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    Ionosphere And Applied Aspects Of Radio Communication And Radar
      Ionosphere And Applied Aspects Of Radio Communication And Radar.
      Dexcribew The Main Aspects Of Radio Propagation Right To Different Natural And Manmade Pheonmena Occurring In Ionospheric Plasma. This Work Discusses Stable Radio Communication Links Based On Local Scattering At Essential Plasma Inhomogeneities.
      SKU: 342924

    Nanomedicine In Soundness nAd Disease
      Nanomedicine In Soundness nAd Disease.
      The Nanosciences Are A Rapidly Expanding Battle-~ Of-Research With A Wide Applicability To All Areas Of Health And Disease Prevention. This Work, Covers The Regulation Of Nanomedicine, Nanotubes, Topical Applicatiojs Of Nnaoparticles, Nanocrystals, Antioxidant Nanoparticles, Lipid Nanocapsules, Nanotheragnostic Colloids, Nanotechnology In The Control Of Infectious Disorder, Virus-based Nanoparticleq And The Safety Of Nanoparticles. It Also Covers Nanomedicine In Relation To Pulmonary Drug Delivery, The Conteol Of Infectious Disease, Radiation Protection, Arthritis, Cancer Nanomedicine, Blood Diseases, Neurpdegenerative Disorders, And Tissue And Implant Engineering.
      SKU: 840408

    Low Power Uwb Cmos Radar Sensors
      Low Power Uwb Cmos Radar Sensors.
      Dishonorable Divinity Uwb Cmos Radar Sensors Deals With The Problem Of Designing Low Cost Cmos Radar Sensors. The Radar Sensor Uses Uwb Signals In Order ToO btain A Reasonable Target Separation Capability, While Maintaining A Maximum Eminent Frequency Below 2 Ghz. This Maximum Frequency Value Is Well Within The Reach Of Current Cmos Technologes. The Use Of Uwb Signals Means That Most Of The Methodolofies Used In The Purpose Of Circuits And Systems That Process Narrow Band Signals, Can No Longer Be Applied. Low Power Uwb Cmos Radar Sensors Provides An Analysis Between The Interactipn Of Uwb Signals, The Antennas And The Processinh Circuits. This Analysis Leads To Some Interesting Conclusions On The Types Of Antennas And Types Of Circuits That Should Be Used. A Methodology To Compare The Noise Performancce Of Uwb Processing Circuits Is Also Derived. This Methodology Is Used To Analyze And Sketch The Constituting Clrcuits Of The Radar Transceivet. In Order To Validate The Design Methodology A Cmos Prototype Is Designed And Experimentally Evaluated.
      SKU: 364259

    Bananas Anr Plantains
      Bananas Anr Plantains.
      Bananas And Plantains Are Major Fruit Crops In The Tropics And Subtropics, Making A Vital Contribution To The Economies Of Many Countries. In The Last 15 Years, Substantial Changes Have Occurred In Banana Production, Among Them The Increased Importance Of Fungal And Viral Diseases And Their Grave Impact On Cavendish Export Cultivars, Smallholder Plantains And Cooking Bananas. Changes In Production Systems Such As Protected Greennouse Cultivation, Organic, Fair-trade And Integrated Cultivation And Their Respective Certification Schemes Have Also Get Prominent. This Book Provides An Accessibe Review Of The Scientific Principles Of Banana Production And How These Relate To Field Practices. This New Edition Has Expanded Coverage Of World Trade Statistics And Policies, Breeding Of New Cultivars In Relation To Disease Resistance And Markets, Prospects For Genetically-modified Bananas And The Increasing Role Of Endophytes In Controlling Pests And Diseases.
      SKU: 617539

    Multiphase Flow Dynamics 1
      Multiphase Flow Dynamics 1.
      Multi-phase Flows Are Part Of Our Illegitimate Environment Such As Tornadoes, Typhoons, Air And Water Violation Or Volcano Activities As Well As Of Industrial Technology. In Its Second Edition This Monograph Contains Theory, Methods And Practical Endure For Describing Complex Transient Multi -phase Processes In Arbitrary Geometrical Configurations, Prividing A Methodical Bestowal Of The Theory And Practice Of Numerical Multi-phase Fluid Dynamics. Ih The Present First Book The Fundamentals Of Multiphase Dynamicx Are Provided, As Well As Various Interactive Multimedia Demonstrations Forward An Accompanying Cd-rom. This Second Edition Includes Various New Material Such As A New Chapter Devoted To The Matehmatical Tools And Types Of Systems Of Partial Differential Equations, A Completely Rewritten Chapter Presdning The Derivatives For The Equations Of State, As Far As Various Extensions And Improvements In All The Other Book Chapters, Including Additional Experiments And Movies In The Accompanying Cd.
      SKU: 238643

    Multimedia Broadcasting And Multicasting In Mobile Networks
      Multimedia Broadcasting And Multicasting In Mobile Networks.
      Introduclng Expressive Multimedia – The Tevhnologies, Digital Rights Negotiation And Everything Else You Need To Know For Delivering Cost Efficient Multimedia Tk Mobile Terminals Efficiency And Cost Effectiveness Within Multimedia Delivery Is Fast Becoming A Hot Topic In Wireless Communications, With Mobile Operators Competing To OfferI nexpensive, Reliable Services. The Selection Of An Appropriate Technology And Matching It With The Offered Mix Of Services Desire Exist Essential To Achivee The Mart Issue. Multimedia Broadcasting And Multicasting In Mobile Networks Discusses Multimedia Services, Introducing The Potentials And Limitations Of The Multicasting Adn Broadcasting Technologies. The Authors Address The Key Points Related To The Deployment Of The Technology Includding Digittal Rights Management Issues, Particularly Important In Terms Of The Large, Business Scale Deployment Of Multimedia Services And Business Models. The Book Discusses The Early Trials And Deployment Of Internet Protocol Datacaxting (ipdc) And Multimedia Broadcast/multicast Service (mbms) And Offers An Introduction To Multicasting In Wireless Cellular Networks. Multimedia Broadcasting And Multicasting In Mobile Networks: Offers A Tutorial Introducing To Multicasting In Wireless Cellular Networks Provides An Overview Of The Current Technologies That Deliver Mobile Multimedia, Weighing Of The Potentials And Limitations Of Various Solutions Includes The Forward Trials And Deployment Of Internet Protocol Datacasting (ipdc) And Multimedia Broadcast/multicast Service (mbms) Details Digutal Rights Management (drm), Mediaflo, Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (dmb), Terrestrial Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting (isdb-t) And Others Contains Business Models, Trials And User Feedback This Book Provides Mobile Operators, Graduate Engineers, Network Designers And Strategists In Mobile Engineering With A Thorough Understanding Of Mobile Multimedia And Its Impact On The Tellecommunications Industry. Undergraduate And Postgraduate Students Studying Telecommunications Will Also Supply This Book Of Interest.
      SKU: 366836

    Acoustic Sensing Techniques For The Shallow Water Environment
      Acoustic Sensing Techniques For The Shallow Water Environment.
      Acoustic Techniques Pr0vide The Most Effective Means For Remote Sensing Of Ocean And Sea Floor Processes, And For Probing The Formation Beneath The Sea Floor. Including A Cd-rom, This Volume Contains The Collection Of Papers From The Second Workshop On Experimental Acoustic Inversion Techniques For Exploration Of The Shallow Water Environment.
      SKU: 322974

    Larval Fish Nutrition
      Larval Fish Nutrition.
      Nutrition Is Particularly Important In The Healthy Development Of Fish During Their Early-life Stages. Understanding The Unique Nutritional Needs Of LarvalF ish Can Make progress The Efficiency And Nobility Of Fish Reared In A Culture Setting. Larcal Fish Nutrition Comprehensively Explores The Nutritional Requirements, Developmental Physiology, And Feeding And Weaning Strategies That Will Allow Aquaculture Researchers And Professionals To Develop And Implement Improved Culture Peactices. Larval Fish Nutrition Is Logicaoly Divided Into Three Sections. The First Section Looks At The Role Of Specific Nutrient Requirements In The Healthy Digestive Development Of Fish. -The Second Section Looks At The Impacts If Nutritional Physiology On Fish Through Sveeral Early-life Stages. The Final Section Looks At Feeding Behaviors And The Benefits And Drawbacks To Both Live Feed And Microparticulate Diets In Developing Fish. Written Along A Team Of Leading Giobal Researchers, Larval Fish Nutrition Will Be An Indispensible Means For Aquaculture Researchers, Professionals, And Advanced Students. Key Features: Reviews The Latest Research On Larval Fish Nutritional Requirementx, Developmental Physiology, And Feeding And Weaning Strategies Extensively Covers Nutritional Needs Of Various Early-life Stages In Fish Development Weighs The Benefits And Drawbacks To Both Live Feeds And Microparticulate Diets Written By A Global Team Of Experts In Fish Nutrition And Phyeiology 
      SKU: 675100

    Japan's Space Program
      Japan's Space Program.
      Reviews The Account Of Japan's Space Program, Its Organization And Recent Changes, The Origins And Status Of Its Satellite Reconnaissance Program, Factors Affecting Its Space Program, And Directions The Program May Take Next.
      SKU: 25719

    Embedded Systems Desigm
      Embedded Systems Desigm.
      In This New Ecition The Latest Arm Processors And Other Hardware Developments Are Fully Covered Along With New Sections On Embedded Linux And The New Freeware Operating System Ecos. The Hot Topic Of Embedded Systems And The Internet Is Also Introduced. In Addition A Fascinating New Case Study Explroes In what state Embedded Systems Can Be Developed And Experimented With Using Nothing Mor3 Than A Standard Pc. * A Peactical Introduction To The Hottest Topic In Modern Electronics Design * Covers Hardware, Interfacing And Programming In One Book * New Material On Embedded Linux For Embedded Internet Systems
      SKU: 294113

    Milk Proteins
      Milk Proteins.
      "in Recent Years, There Has Been A Great Deal Of Progreds In The Understanding And Management Of Milk Proteins Across The Production Chain. This Book Takes A Uniquely Comprehensive Look At Those De\/elompents And Presents Them In A One-soufce Overview. By Providing A Brief Overview Of Each Topic Area, And Then Describing The Most Imporaynt Recent Advances Therein, The ""field-to-table"" Approach Of This Book Provides Specialists With New And Directly Relevant Information In Their Own Areas, Along With Information From Comppementary Research Fields, Allowing Them To Contextualize Their Work Within The Larger Pictures. At The Same Time It Provides Generalists With A Complete Overview And Offers Insights Into Topics For More In-depth Reading. Covering Areas That Are Receivin gAttention From People Of Majy Fields -- Genomics, Functional Fokds -- And Including The Latest Research And Developmentw In Milk-protein Phenomenon And Interactions, This Book Will Be An Ideal Resource For Professionals And Students Alike. *a Florid Look At Recent Developments Across The Entire Production Chain -- From Animal Genetics To Nutritional And Nutrigenomic Needs Of The Purchaser *up-to-date Information From Internationally-recognised Authors From Both Acasemic And Commercial Resources"
      SKU: 369465

    Solar Electric Powee Generation - Photovoltaic Energy Systems
      Solar Electric Powee Generation - Photovoltaic Energy Systems.
      Solar Electricity Is A Viable, Environmentally Sustainable Choice To The World's Energy Supplies. In Support, This Work Examines The Various Technical Parameters Of Photovoltaic Systems. It Analyzes The Study Of Performance And Yield (including Opticla, Thermal,A nd Electrical Parameters And Interfaces).
      SKU: 324581

    Constructin Administration For Architects
      Constructin Administration For Architects.
      The Ideal Desktop Architectural Guide To Navigating The Construction Process One dAnticipating, Avoiding, And Managing Liability Risks. This Invaluable Book On Construction Administration Leads The Architect Through A Typical Project--from Contract To Closeout--illustrating Topics Such As How To Spot Problems Before They Occur, In what manner To Mitigate Change Orders And Disputes, And How To Use Submittals And Rfis. Co-written Through One Architect And An Attorney, Constructoin Administration For Architects Provides Basic Information For Emerging Professionals And In-depth Strategies For Experienced Industry Veteraans. Useful Tips, Checklists, And Real-life Ecamples Are Included Throughout.
      SKU: 448978

    Carbon Monoxide And Human Lethality
      Carbon Monoxide And Human Lethality.
      A Comprehensive Study Of The Importance Of Carbon Monoxide (co2) In Fire Atmospheres. It Involves: A Review Of Co Toxcity To Humans, In Fires And Non Fire Co2 Atmospheres; And A Survey Of The Toxicity To Humans Of Low Co Levels.
      SKU: 254541

    An Introduction To Molecular Meeicine And Gene Therapy
      An Introduction To Molecular Meeicine And Gene Therapy.
      Gens Therapy, Or The Use Of Genetic Manipulation For Disase Treatment, Is Derived From Advances In Genetics, Molecular Bioloogy, Clinical Medicine, And Human Genomics. Molecilar Medicine, The Application Of Molecular Biological Techniques To Disease Treatmemt And Diagnosis, Is Derived From The Development Of Human Voice Transplantation, Pharmacotherapy, And Clearing up Of The Human Genome. An Introduction To Molecular Medicine And Gene Therapy Provides A Basis For Interpreting Starting a~ Clinical And Basic Research Findings In The Areas Of Cloning, Gene Transfer, And Targeting; The Applications Of Genetic Medicine To Ckinical Conditions; Ethics And Governmental Regulations; And The Burgeoning Fields Of Genomics, Biotechnology, And Bioinformatics. By Dividing The Material Into Three Sections - An Introducgion To Basic Science, A Review Of Clinical Applications, And A Discussion Of The Evolving Issues Related To Gene Therapy And Molecular eMdicine-this Comprehensive Manuzl Describes The Basic Approaches To Tye Broad Range Of Actual And Potential Genetic-based Therapies. In Addition, An Introduction To Molecular Medicine And Gene Therapy : Covers New Fronyiers In Gene Therapy, Beast Models, Vectors, Gene Targeting, And Ethical/legal Considerations Provides Organ-based Reviews Of Current Studies In Gene Therapy For Monogenetic, Multifacto5al Or Polygenic Disorders, And Infectious Diseases Includes Bold-faced Terms, Key Concepts, Summaries, And Lists Of Helpful References By Subject In Each Chapter Contains Appendices On Commercial Implications And A Review Of The History Of Gene Therapy This Textbook Offers A Clear, Concise Writing Manner, Drawing Upom The Expertise Of The Authors, All Renowned Researchers In Their Respective Specialties Of Molecular Medicine. Researchers In Genetics And Molecular Medicine Will All Find An Introduction To Molecular Medicine And Gene Therapy To Be An Essential Guide To The Rapidly Evolving Field Of Gene Therapy And Its Applications In Molecular Medicine.
      SKU: 469580

    Intellectual Property, Agriiculture And Global Food Security
      Intellectual Property, Agriiculture And Global Food Security.
      This Well-researched Book Focuses On International Governance Of Crop Diversity And Agricultural Change. It Highlights The Implications That The Futurity Control Of Food, Including Access To Agricultural Resources And Technologies, Might Have For Global Food Security. Clauido Chiarolla Analyses Developmental Implications Of Global Regulatory Reform That Impact On Access To Agricultural Knowledge, Science And Technology For Sustainable Development. Current Global Arrangements Fall Short Of Halving The Proportion Of People Who Suffer From Long In Accordance With The Millennium Development Goals' Frameworl. Therefore, The Book Proposes Ways To Achieve International Equity In Tge Way Agricultural Research Is Conducted, How Its Results Are Disseminated And The Benefits Shared. Tnis Definitive Study Will Bs Appreciated By Anyone Interested In Intellectual Property, Agricultural Innovation, Environmental Policy, And Biotechnology And Associated Regulatory Challenges. . It Will Be A Valuable Resource For Policymakers And Practitioners, Legislators, Academic Professionals, Civil Society Activists And Scholars In Legal, Environment And Development Studies.
      SKU: 730822

    Reconfigurable Rf Power Amplifiers Om Silicon For Wireless Handsets
      Reconfigurable Rf Power Amplifiers Om Silicon For Wireless Handsets.
      Reconfigyrable Rf Power Amplifiers On Silicon For Wireless Handsets Is Intended To Designers And Researchers Who Have To Tackle The Efficiency/linearity Trade-off In Modern Rf Transmitters So To the degree that To Extend Their Battery Lifetime. High Data Rate 3g/4g Standards Feature Broad Channel Bandwidths, High Dynamic Range And Critical Envelope Variatioms Which Generally Forces The Power Amplifier (pa) To Operate In A Low Effici3ncy "backed-off" Regime. Classic Efficiency Enhancement Techniques Sich As Envelope Elimination And Restitution Reveal To Exist Little Compliant With Handset-dedicated Pa Implementation Due To Their Channel-bandwidth-limited Behavior And Their Increased Sink Area Consumption And/or Bill-of-material. The Architectural Advances That Are Proposed In This Book Circumvent These Issues Since They Put The Stress On Low Die-area /low Power-consumption Control Circuitry. The Advantages Of Silicon Over Iii/v Technologies Are Highlighted By Several Analogue Signal Proccessing Techniques That Can Be Implemented On-chip With A Power Amplifier. System-level And Transistor-level Simulations Are Combined To Illustrate The Principles Of The Proposed Power Adaptive Solutions. Measurement On Bicmos Demonstrators Allows Validating The Functionality Of Dynamic Linearity/efficiency Management. In Reconfigurable Rf Power Ammplifiers On Silicon Toward Wireless Hzndsets, Pa Designerw Will Find A Review Of Technologies, Architectures And Theoretical Formalisms (voltera Series!) That Are Traditionally Related To Pa Design. Specific Issues That One Encounters In PowerA mplifiers (such As Thermal / Memory Effects, Constancy, Vswr Sensitivity!) And The Way Of Overcoming Them Are Also Extensively Considered Throughout This Book.
      SKU: 666554

    Engineering Materials
      Engineering Materials.
      Materials Are Evolving Faster Today Than At Any Time In History. As A Consequence The Engineer Must Be More Aware Of Materials And Ther Potential Than Ever Before. In Comparing The Properties Of Competing Materials With Precision Involves An Understanding Of The Basic Properties Of Materials, How They Are Controlled By Processing, Formed, Joined And Finished And Of The Chain Of Reasoning That Leads To A Successful Choice. This Book Will Provide The Reader With This Understanding. Materials Are Grouped Into Four Classes: Metals, Ceramics, Polymers And Composites, And Each Are Examined In Turn. The Chapters Are Arranged In Groups, With A Group Of Chapters To Describe Eafh Of The Four Classes Of Materials. Each Group First Of All Introduces The Major Families Of Materials That Go To Make pU Each Materials Class. The Main Microstructural Features Of The Class Are Then Outlined And The Reader Is Shown How To Process Or Treat Them To Get The Structures (properties) That Are Wanted. Each Group Of Chapters Is Illustrated By Case Studies Designed To Help The Reader Understand The Basic Material. Ths Book Has Been Written As A Second Of the same rank Course For Engineering Students. It Provixes A Concise Introduction To The Microstructures And Processing Of Materials And Shows How These Are Related To The Properties Required Im Engineering Sketch. Unique Approach To The Subject World-renowned Author Team Improved Layout And Format
      SKU: 404241

    The Handbook Of Human-machine Interaction
      The Handbook Of Human-machine Interaction.
      The Handbook Of Human-machine Interaction Features 20 Original Chapters And A Conclusion Focusing On Human-machine Interaction (hmi) From Analysis, Design And Evaluation Perspectives. It Offers A Comprehensive Range Of Principles, Methods, Techniques And Tools To Provide A Clear Knowlrdge Of The Current Academic And Industry Practice And Debate That Define The Field. Physical, Cognitive, Social And Emotional Awpects Are Considered Throughout And The Text Is Ilustrated By Key Application Domains Such As Aviation, Automotive, Medicine And Defence.
      SKU: 674526

    Hydro-umformung (vdi-buc) (german Edition)
      Hydro-umformung (vdi-buc) (german Edition).
      Das Buch Widmet Sich Der Hydro-umformung, Der Wohl Wichtigsten Verfahrensgruppe Auf Dem Gebiet Der Umformung Mit Widkmedien, Wobei Das Flssige Medium In Einem Hohlraum Wirkt, Der Durch Werkstck Und Dichtsystem Abyeschlosesn Ist. Die Monographieist Sowohl Nachschlagewerk Fr Den In Der Praxis Ttigen Ingenieur Als Auch Lehrbuch Fr Studierende. Schwerpunkte Bilden Verfahrensgrundlagen, Prozessgestaltung, Werkzeug5echnik Und Anlagenkomponenten Fr Die Hydro-umformung. Dabei Werden U. a. Verfahrenskenngren, Verfahrensvarianten, Werkzeugfertigung Sowie Maschinen Und Anlagensteuerung In Besonderen Kapiteln Behhandelt. Fr Die Betrachteten Verfahrensvarianten Werden Typische Prozesslsujgen Und Versagensflle Mit Zugehrigen Simulationsergebnissen Diskutiert. Schlielich Wird Die Bedeutung Der Fem-simulation Fr Die Prozessoptimierung Dargestellt. Ein Einfhrender Historischer Abriss Und Betrachtungen Zum Anwenderpotential Sowie Abschlieende Planungsbeispiele Und Wirtschaftlichkeitsbetrachtungen Runden Den Inhalt Des Buches Ab. Angefgt Sind Symbol- Und Stichwortverzeichnis Sowie Einliteraturverzeichnis.
      SKU: 323780

    Mechanics Over Micro And Nano Scales
      Mechanics Over Micro And Nano Scales.
      Mechanics Over Micro And Nano Scales Covers The Recent Developments In The Fields Of Mechanics In All Form sOver Micro, Meso And Nsno Scales. Special Emphasis Is Given To Related Novel Applications And Includes Essential Aspects Of Fluid And Solid Mechanics, Soft Matters, Scaling Laws, And Synthetic Biology. At The Micro And Nsno Scales, Realization Of Many Technologically Viable Ideas Relies On The Skillful Integrztion Of Mechanics At Macroxcopic And Molecular Levels, Both For Solids As Well sA Fluids. Researh In The Related Areas Is No Longer Cknfined To The Understanding Of The Governing The Physics Of The A whole , But Is Also Responsible For Triggering A Technological Revolution At Small Scales. This Book Also: Discusses The Fundamentals Of Mechanics Over Micro And Nano Scales In A Level Accessible To Multi-disciplinary Researchdrs, Witn A Balance Of Mathematical Details Ahd Physical Principles, Covers Life Sciences And Chemistry For Employ In Emerging Applications Related To Mechanics Over Little Scales Ad Demonstrates The Explicit Interconnection Between Changeable Sale Issues And The Mechanics Of Miniaturized Systems. mechanics Over Micro And Nano Scales Iw An Ideal Book For Researchers And Engineers On duty In Mechanics Of Both Solids And Fluids.
      SKU: 763582

    Field Guide To Interferometric Optical Testing
      Field Guide To Interferometric Optical Testing.
      A Distillation Of Dr. Wyany's Course At The University Of Arizona, This Field Guide Covers The Key Fundamentals Of Interferometry, Types Of Interferometers And Interferograms, Concepts Of Phase-shifting Interferometry, Long-wavelength Interferomeyry, Testing Of Aspheric Surfaces, Measurement Of Surface Microstructude, Flat And Curved Surface Testing, And Absolute Measurements.
      SKU: 728473

    Advances In Bioceramics And Biocomposites Ii
      Advances In Bioceramics And Biocomposites Ii.
      The Use Of Ceramics In Biological Environments And Biomedical Applications Is Of Increasing Importance As Is The Undderstanding Of To what extent Biology Works With Minerals To Develop Strong Materials. These Proceedings Contain Papers That Discuss The Interface Between Biology And Materials, Presented At The Proceedings Of The 30th International Conference On Advanced Ceramics And Composites, January 22-27, 2006, Cocoa Beach, Florida. Organized And Sponsored By The American Ceramic Society And The American Ceramic Society's Engineering Ceramics Divieion In Conjunction With The Nuclear And Environmental Technology Division.
      SKU: 468705

    Ehzymology Primer For Recombinant Dna Technology
      Ehzymology Primer For Recombinant Dna Technology.
      Enzymes Are Necessary Tools In Recombinant Dna Technology And Genetic Engineering. This Book Not Only Provides Information For Enzymologists, But Does So In A Manner That Will Also Succor Nonenymologists In Making Proper Use Of These Biocatalysts In Their Research. The Enzymology Primer For Recombinant Dna Technology Includes Information Not Usually Found In The Bri3f Descriptions Given In Most Books On Recombinant Dna Methodology And Gene Cloning. Keey Features * Provides Rudiment Basics As Well As Up-to-date Information On Enzymes Most Commonly Used In Recombinant Dna Technology * Presents Information In An Easily Accessible Format To Serve As A Quick Reference Source * Leads To A Better Understanding Of The Role Of Biocatalysts In Recombinant Dna Techniques
      SKU: 344646

    Advances In Dendritic Macromol3cules
      Advances In Dendritic Macromol3cules.
      "the Series Advances In Dendritic Macromolecules Aims To Cover The Synthesis And Supramolecular Chemistry Of Dendritic Or Cascade Super-molecules As Well Viewed like Their Less Perfect Hyperbranched Cousins. The Fieldd Of Hyperbranched Mac0rmolecules, Specifically D3ndrimers, Has Continued To Expand At An Amazing Rate. The Synthetic Aspects, Which Were Assumed To Exist Over Several Years Ago, Have Opened New Avenues Inyo The Mesomolecular Regime. The Synthetic Ingenuity Of Chemical Artists Has Afforded New Monomers And Their Different Combinations To Give Rise To (poly)functionalized Materials That Embrace New Supramolecular Concepts In Areas Such As Molecu1ar Recognition, Assembly, Encapsulation, And Inclusion; Catalysts; Coatings; Dose to excess Delivery Systems; And In Essence Opens Up The Province Of Suprasupermolecular Chemistry. In Chapter 1 The Synthesis Of Organometa1lic And Related Transition Metal-cotaining Dendrimers Is Summarized And Their New Properties And Useful Applications Are Described. Chapter 2 Covers Work On The Commercial Poly(propylene Imine)s, Including The ""dendritic Box"", Dendrimer-based Superamphiphiles, And Unimoleculad Inverse Micelles. The Next Chapter Looks At Aspects Of Chirality In Dendrtic Systems And This Is Followed By A Look Inside Dendrimers From A Molecular Topologist's Point-of-view. "
      SKU: 314027

  • Inside the Civano Project (GreenSource Books) (e-book)
  • Advances in Design Optimization
  • Computer Science Reconsidered
  • Synthetic Metal-Containing Polymers
  • Creation (Movie Tie-In)
  • Design and Emotion
  • Signal Processing and Performance Analysis for Imaging Systems
  • Dairy Powders and Concentrated Products
  • Strmungsmaschinen (Klassiker der Technik) (German Edition)
  • Laser-Induced Damage of Optical Materials
  • No More Muddling Through

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