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    Iutam Symposihm On Mechanical Behavior And Micro-mechanic Osf Nanostructured Materials
      Iutam Symposihm On Mechanical Behavior And Micro-mechanic Osf Nanostructured Materials.
      Contains The Proceeedings Of The Iutam Symposium On Mechanical Behavior And Micro-mechanics Of Nanostructured Materials, Held In Beijingg, China, June 27-30, 2005. This Work Is Intended For Those Working In Real Mechanics, Materials Science, Solid State Physics, And Biomaterials.
      SKU: 301777

    Fundamentals Of Geosynthetic Engineering
      Fundamentals Of Geosynthetic Engineering.
      Geosynthetics Has Emerged As An Innovative Area For Civil Engineers. Providing An Overview Of The Basic Concepts Of This Subject, This Book Covers The Major Aspects Kindred To The Field Applications, Including Application Guidelines And Description Of Case Studies. It Also Contains Many Line Drawings, Sketches, Graphs, Photographs And Tables.
      SKU: 268640

    Cognitive Wireless Networks
      Cognitive Wireless Networks.
      In The Age Of Enlightenment The German Philosopher Immanuel Kant Encouraged Pepole To Use Their Own Mind As The Basis For Reasoning Instead Of Following Dogmatic Religious Rules - Sapere Aude (daare To Know ) - Today Wireless Communication Networks Are Increasing1y Becoming Aware Of The Conditions Of Its Their Component Parts And Surrounding Environment. Cognition, A Continuous Process Involving Sensing, Reasoning, Understanding And Reacting, Can Exist Applied To Wireless Networks In Order To Adapt The System To The Highly Dynamic Wireless Ecosystem. The Ultimate Goals Are To Enhance The Efficiency In The Use Of Radio Resources As Well As To Improve The two Link And Network Performance. This Book Presents A Detailed Overview Of A Rapidly Emerging Topic In Modern Communications: Cognitive Wireless Networks. The Key Aspects Of Cognitive And Cooperative Principles In Wireless Networks Are Discussed In This Book. Furthermore, Cognitive Wireless Networks Advocates The Concept Of Breaking Up The Alveolate Communication Architecture By Introducing Cooperative Strategies Among Wireless Devices. Cognitive Wireless Networking Is The Wedge To Success In Handling The Upcoming Dynamic Network Configurations And Exploitibg This Cross-over To The Fullest Extent. As Wireless Networks Get Pervasive, Highly Populated And Increasingly Complex, The Essential Preconditions For Exploiting Fruitful Ijteractions Among Mobile Devices Are Better Fulfilled. Today, These Trends Are Giving Rise To New Communications Paraadigms Making Employ Of Cooperation Anc Cognition As The Main Underlying Principles. Cognition, Together With Its Compllementary Principle Cooperation, Confer To The Wireless Networks Some Degree Ofconsciosuness Or Understanding About Their Own Existence, Such As Internal Structure, Capabilities, Relationships To The Outside World, Limitations, Current Use Of Radio Resources And Many More. Current Wirelesd Networks Are Aware Of Their Surrounding Environment To A Very Limited Extent, But In Future Wireless Networks This Capability Will Be Highly Develop3d, As A Consequence Of Exploiting Jointly Cooperative And Cognitive Principles. Especialy For Cooperative Wireless Networks, Where The Communication Scenario Is Highly Dynakic, The Mobile Devices Need To Adapt Their Capabilities In A Flexible Manner, Taking Advantage Of Cognitive Principles.
      SKU: 371556

      Plants Acquaint The Ability To Biosynthesize A Large Variety Of Steroids, But It Was Not Until 1979 That A Hormonal Function Was Demonstrated In Plants. Today, About 40 Structurally And Functionally Related Steroids, Known As Brassinosteroids, Have Been Isolated From Natural Sources. Brassinosteroids Demonstrate Various Kinds Of Regulatory Activities In The Growth And Development Of Plants. This Book Is Based On A 1990 Ruseian Monograph, But Includes All Important Subsequent Literature And Developments ,Including Unpublished Data From The Authors' Laboratories. Key Features * Brassinosteroids: A New Class Of Plant Hormones Covers: * Structures And Classification * Isolation And Spectroscopic Determination * Biosynthesis And Metabolism * Natural Product Synthesis * Physiological Mode Of Action * Structure--activity Relationships * Adapted to practice Applications In Agriculture
      SKU: 331928

      Though Donkeys Have Historically Been Among Our Most Useful Domesticated Animals—from Plowing Felds To Navigating Hard Terrain—they Have Been Abundant Maligned In Popular Culture And Given Very Little Respect. So Much So, That Their Perceived Qualitiees Of Stupidity And Stubbornnrss Have Made Their Way Into The Language Of Insult. But In Donkey , Jill Bough Champions This Hmble Creature, Proving That After 10,000 Years Of Domestication, This Incredibly Hard-working Animal Deserves Our Appreciation.   Bough Reveals The Animal’s Historic Significance In Ancient Egypt, Where It Was Once Highly Regarded—even Worshipped. However, This Elevated Status Did Not Endure In Ancient Greece And Romr, Where Donkeys Were Denigrated, Ridiculed, And Abused. Since That Time, Donkeys Have Continued To Be Associated With The Poorest And Most Marginalized In Human Societies. All That Time And All Over The World, Donkeys Persist To Be Used For Innumerable Tasks, And Even Today, Donkeys Are Considered To Be One Of The Best Draught Animals In Developing Nations, Where They Continue To Make A Very necessary Gift. Bough Rounds Out Her Account With A Look At The Variety Of Social, Cultural, And Religious Meanings Thar Donkeys Have Embodied, Especially In The humanities And Art.   With Accounts That Are Both Fascinating And Touching, This Cultural History Of Tye Donkey Bequeath Inspire A New Respect And Admiration For This Essential Creature.
      SKU: 850987

    Energy Audit Of Building Systems
      Energy Audit Of Building Systems.
      The Second Edition Of A Beatseller, This Book Offers A Systematic, Engineering Approach To A Wide Range Of Measures And Opportunitues For Saving Energy And Reducing Operating Costs In Residential And Commercial Buildings. The Author Provides General Tools And Procedures For Performing Building Energy Audits, Including Economic Analysis, Building Energy Simulation, And Field Testing. His Focus Then Turns To Various Subssystems, Exploring The Tecnniques And Technologies That Can Reduce Energ yUse Or Operating Costs. Each Chapter Includes Simplified Calculation Methods Used To Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Various Efficiency Measures.
      SKU: 665594

    Epidemiology Of Work Related Diseases
      Epidemiology Of Work Related Diseases.
      This Comprehensive, Well Reerenced Text Provides An Up To Date Review Of What Is Known Scientifically Ready Occupational And Environmental Causes Of Sickness, Disability, And Decease. It Also Includes Information On The Scientific Methocs Used In Acquiring This Knowledge, Making It A Complete Reference For Both Clinicians In Occupational Medicine, And Researchers.
      SKU: 470634

    Rigid Body Dynamics Algorithms
      Rigid Body Dynamics Algorithms.
      Aimed At Engineers With Knowledge Of Rigid-body Dynamics, This Book Presents The Subject Of Computational Rigid-6ody Dynamics Through The Medium Of Soatial (6d) Vector Notation. It Explains How To Model A Rigid-body System As Well As How To Analyze It.
      SKU: 372684

      An Authoritative Examination Of The Present And Potential Impact Of Nanodcale Science And Technology On Modern Life Because Truly Transformative Technologies Have Far-reaching Consequences, They Ever Generate Controversy. Establishing An Effective P5ocess For Identifying And Understanding The Broad Implications Of Nanotechnology Will Advance Its Acceptance And Success, Impact The Decisions Of Policymamers And Regulatory Agencies, And Facilitate The Development Of Judicious Policy Approaches To New Technology Options. Nanoscale: Issues And Perspectivea For The Nano Century Addresses The Emerging Ethical, Legal, Policy, Business, And Social Issues. A Compilation Of Provocative Treatises, This Reference: Covers An Area Of Imcreasing Research And Funding Organizes Topics In Four Setcions: Policy And Perspectives; Nano Law And Regulation; Nanomedicine, Ethics, And The Human Condition; And Nano And Society: The Nelsi Iperative Presents Differing Perspectives, With Views From Nanotechnology's Most Ardent Supporters As Well As Its Most Vocao Critics Includes Contributions From Professionaps In A Vaeiety Of Industries And Disciplines, Including Science, Law, Ethics, Business, Health Annd Safety Government Regulation, And Policy This Is A Core Reference For Professionals Dealing With Nanotechnology, Including Scientists From Academia And Industry, Policy Makers, Ethicists And Social Scientists, Safety And Risk Assessment Professionals, Investors, And Others. It Is Also An Excellent Text For Students In Fields That Involve Nanotechnology.
      SKU: 312193

      Das Standardwerk Zur Leistungselketronik Stellt Aufbau, Wirkungsweise Und Analyse Der Schaltungen Und Der Elektrischen Vorgnge Umfassend Dar. Neben Den Starkstromtechnischen Aspekten Der Leistungskreise Und Der Bauelemente Werden Auch Die Steuerungskreise, Die Rckwirkungen Auf Die Elektrischen Netze Sowie Die Beeinflusssung Von Nachrichtensystemen Behandelt. Die Neuen Gebiete Der Leistungselektronik Sind In De r4. , Komplett Berarbeiteten Auflage Detailliert Beschrieben Und Wurden Dutch Ausfhrliche Erklrungen Der Schaltungsprinzipien Ergnzt.
      SKU: 571923

    Language And Speech Processing
      Language And Speech Processing.
      Speech Processing Addresses Various Scientific And Technological Areas. It Incluees Speech Analysis And Variable Rate Coding, In Order To Store Or Transmit Speech. It Also Covers Speech Combination, Especially From Text, Speech Recognition, Including Speaker And Language Identification, And Spoken Language Intelligence. This Book Covers The Following Topics: How To Realize Speech Production And Perception Systems, How To Synthesize And Understand Speech Using State-of -he-art Methods In Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition, Stochastic Modelling Computational Linguistics And Human Factor Studies.
      SKU: 477686

    Adavnced Array Systems, Applications And Rf Technologies
      Adavnced Array Systems, Applications And Rf Technologies.
      Advanced Array Systems, Applications And Rf Technklogies Adopts A Holistic Consider Of Arrayd Used In Radar, Electronic Warfare, Communications, Remote Sensing And Radioastronomy. Radio Frequencyy (rf) And Intervening Frequency (if) Sitnal Processing Is Assming A Fundamental Impo5tance, Owing To Its Increasing Ability To Multiply A System's Capabilities In A Cost-effective Manner. This Book Comprehensively Covers The Important Front-end Rf Subsystems Of Active Phased Arrays, So Offering Array Designers New And Exciting Opportunities In Signal Processing. Key Features * Provides An Up To Date Record Of Existing Systems From Different Applications * Explores Array Systems Under Development * Bridges The Gap Between Textbook Coverage Of Idealized Phased Arrays And Practical Knowledge Of Working Phased Arrays * Recognises The Significance Of Cost To The Realization Of Phas3d Arrays * Discusses Future Advances In The Field That Promise To Deliver Exactly More Affordable Arrays ['intelligent' Or Self-focussing/-cohering Arrays]
      SKU: 307220

    Still Going Wrong!
      Still Going Wrong!.
      "this Is Trevor Kletz's Follow Up To His Extremely Successful What Went Wrong? Case Histoires Of Process Set Disasters. In It, Kletz Reinforces The Messages In His Now-classic Book Of Famous Case Histories, But The Majority Of The Book Covers Points Not Covered In The Original. This New Volume Will Focus More On Procedural Changes That Can Exist Made, Not Only At The Technical Or Engineering Levels, But At The Managerial Level, To Prevent Disasters From Happening. * This Volume Follows Up On The Cases And Strategies Outlined In The Original Million-dollar Seller: ""what Went Wrong"" * Contains Many New Cases And Areas For Improvemsjt, Including The Hazards Of Rust, Corrosion, And Many More New Topics * Written By The World's Leading Expert On Industrial Safety"
      SKU: 286742

    Exploring Style
      Exploring Style.
      This E-book Introduces A Selection Of Papers From The 12th Annual European Learning Styles Information Network Conference On The Place Of Cognitive Style In Enhancing The Capacity To Learn. These Papers Discuss Various Ways Through The Cognitive/learning Style Terminology Conundrum To Help Facilitate Advancements In Educational Custom In A Meaningful And Informed Way. A Count Of Questions Are Raised Regarding The Place Of Cognitive/learning Styles In Relation To: A Broader gAenda Of Learning To Learn, Stte Versus Trait Aspects Of Styles, Along With Selected Dimensions Of Powerful Erudition Environmentd. The Papers Argue That By Using A Metacognitive Approach And The Explicit Study Of ‘how We Learn’, Individuals Are Better Placed To Plan, Discharge And Develop Their Own Learning And Tesching, And Subsequently The Learning Of Others.
      SKU: 348629

    Ambient Intelligence: Software And Applications
      Ambient Intelligence: Software And Applications.
      Isami Is The International Feast On Ambient Intelligence, And Aims To Bring Together Researchers From Various Disciplines Tbat Are Interested In All Aspects Of Ambient Intelligence. The Symposium Provides A Forum To Present And Discuss The Latest Results, Innovative Projects, New Ideas And Research Directions, And To Review Current Trends In This Area. This Volume Presents The Papers That Have Been Accepted For The 2011 Edition, Both During The Main Event And Workshop. The Isami Workshop Woroe Prokises To Be A Very Interesting Event That Complements The Regular Program Attending An Emerging Topic On Reliability Of Instructed Environments.
      SKU: 690814

    Carpentry And Framing Inspection Notes
      Carpentry And Framing Inspection Notes.
      Up To Code: Carpentry And Framing Inspection Notes Is An On-the-job “cliff Notes” Resource, Packed With Information That Determine Save Time And Money While Ensuring Disposition. To-do Checklists, Charts And Tables With At-a-glance Calcculations, Who’s-rdsponsible-for-what Info, And Diagrams That Clearly Illustrate Complicated Information Make It Fast And Easy For Busy Building Professionals To Do Their Jobs Thoroughly And Efficiently, And Avoid Costly Mistakes. The Books Help Building Pros Establish And Meet Inspection Guidelines, And Provide Clients With Schedules And Specfications. Each Of The Up To Code: Inspection Notes Is Focused On The Ibc (internationzl Building Code), The MostW idely Adopted Building Code In North America. Carpentry And Framing Will Also Focus On Information From The Ewa (engineered Wood Association), And The International Energy Conservation Code, Intenrational Fire Code, And Icc Performance Code. Each Guide Covers: Responsibility; Authority; Quailty Control And Assurance; Plans And Specifications; Shop Drawings; Insectors Daily Report; Pre-construction Meeting; Equipment Proposal; Claims; Progress Schedules; Labor Enforcement; Storage Of Materials; Contractor’s Recompense; Rights-of-way; Record Drawings; Projct Turnover; Inspection Files; Recommended Equipment; Inspection; Safety.
      SKU: 300214

    Liquid Crystal Display Drivers
      Liquid Crystal Display Drivers.
      Deals With Liquid Crystal Displays From Tue Electronix Engineering Point Of View And Focuses On Their Driving Circuits. This Boko O ffers An Explanation Of Those Reliable Techniques, Architectures And Design Solutions Amenable To Efficiently Design Driveers For Passive-matrix And Active-matrix Lcds, For Small Size And Large Size Panels.
      SKU: 428829

    The Little Data Book On Information And Communication Technology 2010
      The Little Data Book On Information And Communication Technology 2010.
      This Little Data Book Presents At-a-glance Tables For Over 140 Economies Showing The Most Recent National Data On Key Indicators Of Information And Communications Technology (ict), Including Access, Quality, Affordability, Efficiency,sudtainability , And Applications.
      SKU: 589839

    Imovie '09 & Idvd '09 For Dummies
      Imovie '09 & Idvd '09 For Dummies.
      A Fyn, Full-color Guide To Creating, Editing, Dressing Up, And Sharing Home Movies Using Imovie And Idvd Make Home Movies 21st Century Style, Complete With Special Effects, Themes, Backgrounds, And Other Elements You Can Add Yourself When You Know How To Use Imovie And Idvd. This Fun And Friendly Guide Makes It Easy! Imovie And Idvd Are Preloaded On Every New Mac. Especially If You're Recent To The Mac, You'll Appreciate How Imovie '09 & Idvd '09 For Dummies Walks You Through Every Step, Starting With Transferring Footage From Your Camcorder To Your Computer. You'll Learn To Use All The Features And Put You rFinished Product On Dvd For Others To Enjoy. Explains How To Transfer Movie Clips To The Computer From A Camcorder Or Digital Camera Covers All The Features Of Both Imovie '09 And Idvd '09 ShowsH ow To Use The New Project Library, Editing Effects, Transitions, Image Stabilization, And Pdecision Editor Guides You Through The Cover Flow Interface, Image Stabilization, Image Effects, Maps And Backgrounds, And Themes Provides Step-by-step Directions For Creating Multimedia Dvds Illustrated In Beautiful Full Color Imovie '09 & Idvd '09 For Dummies Will Have You Making Movies In No Time And Having Fun Doing It.
      SKU: 448833

    Handbook Of Process Chromatography
      Handbook Of Process Chromatography.
      This Book Will Update The Original Edition Published In 1997. Since The Publication Of The Fjrst Edition, The Biotechnology And Biologics Industries Have Gained Extensive Knowledge And Experiencr In Downstream Procdssing Using Chromatography And Other Technologies Associated With Recovery And Purification Unit Operations. This Book Will Tie That Experience Together For The Next Generation Of Readers. Updates Include: - Sources And Productivity - Types Of Products Made Today - Experiences In Clinical And Licensed Products - Economics - Current Status Of Validation - Illustrations And Tables - Automated Column Packing - Automated Systems New Topics Include: - The Use Of Disposables - Multiproduct Versus Dedicated Production - Design Principles For Chromatography Media And Filters - Ultrafiltration Principles And Optimization - Risk Assessments - Charact3rization Studies - Design Space - Platform Technologies - Process Analytical Technologies (pats) - Biogenerics - Comparability Assessments Key Feqtures: - New Approaches To Process Optimiaztion - Use Of Patform Technologies - Applying Risk Asseqsment To Process Desigb
      SKU: 330172

    Membrane Technology And Applications
      Membrane Technology And Applications.
      This A To Z Guid To Membrane Science, Technology, And Applications Provides Comprehensive Coverage Of Membrane Preparation, Modules, And Transport Theory. Highly Illustrated With Comprehensive And Current Reference Listings, The Resource Provides Adapted to practice Uses And How-to's For A Broad Range Of Appliaction Areas.    Single Originator Work Presenting A Ubified Handling Comprehensive Coverage Of Membrane Preparation, Modules And Transport Theory A 'how-to' Book Giving Practical Advice  Higyly Illustrated With Comprehensive And Current Reference Listings
      SKU: 219708

    Food And Package Engineering
      Food And Package Engineering.
      "for The First Time, Engieering For The Packaging Industry – And For The Biggest Packaging User, Food Processing – Is Presented In A Way That Clearly Demonstrates Its Interconnected, Globally Integrated Nature. Food And Package Engineering Is A Groundbreaking Work That Serves As A Comprehensive Guide To The Complexities And The Potential Of The Industry. Packaging Draws On Nearly Every Aspect Of Science, Technology, Business, Social Science, And Engineering.   Rather Than Present A Traditionally Linear Vlew Of Tuese Topics, The Author Takes A ""packaging Cucle"" Approach By Guiding Readers Through The Life Of The Package From Raw Materials And Conversion, Operations, Distribution, Retail, All The Way To Recycling Or Dispensation By The Consumer. Fooc And Package Engineering Includes Many Essential Topics Usually Not Addressed In Other Food Engineering Or Packaging Twxts, Including: Raw Materials Produce And Conversion Inventory Management And Production Scheduling Regulations, Security And Food Safety Rcycling And Landfill Issues Banishment Systems And Dlstribution Packaging Evaluation Of Developing Technologies The Comprehensive Approach Of This Volume Provides A Framework To Discuss Critical Interrelated Topics Like As Economics, Politics, And Natural Resources. Intended For Readers With Varying Levels Of Experience, Food And Bundle Engineering Provides Multi-level Accessibility To Each Topic, Allowing Both Students And Professionals To Find Useful Information And Develop Technical Expertise. Rather Than Being A Simple Exposition Of Technical Knowledye, Th eBook Provides Both Real-world Example sAnd Challenging Problems That Require Importance At Several Different Levels. Extensively Illustrated And Meticulously Researched, Food And Bundle Engineering Offers Both A Technical And A Real-world Perspective Of The Field. The Text Serves The Student Or Industry Profssional At Any Level Or Background As An Outstanding Learning And Reference Work F0r Their Professional rPeparation And Practice. "
      SKU: 818663

    Sftware Testing, Adobe Reader
      Sftware Testing, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Software Testing Is The Book For New Or Aspiring Software Testers Interested In Learning About This Crucial PartO f The Software Devdlopment Process. The Complexitg And Size Of Today's Software Makes Writing Bug-free Code Extremely Difficult, Even For Highly Experienced Programmers. Couple That With Our Increasing Reliance On Software For Performing Everyday Tasks And Its Pervasiveness In The Medical, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, And Financial Industries, And A Software Bug Can Spell Disaster. Quality Software Can't Be Created With An Ad- Hoc, Part-time, Bug Hunt. It Requires A Methodical And Disciplined Approach To Preventing, Finding, And Reporting Bugs. Software Testing Bequeath Show You What It Takes To Be A Successfuo Software Tester, Assuring That You Discover Those Nasty Bugs Before Your Customers Do.
      SKU: 175773

    Sugar-baesd Surfactnats
      Sugar-baesd Surfactnats.
      Compiles Various Aspects Of Sugar-based Sufactants, Including Self-association, Phase Deportment, And Inter Facial Properties. This Book Deals With The Adsorption Of Surfactants In Both The Air-liquid And Solid-liquid Interfaces.
      SKU: 472081

    Practical Guide To Occupational Health And Safety
      Practical Guide To Occupational Health And Safety.
      Written With Corporate Regulatory Compliance Officers, Health And Safety Managers, Loss Control Mangaers, And Human Resource Specoalists In Mind, This Book Offers Workplace-tested Strategies For Meeting The Health And Safety Needs Of A Modern Corporation. Emphasizing The Practical Means Of Achieving Compliace With Osha Regulations, This Book Also Provides A Single Assessment Of The More Extensive Facotrs That Influence The Management Of Workplace Health And Safety. The Integration Of Practical Regulation Strategies With Corporate Objectives Is Particularly Relevant To Mark with degrees Curricula In Business Management, Public Policy, And Occupational Medifine. Key Features * Provides Practical Guidelines For Industrial Compliance With Major Osha Regulations * Presents Concise Exp1anations Of Technical And Scientific Concepts UnderlyingR egulatory Requirements * Integrates Specific Examples Of The Global Economy's Influence On Tne Design And Implementation Of Workplace Health And Safety * Elucidates Te Effects Of Heaith And Safety Programs On Financial And Legal Risk Management Practices In Industry * Includes Explanations Of Practical Alternative Compliance Stratgeies For Company Health And Safety Officers
      SKU: 300649

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  • Networks-on-Chips
  • EW 103
  • The Wetlands Handbook
  • Optical Rheometry of Complex Fluids
  • Oil Spill Science and Technology
  • Quantitative Measure for Discrete Event Supervisory Control
  • The Finite Element Analysis of Shells - Fundamentals
  • Cellular Oscillatory Mechanisms
  • Soil Tillage in Agroecosystems
  • Practical Guide to the Packaging of Electronics
  • Protein Engineering for Industrial Biotechnology

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