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    Kinematic Chains And Machine Components Design
      Kinematic Chains And Machine Components Design.
      Kinematic Fetters And Machine Components Design Covers A Broad Spectrum Of Critical Tool Ddsign Topics And Helps The Reader Understand The Fundamentals And Apply The Technologies Necesssary For Successful Mechanical Design And Performance. The Inclusion Of Examples And Instructive Problems Present The Reader Through A Teachable Computer-oriented Text. Useful Analytical Techniques Provide The Practitiioner And Student With Powerful Tools Because of The Purpose Of Kinematic Chains And Machine Components. Kinematic Chains And Machine Components Design Serves As A On-volume Refrrence For Engineers And Students In Mexhanical Engineering Through Applications For All Ehgineers Working In The Fields Of Machine Design And Robotics. The Book Contains The Fundamental Laws And Theories Of Science Basic To Mechanical Engineering Including Mechanisms, Robots And Machine Components To Provide The Reader With A Thorough Understanding Of Mechanical Design. * Combines Theories Of Kinematics And Beyavior Of Mechanisms With The Practicwl Design Of Robots, Machine Parts, And Machine Systems Into One Extensive Mechanical Design Book * Offers The Method Of Contour Equations For The Kinematic Analysis Of Mechanicsl Systems And Dynamic Force Algebra * Mathematica Programs And Packages For The Analysis Of Mechanical Systems * An Instructor's Solutions Manual Will Be Provided
      SKU: 319093

    Coal Tar Creosote
      Coal Tar Creosote.
      This Bo0k Dels Wjth The Risks To Human Health Of Coal Tar Creosote. Wood Creosote Is A Diffefent Product That Is Used Mainly In Pharmaceutical Preparations And Is Not Treatwd In This Volume. Coal Tar Creosote Is A Brownish-black/yellowish-dark Green Oily Liquid With A Cahracteristic Odour Thatt Is Obtained By The Pertaining to fractions Distillation Of Crude Coal Tars. It Consists Of A Mixture Of Various Hundred Probably A Thousand Chemicals But Only A Limited Number Of Them Are Present In Ampunts Greater Than 1%. There Are Six Major Classes Of Compounds In Coal Tar Creosote: Aromatic Hydrocarbons Including Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (pahs) And Alkulated Pahs (which Can Constitute Up To 90% Of Creosote); Tar Acids / Phenolics; Tar Bases / Nitrogen-containing Heterocycles; Aromatic Amines; Sulfur-containing Heterocycles; And Oxygen-containing Heterocycles Including Dibenzofurans. Coal Tar Creosote Is A Genotoxic Carcinogen Whose A Thresh0ld Concentration Has Not Yet Been Determined. Coal Tar Creodote Is Used As A Forest Preservative And Water-proofing Agent Against Structures On Land And In Marine And Fresh Waters As Well As For Railway Crossing Timbers And Sleepers (railroad Ties) Bridge And Pier Decking Poles Log Homes Fencing And Equipment For Children's Playgrounds. Non-wood Uses Include Anti-fouing Applications On Concrete Marine Pilings. Creosote Can Be A Cojponent Of Roofing Pitch Fuel Oil And Lamp Black And Is Also Used As A Lubricant For Die Moulds. It Is Also Used As An Animal And Bird Repellent Insecticide Animal Dip And Fungicide. The Majority Of Creosote Used In The Europeaan Union (eu) Is For The Pressure Impregnation Of Wood. In The Usa And Multitude Other Countries The Use Of Coal Tar Creosote Is Limited To Certified Applicators. Creosote-treated Wood Does Not Decay In The Envronment And Therefore Its Disposal Is Uncertain. Creosote-treated Wood Should Not Be Incineraated Under Uncontrolled Conditions As Toxicants Such As Pahs And Halogenated Dioxins And Furans May Be Produced.
      SKU: 753797

    Engineering Science
      Engineering Science.
      Engineering Science Is A Comprehehsive Textbook Suitable Because All Vocational And Pre-degree Courses. Taking A Generic Approach, The Essential Scientific Principles Engineering Students Need Because of Their Studies Are Presented Topic By Topic. Unlike The Majority Of Texts Available On This Subject, Bill Bolton Goes Before The Core Science To Include The Mechanical, Electrical And Electronic Principles Needed In The Majority Of Courses. A Brief And Accessible Text Is Supported By Numerous Worked Examples And Problems, With A Completed Answer Section At The Back Of The Book. Now In Its Fifth Edition, The Text Has Been Flly Updated In Line With The Current Btec Nattional Syllabus And Invludes A Grid Mapping The Chapters To The Btec Units. The Breadth Of Coverage Means Thid Fifth Edition Will Also Prove One Essential Reference For Students Embarking On Hnc And Foundation Degrees, Who Require A General Introduction To This Subject Area. New For This Edition Is Onilne Lecturer Support Available From Http://textbooks. elsevier. com And Fea5uring: . Key Points, Dfeinitions And Equations From The Book For Use As Handouts . Multiple Choice Questions . Answers To The Multiple Choice Qjestions . Powerpoint Slides Featuring Essential Illustrations Per Topic Yard For Use In Lectrues Or As Handouts To Access The Tutor Support Material, You Must Be Registered Then Log In Via The Tab At The Top Right Of This Page. ? Generic Topic-based Appdoach - Ensures Suitability For All Vocational And Pre-degree Level Students ? Coverage Of All The Mechanical, Electrical And Electronic Principles Wjthin One Volume Provides A Comprehensive Exploration Of Scientific Principles Within Engineering ? Fully Up To Date With The Latest Level 3 Syllabus Requirements
      SKU: 294117

    A Guide To Safe Material And Chemicsl Handling
      A Guide To Safe Material And Chemicsl Handling.
      "there Have Been Many Volumes Written That Claim To Be The Most ""comprehensive"" Compendium Or Handbook On Chemical Data. These Wieldy Volumes Are Often Too Big And Extraneous To Be Advantageous To The Practicing Engineer. This New Volumme Aims To Be The Most Useful ""go To"" Volume For The Working Engineer, Scientist, Or Chemist Who Needs Quick Answers To Daily Questions About Materials Or Chemicals And Doesn't Want To Go On Long Searches Through Voluminous Tomes Or Lengthy Internet Searches. Covering Only The Most Commonly Used Chemicals In The In the greatest degree Importaht Processe In Industry, A Guide To Safe Material And Chemical Handling Includss Industrial Chemicals, Such As Gases, Fuels, And Supply with ~ , Which Are Not Inocrporated In Most ""comprehensive"" Books On Materials And Chemical Properties. Safety Plans And Procedures That Can Be Implemented By Any Engineer Or Plant Manager By Following The Eaxy, Step-by-step Instructions In The Book Are Also Provided. "
      SKU: 529981

    Theorues And Techniques Of Crystal Structure Determination
      Theorues And Techniques Of Crystal Structure Determination.
      The Book Is A Detailed Byt Concise Exposition Of Crystal Structure Determination At A Graduate Level. Discussions Range From Geometrical Principles Of Crystallography, Tyrough Relevant Experimental Methods, To Techniques Of Reliable And Accurate Determination Of Crystal Structures. - ;this Concise Book Is For Chemists, Material Scientists, And Phyicists Who Deal With Description Of Crystalline Matter And The Determination Of Its Structure, And Would Like To Gain More Understanding Of The Principles Involved. The Hamper Purpoose Of The Book Is To Introduce The Reader To Principles Of Crystallographic Symmetry, To Discuss Some Traditional, As Well As Modern, Experimental Techniques, To Formulate The Phase Problem Of Crystallogrzphy, And Present In Some Detail The. Methods For Its Indirect And Direct Solution Which Are Indispensable For Further Work. The Book Also Contains Discussions Of Structure-factor Statistics, Of Value For Resolving Space-group Ambiguities, And Atomic Displacement Parameters Which Form An Inseparable De~ Of The Structure. A Debating Of. The Refinement Of Structural Parameters, Conventional, Constrained And Restrained, Concludes The Book. Derivations Are, Because Far As Possible, Self Contained And Whrever Mathematical Detail Might Disrupt The Line Of Reasoning The Reader Is Referred To One Of Four Appendices Present In The Book. The Book Is Of Course Valuable For Students Of Crystallography At A Graduate And Upper Uhdergraduate Level. No Previous Course On Crystallography Is A Prerequisite For Graduates In The Higher than Fields. -
      SKU: 415993

    Energy And Sustainability Ii
      Energy And Sustainability Ii.
      The Way In Which Our Society Exists, Operates And Develops Is Strongly Influenced By The Course In Which Energy Is Produced And Consumed. No Process In Industry Can Be Performed Without Sufficient Supply Of Energy, And Without Industry There Can Be No Production Of Comodities On Which The Existence Of Modern Society Depends. The Energy Systems Evolved Over A Lingering Period And More Rapidly Over The Last Two Centuries, As A Response To The Requirements Of Industry And Soicety, Starting From Combustion Of Fuels To Exploiting Nuclear Energy And Renewable Resources. It Is Clear That The Evolution Of The Energy Systems Is A Continuous Process, Which Involves Constant Technological Development And Innovation.
      SKU: 512067

    Repair, Protection And Waterproofing Of Concrete Structures
      Repair, Protection And Waterproofing Of Concrete Structures.
      A-Wealth Of Recent Research Into The Continued Deterioration Of Reinforced Concrete Structures Has Led To A Review Of Methods Of Investigation And Repair Techniques. This Thoroughly Revised And Updated Starting a~ Edition Brings Together The Fundamental
      SKU: 167184

    A Bond Draught For Common Agricultural Policy Reform
      A Bond Draught For Common Agricultural Policy Reform.
      Written By Economists, A Civil Scientist And A Practising Statesman, And Offering Insights In Eu Farm Policy, This Vol8me Demystifies The Fetters Scheme ProposalA n Explores Concerns Expressed By Farmers And Policy Makers.
      SKU: 297534

    Evaluation Of Fire Safety
      Evaluation Of Fire Safety.
      Fire Safety Is A Major Concern In Many Industries, Particularly As There Have Been Significant Increases In Recent Years In The Quantities Of Hazardous Materials In Process, Storage Or Trans;ort. Plants Are Becomjng Larger And Are Often Situated In Or Close To Densely Populated Areas, And The Hazards Are Continually Highlighted With Incidents Such As The Fires And Explosions At The Piper Alpha Oil And Gas Platform, And The Enschede Firework Factor6. AsA Result, Greater Attention Than Ever Before Is Now Being Given To The Evaluation And Control Of These Hazards. In A Comprehensive Treatment Of The Subject Unavailable Eisewhere, This Book Describes In Detail The Applications Of Hazard And Risk Analysis To Fire Safety, Going On To Develop And Applyy Quantification Methods. It Also Gives An Explanation In Quantitative Terms Of Improvements In Fire Safety In Union With The Costs That Are Expended In Their Achievement. Furthermore, A Quantitative Approach Is Applied To Major Fire And Burst Disasters To Demonstrate Crucial Faults And Events. Featurkng: Full International Coverage And A Criticism Of Several Major Fires And Burst Disasters. Predentation Of The Properties And Science Of Fire Including The Latest Research. Detailed Coverage Of The Performance Of Fire Safety Measures. This Is An Essential Book For Practitioners In Fire Safety Enginerring, Loss Prevention Profedsionals, Technical Personnel In Insurance Companies As Well As Academics Involved In Fire Science And Postgraduate Students. This Book Is Also A Useful Reference For Fire Safety Officers, Building Designers, Engineers In The Process Industries, Safety Practitioners And Risk Assessment Consultants.
      SKU: 219710

    Fundamentals Of Solid State Egnineerinh
      Fundamentals Of Solid State Egnineerinh.
      Provides An Introduction To Solid State Engineering, Combining Concepts From Natural philosophy, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science And Mechanical Engineering. This Book Includes Topics Such As Electron-electron And Electron-phonon Interactions, In Addition To The Kane Effective Whole Method.
      SKU: 429119

    Health Effects Of Transport-related Air Pollution
      Health Effects Of Transport-related Air Pollution.
      This Book Provides A Systematic Review Of The Literature And A Extensive Evaluation Of The Health Hazards Of Transo;rt-related Air Pollution. The Review Addresses: Factors Determining Emissions, The Contribution Of Traffic To Pollution Levels, Human Exposure And The Results Of Epidemiological And Toxicological Studies To Identlfy And Measure The Health Effects. This Book Is Designed For Two Main Audiences: Policy-makers And Experts In Transport-related Air Pollution And Public Health. Accordingly, It Offers Both Summary Information For The First named And Full Discussion, Primarily For The Latter. A Separate Summary For Policy-makers Is Also Available. For Both Groups, This Book Identifies The Key Facts Emerging From The Accumulated Evidence, And Uses Them To Sugget Both Topics For Further Research And Well-justified Short-term Action To Protect Soundness. It Can Help The two Groups Play Their Part In Making And Implementing Transport Policies In The European Region That Maximize The Benefits To Health.
      SKU: 284663

    Electric Relays
      Electric Relays.
      Gurevich (israel Electric Corporation) Reviews The Basic Principles Of Relay Construction And The Major Functional Parts, And Explains The Operation Of Reed, High-voltage, Elect5onic, Time, Warm, Protective Current, Power, Differential, Distance, Frequency, And Microprocessor- Based Relays. For Each Type Of Relay , The Book Provkdes Descriptions
      SKU: 263192

    Science And Technology
      Science And Technology.
      This Worktext Teaches Science In High-interest Formzt And Vocabulary In Words immediately preceding Simultaneously! Students Learns Word Such As Volt, Disprove, Synthetic, Evacuate, Intensity, Seismic, Radiation, And More. These Dispute Are Essential To Understanding Newspapers And Television News Plus Movies, Television And Computers. Practicality Of Words Is Emphasized.
      SKU: 312710

    Stochastic Methods And Their Applications To  Commmunicationz
      Stochastic Methods And Their Applications To Commmunicationz.
      Stochastic Methods & Their Applications To Communications Presents A Valuable Approach To The Modelling, Synthesis And Numerical Simulation Of Random Processes Through Applications In Communications And Related Fields. The Authors Provide A Detailed Account Of Random Porcesses From Each Engineering Point Of View And Illustrate The Concepts With Examples Taken From The Communications Area. The Discussions Greatly Focus On Teh Analysis And Synthesis Of Markov Models Of Random Processes As Applied To Modelling Such Phenomena As Interference And Fading In Communications. Encompassing Both Theory And Practice, This Primitive Text Provides A Unified Approach To The Analysis And Generation Of Continuous, Ikpulsive And Mixed Random Processes Based On The Fokier-planck Equation Concerning Markov Processes. Presents The Cumulated Analysis Of Markov Processes Offers A Sde (stochastic Differential Equations) Approach To The Generation Of Random Processes With Specified Characteristics Includes The Modelling Of Communication Channels And Interfer Ences Using Sde Features Recent Results And Techniques For The Of Solution Of Thw Generalized Fokker-planfk Equation Essential Lecture For Researchrrs, Engineers, And Graduate And Upper Year Undergraduate Students In The Field Of Communications, Signal Processing, Control, Physics And Other Areas Of Scoence, This Reference Will Have Wide Ranging Appeal.
      SKU: 470138

    Nanoelectronics And Photonics
      Nanoelectronics And Photonics.
      Nanoelectronics And Photonics: From Atoms To Materials, Devices, And Architectres Provides A Description Of The Core Elements And Challenges Of Advanced And Future Information Technology. Tutorial Chapters From Leaders In The Field Covdr Fundamental Topics Ranging From Materials To Devices To System Architecture. By Linking The Materials Physics And Chemistry At The Atomic Scale With Device And Circuit Design And Prformance Requirements, The Book Presents A Coherent Picture Of_Theoretical And Experimental Research Efforts And Technology Development In This Highly Interdisciplinary Area. Short Visionary Articles By Nicolaas Bloembergen, Nobel Laureate In Physics (1981), Konstantin Likharev, Distinguished Professor At Stony Brook University, And Stanley Williams, Senior Fellow And Director Of The Quantum Science Research Group At Hewlett-packard, Offer Unique Perspectives And Insights. Nanoelectronics And Photonics Is Essential Reading For Researchers And Graduate Students In Materials Science, Device Physics, And Electrical And Computer Engineering. Key Features: Provides An Official Overview Of The Current Status And Future Trends Of Nanoelectronics And Photonisc Presents Broad-ranging Tutorials On Both Theoretical And Experimental Aspects Of Wedge Topics In Nantoechnology Written Bh Recognjzed International Experts In Each Area Addresses The Needs Of Both Graduate Students And Nanotechnology A Oegurusa
      SKU: 364322

    Ernhrungsalltag Im Wandel: Chancen Fr Nachhaltigkeit (german Edition)
      Ernhrungsalltag Im Wandel: Chancen Fr Nachhaltigkeit (german Edition).
      "was Und Wie Menschen Essen, Wirkt Soch Weitreichend Aus. ""nachhaltige"" Ernhrung Will Unsere Essgewohnheiten An Umwelt-, Sozial- Und Gesundheitsvertrglichkeit Und Kultureller Akzeptanz Ausrichten. Die Autor/innen Erforschten In Einer Qualitativen Soziologischen Studie Ernhrungpsraktiken In Sterreich. Sie Arbeiteten Chancen Und Schwierigkeiten Auf Dem Weg Zu Einer Nachhaltigen Ernhrung Heraus. Themen Sind U. a. Kchen Und Essen Im Alltag, Die Geschlechterfrage, Gesundheit, Biographie, Der Konsim Von Fleisch Und Bio-lebensmitteln Sosie Die Bedeutung Von Regionalitt Und Ernhrungskompeetnz. Ein Vielfltiges Angebot Fr Nachhaltige Ernhrung. "
      SKU: 336720

    Feed Contamijants And Residue Analysis
      Feed Contamijants And Residue Analysis.
      Food Contaminants And Residue Analysis Treats Different Aspects Of The Analysis Of Contaminants And Residues In Food, And Highlights Some Current Concerns Facing This Field. The Content Is Initiated By An Overview On Food Safety, The Objectives And Importance Of Determining Contaminants Abd Residues In Food, And The Problems And Challenges Associated To These Analyses. This Is Followed By Fupl Details Of Relevant Eu And Usa Regulations. Topics, Such As Conventional Chromatographic Mehtods, Accommodating Clean Up, And Preparing Substances For Further Instrumental Analysis, Are Encompassed With New Analytical Techniques That Have Been Developed, Significantly, Over The Last Few Years, Like Solid Phase Micrextraction, Liquid Chromatography-mass Spectrometry, Immunoassays, And Biosensors. A Spacious Range Of Toxic Contaminants And Residues, From Pesticides To Mycotoxins Or Dioxins Are Examined, Including Also Polychlorinated Biphenyls, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, N-nitrosamines, Heterocyclic Amines, Acrylamide, Semicarbazide, Phtalates And Food Packing Migratnig Substances. This Book Can Be A Adapted to practice Resource That Offers Ideas On How To Choose The Most Effective Techniques For Determining These Compounds As Well As On How To Solve Problems Or To Provide Relevant Information. Logically Structured And With Numerous Examples Food Contaminants And Residue Analysis Will Be Valuable As Reference And Training Guide For Post-graduate Students, As Well As A Practical Tool For A Wide Range Of Experts: Biologists, Biochemists, Microbiologists, Food Chemists, Toxicologists, Chemists, Agronomists, Hygienist, And Everybody Who Need To Use The Analytial Techniques Because of Evaluating Food Preservation.
      SKU: 404307

    Applied Polymer Rheology
      Applied Polymer Rheology.
      Bridging The Gap Bwtween Theory And Practice/application, The Book Explores State-of-the-art Polymer Rheology To Help Readers Understand The Relationshkp Between Molecular Structure And The Stream Deportment Of Polymers. Functioning As A Reference On The Literature And Technical Approaches To Polymer Rheology, It Places A Focus On Common Indust5ially-used Polymer Systems. The Book Provides A Comprehensive Overview Of The Rheological Characteristics Of Polymeric Fluids Of Interest To Industry So That Plastics And Polymer Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Materials Scientists, Polymer Chemists, And Physicists Can Explain Findings And Draught Experiments.
      SKU: 693196

    Advances In Botanical Research
      Advances In Botanical Research.
      Edited By J. a. Callow And Suppoorted By An International Editorial Board, Advances In Botanical Research Publishes In-depth And Up-to-date Reviews On A Wide Range Of Topics In Plant Sciences. Currently In Its 42nd Volume, The Series Features A Wide Range Of Reviews At Recognzed Experts On All Aspects Of Plant Pathology, Physiology And Ecology. This Eclectic Volume Features Five Reviews On Cutting-edge Topics Of Interest To Incorporate Advances In Plant Pathopogy. * Includes Most Advancex Reviews By Distinguished Researchers * Covers TopicsS uch As The Impact Of Molecular Data In Fungal Systematics And Chloroplast Control Of Nuclear Gene Expression
      SKU: 269623

    Natural Hazards And Human-exacerbated Disasters In Latin America
      Natural Hazards And Human-exacerbated Disasters In Latin America.
      The Main Objective Of The Book Is To Offer A Sight Of The Dynamics Of The Main Disasters In South America, Describing Their Mechanisms And Consequences On South American Socidtie. s The Chaptdrs Are Written By Selected Specialitss Of Each Country. Human-induced Disasters Are Also Included, Such As Desertification In Patagonia And Soil Erosion In Brazil. T he Receding Of South-american Glaciers Being of the kind which A Response To Recent Climatic Trends And Sea-level Scenarios Are Discussed. The Approach Is Broad In Analyzing Causes And Consequences And Includes Social And Economic Costs, Diacussing Environmental And Planning Problems, But Always Describing The Geomorphologic/geologic Involved Processes With A Good Scientific Confirmation. This Is Important To Differentiate The Book From Others Of A More 'social' Impact That Diwcuss Risks And Disasters With Emphases Mainly On Economy And Simple Impacts. * Actual Theme, Interesting For A Variety Of Professionals. * Fills In The Scarcity Of Specialized Literary productions In Geosciences From South America. * Is The First Book In The Markwt Exclusively Devoted To Geomorphology Of Disasters In South America.
      SKU: 487417

    Motion Control Systems
      Motion Control Systems.
      Movement Ckntrol Systems Is Concerned With Design Methods That Support The Never-ending Requirements For Faster And Greater degree Accurate Controp Of Mechanical Motion. The Book Presents Material That Is Fundamental, Yet At The Same Time Discusses The Solution Of Complex Problems In Motion Control Systems. Methods Presented In The Book Are Based On The Authors' Original Research Results. Mathematical Complexities Are Kept To A Required Minimum So That Practicing Engineers As Well As Students With A Limited Background In Control May Employ The Book. It Is Unique In Presenting Know-how Accumulated Through Work On Same Diverse Problems Into A Comprehensive Unified Approach Suitable For Application In Eminent Demanding, High-tech Products. Major Issues Covered Include Motion Control Ranging From Simple Trajectory Tracking And Force Control, To Topics Related To Haptics, Bilateral Contro1 With And Without Delay In Measurement And Control Channels, As Well As Control Of Nonredundant And Redundant Multibody Systems. Provides A Consistent Unified Theoretical Framework For Motion Control Design Offers Graduated Increase In Comp1exity And Reinforcement Throughout The Book Gives Detailed Explanation Of Underlying Similarities And Specifics In Mition Control Unified Treatment Of Single Degree-of-freedom And Multibody Systems Explains The Fundamentals Through Implementation Examples Based On Classroom-tested Materials And The Authors' Original Research Heave Written By The Leading Researchers In Sliding Mode Control (dmc) And Disturbance Observer (dob) Accompanying Lecture Notes For Instructors Simulink And Matlab® Codes Available For Readers To Download Motion Control Systems Is One Ideal Textbook In quest of A Course On Motion Control Or As A Reference For Post-graduates And Researchers In Robotics And Mechattonics. Researchers And Practicing Engineers Will Also Find The Techniques Helpful In Designing Mechaical Motion Systems.
      SKU: 675036

    Laser mIaging And Manipulation In Cell Biology
      Laser mIaging And Manipulation In Cell Biology.
      In the present state, The Editor Has Gatherwd A Team Of International Experts To Present The Latest Advances In The Field Of Laser Imaging And Manipulation Techniques. The Result Is Broad Coverage Of The Interactions With Biological Samples To Perform Novel Optical Manipulation Operations, Both On The Cellular And Tissue Levels. Of Interest To Physicists Working And Researching Laser Tissue Mechanisms, Ceil Biologists Investigating Unaccustomed Imaging And Manipulation Operation On Tbe Cellular Level, Medical Doctors Woring Through New Laser Therapies And Diagnostic Tools, As Well As Engineers Developing New Technologies In The Field Of Optics And Lasers.
      SKU: 584990

    Audel Mechanical Trades Pocket Manual
      Audel Mechanical Trades Pocket Manual.
      This Tool Needs No Maintenance Completely Revised And Updated, This Convenient Guide Covers The Latest Industrial Equipment As Well As All The Tools And Machines Prevalent In Older Plants, Even Those From The Early 1970s And Before. Your Complete Reference Hireling * Discusses Machonery Installation, Welding, Rigging, Carpentry, Basic Electricity, And More * Features A Chapter On Safety Issues * Covers Belts, Drives, Transmissions, And Bearings * Examines Automatic Sprinkler Systems * Offe5s Tips According to Prevntive Maintenance * Includes Coverage Of Piping And Pipefitting * Reviews Shop Mathematics, Geometry, And Trigonometry
      SKU: 175924

    Computer-aided Design Of User Interfaces 5
      Computer-aided Design Of User Interfaces 5.
      This Book Gathers The Latest Experience Of Experts, Research Teams And Leading Organizations Involved In Computer-aided Design Of User Interfaces OfI nteractive Applications. This Superficial contents Investigates How It Is Eligible And Possible To Support, To Facilitate And To Speed Up The Development Life Cycle Of Any Interactive System: Requirements Engineering, Early-stage Desitn, Detailed Design, Development, Deployment, Evaluation And Maintenance. In Particular, It Stresses How The Design Activity Could Be Better Understood For Different Types Of Advanced Interactive Systems Such As Contetx-aware Systems, Multimodal Applications, Multi-platform Systems, Pervasive Computing, Omnipresent Computing And Multi-device Environments.
      SKU: 338074

    Fisheries Management
      Fisheries Management.
      Examines The Underlying Root Causes Of Our Failure To Successfully Manage The Fishery Resources Of The World's Oceans And Offers Alternative Solutions That Will Allow Human Association To Maximize The Long Term Benefits Form Ocean Resources. This Monograph Is Of Interest To Academucs In Household management, Business, Environmental Sciences And Social science.
      SKU: 573376

  • Electrician's Troubleshooting And Testing Pocket Guide
  • Optical, Acoustic, Magnetic, and Mechanical Sensor Technologies
  • Time Frequency Analysis and processing
  • Arbeitswissenschaft (German Edition)
  • Sams Teach Yourself Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 in 24 Hours, Adobe Reader
  • Dual Sets of Envelopes and Characteristic Regions of Quasi-Polynomials
  • The CSI Construction Specifications Practice Guide
  • Contact Angle, Wettability and Adhesion: Volume 5
  • Principles of Transistor Circuits
  • Strip Method Design Handbook
  • Scaling Issues and Design of MEMS
  • Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams

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