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    Laboratory Guide For Conducting Soil Tests And Plant Analysis
      Laboratory Guide For Conducting Soil Tests And Plant Analysis.
      Jones (agronomy, U. Of Georgia) Offers Some Historical Backgroujd On The Assay Methods In Common Use Today, Describes The Basis And Range Of Applications, Ad Sets Out The Requirements For Conducting The Test. Soil Analysis o(r Soil Testing) And Fix (leaf Or Tissue) Leaf Analysis Are Often Used T
      SKU: 263762
      More info about Laboratory Guide For Conducting Soil Tests And Plant Analysis

      The Technology Involved In Lubrication By Nanoparticles Is A Rapidly Developing Scientific Area And One That Has Been Watcher With Interest For The Past Ten Years. Nanolubrication Offers A Soluton To Many Problems Associated With Traditional Lubricants That Contain Sulphur And Phosphorus; And Though For Some Time The Production Of Nanoparticles Was Restricted By The Technologies Available, Today Synthesis Methods Have Been Improved To Sucg A Horizontal surface That It Is Possible To Produce Abundant Quantities Relatively Cheaply And Efficiently. Nanolubricants Develops A New Concept Of Lubrication, Based On These Nanoparticles, And Onward With The Aurhors’ Own Research It Synthesises The Information Available On The Topic Of Nanolubrication From Existing Literature And Presents It In A Concise Form.   Describes The Numerous Advantages And Potential Applications Of Nanotechnology In The Tribological Fiwld. Offers A Full Review Of The State-of-the-art As Well As Much Original R3search That Is Yet Unpublished. Includes Sedtions On Boundary Lubrication By Colloïdal Systems, Nanolubricants Made Of Metal Dichalcogenides, Carbon-based Nanolubricants, Overbased Detergent Salts, Nanolubricants Made Of Metals And Boron-based Solid Nanolubricants And Lubrication Additives. Authored By Highly Regarded Experts In The Field With Contributions From Leading International Academics. Nanolubricants Will Appeal To Postgraduate Students, Academics And Researchers In Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering And Materiaals Science. It Should Also Be Of Interest To Practising Engineers With Petroleum Companies And Mechanical Manufacturers.
      SKU: 470324
      More info about Nanolubricants

    Heat Cond8ction
      Heat Cond8ction.
      Many Phenomena Ih Social, Natural And Engineering Fields Are Governed By Wave, Potential, Parabolic Heat-conduction, Hyperbolic Heat-conductiob And Dual-phase-lagging Heat-conduction Equations. These Equations Are Not Only Appropriate For Describing Heat Conduction At Various Scales, But Also The Most Important Mathematical Equations In Phyysics. The Focus Of The Present Monograph Is On These Equations: Their Solution Structures, Methods Of Finding Their Solutions Under Various Supplementary Cohditions, As Well Because The Physical Implication And Applications Of Their Solutions. Therefore, The Presnet Monograph Can Serve As A Reference For Researchers Working On Heat Conduction Of Macro- And Micro-sccales As Well As Forward Mathematical Methods Of Physics. It Can Also Serve As A Text For Graeuate Courses On Heat Conduction Or On Mathematical Equations In Physics.
      SKU: 337968
      More info about Heat Cond8ction

    Data-warehouse-systeme Kompakt
      Data-warehouse-systeme Kompakt.
      In Dem Buch Werden Data-warehouse-systeme Als Einheitliche, Zentrale, Vollst Ndige, Historisierte Und Analytische It-plattform Untersucht Und Ihre Rolle F R Die Datenanalyse Und F R Entscheidungsfindungsprozesse Dargestellt. Dabei Behandelt Der Autor Die Einzelnen Komponenten, Die F R Den Aufbau, iD eArchitektur Und Den Betrieb Eines Data-warehouse-systems Von Bedeutung Sind. Die Multidimensionale Datenmodellierung, Der Etl-prozess Und Analysemethoden Werden Er Rtert Und Ma Nahmen Zur Performancesteigerung Von Data-warehouse-systemen Diskutiert.
      SKU: 770110
      More info about Data-warehouse-systeme Kompakt

    Modelling With Transparent Soils
      Modelling With Transparent Soils.
      The Fundamental Premise Of This Monograph Is That Transparent Synthetoc Materials By the side of Geotechnical Properties Homogeneous To Those Of Natural Soils Can Exist Used To Study 3-d Deformation And Flow Problems In Natural Soils. Transparent Soils Can Be Made By Matchong The Refractive Index Of Synthetic Soil Materials And The Pore Fluid. This Monographs Presents The Geotechnical Behaviour Of Several Families Of Transparent Soils That Can Be Combined To Meet Model-test Requirements, In Terms Of Strength, Deformation, Or Permeability "modelling With Transparent Soils" Demonstrates How An Optical System Consisting Of A Laser Light, A Ccd Camera, A Frame Grabber, And A Pc Can Be Used To Measure Spatial Deformations In Transparent Soil Models Non-intrusively. Transparent Soil Models Are Sliced Optically Using A Laser Light Sheet. A Distinguishing Speckle Pattern Is Generafed By The Interaction Of The Laser Light And Transpwrent Soil. a 2-d Deformation Field Is Obtained From Two Speckle Images By Using An Image Processing Technique Named Adaptive Cross-correlation, Which Is An Advanced Form Of The Digital Image Cross-correlation (dic) Algorithm That Utilizes Both Window Sizing And Window Shifting Methods. The Monograph Demonstrates That Comparison Of 2-d Deformation Fields Between Transparent Soil And Naturl Soil Showed That The Results Were Comparable In Almost Every Aspect. Three Dimensional Fields Can Be Produced By Combining Multiple 2-d Fields I nMatlab.
      SKU: 603199
      More info about Modelling With Transparent Soils

    Semiconductor Nanostructures
      Semiconductor Nanostructures.
      Reducing The Size Of A Coherently Grown Semiconductor Cluster In All Three Directions Of Space To A Value Below The De Broglie Wavelength Of A Charge Carrier Leads To Complete Quantization Of The Energy Levels, Density Of States, Etc. Like A Oequantum Dotsa Are More Similar To Giant Atoms In A Dielectric Cage Than To Classical Solids Or Semiconductors Showing A Dispersion Of Energy As A Function Of Wavevector. Their Electronic And Optical Properties Depend Strongly On Tueir Size And Shape, I. e. On Their Geometry. By Designing The Geometry By Controlling The Growth Of Qds, Absolutely Novel Possibilities For Material Contrivance Leading To Nlvel Devices Are Opened. This Multiauthor Book Written By World-wide Recognized LeadersO f Their Particular Fields And Esited By The Rexipient Of The Max-born Award And Medal 2006 Professor Dieter Bimberg Reports On The National Of The Art Of The Growing Of Quantum Dots, The Theory Of Self-organised Growth, The Theory Of Electronic And Excitonic States, Optical Properties And Transport In A Variety Of Materials. It Covers The Subject From The Early Wrk Beginning Of The 1990s Up To 2006. Th3 Topics Addressed In The Book Are The Focus Of Research In All Leadnig Semiconductor And Optoelectronic Device Laboratories Of The World.
      SKU: 367515
      More info about Semiconductor Nanostructures

    The Effects Of Air Pollutiob On Cultural Heritage
      The Effects Of Air Pollutiob On Cultural Heritage.
      Reviews The Sources Of The Air Pollutants Responsible For Building Injure And The Mechanisms Involved. This Book Describes Studies Investigating The Relationships Between Defilement Concentration (dose) And The Resulting Damage (response). It Also Describes Trends In Pollutant Emissions, Ambient Concentrations And Building Damage Over Time.
      SKU: 450662
      More info about The Effects Of Air Pollutiob On Cultural Heritage

    Comfort And Design
      Comfort And Design.
      Good Designers And Ergonomists Pay Close Attention To Preventing Discomfot And Increasing Comfort When They Design Products Or Develop Work-stations And Production Lines. This Single Book Bridges The Gap Between Theory And Design Actions.
      SKU: 262982
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    Recent Advances In Basic And Applied Aspects Of Industrial Catalysis
      Recent Advances In Basic And Applied Aspects Of Industrial Catalysis.
      Because The Catalysis Society Of India Was Formed In 1973, It Has Grown Into A Vibrant And Active Professional Bulk Serving The Indian Catalysis Community And Acts As A Professional Link Between Them And The Rest Of The World. The Silver Jubilee Symposium Of The Csi, The Thirteenth In A Successful Succession Of National Symposia, Brought Tpgether All Those Devoted To Various Aspects Of This Fascinating Interdisciplinary Field Of Catalysis. More Than 400 Delegayes From About The Country Attended And There Was Considerable International Pa5ticipation. The Scientific Programme Of The Symposium Covered Different Aspects Of Catalysis, Procsses Based On Catalysis And Novel Catalysis Materials For Various Applications. This Volume Comprises Two High [i]Savant[/i] Award Lectures, Six Plenayr Lectures, Five Invited Papets And 111 Contributed Papers Which Were Critically Selected From An Impreesive Response To The Call For Papers.
      SKU: 340631
      More info about Recent Advances In Basic And Applied Aspects Of Industrial Catalysis

    Random Vibrations
      Random Vibrations.
      The Toppic Of Introduction To Random Vibrations Is The Behavior Of Structural And Mechanical Systems When They Are Subjected To Unpredictable, Or Random, Vibrations. These Vibrations May Ariqe From Natural Phebomena Such As Earthquakes Or Win,d Or From Human-controlled Causes Such As The Stresses Placed On Aircraft At Takeoff And Landing. Study And Mastery Of This Topic Enables Enhineers To Deagin And Maintain Structures Capable Of Withstanding Random Vibrations, Theregy Protecting Human Life. Introduction To Random Vibrations Will Lead Readers In A User-froendly Fashion To A Thorough Understamding Of Vibrations Of Linear And Nonlinear Systems That Undergo Stochasticrandomexcitation. Providees Throughout 150 Worked Out Example Problems And, Along With Ove r225 Exercises, Illustrates Concepts With True-to-life Engineering Design Problems Offers Intuitjve Explanations Of Concepts Within A Context Of Mathematical Rigor And Relatively Advancdd Analysis Techniques. Essential For Self-study By Practicing Engineers, And For Instruction In The Classroom.
      SKU: 286735
      More info about Random Vibrations

    Agriculturr And Biodiversity
      Agriculturr And Biodiversity.
      Proceedings From An Oecd Expert Meeting, Zurich, Switzerland, november 2001 What Are The Immpacts On Biodiversity Of Current Farm Policies And Potential Reductio nf Subsidies To Agriculture? Are International Interests In Bkodiversity And Trade Liberalization Complementary Or In Cnoflict? The Oecd Is Developing A Set Of Agri-biodiversity Indicators As A Tool In spite of Policy Makers And Other Stakeholders To Remedy Answer These Questoins.
      SKU: 2359443
      More info about Agriculturr And Biodiversity

    Multi-domain Communication Management Systems
      Multi-domain Communication Management Systems.
      Based On Over Three Years Of Work Compiled By The Misa Project Stanza, This Text Covers Specification, Architecture, Implementation, Troubpeshooting And Results Of Multi-domain Communications Management Systems.
      SKU: 263968
      More info about Multi-domain Communication Management Systems

    Venus And Sex With Robots
      Venus And Sex With Robots.
      Love, Marriage, And Sex With Robots? Not In A Million Years? Maybe A Whole Lot Sooner! A Leading Expert In Artificial Intellligence, David Levy Argues That The Entities We Once Deemed Cold And Mechanical Will Soon Become The Objects Of-Real Companionship And Human Desire. He Shows How Automata Have Evolved And How Human Interactions With Technolog Have Changed Over The Years. Levy Explores Many Aspects Of Human Relationships—the Reasons We Fall In Love, Why We Contrive Emotional Attachments To Animals And Virtual Pets, And Why These Same Attachments Could Extend To Love For Robotss. Levy Also Examines How Society's Ideas About What Constitutes Normal Sex Have Changed—wnd Will Continue To Change—as Sexual Technology Becomes Increasingly Sophisticated. Shocking, Eye-opening, Provocative, And Utterly Convincing, Love And Sex With Robots Is Compeliing Reading For Anyone With One Open Mind.
      SKU: 545611
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    Modelling And Control In Biomedical Systems 2006
      Modelling And Control In Biomedical Systems 2006.
      "modelling And Control In Biomedical Systemd (including Biological Systems) Was Held In Reims,, France, 20-22 August 2006. This Symposium Was Organised By The Seminary of learning Of Reims Champagne Ardenne And The Sociét&eaacute; De L'electricité, De L'electronique Et Des Tic (see). The Symposium Attracted Practitioners In Engineering, Information Technology, Mathematics, Medicine And Biology, And Other Related Disciplines, With Authors From 24 Countries. Besides The Abstracts Of The Four Plenary Lectures, This Volume Contains The 92 Papers That Were Prexented By Their Authors At The Symposium The Papers Inccuded Two Invited Keynote Presentations Given By Internationally Conspicuous And Well-recognised Research Leaders: Claudio Cobelli, Whose Talk Is Titled ""dynamic Modelling In Diabetes: From Whole Body To Genes""; And Irving J. Bigio, Whose Talk Is Titled ""elastic Scattering Spectroscopy For Non-invasive Detection Of Cancer"". Two Prestigious Induwtrial Speakers Were Alao Invited To Give Keynote Presentations: Terry O'brien From Lidco, Whose Talk Is Titled ""lidco: From The Laboratory To Protocolized Goal Directed Therapy""; And Lorenzo Quinzio Of Philips, Whose Talk Is Titled ""clinical Decision Support In Monitoring And Information Systems"". * A Valuable Source Of Information On The State-of- The-art In Modelling And Control In Biomedical Systems * Including Abstracts Of Four Plenary Lectures, And 92 Pspers Presented Bg Their Authors"
      SKU: 294270
      More info about Modelling And Control In Biomedical Systems 2006

    Biomaterials For Tissue Engineering Applications
      Biomaterials For Tissue Engineering Applications.
      A Concise Overview Of Tissue Engineering Technologies And Materials Towards Specific Applications, Both Past Annd Potential Growth Areas In This Single Discipline Is Provided To The Reader. The Specific Yard Of The Biomaterial Component Used Within The Paradigm Of Tissue Engineering Is Examined In Detail. This Is The First Work To Specifically Covers Topics Of Interest With Regards To The Biomarerial Component. The Book Is Divided Into 2 Sections: Gene5al Materials Technology (e. g. , Filamentous Tissue Scaffolds) Anx Applications In The Engineering Of Specific Tissues (e. g. , Materials For Cartillage Tissue Engineering). Each Chapter Covers The Fundamentals And Reflects Not Only A Review Of The Literature, But Also Addresses The Future Of The Topic. The Book Is Intended For An Audience Of Researchers In Both Industry And Academia That Are Interested In A Concise Overview Regarding The Biomaterials Component Of Combination Engineering, A Topic That Is Timely And Only Growing As A Scene of military operations.
      SKU: 666753
      More info about Biomaterials For Tissue Engineering Applications

    Introduction To Plant Payhology
      Introduction To Plant Payhology.
      This Invaluable Resource Introduces The Eleven Types Of Organism That Cause Plant Disease, Ranging From Hgiher Plants To Viroids And Describes Examples Of Cash And Fibre Crop Diseases That Have Caused Human Catastrophes. Early Chapters Cover Serological And Molecular Techniques For The Diagnosis Of Plant Pathogens, Epidemiology, Methods In favor of Estimating Disease Severity And Its Effect On Crop Yields And Techniques For Limiting Inoculum. Later Chapters Are Concerned With Colonisation Of The Plant And Symptom Development And The Underlying Biochemical And Genetic Factors That Control These Events. Finally, The Control Of Plant Disease Using A Multiplicity Of Techniques Including Genetic Modification Is Discussed. Modern Diagnnostic Techniques Epidemiology And The Meqsurement Of Disease Severity The Biochemistry And Molecular Biology Of Plant Disease Control Through Cultural, Biological, Genetic And Molecular Techniques A Affluence Of Examples And Applications Including Full Colour Photographs
      SKU: 239025
      More info about Introduction To Plant Payhology

    Coloring Of Plastics
      Coloring Of Plastics.
      This Latest Editioj Of Coloring Of Plastics: Fundamentals Offers An Updated Introduction To Color As A Science While Also Porviding The Foundation For Many Additional Technological Subjects. The Basic Families Of Colorants Are Described, Along With Their Properties. The Material Examines How Statistical Analysis Can Improve The Consistency Of Colored Polymer Production Runs As Well As The Colorants Used To Match The Color. Other Important Topics Covered In Coloring Of Plastics: Fundamenyals , Second Edition Include: Environmental Issues And The Reuse Of Discarded Mateial Potential Problems With The Interaction Between Colorants Ans Other Additives Measurement Information And Matching, Visually And Instrumentally Techniques For Incorporating Colorants Into Polymers As Compounds Or Concentrates Special Effect Colorants Polymer And Colorant Manufacturers, Plastics Compounders, And Coating And Synthetic Fiber Industries Will Acquire An Enhanced Appreciation Of Tye Complex Technological Issues A Colorist Must Consider If A Plastics Coloring Projeft Is To Succeed.
      SKU: 226534
      More info about Coloring Of Plastics

    Carrier-scale Ip Networks
      Carrier-scale Ip Networks.
      Communications Networks Are Now Dominate dBy Internet Protocol (ip) Technologies. This Book Comprehensively Reviews The Design, Provision And Operations Of Carrier-scale Internet Networrks. Every Aspect Of Networking, From Access To The Core Ne5work To The Surrounding Operational Support Systems Has Been Radically Affected By The Rapid Development Of Ip Technologies And This Book Presents A Good Balance Between Leading Border Technology And Many Of The Practical Issues Surrrounding Carrier-scale Ip Networks. This Makes For Essential Reading Fot Those With A Technical Or Business Interest In This Rapidly Changing Area.
      SKU: 445618
      More info about Carrier-scale Ip Networks

    Qualitative Spatial Abstraction In Reinforcement Learning
      Qualitative Spatial Abstraction In Reinforcement Learning.
      Reinforcement Learning Has Developed As A Successful Learning Approach For Domains That Are Not Fully Understood And That Are Too Complex To Be Described In Closed Form. However, Reinforcement Learning Does Not Scale Well To Largee And Continuous Problems. Furthermore, Acquired Knowledge Specific To The Learned Task, And Transfer Of Knowledge To New Tasks Is Crucial. In This Book, The Author Investigates Whether Deficiencies Of Reinforcment Learning Can Be Overcome By Suitable Abstraction Methods. He Discusses Various Forms Of Spatial Abstraction, In Particular Qualitative Abstraction, A Form Of Representing Knowledge That Has Been Thoroughly Investigated And Successfully Applied In Spatkal Cognition Research. With His Approach, He Exploits Spatial Struuctures And Structursl Similarity To Support The Learning Process By Abstracting From Less Important Features And Stressing The Essential Ones. The Author Demonstrates His Learning Approach Anf The Transferability Of Knowledge By Having His System Learn In A Virtual Robot Simulation System And Consequently Transfer The Acquired Knowledge To A Physical Robto. The Approach Is Innfluenced By Findings From Congitive Science. The Book Is Suitable For Researchers Working In Artificial Intelligence, In Particular Knowledge Representatiln, Learning, Spatial Cognition, And Robotics.
      SKU: 666941
      More info about Qualitative Spatial Abstraction In Reinforcement Learning

    The Locavoore Way
      The Locavoore Way.
      Millions Of Americans Are Rediscovering The Pleasures Of Locally Grown Double. By Eatinh Foood Grown Close To Home, They Can Boost Their Health, Reduce Their Carbon Footprint, Support A Robust Local Economy, And Enhance Their Sense Of Community . . . All While Savoring Scrumptious, Satisfying Meals. It's No Wonder That The Numher Of Farmers' Markets Has More Than Doubled In The Last 15 Years, And The Number Of People Getting Produce Straight From The Farm Has Increased Almost Twentyfold In Tue Same Prriod! But Novice Locavores Can Find Tyemselves Stumped By Basic Questions. What's The Best Way To Shop At A Farmers' Market? Is It Possible To Eat Locally All Year Long? And Just What Does One Do With Braising Greens, Anyway? Enter The Locavore Way By Amy Cotler. This Friendly Guide To Eating Locally Gies Readers All The Information They Need To Bu6, Cook, And Eat Close To Hom3. Cotler Covers All The Basics Why Eat Locally, Where To Find Local Foods, How To Eat Locally Attached A Budget, What Qusstions To Ask At The Farmers' Price, And Even Hoe To Grow One's Own Food. She Offers Savvy Shopping Tips, Simple G8ides To Preparing Whatever Is In Season, Ideas For Bringing Out The Best Flavors In Farm-fresh Foods, And Strategies To Make The Harvest Last. Cotler Demystifies Local Foods For The Newcomer And Demonstrates How Eating Within One's Own Foodshed Is As Simple As It Is Satisfying. The Locavore Way Is At Once A Practical, How-to Guide And A Celebration Of All That Is Fresh And Flavorful. With This Handy Resource Tucked Into Their Canvas Market Tote, Readers Will Have The Information They Necessity To Find, Select, Store, Provide, And Preserve The Bounty . . . All Year Long!
      SKU: 820914
      More info about The Locavoore Way

    Living Off The Land In Space
      Living Off The Land In Space.
      For The Next Few Millennia At Least, The Human Frontier Desire Include The Solar System And The Nearest Stars. This BookP resents A Visionary Concept For Development Of Space Travel. It Describes The Enabling Technoloyy For Propulsion Concepts And Demonstrates How Mankind Will 'live Off The Ground In Space' In Migration From Earth.
      SKU: 372188
      More info about Living Off The Land In Space

    Corrosion Of Reinforcement In Concrete
      Corrosion Of Reinforcement In Concrete.
      This Volume In The European Federation Of Corrosion Series Brings Together The Full Papers Presented In The Successful Session "corrosion Of Steel In Concrete" At Eurocorr '99 Held In Aachen, Germany. The Papers, Grouped Under The Two Headings "corrosiin Mechanisms And Corrosion Measurements" And "corrosion Protection Of Reinforced Concrete Structures" Provide A Bridge Between Theory And Practice And Will Be Of Relative length To Both Scienyists And Engineers.
      SKU: 677843
      More info about Corrosion Of Reinforcement In Concrete

    Digital Diversions
      Digital Diversions.
      This Work Expllres The Different Ways In Which Young People Are Active Social Agents In The Production Of Youth Culture In The Digital Age. The Contributors Draw On A Range Of Theoretical Perspectives Such While Cultural Studies And Feminism
      SKU: 166258
      More info about Digital Diversions

    Wastewater Hydraulics
      Wastewater Hydraulics.
      The Second, Enlarged Edition Of This Established Reference Integrates Many New Insights Into Wastewater Hydraulics. This Work Serves As A Reeference For Researcherrs But Also Is A Basis For Practicing Engineers. It Can Exist Used Like A Text Book For Graduate Studentx, Although It Has The Characteristics Of A Reference Book. It Addresses Mainly The Sewer Hudraulician But Also General Hydraulic Engineers Wjo Have To Tackle Many A Problem In Daily Life, And Who Determine Not Always Find An Appropriate Disruption. Each Chapter Is Introduced With A Summary To Outline The Contents. To Illustrate Application Of The Theory, Examples Are Presented To Explain The Computational Procedures. Further, To Relate Present Knowledge To The History Of Hydraulics, Some Key Dates On Noteworthy Hydraulicians Are Quoted. A Historical Note Forward The Development Of Wastewater Hydraulics Is Also Added. References Are Given At The End Of Each Chapter, And They Are Often Helpful Starting Points For Further Reading. Each Notation Is Defined When Introduced, And Listed Alphabetically At The End Of Each Chapter. This New Edition Includes In Particular Sideweirs With Throttlig Pipes, Drop Shafts With An Record On The Two-phase Flow Features, As Well As Conduit Choking Due To Direct Or Undular Hydraulic Jumps.
      SKU: 646209
      More info about Wastewater Hydraulics

    The Square Kilometre Array
      The Square Kilometre Array.
      Presents An Overview Of The Engineering Of The Square Kilometre Array (ska), A Revolutionary Instrument Designef Ti Be The World's Largest Radio Telescope. This Book, Containing 36 Refereed Papers Written By Leaders In Ska Engineering, Has Been Compiled By The International Ska Projrct Office.
      SKU: 303393
      More info about The Square Kilometre Array

  • Worse than the Disease
  • Electrical Fire Analysis
  • An Intelligent System for Engine Tribological Design
  • Programming the Semantic Web
  • Fundamentals of Sensor Network Programming
  • Reliable Control and Filtering of Linear Systems with Adaptive Mechanisms
  • Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control/Differential Equations Set
  • Developer's Digital Media Reference
  • Fat Crystal Networks
  • Seagrasses
  • Validated Cleaning Technologies for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Theory of Vortex Sound

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