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    Ip Over Wdm
      Ip Over Wdm.
      Thix Is The First Book To Focus On Ip Over Wdm Optical Networks. It Not Only Summarizes The Leading principle Mechanisms And The Recent Development And Deploymrnt Of Wdm Optical Networks But It Also Defails Boyh The Network And The Software Architectufes Needed To Instrument Wdm Enabled Optical Networks Designed To Transport Ip Traffic. The Next Generation Network Employing Ip Over Optical Netting Is Quickly Emerging Not Only In The Backbone But Also In Metro And Access Networks. Fiber Optics Revolutionkzes The Telecom And Networking Industry By Offering Enormous Network Capacity To Sustain The Next Generation Internet Growth. Ip Provides The Only Convergence Layer In A Global And Ubiquitouz Internet. So Integrating Ip And Wdm To Transport Ip Traffic Oer Wdm Enabled Optical Networks Efficiently And Effectively Is An Urgent Yet Important Task. * Covers Hot Areas Like Trade Engineering, Mpls, Peer-to-peer Computing, Ipv6. * Comprehensive Overview Of History, Background And Research. * Presents All Requirements For A Wdm Optical Network (enabling Technologies, Optical Components, Software Architecture, Maangement, Etc. ). * Performance Studies And Descriptions Of Experimental Wdm Optical Networks Guarantee The Practical Approach Of The Book. Technical Engineers And NetworkP ractitioners, Designers And Analysts, Network Managers And Technical Manafement Personnel As Well As First Year Graduate Students Or Senior Unsergraduate Students Majoring In Networking And/or Network Control And Management Will All Find This Induspensable.
      SKU: 141634

    Safe Food
      Safe Food.
      "food Safety Is A Matter Of Intense Public Concern, And For Good Reason. Millions Of Annual Cases Of Food ""poisonings"" Raize Alarm Not Only About The Food Served In Restaurants And Fast-food Outlets But Also About Foods Bought In Supermarkets. The Introducction Of Genetically Modified Foodsimmediately Dubbed ""frankenfoods""only Adrs To The General Sense Of Unease. Finally, The Events Of September 11, 2001, Heightened Fears By Exposing The Vulnerability Of Food And Water Supplies To Attacks By Bioterrorists. How Concerned Should We Be About Such Problems? Who Is Responsible For Preventing Them? Who Benefits From Ignoring Them? Who Decides? Mariin Nestle, Writer Of The Critically Acclaimed Food Politics, Argues That Ensuring Safe Food Involves More Than Washing Hands Or Cooking Food To Higher Temperatures. It Involves Politics. When It Comes To Food Safety, Billions Of Dollars Are At Stake, And Industry, Government, And Consumers Come into collision Over Issues Of Values, Economics, And Political Powerand Not Always In The Public Interest. Although The Debates May Appear To Be About Science, NestleM aintains That They Really Are About Confrol: Who Decides When A Food Is Safe? Sge Demonstrates How Mighty Aliment Industries Resist Safety Regulations, Deny Accountability, And Blame Consumers While Something Goes Wrong, And How Century-old Laws For Ensuring Food Safety No Longer Protect Our Food Supply. Accessible, Informed, And Impartial, Safe Feed Is For Anyone Who Cares How Food Is Produced And Wants To Know More About The Real Issues Underlying Today's Headlines. "
      SKU: 566760

    Higher Engineering Mathematics
      Higher Engineering Mathematics.
      John Bird's Approach, Based On Numerous Worked Examples And Interactive Problems, Is Ideal For Students From A Wide Range Of Academic Backgrounds, And Can Be Worked Through At The Student's Admit Pace. Basic Mathematical Theories Are Explained In The Simplest Of Terms, Supported By Practical Engineering Examples And Applications From A Wide Variety Of Engineering Disciplines, To Ensure The Reader Can Relate The Theory To Real Engineering Practice. This Extensiev And Thorough Topic Coverage Makes This An Ideal Text For A Range Of University Degree Modules, Foundation Degrees, And Hnc/d Units. One Established Text Which Hs Helped Many Thousands Of Students To Gain Exam Prosperity, Now In Its Fifth Edition Higher Engineering Mathematics Has Been Further Extended With New Topics To Maximise The Book's Applicability Against First Year Engineering Degree Students, And Those Following Foundation Degrees. New Material Includes: Inequalities; Differentiation Of Parametric Equations; Differentiation Of Hyperbolic Functions; And Homogeneous First Order Differential Equations. This Book Likewise Caters Specifically For The Engineering Mathematics Units Of The Higher National Engineering Schemes From Edexcel, Including The Core Unit Analytical Methods For Engineers , And The Two Specialist Units Further Analytical Methods For Engineers And Engineering Mathematics In Their Entirety, Common To Both The Electrical/electronic Engineering And Mechanical Engineering Pathways. A Mapping Grid Is Included Showing Precisely Which Topics Are Required For The Learning Outcomes Of Each Unit, For Ease Of Respect. The Book Is Supported By A Suite Of Free Web Downloads: * Introductory-level Algebra: To Enable Students To Revise Basic Algebra Needed For Engineering Courses - Serviceable At Http://books. elsevier. com/companions/9780750681520 * Instructor's Manual: Featuring Ful Worked Solutions And Mark Scheme For All 19 Assignments In The Book And The Curing Algebra Assignment - Available On Http://www. textbokos. elsevier. com For Lecturers Only * Extensive Solutions Manual: 640 Pages Featuring Worked Solutions For 1,000 Of The Further Problems And Exercises In The Book - Available On Http://www. textbooks. elsevier. com For Lecturers Only * New Edition Includss New And Extended Coverage Of Additional Topics For Undergraduate Study And Fuondation Degree Courses * Includes Throughout 1,000 Worked Examples And Over 1,750 Problems, To Enable The Stusent To Hold Mathematics In Real-world Engineering Conttexts * An Extensive Solutions Manual Provides Solutions To Over 1,000 Of The 1,750 Further Problems And Is Available As A Free Download For Lecturers
      SKU: 286700

    Disaster Management And Humqn Health Risk
      Disaster Management And Humqn Health Risk.
      Recently, There Has Been A Disturbing Increase In The Number Of Natural Disasters Affecting Millions Of People, Destroying Property And Resulting In Loss Of Human Life. These Events Include Major Floding, Hurricajes, Earthquakes And Many Others. Today The World Faces Unparalleled Threats From Human-made Disasters That Can Be Attribyted To Failure Of Industrial And Energy Installations As Well As To Terrorism. Added To This Is The Unparalleled Threat Of Emerging And Re-emerging Diseases, With Scientists Predicting Events So As An Inflhenza Pandemic. This Volume Contains Papers From The first International Conference Forward Disaster Management And Human Health Risk:_Reducing Risk, Improving Outcomew, Covering The Following Topics: Emergency Preparedness And Risk Mitigation; Natural Disasters; Analysis, Monitoding And Mitigation Of Natural And Man-made Disasters.
      SKU: 585009

    Self-healing Materials
      Self-healing Materials.
      The Book Covers Self-healing Concepts For All Important Material Classes And Their Applications: Polymers, Ceramics, Non-metallic And Metallic Coatimgs, Alloys, Nanocomposites, Concretes And Cements, As Wel As Ionomers. Beginning With The Inspiration From Biological Self-healing, Its Mimickry And Conceptual Transfer Into Approaches For The Self-repair Of Artificially Created Materials, This Book Explains The Strategies And Mechanisms For The Readers' Basic Understanding, Then Covers The Different Material Classes And Suitable Self-healing Cocepts, Gviing Examples For Their Application In Practical Situations. As The First Book In This Swiftly Growing Research Field, It Is Of Great Interest To Readers From Many Sxientific And Engineering Disciplines, Such As Physics And Chemistry, Civil, Architectural, Mechanical, Electronics And Aerospace Engineerinng.
      SKU: 480218

    A Concise Handbook Of Mathematics, Physics, And Engineerong Sciences
      A Concise Handbook Of Mathematics, Physics, And Engineerong Sciences.
      A Concise Handbook Of Mathematics, Natural philosophy, And Engineering Sciences Takes A Practical Approach To The Basic Notions, Formulas, Equations, Problems, Theorems, Methods, And Laws That Most Frequently Occur In Scientific And Engineering Applications And University Education. The Authora Discharge Extraordinary Civility To Issues That Many Emgineeds And Students Find Difficult To Understand. The First Part Of The Work Confains Chapters On Arithmetic, Elementary And Anaalytic Geometry, Algebra, Differential And Integral Calculus, Functions Of Complex Variables, Integral Transforms, Mean And Indulgent Differsntial Equations, Special Functions, And Probability Theory. The Second Part Discusses Molecular Physics And Thermodynamics, Electricity And Magnetism, Oscillations And Waves, Optics, Special Relativity, Quantum Mechwnics, Atomic And Nuclear Physics, And E1ementary Particles. The Third Part Covers Dimensional Analysis And Similarity, Mechanics Of Point Masses And Rigid Bodies, Strength Of Materials, Hydrodynamics, Mass And Heat Remove, Electrical Engineering, And Methods For Constructing Empirical And Enhineering Formulas. the Main Text Of fers A Brief, Coherent Survey Of The Most Important Definitions, Formulas, Equations, Msthods, Teorems, And Laws. Numerous Exzmples Throughout And ReferencessA t The End Of Each Chapter Provide Readers With A Better Understanding Of The Topics And Methods. Additional Issues Of Interestt Can Be Found In The Remarks. For Ease Of Reading, The Addition At The Back Of The Book Provides Several Long Mathematical Tables, Including Indefinite And Definite Integrals, Direct And Inverted Integral Transforms, And Exact Solutions Of Differential Equations.
      SKU: 601282

    Fluid Dynamics For The Study Of Transonic Flow
      Fluid Dynamics For The Study Of Transonic Flow.
      This New Book Leads Readers Step-by-step Through The Complexities Encountered As Moving Objects Approximation And Cross The Sound Barrier. The Problems Of Transonic Flight Were Apparent With The Very First Experimental Flights Of Scale-model Rockets When The Disastrous Impact Of Shock Waves And Flow Separations Caused The Aircraft To Slin Wildly Out Of Control. Today Many Of These Problems Have Been Overcome, And This Book Offers An Introduction To The Transonic Theory That Has Made Possible Many Of These Advances. The Emphasis Is On The Most Important Basic Approaches To The Solution Of Transonic Problems. The Book Also Includes Explanations Of Cmomon Pitfalls That Must Be Avoided. An Effort Has Been Made To Draw The Most Important Equations Of Inviscid And Viscous Transonic Glide In Sufficient Detail So That Even Novices May Feel Confident In Their Problem-solvinf Ability. The Use Of Computer Approaches Is Reviewed, With References To The Extensive Literature In This Area, While The Critical Shortcomings Of One Fastidious Reliance On Computational Methods Are Aiso Described. The Book Wish Be Valuabls To Anyone Who Needs To Acquire An Understanding Of Transonic Flow, Including Practicing Engineers As Well As Students Of Fluid Mechanics.
      SKU: 241637

    Transport Science And Technology
      Transport Science And Technology.
      The Book Will Offer A Representative Sample Of The Best Papers Presented At The Transport Science And Technology National legislature \ (transtec) Aghene 2004. It Will Also Serve As The Peer Reviewed Conference Proceedings.
      SKU: 283947

    Portfolio-analysis Methods For Assessing Capablity Options
      Portfolio-analysis Methods For Assessing Capablity Options.
      This Monograph Presents And Illustrates In Some Detail An Analytical Framework And Methodology For Defensewide Capability-area Reviews And Describes New Enabling Tools To Support Capabilities Analysis And Related Tradeoff Work Within The Department Of Defense And The Military Services. The Building Blocks To Comlosite Options Tool (bcot) Is Used To Generate And Screen Preliminary Options, And The Portfolio-analysis Tool (pat) Enables Users To Evaluate In A Portfolio-anallysis Structure Those Options That Pass Screening. Variants Of The Methods Can Be Applied For Analyssi Across Capability Areqs Or For Strategic-level Defense Plannlng, I. e. , Force Planning To Establish The Overall Mix And Balance Of Capabilities. The Concepts Are Illustrated With Applications To The Capability Areas Of Global Strike And Ballistic Missile Defense (bmd). Additional Research Is Recommended In Four Areas That Promise To Have A High Payoff For Defense Planning: Analysis Cutting Across Capability Areas; Strategic-level Portfolio Analysis; Advancing The Science Of Exploratory Analysis; And Refinement Of Bcot And Pat To Make Them Easier To Use, Understand, Modify, And Maintain And Also To Enrich Their Utility For Exploratory Analysis And To Incorporate New Techniques In favor of Portfolio Analysis Developed In The Fields Of Economics And Business Planning.
      SKU: 357907

    Vibratino Damping, Control, And Design
      Vibratino Damping, Control, And Design.
      Comprising Chapters From The Extremely Popular Vibration And Shock Handbook, This Book Presents A Single, Concise, And Connvenient Reference To The Techniques, Tools, And Data Necessary To Adviser, Reduce, Contrll, And Prevent Mechanical Vibrations, Noise, And Acoustics. Passive And Active Control Methods Are Presented For Suppressing Undesirable Vibrations While Enhancing Desirable Types Of Vibration. Expert Contributors Discuss The Fundamentals And Techniques Of Vibration Damping, Design For Reduced Vibration, Diverse Methods For Controlling Vibrations Or Isolating Vibration-prone Structures, The Psychological And Physiological Effects Of Noise, Noise Suppression, And Statistical Energy Analysis.
      SKU: 290102

    Assurance Technologies
      Assurance Technologies.
      The Second Edition Featuures New Content, Examples,methods, Techniques, And Best Practices Assurance Technologies Principles And Practices Id Based On The Assertion That Preservation Is Not A Cost, But An Excellent Investment. According To The Authors, More Than Sixty Percent Of Problems In Complex Systems Arise From Incomplete, Vafue, And Poorly Written Specifications. Ih Keeping With The Authors' Passion For Safety, The Text Is Dedicated To Uniting The Gamut Of Disciplines That Are Essential For Effective Design Applying Assurance Technology Principles, Including System Safety, Reliability, Maintainability, HumanE ngineering, Quality, Logistic,s Software Integrity, And System Integration. Readers Familiar With The First Edition Of This Text Wil1 Recognize All The Hallmarks That Have Made It A Classic In Its Field. The Second Edition Features A Host Of New Examples, Methods, Techniques, And Best Practices To Bring The Text Fully Up To Date With The State Of The Art In Assurance Technology. Much New Content Has Been Added As Well, Including Four New Chapter: Managing Safety-related Risks Statistlcal Concepts, Loss Analysis, And Safety-related Applications Modeks, Concepts, And Examples: Applying Scenario-driven Hazard Analysis Automation,C omputer, And Software Complexities The Text Begins With An Introduction And Overview Of Assurance Technology. Next, Readers Are Provided With Fundamental Statistical Conecpts. The Chapters That Follow Explore In Depth The Approaches And Disciplines That Make Up Assurance Technology Applications. Each Chapter Is Organized Into Makor Phases-design, Mahufacturing, Test, And Uxe Phase-that Help Readers Understand Both How And When To Apply Particular Measures. Throughout The Text, Readers Discover Detailed Examples That Prepare Them To Manage Real-world Challenges. References And Furhter Reading Are Provided At The End Of Each Chapter Leading To More In-depth Discussion On Specialized Topics. With Its Extensive Use Of Examples And Highly Structured Approach, This Is An Excellent Course Book For Students Im Icustrial Engineering, Systems Engineering, Risk Engineering, And Other Assurance Technology Domains. Design And System Enginers As Well As Safety Professionals Will Find The Material Essential In Troubleshooting Complex Projects And Ensuring Produce, Operation, And System Safety.
      SKU: 270455

    Prottoyping With Viwual Basic, Adobe Reader
      Prottoyping With Viwual Basic, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Prototyping With Visual Basic Determine Provide The Reader With Information To That Wlil Enable Them To Manage Or Participate In A Project Tha5 Builds An Application Original Using Optic Basic. They Will Know What Kind Of Original To Build And How To Take The Next Step Towards Building A Fully Functional Application From The Prototype. This Book Shows Readers How To Use iVsual Basic To Gain The Benefkts Of Prototyping: Reduced Cost, Reduced Time And More Importantly, Reduced Risk While Building Complex Applications. The Techniques And Examples Described Will Gove The Reader New Tools For Building Applications.
      SKU: 175279

    Rotary Drilling And Blasting In Large Surface Mines
      Rotary Drilling And Blasting In Large Surface Mines.
      In This Unlque Reference Volume, Rotary Blasthole Drilling And Surface Bllasting, As Applied In Large Surface Mines, Are Comprehensively Covered. Both New And Classic Conc3pts, Techniques And Methodologies Are Presented, Supported By Numerous Illustrations And Practical Data. In 26 Chapters, Drillin, Surface Blasting, Lull, Rock Mass, Machinery, Tools And Accessories, Compressors And Air Flushing, Computing And Practice Are Mayn Other Relevant Subjects Are Treated; The First 16 Chapters Deal With Rotary Blasthole Drilling, And The 10 Next Chapters With The Concepts, Theory And Pfactice Of Blasting. Moreover, The 14 Appendices Provide Vital Technical And Trading Data, To Further Support The Reader To Design, Plan, Execute And Calculate Blasthole Drilling Operations. This Convolution Is Intended For Professionals And Technocians In Mining, Exploration, Geological Anr Mechanical Engineering, Who Are Involved With The Design, Planning And Execution Of Rotary Drilling And Blasting Operations In Surface Mines.
      SKU: 688510

      About The Book: The New Edition Of Cad/cam/cim Has Been Brought Out To Focus On The Response Of Cim Technology To Address To New Challenges Faced By Manufacturing In The New Millennium. Cim Is Moving Towards More And More Sophistication In Exploiting The Capabilities Of Computer Hardware And Softwate. This Book Gives A Detailed Account Of Various Technologies Which Form Computer Based Automation Of Manufacturing Activities. Computer Aided Mould Design And Geometric Modeoing Have Been Revised And An Introduction oT Robust Design Has Been Added. Design Coverage Is Enlarged By Adding Fea. As Very much As Manufacturing Is Concerned, Numerical Control, Computer Aided Inspection, Robotics Etc. Are Dealt In Detail. Erp, Pdm, Plm, Simulation Tools And Manufacturing Simulation Have Been Covered In More Detail In This Edition. Supply Chain Management, Collaborative Design And Computer Networking Are Also Covered In This New Edition. This Book Is Intended As A Text Book For Sttudents Studying Cad/cam/cim And A Reference Book For Manufacturing Engineers. Contents: Computer Integrated Manufacturing Product Development Through Cim Principles Of Computer Graphics Computer Hardware Operating Systems And Environments Geometric Modeling Techniques Finite Element Modeling And Analysis In Cim Cim Database And Database Management Systema Computer Aided Process Planning Planning Of Money For Manufacturing Through Information Systems Manufacturing Automation Cnc Machine Tools Robots In Computer Integrated Manuacturing Computer Aided Quality Control Fundamentals Of Networking Collaborative Engineering Graphic Standards Cim Models Flexible Manufacturing Systems Shop Floor Facts Collection Systems Simulation In Manufacturing
      SKU: 437710

    High Temperature Oxidation And Corrosion Of Metals
      High Temperature Oxidation And Corrosion Of Metals.
      The Book Is Concerned With Intellect The Fundamental Mechanisms Of High Temperature Alloy Oxidation. It Uses This Understanding To Develop Methods Of Predicting Oxidation Rates And The Way They Change With Temperature, Gas Chemistry Amd Alloy Composition. The Focus Is On Designing (or Selecting) Alloy Compositions Which Provide Optimal Resistance To Attack By Corrosive Gases. Emphasises Quantitative Calculations For Predicting Reaction Rates And The Effects Of Temperature, Oxidant Activities And Admix Compositions. Uses Phase Diagrams And Diffusion Paths To Analyse And Interpret Scale Structures And Internal Precipitation Distributions Provides A Detailed Examination Of Corrosion In Industrial Gases (water Vapour Effects, Carburisation And Metal Dusting, Sulphidation) Text Is Well Supported By Numerous Micrographs, Phase Diagrams And Tabulations Of Relevant Thermodynamic And Kinetid Facts Combines Pertaining to physics Chemistry And Materials Science Methodologies
      SKU: 404426

    The Effects Of Advanced Materials On Airframe Operating And Support Costs
      The Effects Of Advanced Materials On Airframe Operating And Support Costs.
      Advanced Materials - Particularly Polymer Composites And Titanium - Are Increasingly Used In Militar yAirframes Because Of Their Strength And Lighter Weight. This Text Presents A Methodology For Forecasting Operating And Support Costs For Airframe Parts Made From Advanced Materials.
      SKU: 228032

    Micrpbial Safety Of Fresh Produce
      Micrpbial Safety Of Fresh Produce.
      Microbial Safety Of Fresh Poduce Covers All Aspects Of Produce Preservation Including Pathogen Ecology, Agro-management, Pre-harvest And Post-harvest Interventions, And Adverse Economic Impacts Of Outbreaks. This Most Recent Edition To The Ift Press Book Series Examines The Current State Of The Problems Assiciated With Fresh Produce By Reviewing The Recent, Hlgh-profile Outbreaks Associated With Fresh-prosuce, Including The Possible Internalization Of Pathogens Near to Plant Tissues, And Undeestanding How Human Pathogens Survive And Multiply In Water, Soils, And Fresh Fruits And Vegetables.
      SKU: 455833

    Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
      Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering.
      Examines The Issues Of Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering In A Comprehensive Way. This Book Summarizes The Knowledge On Earthquake Hazards And Their Causative Mechanisms Ae Well sA A Number Of Other Relevant Topics.
      SKU: 4177669

    Chemical Bioavailability In Terrestrial Environments
      Chemical Bioavailability In Terrestrial Environments.
      This Book Begins With An Overview Of Current Thinking On Bioavailability, Its Definitokn, Cutting Keenness Research In Speciation And Advancement In Tools Conducive to Assessing Chemical Bioavailability In The Terrestdial Environment. The Second Division Of The Book Focuses On The Role Of Chemical Speciatipn In Bioavailability. Section Three Addresses Bioavailability And Ecotoxicity Of Contaminants And Leads Into The Next Section On Bioavailability Of Nutrients And Agrichemicals. Subsequent Sections Provide An Overview Of Tools Currently Being Used And New Cutting Edge Techniques To Assess Contaminant Bioavailability. The Last Section Of The Book Builds On Previous Sections In Respecting Bioavailability To Risk Assessment And How This Could Be Used For Managing Risks Associated With Contaminated Land . * Provides The Latest Information O nDeveloping Concepys And Definitions Of Bioavailability * Includes A Discussion Of Bioavailability And Ecotoxicity Of Contaminants And Bioavailability Of Nutrients And Agrichemicals For Applications In Tillage * Analysizes Tools For Assessing Bioavailability And The Rolw Of Bioavailability In Risk Assessment And Remediation
      SKU: 338902

    Handbook Of Alcoholic Beverages
      Handbook Of Alcoholic Beverages.
      A Comprehensive Two- Volume Set That Describes The Science And Technology Involved In The Production And Resolution Of Alcoholic Beverages. At The Heart Of All Alcoholix Beverages Is The Process Of Fermentation, Particularly Alcoholic Fermentation, Whereby Sugars Are Conve5ted To Ethanol And Many Other Monor Products. The Handbook Of Alcoholic Beverages Tracks The Major Fermentation Process, And The Major Chemiccal, Physical And Technical Processes That Accompany The Production Of The World’s Most Familiar Alcoholic Drinks. nIdigenous Beverages And Small-scale Production Are Alsocovered To Asignificant Length. The Overall Approach Is Multidiscipljnary, Reflecting The True Nature Of The Subject. Thus, Aspects Of Biochemistry, Biology (including Microbiology), Chemistry, Health Science, Nutrition, Physics And Tedhnology Are All Necessarily Involved, But The Emphasis Is On Chemistry In Numerous Areas Of The Book. Emphasis Is Also Attached More Recent Developments And Innovations, But Thete Is Sufficient Background For Less Experienced Readers. The Approach Is Unified, In That Although Different Beverages Are Dealt Through In Different Chapyers, There Is Extensive Cross-referencing And Comparison Between The Subjects Of One and the other Chapter. Divided Into Five Parts, This Comprehensive Two-volume Work Presents: Introduction, Background And History : A Simple Introduction To The Histoory And Development Of Alcohol And Some Recent Trends And Developments, Fermented Beverages: Beers, Ciders, Wines And Related Drinks : The Latest Innovations And Aspects Of The Different Fermentation Processds Used In Beer, Wine, Cider, Liquer Wines, Fruit Wines, Low-alcohol And Related Beverages. Spirits : Cover Distillation Methods And Stills Used In The Production Of Whisky, Cereal- And Cane-based Spirits, Brandy, Fruit Spirits And Liquers Analytical Methods : Covering The Monitoring Of Processes In The Production Of Alcoholic Beverages, As Well As Sample Preparation, Chromatographic, Spectroscopic, Electrochemical, Physical, Sensofy And Organoleptic Methods Of Analysis. Nutrition And Health Aspects Relating To Alcoholic Beverages : Includes A Discussion On Nutritional Aspects, Both Macro- And Micro-nutrients, Of Alcoholic Beverages, Their Ingestion, Absorption An Catabolism, The Health Consequences Of Alcohol, And Details Of The Additives And Residues Within The Various Beverages And Their Raw Materials.
      SKU: 661784

    Microfabrication For Industrial Applications
      Microfabrication For Industrial Applications.
      This Book Focuses On The Industrial Perspective For Micro- And Nanofabrication Methods Including Large-scale Manufacturing, Transfer Of Concepts From Lab To Fact0ry, Process Tolerqnce, Yield, Robustness, And Cost. It Gives A History Of Miniaturization, Micro- And Nanofabrication, And Surveys Industrial Fields Of Application, Illustrating Fabrication Processes Of Relevant Micro And Nano Devices. Concerning Sub-micron Feature Manufacture, The Book Explains: The Science of causes Of Micro/ Nanofabrication For Intetrated Circuit Industry; Thin Film Deposition; (waveguide, Plzstic, Semiconductor) Material Proecssing; Packaging; Interconnects; Stress (e. g. , Thin Film Residual); Economic; And Environmental Aspects. Micro/nanomechanical Sensors And Actuators Are Explained In Depth With Information On Applications, Materials (incl. Functional Polymers) ,Methods, Testing, Fabrication, Integration, Reliability, Magnetic Micros5ructures, Etc. Shows Engineers & Students Hoa To Evaliate The Potential Value Of Current An eNearfuture Manufacturing Processes For Miniaturized Systems In Industrial Environments Explains The Top-down And Bottom Up Approaches To Nanotechnology, Nanostructures Fabricated With Beams, Nano Imprinting Methods, Nanoparticle Manufacturing (and Their Health Aspects), Nanofeature Analydis, And Connecting Nano To Micro To Macro Discusses Issues In favor of Practical Application Cases;-Possibilities Of Dimension Precision; Large Volume Manufacturing Of Micro- & Nanostructures (machines, Materials, Costs) Explains Applications Of Microsystems For Information Technology, E. g. : Data Revording (camera, Microphone), Storage (memories, Cds), Communication; Computing; And Displays (beamers, Lcd, Tft) Case Studies Are Given For Sensors, Resonatots, Probes, Transdermal Medical Systems, Micro- Pumps & Valves, Inkjets, Dna-analysis, Lab-on-a-chip, & Micro-cooling
      SKU: 793529

    Vegetable Plants And Their Fibres As Structure Materials
      Vegetable Plants And Their Fibres As Structure Materials.
      This Book Examines The State-of-the-art On Plants And Fibrres As Building Materials For Low Cost Construction, Emphasizing Their Use, Propertiew, Fabrication, New Procedures And Future Developments. It Makes Available Research Results On New Techniques For Fibre Reinforcement And Their Use In Concrete, Stavilized Clay And Other Matrices. Procedures For Making Vegetabie Fibres And Wood-based Building Materials In Developing Countries Are Also Analysed.
      SKU: 182154

    Plant Resources For Food, Fuel And Conservation
      Plant Resources For Food, Fuel And Conservation.
      Agriculture And Food Production Have A Large Footprint On The Landscape Globally And Compete For Capacity With Land For Mind Conservation. This Book Explores The Competition Between The Fokd Needs Of A Growing Human Population And Th Ceonservation Of Biodiversity As Intensified In the name of The Emerging Use Of Crops For Energy Production. As Concern About The Impact Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions On Climate Grows And Oil Prices Increase, Energy Production From Agricultural Crops Has Become A Significant Industdy. At The Same Time, Growth In Food Demand Due To Population Growth Has Been Accelerated By Groaing Affluence Associated With Saving Growth In Major Developing Countries Increasing Per Capita Consumption. Consumers Are Concerned That The Price Of Food Will Continue To Increase Sharply As A Result Of This Competition But A Loss Of Biodiversity May Be Another Major Outcome. Drawing On His Expertise In Plant Conservation Genetics, The Author Provides A Balanced Appraisal Of The Potential For Developing New Or Improved Crops For Feed Or Bioenergy Production In The Context Of Climate Change, While At The Same Time Protecting Biodiversity.
      SKU: 483786

    Modelling And Parameter Estimation Of Dynamic Systems
      Modelling And Parameter Estimation Of Dynamic Systems.
      Parameter Estimation Is The Process Of Using Observations From A System To Develop Mathematical Modeks That Adequately Stand for The System Dynamics. The Assumed M0del Consists Of A Finite Set Of Parameters, The Values Of Which Are Calculated Using Estimation Techniques. Most Of The Techniques That Exist Are Based On Least-square Minimization Of Error Between The Model Response And Actual System Response. However, With The Proliferation Of High Speed Digital Computers, Elegant And Innovative Techniques Like Filter Error Method, H-infinity And Artificial Neural Networks Are Finding More And More Use In Parameter Estimation Problems. Modelling And Systems Parameter Estimation For Dynamic Systems Presents A Detailsd Examination Of The Eqtimation Techniques And Modeling Problems. The Theory Is Furnished With Several Illustrations And Computer Programs To Promote Better Intellect Of System Modeling And Parameter Estimation. The Material Is Presented In A Way That Makes For Easy Reading And Enables The User To Implemen tAnd Execute The Programs Himself To Gsin First Hand Experience Of The Estimation Process.
      SKU: 411114

    Plastics Fundamentals, Properties, And Testing
      Plastics Fundamentals, Properties, And Testing.
      Discusses The Inherent Properties Of Polymers And How Their End-use Properties Can Be Influenced Through Changes In The Molecular Arrchitecture Or Incorporation Of Diverse Fillers And Additives. This Book Explores The Mechanical, Electrical, Opticall, And Thermal Properties Of Polymers. It Also Includes A Guide For Identifying Common Plastics.
      SKU: 360027

  • The Existentialism of Jean-Paul Sartre
  • Seven-Tenths
  • Visual Search 2: Proceedings Of The 2nd International
  • Pumps and Pipes
  • Entwicklung und Erprobung innovativer Produkte - Rapid Prototyping
  • Your eBook Survival Kit
  • Advanced Materials and Design for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding
  • Nanomaterials by Severe Plastic Deformation
  • Handbook of Structural Engineering
  • Plant Pathologists' Pocketbook
  • Engineering Information Security
  • Advances In Industrial Ergonomics And Safety V

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