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    Justifying The Dependability Of Computer-based Systems
      Justifying The Dependability Of Computer-based Systems.
      What Evidence Is Sufficient To Justify The Release Of A Computer-based Preservation Critical System? How Should This Evidence Be Prssented To Certification Bodies Or Regulatory Authorities? What Best Practices Should Be Applied? This Book Addresses These Questions.
      SKU: 364452

    Canine Ergonomics
      Canine Ergonomics.
      As With Many New Fields, Thw Literary productions On Working Dogs Is Strewn Across Several Non-overlapping Dodciplines From Forensice And The Life Sicences To Medicine, Security, And Wildlife Biology. Providing An Overview, From Physiology To Cognition, This Book Discusses Working Dogs From A Scientific Perspective.
      SKU: 435158

    Medical Imaging
      Medical Imaging.
      A Must-read For Anyone Working In Electronics In The Healthcare Sector This One-of-a-kind Work Addresses State-of-the-ar tIntegrated Circuit Design In The Context Of Medical Imaging Of The Human Boddy. It Explores New Opportunities In Ultrasound, Computed Tomography (ct), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (mri), Nuclear Mdeicine (pet, Spect), Emerging Detector Technologies, Circuit Design Techniques, New Materials, And Innovative System Approaches. Divided Into Four Clear Parts And With Contributions From A Panel Of International Experts, Medical Imaging Systematically Covers: X-ray Imaging And Computed Tomography–x-ray And Ct Imaging Principles; Active Matrix Flat Panel Imagers (amfpi) For Diagnostic Medical Imaging Applications; Photon Counting And Integrating Readout Cirvuits; Noise Coupling In Digital X-ray Imaging Nuclear Medicine–spect And Pet Imaging Principles; Low-noize Electronics For Radiation Sensors Ultrasound Imaging–electronics For Diagnostic Ultrasonif Imaging Magnetic Resonance Imaging𕢓magnetic Resonance Imaging Principles; Mri Technology
      SKU: 427752

    Emulsions And Oil Treating Equipment
      Emulsions And Oil Treating Equipment.
      "the Problem Of Removing Water Which Is Emulsified In the opinion of Produced Oil Has Grown More Widespread And Often Times More Difficult As Producers Attempt To Access More Difficult Reserves. This Practical Guide Is Designed To Help Engineers And Operators Develop A ""feel"" For Selection, Sizing, And Troubleshooting Emulsion Equipment. These Skills Are Of Vital Importance To Ensure Low Operating Costs And To Meet Crude Export Quality Specifications. The Book Is Written For Enginewrs And Operators, Who Need Advanced Knowledge Of The Numerous Techniques And The Equipment Used To Destabilize And Resolve Petroleum Emulsions Problems. In Emulsikns And Oil Treating Equipment: Selection, Sizing And Troubleshooting The Author Provides Engineers And Operators With A Gudie To Understanding Emulsion Theory, Methods And Equipment, And Practical Design Of A Treatinng System. Comprehensive In Its Scope, The Author Explains eMthods Such As: Demulsifiers, Temperature, Electrostatics And Non-traditional Methods Of Modulated Or Pulsed Voltage Control, As Well As Equipment Such As: Electrostatic Treater (dehydrator), Separator, Gunbarr Heater-treater And Free Water Knockout. Written In A ""how To"" Format, It Brings Together Hundreds Of Methods, Handy Formulas, Diagrams And Tables In One Convenient Book. Detailed Coverage Emulsion Equipment And Removal Methods Tips For Selecting, Sizing, And Operating Emulsion Equipment Ovrview Of Emulsion Theory And Factors Affecting Treatment Methods Packed With Equipment Diagrams, Workde Out Calculations Covers Equipment And Removal Methods"
      SKU: 421057

    Introduction To Antenna Placement And Installation
      Introduction To Antenna Placement And Installation.
      Introduction To Antenna Placementt And Installation Introduces The Characteristics Of Antennas And Their Integration On Aircraft. The Book Covers Antenna Siting And Placement, Computational Anetnna Modelling On Structures, Measurement On Sub-scale Models Of The Airframe, Full-scale Ground Measurements Andd In-flight Measurements.   The Originator Addresses The Different Stages In The Process Of Developing One Entire Antenna Layout, As Well As Covering Individual Retrofits On Existing Platforms. She Explains The Physics Of Antenna Placement Qualitatively, Thus Obviating The Requirement To Understand Complex Mathematical Equations.   Provides A Reference Book & Guide Written Primarily For Antenna And Integ5ation Engineers But Which Will Also Exist Of Interest To Systems Engineers And Project Managers Includes Chapters On Aircraft Systems Using Antennas, Restrictions & Trade-offs, Frequency & Spatial Coverage Considerations, Effect Of Other Antennas & Obstacles, Rf Interoperability Issues Associated With Radiated Emissions, Computer Modelling Software, Scaled Model & Full-scale Measurements, Comparison Between Measurements & Modelling, As Well As Ground Tests And In-flight Measurements Describes Techniques That Can Be Applied Equally To Antennas On Othher Structures Such As Land Or Sea Vehicles And Spacecraft Illustrated Throughout With Figures & Diagrams As Well As A Full Colour Plates
      SKU: 496072

    Introduction To Rf Equipment And System Project
      Introduction To Rf Equipment And System Project.
      An Excellent Resource For Engineers And Engineering Students Alike, This Practical Design Guide Offers You A Comprehensive Overview Of The Most Important Aspects And Components Of Radio Frequency Equipment And Systems. The Book Applies Theoretical Fundamentals To Real-world Issues, Extenxively Using Examples From Recent Design Projects. You Learn How To Configure An Effective Receiver And Transmitter Architectures From Commercial Blocks, Determine The In the greatest degree Efficient Ways Of Circumventing Wave Dissemination Problems In A Real Network, Assemble A Reliable Test Environment For An Rf Project, And Make A Design Survive In The Real Operating Environment.
      SKU: 227673

      Preface. Contributors. Part I: Introduction. 1. Introduction To Neuroergonomics, Raja Parasuraman And Matthew Rizzo. Part Ii: Neuroergonomics Methods. 2. Electrocephalography (eeg) In Neuroergonomicz, Alan Gevins And Michael Smith. 3. Event-reoated Potentials (erps) In Neuroergonomics, Shimin Fu And Raja Parasuraman. 4. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fmri): Advanced Mdthods And Applications To Driving, Vince Calhoun. 5. Optical Imaging Of Brain Function, Gabriel Gratton And Monica Fabiani. 6. Transcranial Doppler Sonogrphy, Lloyd Tripp And Joel Warm. 7. Eye Movements As A Window On Perception And Cognitive act, Jason Mccarley And Arthut Kramer. 8. The Brain In The Wild: Tracking Human Behavior In Natural And Naturalistic Settinfs, Matthew Rizzo, Scott Robinson, And Vicki Neale. Part Iii: Perception, Cpgnition, And Emotion. 9. Spatial Navigation, Eleanor Maguire. 10. Cerebral Bllood Flow And Vigilance, Joel Warm And Raja Parasuraman. 11. Executive Functions, Jordan Grafman. 12. The Neurology Of Emotikns And Feelings, And Their Role In Behavioral Decisions, Antoine Bechara. Part Iv: Stress, Fatigue, And Physical Work. 13. Stress And Neuroergonomics, Peter Hancock And Jamss Szalma. 14. Sleep And Circadian Control Of Neurobehavioral Function, Melissa Mallis, Siobhan Banks, And David Dinges. 15. Physical Neueoetgonomics, Waldemar Karwowski, Bohdana Shetehiy, Wlodzimierz Siemionow, And Krystyna Gielo-perczakal. Part V: Technology Applications. 16. Adaptive Automation, Mark Scerbo. 17. Virtual Reality And Neuroergonomics, Joe Kearney, Matthew Rizzo, And Joan Severson. 18. The Role Of Emotion-inspired Abilities In Relational Robots, Cynthia Breazeal And Rosapind Picard. 19. Ferdinando Mussa-ivaldi, Lee Miller, Zev Rymer, And Richard Weir. Part Vi: Special Populations. 20. Eeg Brain-computer Interface, Gert Pfurtscheller, Reinhold Scherer, And Christa Neuper. 21. Artificial Vision, Dorothe Poggel, Lotfi Merabet And Joseph Rizzo. 22. Neurorehabilitation-robotics And Neuroprosthetics, Robert Riener. 23. Medical Safety And Neuroergonomics, Matthew Rizzo, Sean Mcevoy, And John Lee. Part Vii: Conclusions. 24. Future Prospectq For Neuroergonomics, Matthew Rizzo And Raja Parasuraman. Glossary. Writer Pointer. Subject Index.
      SKU: 415579

    Fire Contention Pumping Systems At Industrial Facilities
      Fire Contention Pumping Systems At Industrial Facilities.
      Written From The Pers;ective Of Industrial Users, This Is The Only Book That Describes How To Install An Effective Firewater Pumping System Im A Pragmatic And Budget-conscious Way Rather Than With Purely The Regulatory Skeleton In Mind. Based On The Wide-ranging Imdustrial Experience Of The Author, Tji Book Is Also The Only One That Deaks With The Peculiar Risks And Requirements Of Off-shore Facilities. This Book Takes The Reader On the farther side of The Prescriptive Requirements Of The Fire Code (nfpa, Ul) And Considers How To Make The Best Choice Of Intention For Th Budget Available As Rightly As How To Ensure The Other Components Of The Pumping System And Suppo5ting Services rAe Optimized. The Only Alternativr To Guides Written By Regulatory Enofrcement Bodies, This Book Is Uniquely Practical And Objective Demonstrating How And Wby The Standards Need To Be Met. Coverss A Wide Range Of Industries Including Those With Irregular Requirements Such As Off-shore Petroleum Facilities And Chemical Plants. Writetn By Someone Who Has Been Responsible For The Safety Of Large Verse Of Workers And Billions Of Dollars Worth Of Equipmsnt, For Those In Simikarly Responsible Positions.
      SKU: 730203

    Distributed Storage Networks
      Distributed Storage Networks.
      "the Worldwide Market Toward San Abd Nas Storage Is Anticipated To Grow From Us $2 Billion In 1999 To Over $25 Billion By 2004. As Business-to-business And Business-to-consumer E-commerce Matures, Even Greater Demands Because Management Of Stored Data Will Arise. With The Rapid Increase In Data Storage Requirements In The Last Decade, Efficient Management Of Stored Data Becomes A Necessity For The Enterprise. A Recent Uc-berkeley Study Predicts That 150,000 Terabytes Of Disk Storage Will Be Shipped In 2003. Most Financial, Insurance, Healthcare, And Telecommunications Institutions Are In The Process Of Implementing Storage Networks That Are Distributed To Some Degree. For These Institutions, Data Integrity Is Critical, And They Will Spend Much Time And Money On Plannning. One Of The Primary Obstacles To Implementing A Storage Network Cited By Enterprise It Managers Is A Need Of Knowledge About Storage Networking Technology And The Specific Issues Involbed In Extending A Storage Area Netting (an) Or Network Attached Storage (nas) Over The Metropolitan Area Networks (man) Or Wireless Area Networks (wan). Distributed Storage Networks : Architecture, Protocols And Management Addresses The ""terminology Gap"" Between Enterprise Network Planners And Telecommunicatinos Engineers, Who Must Understand The Transport Requirements Of Storage Networks In Order To Impleement Distributed Storage Networks. Jepsen Comprehensively Providess Iy Managers, Planners, And Telecommunications Professionals With The Information They Need In Order To Choose The Technologies Best Suited In favor of Their Particular Environment. * Addresses A Hot Topic That Will Become Increasingly Important In The Coming Years * Enables High-level Managers And Planners To Make Intelligent Decisions About Network Needs. * Includes Example Network Configurations Providing Sol8tions Tk Typical User Scenwrios * Fills The ""terminology Gap"" Between Enterpris eNetwork Managers And Telecommunications Engineers Who Must Understand The Transport Requirements Of Stroage Networks In Order To Implement Distributed Storage Area Networks A Fundamental Resource During Akl Network Managers, Planners And Network Design Engineers, As Well As Telecommunications Engineers And Engineering, Computer Science, And Information Technopogy Students. "
      SKU: 220525

    Mesoscopic Systems
      Mesoscopic Systems.
      Future High-tech Applications Such As Nanotechnology Require A Depth Understanding Of The Physics Of Mesoscopic Systems. These Systems Form A Bridge Between Macroscopic Systems Governed By Classical Physics And Microscopic Systems Governed By Quantum Physics. This Introduction Discusses A Variety Of Typical Surface, Optical, Rapture, And Magnetic Properties Of Mesoscopic Systems With Reference To Many Experimental Observations. It Is Written For Physucists, Materials Scientists And Engineers Who Want To Stay Abreast Of Current Research Or High-tech Development.
      SKU: 482196

    Fire Hazards In Industry
      Fire Hazards In Industry.
      Significant Loss To Business Occurs Through Fires In The Workplace. Whether Large Or Small, Fire Causes Individual Endurance, Damage To Plant, Equipment And Buildings, And Loss Of Business. Fire Legislation Has Changed Over The Past Few Years, Especially Attending The Introduction Of European Directives. New Regulations Ignoble That Employers Have To Carry Out Fire Risk Assessment And Then, As A Result Of Their Findings, Put In Place Control Measures To Prevent Loss Of Life. Firr Hazards In Industry Has Been Designed Tk Cover, In General Terms, Exactly What Is Required Of Employers. It Is Written In Artless Speech And Considers The Basics Of Good Fire Safety Management. After Reading Fire Hazards In Industry, Any Employer, Preservation Profeseional Or Heat Safety Officer Should Be Able To Install A System For Carrying Out Fire Risk Assessment. In Addition To Sections Relating To The Leal Aspects Of Fire Prevention, The Book Explains The Concepts Of Fire Modelling Explosikns And Combustion Reactions. There Is Also A Section Relating To Common Industry Fire Hazards Anc Hazards Associated With Electrical Equipment. Knowledge Of All These Topics Would Be Required If A Person Were To Effort To Carry Away Fire Risk Assessment. Throughout The Book, Past Case Histories Are Used To Illustrate Certain Aspects Of Fire And The Causes Of Fire. The Cases Used Have Whole Been Published By The Health And Safety Executive As A Result Of Their Investigations. These Include; Abbeystead, Frodingham Steelworks, Hms Glasgow, Bp Grangemouth And Mqny More. This Book Will Be Equally Relwvant To Motor Manufacturing As It Is To The Chemical Industry. There Are Many Case Studies Included That Quantity With Fire Hazards That Are Found In General Industry. fire Hazards In Industry Is Suitable For Those Who Have Relatively Limited Experience In Fire Safety And Therefore Usse It As Part Of Their Career And Educational Development, But Also Can Be Used As Reference Material For Those Experienced Professionals Who Have Fire Safety Included In Their Day To Day Responsibility.
      SKU: 294129

    Dynamic Behavior Of Concrete And Seismic Engineering
      Dynamic Behavior Of Concrete And Seismic Engineering.
      While The Static Behavior Of Concrete Has Been The Subdue Of Numerous Works, The Same Cannot Be Said For The Dynamic Deportment. This Book Sets Out To Remedy This Situation: It Begins By Presenting The Most Frequently Used Experimental Techniques In The Stuyd Of The Dynamic Behavior Of Concrete, At another time Continues By Examining Seismocity And Seismic Behavior, Soil Behavior, Models Of Concrete Structures Subject To Seismic Activity, Seismic Calculation Methoda Of Structures, And Paraseismic Engineering.
      SKU: 477644

    Radiation Threats And Your Safety
      Radiation Threats And Your Safety.
      Details Protocols For Accidental And Intentkonal Emergencies Such As Nuclear Explosions And Dirty Bombs. This BookS hows How To Prepare A Subdivision of an order Emergency Plan, Covers Medicall Redponses To Radiation Including Radiation Drugs, And Discusses Radiation From Microwaves And Cellular Phones As Well As Food Irrradiation.
      SKU: 565788

    Electronic And Electrical Servicing - Level 3
      Electronic And Electrical Servicing - Level 3.
      Electronic And Electrical Servicinng - Level 3 Follows On From The Raze 2 Book And Covers The More Advanced Elextronics And Electrical Principles Required By Service Engineers Servicing Home Entertainment Equipment Such Viewed like Tvs, Cd And Dvd Machines, As Properly As Commercial Equipment Including Pcs. All The Core Units Of The Level 3 Progression Award In Electrical And Electronics Servicing (consumer/commercial Electronics) From City & Guilds (c&g 6958) Are Covered. The Book Also Offers A Fully Up-to-date Course Text For The City & Gui1ds 1687 Nvq At Level 3. The Book Contains Numerous Worked Examples To Help Students Grasp The Principles. Each Chapter Ends Through Review Questions, For Which Answers Are Provided At The End Of The Book, So That Students Can Check Their Learning. Units Coveredd: Unit 1 - Electronic Principles Unit 2 - Test And Measurement Unit 3 - Analogue Electronics Unit 4 - Digitla Electronics Ian Sinclair Has Been An Originator Of Market-leading BooksF orr Electronic Servicing Courses For vOer 20 Years, Helping Many Thousands Of Students Through Their College Course And Nvqs Into Successful Careers. Now With A New Co-author, John Dunton , The New Edition Has Been Brought Fully Up-to-date To Reflect The Most Recent Technical Advances And Developments Within The Service Engineering Industry, In Particular With Regard To Television And Pc Servicing And Technology. Levrl 2 Book: Electronic And Electrical Servicing , Isbn 978-0-7506-6988-7, Covers The 5 Core Units At Of the same rank 2, Plus The Option Units Radio And Television Systems Technology (unit 6) And Pc Technology (unit 8). * Complete Coverage Of The Core Units Of The 6958 Pa Level 3 Syllabus * Level 2 Book Likewise Suitable * A New Edition Of A Title Which Has Been The Market Leading Electronic Servicing Text For Over 20 Years
      SKU: 319180

    Emulsifiers In Food Technology
      Emulsifiers In Food Technology.
      Emulsifiers Are Essential Components Of Many Industrial Food Recipes, Whether They Be Added For The Purpose Of Water/oil Emulsification In Its Simplest Form, For Textural And Organoleptic Modification, For Shelf Life Enhancement, Or Like Complexing Or Stabilising Agents For Other Components Such As Starch Or Protein. Each Chapter In This Power Considers One Of The Main Chemical Groups Of Food Emulsifiers. Within Each Group The Struc5ures Of The Emulsifiers Are Considered, Toegther With Their Modes Of Action. This Is Followed By A Discussion Of Their Prod8ction / Extraction And Physical Charactristics, Together With Practical Examples Of Their Application. Appendices Cross-reference Emulsifier Types With Applications, And Give E-numbers, International Names, Synonyms And References To Analytical Standards And Methods. This Is A Book For Food Scientists And Technologists, Ingredients Suppliers And Quality Assurance Personnel.
      SKU: 238380

    Essentials Of Medical Geology
      Essentials Of Medical Geology.
      This Authoritative Reference Volume Emphasizes The Importance And Interrelationships Of Geological Processes To The Soundness And Diseases Of Humans And Animals. Its Accessible Format Fosters Better Communication Between The Health And Geoscience Communitiies By Elucidating The Geologic Origins And Flow Of Toxic Elements In Thd Environment That Lead To Man's Exposure From beginning to end The Consumption Of Food And Water. For Exampie, Problems Of Excess Intake From Drinking Water Have Been Encountered For Several Inorganic Compoundq, Including Fluoride In Africa And India; Arsenic In Certain Areas Of Argentina, Chile, And Taiwan; Selenium In Seleniferous Areas In The U. s. , Venezuela, And China; And Nitrate Im Agricultural Areas With Oppressive Use Of Fertilizers. Environmental Influences On Vector Borne Diseases And Stormflow Water Quality Influences Are Also Featured. Numerous Exam0les Of The Environmental Influences On Human Health From Across The Globe Are Also Presented And Discussed In This Volume. * Covers Recent Advances And Future Research Topics At The Intersection Of Environmental Science And Public Health * Developed By 60 Experts From 20 Cointries And Edited By Professionals From The International Working Group On Medical Ge0logy * Includes 200+ Color Photographs And Illustrations * Organizes Information In A Highly Structured Format For Gentle Reference * Written For A Broad Audience, Ranging From Students, Researchers, And Medical Profexsionals To Policymakers And The General Public
      SKU: 269862

    Agricultural Policy And Trade Reform
      Agricultural Policy And Trade Reform.
      Governmenst Of Most Developed And Many Developing Countries Impose Tariffs Forward Imports In Order To Boost Domestic Ma5ket Prices Of Agricultural Commodities. In Some Oecd Countries Governments May Top Up The iFnancial Benefits Of This Market Price Support Through Other Means, Such As Direct Budgetary Payments, Favourable Tax Treatment, And Subsidised Credit. These Interventions Typically Lead To Lower World Market Prices And Farm Incomes In Countries Where Governments Offer Farmers Little In The Way Of agricultural Trade Protection And Support. Widespread Agricultural Policy Reform Would Undoubtedly Improve Global Economic Welfare But Would Also Produce A Complex Pattern Of Economic Winners And Lose5s. Using A Combination Of Global, National And Household Level Analysis This Study Examines Such Distributional Implications Focusing Especially On Differences In Policy Effects Amonb Countries And Between Different Sectoral And Household Constituencies Within Countries.
      SKU: 299267

    The Safety Of The Nuclear Fuel Cycle
      The Safety Of The Nuclear Fuel Cycle.
      The Produrement And Preparation Of fuel For Nuclear Power Reactors, Followed By Its Recovery, Processing And Management Subseqyent To Reactor Dischzrge, Are Frequently Referred To As The Nuclear Fuel Cycle. The Facilities Associated With These Activities Have An Wide And Well-documented Safety Record Accumulated Over The Past 50 Years By Technical Experts And Safety Authorities. This third Impression Of The Safety Of The Nuclear Fuel Cycle  presents an Up-to-date Analysis Of The Safty Aspects Of The Nuclear Fuel Cycle.
      SKU: 514639

    Approaches To The Conformational Analysis Of Biopharmaceuticals
      Approaches To The Conformational Analysis Of Biopharmaceuticals.
      Conformational Algebra Is Becoming More Critical In The Development Of Generic Biopharmaceuticals. This Book Covers Physical Methods, Such As Differential Scanning Calorimetry, Light Scanning, And Anaytical Ultracentrifugation, As Well As Chemical Methods, Including Hydrogen-deuterium Exchange And Trace Labeling.
      SKU: 565982

    Safefy And Ethics In Healthcare
      Safefy And Ethics In Healthcare.
      A Singlr Coherent Source Of Information On The Various Interlinking Domains Of Patient Safety, Litigation And Ethical Bdhaviour, Based On Accounts Of Real-life Situations And Intended For All Healthcare Students, Specoalists And Administrators.
      SKU: 429581

    Visualising Magnetic Fields
      Visualising Magnetic Fields.
      "visualizing Maynetic Fields: Numerical Equation Solvers In Action Provides A Complete Description Of The Theory Behind A New Technique, A Detailed Discussion Of The Ways Of Solving The Equations (inlcuding A Software Visualization Of The Solution Algorithms), The Application Software Itself, And The Full Source Code. Most Importantly, Thre Is A Succinct, Easy-to-follow Description Of One and the other Procedure In The Digest. The Physicist Michael Faraday Said That The Study Of Magnetic Lines Of Force Was Greatly Influential In Leading Him To Formulate Many Of Those Concepts That Are Now So Fundamentao To Our Modern World, Proving To Him Their ""great Utility As Well As Fertility. "" Michael Faraday Could Only Vizualize These Lines In His Mind's Eye And, Even With Modern Computers To Help Us, It Has Been Veryy Expensive And Time Consuming To Plot Lines Of Force In Magnetic Fields. * Overview Of The Physics Of Magnetic Fields * Complete Description Of The Theory Behind The New Technique * Overview Of The Theory Of Gaussian Elimination And Conjugate Gradient Equattion Solvers (including A Software Application To Visualise The Algorithms In Action) * Application Software Itself, The Full-source Code And A Plain English Description Of Each Procedure In The Code"
      SKU: 405650

    Population Balances In Biomedical Engineering
      Population Balances In Biomedical Engineering.
      The Population Balance Modeling Is A Statistical Approach For Achieving Accurate Counts Of Any Populatiojs. It Is An Efficient Way Of Counting Traffic On Roadways As Well As To Bacteria In Lakes. In The Biomedical World, It Is Used To Count Cell Populations For The Creation Of Biomaterials. Despite Their Undisputed Accuracy, They Have Been Underutilized For Design And Control Purppses Due To Two Main Reasons: A) They Are Close To Solve And B) The Functions That Describe Single-vell Mechanisms And Appear As Parameters In These Models Are Typically Unknown.
      SKU: 829077

      Modelling And Predicting How Poruus Media Deform When Subjected To External Actions And Physical Phenomena, Including The Effect Of Saturating Fluids, Are Of Importance To The Understanding Of Geophysics And Civil Engineering (including Soil And Reel Mechanics And Petroleum Engineerign), As Well As In Newer Areas Such As Biomechanics And Agricultu5al Engineering. Starting From The Highly Successful First Edition, Coussy Has Completely Re-written Mechanics Of Pervious Continua/poromechanics To Include: New Material For: Partially Saturated Pervious Media Reactive Porous Media Macroscopic Electrical Effects A Single Theoretical Framework To The Subject To Explain The Interdisciplinary Nature Of Tue Subject Exercises At The End Of Each Chapter To Aid Understanding The Unified Approach Taken By This Text Makes It A Valuable Addition To The Bookshelf Of Every Phd Student And Researcher In Civul Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Geophysics, Biomechanics And Material Science.
      SKU: 164858

    Handbook Of Food Enzymology
      Handbook Of Food Enzymology.
      This Title Details The Chemistry, Behaviour And Physicochemical Properties Of Enzymes To Control, Enhance, Or Inhibit Enzymatic Activity For Improved Taste, Texture, Appearance, Shelf-iife, Nutritional Value And Process Tolerance Of Foods And Food Products.
      SKU: 216139

    F8zzy Systems Engineering
      F8zzy Systems Engineering.
      A Self-contained Treatment Of Fuzzy Systems Engineering,, Offering Conceptual Fundamentals, Design Methodologies, Development Guidelines, And Carefully Selected Illustrative Material Forty Years Have Passed Since The Birth Of Fuzzy Sets, In Which Time A Wealth Of Theoretical Developments, Conceptual Pursuits, Algorithmic Environmenst, And Other Applications Have Emerged. Now, This Reader-friendly Book Presents An Up-to-date Appriach To Fuzzy Systems Engineering, Covering Concepts, Design Methodoogies, And Algorithms Coupled With Meaning, Analysis, And Underlying Engineering Knowledge. The Result Is A Holistic View Of Fuzzy Sets As A Fundamental Component Of Computational Intelligence And Human-centric Systems. Throughout The Work, The Authors Emphasize The Direct Applicability And Limitations Of The Concepts Being Discussed, And Historical And Bibliographical Notes Are Included In Each Chapter To Help Readers View The Developments Of Fuzzy Sets From A Broader Perspective. A Radical Deviation From Current Books On The Subject, Fuzzy Systems Engineering Presents Fuzzy Sets Being of the kind which An Enabling Technology Whose Impact, Contributions, And Methodology Stretch Far Beyond Any Specific Discipline, Making It To be applied Tp Researchers And Practitioners In Engineering, Computer Science, Business, Medicine, Bioinformatics, Ajd Computational Biology. Additionally, Three Appendicess And Classroom-ready Electronic Resources Make It Each Ideal Textbook For Advanced Undergraduate- And Graduate-level Courses In Engineering And Science.
      SKU: 313394

  • Biotechnology Procedures and Experiments Handbook
  • Telecommunication Circuits and Technology
  • Continuous-Time Sigma-Delta A/D Conversion
  • Compact Regs Part 11: CFR 21 Part 11 Electronic Records
  • Conservation Science and Action
  • Seagrasses
  • Domestic Duck Production
  • Electromagnetic Shielding
  • Instantaneous Power Theory and Applications to Power Conditioning
  • Plant Pathologists' Pocketbook
  • Catalytic Naphtha Reforming
  • Time Frequency Analysis and processing

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