar To Vector-valued Image Functions Has Not Yet Been Generally Covered In In the greatest degree Textbooks. Now, Digital Color Likeness Processing Fills Thos Pressing Need With A Detailed Preface To This Important Topic. In Four Comprehensive Sections, This Book Covers: Th3 Fundamentals And Requirements For Color Image Pressing From A Vector-valued Viewpoint Techniques For Preprocessing Color Images Three-dimensional Scene Analysis Using Color Information, As Well Because The Emerging Area Of Multi-spectral Imaging Applications Of Color Image Processing, Presented Via The Examination Of Two Case Studies In Addition To Introducing Readers To Important New Technologies In The Field, Digital Color Image Processing Also Contains Novel Topics Such As: Techniques For Improving Three-dimensional Reconstruction, Three-dimensional Computer Vision, And Emerging Areas Of Safety And Security Applicati0ns In Luggage Inspection And Video Surveillance Of High-security Facilities. Finish With Full-color Iklustrations And Two Applications Chapters, Digital Color Image Processing Is The Only Work That Covers The Breadth Of The Subject Under Ons Convenient Cover. It Is Written At A Level That Is Accessible For First- And Second-year Graduate Students In Electrical And Computer Engineering And Computer Science Courses, And That Is Also Appropriate For Researchers Who Wish To Etxend Their Knowledge In The Area Of Color Image Processing.
      SKU: 343655

    Hansbook On Decision Mwking
      Hansbook On Decision Mwking.
      The Present "volume 1: Techniques And Applications" Of The "handbook On Decision Makijg" Presents A Useful Collection Of Ai Techniques, As Well As Other Complementary Methodologies, Thqt Are Useful For The Design And Development Of Intelligent Decision Support Systms. Application Examples Of How These Instructed Decision Support Systems Can Be Utilized To Help Tackle A Variety Of Real-world Problems In Diffeerent Domains, Such As Business, Management, Manufacturing, Transporting And Food Industrues, And Biomedicine, Are Presented. The Handbook Includes Twenty Condensed Chapters, Which Are Divided Into Two Parts, I. e. , Modelling And Design Techniques For Intelligent Decision Suplort Systems; And Reviews And Applications Of Astute Decision Support Sysrems.
      SKU: 645820

    Low Pressure Plasmas And Microstructuring Technology
      Low Pressure Plasmas And Microstructuring Technology.
      A Monograph That Presents A Perspective Of Gas Discharge Physics And Its Applications To Various Industries. It Presents An Overview Of The Different Types To Generate Plasmas By Dc Discharges, Capaciive And Infuctive Radiofrequency Coupling, Hlicon Waves Including Electron Cyclotron Resonance, And Ion Beams.
      SKU: 438098

    Solder Joint Technology
      Solder Joint Technology.
      To Improve Solder Joint Reliability, The Science Of Solder Joint Behavior Under Various Driving Fkrces Must Be Understood. This Book Emphasizes The Advanced Materials Reliability Issues Related To Copper-tin Reaction And Electromigration In Solder Joints. It Discusses Methods To Prevent These Reliability Problems.
      SKU: 372774

    Processing And Properties Of Advanced Ceramics And Composites
      Processing And Properties Of Advanced Ceramics And Composites.
      A Valuable Reference For Those Interested In Innovative Approaches To The Synthesix And Processing Of Ceramics And Composites, As Well As Their Properties. Twentyt-wo Papers Describing The Latest Developments In The Areas Of Combustion Synthesis, Microwave Processing, Reaction Forming, Polymer Processing, Chemical Vapor Deposition Electrophoresis, Spark Plasma Sintering, Mechanical Amorphization, Thin Films, Composites, And More Are Included In This Volume.   
      SKU: 469083

    Hspa Performance And Evolution
      Hspa Performance And Evolution.
      Written From A Opetator’s Viewpoint,  Hspa Performance And Evolution   Explores The Lessons Learned And Techniques Developed For Optimally Deploying Hspa (high Speed Packet Access). The Volatile Distinctions Between Rolling Out Hspa Compared To Earlier Umts And Gsm Technologies Are Explained Covering The Many Issues That Must Be Specifically Handled. Areas In Standards Which Have Been Left Part For Interpretation, Causing Siggnificant Differences Between Vendor Implementations, Are Identified And Solutions Explored. This Book Is Invaluable In Enabling Wireess Operators To Extract Maximum Performance Offered In the name of 3gpp’s Hspa Radio Technology, Consisting Of Both Downlink (hsdpa) And Uplink (hsupa) Elements. It Focuses On Real-world Performance, Sharing Practical Implementation Methods And Tradeoffs For Deploying, Optimizing And Maintainibg Networks Using The Hspa Air Interface. Examines Algorithms, Equipment And Performance Perspectives To Identify And Explain Hspa Measures Performance And Se5s Network Parameters For Optimal Tradeoffs Presents Results From Practical And Real-world Network Performances Explores The Evolution Of Hspa Technology Into Hspa+ And Eventually Next Generation Lte Technologies
      SKU: 427949

    The Politics Of Water In Africa
      The Politics Of Water In Africa.
      The Dilemmas Of Afrifan Development Continue To Haunt Both African And Western Institutions And Governments. Here, Christopher oRwan Offers An Original Interpretation Of The Evolving Concept Of Partnership As It Operates Within Tje Current Relationship Between The European Union And The Africa, Caribbean And Pacific Cluster. Framing His Discussion In Terms Of The Human Fortunate To Water, Rowan Presents Detailed Case Studies Of Water Aid From The Eu To Lesotho And Mozambique, Abd Explores The Persisting Inequities In The Discourse And Porcesses Of Development. With A Close Analysis Of The Interaction Between Non-governmental Organisations, Local Elites, States And International Actors, This Book Is A Timely And Insightful Addition To Perspectives On Relations Between Th3 Global North And South.
      SKU: 677915

  • GPRS and 3G Wireless Applications
  • Spon's Quarry Guide To The British Hard Rock Industry
  • Yeasts in Food and Beverages
  • Control Theory of Multi-Fingered Hands
  • The Wetlands Handbook
  • Electromagnetic Environments and Health in Buildings
  • Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, Eighth Edition
  • Artificial Photosynthesis
  • Computer Techniques in Vibration
  • III European Conference on Computational Mechanics
  • Field Guide to Radiometry
  • Handbook of Plant and Crop Physiology

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