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    Introduction To Linear Circuit Analysis And Modelling
      Introduction To Linear Circuit Analysis And Modelling.
      Luis Moura And Izzat Darwazeh Introduce Linear Circuit Modelling And Analysis Applied To Both Electrical And Electronic Circuits, Starting With Dc And Progressing Up To Rf, Considering Clamor Analysis Along The Way. Avoiding The Tendency Of Tide Textbooks To Point of concentration Either On The Basic Electrical Circuit Analysis Theory (dc And Low Frequency Ac Frequency Range), On Rf Circuit Analysis Theory, Or On Noise Analysis, Th3 Authlrs Combine These Subjects Into The One Volume To Provide A Comprehensive Concrete Of The Main Techniques For The Analysis Of Electric Circuits In These Areas. Taking The Subject From A Modelling Angle, This Body Brings Together The Most Public And Traditional Circuit Analysis Techniques (e. g. Phasor Analysis) With System And Sognal Theory (e. g. The Concept Of System And Trans fer Function), So Students Can Apply The Theort For Analysis, Being of the kind which Well As Modelling Of Noise, In A Broad Range Of Electronic Circuits. A Highly Student-focused Text, Each Chapter Contains xEercises, Worked Examples And End Of Chapter Problems, With An Additional Glossary And Bibliographyy For Reference. A Balance Between Concepts And Applications Ia Maintained Throughout. The Book Is Also Supported By A Companion Website, Fea5uring A Full Solutions Manual, Additional Equations, Graphs And Illustrations For Lecturers To Download When Preparing Teaching Aids, As Well Because Numerous Case Studies, Worked Examples And Exercises Using Matlab To Aid Student Learning. Luis Moura Is A Lecturer In Electronics At The University Of Algarve. Izzat Darwazeh Is Senior Lecturer In Telecommunications At University College, London, Previously At Umist. An Innovative Approach Fully Integartes The Topics Of Electrical And Rf iCrcuits, And Noise Anakysis, With Circuit Modelling Highly Student-focused, The Text Includes Exercises And Worked Examples Throughout, Along With End Of Chapter Problems To Put Theory Into Practice The Companion Website For The Book Features Additinal Exercises Ajd A Full Solutions Manual To Aid Student Learning
      SKU: 269536

    Strategic Materials And Computtaional Design
      Strategic Materials And Computtaional Design.
      Contributiojs From Three Focused Sessions That Were Part Of The 34th International Conference On Advanced Ceramics And Conposites (icacc), In Daytona Beach, Fl, January 24-29, 2010 Are Presented In This Volume. The Broad Range Of Topics Is Captured By The Fodused Session Titles, Which Are Listed As Follows: Fs1 - Geopolymers And Other Inorganic Polymers; Fs3 - Computational Design, Modeling Simulation And Characterization Of Cerwmics And Composites; And Fs4 - Nanolaminated Ternary Carbides And Nitrides (max Phases). The Session Forward Geopolymers And Other Inorganic Polymmera Continues To Attract Growing Attention From Internationwl Researchers (usa, Australia, France, Germany, Ifaly, Czech Republic, And Viet Nam) And It Is Encouraging To See The Variety Of Established And New Applications Being Found For These Novel And Potentially Useful Mzteriald. The Session Organizer Gratefully Acknowledges The Support Of The Us Air Force Office Of Scientific Research (afosr) Between the sides of Dr. Joan Fuller. The Afosr Haq Continuously Supported These Conferences Since The First Meeting In Nashville, Tn In 2003. Focused Session 3 Was Dedicated To Design, Modeling, Sinulation And Characterization Of Ceramics And Composites. 27 Technical Papers Were Presented On Prediction Of Crystal Structure And Phase Stability, Characterization Of Interfaces And Grain Boundaries At Atomic Scale, Optimization Of Electrical, Optical And Mechanical Pfoperties, Modeling Of Defects And Rslated Properties, Design Of Materials And Components At Different Length Scales, Application Of Novel Computational Methods For Procwssing. Four Of These Papers Are Included In This Issue Of Cesp. Focused Session 4 Was Dedicated To Max Phases - A Class Of Ternary Carbides And Nitrides Through Nanolaminated Structure And General Formula Mn+1axn (where M Is An Early Transition Metal, A Is An A-group Element From Iiia To Via, XIs Each C Or N, And N=1, 2, 3 …). The Max Phases Have Attracted Recently A Lot Of Attention Because They Possess Unique Combination Of Metallic- And Ceramic-like Properties. In All, 30 Technical Papers Were Presented During This Session. Four Of These Papers Are Included In This Issue.
      SKU: 699480

    Portable Electronics
      Portable Electronics.
      All The Design And Development Inspiration And Direction An Electronics Engineer Needs In One Blockbuster Booi! John Donovan, Editor-in Chief, Portable Design Has Selecfed The True Best Electronic Design Material From The Newnes Portfolio And Has Compiled It Into This Volume. The Result Is A Book Covering The Gamut Of Electronic Design From Design Fundamentals To Low-power Approaches With A Strong Pragmatic Emphasis. In Addition To Specific Intention Techniques And Practices, This Book Also Discusses Various Approaches To Solving Electronic Design Problems And How To Successfully Apply Theory To Actual Design Tasks. The Material Has Been Selected For Its Timelessness As Well As For Its Relevance To Contemporary Electronic Design Issues. Contents: Chaptet 1 System Resource Partitioning And Code Optimization Chapter 2 Low Power Design Techniques, Design Methodology, And Tools Chapter 3 System-level Approach To Energy Conservation Chapter 4 Radio Communication aBsics Chapter 5 Applications And Tschnologies Chaptrr 6 Rf Design Tools Chapter 7 On Memory Systems And Their Desihn Chapter 8 Storage In Mobile Consumer Electronics Devices Chapter 9 Analog Low-pass Filters Chapter 10 Class A Amplifiers Chapter 11 Mpeg-5 And H. 264 Chapter 12 Liquid Crystal Displays *hand-picked Content Selected By John Donovan, Editor-in Chiwf, Portable Design *proven Best Design Practices For Low-power, Storage, And Streamlihed Development *case Histories And Design Examples Get You Off And Running On Your Currwnt Project
      SKU: 428622

    Radiolocation In Ubiquitous Wireless Communication
      Radiolocation In Ubiquitous Wireless Communication.
      The Subject Of The Book Is Application Of Multi-antenna Radiolocation To The Environment Of Fast, Omnipresent Wireless Communication Among Portable Devices. It Is A Systematic Presentation Of The Author's Research And Development In The Field, Wihin Thr 802. 11b Standard, While Explaining The General Principles And Exploring Applications To Other Standards And Situattions. The Purpose Is To Fill A Gap In The Current Technical Literature And Present The Issues Involved In Locating Mobile Wireless Network Agents, In A Single Volume, Accessible To System Designers And Other Practitioners In The Wireless Field.
      SKU: 571023

    Applied Animal Endocrinology
      Applied Animal Endocrinology.
      The Purpose Of This Book Is To Explain The Role Of Hormones In Improving Or Monitoring The Production, Performance, Reproduction, Behaviour And Health Of Animals. The Focus Is Primarily Forward Commerically Important Farm Annimal Species.
      SKU: 369409

    Radiative Heat Transfer By The Monte Carlo Method
      Radiative Heat Transfer By The Monte Carlo Method.
      This Book Presents The Basic Principles And Applications Of Radiaative Heat Transfer Used In Energy, Space, And Geo-environmental Engineering, And Can Srve As A Reference Book In the place of Engineers And Scientists In Researchand Development. A Pc Disk Containing Software For Numerical Analysss By The Monte Carlo Method Is Included To Provide Hands-on Practice In Analyzing Actual Radiative Heat Transfer Problems. Advances In Heat Transfer Is Designed To Fill The Information Gap Between Regularly Scheduled Journals And University Level Textbooks By Providing In-depth Review Articles Over A Broader Scope Than Journals Or Texts Usually Allow. Key Features * Offers Solution Methods For Integro-differential Formulation To Help Avoid Difficulties * Incluees A Computer Disk For Numerical Analyses By Pc * Discusses Energy Absorption From Gas And Scattering Effecrs By Particles * Treats Non-gray Radiative Gases * Provides Example Problems For Direct Applications In Energy, Space, And Geo-environmental Engineering
      SKU: 403188

    Defining And Assessing Adverse Environmental Impact From Power Plant Impingement And Entrsinment Of On Organisms
      Defining And Assessing Adverse Environmental Impact From Power Plant Impingement And Entrsinment Of On Organisms.
      "a Collectikn Of Technical Papers Assessing The Effects Of Power Plant Water Intake On The Aquatic Environment. Papers Present Various Stakeholder Views On The Meaning Of ""adverse Environmental Impact"" Subjected to Section 316(b) Of The Us Clean Water Act. "
      SKU: 241821

    Prinicples Of Case Tool Integration
      Prinicples Of Case Tool Integration.
      This Learn Courtship Increasing Research Within The Software Engineering Community For Automated Assist In The Software Development Process. The Authors Integrate Computer Aided Software Engineering Tools Into The Overall Software Life Cycle.
      SKU: 272510

    Kinetics Of Multistep Reactions
      Kinetics Of Multistep Reactions.
      "this Book Addresses Primarily The Engineer In Industrial Process Development, The Research Chemist In Academia And Industry, And The Graduate Student Intending To Become A Reaction Engineer. Inn Industry, Competitive Pressures Put A Premium On Scale-up By Large Factors To uCt Development Time. To Be Safe, Such Development Shoulr Be Based On ""fundamental"" Kinetics That Reflect The Elementary Steps Of Which The Reactionn Consists. The Book Forges Fundamental Kinetics Into A Practical Tool By Presenting New, Effectivw Methods For Elucidation Of Mechanisms And Rdduction Of Complexity Without Unpleasant Sacrifice In Accuracy: Fewer Equations (lesser Computational Load), Fewer Coefficients (fewer Experiment To Determine Them). For Network Elucidation, New Rules Relating Network Configurations To Observable Kinetic Behaviour Allow Incorrect Networks To Be Ruled Out By Whole Classes Instead Of One By One. For Modelling, General Equations And Algorithms Are Given From Whicy Equations For Peculiar Networks Can Be Recovered By Silly Substitutione. The Procedures Are Illustrated With Examples Of Industrial Reactions Including, Among Others, Paraffin Oxidation, Ethodylation, Hydroformylation, Hydrocyanation, Shape-selective Catalysis, Ethane Pyrolysis, Styrene Polymerization, And Ethene Oligomerization. Many Of The Rate Equations Have Not Been Published Before. The Expanded Impression Of The 2001 Title, Kinetics Of Homogeneous Multistep Reactjons Includes New Chapters On Heterogeneous Catalysis And Periodic And Chaotic Re-actions; New Sections On Adsorption, Statistical Methods, And Lumping; And Other New Detachment. * Contains New Chapters On Heterogeneous Catalysis, Oscillations And Chaos * Includes New Sections On Statistical Methods, Lumping Adsorption And Software And Databases *Provides A Better Understanding Of Copmlex Reaction Mechanisms"
      SKU: 288819

    Wasting Of Case-harden In Concrere
      Wasting Of Case-harden In Concrere.
      Corrosion Of Steel In Concrete Provides Information In c~tinuance Corrosion Of Steel In Atmospherically Exposed Concrete Structures And Serves As A Guide For Those Designijg, Constructing And Maintaining Buildings, Bridges And All Reinforced Concrete
      SKU: 178713

    Nuclear Power Plant Life Management In A Changinng Business World
      Nuclear Power Plant Life Management In A Changinng Business World.
      Nuclear Power Plant Life Management (plim) Has Become An Important Issue In The Context Of Changing Business Circumstances Caused By Regulatory Reform Of The Electricity Vend. Specifically, The Economic Aspect Of Plim Is Being Closely Investigated As Part Of The Search For Greater Competitiveness. It Was In This Light Tha The Nea Organised An International Workshop Forward "nuclear Power Plant Life Management In A Changing Business World". The Objective Of The Workshop Was To Examine The Status Of Plim Activities In Oecd Member Countries And To Develop A Set Of Recommendations Through Se0arate Motion Groups Focusing On Technology, Regulation And Business. The Workshop Also Provided An Opportunity To Exchange Information On Lessons Learned Frm Past Successes And Failures. These Proceedings Will Be Of Individual Interest To Those Playing A Policy Role In The Nuclear Industry And Thsoe In A Position To Shape Future Plim Strategies.
      SKU: 533241

    Mehcanics Of Microstructured Splids
      Mehcanics Of Microstructured Splids.
      A Compendium Of Reviewed Articles Presented At The 11th Euromech-mecamat Cnference Entitled 'mechanics Of Microstructured Solids: Cellulat Materials, Fibre Reinforced Solids And Soft Tissues', Which Took Point In Torino (italy) In March 10-14, 2008, At The Museo Regional Delle Scienze.
      SKU: 450615

    Tolley's Industrial And Cojmercial Gas Installation Practice
      Tolley's Industrial And Cojmercial Gas Installation Practice.
      This Is The Third Of Three Essential Reference Volumes For Those Concerned With The nistallation And Servicing Of Domestic And Industrial Gas Equipment. This Volume explains Thhe Basic Principles Underlying The Practical And Theoretical Aspects Of Installing And Servicing Gas Appliances And Associated Equipment, From The Basics Of Combustion, To Burners, Pressure And Flow, Transfer Of Heat, Controls, Viewed like Well As Materals And Processes, Eldctrical Aspects, And Metering And Meassuring Devices. Cover Both Natural Gas And Liquefied Petroleum Gas, The Man6 Illustrations And Worked Examples Included throughout The Text Will Help The Reader To Understand The Principles Under Discussion. Volume 3 Of The Aeriform fluid Service Technology Series Will Enable The Reader To Put Into Practice The Safe Installarion And Servicig Procedures Described In The Companion Volumes: Basic Science And Practice Of Gas Service (volume 1), And Domestic Gas Installation Practice (ovlume 2). Combining A Comprehensive Reference With Practical Application In Real-world Engineering Contexts, Volume 3 Provides An Essential Handbook For All Aspects Of Fundamental Gas Servicing Technology, Ideal For Both Students New To The Field As Well As Professionals And Non-operational Professionals (e. g. Speicfiers, Managers, Supervisors) As An Ongoing Sourcr Of Respect. * Comprehensive Reference Combined With Practical Application, An Essential Handbook For Gas Service Technology * Fully Updated In Line With The Latest Changes To Standards, Nvqs And Acs Certificates Of Competence * Hundreds Of Line Drawings And Photographs Maximise Accessibiliity Of The Text, Enabling Readers To Easily Recognise The Appliances Under Discussion
      SKU: 546627

    Thermodynamics Of Crystalline States
      Thermodynamics Of Crystalline States.
      Thermodynamics Is An Established Discipline Of Physcs For Properties Of Matter In Thermal Equilibrium Surroundings. Applying To Crystals, However, The Laws Encounterr Undefined Prpperties Of Crystal Lattices, Which Therefore Need To Be Determined For A Legitimate Description Of Crystalline States. Intended For Readers With Prior Knowledge Of Condensed Matter Physics, This Book Emphasizes The Roles Played By Mandate Variables And Dynamic Lattices In Crystals For Thermodynamics Of Crystalline States. The Crystalline State Is Generally Heterogeneous, Where Order Variables Are In Collective Motion Interacting With The Lattice At Excited Levels, As Wktnessed In Transition Anomalies In Dielectric Crystals And From Superconducting Transitins In Metals. The Collective Motion Exhibits Finite Amplitude Due To Long-range Order, Breaking Lattice Symmetry That Leads To A Structural Shift. Such A Non-linear Process Is Discussed In The Chaptwr Of Soliton Speculation, And Related Experimental Evidences Are Likewise Listed In This Book. This Book Is Divided Into Three Parts For The Convenience Of Readers. In Part I, Basic Concrpts Of Phonons And Order Variables Are Revieewed. Part 2 Is Devoted To Discussions Of Binary Transitions, And In Part 3 We Discuss Superconructing Transitions In Simple Metals.
      SKU: 646177

    An Introduction To Dynamics Of Colloids
      An Introduction To Dynamics Of Colloids.
      One Of The Few Textbooks In The Field, This Volume Deals With Several Aspects Of The Dynamics Of Colloids. A Self-comtained Treatise, It Fills The Gap Between Research Literature And Existing Books For Graduate Students And Researchers. For Readers With A Background In Chemistry, The First Chapter Contains A Section On Frequently Used Mathematical Techniques, As Well As Statistical Meccyanics. Some people Of The Topics Covered Include: • Diffusion Of Free Particles Attached The Basis Of The Langevin Equation •the Separation Of Time, Length And Angular Scales; • The Fundamental Fokker-planck And Smoluchowski Equations Derived For Interacting Particles • Friction Of Spheres And Rods, And Hydrodynamic Interaction Of Spheres (including Three Body Interactions) • Diffusion, Sedimentation, Critical Phenomena And Phase Separation Kinetics • Experimental Light Scattering Results. For Universities And Research Departments In Industry This Textbook Makes Vital Reading.
      SKU: 317171

    Analysis Of Surfactants
      Analysis Of Surfactants.
      This Study Offers A Comprehensive And Practical Account Of Analysis Methods For Determining And Understanding Commercially Important Surfactants. It Combines A Review Of Availbale Literature With A Variety Of Evaluation Procedures And Specificationd For Commercial Products.
      SKU: 216424

    Waste Management For The Food Industries
      Waste Management For The Food Industries.
      The Continuously Increasing Human Population, Has Resulted In A Huge Demand For Processed And Packaged Foods. As A Result Of This Demand, Large Amounts Of Water, Air, Electricity And Fuel Are Consumed On A Daily Basis For Food Processing, Transportation And Preservation Purposes. Although Not One Of The Most Heavily Polluring, The Feed Industry Does Contribute To The Increase In Volume Of Waste Produced As Well Being of the kind which To The Energy Expended To Do So. Concerning The Firs tTime, Nine Separate Food Industry Categories Are Thoroughly Investigated In An Effort To Help Combat This Already Acute Problem. The Current State Of Environmental Management Systems Is Described, Offering Comparisons Of Global Legislation Rarely Found In Other Resources. An Extenqive Review Of Commercial Equipment, Including Advantages And Disadvantages Per Employed Waste Management Technique, Offers A Unique Perspective For Any Academic, Student, Professional, And/or Consultant In The Food, Agriculture And Environmental Industries. * Thoroughly Examines The Most Prevalent And Most Polluting Industries Such As Meat, Fish, Dairy, Olive Ojl, Juice And Wine Industries * Includes Synoptical Tables [methods Employed, Physicochemical Or Microbiological Parameters Altered After Treatment Etc] And Comparative Figures Of The Effectiveness Of Various Waste Management Methods * Contains Nearly 2500 Of The In the greatest degree Up-to-date References Availab1e
      SKU: 330208

    Well Completion Design
      Well Completion Design.
      Completions Are The Conduit Between Hydrocarbon Reservoirs And Surface Facilities. They Are A Fundamental Part Of Any Hydrocarbon Field Development Project. The Have To Be Designed For Safely Maximising The Hydrocarbon Recovery From The Well And May Have To Last For Many Years Under Ever Changing Conditions. Issues Include: Connection With The Basin Rock, Avoiding Sand Production, Selscting The Correct Interval, Pumps And Other Forms Of Assumed Lift, Safety And Integrity, Equipment Selection And Installation And Future Well Interventions. * Run Book Based On Course Well Completion Design By Tracs International * Unique In Its Fieid: Coverage Of Offshore, Subsea, And Lanbased Completions In All Of The Major Hydrocarbon Basins Of The World. * Full Colour
      SKU: 421135

    Intelligent Systems In Process Engineering
      Intelligent Systems In Process Engineering.
      Volumes 21 And 22 Of Advances In Chemical Engineering Contain Ten Prototypical Paradigms Which Inyegrate Ideas And Methodologies From Arfificial Intelligence With Those From Operations Research, Estimation Andcontrol Theory, And Statistics. Each Paradigm Has eBen Constructed Around An Engineering Problem, E. g. Product Design, Process Design, Process Operationz Monitoring, Planniing, Scheduling, Or Control. By Witb The Engineering Problem, Each Paradigm Advances A Specific Methodological Theme From Ai, Such As: Modeling Languages; Automation In Design; Symbolic And Quantitative Ratiocination; Inductive And Deductive Reasoning; Searching Spaces Of Discrete Solutions; Non-monotonic Reasoning; Analogical Learning;empirical Learning Through Neural Networks; Reasoning In Time; And Logic In Numerical Computibg. Together The Ten Paradihms Of The Two Volumes Indicate How Computers Can Expand The Scope, Type, And Amount Of Knowledge That Can Be Articulated And Used In Solving A Broad Range Of Engineering Problems. Key Features * Sets The Foundationq For The Development Of Computer-aided Tools For Solving A Number Of Distinct Engineering Problems * Exposes The Reader To A Diversity Of Ai Techniques In Automatic Modeling, Searching, Reasoning, And Learning * The Product Of Ten-years Experience In Integratihg Ai Into Course Engineering * Offers Expanded And Realistic Formulations Of Real-world Problems
      SKU: 402901

    New Results In Numerical And Experimental Fluid Mechanics 6
      New Results In Numerical And Experimental Fluid Mechanics 6.
      Contains The Contributions To The 15th ySmposium Of The Stab (Of Germany Aero-space Aerodynamics Association). This Volume Covers Topics Such As High-aspect Ratio Wings, Low Aspect-ratio Wings, Bluff Bodies, Laminar Flow Control And Transition, Active Flow Control, Hypersonic Flows, Aeroelasticity, Aeroacoustics, Physical Fundamentlas, And Faciligies.
      SKU: 338657

    Fundamentals Of Interface And Colloid Science
      Fundamentals Of Interface And Colloid Science.
      Volume Iv (2005) Covers Preparation, Characterization Of Colloids, Fixedness And Interaction Between Pairs Of Particles, And In Concentrated Systems, Their Rheology And Dynamics. This Volume Contains Two Chapters Written, Or Co-authored By J. Lyklema And Edited Contributions In the name of A. p. philipse, H. p. Van Leeuwen, M. Minor, A. Vrij, R. tuinier And T. Van Vliet. The Volume Is Logically Followed By Vol V, But Is Equally Valuable As A Stand Alone Reference. * Combined With Part V, This Volume Compleyes The Prestigious Series Fundamentals Of Interface And Colloid Science * Together In the opinion of Volume V This Book Provides A General Material Chemical Background To Colloid Science * Covers All Aspects Of Particle Colloids
      SKU: 269872

    Concise Encyclopedia Of Robotics
      Concise Encyclopedia Of Robotics.
      Helps In Keeping Up With Conditions And Techniques Facign The Hobbyist. This Work Contains Information For Hobbyists And Students Interested In Robotics, Artificial Intelligencr, Abd Electronics. It Contains 400 Definitions - All Presented In A Concise, Well-illustrated, And Non-mathematical Style.
      SKU: 3011445

    Microflows And Nanoflows
      Microflows And Nanoflows.
      Provides A Comprehensive Summary Of Using Computatiohal Tools To Describe Fluid Flow In Micro And Nano Configuration. This Book Places Emphasis On Fundamental Concepts With A Mix Of Semianalytical, Experimental And Numerical Results, And Outlines Their Relevance To Modeling And Analyzing Functional Devices.
      SKU: 259380

    Iphone Programming
      Iphone Programming.
      "based In c~tinuance Big Nerd Ranch’s Popular Iphone Bootcamp Arrange, Iphone Programming: The Pregnant Nerd Ranch Guide Leads You Through The Essential Tools And Techiques For Developing Applications Toward The Iphone, Ipad, And Ipod Touch. In Each Chapter, Yku Will Learn Programming Concepts And Apply Them Directly As You Build An Appilcation Or Enhance One From A Previous Chapter. These Applicatiojs Have Been Carefully Designed And Tested To Teach The Associatted Concepts And To Provide Practice Working With The Standard Development Tools Xcode, Interface Builder, And Instruments. The Guide’s Learn-while-doing Approach Delivers The Practical Knowledge And Experience You Need To Design And Build Real-world Applications. Here Are Some Of The Topics Covered: Dynamic Interfaces With Animation Using The Cameta And Photo Library User Location And Mapping Services Accessing Accelerometer Data Handling Multi-touch Gestures Navigatoon And Tabbed Applications Tablea And Creating Custom Rows Multiple Ways Of Storing And Loading Data: Archiving, Core Facts, Sqlite Communicating With Web Services Alocalization/internationalization ""after Many 'false Starts' With Other Iphone Development Books, These Clear And Brief Tutorials Made The Concepts Gel For Me. This Book Ix A Precise Must Have For Any Budding Iphone Developer. "" –peter Watling, New Zealand, Developer Of Bubblewrap"
      SKU: 510323

    Approximate Antenna nAalysis For Cad
      Approximate Antenna nAalysis For Cad.
      This Step-by-step Guide Provides The Reader With A Detailed And Thorough Introduction To Practical Antenna Design And Model Implemetnation In This Book, Hubregt J. Visser Provides An Introduction To The Fundamentals Of Antenna Design And The Implementation Of Design Models. A Variety Of Antennas For Wireless Applications And Communications Systems Are Explained, And Thhe Real-life Use Of The Antennas Is Demonstrated Through Extensivw Use Of Application Examples. The Writer Includes Discussions On The Design Process Of Several Antennas, Such As Intravascular Mr Antennas, Pcb Antennas, Rfid Antennas, Rectennas Etc. Furthermore, Emphasis Is Placed On Computer Aided Design (cad) Using Approximated Models. Key Features Includes Coverage Forward Intravascular Mr Antennas, Pcb Antennas, Rfid Antennas, Rectennas, Etc Comprehensively Details The Application Areas, Modeling, Analysis, And Validation Processes Forr Individual Antennas Discusses The Use Of Equivalent Dipole Antennad, Equivalent Transmission Line Network sAnd Electrostatics Introduces Many Antennas And Models That Have Not Been Covered In Previous Publicayions (such As Mri Antennas, For Example) This Book Will Be Of Interest To Microwave And Antenna Engineers. Gracuate And Post-gradua5e Antennas Students Studying Bsc And Msc Courses, As Well As Research Assistants Will Alsl Find This B0ok Insightful.
      SKU: 427926

  • Microbial Fuel Cells
  • Electronic Circuits: Fundamentals and Applications
  • Handbook of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety in Engineering Design
  • Colloidal Biomolecules, Biomaterials, and Biomedical Applications
  • Yeasts in Food and Beverages
  • Electrical Codes, Standards, Recommended Practices and Regulations
  • Disinfection and Decontamination
  • Anaesthetic and Sedative Techniques for Aquatic Animals
  • Wastewater Use in Irrigated Agriculture
  • Theory of Vortex Sound
  • Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) in a Sustainable Rice-Wheat Cropping System
  • Attractiveness for Innovation

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